A Senate About Nothing

As the dedicated journalist that I am, equipped with the finest research tools and unnamed sources around, sometimes I get all of my information from the CNN news crawl – those tantalizing morsels that creep across the screen allowing us to turn the sound off.

Here’s one that caught my attention yesterday:

“Senate is debating five budgets that won’t pass”

News crawls are like tweets. They relieve us of complexity. And in this case, none is needed.

The Senate debating something that won’t happen is sort of what the rest of Washington has become, an exercise in futility – like trying to find a missing sock or watching for the pot to boil having forgotten to add water.

The deal with the Senate is that in an election year all they really want to do is argue, call each other names and repeat talking points their lobbyists wrote for them.

But to stage these smackdowns they have to pretend that pending legislation is on the table. So, all day yesterday they used phony budget bills that even some of the sponsors don’t intend to pass.

Give up the charade, senators. Just schedule arguing time – about nothing. Spare your staff the chore of writing up the bills and journalists the pointless task of reporting what’s in them.

Just wallow around the floor blaspheming and belching at one another. Leave the rest of us out of it.

If you ever do pass a budget, which hasn’t happened for three years, I’ll be looking for it on the news crawl.

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  1. Woo Hoo to you!

    Boo Hoo to us for our gov’t of lies/games.

    Boo Hiss to them.

  2. Romney’s Bill Clinton Swipe Followed by Whopper Rove Ad
    by Taylor Marsh

    MITT ROMNEY IS betting that tweaking Pres. Obama on Bill Clinton in Iowa will land, while just making stuff up. That he’s using a plot line that is also one of Edward Klein’s favorites illustrates the value of Regnery publishing to the right. Romney’s cracks got the attention of Politico, CNN, USA Today, Huffington Post, Washington Post, and, of course, Buzzfeed, though not for the same reasons.

  3. wonder if the same political consultant who came up with w.t.f. (supposedly “win the future”) for obama also came up with the altered rolls royce logo for romney. that guy has a wicked sense of humor

  4. Excellent points, Craig! And as you have so painfully pointed out, the Congress critters are on automatic pay increases. They want to change the tax code, handle the deficit? Reform how we pay the congress…I think they need to be on commission only…get paid for when they actually accomplish something. Pass a law, get paid. Really, they are a problem to our recovery.

  5. Craig…. ROFLMAO!

    thanks for watching that crawl… now I don’t have to…

    yeah… paying attention to Congress these days is like watching the dynamics on a middle school playground.

  6. Jamie… whaddya mean you won’t play bookie… you are what you are… just go with it… :smile:

    Please put me down for Tiger Walk…
    yeah… I know he’s got bad odds… but when your mount comes in last at the Derby, it can’t get any worse.

  7. That is such misinformation. People get suckered in by GOP Lies & spin, when the Senate has passed a Budget!

    Harry Reid, “The Majority Leader argued that Democrats have fulfilled their budget duty by passing the Budget Control Act, the bipartisan deal reached last summer that raised the debt ceiling and deemed discretionary spending levels for fiscal 2013 — the primary function of a budget resolution, which allows the appropriations process to take place.

    That measure passed the Senate 74-26, with 28 Republicans voting for it.

    “But since August those Republicans have developed a case of amnesia. Why else would they walk around Washington claiming we don’t have a budget?” Reid said.” From Roll Call


  8. I’m sticking with I’ll Have Another. He was my first pick for the Derby and my heart is always hopeful for a triple crown until it can’t happen until next year.

  9. “Just wallow around the floor blaspheming and belching at one another. Leave the rest of us out of it.”


  10. From a cost standpoint, it would make more sense for the Senators to just send the staff home and adjourn to the nearest bar. At least when the brawl breaks out, it would give the public a reason to cheer.

  11. This country was born out of revolution. Perhaps the time has come again to revolt against a government whose members choose to enrich themselves, instead of representing us and our future well being.
    I do not call for violence; I would never advocate violence or destructive actions. I believe that we have the intelligence to enact change without resorting to guns, imprisonment.
    What we have are numbers. Peaceably assembled mob action. A billion dollars of propaganda can be nullified by several justifiably angry (nonviolent) organized mobs. Nothing makes change happen faster than imposing fear upon those who need to be changed. If you think you’re about to lose everything, compromise becomes a tool of survival, not a word to be shunned.
    This is our government, and they work for us. If they forget this fact, let’s remind them.
    We need to vote, of course. But we know votes can be bought and suppressed.
    If brave people could organize and enact change in government, not only 236 years ago in this country, but just last year in Tunisia, Egypt – than we can organize and enact a peaceable revolution now. Don’t let a few buy our government and dictate their laws.
    The time is right to organize and occupy. Anywhere and everywhere.
    We the People.

  12. Sjwny,

    Great post and well said.

    As for myself I prefer a healthy dose of symbolism attached to all my protests.

