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  1. Did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration kowtow to China by removing blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng from the U.S. Embassy for “medical treatment” that he could not get at the Embassy?

    Blind Chinese Dissident Leaves U.S. Embassy for Medical Treatment
    By Jane Perlez, New York Times, May 2, 2012

    BEIJING — Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese dissident who fled house arrest last month in a dramatic escape from security forces, left the American Embassy compound for treatment at a medical facility in Beijing, an American statement said on Wednesday in the first public acknowledgment by the United States that it knew of his whereabouts.

    Mr. Chen left the compound accompanied by Ambassador Gary Locke, according to a senior embassy official. Mr. Chen’s supporters and Chinese officials had said earlier that he was in the American Embassy.

    An American statement, issued six hours after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in Beijing, said, “Chen Guangcheng has arrived at a medical facility in Beijing, where he will receive medical treatment and be reunited with his family.”

  2. As part of the agreement that ended the fraught, behind-the-scenes standoff, U.S. officials said China agreed to let Chen receive a medical checkup, be reunited with his family at the hospital, and he would then be relocated to a safe place in China where he could study at university – all demands activists said Chen had raised.

    In a fit of face-saving pique, the Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded that the U.S. apologize, investigate how Chen got into the embassy and hold those responsible accountable.


  3. PiT – good question, but I’m sure we’ll never know what went on behind the scenes. I have to assume that Chen did not ask for asylum in the US – I would expect that under the circumstances that request would have been granted if he had asked for it. From the Post:

    “Chen made clear to U.S. diplomats from the beginning that he did not want to leave China and that he wanted his stay in the embassy to be temporary, officials said. He did not seek asylum. His priority was reuniting with his wife, two children and other family members. He has been separated from his son for about two years.”


    Kowtow? Not according to the Post. Of course I’m sure I could go to the NYPost and get a different story.

  4. And kudos to Dana Milbank this morning.


    “To call this 112th Congress a do-nothing Congress would be an insult — to the real Do-Nothing Congress of 1947-48. That Congress passed 908 laws. To date, this one has passed 106 public laws. Even if they triple that output in the rest of 2012 — not a terribly likely proposition — they will still be in last place going back at least 40 years.”

    Boner has given the dems an issue to challenge the ‘can’ts on – finally.

  5. “It’s another recess week for our lazy leaders… By the time the Republican-led House returns next week, members will have been working in Washington on just 41 of the first 127 days of 2012 — and that was the busy part of the year. They are planning to be on vacation — er, doing ‘constituent work’ — 17 of the year’s remaining 34 weeks, and even when they are in town the typical workweek is three days.” Dana Milbank

    I guess the House doesn’t need the “dignity of work”. 😐

  6. I don’t believe anything that communist China says and I also believe very little that the Obama Administration says. The MSM is just clueless.

  7. My old school report cards used to contain comments about how well I did at recess. Not so many about my prowess in the class room.Words like uninterested,distracted,and lazy were all too common.

    My class voted me Most likely to become a congressman. 😉

  8. I predict if Mittens picks Rubio he will be sorry.
    Rubio is better spoken than X-1/2 gov palin but doesn’t have any more experience and NO management experience at all

    kgc, nope. champ may be right. jeb is probably promoting mario as a stalking horse and to get him out of the way next election since rube will have loser stamped all over him. also that “not ready” argument can backfire if the obama campaign tries it seeing as how his ’08 qualifications were the same.

  9. But China’s state-run media has mentioned the case for the first time.

    In an editorial, the Global Times newspaper said that “petitioners” seeking outside help was “not only embarrassing to China but also puts the US in an awkward position”.

    It said Mr Chen’s case “will not affect Sino-US relations”. Talks between the two countries are “unlikely to dwell on him”, according to the newspaper.

    “Quite a few out-of-favour Chinese people have sought to exaggerate their influence by relying on overseas powers,” it said.

    “But this is a poor idea. The time when foreign governments could guide Chinese authorities in making policy is long gone.”


  10. You can not tell me that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration did not know what was going on! The Obama Administration just kowtowed to communist China! Communist China says bend over and the Obama Administration says how far.

