‘From Love to Bingo’ [VIDEO]

As one who has slaved over my share of web video editing chores, I am astonished by the skill in this ad for Getty Images covering the span of life with nothing but pictures, and in just one minute. This certainly challenges my favorite motto: Life is Long! (Randomly hit pause to see individual images.)

From the ad agency’s notes:

Copywriter Sophie Schoenburg and art director Marcus Kotlhar worked 6 months researching images, improving the script and building each scene so they would not only be understood, but would also touch viewers. Sometimes, for example, a scene would look perfect on paper, but the images chosen to depict it were not sufficient or did not perfectly match up to offer the right movement and sense. And hence the research had to be restarted. — Ad agency: Almap BBDO, São Paulo, for Getty Images

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  1. “Last I heard Rove has come out saying there’s a narrow victory for Romney just over the horizon — based on Romney carrying Ohio, which I think is unlikely, or a second route with him carrying Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (talk about a long shot!!)” – Pogo @10:31am.

    Looks like a double bank shot with 2 kisses to me.
    This was just rove’s spirochete talking.

  2. oh,bummer leads the rat by 6 in OH and PA, and by 4 in VA and FL.

    The Prez gained 7 points in NC in a week, & now trails by only 1%, less than the margin of error. I can’t help thinking, the farther we move down calendar from oh,bummer’s approval of gay marriage, the more likely he will be to win in NC.

    I can’t find a recent in MI poll.

    Conclusion : karl rove is bullshifting. Again.

  3. Craig,
    Is someone prostituting russian women on your blog ?

    It worries me.

  4. Two weeks ago, a republican pollster reported oh,bummer leading the rat by 5 in MI. I don’t know Glengariff Group. They might know something about political polling.

  5. The only fresh poll out of WI puts the Prez ahead by 6 there.

    The national Dems may believe that oh,bummer will have the ability, the coat tails, to secure walker’s recall. We’ll see. It is still a long hard slog.

    Parenthetically, MN Dems (called the DFL) do not have a tight race here. The puguglies are running another wild-eyed freak against our beloved Sen Klobuchar, so many DFLers have been organizing, calling, and knocking on doors in the Cheesey State. To draw off DFL resources, the repugnicans have put an anti-gay marriage amendment to the state constitution on the ballot.

  6. The Florida Department of Education can not spell EDUATION or MATHMETICS. This is the same group that is promoting private charter schools and home schooling to teach religion and is also using standardized testing (FCAT) as an assault on Public Education, Teachers and, of course, the Teacher’s unions.

    This proves that they are a joke!

    Florida needs to copy or at least consult with the Colorado Department of Education as they have been either first or second in the nation for “High ACT and SAT Scores (80th Percentile and Above) Per 1,000 High School Graduates” in the 5 Surveys taken between 1999 and 2007.

    Third-grade FCAT results due out Thursday
    By Jeff Solochek, May 23, 2012 6:12 PM

    The Florida Department of Education has announced that it will release third-grade FCAT reading and math scores on Thursday, and not on Friday as expected.

    We don’t want to say this is a rush job. But the department’s press release, issued after 5 p.m. today, sports the headline “DEPARTMENT OF EDUATION TO RELEASE THIRD GRADE READING AND MATHMETICS RESULTS.”

    Bet that the critics who already are questioning the validity of the tests and the results will have a field day with that one.

  7. flatus, what did you think of the story in this week’s nyr about william alexander morgan, “el americano” of cuban revolution fame? they’ll have fun making a movie out of that one.

  8. purple, chip off the ole shrub’s

    Childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured.

  9. PatD, I couldn’t muster the effort to read the article. I’m still pondering why it took so long to snuff Che.

  10. This morning I had a chance to go thru the current Atlantic. Although not quite like The New Yorker in November, I was really surprised by the number and size of the adverts in the issue.

  11. Actually enjoyed Newt Gingrich on Hardball today. He’s almost pleasantly human when not spouting GOP asininity.

  12. If he’d taken his $M!LL!ON and invested it in Pier 1 and Human Genome Sciences in the spring of ’09, by the Summer of ’10 he’d have had more money than the nude grinch, rick santorum, michele bachmann, and dumold trump combined. Alas, what a loss for the republican presidential ticket of 2028.

