Marry Me

As a gay man who has lived with my soul mate for 25 years I am stunned to hear our President endorse same-sex marriage. I am ready to ask David Blank to marry me. I hope he will accept. If not, we share a jumbo mortgage, and that’s a legal bond way beyond a marriage certificate.


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  1. Craig,
    Terrific post today, lovely really!

    Terrific post as well..Yes, this is what a true leader does and the President earned some stripes yesterday!

    I guess he earned some of them today. Good on him!

    Far better I think to stand for something and risk losing everything, than to stand for nothing and win everything. For the latter we have Mitt.

  2. Craig, most people would kill to have had a soulmate for 25 years. I know, I would. :)

  3. We have cheered from the sidelines for a long while and it is legal in DC. David, just say the right answer and you can look for a good wedding photographer.

  4. I went to check David’s website but it isn’t the obvious. Someone check it, please.

  5. A marriage proposal on a blog… Craig, I think that might be a first. Good on you!

    I LOVE that picture of the 2 of you.

  6. Follow your heart. And may you share love, happiness and longevity.
    This I wish for everyone.
    Because people are people.
    And we are all equal.

  7. Well, here’s hoping that the two of you continue to be very happy irrespective of your decision to marry or not. And I tend to agree that the jumbo mortgage ❓ 😯 may carry more weight than the marriage license. 😆

    OK, so Obama finally said what the press and ‘can’ts have been clamoring for him to say. Was it a result of political courage, political calculation or just being forced into it by Biden’s remarks and the press’ over blowing them? Who cares, really? Anyone who couldn’t read between the lines of the dozen or so moves his admin made to expand rights for gays and same sex couples and his pronouncements that same sex couples should be entitled to the same rights as mixed sex couples. Or as I say (tongue in cheek, honey)if same sex couples want the same annoyances and complications that marriage brings to beautiful relationships, why should we “traditional” couples deprive them of that?

  8. Renee….the video screen during halftime has been overdone! Blogs are where it’s at these days! :)

  9. You guys make a fine looking couple. I’m on pins and needles..waiting for the answer.

  10. XR, re: your post from yesterday at 5:07 about the influence of coal industry on the WV vote – I couldn’t argue that with you. The influence of a group called “Friends of Coal” is tremendous in WV – people have stickers on their cars, Don Nehlon is a paid spokesperson, yada yada. And the state is overrun with Texas and Oklahoma oil and gas service companies providing the manpower to do the drilling and extraction of oil and natural gas from the Marcellus Shale deposits. Fact is, the misinformation campaign may be as or even more important than the racial angle was in the vote – I can say with almost 100% certainty, both of those factors contributed. Judd had run in 2008 and got on the Idaho ballot, finishing 3d behind Obama and Clinton.

  11. I suppose marriage is like where the partners gave up smoking years ago. Periodically, at the breakfast table, they chat about how wonderful their decision was to forgo the noxious weed.

    A relationship, no matter the duration, involves the recommitment, each morning, to stay in the relationship.

    After 25-years in one type of relationship, I would surely recommend professional counseling prior to changing from one form of relationship to the other.

    At least that’s what I would recommend if someone asked someone who is working on 52-years together.

  12. (Insert BIG SIGH) I love weddings. Weddings and wine and champagne.

    However, nothing says commitment like a mortgage.

  13. Francis said it best….


  14. This prompted my very first comment! I’m delighted! Craig, this was very risky unless you knew what the answer would be. I hope it’s YES, David. You’re already family, but this would make it even better.

  15. BW,
    There was no way in hell that we had enough money to afford a mortgage. But, we did go down to the Singer sewing machine store in downtown Cleveland and a wonderfully kind lady found a used machine (not a Singer) with a table cabinet. She grabbed a handful of bobbins, etc., and Stinky had her wonderful sewing machine for $25 delivered. It’s still in use in our bedroom!

    When we manage to get the needle threaded, we both cheer!