    Blind activist Chen Guangcheng: Chinese officials threatened to kill my wife
    By NBC News, msnbc.com staff and news services

    Updated at 11:12 a.m. ET: BEIJING — Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese activist who sought refuge in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, said Wednesday that he had been told Chinese officials threatened to kill his wife and that he now wanted to leave the country.

    His comments, reported by The Associated Press, came shortly after Chen left the U.S. Embassy saying he had received assurances from Chinese authorities. Chinese authorities have said they are very unhappy that the embassy took the activist in.

    Chen, speaking from a hospital room in Beijing where he was taken for medical treatment, told the news service that a U.S. official told him that Chinese authorities had threatened to beat his wife to death if he did not leave the embassy.

  11. Even if the commies promised not to whack Comrade Chen, ‘accidents’ happen. Frequently.

    Subject dies, blame it on Tibetan ‘hooligans’. It’d be a 2-fer.

  12. The price we pay for cheap commie Chinese goods is subsidized by all the wives who are beaten to death.

  13. The nude gingrich will endorse willard romney in a joint appearance today. Presumably gingrich will bring the joint.

  14. Emmylou’s a class act of the first order (plus she was born in my home town – that’s a plus). I absolutely love the “All the Roadrunnin'” album she did with Mark Knopfler.

  15. pogo, here’s another one from dana:

    In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody last month, Ryan, the author of the House Republican budget endorsed by Mitt Romney, said his program was crafted “using my Catholic faith” as inspiration. But the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was not about to bless that claim.

    A week after Ryan’s boast, the bishops sent letters to Congress saying the Ryan budget, passed by the House, “fails to meet” the moral criteria of the Church, namely its view that any budget should help “the least of these” as the Christian Bible requires: the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the jobless. “A just spending bill cannot rely on disproportionate cuts in essential services to poor and vulnerable persons,” the bishops wrote.

    In fact, Ryan would cut spending on the least of these by about $5 trillion over 10 years — from Medicaid, food stamps, welfare and the like — and then turn around and award some $4 trillion in tax cuts to the most of these. To their credit, Catholic leaders were not about to let Ryan claim to be serving God when in fact he was serving mammon.

    “Your budget,” a group of Jesuit scholars and other Georgetown University faculty members wrote to Ryan last week, “appears to reflect the values of your favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her call to selfishness and her antagonism toward religion are antithetical to the Gospel values of compassion and love.”


  16. especially liked the jesuits telling ryan that his plan reflects “the values of your favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her call to selfishness and her antagonism toward religion are antithetical to the Gospel values of compassion and love.”

  17. “Goodnight Moon Colony,” a seven-page picture book based off the popular children’s story “Goodnight Moon,” twists some Gingrich’s most infamous moments into seven sentence-long punch lines, commemorating a campaign that was rife with outlandish ideas and heated exchanges.

    “Our storybook farewell to Newt Gingrich’s campaign,” reads the introduction to the book’s online edition, posted to the Comedy Central blog Wednesday morning. “Which we’ll always remember for its nuanced policy positions and bold vision of… ah, screw it. We’ll remember the moon colony thing.”


  18. I listened to a Chris Mathews interview of a nun last week. She was absolutely clear that Ryan obviously does not understand the gospel if he thinks his budget is inspired by his understanding of it.

    PiT, I hope that Hilary and the O admin knew what was going on in the embassy. If not, someone should be very nervous about their job.

  19. ROFL!
    Newtie just ended his speech to suspend his campaign…

    thanks for the memories… thanks for such thought provoking moments… but most of all… thanks for the laughs.

    He ended it the way he started it… with grand delusions… and a loooooooong speech.

    Sayonara, Newt.

  20. patd

    not gonna be Jeb – over 60% of voting Americans properly blame Shrub for the economic mess we are in — and Jeb profited personally from the mess not to mention being Shrub’s brother — it would make Shrub a central issue and Romney needs to avoid that at all cost. My pick for the Latin to make the short vp list is Mel Martinez although I don’t quite understand what he has been doing since he left the senate –presumably to make money

  21. yesterday was the first of may..outdoor etc

    from the Virginia Railway Express Forum
    today’s forum

    JC from Gainesville, VA asks:
    No question. Just wanted to share that yesterday afternoon, as Manassas train #329 went through the remote wooded area near Clifton, I saw a naked couple standing by the river. Interesting scenery is just another reason I enjoy taking the train.