  13. Oh, dear. I seem to have forgotten that the recall vote is on June 5th rather than November.

    I hope all those cheese heads and beer bellies are lying to confuse the pollsters.

  14. There are reports of heavy early voting and lots of registration. Conservatives are screaming “fraud” all over the place. How dare students and black people actually vote? Let’s hope the ground operation will be enough to boot Walker. All that money on his side is truly scary.

  15. Lanny Davis Joins Booker and other Democrats Slamming Obama Bain Ads Against Romney

    by Taylor Marsh

    Mitt Romney is a symptom of the American political system, but as I wrote in January when Pres. Obama’s own car czar, Steve Rattner, was the first to come to Mitt Romney and Bain’s defense, emphasized through the very popular Cory Booker, Democrats have a mirror image of corporate Mittism inside their own ranks and everybody knows it.

    Ask Cory, Harold, Lanny or Steve, they’ll tell you all about it, with a lot of people behind them agreeing, including, I would bet just about anything on it, former Pres. Bill Clinton, too.

    It’s why the contest of Obama vs. Romney is perfect and represents exactly what American politics is today: two Wall Street, right leaning political parties bankrolled by the 1% Wall Street corporate crowd, while the American public screams at the TV, because more and more people don’t consider either of these two men or political parties an actual “choice.”

  16. Let’s hope the ground operation will be enough to boot Walker. All that money on his side is truly scary.

    Jamie, all that money on his side pisses many people off–people whose votes aren’t for sale at any price.

  17. “Jamie, all that money on his side pisses many people off–people whose votes aren’t for sale at any price.”

    I hope you are right, but it seems as though if you are the primary beneficiary of all that money or if you support the candidate who is getting all that money, then you see little wrong with it. In the case of republicans in general they see this as all well and good and a case of the stars being in perfect alignment.
    Hopefully there are many on both sides whose vote is not for sale at any price. 😉

  18. Jace, in one of Heinlein’s books full citizenship was premised on having performed military service. The hokey rationale was that only through such service could people be trusted with the franchise that citizenship granted. What price can one place on that?

  19. Flatus,

    I don’t know the answer, but it is readily apparent that by the Heinlein standard we have a good many politicians running on both sides who have not done the requisite service to achieve full citizenship.

    I doubt that military service should be the determinate factor in granting the right to vote, that said I sometimes wonder if those who have served might have a far clearer perspective on just how valuable the right to vote really is. 😉

  20. The Heinlein’s reactionary system would leave out a good many potent thinkers.

    The ability of a native-born male to bear arms in defense of the State defined the citizen in ancient Athens and republican Rome. Such people could vote in the assembly. However wealthier people, who could contribute a few armed and mounted man to the defense could vote in the aristocratic upper chamber.

    Parenthetically,in his play ‘Lysistrata’ anti-democratic Aristophanes imagines females engaging in the political process. It is possible that Aristophanes meant to demonstrate through satire that Athenian democracy was no better than if women were to run things.

  21. Walking home from my latest (and final) root canal I encountered this emaciated guy, maybe in his late 30’s, holding a cane and sitting on a ledge outside the grocery store repeatedly shouting “Call 911. I want to go to the hospital.” He did not look in dire need, tho he did seem stressed (I’m guessing drugs were involved). I walked on by, and heard him shout to the next passerby. City life has jaded me, I guess. I just don’t trust such people. These sort of things happen so often. I just know he was going to end up asking for money. Still, I’m bothered thinking I should have stopped and helped. But I didn’t.

  22. How much does a Getty picture cost. Let’s say I wrote a bodice ripper, and wanted a photo of a shirtless and handsome devil, with a beauty clinging to his waist riding a surf board down a 200′ high tidal wave ?

    Or alternatively, a pair of sleeping lovebirds ?

  23. Some may have seen the advertisement for the showing of Picasso’s personally held collection of his work which will be shown shortly in Ontario.

    There’s a self-portrait in the upper-left corner of the advert in which the distinguished Sr Picasso looks just like Dr Bill Cosby.

