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I am on vacation until Monday, May 7. But, as always, our threads go on. Carry on.

We’ll be in Gloucester MA (Cressy’s Beach, Stage Fort Park) tomorrow — Sunday, April 29, at 6:30 PM ET —
for a sunset remembrance of our Trail Mix pal Sean Holton at the site where he ended his cross-country bike trip 15 years ago, for those in the neighborhood who might be able to join us.

Craig and Sean with “The Mask”

Sean Holton Chronicled Death With a Writer’s Eye
The Orlando Sentinel (Nov. 29, 2011)

By Sean Holton

The Last Mile

Cranes for the Brain

One Avenue, Two Faces

A White House Mystery

Dick Cheney vs. Bob Dylan

Family Frodo

Revenge of the Mask

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  1. woo hoo and tally ho

    jamie, my derby winner and jockey: creative cause, rosario
    ps: take charge indy (to be ridden by calvin borel) would be a good pick for tony and solar, our take charge indies here on the trail.

  2. flatus, stinky fragile? she sounds like fine beautiful cloisonné, only fragile in appearance but wrought throughout with sturdy gold.

  3. Jamie… I recall Carol (ct) asking to be put down for whatever horse Borel was riding. I’ll bet it’s because they’re both crazy Lousianans…. 😉

    jaslf… S.E. Cupp seemed kinda overwhelmed by Bill and the other 2 panelists last night. I was expecting a little more fight in her. The interview with Charles Murray was interesting. Bill was very kind to him. People who think Bill Maher is nothing but a blowhard, obviously don’t watch his show.

  4. Pat, your description is indeed quite accurate. And it applies to many Koreans who were raised during the Japanese occupation and the later horrors of the invasion from the North. She and my grandmother used to stand back-to-back trying to see who was taller/dominant. They were both exactly 4-10.

  5. The morning newspaper shows the Indians in first place by a full game in the AL Central. The Indians have been my team since ’48. I think I’ll frame the standings section of today’s issue.

  6. tony and solar, our take charge indies here on the trail.

    I like your suggestion 😎

    Jamie, how about putting me down for “Take Charge Indy”

  7. Renee

    Borel didn’t have a horse until a couple of days ago. Now he is on Take Charge Indy. I’ll put Carol down for that one unless she tells me different.

  8. RR

    I watched the show and S.E. Cupp seemed intimidated by all those facts. I don’t think she is used to anyone challenging her talking points that happen to be totally untrue.

    Real Time isn’t the place for an in depth discussion of Charles Murray. He is right about so much and wrong about so much that you can’t do it while dishing out one liners. Just the figures on marriage are astounding. Forty plus years ago, birth control and women’s lib came along and men took a powder on responsibility at a large chunk of the middle class. The upheaval in all the changing roles involving single mothers, baby daddies, marital financial security etc etc is nowhere near being settled for society and the old white guys keep thinking the little women are going back to the kitchen without a fight.

  9. Jamie, there are so many complex societal issues in the (valid) concerns that you sum up by the mathematical expression etc etc.

    But, I must say I am hurt that you don’t acknowledge that some men are indeed champions of the women in their lives.

  10. Flatus

    I adore men. As far as I’m concerned they were all placed on earth for my joy and entertainment. You are right that there are men who are heros to the women and children in their lives. Unfortunately, it seems many seem to have abdicated both the responsibilities and pleasures of marriage and/or children.

  11. httpv://

    Upon further consideration, I think that I’ll take Dover. 😉

  12. Romney cited the example of Jimmy John’s owner Jimmy John Liautaud, who borrowed money from his father to start his successful sandwich franchise.

    “We’ve always encouraged young people: Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business,” Romney said.

    OK folks, repeat after me. Who’s your daddy now?

  13. Flatus,
    My grandmother was, I believe the polite term is diminutive.
    You confronted her at your peril. 😉

  14. diminutive?

    jace, if that’s synonymous with complex ladies napoleonic, than so was my 5’2″ eyes of blue mother.

  15. Jamie… I’ve only read excerpts of Murray’s book. From those excerpts and several interviews, I can say he does make some good points… but when asked as to why he thinks those things are happening (such as today’s divorce rate), his explanations leave much to be desired. He did say right off the bat he was nervous. I guess he thought Bill would grill him. Maher is always polite to his guests.

    well…. I’m under 5 feet… but I don’t have “Rebellious” in front of my name for nothin’… 😉

  16. Thanks Jamie. I was waiting. Been working my duffy off trying to catch up with what I haven’t had time to do because it only took 2574 days to get my first real vacation.

    I’m going to take half a day today and put my aching feet up. I will have to admit that the physical work is so much less draining than the mental stuff.

  17. Carol… I’ve always said that being physically tired is a “good tired”… especially if it’s because of accomplishing something such as yard work or hiking a mountain. The mental stuff, IMO, is a “bad tired”… it just makes one feel lousy.

  18. We have an understanding at home. When one or the other of us becomes bedridden, the meals we cook aren’t comfort food in the other’s native diet. They are nourishment that we know will be palatable and that will encourage the sick one to recover promptly.

