Less Fear, More Desire, Please

Politics, like life, is mostly about fear and desire.

There are campaigns about desire – Barack Obama’s hopeful appeal in 2008, Bill Clinton 1992, Ronald Reagan 1980, John F. Kennedy 1960.

Those are the best elections, allowing us to reclaim the spirit of our original nature as Americans, as a people intent on making a better world.

But then there are the campaigns about fear. George W. Bush’s reelection was all about telling us terrorists would invade the neighborhood mall if he and Dick Cheney were not kept it charge.

Sadly, President Obama has traded desire for fear in this election. His camp is running more than a thousand ads a week in battleground states scaring voters about the prospects of a Mitt Romney presidency. But nothing positive about what our future holds if he’s reelected.

Reclaim desire, Mr. President. Otherwise, your second term won’t be worth having.

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  1. The opposite of fear is not desire, it is love.
    Desire is ego-driven, love is not. So, yes, all politics is about fear or desire.

    This time around, Obama’s empty-suitedness is showing. (Well, I always saw what wasn’t there, I just suspect others can now see what isn’t there more easily.)

    Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!

  2. I fully backed HRC in 2008 and was sorry to see her get pushed aside in favor, IMHO, of the lesser candidate. Now as Sec. of State she had to endure this crap:


  3. You are totaly correct Craig.

    I wouldn’t expect Romney to talk about the presidents achievements, but I would expect the present to expound upon his successes. So why hasn’t he, why all the negative ads, especially inlight that negative ads are said to put-of Moderates? If the president points to GM as a being successful he also has to accept the thousands of people who lost their job when GM closes a number, about 1100, of their dealerships.

  4. One Thirty – Two O’Clock in the morning someone is pounding on your door. Not knowing if its a possible home invasion you go the the door with a gun in your hand to protect yourself and your property.

    You open the door someone yells gun and the next thing you know you are dead.

    You have just become a victim of murder by police under the color of law. The police say even though they pounded on the wrong door they found drugs in your apartment and that you pointed a gun at their officers who had to protect themselves.

    This happened in Lake County, Florida early Sunday morning. They pounded on the wrong door and did not announce that they were the police.

    Lake County Sheriff’s Department is defending the actions of their Officers who did not identify themselves as Police Officers and pounded on the wrong apartment.

    Because there were some drugs in the house its now the victims fault that he died when he believed that he was doing the correct thing by answering his door early in the morning from a possible home invasion by having a gun to protect himself.

    How many more citizens will be murdered by Police under the Color of Law before We the People demand a stop to these Fascist Police Tactics?

    These Officers who murdered this man will walk as they always do when they kill an innocent person when they make mistakes. It always the victims fault and never theirs for their mistakes and as I posted the link where a person arrested for drugs now have to prove their innocence instead of the State proving their guilt we are now one step closer to a Total Police State.

    The Lt. Governor is complaining that a worker who was fired and said the reason was because she caught the Lt. Governor in a compromising position with a co-worker now is in the position of having to prove her innocence when your suppose to be innocent until proven guilty is wrong.

    When the shoe is on a Republican IOKIYAR but not if your anyone else. We have to prove our innocence but a Republican does not.

    So everybody is mad at the President and if he does lose this election don’t complain when the rest of our Constitution is shredded by Republicans.

    You will after all have the Government you truly deserve.

    Have a great day.

    PS: Sorry for the bandwidth Craig.

  5. When we still had a 4th Amendment, I used to deal with the police trespass and police invasion cases Mr. Paranoid wrote about.

    A case like Lake County, FL can depend on whether the invaders wore uniforms. And, whether or not they planted the dope.

  6. I’ve enjoyed Craig’s style for a while now, and this is my first comment.

    There are always exceptions depending on the mood of the voters, but you’re either talking about your record, the future or some combination.

    I have no inside information, but my hunch would be that at the convention, the campaign is going to pivot and you’ll see the President talk about the future and a second term (that’s how I would play it). Right now, they are sowing the seeds of doubt in voters’ minds.

    The Romney campaign has walked right into this and Republicans should be disappointed with the way they have handled things. How, after running for President for 5 years, you do not have a cogent strategy to deal with his tenure at Bain and/or the tax return issue is beyond me.

    The Obama campaign has a simple strategy right now, they’ve neutralized health care (Romneycare was the model), they’ve neutralized foreign policy (see OBL), and now they are trying to neutralize the economy.

  7. AP your story is interesting but you left out a few important points. The SO was looking for a murder suspect, they found his motorcycle in front of the apartment. They knocked on the door and yes they didn’t announce themselves but they also didn’t enter the apartment. The victim, an armed drug dealer, came to the door with gun in hand and was shot and killed. The SO then entered the apartment to secure the crime scene and discover drugs and paraphernalia. The murder suspect was found and arrested in the next apartment.


  8. http://craigcrawford.com/2012/07/16/less-fear-more-desire-please/#comment-293151 “The opposite of fear is not desire, it is love.
    Desire is ego-driven, love is not.”

    Hi Blue,
    … always like to read what you have to say. This one made me think a little, and I have to say that I would think that ‘security’ is the opposite of fear, not love (even though love makes us feel more secure — don’t expect we’ll be getting much of that from any politicians though) :).