  24. Perhaps, Craig, the more germane question might be, how many physicians passed by without stopping?

  25. From the current BLS report which seldom if ever gets reported. This is an ever growing problem with no end in sight. In some cities/towns in America the dropout rate exceeds 50%.

    “The unemployment rate for youths age 16 to 24 not enrolled in school edged down from 18.7 percent in October 2010 to 17.5 percent in October 2011. Among youth not in school in October 2011, unemployment rates for those without a high school diploma were 19.7 percent for young men and 31.2 percent for young women. In contrast, the jobless rates for young men and women with at least a bachelor’s
    degree were 9.5 percent and 8.0 ercent,respectively. Black youth not enrolled in school had an unemployment rate of 28.5 percent in October 2011, higher than the rates for their white (15.3 percent), Asian (15.1 percent), and Hispanic (18.5
    percent) counterparts.

  26. Good morning! Am happily running around trying to tidy up the beyond shabby chic cottage in preparation for Rick & Renee’s visit today!

  27. Still, I’m bothered thinking I should have stopped and helped. But I didn’t.

    Craig…I really have spent a lot of time thinking about this post. I, too, was heavily panhandled, twice this week outside of grocery stores. Now that I have one foot inside the sphere of poverty…I am beginning to notice more and more homeless. And my shame of the week? I applied for food stamps and got them. Hubby and I are the working poor and now my credit cards get a breather as I have been charging my groceries for months. I also charge my health insurance premiums. I am part of an uneven and sputtering economy. The over 55+ Americans who are not employable anymore. I do understand how people can get stuck in the system and get spit out into poverty. I hate living in shame.

  28. Craig,

    Its not just city life, we have the same thing here.
    Like you I just choose to walk on by.
    I always have a twinge of guilt about when I do,but like you I have become jaded.

    I think that I probably have an obligation to help my fellow man,but mostly I think that no good deed goes unpunished.

    I guess all those sermons didn’t take. :sad:

  29. I guess the republicans have won…they have triumphed over human dignity. Dignity is the last stand of the poor.

  30. I couldn’t muster the effort to read the article.

    flatus, it did look daunting lengthwise as i anticipated only the rehashing of the long forgotten; however, the author dredging up newly declassified documents (fbi, army, cia and such) produced a fascinating adventure/love story tragedy with a cast of thousands (from ike, hoover, mafia and so on). it was worth the slog. but who will be cast as morgan in the movie?

  31. bw, heck no shame in that you are helping the economy and hopefully a lot of family farms.

    In 2011, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack gave a slightly higher estimate: “Every dollar of SNAP benefits generates $1.84 in the economy in terms of economic activity.”[36] Vilsack’s estimate was based on a 2002 George W. Bush-era USDA study which found that “Ultimately, the additional $5 billion of FSP (Food Stamp Program) expenditures triggered an increase in total economic activity (production, sales, and value of shipments) of $9.2 billion and an increase in jobs of 82,100,” or $1.84 stimulus for every dollar spent.


  32. BW

    Forget that shame thing. There is no shame in getting help when you need it. The shame is making people feel bad about needing help.

    And of all the ways the government does help — food stamps are about the best. Now that farmers markets can accept EBT — that money can go right back to the local economy.

    As for the poor guy on the street –in the SF Bay area they have a service MAP mobile alcohol patrol — it designed for people not harming themselves or others but who need some sort of assistance — including a ride home. ..or to the hospital if necessary.
    It saves police and ambulance time but still gives citizens and especially merchants a resource.

  33. bw, you ain’t alone if that’s any consolation. from wiki link above:

    As of October 2011, 46,224,722 Americans were receiving food stamps.[3] In Washington, D.C., and Mississippi, more than one-fifth of residents receive food stamps.[4] Recipients must have at most near-poverty incomes to qualify for benefits.[5]

  34. Thanks, patd, KGC. Painful reality. I am clinging to my middle class status…slipping every day. Hubby’s pay has been cut and we both had to start eating better because of our health. We both suffered fractures in December…and I had posted last August about medical collections and food on the blog…and that was when Patsi responded to me. Patsi really understood and took the time to make sure I didn’t feel like a lesser than. Hah! I miss Patsi.