    Without fail, there will be some Korean food in fridge and freezer. And Toots is always on call. But none of this will be the food that a sick person craves.

    Cutting to the chase, Stinky wasn’t fixing something for me yesterday afternoon–that would have been against our custom. I was absolutely thrilled because she felt well enough to fix comfort food for herself in a way that only she can.

  19. Flatus,

    You have been blessed with a very special person, and a very special relationship. :smile:

  20. In honor of the Derby, I intend to correct a long standing oversight in my education.
    I have never made or even tasted a mint julep. :sad:

    A traditional recipe and some instructions would be most helpful. Obviously this could be done on Google, however, I can’t help but believe that there must be certain nuances,traditions and variations of which one must be aware. Feel free to share.

    jace aka, novice

  21. Arrogant Amnesia: Obama Gets OBL, Republicans Stuck with ‘Mission Accomplished’ Cod Piece Photo Op
    by Taylor Marsh

    That Pres. Obama made the call and got the bastard of 9/11 galls them and they will do anything to discredit a gallant act of pure presidential leadership that was heroic, risky and revealed Barack Obama’s complete and total respect and faith in our elite military forces to get the dangerous, from military aspects to international and political hazards, job done.

    I, for one, am loving it and can only say…


    At long last.

    The ad I’ve been waiting to hit.

    Having it narrated by former Pres. Bill Clinton is a stroke of political genius.

  22. There is no damnation that is even remotely appropriate for Dick Cheney, but forcing him to watch that ad twenty four seven through out eternity would be pretty close.

    Kind of makes me smile just to think of it. 😉

  23. President Obama deserves a great deal of credit for getting Bin Laden.

    He has not exploited this success. You can only imagine how Bush and the Republicans would have used this for political exploitation every single day if they had had the skill and fortitude to accomplish this fete.

  24. RR and Jaime – Alas. I was pulled away from the tv and have yet to watch Real Time with Bill Maher. I have seen the overtime clip and also noticed SE Cupp was awfully careful about the things that she said. So, I made sure to look up her previous squabbles with someone not taking everything she said at face value…

    and look what i found…Just the idea that facts could be brought against her did not bode well for her…

  25. Jamie – Regarding the Daily Kos’ Issa link, I seriously doubt that Issa is going to do anything. He only brings up meaningless hearings. Plus, whether they are doing it purposely or they are doing it by accident Republican ideas destroy the country. For all their old country first garbage, they are nothing more than Anarchists with expensive suits.

  26. Hey RR..crazy is the only way to be. And I’ll share a saddle with my man Tony any day.

  27. Carol & Tony…
    hope you include a little side saddlebag for both Jessie and Maggie…

  28. First things first: >>> Fair, truly sorry reading about you’re Mom.! She will join (her essence) will join my sister maria’s, patsi, sean, Flatus’ daughter and others that make up (star dust) the universe….one thing that im sure of….life never ends,….just different, once reincarnation takes place….my sister is everywhere and talks to me often……


    That Independent horse is mine, and mine alone.! (thanks pat) Im riding him to win… im not going to want all the extra weight that Tony the Baloney, and the Cajun Queen will be adding to it….and keep those house pets outta the race….what is that all about RR? sheesh.!

    Champ…….Great to see U back……and don’t give my any of that stuff that your not going to be your old self…….Hey did ya get married with children or something… was you’re long walkabout?

    Oh, and about (did scan the last few threads some great stuff in there about Sean..and some mighty fine posts also)

    All of the fussy eaters here on the trail……you come from a long line of omnivorous eating hominids…..we will eat anything that crawls, walks, or talks even. Hot dogs if done right are pretty good……

    >>>>> ps about that horse…..what the hell…..Carol, Coreen, Coreen, the dancing machine…Tony……lets all ride him to the finish line….and any other indies that don’t want the same ole blue or red horses to win.


    I see that you are now questioning how some people can vote how they do….even after admitting that whom they are voting for doesn’t merit their votes…..drives U crazy no?

  29. Hi there Space Man.

    Nope..can’t take Maggie. If she rides..she’ll want to drive. She’s a bossy little bitch.

  30. OSH… it’s an inn called Harborview…. very close to where Dale lives.

    SolarMan… where the hell you bin?… I guess I should want Daddy Long Legs… you know… being Spider Woman and all…

    Carol… nice to know that Maggie is a crazy Louisianan too… :smile:

  31. I have been sailing, as in sailboat sailing, for a number of years. During the political season our country reminds me of sailing, very seldom is the boat on even keel, very seldom can you get to your final designation by going straight, more than likely you’ll have to do a lot of tacking between port and starboard.

  32. RR…I’m not really sure about Maggie. Found her in the woods. She might be a space alien. She’s the strangest dog I’ve ever had.

    I did have this porch spider that hung around for quite a while. Kept putting up it’s web to trap me in the house. Did it every night around 9p. It took awhile but I finally realized it was a space spider…here to spy on humans. As soon as it knew I was on to zipped up it’s web and took off. Never saw it again.