  16. Flatus…“It’s still in use in our bedroom!”

    Hmmm…sounds sort of kinky, but you were modern newlyweds!!

  17. Flatus…“It’s still in use in our bedroom!”

    Hmmm…sounds sort of kinky, but you were modern newlyweds!!

    You reap what you sow 😆

  18. Craig & David…
    Rick says he’s rooting for you.

    Carolyn… welcome to the blog. Hope you continue to comment.

  19. Kinky-Stinky, the eye of the needle and threading…I get it!

    Sewn together for life!

  20. Craig, YES! I would be honored to make you Mr. Craig Blank. Love you! Thank you everyone for your kind comments!

  21. Wow. Wow. Wow. David and Craig, you are such a wonderful couple. I wish you both much happiness forever. Craig — I hope you make a more romantic proposal to David than a discussion about the mortgage. In private, with tender words — and perhaps a promise to avoid starting kitchen fires with fried baloney. Love to you both!

  22. This was written about Western Kentucky, but guess it could be about West Virginia as well


  23. carolyn, welcome aboard.

    the jumbo mortgage may carry more weight than the marriage license….
    ….if same sex couples want the same annoyances and complications that marriage brings to beautiful relationships, why should we “traditional” couples deprive them of that?

    pogo, well said counselor

  24. I’m glad the president spoke out and I think he like so many others have so many gay friends — how can you look people in the eye say you’re friends and then turn around and treat them like second class citizens– that it becomes untenable to remain a bigot even for political purposes

  25. You know, we’ve all had so much sorrow and grieving lately on this board — it really is nice to be talking about a wedding. My heart is singing. Joy abounds. Thank you, David and Craig!

  26. Wow…wonderful morning news…

    Craig & David, I wish you both much happiness…

  27. mr. craig blank? not mr. david blank crawford? are we witnessing here the 1st volley in their 1st marital spat?
    whatever, a rose by any other name still smells as willie the shake would say.


    but since Craig asked first… maybe it should be David Crawford… :smile:

  29. and another woo hoo! Congrats and best wishes to you both. May your new life as a married couple start everyday with a woo hoo!

  30. just ignore the children part…


  31. I say take David’s last name as your first, Craig.

    Blank Crawford! Nice sounding name..heroic.

  32. Now that you have buddies at Current, you should go on Stephanie Miller. There must be a reason to fly to California. :-)

  33. Gee… I think Blank Crawford sounds like a soap opera name.

    but hey… we could rename the blog As The Trail Mix Turns… or All My Trail Mixers.

  34. This is wonderful news! I wish I could jump up and down with both of you! From a 25-year veteran of ‘martial’ bliss: If you’ve lasted 25 years, it’s not a gamble– it’s the next phase. I am really SO delighted!

  35. oh, one more thing. My daughter’s best friend is working this summer as Neil Patrick Harris` personal assistant as he`s here filming a movie. Phil is a young man who`s been adjusting to coming out to a very conservative – `Christian` family and it was so life-affirming for him to BE with NPH and watch Obama`s announcement together. Very life-affirming for a young man who needs all the champions he can get.

  36. Craig, David,

    U get the 2012 “atta boy” award….great news….never mind all the (after 25yrs)mooshie stuff…. when do we get the cake, and the dancing started?…for Patsi….”Yeee Hawww”

  37. Congratulations, Craig and David! I am very happy for you! And I am delighted that our president finally came out in support of marriage equality. Now it’s on to repealing DOMA.

  38. Tylenol

    NPH has one of the more entertaining tweet streams on Twitter. @actuallynph. He and his partner @davidburtka have lots of great baby and food pictures. And now you have the collision among my obsessions of Broadway, politics, and food :-)

  39. Cheryl and I are off to CA to celebrate youngest daughters recent engagement.

    There will be ample champagne.

    Craig and David, with your permission I will open a bottle in honor of this event. Congrats to both of you!!