  35. Craig,
    The same thing happens to me in Daytona Beach every Tuesday while working for Rose..Most of the problem is drugs and alcohol..Making a call or giving cash won’t help them…Last week on Ridgewood and Mason a young guy was begging change from every car that pulled into the ACE Hardware parking lot..The man asked me for 50 cents for the bus and i gave it to him..I didn’t help him, well maybe i helped him buy some more beer and Cigs, yep he was smoking..Sad cause as a kid we used to vacation in Daytona and you just didn’t see this..The problem is bigger than what you or i can fix!! We need a national effort oh and jobs that pay a living wage, i could go on…

  36. xr, go to RealClearPolitics – clik the polls button, choose Obama-Romney. In the left banner there is a Battleground state dropdown – Michigan is there. Last poll was through 5/11, Obama led by 5.

    Craig, I’ve gotten to the point where when I’m approached if I’ve got change or a buck or two, i give it to the person asking. We donate to the two local charities that we think do the most for the neediest – our local mission and the group that services the “retarded” children in the county – plus to our church, which helps maintain a free pantry and closet, thinking being that our dollars and donations of clothing, furniture, etc, get more mileage through those organizations than through direct help to the folks on the street. I hope we’re right about that.

    BW, I agree totally with KGC – the feeling of shame is understandable, but unwarranted. It’s not like you chose the bed you’re in.

  37. http://craigcrawford.com/2012/05/24/from-love-to-bingo-video/#comment-289947

    Good post! Doesn’t surprise me about Patsi! Please please put shame out of your heart and mind! You have nothing to be ashamed of! The problem as i told Craig is bigger than you or your husband can fix!! You all are the victims of 20 years of mostly Republican rule..Republican’s that have stolen the treasury for the top 1% and their own selves..We continue to see the middle class disappear and without strong opposition(Dems with guts or a third party)to this things will continue along this same path.. None of us know when we will slip through the cracks.. Take me for instance, if i had an illness so i couldn’t work i would surely have to hit my retirement acct..Now that would last me a good long time but still in the end i would fall through the cracks and yep food stamps would be in my future..Now if we didn’t have this culture we have in the US where we demonize the folks who can least help themselves, ah but that’s not likely to change as the media elites and Republican’s drive the narrative…

  38. Craig…yep, knowing Patsi and everyone here, is a great strength.

    Patsi had also responded to the post about my best girlfriend in Colorado who was celebrating her 60th birthday by getting written-up by her manager in a call center. Yesterday my friend told me the lead news story was that the recovery in Colorado was on the back of the new call centers. I told her she lives in “Callerado.” And I live in Hispanic India. All the call centers have come back to America! As, Hubert Humphrey said I am pleased as punch!

  39. bw, perhaps taking food stamps is in a way like being a buddhist monk who by receiving alms blesses the givers. go in peace for you have blessed those who contributed.


  40. Many years ago in the 60’s when I lived in the Chicago area, and on ocassion would find myself walking along Michigan Ave or State Street, and you just knew you be asked by the homeless men who roved in packs for money. You knew what they were going to spend the money on but you gave it to them anyway. But being young one day I asked one of them what he was going to with the 50 cents I just gave him. He looked at me and said, “once I get $1.25 I going to buy some wine.” Some of you older members may remember this commerical, “What’s the name? Thunderbird. What’s the price? 30 twice.” 60 cents and high in sugar Thunderbird was cheap and many a homeless person would drink themselves into oblivion.

  41. Obama stumbles out of the gate

    Nothing inspires Democrats like the Barack Obama swagger — the supreme self-confidence on stage, the self-certainty in private.
    So nothing inspires more angst than when that same Obama stumbles, as he has leaving the gate in 2012.

    That’s the unmistakable reality for Democrats since Obama officially launched his re-election campaign three weeks ago. Obama, not Mitt Romney, is the one with the muddled message — and the one who often comes across as baldly political. Obama, not Romney, is the one facing blowback from his own party on the central issue of the campaign so far – Romney’s history with Bain Capital. And most remarkably, Obama, not Romney, is the one falling behind in fundraising.