    Am I making your case yet?

  33. I see that you are now questioning how some people can vote how they do….even after admitting that whom they are voting for doesn’t merit their votes…..drives U crazy no?

    Yep, Solar, crazy doesn’t begin to describe it! I remember how you and Patsi voted in 2008, must have felt great..I knew you would be glad to see Champ, me too..I do so hope he sticks around??? God, now if Chloe would show up….

  34. You may be a political junkie if:

    You can watch the nerd prom and recognize more politicians than invited celebrities.

  35. Here’s what I have for everyone so far. Jace you need to pick a horse to go with that Julep

    Horse Jockey Odds Trailmixer

    Creative Cause Rosario Patd
    Daddy Long Legs O’Donoghue RR
    El Padrino Bejarano Whiskey Jack
    Gemologist Castellano MO
    Hansen Dominguez Tylenol
    I’ll Have Another Gutierrez Jamie
    Optimizer Court Craig
    Sabercat Nakatani Chris
    Take Charge Indy Borel Carol, Tony, Solar
    Union Rags Leparoux Jjaslf

  36. Oh goodie…I get to ride between Tony and Solar. Is that what they call a Manwich?

  37. Craig,

    You will be in our thoughts tomorrow.
    At the appointed hour, a lighted candle and the following blessings. One for Sean, and one for family and friends. A flame has not been extinguished, but rather it lights another world. Be well and take care.

    May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
    Until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    May the raindrops fall lightly on your brow.
    May the soft winds freshen your spirit.
    May the sunshine brighten your heart
    May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you.
    And may God enfold you in the mantle of His love.

  38. Jamie,

    My heart belongs to Gemologist, but my head to Union Rags.
    Historically my heart has over ridden my good judgement in most matters, little point in changing now.

    Gemologist it is.

    Thanks for the julep link, my shopping list is complete. 😉

  39. Ok

    My derby pick is Done Talking

    For those of who lurking and thinking – wtf– it’s just fun
    it changes the way you watch the derby when you are cheering for a horse — even if you never gamble or this is the only horse race you watch all year

    It’s not a big time commitment –

  40. Cheryl left Thursday with students bound for the AZ. All State Choir. Her last over night commitment for the year, Thank God!

    In her absence however , it was carrots and horseradish dip for breakfast, and celery, horseradish dip, chips and salsa, and beer for supper.

    Ahhh, one should never underestimate the pleasures of solitude. 😉

  41. Anyone watch the Washington Correspondent dinner on CNN? Anyone think that Darrell Hammond’s affect was seriously flat? I think he may need to lower the dose of his meds just a hair.

  42. For my sister Maria:



  43. Ready Carol? Put that Maggie on a leash so we dont step on her….no I don’t care about youre sore bones….lets go.~~


  44. Great from beginning to end….one for the ditch…..


  45. Well, better get to bed…have to get up for 9 thirty mass tomorrow and ask the priest about dna….why did god put dna in everything…animals…us apes and oak trees…couldn;t find that info in the bible…..

  46. I’ve cut up 3 old people walkers so far , very light but very robust.
    Making the guide wheels from junk Razor scooters coming through the junk yard.

  47. Your ass is about 5 inches above the railroad ties. And you have a coaster brake. And the cheapest Chinese bike parts from

  48. And if I can make it “square”, ie “true”. It’ll roll like a cloud on those steel rails. And carry 2 men , and 500 lbs.

  49. Anyone have any comments about the WHCD? Did you think that the fat jokes were a little over the line?

    I did particularly enjoy the RL jokes but don’t want to start a war again.

    I thought Obama handled the dog eating thing well.

    Kinda irks me that KK was there. Still don’t get that.

    I think that the pres is very charasmatic. I love it when he smiles…it’s infectious. I really do like him as a person.

    Thought the parts about the conspiracy theories as to what he’ll do in his next term were funny. Tony..did you like the part about..”it’s raining men”?

    I’m not a big Jimmy Kimmel fan but I thought he did well. It was rough but I did like..and agree..with the comment about Allen West. That guy is disgusting.

  50. april come and go she will. happy end of april eve.


  51. Thanks for the invite to dance last night Solar. I’m sorry..I fell asleep and you would have had to settle for some crip dancing.

  52. Love that song Patd. Last year I ordered a 5 disk set of folk music. It was one of those PBS fund drives. Love folk music.

  53. Rick and I watched the last 5 minutes of Jimmy Kimmel’s roast at the WHCD… we thought it was funny.

    Carol… I am of Acadian descent. Louisianan Cajuns are of Acadian descent. The Cajuns were New Brunswickers that the British expelled during the French and Indian Wars so there would be less of their enemy in the territory. They set men, women, and children adrift in boats. Some settled in different parts of the Eastern seaboard in the US. The largest group made it’s way to the bayous of your state.

