Remembering a Friend [VIDEO]

Trailmixers gathered last Sunday at Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts, to remember and celebrate a fine journalist and true friend, Sean Holton.

Images by
Bagpiper: Dick Chane, Gloucester MA
Edited by Craig Crawford
Painting by Fitz Henry Lane (“Gloucester Harbor, Stage Fort Beach“)
Thanks to Sean’s brother, Brian, for bringing the bicycle!
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By Sean Holton

The Last Mile

Cranes for the Brain

One Avenue, Two Faces

A White House Mystery

Dick Cheney vs. Bob Dylan

Family Frodo

Revenge of the Mask

62 thoughts on “Remembering a Friend [VIDEO]”

  1. OSH… I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always loved memorials done by friends and family so much more than those done by “professionals”.

    Dale… great job on the video… thanks!

  2. Well, I am just a puddle now. Between the piper and the hugs, my eyes didn’t stand a chance at staying dry. Found myself petting the image of the harbor to say goodbye.
    So good to hear everyones’ voices, too.

    Love the painting at the beginning. Who is the artist?

    Thank you for sharing a private moment.

  3. Perfect send off for a good man. Well done Dale and a big thanks to all for representing the many who couldn’t be there.

  4. OK, Jamie, with you already having I’ll Take Another, I went back and found the grid and picks from yesterday. ‘cuz it sounds like some kind of Scandinavian beer if you put one of those funny Os in it, I’ll throw down on Bodemeister. (My trifecta would be Bodemeister, Union Rags and Gemologist)

  5. Even though I’m sitting on Daddy Long Legs… I still have some affection for my first pick, Gemologist.

    My trifecta is Daddy Long Legs, Gemologist, Union Rags.

  6. Very nice tribute! Thank you for sharing the video with all of us who could not be there.

  7. Craig, I’m so sorry you lost your good friend. Thank you so much for sharing him with us.

  8. what fine lasting rites, that old painting of the harbor in times past gives emphasis of continuance for us all and especially for craig’s and by his graciousness our friend lard.

  9. The still pictures just did not do justice to the beauty of it all. Thanks so much for the video. 😉

  10. newtie in calling obama

    the most radical, leftist president in American history

    begs several questions, one of which is:
    has he ever read this blog?

  11. corey, good catch for our julia. whatya wanna bet tho’ that their choice was inspired by the new show of julia louis-dreyfus as veep and another volley lobbed in the war on women?

  12. Has Your Member of Congress Told President Obama to Issue an Executive Order on ENDA?
    By: Jane Hamsher

    In 2012, President Obama is “banking on gay donors to make up the cash it’s losing from other groups of wealthy supporters who have been alienated and disappointed by elements of Obama’s first term.” But despite the fact that in 2008 candidate Obama committed to supporting a “written non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity,” he is now refusing to sign such an Executive Order — even though the Justice Department and the Department of Labor have given their approval

  13. Craig, a touching tribute to your good friend,
    sorry for your loss…everything that I have learned about you over the last few years here, makes me know that you are a great friend as well…

    Thank you for sharing this with us…

  14. Here’s the latest morning odds for the Derby now that advanced betting is open. Now is your opportunity to move or change. I’ve gotten off of “I’ll Have Another” and moved to “Daddy Nose Best” because my daughter want to have another.

    PP Horse Jockey Odds Trailmixer

    01 Daddy Long Legs O’Donoghue 30/1 RR, OSH
    02 Optimizer Court 50/1 Craig
    03 Take Charge Indy Borel 15/1 Carol,Tony,Solar
    04 Union Rags Leparoux 9/2 Jaslf
    05 Dullahan Desormeaux 8/1
    06 Bodemeister Smith 4/1
    07 Rousing Sermon Lezcano 50/1
    08 Creative Cause Rosario 12/1 Patd,XR
    09 Trinniberg Martinez 50/1
    10 Daddy Nose Best Gomez 15-1 Jamie
    11 Alpha Garcia 15-1 Flatus
    12 Prospective Contreras 30/1
    13 Went The Day Well Velazquez 20/1
    14 Hansen Dominguez 10/1 Tylenol
    15 Gemologist Castellano 6/1 MO, Jace
    16 El Padrino Bejarano 20/1 Whiskey Jack
    17 Done Talking Russell 50/1 KGC
    18 Sabercat Nakatani 50/1 AP
    19 I’ll Have Another Gutierrez 12/1 Pogo
    20 Liaison Garcia 50/1

  15. Unemployment is down to 8.1%, because in April 522,000 took themselves out of the job market, so they now become part of the ever growing number of underemployed. At this rate the unemployment figure should be well below 8% come November 2012, but the underemployed figure may well be above 16%. What will the figures look like this summer with the new flock graduates, HS/college, entering into the job market?