    BTW this is the most amazing thread I have ever seen.
    God I love this place. :smile: :smile:

  40. Thanks David — (he really didn’t know I was doing this, so yes it was a bit of a risk)

    Hmmm, how about David Craig? Craig is my mother’s maiden name, and she had an uncle with that name.

    OH whatever, just don’t call me late for dinner.

  41. Hooray! I love you Craig Crawford and David M. Blank !!!

    ps. May I be first to offer assistance in selecting proofs for your wedding album?

    Cheryl Blank Yakavonis

  42. Jamie, “Paradise” is a song that is widely accepted as representative of WV since Peabody owned about half the state back in the day and the descriptions in the song apply as well to the southern WV coal fields as to Muhlenberg County, KY. I had a case about 15 years ago representing a couple who owned a coal barge loading facility on the Mon river. They were sued by Peabody who claimed they owed Peabody hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees for the coal they loaded for them – it all hinged on the amount of coal that was loaded there – the two sides claimed different amounts. The judge who heard the case dismissed it – he told the lawyer for Peabody, a very green young attorney, that she was sadly mistaken if she thought that he would grant a judgment against these two people that would ruin them financially so that the biggest coal company in the world could get a few extra bucks of profit. He was whistling “Paradise” when he left the bench.

  43. btw, Craig, David, don’t change your last names, don’t hyphenate them or do anything silly like that – kids are the only reason I can think of to make such a change, and if you have a brain in your collective heads, you will after 25 years remain blissfully child free. There are some things, prison comes to mind, that like parenthood, need not be experienced by everyone.

  44. Jace, indeed I did mean you when I misaddressed my comment to our friend from West Virginia. Pogo, thank you for graciously pointing out my lapse.

  45. Wait, that would make me “Craig Craig,” unless I reverted to my real first name, James. Wow, married life really is complicated.

    Don’t know the where or how, but do know when: Mark September 17th, our 25th, to at least visit the blog, will do something cyber as well. (Yes, we met on the 200th anniversary of the Constitution, makes it easy to remember).

  46. Craig, David, don’t change your last names, don’t hyphenate them or do anything silly like that — kids are the only reason I can think of to make such a change

    pogo, wholeheartedly second the motion.
    and speaking of kids & marriage, i amend my previous druthers statement about a state civil union to require a 2nd and more stringent procedure (like obtaining drivers, plumbers, dr, lawyer licenses and other permits which affect 3rd parties welfare) for those who plan on having kids.

  47. Oh, I agree on the name thing. It’s so much easier to say, and this is my husband, Craig Crawford.

  48. jamie and pogo, a paradise song more relevant to today’s blog


  49. Nothing like a big announcement to bring out all the free advice.

    Craig and David, after twenty five years, I think that you should feel free to ignore all of it. 😉 With the possible exception of the name thingy and the kid thingy. That is really sound advice.

    Have a great day.

  50. Flatus,
    Thanks for the well wishes.

    Not only is Janna our daughter engaged, but she will be receiving her teaching credential, and celebrating her birthday as well. It’s party time.

    All she wants for her birthday is a job. 😉

    She has followed in her mothers footsteps and is going to teach music. Tough line of work, but we couldn’t be happier for her. 😉 😉

  51. OMG, shaking and crying right now! Congratulations to you both…and the rest of the story goes “…and they lived happily ever after!” We’re all invited to the wedding to get ‘faced and weep with joy, I trust? 😀

  52. dinah washington – i wish i knew the name of the boy so i could change his name to mine


  53. Jace, wonderful on the teaching and the choice of music. Our Minnesota nephew’s wife is a music therapist in a hospital setting. She thrives on it. He’s a Baptist preacher who has made his career serving the LGBT community. ‘Normal’ Baptist clergy hate him for his unGodly behavior. 😆

  54. Re: Name change and other symbols of marriage. In Quebec, in 1984, it became law that a woman retained her maiden name even after marriage or civil union. If you *wanted* to change your name you could go through the court system and change it (just like you might if your original name were Lipschitz). SO, what happens is I use a hyphenated name socially, but legally and professionally, I retain my maiden name. Also– when we got married, we debated the double-ring thing. Randy is NOT a ring guy.. can’t stand it. I was a little upset, ’til I realized that my dad never wore a wedding ring and *he* was the most married man I knew. And so’s my husband. So it’s NOT the ring, it’s the man (woman). And how cool is it that Craig chose to share this AMAZING moment with all of us? Thank you, both of you.