    VRE Management:
    Wow, JC! I am sure some Manassas riders will start looking out the windows more often!

  22. So War Criminal John Yoo gets immunity from civil suit over his War Crimes Torture Memo.


    I wonder if Judge Jay Bybee recused his self since he also approved of the Torture Policies of John Yoo.

    It looks like since America is unable or unwilling to hold these War Criminals Accountable for their policies that maybe its time for the families and relatives to get their own justice their way.

    After all I’m sure they know that Yoo teaches Constitutional Law at Berkley and will not be that hard for them to find.

    And all those who were involved in instituting, authorizing and carrying out those policies are known to the relevant people who had members of their families tortured and even killed under the very policies that were ordered by the Bush\Cheney War Crimes Family.

    I sincerely hope that for the rest of their lives they have to look over their shoulder so no one walks up behind them and puts a Giffords in their heads. Or look under the hoods of their cars whenever they go out to make sure the car don’t go Boom when they turn the ignition key on.

    After all if America won’t hold them accountable and we know that they will not put their feet on foreign shores where they will be arrested,charged and tried for their War Crimes all the families have left is to get their own justice any way they can.

    Have a great evening.

  23. I googled PPP and went to their website. It had a link to their new site and when I got there I could find no recent poll for Florida.

    I now wonder if it was a Republican poll using PPP’s name to see how President Obama was doing by Florida Voters Opinions.

    If so I’m sure they did not like my answers.

    Have a great evening.

  24. A reporter from Fox News was in the shop today- looking for info on the past behavior of the Secret Service. Told her I didn’t know of any events, but those CATS are so hot- wish they had been misbehaving with me.

  25. Forgot to mention- the reporter said she was told by more than 1 person to come see me and that if I knew anything I would be the one person in town who wouldn’t be scared to say something. Not sure thats such a good review :(

  26. Woman need to start showing up at any event where Bob McDonnell is. Now why would I say this?

    If they showed up at what ever event he would be they could call him Transvaginal Bob. You know like we called Saddam’s spokesman Baghdad Bob. Here are some of his famous quotes.


    Make the name Transvaginal Bob stick to him for the rest of his political life.

    Can you not see it?

    Governor McDonald at event with Romney.

    Person in crowd yells….

    Look, there’s Transvaginal Bob!

    Or in a restaurant eating dinner a guest walks in and yells…Look, there’s Transvaginal Bob!

    Oh how sweet it would be.

    Have a great evening.

  27. I do believe you’ve laid a curse on North America
    A curse that we now here rehearse in Philadelphia
    A second flood, a simple famine
    Plagues of locusts everywhere
    Or a cataclysmic earthquake
    I’d accept with some despair
    But, no, you sent us Congress.
    Good God, sir, was that fair?


    The dark color is because this is the long form cut from the movie now only seen in the directors cut. The lyrics are even more biting.

  28. The Post Position draw is done and the 20 horses for the Derby are now set barring someone dropping out before the race for some reason. Lots of empty horses available. This is your chance to change your mind based on position and odds before Saturday

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    05 Dullahan Desormeaux 8/1

    06 Bodemeister Smith 4/1

    07 Rousing Sermon Lezcano 50/1

    08 Creative Cause Rosario 11/1 Patd

    09 Trinniberg Martinez 50/1

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  29. So I was watching the news and the presidential race was portrayed this way..the Afghan/Osama was Obama’s trump card but the economy is Romney’s trump card. How is that? Well it really wasn’t news it was the afternoon b roll fest on CNN

    They just make up stuff to make it a horse race…the goops are going down and they can lie to next year fortunately the public has no trust in the news media

    and one of the reasons people think media sucks is the use of the toe sucker as a bobble head….of course it is on Fox…still Dick Morris should not be allowed out in public and should be shunned.

  30. Let me see if I have this straight. Congress works three days a week, sometimes, provided that they are not in recess or on vacation, but many in that body think the problem with government is that it has too many employees who work five days a week?

    I’m confused. 😕

  31. I predict Mittens picks Rob Portman – who will happily campaign and develop more of a national reputation and not endanger his senate seat. But I don’t think that it will help Mittens carry Ohio. Ohians don’t like weirdos and I think Mitt might fight into the Ohio category of weird.