  16. I’m liking my horse more every day even with his lousy post position, as I see his odds keep dropping.

    Of the 3 races that make of the Triple Crown, the Derby is the shortest, so you have to go with speed. Union Rags has the speed and a great post position, now it is all in the hands of the jockey. I’m boxing my horese with Union Rags, and Alpha Garcia.

  17. Jamie,
    Thanks for the piece about Romney and the neo-cons..

    Of Romney’s forty identified foreign policy advisers, more than 70 percent worked for Bush. Many hail from the neoconservative wing of the party, were enthusiastic backers of the Iraq War and are proponents of a US or Israeli attack on Iran. Christopher Preble, a foreign policy expert at the Cato Institute, says, “Romney’s likely to be in the mold of George W. Bush when it comes to foreign policy if he were elected.” On some key issues, like Iran, Romney and his team are to the right of Bush. Romney’s embrace of the neoconservative cause—even if done cynically to woo the right—could turn into a policy nightmare if he becomes president.

  18. Thanks for sharing, Craig. I loved the wind and the pipes and the place, the friends who followed Sean on the last mile. Miss him.

  19. patebooks

    Welcome. Are you new or an old friend under a new name? Either way, pull up a chair and have a sit and talk.

  20. Listening to the Romney speech. So far he hasn’t managed to string two truthful sentences together. In fact so far not even one.

  21. Craig…

    That was a beautiful tribute for Sean. Not too many people have a friend like you and wish they did.

    Hope the rest of your vacation is more joyful for you now that you know Sean is truly at peace.

    Have a great day.

  22. “Good news for Fox News, Al-Qaida didn’t care very much for their coverage, liked MSNBC’s coverage untill they fired Keith Olbermann. ” – Movingon@9:09

    The bad news for Fakes News is that alqaeda’s chief donors also own the controlling interest in Fakes News. So, one possible interpretation is that alqaeda didn’t think murdoch was doing a good enough job of promoting Wahhabism. The saudi royals don’t seem to have a big investment in any of the other networks.

  23. I remember Patebooks.

    It’s good to see you again. Stick around and share your brain.

  24. Thank you, Craig and Dale and everyone who was able to be there to send Lard down to the sea…a beautiful, moving farewell.

  25. Jobs Numbers Reveal 24.9% Unemployment Among Teens
    by Taylor Marsh

    The psychological impact of unemployment dipping below 8% or the mere fact it’s going in the right direction is very good news for Obama’s reelection chances, while giving Romney a real problem spinning can’t counter. When this subject hits the fall presidential debates it will make it even harder for voters to take a chance on Republicans.

  26. Romney wanted gay spokesman to stay on the job

    I don’t believe Romney! It was Romney’s chance to stand up for tolerance and he failed! Its Romney’s campaign and i believe if he wanted Grenell to stay he would have stayed..Romney is gutless when it comes to the right wing nuts..Ha, he needs to take lessons from President Obama on how its done..The President has guts when it comes to throwing the Left under the bus, come on Mitt, take a lesson from the President will ya! :roll:

  27. some whistling in the wind in this article?

    ….the perception that Mormons are largely a monolithic voting bloc has become especially ingrained in 2012.

    In February’s Nevada GOP primary, for instance, 91 percent of Mormons (who made up about one-quarter of the total vote) cast their ballot for Romney. That number was actually down a bit from the 2008 Nevada primary, when exit polls showed that Romney won 95 percent of the LDS vote in the state.

    A common concern among Mormons who support Obama’s re-election is that they are isolated within the church community., a website launched in January by four practicing Mormons who live in Seattle and the nation’s capital, serves as a forum for pro-Obama campaign news and commentary for the LDS community, but it also is a reminder to pro-Obama Mormons that they are not alone.

    The site has a corresponding Facebook page and has generated about 9,000 page views thus far. Its founders have sold about 200 bumper stickers that say, “I’m voting for Obama and I’m a Mormon,” and have recently begun selling “Mormons for Obama” T-shirts on Etsy.

  28. “Mormons for Obama” T-shirts

    oh, so that’s what all those “mf obama” signs and bumper stickers mean!

  29. patebooks…
    I remember…. you posted over on Sean’s blog.
    Welcome to this one.