  42. Neither Obama nor Romney have a clue which issue is the most pressing!

    Until the housing market and it $800 billion negative equity is addressed, the open sore of the economy will never heal and grow. This has been going on for well over five years and HRC was the only candidate who spoke of this…and we saw the dem dogs take her down. After all these years, it still comes down to the lesser of evils. Obama is less evil than any republican.

  43. Flip a Coin
    All signs point to a presidential race that will be very tight. Neither candidate seems capable of pulling away.
    Charlie Cookhttp://nationaljournal.com/columns/cook-report/the-cook-report-flip-a-coin-20120524

    Not much in the just-released NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conflicts with the story line that we’re going to see a lot of close races this fall. Democratic pollster Peter Hart and Republican poll-taker Bill McInturff found that 48 percent of the 1,000 American adults interviewed (including a subsample of cell-phone users) approve of the job that President Obama has done. This percentage is 2 points short of the 50 percent approval rating that would signal he is a favorite for reelection. A rating below 46 percent suggests that a president is toast. Obama is right in the middle—in the 47 percent to 49 percent zone—suggesting an equal chance of winning or losing.
    One source of good news for Democrats is that Obama draws a 51 percent approval rating on foreign policy; the bad news is that voters don’t seem likely to vote on foreign-policy matters this year. Conversely, the president got his worst approval rating on the economy: Just 43 percent approve of his handling of economic matters while 52 percent disapprove. Unfortunately for Democrats, the economy is the issue that does seem to be of paramount importance to voters.

  44. Movingon,
    Yes, T-bird. Green Death. River of Death.

    It’s been nearly 20 years since the majority of homeless people were adult males. In the early’90s we saw it switch to families – moms with kids.

  45. Happy Memorial Day to all and I am off to the garden…I await the arrival of my EBT card! We have a great Farmer’s Market in Las Cruces — every Wednesday and Saturday.

  46. Obama’s Checklist
    Wedge issues might not be enough to save the president in 2012. He also needs to articulate a second-term agenda.By Ronald Brownstein

    With an eye on young voters, Obama has confronted congressional Republicans over maintaining reduced rates for student loans. Targeting women, he has pushed access to no-cost contraception in health insurance and legislation to combat domestic violence. For Hispanics, he has touted the Dream Act and pledged a more emphatic push for comprehensive immigration reform. Gays and other social liberals cheered his embrace of same-sex marriage. Check, check, check.

  47. Dems Start Negotiating Against Themselves on Bush Tax Cuts
    By: Jon Walker

    Since President Obama began his campaign back in 2007, the plan was to let the tax cuts expire for those making over $250,000 a year. While the process has been slow, the Democratic leadership’s line now seems to have been officially moved up to only ask the tax cuts expire for those making over $1,000,000 a year. This is really moving the goal post without any concession on the other side.

  48. It’s in Charlie Cook’s economic interest to portray the presidential race as close. What counts is the electoral college, where willard is on the ropes already and it’s not even June yet.

    Regarding oh,bummer and fund-raisng, between 1964 and 2008 the Clinton v Dole race was the one in which the Dem candidate took in more than the ripper. Citizens United will make a huge difference in the front end of this race, but as the state by state poll numbers continue to point to an oh,bummer victory, somee B!LL!ONA!REs will start hedging their bets. Others will just stop peeing money away on a sure loser.

    Romney may still raise more money than the Prez, but it won’t be by the huge margins that we got used to seeing after LBJ’s romp.

