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Also This Weekend, on Trail Mix Radio: A Celebrity Guru special with our own “Dave B” and guest, Bill Hudson (of The Hudson Brothers), about his former wife, Goldie Hawn, and daughter, Kate Hudson – featured in his new book, “Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family.”

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72 thoughts on “Have a Progressive Morning”

  1. Woo hoo!

    Nan & Pop are heading north, am going to America to welcome them. We’ll listen together-they love your radio show Craig!

  2. the romneys missed a good opportunity to kiss up to ma voters by not mentioning the work the mrs did as 1st lady of that state. surely she could get points for that. or does one not get credit for non-salaried jobs?

  3. Excellent point Pat! Good morning Blond Wino!

    I just wanted to note that as a mother who struggled to stay at home as much as possible (didn’t want to leave the children in the care of others until they could describe their day in their own words) that I’m really happy that the young mothers today have the blessing of the internet, enabling them to stay at home and still work!

  4. OSH… enjoy your parents.

    Faire… my dad had COPD too. It’s a hard thing to watch. Please take care.

    After a hard fought 60 minutes of hockey… the Boston Bruins and the Washington Capitals were tied 0-0. 1 minute and 18 seconds into the overtime period… the Bruins finally scored! I was happy to win… but did feel sorry for the opposing goalie… he played an awesome game.

  5. Yeah… I know we all think we have a choice between 2 parties. And on the edges, I agree with that. But where the rubber meets the road, not really. Our government is bought and sold by the industries it’s meant to regulate. The corporations write the rules of commerce and the economy. They let the rest of us duke it out over stupid stuff like the abortion debate and the war on Christmas.

    I heard last week on the Dylan Ratigan Show that a group brought a petition to Washington about Senators and Congressmen not being able to become lobbyists when they retire. It was said that even Democratic Senators such as Barney Frank refused to sign. I always respected him… now… not so much.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors… they’re all corporate whores.

  6. Ann Romney is just not the average, stay-at-home mom because the Romneys are not an average family.

    I don’t know if she hired anyone to help with child care or not, but somebody else was probably cleaning all of those houses they own. (I guess that actually makes her a stay-at-homeS-mom.)

    My grandparents raised me, and, both had a full-time jobs. By 3rd-grade, I was a latchkey kid & had no sitter except for the odd Saturday when they didn’t want me to be alone all day long.

    I’m certainly not going after Ann Romney because of her decision to be a stay-at-home mom, but she had the luxery of choosing to do so. Having said that, they seem like a nice family.

    So, now maybe both sides should just get to work on fixing the economy.

  7. Love & prayers out to Faire & family.

    Will be watching Craig on Sunday, sandwiched between two viewings of Joel Osteen & maybe followed by a nap while it rains, from the sound of it.

    As a child, I was particularly obsessed with Bret Hudson.

    Ron Paul hasn’t suspended his campaign, has he? How would we even know with the lack of coverage the poor guy was given.

  8. special kudos for blue’s nifty witticism

    “a stay-at-homeS-mom”

    it would make a great bumper sticker on a bentley

  9. Not that I really want to help the GOP, but they missed a real big opportunity to sound good to women instead of attacking Rosen. Stay at home mothers have always been a huge “unpaid” resources for the community. They are the ones who assist in schools, hospitals, fundraisers, food banks, neighborhood islands of safety. You name it, they do it.

    When the majority of women went to work outside the home either by choice or necessity, that unpaid resource took a major hit. One of the reasons costs for local government has skyrocketed is that all that “free” labor is either gone or the services are no longer free.

    If any GOP politician had a brain in their head, they would have acknowledged the truth in the Rosen statement, that many women have no “choice”, but the women that do serve not only their families, but their communities as a whole and then listed all the charities and community activities of Mrs. Romney (She does have some doesn’t she?). But no, they wanted the cheap shots instead and now look worse that they did before.

  10. Wonderful day here – cool, crisp, sunny.

    FWIW I think that Rosen’s comments may sound like the old discounting of the value of women”s work at home, but she did go on to explain them, and really, they are true aren’t they? Can’t compare the tribulations of rich stay at home moms like AnnR to the toil of working mothers. She had the luxury of not having to put herself through the hard work of BOTH raising children and earning a living. Obama should have ignored the broughaha.

  11. Mr. informal – Craig with no tie!! Love the relaxed atmosphere with Press. Nice wide ranging conversation.

  12. I’m watching Craig on Bill Press Show. I like Bill Press and Stephanie Miller. I’m glad Current is running their shows live…

  13. Pogo

    If Obama was half the politician that folks give him credit for he would have run with a version your statement

    Can’t compare the tribulations of rich stay at home moms like AnnR to the toil of working mothers. She had the luxury of not having to put herself through the hard work of BOTH raising children and earning a living

    and drove home the “he ain’t like us” meme that Romney is vulnerable to.
    Instead he allowed himself to be driven by the right wing machine much to the disgust of many of his potential voters and the derision of the Republicans.