  55. Wow, today is one of those days I would like to hit the thumbs up on each and every post. Craig, your online proposal reminds me of all those half-time, fly-in, billboard efforts to get the one you love to marry you. For about twenty-five posts here I was concerned that David wasn’t going to respond to your very public proposal. Thankfully, all’s well that ends well! Now, back to the mortgage payment….

  56. tylenol…
    Rick and I will be celebrating 37 happy yrs together Oct 4th. I haven’t worn my wedding ring in years. As a hand weaver, anything I wear on my hands gets caught in my warping. Instead of taking it off every time I work and then putting it back on, I’ve chosen to leave it in my jewelry box. I agree… a ring does not make a marriage. A commitment by 2 people to each other does.

  57. (((((((((((Craig & David)))))))))))

    I’m so happy for the 2 of you… I just had to cyber hug you.

  58. Tylenol

    One of the things that makes genealogy in Scotland is that records are listed and indexed under the woman’s married and spinster names. Not only that but they are all kept both at the parish/shire and national level. That makes it possible for me to find women all the way back to the late 1600s. OTOH, to get my parents marital records, I had to look through all the Whites in Fresno county in a four year period because they weren’t indexed by bride’s name, and you can’t find anything on a State level before 1960 and absolutely nothing nationally unless you pay for the access through Ancestry (a reason to thank Mormons even if they are getting rich off the service).

  59. Jamie – we’ve all gotten used to it now, but it was a bit of an adjustment. For instance, when I was in hospital having my kids, I was listed under my maiden name (not a problem for ppl who knew me but..) but it can get complicated with baby names and mothers, etc. Also, elderly women who’d been “Mrs.. So-and-so” all their lives. Difficult to find those ppl when they’re in an old folks home or hospital. No one remembers their maiden names. BUT over the years we’ve all gotten used to it now. Same with the metric system I spose. No one stops to convert anymore. We just know the metric measures.

  60. Congratulations, Craig. As the kids say, “YOLO”!

    Hope you didn’t have your heart set on a North Carolina ceremony.

  61. Craig and David…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I’ve had tears in my eyes through this entire thread. What a sweet, sweet day! ❗

  62. Tylenol

    Maybe they should simply use the Scottish method. Works really well

    My grandmother was listed as Janet Jamieson White m/s Durwrd

    Then she was indexed under both her married name of White and her maiden name of Durward.

    It was even more fun for her mother’s death record. She was widowed and remarried and as a result was listed and indexed as: Jane Gilbert Torrance formerly Durward m/s Turner

  63. Craig,
    I am very happy for you. I am a heterosexual male and have been married to the love of my life for almost 40 years. I have never understood why you cannot experience that same happiness that my wife and I are having. Wishing the very best to you and David.

  64. jace, flatus’ nephew’s wife the music therapist in a hospital setting is on the cutting edge of what may become a very promising career for those with music credentials like your janna. especially since boomers are getting old and big percentage will get old timer’s disease plus many other ailments which music therapy seems to help.

    A 2009 study backs up the phenomenon, showing that both anxiety and depression are lessened in Alzheimer’s patients when they receive music therapy.

    The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that music therapy can also help to decrease the wandering and restlessness experienced by Alzheimer’s patients, and can also improve sleep and mood.

    Music therapy has also been shown to be effective for patients with other diseases and conditions, including people with cancer. Research has shown that it helps to lower anxiety and even improve blood pressure, reported.