    If any Republican any where brings up the birth certificate nonsense — Democrats should immediately start talking about magic underwear

  32. jaslf,
    Thanks for the Cenk piece on CNN! Priceless Cenk and so true..

    By the way, following along with artificially created Fox News scandals doesn’t give you balance. It makes you sad and pathetic. There are plenty of real Democratic scandals without falling into the rubbish Fox talks about. How much money does Chuck Schumer take from Wall Street? What favors does he give them in return? Why do Democratic leaders keep writing legislation rigged against the Internet — could it have something to do with the tremendous amount of cash they take from Hollywood companies? Why does President Obama get a free pass on following George Bush’s civil liberties abuses like warrantless wiretapping and indefinite detentions?

  33. Seeing Rudy Guliani on TV the last couple of days reminds me of just how disgusting he is in every possible way!

  34. Here’s my 2 bucks worth :

    Win – 08 Creative Cause

    Place – 04 Union Rags

    Show – 02 Optimizer

  35. Flatus and XR. I have your picks. I’ll put up the final Saturday morning. Get in any selections or changes by then.

  36. KGC…He was endorsing Romney now that Newt has crashed and burned. Also took Romney to a New York firehouse of course…

  37. Rudy and Nudie — the mind boggles at the political calculations that went into Rudy’s choice

  38. Told her I didn’t know of any events, but those CATS are so hot- wish they had been misbehaving with me.

    LOL@ OSH

    That reminds me of when I worked at the royals games.
    I started going into a sports bar across the street where the umpires hung out. I noticed that there were a group of women that only hung out there when the umpires were in town. LOL what da ya know, umpires have groupies.
    So I will bet there is a bar some where on your island where the secret service hang out and I will bet there are women hanging around waiting for them.


  39. For Sale: One slightly used tee shirt,Old Navy,
    minimal armpit stains. Washes like new!

    $900 OBO

  40. Far be it from me to tell willard’s capo di tutti capi how to run his business. However, if he doesn’t offer the huckster $10M!LL!ON to get on the ticket, $$25M!LL!ON to come within %5, and $50M!LL!ON to win, he’s not doing his job.

    This kind of money is chump change for the Wall Street chiseler wing of the rip up lican Party, and could be recouped over and over again in the first few minutes of a willard administration. Why just the power to fire half the Border Patrol as babybush did ought to be worth 10 times that $$$50M!LL!ON.

  41. willard won’t nominate a ripper pol who already has an elective office.

    The huckster could help willard the most.

    I want him to pick larry craig.

    The mark of cain would be good, too.

    henry paulson, anyone ?

  42. Nothing says more about you than your clothing.

    When you want to express yourself in something that just shouts to the world “I work and I have dignity”
    try a good ‘republican cloth’ tee shirt.
    You will never have to worry again about keeping up with the Romneys. 😉

  43. xr, if we must share creative cause, i’ll take the bumper seat. that way you’ll have the fun of first lap dirt/mud/? in the face.
    borel (take charge indy) in position 3 might mean he’ll win another derby. he loves that rail.

    jamie, my win, place, show:
    creative cause, rosario
    take charge indy, borel
    hansen, dominguez

  44. alriiiiiiight…. OSH, I’ll gladly share my horse with you. I know that Sean will be there with us too.

  45. Well the Huckster would be a good choice…except for a couple of things…

    Romney has a pet problem and Huckster has a gun toting son who shot a dog.

  46. Good morning.

    Just like the rag doll of the economy…the networks are animating the non-living presidential race via their movie studio expertise…making the Presidential race breaking news…here on the bottom rung of the middle class…we are too busy trying to put food on the table and keep-up with the bills…most of which are for health attempt. Rag doll of a presidential race…talking heads moving the rag doll’s arms and legs…look at this! Pretend politics. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer…that message is clear.

  47. OK OSH – You, RR, and the Irish fellow aboard Daddy Long Legs and if he wins, Fred Astaire will dance with the horse.

  48. haha!

    Liberator Update- So I got a call from Tom last night – he spoke with the other WWII Vet who contacted us and they agree that they were at the same camp! Now the other gentleman was with B company and we believe following behind (Dad remembers having to open the gate) the same day. This is great news- now we have to hope that the clerk of B was more detailed in his Morning Reports than Headquarters. B company was mostly annihilated at Orscholz- he was a replacement.