    (doing anything to avoid doing taxes.)

  14. So, now maybe both sides should just get to work on fixing the economy.

    Amen, Blue, Amen

  15. Hey Craig… nice tie.. : 😉

    Yup… I agree with both pogo and Jack… we all knew what Rosen was driving at… and yes, Obama caved and missed an opportunity to stick it to Romney.

    As for the proliferation of stupid gun laws in this country… follow the money. I disagree Craig, that the Dems are scared of this issue on it’s face. They are however, scared of all the money from the gun makers and the NRA pouring into the GOP coffers. It’s almost always about the money.

  16. Barry, if you are reading this(and you should be) here are some quick ideas.

    “Republicans seem to think that working women don’t have families they take care of too”

    “What Romney fails to realise is that under his failed Republican ideas for the economy, Mothers don’t have a choice of staying at home, they have to work to support the family”
    “A vote for Obama is a vote for Motherhood”

    See Barry, how easy it is?

    BTW more ideas can be had just leave a note here and I will contact you
    Payment in cash only


  17. Craig,
    Good show with Bill..I have liked Bill since his days at CNN..

    Great line and Great posts this morning..

    I’m with you, i like Hilary Rosen and I agree with what she said, well the full version and not the snippet the GOP chose to disseminate..My god, it must have been a slow news day for the supposed “Liberal Media”..What a joke…

    Really enjoyed your posts last night on what it means to be an Independent..You have taught me so much on the subject…

  18. we all knew what Rosen was driving at… and yes, Obama caved and missed an opportunity to stick it to Romney.

    Yep and not surprising!

  19. Trayvon Martin’s Mother Retracts ‘Accident’ Statement, Dershowitz Unloads
    by Taylor Marsh

    I remain stuck on the reality that George Zimmerman “profiled” Trayvon Martin, the word used in the affidavit of probable cause, while being told to wait for an officer and not pursue. After seeing the text of what constitutes a second degree murder charge and talking to lawyers about it, “depraved mind” seems to fit, but I’m a layperson.

    But where are details of the “struggle” in the affidavit of probable cause? Nowhere to be found

  20. Jack

    “BTW more ideas can be had just leave a note here and I will contact you. Payment in cash only”

    Maybe the Trail should be opened as a one stop shopping focus group for politicians addicted to talking points and unable to speak to real people.

    “We have great ideas and you will pay for them.”

  21. Tony…
    I keep going back to the 2008 campaign and the brouhaha over Obama’s pastor, Rev. Wright. After being thrown under the bus, Rev. Wright said he understood why and then said: “they’ve been grooming him for this for years”. If we ever find out who “they” were/are, we’ll know where Obama’s true loyalties lie.

  22. oh and BTW… not one media person picked up on that line. Not a one of them thought to ask who or what Rev. Wright meant by that assertion.

  23. Craig

    There’s a blog funding source for you. All of your pundit buddies need to cough up the cash to keep the doors opened so they can get their one liners, insights, and voices of sanity here. :-)

  24. Jack, I agree with you – Obama could be a much better pol. ‘course the bar isn’t set all that high by Romney, either.

  25. As part of the Rosen-Romney kerfuffle a number of pundits said …”Families should be off limits.”

    What a pile of poop. So Ann Romney can go out and say anything she wants and no one is allowed to comment? She is campaigning and she is voicing opinions she is not off limits.

    Rosen apologized. Obama et al adopted the time honored political strategy of throwing her under the bus and then backing up and driving over her again.

    This will pass as did etch a sketch and women are not going to support Romney because of Ann Romney — no matter if she faced the hardtimes of selling a tiny share of her portfolio or not

    I think they are likely to be more influenced by the release of Romney’s tax returns — perhaps Mrs. Romney can release her portion.

  26. Old tempest in a teapot. Susan G. Komen foundation has decided to save their hide after seeing the light:

    Komen grants flowing to Planned Parenthood


    Gee Ari Fleischer is or was their crisis consultant – I wonder if they decided with his consultation or later

  27. Pogo

    Boy Howdy, on that low bar stuff.

    That reminds me, got to prepare for boredom ahead. I think I will click on Craigs handydandy amazon link and find some light reading.


  28. I must admit as to being more than somewhat taken aback by the topic of the Hudson interview this weekend. I don’t know who he is and couldn’t muster the effort to push the link to his wiki. Same with his daughter. But, Stinky and I know who Goldie is, and loved her performance in Stripes–we even bought the tape.

    So, my immediate reaction to the tickler is, why would anyone but a cad talk about a former spouse, or an adult child, in an ‘out of school’ context?