  49. Someday I fear in the not to distant future (20 years) a war will erupt between no so much the haves and the have not’s, but between the young and the old over jobs. Maybe not a physical war were older people 55+ are injured, but a war that may make a someone 55+ want to reconsider going out look for work, or you can only apply for work if you meet some predetermine government set criteria. Manufacturing base is/has been declining, good paying jobs for a number of reasons are rapidly disappearing, and our service base employment is directly link to the economy. Most families who are lucky enough have 2 income earners, and of those families anumber of them 1 of the 2 has some sort of part time job. In 2007 there were a total of 137,598,000 Americans employed, as of December 2011 there were only 132,000,000, yet our population in the last 10 yearshas grown 30 million. The baby boomers generation, if the are lucky, may be heading off to retirement, but not their children, grandchildren, and in some cases great-grandchildren. The government can only make so many work projects, which is supported by loans from foreign money, private industry will only expand what it feels it can afford to and still maintain a profit they will not hire just to hire, higher taxes works only as good as long as they are administered properly in a system that is drowning in waste in a country were the nation debt is around $15.750 trillion, the debt per citizen, that is every American who has a pulse, is $50.1K and the debt per tax payer, $138.5K, and Unions will no longer be able to ask for all sorts of concessions for their workers as those concessions only adds to the cost of what they are manufacturing in a country where way to many people are having a hard time trying to make ends meet. Not only is there no easy answers to this situation, I don’t think there are any answers.

  50. It’s in Charlie Cook’s economic interest to portray the presidential race as close. What counts is the electoral college, where willard is on the ropes already and it’s not even June yet.

    Exactly! I like reading Charlie but i thought the same thing reading the title of his piece..This is just one of the first attempts by the media to ensure this race is termed as close..Charlie can therefore guarantee his place at Tweety’s table..

  51. Mitt Romney big fat liar

    Romney gave a speech on education and used an alleged quote anonymously to attack the teachers union. Only Amy Goodman of Democracy Now pointed out that Mittens is a liar.

    I guess all the networks etc that have invested beaucoup bucks in election coverage can’t stand the idea that without their lying interference and failure to do any real reporting the race would be a real snooze

  52. karl rove is going out of his way to keep the donors to his Ueber PAC hidden. I cannot believe that the intention is to protect privacy. Who can believe such silliness ? B!LL!ONA!REs love Fame. These days, shy B!LL!ONA!REs are almost as rare as emperors. So, what thing or quality other than privacy needs protection ? More likely, rove wants to protect valuable rip up lican canards and brands, for these are the nuts and bolts of the ripper mythos.

    It would ruin the highly useful ‘news media elites’ canard if people learned that the owners and management of fakes news, abc, liberty, clear channel, chi trib, Miami herald, gannett, mcclatchey, tbs, cnn, nbc, cbs, the NYT, the Atlantic, the NYer, bawawawa, etc, etc,etc, gave big $$$ to rove’s PAC.

    It would ruin the highly useful ‘Hollywood libbrul’ canard and cripple the culture war, if enormous sums of came from Hollywood producers corporations, and stars like selleck, heaton, heston, mantegna, grammer, voight, mel gibson , porn stars, etc, etc, etc.

    It would injure the ripper brand critically, if it were known that skilling, milken, abramov, and ebbers gave money to rove.

    It would kill off the war on Latinos, the culture war and the puguglican Party if it cam out that the Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers gave $$$ to rove Ueber PAC.

    It would kill off neoconmunism and the ripper Party if it became known that the the rove Ueber PAC donors were Cuban, north Korean, or Iranian.

  53. Tony,

    I enjoy Cook, too, but a seat at Tweety’s table ?

    Cheese in crates, Tony, would Cook fib for birdseed ?

  54. X,
    Its his livelihood. I don’t say he’s lying but lets face it you can make polls be what you want them to be..I remember Charlie on Tweety back during the 2008 Dem primaries, ha when i used to watch the thrill up his leg bird! The horse race was on and they were lovin it..Time for the media to ensure the masses are interested..

  55. Several months ago President Obama reportedly said, suggested, or indicated, his administration was going to create 160,000 jobs for our summer youth. If so he better hurry as school is almost out.


  56. When you see a guy drink half a beer and then fill it back up with M/D 20-20, you know you’ve met a dude who is serious about it…….

  57. Saw name brand gasoline as low $3.17 this afternoon. That’s down a penny from earlier in the week. Big oil is panicking.

    Let the bastards go to hell–one cartel after another.

    BW, how dare you feel shame!?!