    The Expulsion of the Acadians

  54. The best part of this post is the comment section.

    Matt Stoller: Obama as Neoliberal Ideologue

    Matt Stoller, in this video clip from an interview last week with Cenk Uygur (hat tip Doug Smith), sets forth what should be widely accepted truths about Obama: that he’s an aggressive proponent of policies that favor the 1%. Yet soi disant progressives continue to regard him as an advocate of their interests, when at best, all he does is pander to them.

    Some of the various comments:

    I voted for Obama. At the time, it was an enormous leap of faith. I won’t make that mistake again. I have no idea who I will vote for. I was really hoping Stephen Colbert would run.

    Labor is lining up behind Obama like ducks. Having failed to educate its members and organize systematically in each Congressional district, it is stuck with supporting Obama.

    In case you missed it, Obama told a group of conservatives at a dinner at George Will’s house less than two weeks into his first term that he intended to “reform” as in cut Social Security and Medicare as soon as the economy was stabilized. The conservatives were very happy with what they heard.

    I totally agree Yves. I did not vote for Obama but I thought he deserved a chance. He had it and he blew it. The excuses have grown old. Obama is clearly a globalist idealog and America better wake up.

    We are being swindled out of our remaining wealth, independence, freedom, prosperity and National Sovereignty a little bit more each day.

  55. I am not a fan of fat jokes unless they are about Gov Christie :)

  56. httpv://

    Sunday Sublime.
    For Sean Holton. Today a ‘new world’ awaits. Travel with God, and be at peace.

  57. came across “akrasia” in recent new yorker. an old greek word which seems applicable to our days and times or at least our critters and our critters’ electors.


    Akrasia (ancient Greek ἀκρασία, “lacking command (over oneself)”), occasionally transliterated as acrasia, is the state of acting against one’s better judgement

    especially found interesting the different arguments of philosophers in that same wiki piece above:

    Socrates attests that akrasia is an illogical moral concept, claiming “No one goes willingly toward the bad”….. A person, according to Socrates, never chooses to act poorly or against his better judgment; actions that go against what is best are only a product of being ignorant of facts or knowledge of what is best or good.

    … Aristotle reasons that akrasia occurs as a result of opinion. Opinion is formulated mentally in a way that may or may not imitate truth, while appetites are merely desires of the body. Thus opinion is only incidentally aligned with or opposed to the good, making an akratic action the product of opinion instead of reason.

    The word ἀκρασία occurs twice in the Koine Greek New Testament. In Matthew 23:25 Jesus uses it to describe hypocritical religious leaders. The Apostle Paul also gives akrasia as a reason for a husband and wife to not deprive each other of sex…

  58. jace, thanks. lard is “going home”
    and patsi and faire’s mom are meeting him at door with a big hug.

  59. A Smart Politics review of Republican primary election data since 1972 finds that Mitt Romney’s performances in Delaware and Pennsylvania mark the first time a GOP frontrunner has failed to reach the 60 percent mark in a contest conducted after his last major challenger dropped out of the race.

  60. Purple,

    “sets forth what should be widely accepted truths about Obama: that he’s an aggressive proponent of policies that favor the 1%.”

    Purple, I realized this just a cpl of months after he was elected.! I did not vote for him, I voted for a third party b/c I did not trust him:

    There was just too much negative information about him and his wife…..the way that he acquired his home in Hyde Park Il…..his association with people like his 20yr leader of his church. He and his wife sat on corp boards that were making them lots of cash. Lots of his pals in court for various scams that he was part of, etc, etc,……I ended up voting for the two women candidates.

    When the economy tanked due to the Cheney/Bush robberies…..being a home builder….I had no homes to build…after 20 plus years of building them.

    All of a sudden, I understood that it would take an awful long time for the country to get back to building homes.!!!!

    During the 2008 elections…I just knew that Obama was not going to answer the 3 am call….and said so here and often…that did not go over to well……there were lots of people that thought like I did….some where run off….others stood their ground….and have now been proven right.! The point of being right….is not a comfort……but voting for a third party has been.!

    Even so….as a minority, I cried to see that our country elected a Black Man as potus……and hoped for the best b/c he would be the last for a long, long time if he did not have a successful term/s…..imo he has not…and won’t cry about spilled milk…not my style….I will go on…and so must we all.!

    So I just l listened to Obama promise and promise to help out those that were in financial problems due to the mortgaged mess that both party’s made one way or the other……..and decided to sell my home….before I lost it b/c I would not be able to work in construction any more….I do…but very little….and have not build home i years;…..and even tho I have lots, and people with jobs to put them into affordable homes….Solarcrete homes that are 75% energy efficient……for years now….banks have told me that there is no problem…and that my loans are just around the corner….

    I sold my house, and live in an apartment now….the money that I had is almost gone now….trying to help family, and a cpl of close child hood freinds stay alive….some contractor friends have lost their homes…..are working in minimum wage service jobs…and are not voting at all….they “don'[t know who to vote for”….. The Bush Republicans got us into this mess…with all the wars and tax cuts…..and Obama just keeps the ball going in the same direction……only with some new wars of his own…and more, and more of our money for his bail outs..and wall st buddies…

  61. Top Mitt Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom claimed that President Obama’s auto bailout was the GOP presidential hopeful’s idea.