  49. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer…that message is clear. BW

    Boy Howdy..that is the truth. It is already happening.
    the jobless recovery, tax unfairness

    In California – medi-cal/medicare recipients has their entire social security raise absorbed into their share of medical costs. Plus the state revenues are off and so they are planning to cut Medi-Cal.

    There is no dental care for the indigent in California
    children are losing their permanent teeth because of lack of care.

    Mittens said he doesn’t have to care about the very poor because of the safety net — too bad the goopers ripped big gianormous holes in the net.

  50. KGC…there is no leader or candidate for the lowly middle class. I am part of the damaged demographic…on the books humans of my age are supposed to be working and we are shut out from most employment because of our age. There is no relief here and I dread getting old because of lack of services and food. It is that basic, unfortunately. The college degree, the years of additional coursework, successful experience…worth nothing.

    My area is quickly becoming the Hispanic India. Call centers are on the rise. Obama honored the owner of the newest call center about a year and a half ago and our teabagging gov also used the centers last week to tout her job creation. Neither Barack or Susana had anything to do with the creation of these low end jobs. But, they do take the credit — credit for low end, going nowhere jobs.

  51. What’s with the Arizona Reich ?

    Governor don’t got a clue and her republican brown shirts never met a piece of pro gun legislation that they didn’t like.
    They are compassionate conservatives though, they are willing to protect those yet to be born, but not those already living. 😥

  52. BW,

    You can’t have cheap labor unless you have a large pool of poor people. I think that current policies are designed to ensure that the pool continues to grow.

    So far it seems to be working. 😐

  53. New Mexico celebrates its centennial this year…100 years of poor people. As the last of the lower 48 to become part of the United States, we continue to be poor and unwanted. Our border towns are so fraught with corruption — in Columbus and Sunland Park, the mayors are in jail…police chiefs caught running guns. No money here.

  54. Jace…Conception begins at erection in Arizona!


    I think they should register those guns. 😉

  55. Jace…I guess everyone packing is supsect…is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

  56. Actually, Jace, I see a tourism campaign for Arizona. Billboards at the borders of the state…We ARE happy to see you, though it might be a concealed, loaded weapon.

  57. You can carry a concealed weapon in Ohio but most public places have posted signs –saying don’t bring that gun in here

    In incredibly stupid California people walk around with unloaded assault weapons just because they can

  58. Nudie and Callista — oy just like Rudy and Judy
    please please please go away

  59. “Governor don’t got a clue and her republican brown shirts….”

    Garrison Kiellor calls them ‘pinstripe brownshirts’.

    “…they are willing to protect those yet to be born, but not those already living.”

    How do you get a clear shot at them if they don’t get born ?

  60. Pat,

    Thanks for letting me sit in the front seat. I see no reason why we shouldn’t keep the lead through the entire race.

    However, I shall wear my teflon jumpsuit and diving helmet just in case.

  61. A gun is the new fashion accessory for many. It does make you stand out from the poor.

    Last time I was in Phoenix, the highways were littered with billboards and signs for Payday and Title loans! Predatory practices targeting the poor are out of control. And the increase in poor people has increased the need for more guns.

  62. Republicans are against abortions because they want to kill them once they are born. Just like we saw happen in Arizona.

    The killer was BFF to Russel Pierce (R-AZ) the State Senator who was ousted over his Papers Please Law SB1070 and did I mention he was a Mormon?


    Here’s more on JT Ready:


    Arizona is run by Republican Nazi’s and if your skin is not Lily White I’d advise you not to even get close to the Arizona border.

    You may end up being shot and killed for your lack of Whiteness.

    Have a great day.

  63. Ironically, the only POTUS candidate of this century who was concerned about the poor is John Edwards and we know where he is today! A tragedy for sure.

  64. Blondie, By ‘this century’ I take it you mean literally the 21st century,right?

  65. And of course the NRA hoodie with special concealed carry pocket…Trayvon Martin’s family should sue the NRA for creating the environment that caused his death

  66. For you, Jamie!


    patd…Edwards had his loaded and concealed weapon, too.
    cj — yes, this century…the very first one of the new millennium and it has started out with a bang!