  58. Babawawa another shameful moment
    Donald Trump was on her show yuck
    Apparently he foisted himself off on Cher over some anti Romney remark she made on twitter

    Instead of addressing her political statement he attacked her looks..and yet babawawa had him on her show to talk about politics


  59. There is more than one reason to look on Ozymandias and despair:

    King Ozymandias of Assyria was running low on cash after years of war with the Hittites. His last great possession was the Star of the Euphrates, the most valuable diamond in the ancient world. Desperate, he went to Croesus,
    the pawnbroker, to ask for a loan.

    Croesus said, “I’ll give you 100,000 dinars for it.” “But I paid a million dinars for it,” the King protested. “Don’t you know who I am? I am the king!”

    Croesus replied, “When you wish to pawn a Star, makes no difference who you are.”

  60. Trump is disgusting in every way…

    The Obama swagger is nauseating…

    Now something positive…I love potato salad…

  61. Tonyb,

    When will the Dems wise up and fire Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi from their leadership positions. The voodoo supply-side, trickle-down notion that tax cuts pay for themselves is ludicrous. Tax cuts create deficits!

    The flawed guidance of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid with the chained CPI will rob from the seniors and the poor and give to the rich.

    Grand Bargain History Due to Repeat With Fiscal Cliff at End of the Year
    By: David Dayen, March 19, 2012 8:15 AM

    The Washington Post has a first draft of history piece about the debt negotiations last year that tells us mostly what we already knew: that the White House was ready to sign onto a document that increased the Medicare eligibility age and instituted chained CPI, which would cut Social Security cost-of-living increases. In exchange would be $800 billion in new taxes, roughly the cost of letting most of the high-end Bush tax cuts expire (though this would be achieved by actually lowering rates and broadening the tax base).

    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi reluctantly agreed to try and sell this. Republicans would only do it if they could count “dynamic scoring,” the notion that tax cuts pay for themselves in economic growth, in the deal. Republicans say the White House accepted that. The White House denies it.

  62. Years later, the king was shining Croesus’ shoes, when the pawnbroker recalled dreamily to Ozzie, “When you wished to pawn that star, my dreams came true.”

  63. I too am a lover of potato salad or as it is fondly called around this house pot sal — we like a tangy variety with a vinegar based dressing (just a touch of mayo)

    And Trump is still prancing around fluffing the birther issue and d–kw– Romney doesn’t have a problem with that at all….I think that is permission for Democrats to start talking about Mittens magic underwear and all the other issues that people have with Mormons including their immense political donations that pass as tax exempt church b—sh–.
    And maybe it is time to talk about Mittens not so good a job with they Olympics and how many people feel he is nothing but a publicity hog and things could have been done better

  64. http://craigcrawford.com/2012/05/24/from-love-to-bingo-video/#comment-289947

    “I miss Patsi.”
    …. me too.
    Our doctors could do so much better, if they weren’t paid cut rate by the insurance companies. Health used to come before money, but that was a lot of years ago.

    Now people who are lucky enough to be working are usually cut to part time so they can take away their benefits. I blame that for the sky high insurance companies prices too — along with the atrocious price of drugs. I remember Patsi said she couldn’t buy the prescription she needed for a while, and that may have promoted her disease.

    They do employ a lot of the elderly in this state (partly because it’s growing (population wise) so fast.

    But, one things for sure: Even Medicare is not as good as they would have us believe. There’s lots of out of pocket medical costs owed even with it.

    I’m wishing you and your hubby a brighter future. Another example of ‘when bad things happen to good people’.

    …. and as for this: “I hate living in shame.”
    What your going through isn’t shameful — it’s injustice.

  65. Hey Nemo,
    “I miss Patsi.” OH man, daily! I miss Donna Summer too!! My dear, i’m so happy to see you! You know the Solarman is playing hooky..Yep, i was over at my BF Steve’s house and experiencing a little nightlife..Ah, we were out and about in downtown Orlando..How have you been? How’s your little Emma?

  66. jamie and xr, still groaning over your pawned star. the tune invaded what’s left of my brain and will rattle around all day ricocheting in its vast emptiness.


  67. how do i love thee potato salad? let me count the ways.
    but then beloved pommes de terre in any form, true comfort food.