    Fehrnstrom said Obama followed Romney’s course to help the auto industry during an appearance at a Saturday roundtable discussion hosted by the The Washington Post.

    …..oh I love to eat it every day, and if you ask me why, I’ll say,
    ‘cuz Mittens Romney has a way with,

  62. I haven’t heard, or read anything about Romney that is not applicable to Obama…..cept that Romnney…..has “fired a lot of people” while saving others their jobs…….OBama….has saved his banker and wall st buddies their jobs….and has not hired as many people as he has claimed….

    Gas at the pump….over 4.25….this is the only poll that matters….and Jobs, jobs, jobs…..

  63. Oh, I forgot….Mitt is boring and Obama is not….there, that should get him re-elected…

  64. AP, Jace, and KGC I have you.

    Horse Jockey Trailmixer

    Creative Cause Rosario Patd
    Daddy Long Legs O’Donoghue RR
    Done Talking Russell KGC
    El Padrino Bejarano Whiskey Jack
    Gemologist Castellano MO, Jace
    Hansen Dominguez Tylenol
    I’ll Have Another Gutierrez Jamie
    Optimizer Court Craig
    Sabercat Nakatani Chris, AP
    Take Charge Indy Borel Carol, Tony, Solar
    Union Rags Leparoux Jjaslf

  65. Patd..that “akrasia” kinda reminds me of “cognitive dissonance”.

    “People tend to seek consistency in their beliefs and perceptions. So what happens when one of our beliefs conflicts with another previously held belief? The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance.”

    Particularly with…

    “Cognitive dissonance can occur in many areas of life, but it is particularly evident in situations where an individual’s behavior conflicts with beliefs that are integral to his or her self-identity.”

  66. Watched the nerdprom. It was okay. Not as good as some past years. Couldn’t understand the FOX invites of Kardashian and Lohan. It is almost as if they want to become a parody of themselves. It would be a great satire if so many people didn’t think they were serious.

  67. Hey Solar, glad I just checked in while you were nearby…

    Smiling at your thoughts for the day, you are as always…keeping it real…miss you, love you…& you do know I will always save that last dance for you cara mia…

    Keep hoping one day you will find your way to CT so we can share ‘real’ pizza & canolis….
    last week we were at Wooster St. New Haven & picked up pistachio, strawberry & chocolate
    canolis at Libbys…just heavenly…

  68. RR..nice to know you are related to the stock of fine Cajun people down here. I guess we can’t call you a “coonass” like they do down here. We’ll have to call you a “bearass”?

  69. Lets see…..I often see the term “critical thinking” around here…..that would involve (to me that is) we need to do this…to help us make imprtant decisions and understand the many profound issues that confront us….

    Critical thinkers are able to assess the evidence supporting their own beliefs…in a sense to step outside of themselves and to identify the weakness in their own positions. They recognize that knowledge is not merely a collection of facts…but an ongoing process of examining information….and then after examining it….not repeating the same mistakes over and over again…..if you do….that is not thinking at all imo…..just following the sheep in front of you, and waiting your turn for the shearing, and fleecing……the only thing is: U take us all with you weather we like it or not……this is why Romney has a chance….we don’t really, exactly, know what he will do… we?….we do know what Obama is going to do….oh the hell with it…..the two are the same….just different puppet masters is all……….later

  70. Coreen,

    Same here…and always thinking of you, and the others…specially when some nasty weather is heading your and spidey gals way……..she….by her own admission….has some long, long legs and only stand a little under 5 ft…..i put her nickname right on the $ no?

  71. Carol… bearass… I like it…

    ok Mr Smartypants SolarMan… in your infinite wisdom would you mind telling us what candidate all the smart people such as yourself are coalescing around. So far I hear lots of talk… but don’t see real action of any significance of such a candidate emerging. I really would love to be enlightened by such highmindedness… and I would consider voting third party if and when such a candidate does emerge. Not sure I should hold my breath though….

    We’re leaving shortly for Gloucester… just to let you know I may have to read my answer day after tomorrow. But I will eagerly await it.

  72. Coreen,

    “Keep hoping one day you will find your way to CT so we can share ‘real’ pizza & canolis….
    last week we were at Wooster St. New Haven & picked up pistachio, strawberry & chocolate
    canolis at Libbys…just heavenly…”

    Hey was that a shot at me for doing that Omnivourouse post yesterday?

    “All of the fussy eaters here on the trail……you come from a long line of omnivorous eating hominids…..we will eat anything that crawls, walks, or talks even. Hot dogs if done right are pretty good……”

    I knew that would draw U out..

    This part got me:

    “picked up pistachio, strawberry & chocolate
    canolis at Libbys…just heavenly…”

    I could almost hop on a plane and get some myself……but can’t stand waiting in lines that let people put their hand down my pants when I don’t want them to…….