    Perhaps a guillotine set up on the capital steps and the occasional tumbrel parked in the limo. spaces? 😉

  13. Watching our Senate debate _anything_ these days is like watching Bo Dietl on Imus. In this morning’s rerun, he managed to turn a debate about pocket patches matching neckties into a racist tirade about Middle Easterners. Bo is such a pig as are many of our senators–debating with STYle.

  14. angellight, welcome. But gonna have to push back. Both sides, including Reid, blowing smoke (which is my main point). The Budget Control Act not a real budget resolution, as Reid claims. The Senate hasn’t passed a real one since 2009 — Politifact.com rates that statement true and accurate.

    And btw, Dem Budget cmte chair Kent Conrad admitted pressure from Democrats is what’s preventing a real budget resolution. Sure, Congress can go on appropriating money with no budget. Any of us could do that if we had unlimited borrowing power.

    Btw No. 2: Before somebody raises the supermajority argument, budget resolutions cannot be filibustered. Senate could pass it with a simple majority.

  15. I cannot come up with anything original after having read what RebelliousRenee said @ 9:17 AM.

  16. And I thought I was posting about Travolta: “What? This isn’t Grease?”

    This week you shared the best news I’ve known (even felt) for years. It’s not that Miss Vanilla Birdies and I could not be more happy for David and you.

    We just couldn’t be more happy, period. (In English and without any question marks ever.)

  17. Oh, yes. (There is another spelling available for that “yes”. It has four letters and, nope, it ain’t “yeah”.) I’m not enamored of how others bring their chronic expectations to all things that actually aren’t theirs. Which is followed by my saying, “Eloping gooooood!”… which is then followed by my saying “But, honestly, Craig… why Wendy’s?” Weddings somehow get inclined to displace a couple’s own pleasure.

  18. (((((((((((((((911))))))))))))))))))

    so good to see you here again… how’s things shakin’?

    Craig… too many people confuse a marriage for a wedding… you and David get a BIG thumbs up from both Rick and I to do whatever is in your hearts.

  19. Hi Jim

    About time you returned. Now what do we have to do to seduce VB back into the fold? I know she is busy with her artwork, but miss having her around this place.

  20. oh… and I forgot I wanted to say….

    louisva… thanks for the vote of confidence…
    if you find it easier…. just refer to me as RR… everyone else does.

  21. here’s my favorite Donna Summer… Hot Stuff…


  22. Jamie…May I please ride along with you on I’ll Have Another?

    9/11…Welcome home!

    Jace…Even with their government in such a mess, buying an ass and moving to Greece sounds like a grand idea…or maybe moving to Greece, and then buying an ass! :smile:

    Craig and David…Keep it as simple as you want! I love eeeeaasssyyy weddings!

  23. Craig

    Friends and Food. You have a lovely home. Decide on guest list, book the minister and caterer … pour a stiff drink and get married. 😉

  24. Mitt Romney is both a bully and cry baby

    and as always a hypocrite and a liar

  25. Curt Schilling, Famous Baseball Player, Well-Known Fiscal Conservative, takes 75 million from Rhode Island to create a computer game company, and is unable to make his payments.
    – Why the hell would you give money to a company that wants to create a Massive Multiplayer Online Game? They never last very long. The longest lasting one, World of Warcraft, has been struggling for years.
    – Why the hell would you give money to a company in an agreement with EA? EA, a well known bad idea company, that always makes deals with young successful companies before they eventually destroy their follow-up products (due to their god-awful advice) and bankrupts them.

  26. OH man, Donna, wow, she’s been my favorite singer for most of my life…Another cancer death…I’m sad..I have seen Donna preform 7 maybe 8 times, all great…What a loss for me but i have all her music to treasure..


  27. craig said:

    The Senate debating something that won’t happen is sort of what the rest of Washington has become, an exercise in futility

    willie the shake’s version applied to the hon senators:

    ….a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

  28. KGC

    Watching clip of Romney briefly (one sentence) “visiting” the reporters on the plane to make up for chucking them out of an event. When he walked away he looked very slump shouldered in a way that was more than trying to keep his balance walking down an aisle. There is something not quite right about his coordination that is reflected in both his body and his speech.

  29. Nowhere in any federal regulation does it say that payments from one third party to another third party for personal expenses is a campaign contribution, Lowell told the jury.
    “If it is not a contribution for someone to pay the transportation or living expenses of campaign staffers, then how in the world can that be true for a mistress?” Lowell asked the jurors, some of whom were nodding as he made his argument.


    a lot of campaign folk in a lot of campaigns going on right now will feel the impact (a big sucking sound of money going down the drain) if the jury finds otherwise and in so many words that their expenses paid for by foc (friends of the candidate) also are contributions.

  30. There is something not quite right about his coordination that is reflected in both his body and his speech.

    jamie, was he always so awkward? anyone remember the jerks and twitches and ungainliness from his gov days in ma? or is this a health development?