    Now, I’m working my way through the rest of the taped programs and have been mightily impressed.

    I was moved by Sea’s words and hope she realizes that for most old people their demise is indeed an amazingly peaceful event; I have been close enough to _know_ that is how it will be for me. :)

    And, any time someone says temper, temper I shall think of Sea and her wonderful description of the intricacies of making chocolates!

  29. Flatus, Hudson was part of the Hudson Brothers – they were a musical group who had a music/comedy/variety show (back in the 70s?) that lasted about a season as I recall. His brother Mark seems to be the talent in the family – he plays guitar for Ringo and is some sort of music producer, he’s also a camp counselor for Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp – which is great mental bubble gum on VH1, he’s known for his rainbow dyed beard and somewhat flashy outfits. Couldn’t tell you a thing about Goldie’s ex baby dad.

  30. I am surprised that in 2008 and 2012 I have not seen any “favorite son” candidates that allow a state delegation to control their block of votes and can produce a brokered convention. I wonder why Rick Perry has not run as a “favorite son” candidate from Texas.

  31. Pogo, thank you for the info. ‘preciate it.

    Purple, I’ve always thought favorite son movements rose at the conventions and were mostly for show, morale building, and good old-fashioned fun.

    Things like Old Strom’s uprising and Georgie’s (Wallace) were more regional than state favorite son.

  32. Tonyb,

    Rick Scott’s toxic legacy
    From gun deregulation to education cuts, the laws enacted under the GOP governor will haunt Florida for years

    In 2010 Florida’s Tea Party, social conservatives, evangelical fundamentalists along with the lack of Democratic enthusiasm and voters elected Rick Scott and a veto proof Republican legislature just in time for redistricting. The redistricting will haunt Florida for at least 10 years. Wait until Scott gets done with the courts.

    Florida has had 13 years of total Republican control of the governorship and legislature. Scott’s “created” 54,200 (0.75%) “Total Nonfarm” jobs in his first year but the “Average Weekly Earnings” dropped by 2.5%. A lot more lower paying jobs! We are now trying to compete with Mississippi in the race to the bottom of the barrel.

    Mississippi – another good example of a Republican state. Kind of tells you what the nation would look like. We have already had 35 years of conservative economic control from both the Democrats and Republicans that is destroying the middle class.

  33. Romney is not the nominee till he gets 1144 dedicated delegates , till then , the primary continues on .

  34. Hi Anon,
    Sorry i missed your post! I watch MSNBC now through TVPC.com or TKLIST.NET…Are you talking about the WWITV.com MSNBC link to the Rockinroosters chat room? If you are then you just need to sign in and the chats appear…
    Ugh, right now that shapeshifter Romney is on talking to the NRA and kissing their ass…Its the Liberals this and the Liberals that..Oh and more FOX NEWS talking points..

  35. http://craigcrawford.com/2012/04/13/have-a-progressive-morning/#comment-286666

    Great post and excellent point..Its certain the President wasn’t groomed by everyday Democrats or union members as his allegiance hasn’t been true..I’m still smarting over Wisconsin and the Presidents indifference. No surprise but still its a far cry from his saying he would put on a pair of comfortable shows and stand with Labor..You gotta wonder, who groomed the president and who’s he loyal too?

  36. Tonyb…

    Yes I’m talking about Rockingrooster’s site. The chat always opened up before and it had login or join button at the bottom of the chat.

    Now the chat does not show at all and has the item I mentioned in my comment. If you could would you go look at it and let me know how the screen looks from your end?

    If I go to either of the other two sites you listed above would I need to install their tv player viewers or not? Or do I need to join them to watch MSNBC live streaming?

    Let me know what you think about rooster’s site after checking it out would you.

    Thanks and have a great day.

  37. doing anything to avoid doing taxes

    jack, it’s friday the 13th. not an auspicious day for doing taxes.
    and remember the old adage: why do today what you can put off til tomorrow

  38. Tonyb…

    When you first load the site did it show what I described above or not?

    Up until Wednesday the tv viewer would load and then the chat would load with the welcome and down the chat a little bit another welcome would appear telling you that the main room was full and\or you were in the overflow room.

    The overflow room has no moderators while the main room does. Either way though the chat would be open and running. I them could join the chat by signing in or joining, which I did neither.

    I would watch the show and read the chat as they chated.

    I’m going to post the link I have and see if it does the same thing here. If it does you will be able to see what I mean and let me know if this is what you saw when you checked it. Next comment will have link.

    Thanks and have a great evening.

  39. Tonyb…

    Okay tony, it opened here like it does for me now when I go there. Not like before where it would load the page with both the tv player running, but the chat as well.

    I’ll check back later with you about this. Please check it and do not log in and let me know if the page I just linked is the same page you get. My link could be bad or hijacked. Thanks again.