    Down to 177 lbs….won’t touch anything sweet until i get to 170…and then play with 5 lbs up and down for a while…….but pizza and a cold bud are on the goal line no?….and with some conolis for desert…….will save some for that Tony-the-Baloney dude……later

  73. Solar… seriously…
    the progressives said they’d give us a third party candidate… then the tea party said they’d do it too. So far from either side… nada.

    I saw Mark Meckler, an original tea party founder on Ratigan’s show last week. He has left the tea party saying it was co-opted by the likes of the Koch brothers and Dick Armey. He is now working to change the process for the next primary season 4 yrs from now.
    He says this election is already set with the 2 candidates. He’d like to see candidates that really represent the people’s issues next time around. I’ll be watching to see what he does for 2016.

  74. Renee,

    I understand what u r saying…and what Meckler is saying. But I don’t agree that we should give up on this election by voting for one or the other…..we should send them a message right now….in your example…..I would write in Meckler as potus…let him know that he is on the right track…and he is one of the reasons that i did look at the tea party once hoping that it would get us the third party that we need so badly, and looked at Ron Paul again……but the big money, and the religious constructionist took over the tea party….

    They would have had a chance…if they hooked up with the anti wall st movement people…but the progressives as well as the extreme right saw the ows as a danger…and used the power of government and big $ to put them down…..Ron Paul had a chance imo to put it all together…but is old…and could not go the long distance to see the fight through….but he would have i think…… he could do any worse as a one termer than the past two have done?

    Oh, there are really no answers right now….but putting on a blind fold and pining the tail on the donkey is not (nor the ephalant, my son used to say it like that) the way to improve on the failed system that we have now…..

    What, lets say would happen if 33%, even 25% of voters voted for anyone other than the D’s or the Rs……nada….everything would be business as usual…..but some brave soul….that this Meckler, and we are waiting for would come out and fight for the common person…..u know the middle class….if there is any left by the time the two party system is finished with us…..

  75. Current Derby Odds for those still looking for a horse:

    Alpha 11/1
    Bodemeister 9/2
    Creative Cause 11/1
    Daddy Long Legs 30/1
    Daddy Nose Best 15/1
    Done Talking 50/1
    Dullahan 8/1
    El Padrino 16/1
    Gemologist 7/1
    Hansen 14/1
    Hero of Order 100/1
    Ill Have Another 15/1
    Liaison 40/1
    Mark Valeski 23/1
    My Adonis 40/1
    Optimizer 60/1
    Prospective 50/1
    Rousing Sermon 40/1
    Sabercat 35/1
    Take Charge Indy 16/1
    Trinniberg 45/1
    Union Rags 9/2
    Went The Day Well 18/1

  76. 23 horses!!! Don’t understand the reasoning of allowing so many horses. The start will be similar to a 23 lane highway all of a sudden becoming a 4 lane highway. Just plain stupid!

  77. …been thinking about Sean Holton the past few days, especially when I come here to catch up with the posts.
    In my youthful 20s I toyed with the idea of a cross-country cycling adventure…Sean did it. He would have been a great guy to befriend f2f , but I am glad to have known him via the new-fangled internets. This is a great plan, scattering his ashes into the great ocean. I’d be there if I could.


  78. ha, OldSea, we’ll fire up the lighthouse for ya. And Ed is on his way. Renee too. Brian’s brother driving up sean’s cross-country bicycle from Philly.

  79. MO

    There will be only 20 horses in the race plus a small group of “Also Eligible”. We won’t know the final group until Wednesday when all of the horses that have qualified and whose owners have paid the entry fees go to the Post Position draw. Anyone whose horse is not in the race will be advised to change mounts then.

  80. I agree with Purple..Solar re our two choices. They might not sound alike..look alike..but they both smell alike. Bad! The powers that be bank on the fact that people are going to stick with their teams no matter what.

    We won’t ever hope to change things until we are willing to try a third party. There’s that arguement that voting for a third party is a vote for one or the other. Might be..but with these two..which one will it throw votes to?? It’s a toss up.

    I like Buddy Roemer. I think he’s a good compromise. I’ve mentioned him here many times but never heard any of you point out exactly what’s wrong with his ideas. I’m open to hearing your thoughts..but not just..a vote for a vote for..whoever.

    Is it that the guy is from Louisiana? I know what you Yanks think of people from the south. We aren’t all morons.

    Just remember when you’re sticking with your team…this ain’t no football game or baseball game. It’s our lives and the lives of the next generation.

  81. ct

    We can throw names of politicians we like all day long, but until at least one of them tries to put together a campaign and offer themselves as an option, there is no hope of a third party. You can’t have a movement without some semblance of a leader. The Republicans split off from the Whigs and the Bull Moose from the Republicans and the Progressive party while large given the farm belt and Grange activities, never actually managed to run a successful campaign after growing out of the Bull Moose. Every attempt since then has been a minority that creates a stir but only succeeds in spinning off votes from one major party or the other but doesn’t last after the election.


    Great article you linked, thank you!
    The comments are really god as well..