    I don’t think wanting to feel secure is ego-driven, and I don’t think that its simply desire either (or love). I see wanting to feel secure as part of our instinct for survival.

    In our economy and social structure — which is based on money (for survival) — … well, if we don’t have any, then it is inevitable that we feel fear when we can’t be sure of our future security. It’s the nature of the beast.

    So here we are, still surviving at the mercy of those with the money. Whoever wins this election will not change that.

  9. I don’t believe that Romney is a bad man. I do believe he is over privileged and tone deaf, with a sense of entitlement. So many of his statements come across as arrogant versions of “the help is getting uppity again” as if the public had no right to question his actions or motives and should just vote for him on faith.

  10. Right now, they are sowing the seeds of doubt in voters’ minds.

    russell, yeah, after prepping the ground with the requisite fertilizer.

    welcome aboard and kudos on your maiden speech.

  11. “all politics is about fear or desire.”

    I do completely agree with this. Science of behavior: reward vs. punishment.

  12. Movingon…

    They did not knock on the door. They pounded on the door. They later said they found pot and pipes in the apartment.

    The suspect they were looking for was for attempted murder with a concrete or cinder block I believe and was found at a different apartment in the complex.

    I have not seen or heard on any news reports that the person shot was a drug dealer or if he even had any kind of arrest record as yet.

    So at this point both of your fact are incorrect. Witnesses stated that the police did not state that they were police officers when they pounded on his door and even though they were in uniform there was no way the victim could see that they were police from the picture on the news showing the front of his residence.

    There has already been several cases where police in face covered uniforms broke into wrong houses and killed people who were only trying to defend themselves from what appeared to them to be home invaders. In fact one was a veteran in a drug raid gone bad since they illegally entered the wrong house where they shot and killed him for trying to defend himself.

    I will watch the news for your fact that the victim was indeed as you say a drug dealer, but from what news I have seen on all three (ABC,CBS and NBC) network channels this has not been stated.

    I have a scale because I metal detected at one time and used it to weight the jewelery I would find. I also have baggies which I used for lunches when I was working or out detecting. I also have pain medication for my bad back by the way. And as to a pipe I use to smoke a pipe so does that make me a drug dealer? I think not though according to the police they would say of course he was a dealer.

    The story you linked stated pretty much what I said above. I will see what the noon news says which is starting right now.

    Have a great day.

  13. They just had the story on the news at ABC and the victim had just got home from work shortly before he was shot and killed by the deputy.

    They still say that neighbors say the deputies did not announce they were deputies and that they did bang on the door or pounded like I stated.

    A neighbor said the victim was known as a gentle person and that he was the one who gave the victim Scott the gun he had for protection.

    There was no mention of the so called drugs or anything to suggest he was a drug dealer. As usual the police are lying to cover up their mistakes that cost an innocent man his life.

    My uncle was a Chicago Police Officer for over thirty years before retiring and even he would not believe how law enforcement has changed into what it is today.

    Hell, I more scared about being stopped by police then being mugged since they are so trigger happy these days I’m afraid they would shoot me for any reason in their sick minds.

    I grew up respecting Police Officers but today that is no longer true. And I can understand now why they are called pigs since they act like pigs.

    I apologize to anyone whom may be offended by what I say, however I stand by my words.

    Have a great day.

  14. I see that Microsoft has divorced NBC. At best, it was a marriage of convenience–for which side, I don’t know.

  15. AP,

    I found it strange the victim opened the door in the first place. What did he think was going on, did he think he was going to be a tough guy and wave his gun in someone’s face, or did he mean to shoot whoever it was pounding on his door? By going to the door with a gun in hand, coupled with the fact the SO was looking for a murderer, is the reason the SO shot him. You have got to put yourself in the SO deputies shoes, looking for a murderer, go to door, pound on door, man opening door with a gun in his hand. Fraction of a second for your mind to process what you are witnessing; shoot or don’t shoot. I’m sure your uncle, being an old Chicago style cop, knows the old saying. Better be tried by 12 than carried by 6. And yes I seriously doubt if there will be any formal charges filed against the SO deputy who shot him.

    Maybe you are to young to remember, but today’s cops are choirboys when you compare them to the cops in the mid 60’s to early 70’s: 1968 Democratic convention, Philadelphia PD’s Rat Pack, DC PD’s Special Demonstration Units trained to physically disrupt and arrest demonstrators, NYC PD, LA PD, San Francisco PD, and we didn’t even mention what went on in various parts of the South.

  16. I do believe he is over privileged and tone deaf, with a sense of entitlement. So many of his statements come across as arrogant versions of “the help is getting uppity again” as if the public had no right to question his actions or motives

    Did you say the same of John Kerry?

    So many of Romney’s statement are taken out of context.

    I believe everyone running for POTUS should undergo a thorough scrutiny. They should be totally vetted from the age of 18 up until they throw their hat into the ring. But it has to be fair and unbias, no one should be given preferential treatment for any reason.