  40. I wonder how many servants the Romneys have employed over the years? Cooks, maids, gardeners, nannies?

    I’ll bet “stay at home mom” Ann Romney had a LOT of help raising those five sons.

    Very wealthy women don’t do housework: they just supervise the domestic staff. And sometimes they hire someone to do that, too.

    I wonder if anyone in the mainstream media will look at the Romneys’ employment of servants or if they are now too afraid to do so? No one in the MSM wants to be the target of the right-wing attack machine.

  41. Blue

    “Liberals are embarrassed by Rosen. Democrats are beyond angry with her. They all wish she would go on vacation.”

    This line bothered me. I’ve seen this meme all over TV and some articles but if you read comments from human beings, they all say “You go girl, you’re right!”. She phrased it badly, but the meaning was clear. Republicans don’t want “choice” for women. They don’t want it in the doctor’s office. They don’t want it on the career path. They don’t want it in their homes or the care and education of their children. They basically want drones grateful for crumbs while their more indulged sisters fawn over the husbands that pay the bills.

  42. RR, a huge thumbs up. No truer words were ever written!

    If we ever find out who “they” were/are, we’ll know where Obama’s true loyalties lie.

    President Barack Obama once again showed his solidarity with the Bush-Cheney disgust of fourth-amendment rights — which protect Americans against unreasonable searches and seizures. The Obama administration urged the court to allow a blanket policy for all inmates set to enter the general prison population. The Supreme Court concurred with the administration in their opinion, by a 5 to 4 vote, that a strip search is permissible no matter how minor the offense. These included strip searches of a man with a parking ticket and a nun who was arrested in a political demonstration.

    The Obama DOJ and strip searches
    Progressive commentators rightly lambast the Supreme Court’s horrible ruling, but omit the DOJ’s support for it

    By Glenn Greenwald, April 3, 2012 4:51 PM EDT

  43. nash, there are stories here and there like the one quoted below about the household help. i also heard today a npr interviewee who knew the romneys back when say that ar got by with one cleaning lady once a week when the boys were young.so it is being discussed.

    ….does a woman who owns three homes and employs four housekeepers count as fair representation of the average household mom? Based on a 2010 tax return provided by The Data Lounge, Romney reported an income of $21.7 million. The report revealed that $20,603 went to taxable wages for household help- an extremely low number to begin with, given that an average housekeeper earns up to $50,000 a year.

    While the mystery behind the low amount of reported taxes for housekeeping remains unsolved, the report still reveals that Ann Romney was not solely depended on for her five boys.


    what’s interesting to me is why nothing has been said about the “we need to respect the choices women make” part of her fox comment

    “My career choice was to be a mother, and I think all of us need to know that we need to respect the choices women make,” said Ann Romney to Fox News.

  44. Watched the CBS evening news today. As the credits were rolling by at the end of the broadcast there was one Craig Crawford listed among the editors. Interesting!

  45. So the average housekeeper makes 25 bucks an hour? Well, not in these parts. What’s minimum wage – 7.25? That would be 1.5 FTEs. but then again this isnt Mass. Fact is no one here knows what Anne Romney does or doesn’t do as a homes maker and no one in the press seems to give a crap. And really, aside from being the Romney connection to women and their economic concerns it doesn’t mean squat.

  46. “given that an average housekeeper earns up to $50,000 a year.”

    An average housekeeper earns up to $50,000 a year by working a second job.

  47. I wonder if anyone in the mainstream media will look at the Romneys’ employment of servants or if they are now too afraid to do so?

    So very good to read you! Ha, the so-called Liberal media won’t touch it..Hell the President threw Hilary Rosen under the bus, enough said..

  48. The ripper’s nominee for MN Governor in 2010 claimed the average waitress makes $100,000/yr.

    Today he’s become a ‘newsman’ for the local Fakes News affilate.

  49. Funny isn’t it, ann romney never said she worked hard, but the news lemmings concluded from her tweet that she worked like Rosie the Riveter.

    “Oh willard, I’ve had the most trying day. Jenkins suddenly died this morning. Why couldn’t she do it on her day off ? Servants can be so inconsiderate.”

  50. If you want to laugh and have a good time…go see The Three Stooges.

    This movie really captured the spirit of the Stooges. I’ve been a fan since I was a child.

  51. “Oh, willard, I’ve had the most wretched day. I had barely gotten out of bed this afternoon when Junior’s Mercedes was stuck on the 3d floor.”

  52. OD…I could still dig it when Curly Joe got to be in the movies but the thought of seeing young guys doing the stooges gives me a fair amount of what I’d have to call “trepidation”. I’d guess I’d have to hope it would be good. Yours is the first reputable vote I’ve heard and for that vote to be positive means nought but “Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk”.

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