    Other research has found that humor therapy could also be good for people with dementia by reducing agitated behavior.

  65. Craig and David…

    May I offer my most heartfelt congratulations on your proposal and David’s acceptance.

    I agree about both of you keeping your birth names as the changes you will require will drive you both nuts and after 25 years you really don’t need that kind of headache.

    Things like insurance, drivers license, passports and all the other crap one needs now for identification.

    I feel honored to have known you from this site as well as meeting you and David, which I would have hoped under better circumstances.

    After 25 years you and David are truly blessed and I pray that you both have more than the next 25 years of happiness and bliss.

    Congratulations and God Bless you both.

  66. Craig, why in the world would you expect hate mail when troops in the ranks accepted their liberated barracks-mates?

  67. Wow,

    Thanks for your return comment, Craig. I am new here but I already like the blog. NO HATE MAIL – Wonderful! Yes, there is a lot of hope. It was almost 40 years ago when I found out that one of my best friends (he was an usher at my wedding actually) was gay and that started me down the road of thinking “why should I, all of a sudden, change the way I felt about my friend? I couldn’t! He and his significant other remain our friends to this day. All it took was compassion and simple logic, my friend. I attempted to “thumbs up” everything but ran out of energy. Looking forward to further posts as it does seem like there are some really lovely, well-meaning, and wonderfully tolerant people here. Thanks to everyone for rooting for justice and, most of all, LOVE!

  68. Welcome louisva…

    Stick around there are really good people here and I’m sure you will come to agree with me.

    I am the local nut and do not comment as much as everyone else does and if I should say something to upset you then please forgive me as I hope not to offend anyone.

    Have a great day.

  69. Louisva

    There is always room for one more on the trail and the folks here really are a very special group. Hope you will make regular visits.

  70. Oh, I forgot to also say hello to all the rest of the new folks who commented here today and previously on other threads.


    Have a great day.

  71. well I sure hope Mr. Obama gets word of this exciting development…..

    As for Mr. Romney, he is rather busy today trying to recollect his school boy days!

  72. flatus, angels or seraphim, take your pick



  73. Slightly off topic.

    If anyone recalls Michele Bachmann (R-MN)became a dual citizen of Switzerland a few days ago. Since then she has finally responded when questions were brought up about it and her love of America.

    The questions were ask since she made comments some time ago about investigating members of Congress about their love and loyalty to America.

    Now she has answered with a statement regarding her being approved for Dual American\Swiss Citizenship.

    Have a great day.

  74. One Big Grin on my face! :smile: When you told Imus he could “go ahead and marry us”, meaning you and David of course, I was thinking maybe you had come over to the side of marriage, and just a few days later..this!
    My heartfelt congratulations to you and David, and I imagine the Blanks and Crawfords are elated as well.
    I have been married twice , the first forty years ago, and I highly recommend it. This is a feel good day. 😀

  75. Congratulations to the both of you Craig. Very happy for you.

    From an old Stover Theater friend.

  76. Jace, I think this one should do quite nicely. It was on the flip of yours.

  77. Congrats Craig and David! This makes me so happy! No hate mail, i’m so glad about that as well..When i was young and gay i never thought i would see this level of acceptance and love towards people like me..Oh man, i remember so much cruelty at times..Life truly is joyous..Guys thanks so much for sharing your joy with me and all of us..

  78. Jace,
    Have a safe and wonderful good time..

    Carolyn, Louisva and Wrighteeo,
    Welcome, so very good to meet you all…Stick around please and share with us..

    Welcome back, so good to see you..Loved your comment, you are special..

    Heather, glad to see you back too..

  79. Man, what a day here on the Trail..So many good comments from all the Trail Mix wonders!
    Was so good seeing Chloe yesterday as well..I have missed her for a long time..What a week, oh Champ is back too 😉 . Nanny, hope you can stick around this election season as your commentary is good…Happy happy times..