    I remember 2008 and i fell in line. Really hoping it doesn’t come to that this time.. I also agree Romney/Obama are much the same.. Like President Obama personally and i don’t care for Romney but there’s not a reason to vote for either of them. President Obama has been a terrible and weak president and certainly doesn’t deserve a second term… I don’t trust either them.. Really don’t want Romney as President, sometimes maybe the better the devil you know? Amazing how you recount what’s happened in your life and business without the least bit of bitterness… If the old Reagan question was asked of me “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago”, HELL NO!!!

  83. You can be a delegate to Americans Elect and you can offer financial support to the organization. The delegates select the issues. You can find crap.. anywere you look. Haven’t found enough of it yet on the main parties?

    Still haven’t seen any comments on Roemer’s stand on the issues. I’ve asked several times before and got nada.

  84. I do too Tony. Thanks for the link. I’ve danced to that song many times. Doing it now.

  85. Buddy Roemer on the issue’s..

    I like Buddy but i have a problem with his views on Abortion.. Maybe they have changed? Are these personal views or would he seek to enact laws prohibiting Abortion? No candidate is perfect and you might be correct, good compromise..

  86. Carol,
    In looking over that sight, he’s terrific except i’m not really clear on his Abortion views? Says his quotes are from 1985..Have you heard Buddy speak on this issue..Man, no wonder the Republican’s didn’t allow him to have his say..

  87. “Some of Roemer’s past positions might give evangelical voters pause. As governor, he vetoed three bills that imposed tight limits on abortion, calling them unconstitutionally restrictive.”

    I’ve heard him talk about this issue. I remember him being for each state to make their own decision. I’m pro choice but not pro abortion. I think it should be discouraged. I’d rather focus on birth control.

  88. I even heard him being interviewed by two stoners. At the end of the interview..they were saying..go baby go! You need to hear him. He needs to be heard.

  89. What’s even more important is..that he hasn’t been bought and paid for. No matter how much it hurt him..he’s hasn’t compromised on his $100 limit on his campaign contributions. No pacs or superpacs! He’s free to lead.

  90. I’m pro choice but not pro abortion. I think it should be discouraged. I’d rather focus on birth control.

    Exactly! Go Buddy go…

  91. Jaime – I have a feeling that the reason so many celebrities were invited by Fox News is that they plan to attack Obama closer to the election on how many celebrities are at his events. Although to sane people this would seem crazy and full of bullshit. But one must remember that FOX News doesn’t care if it lies as long as it cannot be caught lying and prosecuted.

    CT – I thought the same way about Buddy when I first saw him talk. However, when he is pressed on the issues, he is nothing more than a standard Republican like Jon Huntsman, Jr. It is the same idiotic Republican ideas that got us in this recession just without the corrupt money to back him.

  92. Carol,
    I don’t remember this but it was a nice listen,thanks..Its pretty easy do post U-Tube..Just click on share under the video, then right click copy the address..Come here to the posting box and paste the address in the box..Add a v after http..Should look like httpv: then post..Experiment a little bit we won’t mind..

  93. RR – Real Time was incredibly interesting. I have never seen Bill Maher so prepared before. He was prepared to shut down S.E. Cupp, when she started spitting out bullshit. I wish more people would do that. If you make up facts or just as bad…if you use made up facts from the Right Wing Machine, you do not get a chance to sit at the table with adults.
    I got the impression that Charles Murray was trapped in nostalgia of the 1960s. It makes me doubt his ideas altogether. Chris Matthews does the same thing on John F. Kennedy’s presidency, and he is completely full of shit (especially when talking about JFK’s foreign policy). The problem with both Murray and Matthews is that actual experts in this field with facts are not on television to push back in a debate of the issues.

  94. Could you get a little more specific Jaslf? I think that generalization is a little of a cop out. Yeah..the Republicans just loved him. That’s why he was invited to the debates. Every time he met the criteria..they raised the bar.

  95. ct, if i remember correctly, i think i was the one on the trail who first put up a buddy link… think it was when he 1st was on jon stewart. back then was when something could have been done but wasnt and now imho it’s too late for this election unless one is trying to syphon off votes. is that your aim?
    to be a viable contender and not just a spoiler you have to start as early as the election before the one you want to win.

  96. Carol,

    Go into “edit” mode on your 3:19 post. Put a ‘v’ after the http to create httpv://… Then save. You should have the video.

  97. IMO, Buddy is pretty much a strict Liberian. Not quite as extreme as Ron Paul. I would have to hear a lot more about him and his positions before he would get my vote.

  98. Haven’t heard that Jaslf. Do you have a link? Pretty much everything he’s said is online somewhere. He does do a lot of tweeting. It’s the only option he has.

    Patd. IMHO..the two we have to choose from are two sides of the same coin..actually..lots of coins. I’m game for a change.

  99. “I would have to hear a lot more about him and his positions before he would get my vote.”

    Purple..that’s exactly what I would hear a lot more from him. I would like to hear him in a debate with the other two.

  100. jaslf

    …”Chris Matthews is completely full of shit .”