  67. Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t have a chance of running as an independent with his condoning of the NYPD’s Gestapo tactics.

    David Graeber: New Police Strategy in New York – Sexual Assault Against Peaceful Protestors
    By David Graeber, May 3, 2012

    A few weeks ago I was with a few companions from Occupy Wall Street in Union Square when an old friend — I’ll call her Eileen — passed through, her hand in a cast.

    “What happened to you?” I asked.

    “Oh, this?” she held it up. “I was in Liberty Park on the 17th [the Six Month Anniversary of the Occupation]. When the cops were pushing us out the park, one of them yanked at my breast.”

    “Again?” someone said.

    We had all been hearing stories like this. In fact, there had been continual reports of police officers groping women during the nightly evictions from Union Square itself over the previous two weeks.

    “Yeah so I screamed at the guy, I said, ‘you grabbed my boob! What are you, some kind of fucking pervert?’ So they took me behind the lines and broke my wrists.”

  68. Tonyb – Regarding Chen Guangcheng, the thing about China is that it is not a complete authoritarian government, as everyone seems to believe. Beijing has no control over local police. There have been repeated instances where Beijing has told people one thing but radical police do the exact opposite. I would compare it to Arpaio on steroids. As much as I hate Arpaio, we should consider ourselves very lucky he is not like the Chinese farming community police.

  69. Purple in Tampa – I can only imagine how many more stories like this are not being reported. The New York Police Department and the mayor are VERY VERY LUCKY that this is a largely peaceful protest. The things that have been done to these protesters and the country as a whole should normally spark a very violent one. By the numbers of Occupy protesters, that sort of protest would end badly for the establishment.

  70. jaslf, I just consider myself luck y that Arpaio isn’t sheriff anywhere near where I live. ❓ :mrgreen:

  71. ALL Lurkers, Leaners, and various unidentified hangers on: This is your chance to get in on the once a year fun with the Kentucky Horse. Just put your horse in a message and you too can ride in the annual race.

  72. I know it’s early. I know they’re just polls. I know they will change. But still, I ran down through the battleground state polls over at RCP and of the baker’s dozen or so states, Romney leads in the polling averages in 2 states. He and O are in a virtual tie in two others. The stars aren’t yet aligning for Romney. Pity.

  73. Jamie, I’ve been away from here for awhile, are you still doing Derby picks?

  74. http://craigcrawford.com/2012/04/30/open-thread-6/#comment-288309

    The terms of the deal, which will govern US military operations in the country from the start of 2015 through the end of 2024, have not been made public, and as with President Bush and the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) in Iraq, there was no effort to consult on the long-term pact with Congress.

    Excellent posts as always..Yep, what we have in President Obama is a GWB clone in these matters..Oh how i remember the days of 2008 when Mr.Peace man Senator Obama was running for President, oh how he snookered the peeps!! So much so he got the Nobel Peace prize!! Now sinking god knows how much more money into Afghanistan while attempting to have a “Grand Bargain” with Speaker Boener and cut SS and Medicare!! Shameful but like my Liberal Clients the lovely Ed and Bobbie just don’t say it to loud about President Obama because he’s a Democrat and his warring is better than Republican’s warring. What rubbish…

  75. CJoe… good to see you back here. Yup, Jamie is keeping track of Derby picks… she does it every year.
    Just look further up in the comments and you will see a post by her that lists all the horses, their jockeys and their post positions. Just leave a post here with your pick in it. She’ll see it.

  76. Win – Union Rags / Leparoux
    Place – Sabercat / Nakatani
    Show – Bodemeister / Smith

  77. So a post that Solar made the other day, in which he related about how he is telling all the senior citizens he knows about Obama approving a bank-imposed fee on Social Security direct deposits, made me curious, so I moseyed over to my handy-dandy “research machine” (as I like to call it) to see what it had to say. In a moment, those results.

  78. Tony… my position on the Afghanistan War is we should get out now… if not yesterday. But I recall during the primaries of 2008 Obama pretty much saying “me too” to whatever Hillary was saying. And Hillary was/ is a hawk. She said pretty much what Obama said the other day…. she intended to fight Al Qaeda and do whatever it took. And that it was a very delicate situation and it would take years to get out of Afghanistan.