  80. A hearty welcome to all you newcomers!

    louisva… yes… please stick around. This is a unique blog… because of Craig. Some of us have been on this blog since it’s creation in 2005, some since the last big election in 2008, and some are newer. No matter how long one has been here… everyone is considered part of the Trail Mix family. We’d love to get to know you.

  81. Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents
    By Jason Horowitz,

    BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. — Mitt Romney returned from a three-week spring break in 1965 to resume his studies as a high school senior at the prestigious Cranbrook School. Back on the handsome campus, studded with Tudor brick buildings and manicured fields, he spotted something he thought did not belong at a school where the boys wore ties and carried briefcases. John Lauber, a soft-spoken new student one year behind Romney, was perpetually teased for his nonconformity and presumed homosexuality. Now he was walking around the all-boys school with bleached-blond hair that draped over one eye, and Romney wasn’t having it.

  82. I don’t know what to say but thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes. I cannot possibly thank each and every one – I hope you understand.

  83. Maybe I should explain why I love this guy so much. Last night I overwatered a plant and soiled the carpet in his office. What did he do? He got some carpet cleaner from under the kitchen cabinet and cleaned it without saying one cross word, even pretended it was an accident I had nothing to do with. When I fessed up, he just laughed. No matter how much I fuck up he just goes with it and moves on. His patience is boundless. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

  84. This is my favorite thread ever. You guys are awesome plus! Let’s celebrate love. RR and Rick, Flatus and Stinky, the list goes on.

    Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century. – Mark Twain’s Notebook

  85. I was going to put up something nasty about Tony Perkins, but then I figured why spoil a happy thread with noodlings about that warped and twisted jack-ass.

  86. Boehner, with a straight (albeit orange) face, says he’s going to “stay focused on jobs”. Does he think he’s invisible or something?

  87. Oh man, now I’m crying after reading Craig’s post- and I’m not one for marriage- I literally get ill at weddings and not from drinking too much- just the ceremony.

    Craig and David- I am so very happy for you- thank you so much for sharing your magical day with us all- you sure spread lots of happiness and love to many people today.

  88. I SHALL radio this time. I’m writing it on the back of my hand with a sharpie.

    as to “when”, saturdays I’m up, as benchley is said to have said, with the older and more sluggish larks.

  89. There is nothing like being in love with the right person at the right time

    I would be on the radio with senior fish

  90. Perkins again….I’ve had it with these ignorant self-righteous bastards who have no clue what their stupid book says.

  91. Agree with Pogo about name change and no children. Love your comment that some things need not be experienced by everyone. I’ve not done prison or had children and life is great. Thanks for the welcome to the blog. I am offering to sing at the nuptials, David and Craig. Oh wait…our family can’t sing. I’ll offer a toast!

  92. I knew the answer would be “Yes.” :) Thank goodness this isn’t primetime tv where we would have had to wait until next Wednesday to find out the answer! In honor of this special occasion, drinks are on me! Of course, since a few of us here remember that I don’t pay for my drinks….Anyway….Congrats to Craig and David!

  93. Sturge, I wanna hear the Tony Perkins stuff — TOMORROW! This is so exciting! A wedding to celebrate, new posters on the blog, and a group of people who try very very hard to get along and support each/one another. Not sure that’s possible for the 6 weeks before the election but the hurt feelings don’t last long.

    Craig, David, every time I thought of this today I smiled. And that was a lot!

  94. Just so y’all know, Carolyn is my cousin and so glad to see her here. She is a truly honorable public servant. Not sure I’m allowed to add more detail but very proud of her.

  95. Way to go guys! Make sure and link us to the Sears Catalog! Make it the 1950’s version so we can buy you a pre-fab house!