    I hope you don’t mind a bit of editing

  101. “coloradobob says:
    04/29/2012 at 4:40 AM

    And if I can make it “square”, ie “true”. It’ll roll like a cloud on those steel rails. And carry 2 men , and 500 lbs.”

    Bob, I’m ready to make a grant for shopping center signs prohibiting seniors from ‘riding the malls’ on CBob’s rail riders!

  102. I’m trying to think what is the best cocktail for this occasion — even though I can’t be at Cressy Beach I’d plan to be there in spirit (s)

  103. Carol,

    Not to worry about Roemers lack of substance…….if he had all the money that Obama and Romney has….he would have plenty of substance……like you said…he was not willing to be bought off.!!!!!! you said it, now ive said it….that to me shows more substance than the other two….but just like Paul….he does have a cpl or three things that make him out of range….but mostly what he lacks is money… i said a cpl of years ago….there is only one party…..the party of GREED.!

  104. Well, I guess the Gloucester contingent is in a hotel room or cafe or bar or on the beach sharing memories. By now they should be through with the maudlin moments and have moved on to the joy of our Lard’s great presence in our small part of his World. How fortunate we have been!

  105. Obamas, substance since his famous convention speech has been that he was able and willing to be controlled by the powers that be…first he was given the position of ……what community organizer…which he never showed up for…be he was “PRESENT” on the books….and this has been his whole story of substance….and still is……he is “PRESENT”…..o

  106. What I find interesting is that y’all will link all this good material..providing data on what putzes our two candidates are then in the next breath say your not that interested in looking into any other options…you’re going to stick with your team. It’s interesting.

    And I don’t think a couple of minutes provides a fair study of the guy. But I’m just barking up a tree here.

  107. KGC

    Find a bottle of Jamesons and drink up. It was Sean’s adult beverage of choice. Jamie


  108. Kinda reminds me of what Peppermint Patty told one of the other guys..I think it was Schroeder..when he offered her some possible solutions to her complaints. She told him..sometimes when we complain we don’t want solutions..we just want sympathy.

  109. It is Sunday, April 29, at 6:30 PM ET Time for the sunset remembrance of our Trail Mix pal Sean Holton

  110. you’re going to stick with your team. It’s interesting.

    Yep Carol,
    I did it for most of my life till Dems showed me they wouldn’t count votes in the 2008 primaries..Ha and now i have NO team..Kinda freeing! I will always be a liberal but that makes it easier as neither party is Liberal.. What Purple linked earlier solidifies things for me..

  111. I’ll take a Purgatory on the rocks. Anyone find some? Don’t have it in my neck of the woods and probably never will.. they said. Anyone ever ordered booze online?

  112. Craig…

    I hope that you and all the rest who came to say goodbye to Sean had good weather for his memorial.

    May Sean find peace and may your heart begin to heal from your loss.

    Have a great evening.

  113. “It is Sunday, April 29, at 6:30 PM ET Time for the sunset remembrance of our Trail Mix pal Sean Holton”

    There was something special about Sean, and thanks to his great friend Craig…he will get a very special farewell……We talked about evolution a cpl of times…glad that he is going back out to sea from were we came from…see you out there soon compadre.

  114. I walked along the banks of the Tiffin River with my dogs at 6:30. Couldn’t help but think of Sean and the commitment of his ashes to the Atlantic. 😐


  115. Jamie,

    Just a couple of those drinks, and one will know purgatory. They sound delicious but strong. 😉

  116. Solar,

    At your urging I finally stocked a few buds in the fridg, and you up and disappear for two weeks.
    What’s with that?

    They are getting colder and older. I’m buying. 😉

  117. I think that CBob is going to Purgatory.
    Purgatory pass that is. Should be one Hell of a ride. 😉

  118. I’ve been to Purgatory. It was nothing but cold porcelain and a flush handle. 😡

  119. Romney thinks he can make people not care that they don’t like him….tell that to Al Gore

  120. Jace, the Ace…..thanks for the ice cold bud….the only way to drink em, as only true bud drinker like Jack, and Sturg will tell U….save one for xr…he likes one once in a while.

  121. Solar,

    I’ve got enough for everybody, all we have to do is get together and open them. Would that we could.
    Some day it must happen. :smile:

  122. Oh, I forgot: Jaslf, glad that u r back. I like the way that u tell it like u see it…..and all that Jass…hope that Jace has a few more buds, you and Purple need a nice cold Bud no?….but don’t touch the cpl in the back of the fridge………

  123. Mitt is the most uninteresting man in the World!

    “I may not always drink milk, but when I do, it is always two percent.”

    Stay thirsty my friends. 😕

  124. Mitt’s parents were way more interesting than Mitt
    I should say..still are

  125. We had a wonderful time remembering our pal Sean (Lard) and getting to know each other, finding even more in common than before. Rebellious Renee (and the fabulous Rick), EdVB, OldSeahag, DaveB, DaleB, Sean’s brother Brian, all here — and of course the entire Trail Mix gang in spirit! Pics to come.

  126. Craig,

    I am thinking that it was bitter sweet. Guessing that the sweet far outweighed the bitter. 😉

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