    Yup… Obama’s warring is the same as Bush’s warring… but so wouldn’t Hillary’s warring have been the same as well, IMO.

  79. exChamp…

    The only fee I know about is the fee the Banks get for those who do not have a Bank Account and receive their checks in the form of Credit Cards.

    The Banks who issue those cards get a ATM fee charge if used more than a certain amount of times. As to any other fee I’m really not sure.

    If a Bank has to open an account to put the money in for the person receiving benefits there was always a monthly fee charged by a Bank to cover the cost of maintaining the account.

    Even though I’m now with a Credit Union even they have a monthly maintenance fee if my account is under a certain dollar amount.

    So Solar may be correct in what he says. I will watch for your research links and read them when you post them.

    Good to see you back and hope you stick around.

    Have a great evening.

  80. exChamp…

    Forgot to add that I believe that the Government (not sure if local or federal) are paid a fee by the Government (once again not sure if local or federal) for issuing Credit Cards for those who do not have a Bank Account for the money to be deposited in.

    And as I stated above a Bank fee usually is for covering the use of a ATM to withdraw cash from their benefit funds or purchases made with the card they receive their benefits on.

    Have a great evening.

  81. Just because China’s Red Emperor doesn’t have control of the turnip police down in rubesville, doesn’t mean that he isn’t a totalitarian tyrant.

    It only means that he’s an occasionally ineffective totalitarian tyrant.

  82. RR- “Yup… Obama’s warring is the same as Bush’s warring… but so wouldn’t Hillary’s warring have been the same as well, IMO.”

    Yup, and in the immortal words of John Prine “… and Jesus don’t like killing, no matter what the reason for…and your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore…”

    IOW – get out, get out ASAP, and cut this shit out.

  83. Yup… Obama’s warring is the same as Bush’s warring… but so wouldn’t Hillary’s warring have been the same as well, IMO.

    I absolutely agree regarding Hillary!! One of my fears about Hill is that she is too hawkish! I supported her in 2008 because of her experience as compared to the lack of experience of then candidate Obama..I believe your correct, if she had been President she would we doing the same as President Obama in Afghanistan and i’m also sure i would be equally as critical..
    How ironic though, this President got the Noble peace prize, what a fickin joke.. Especially since Obama as far as Afghanistan campaigned saying it was the correct war to fight!

  84. IOW — get out, get out ASAP, and cut this shit out.


    I am in agreement with you and Renee..

  85. Obama’s Composite Girlfriend Creates Rip van Winkle Awakening

    by Taylor Marsh

    Now the right’s going nuclear because it will help their fight to get Mitt Romney in the White House. Utilizing Obama’s fall from perfection, the media’s Rip van Winkle awakening to stir up a story in a dizzyingly boring election year, as well as the people’s nervousness about everything, Republicans have seized on the Marinass narrative.

    Team Obama’s in for a bruising battle, because now everyone knows he’s not “The One.” No one is.

  86. Pogo. I’ll Have Another is Taken. You are riding with me though I’m thinking of a side bet on Daddy Nose Best or Daddy Long Legs. In my case, this is probably the perfect trifecta hunch bet.

  87. That is a great student video of an anti-education AZ politician.

    He voted to cut $$50 M!LL!ON Plus from tech education, but says the program will survive on $50 thou.

    Assassins are obviously shooting the wrong Arizonans.

  88. Anderson Cooper jumps the shark. Tonight he worked himself into a real lather over a moveon.org ad saying the goops are pitting students against women. You would think moveon had said something really off the charts… I eagerly wait the same faux outrage over a Republican ad. After the lathering an interview with Ari Fleshier (who looks and sounds like someone who is seriously over medicated)who said republicans love women and moveon was full of crap.

    I guess CNN has invested a lot of money in their gimcraks for the convention and campaign and can’t stand the idea that the republicans are big fat losers so it’s their role to make it a competitive race.
    Anderson Cooper’s craptastic performance isn’t going to change the mind of one single woman — they will still hate the Republicans and will not vote for them.

  89. Ari Fleshier, the ultimate Bush toad.
    What a joke.
    Any Network that touts him as an analyst is really not interested in news or informed and intelligent opinion.

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