    I’ve had a couple of thoughts on this whole transpiring of events here… Second,
    Mitt Romney- “Corporations are Gay too.”
    and First,
    God Bless Obama, Man that I love.
    Stand beside him, and guide him,
    Thru the night with a light from above.
    From the mountains, to the prairies,
    To Hawaiian ocean’s foam!
    God bless Obama, My Bro’ sweet Bro’,
    God bless Obama, Prez-O sweet Prez-O!

  96. Craig, after you get married, what will your last name be? Will it still be Crawford or will it be David’s last name?

  97. Wow!!!

    Get busy for a day and look what happened. Congrats. I look forward to the wedding video. The wife and I never changed our names for her it was too much trouble and for me I never worried that she didn’t.
    I sometimes get a strange look when I give some one our names for a form. Some people just seem to think she needs to take my name but as I tell the person when you get married after you are 50 those things aren’t that important.
    She is the one that has a corporate job and when we are at company functions I am often introduced by her coworkers by her last name. Kinda funny when it happens.
    BTW, Mrs. Jack sends a big “Ah, thats sweet” when I told her the news.
    We are both happy for you and David


  98. OK, enough with the mushy stuff.

    This may not be funny for some but I’m not ashamed to say I LOL at this, But then I don’t own any JP Morgan stock.

    Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon said the firm lost about $2 billion on synthetic credit securities after an “egregious’” failure in its chief investment office, which the bank says focuses on hedging.

    “This portfolio has proven to be riskier, more volatile and less effective as an economic hedge than the firm previously believed,”

    LOL, do you think?


  99. What is that, Jack, end-of-the-year bonuses for a dozen traders? Or dividends for all the firms shareholders?

    In any case, viewed through corporate eyes, the amount must be trivial. 👿

  100. Jack…

    I did and it did not work so I’m apparently doing something else wrong.

    I clicked share and copied the link and pasted it into the link spot at the top of the comment. I put a v like you said and when I hit preview it showed up.
    However when I hit post nothing was there.

    I tried the embed link and tried the same thing and got the two that show ().

    Maybe one day I’ll learn, but for now I’ll just use links the only way I know. Thanks though for trying to help me.

    Have a great evening.

  101. They made 19 billion last year so it won’t break them but Dimon is having to eat a little crow. Not something he enjoys.
    From the NYtimes article

    At the time, Mr. Dimon played down concerns about that trading, in what the bank calls its chief investment office, telling analysts in an April 13 conference call that it was “a complete tempest in a teapot.”

    In a hastily organized conference call with analysts on Thursday, Mr. Dimon sounded more humble, saying that “egregious mistakes” were made. “They were self-inflicted and this is not how we want to run a business.”

  102. The two items between from above was suppose to be between the two ()in the comment that turned the last two paragraphs blue. Don’t know why but they did.

    Have a great evening.

  103. Anon, what ever you put between those parentheses seems to be the guilty code.

    But it looks like a good trick if you can replicate it. };-)

    Well the wife took two days off she gets up early and our old dog is getting demanding barking insisting she gets a treat, so I end up getting up early too. Bed time, been a fun day here to day and a pleasure to read.


  104. sorry to go off topic here but everytime when some douchebag republican says that “marriage is between a man and a woman” I just want to run up to them and scream “YOU’RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!”

  105. Uh, Heather – how is that off topic? Seems to me it’s spot on.

    I had to laugh at the contortions Joe was going through to try and paint the Obama same sex marriage endorsement as a George Wallace Lester Maddux moment because he (an ex constitutional law professor) believes that marriage is traditionally the province of the states, and that the states figure it out – as if the process of determining that equal protection can be legislatively determined at the national level. (He and the guests missed the fact that Obama has directed the Justice Dept. to stop defending DOMA in court because he considers it unconstitutional). Failing to bring a lawsuit to challenge any state’s failure to afford rights to same sex couples within a day of saying he supports the right of same sex couples to marry must just bee way to slow for him.