  30. I’m just a puddle. Thank you for sharing the day. Sean’s blog got me through everything with Randy. Every time I started to feel a little sorry for myself, I’d read something Sean wrote and get the distinct feeling of his foot on my butt. On Facebook, where he could use his humour in short, fall-down-laughing spurts, we became very close friends. I miss him more than I could ever imagine. My love to Craig and DaveB, and to all who could attend, specially those who represented all of us.

  31. httpv://

    Oh Christ…man, I just watched the Sean Holton tribute.
    Just a great job Dale, Craig, David,Brian…and Ed and OSH and RebelRen and Rick.
    As you guys know, I am a big fan of Mark Twain’s life and writings, and Sean Holton was the Samuel Langhorne Clemens of the blogosphere.
    I have passed around his story about where the White House is buried to about one hundred people. It’s just another great L.A.L. story.
    I am glad Kaley & Chopper are with Brian.

  32. Thanks, Craig, for the moving memorial to Sean. We should all be so lucky that when our time comes to say goodbye we have such good friends to not only remember us but to be there in person or in spirit. This was a moving TM today. Again, thanks.

  33. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said “progress had been made” on a deal over the future of Chen Guangcheng, telling reporters in Beijing she was encouraged by China’s suggestions that the blind activist might be allowed to study abroad.

    After she spoke, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told Reuters that Chen had been offered a fellowship from an American university, where he could be accompanied by his wife and two children.

    “The Chinese Government has indicated that it will accept Mr. Chen’s applications for appropriate travel documents. The United States government expects that the Chinese government will expeditiously process his applications for these documents, and make accommodations for his current medical condition,” she added.

    “The United States government would then give visa requests for him and his immediate family priority attention,” Nuland said

  34. So glad so many here touched by our video. It was a labor of love putting it together. And now, as I can imagine Sean himself saying, it is finally time to pull this grief train into the station and move on.

  35. Hey Coreen & EdVB…
    so sorry to hear about the Yankees Mariano Rivera. He belongs in the Hall of Fame the year he’s first eligible… and he’s one class act. I wish him well.
    And even if he can never play again… I hope he makes his way out to the mound one last time to get the standing ovation he so deserves.

  36. All private sector jobs lost since January 2009 have been replaced. That’s right, all those jobs lost have been replaced since President Obama was sworn into office.

    The unemployment rate now reflects the jobs lost in the public sector, most of which occurred under Republican Governors in states controlled by Republican Legislatures.

    These are the teachers, police and fire departments losses because of all the cuts made to Public Education and Public Service Jobs that protect the citizens of those States.

    So please stop blaming the President for the unemployment numbers we have.

    Have a great evening.

  37. Well, time to move along – got a Friday evening to kill without the kid and need to drag Mrs. P out for a glass of wine and a little dinner. Everyone have a good weekend (and update that odds chart, Jamie)

  38. I left off construction jobs since the housing market will take a long time to recover so there would be no new housing construction for some time.

    Of course there will be those homes for millionaires and billionaires to be built, however for the rest of us affordable housing being built will lag for some time.

    Now if the Party of No would spend the money that’s needed to repair and build our infrastructure, roads, highways, interstates, rail and bridges the construction would make a good comeback.

    Unless we remove all the obstructionist Republicans in November we can even forget about those jobs for a long time to come.

    Have a great evening.

  39. So please stop blaming the President for the unemployment numbers we have.

    I blame the President for lots! Unemployment nope! In my opinion does he deserve re-election, hell no! The old Reagan question “am i better off than i was 4 years ago”,well the answer is NO!!! Is President Obama the lesser of two evils, imo, yes..Disclaimer, I’m not a Democrat!

  40. Jamie..I’m sticking with Take Charge Indy because of his homey but after studying the horses.. I really like Creative Cause.

  41. I told y’all several years back that I did some moonlighting as a race track nurse on the weekends. That was when I was teaching at the University here. Had to moonlight to make ends meet with a faculty salary back then.

    My job was to take care of the jockeys and the drunks attending the races. I did have a lot of time to study the racing form. I tried to use a scientific process to pick a horse but it never panned out. I did better studying the jockeys. We weren’t supposed to bet but I did several times anyway. One night..this really sick jockey was riding a horse. The horse didn’t have good odds but the weather was very cold and nasty. The jockey was really sick but insisted on riding anyway. I put 5 bucks across the board on his horse. I sent the money with a security guard. The horse came flying in..5 links in front of the rest. The security guard brought me back my three tickets..on the wrong horse. I think he actually just kept my money. There was nothing I could do about it. My advice..don’t trust a security guard to make a bet.

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