  31. There is something not quite right about his coordination that is reflected in both his body and his speech. Jamie

    There is something not quite right about Romney period

    Hi 9/11

  32. KGC

    HW and I have discussed this before. His speech pattern, physical carriage, and seeming disconnect from the average person is more than just being “out of touch”.

  33. On the other mitt, maybe slick willard is merely feeling the pain of being a beaten man, with another 5 and a half months of whuppings ahead.


    Maybe his dominatrix got a little too ambitious.

  34. Or, those falls from his polo ponies are coming back to haunt him.

    Or, his elevator jerked, causing one of her Duesies to roll over him as he was pressing the ‘open door ‘ button.

  35. Jamie, supra : ‘HW and I have discussed this before. His speech pattern, physical carriage, and seeming disconnect from the average person is more than just being “out of touch”.’

    Good Heavens! It’s george herbert walker bush in a willard mask!!!

  36. To tell the whole truth, Craig, we haven’t been working from a budget since March of 2003, when baby bush elected to invade and lose* in Iraq, entirely off budget.

    *mission accomplished, george

  37. The ripper Congress passed a budget in 2008, leaving the war off budget, and at the end of the year threw in unbudgeted TARP, too.

  38. arnold schwartzenogre proved that you don’t need budgets. So did nero, elagalbus, louis xiv, and the last rightwing Greek government. All you have to do is pass the mess on to the next guy.

  39. Statement by the President on the Passing of Donna Summer

    Michelle and I were saddened to hear about the passing of Donna Summer. A five-time Grammy Award winner, Donna truly was the “Queen of Disco.” Her voice was unforgettable, and the music industry has lost a legend far too soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Donna’s family and her dedicated fans.

  40. Americans Elect finally admits that their $35M!LL!ON 3d Party is a sure loser. The effort of the Hedge Funds, by the Mortgage Bundlers, and for the Wall Street Bankers, demonstrates once again that top down democracy only works in places like saudi Arabia, north Korea, and Syria.

    This is a shame, because although Americans Elect was hoping to find a 17th Century style fiscal conservative, who would be comfy raising campaign dollars from gay, black, female, cross-dressing, and dope smoking CEOs, and who would be their candidate, rolling into the White House with the votes of those 37% of Americans who call themselves independent, they wouldn’t settle for an adulterous, cross-dressing, wine bibbing, 17th century style fiscal conservative like Julie Annie, who might have skimmed 2% off of willard’s vote total in 26 states.




    Americans Elect had another problem that these two articles don’t address. 37% of Americans self ID as ‘independent’, not as ‘idiot’.

  41. angellight, welcome aboard.
    that reid quote

    since August those Republicans have developed a case of amnesia

    should be applied to more than just budget forgetfulness and delusions of goper congress critters.
    perhaps the refrain of “better off now?” campaign ads should be “than we were when democrats handed over a budget surplus” and more of hammering in look what the gopers did to it. ‘course this would mean that dembat critters who played along with profoundly unbalancing that budget would have to fess up.

  42. Goopers can’t believe they are going to lose the presidency again…after all they have the media on their side –what’s wrong with people that they no longer have any faith in the mass media

  43. a little of vivaldi’s “goldfinch” to brighten up the mood


  44. A complicating factor for Romney is that he is not the most adept or agile of politicians.

    When a reporter on Thursday cited a February interview in which he suggested that Wright had helped shape Obama’s worldview, the former Massachusetts governor replied awkwardly: “I’m not familiar precisely with exactly what I said but I stand by what I said, whatever it was.”


    “not the most adept or agile of politicians” [understatment of the year maybe?]

  45. via patd

    former Massachusetts governor replied awkwardly: “I’m not familiar precisely with exactly what I said but I stand by what I said, whatever it was.”

    or since I was just making up crap –I can’t remember what I said but I’m sure I meant it at the time unless of course I found out later I could have had a position that got me more favorable media

  46. “I’m not familiar precisely with exactly what I said but I stand by what I said, whatever it was.”

    mitt’s is right up there with nixon’s:

    I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

  47. “I’m not familiar precisely with exactly what I said but I stand by what I said, whatever it was.”

    Exit Stage R-with nervous laugh. 😐

  48. Infants often times exhibit the same kind of nervous laugh and strange smile that is so common to Romney.

    It usually means that they just messed their diapers. 😳

  49. Craig, why not get a columnist gig for Buffet’s buyout of a major portion of Media General’s newspaper assets? I think you would fit him and his market.

  50. It has been said, GWB gave Romney a ‘pithy’ endorsement.

    I believe, however, Romney is pithless! This might explain his weird body movements and odd comments.

  51. patd… lol…
    apropos animation indeed… I guess Romney should be careful when pulling his comments outta his butt.

  52. Al Gore has a girlfriend reports WaPo this morning…Liz Keadle of SoCal. Best kept secret on their relationship. I hope Tipper has moved on, too, to find a bit of romance.

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