  106. yep…i would have been ok if Perkins hadn’t been on tv….here’s dave and craig celebrating “pursuit of happiness” in america and then there’s this Perkins meatball on television trying his best to crap in the punchbowl. Using religion to do it. [expletive deleted]. in THIS country of all places.

  107. Every discussion in America about public policy should begin with the phrase “It’s important to remember the principle of separation of church and state”

    I am sick of the tyranny of some religious whack jobs who think they have the handle on morality. How would they feel if someone else tried to impose their religious values on them (we’ve all heard the squeals about other countries religious values from them.)

    I’m less tolerant everyday of their nonsense and other people should be annoyed too. They are turning the US into a country of haters.

  108. i saw those guys like romney in high school….tormenting kids who were weaker and comparatively defenseless. I didn’t play the football but I remember the coach at the time directing his players to throw garbage at this guy and his girlfriend as they sat together outside the lunchroom because he didn’t want to play football. they didn’t throw shit at me because i wasn’t defenseless.

  109. many of them came to points in life where they made the decision to grow out of it, but many just never had to and have remained with exactly the same mind-set all thru the years. you know, they just never had their butts kicked and were never faced with a reason to grow up.

  110. KGC, anyone? What’s a good time for talk radio this weekend? Thought we’d do the gender politics theme we had planned, broadened from why GOP has woman trouble (and Dems with men) to include this gay marriage issue.

    Would Saturday around 4p or 5p ET work?

  111. I clicked share and copied the link and pasted it into the link spot at the top of the comment.

    I think the problem is your pasting it using the link icon.. You need to paste it into the comment box. Then click on post comment..The video never shows up in the preview for me but it does on the sight after posting..Try some tests, we won’t mind..When posting video you don’t need to touch the link icon..Hope this makes sense..

  112. Hillary’s Vogue
    by Taylor Marsh

    CLINTON’S STYLE QUAKE has shifted the American universe and provided yet another Hillary Effect moment, one that rattled the confines of post-feminism and the concept of raw power among girls. There is no woman on planet earth who could cheerfully, defiantly and unflinchingly remove the stigma of a working woman’s persona from being tied to glam duty more thoroughly.

  113. What We’re Really Talking About When We Talk About Hillary Clinton Without Makeup

    Fox echoed Matt Drudge’s triumphant smugness, asking in their headline if Hillary “forgot” her makeup, as though she’d been caught peeing her pants onstage or flashing her crotch at paparazzi as she got out of a limo.

    A woman didn’t wear makeup and this is news? I guess I thought the news cycle’s kill screen would involve more animated fireworks, or decks of cards cascading in arcs rather than just a picture of the Secretary of State’s face looking like it’s ready for some slumber party ghost stories

  114. “The book’s explosive claims were shot down last night by spokesmen for the White House and the Clintons, who closed ranks last night.
    “Bill Clinton’s spokesman Matt McKenna said the excerpts were “totally and completely false” and called Klein “a known liar.”
    “Phillipe Reines, a spokesman for the secretary of state, noted that Hillary Clinton challenged the veracity of an earlier book Klein wrote about her, “Truth About Hillary.”
    “White House spokesman Eric Schultz accused Klein of making up facts to sell books.
    “Nobody in their right mind would believe the nonsense in this one, especially since both Secretary Clinton and President Clinton have been loyal and supportive of the president at every turn.”
    “Klein, a former editor of The New York Times Magazine and Newsweek, defended the book and his earlier one as factually sound.”

    Right, NY Post carries it. How about the Enquirer?

    This tells you about all youneed to know about Klein.

  115. Pogo, I agree it is a little late in the game now for Hillary to make a run against the President, but this was being talked about last year, allowing her plenty of time to do so, and remember to not that long ago there was hope among a number of Progressives that Russ Feingold would throw his name in the ring.

    They can deny it all they want now, but the Clinton’s will never forget how the Obama Camp treated HRC in 2008. If I am not mistaken hasn’t BC made other comments that would lead a reader to think he was questioning this President’s judgment? I think so.

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