  68. DNC Chair: ‘There Aren’t Going To Be Any Repercussions’ If Walker Wins In Wisconsin

    “It’s an election that’s based in Wisconsin. It’s an election that I think is important nationally because Scott Walker is an example of how extreme the tea party has been when it comes to the policies that they have pushed the Republicans to adopt,” Wasserman Schultz said. “But I think it’ll be, at the end of the day, a Wisconsin-based election, and like I said, across the rest of the country and including in Wisconsin, President Obama is ahead.”

    Democrats involved in the recall effort have been frustrated by the lack of support from the DNC, despite the late fundraising push. A party official in Wisconsin told the Washington Post that while the DNC has said the right things, they haven’t provided the financial support state forces had expected.

    Oh, I’ve always liked Debbie but she has become a poor excuse for a leader! Pass the buck Debbie! Wow as a UAW member i’m offended! Tell that to the people of Michigan, Ohio, Florida and South Carolina where there are terrible extremist anti-union Governors! No national implications, what is she smoking???

  69. BW,
    When my father in law was dying, he received a number of in home medical services that were funded by the government, medicaid I think.
    Both he and my mother in law equated these services with being on the dole, and it was a hard pill for them to swallow.
    Both Cheryl and I had to remind them that they had paid taxes, both state and federal for forty plus years partially to fund programs like these.
    I’m not sure that our arguments ever completely convinced them.
    There was and should not have been any shame in what they experienced. Likewise there is absolutely no shame in your situation.

    The shame if there be any, is living in a country that suddenly, and with malice of forethought is attempting to void its social contract. :sad:

  70. Tony,

    There damn sure are national implications. Rove and his ilk would not be spending millions if that were not the case. They will use the outcome of this election against dems. and the President in every way possible. This is about nothing less than a public reaffirmation of union busting,anti-education,
    poor public policy and worse fiscal policy that republicans love so much.And they are going to win.

    The position of the DNC on this is a very good reason to support individual candidates and screw the party structure.

  71. Hi… we had a really nice vacation… even when it was raining. The azaleas and rhododendrons were in full bloom all over the Cape… spectacular! Had a great time yesterday with OldSeaHag. The pina coladas were delicious!

    We leave our bird feeders out when we’re gone and the bear was nice enough to leave them alone all week. Fifteen minutes after we got home last night, Rick screamed, “there’s two huge bears taking down the feeders”. I ran out on our second floor porch and yelled at them… they ran off into the woods. But the brats made off with our suet feeder… again. Probably a couple of siblings.

  72. BlondeW… you show plenty of dignity on this blog. IMO, shame should only be felt when someone does something wrong… that’s not you or your husband. Blessings to both of you… and bologna.

    ps… Debra Wasserman Shultz is an incompetent idiot.
    and that’s a fact… not opinion.

  73. ps… Debra Wasserman Shultz is an incompetent idiot.
    and that’s a fact… not opinion.

    I suspect that her time as chairman will be very brief.

  74. Flatus…. ((((((((((((FLATUS)))))))))))))

    I can’t express how very sorry I am. Wish I could hug you in person. All my love goes out to you. Stinky is an angel.

  75. flatus, deepest sympathy. from all you have written of her, she has left you warmly embraced with many wonderful memories. i hope they will help you thru the hard days to come.

  76. Flatus,

    I’m so very sorry for your loss.

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


  77. Flatus.

    I have noticed how you have been preparing your family for this day: The way that you take care of them; the way that you took care of Stinky; the way that you have led your life with Stinky is admirable.!! She must have been one of the happiest people on mother earth.

    Your Brother in arms…..Solar, with a hug and a salute for you Both.

  78. I’ve been removing the things from Stinky’s billfold that need removing before I give it to our granddaughter Crystal. The first item I came across was the neatly printed out ID card on the form prepared by Buxton. There was no zip code and no area code back then. It’s an old billfold.

    On the back side is:
    This article is made of the finest of materials, and is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship.
    Buxton Inc., Springfield, Mass.”

    I’ll leave that card in the bill fold. Or maybe I should have it framed. :)

  79. Oh, Flatus…I’m so sorry. Your relationship with Stinky is so special…a beacon of light to us all. My heart goes out to you, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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