  17. Movingon…John Kerry did not grow up as a child of privilege in the way Mitt Romney did. He is extremely wealthy now, but much of it is his wife’s wealth…though all senators and congressmen seem to end up wealthy after a short while in office these days. Miracles abound! 😕

    I see nothing honorable in the way Mitt Romney created his personal wealth, and I DO want to see his tax returns…lots of them! I want to see what he claimed his occupation to be in 2000, 2001, 2002, in addition to getting a better idea of how he’s managed his financial life.

  18. Once again the person the SO were looking for was wanted for attempted murder and was not a murderer, and they did not shoot him when they found him.

    We have had many home invasions here in Florida where they would knock on the door and when it would be partially opened too see who it was two to four people would force their way in and beat and rob the tenants. Sometimes even murdering them.

    And I do remember the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as I am 66 years old. In fact I remember the police having a shoot out with a criminal in the house next door to where I lived at in the fifties where the killed the person.

    If the SO would have announced that they were law enforcement the person they killed would not be dead. But then this is just like the Trayvon Killing where the only story you will get is the one by the people still alive.

    And yes what Daley and the Chicago PD did at the convention was totally out of line as was what happened at Kent State when the National Guard opened fire and killed peaceful protesters.

    Too many times the police have gotten away with murder and they will in this case as well. I’m entitled to my opinion as are you yours. You will not convince me that they had no other choice. I say they did and if they would have identified themselves as law enforcement before the door was opened a young man would not be dead.

    Have a great day.

  19. from Daily Kos…. (They suggest that “socialism works.”)

    On July 1, Canada Day, Canadians awoke to a startling, if pleasant, piece of news: For the first time in recent history, the average Canadian is richer than the average American.

    According to data from Environics Analytics WealthScapes published in the Globe and Mail, the net worth of the average Canadian household in 2011 was $363,202, while the average American household’s net worth was $319,970.

    A few days later, Canada and the U.S. both released the latest job figures. Canada’s unemployment rate fell, again, to 7.2 percent, and America’s was a stagnant 8.2 percent. Canada continues to thrive while the U.S. struggles to find its way out of an intractable economic crisis and a political sine curve of hope and despair.

  20. Seems to me that in a Stand Your Ground state, banging on someone’s door at 2 in the morning without announcing that you are the police is simply stupid. I’m betting that if the deceased had shot one of the police, the story would have been that they did announce that they were police. That’s usually the first thing out of their mouths isn’t it? I mean really, what good comes from a 2:00 a.m. knock at the door? Of course, at 2:00 in the morning, who doesn’t ask “who’s there?” when someone knocks on the door?

  21. Hi pogo…

    The legal analyst on ABC just said that he believes a wrongful death lawsuit against the Lake County SO and Officer is probably going to happen. He also stated that he believed the lawsuit would be won as well.

    He stated that the victim Scott had every right to be in his home at the time and every right to answer the door carrying a gun for protection.

    There was no door id peep hole for the victim to see through and the only way to know who was at the door was to open it.

    I would guess that Movingon is somehow involved in law enforcement because of his strong support of the SO and how they handled it. There are many good Police Officers out there and there are also a lot of trigger happy Cops as well. They give the good officers a bad name and indeed many are trigger happy.

    This was a case of bad police work if not bad police policy. And too many times we have seen death by police under the color of law that was in my opinion nothing less than murder.

    Its time that they are held responsible for their actions just like us common folk are held responsible for ours.

    Question pogo…did you see the comment I left in the last thread I believe about the Florida Supreme Courts ruling that someone charged with a drug offense must now prove their innocence instead of the State proving their guilt? And if so what do you think about it?

    Have a great day.

  22. Thanks for the link, Jamie. I had it in my mind to challenge the methodology in the G&M piece, and its conclusions, but the paper’s readers did an excellent job of fulfilling that function in the ‘comments’ section.

  23. harborwoman

    John Kerry did not grow up as a child of privilege in the way Mitt Romney did. He is extremely wealthy now, but much of it is his wife’s wealth…though all senators and congressmen seem to end up wealthy after a short while in office these days.

    Well several things. JK married into wealth 2 times. First wife was fairly well off. Theresa is just plain filthy rich thanks to her late husband passing. Also JK did not come from the same wealth as Romney but his family was higher middle class. I suspect in today’s term his father would be making @160K plus. I don’t recall if his mother worked although she was a nurse and was a member of the Forbes family. JK went to boarding schools and eventually went to some Ivy League school, I think Yale. So maybe JK came from an upper upper middle class family.

    Romney’s tax returns, lol. Whatever is on them I will bet my last cent he gives more as a % of his wealth to charity than let’s say Al Gore, Biden, or the President Obama. He certainly make more than them with the exception of maybe Al Gore. Tax loopholes who doesn’t use them??? If you own a home and paying on a mortgage that is loophole, if you drive the Volt that is a loophole if you use solar power are grow Christmas trees those are also loop holes. If you run a business, have rental property, have Section 8 housing…there are loop holes abound. Now you can say he has Swiss bank accounts, accounts in the Bahamas but they are all legal and have to be reported to the IRS and remember this if you don’t legally shelter every last dime from the tax man you are foolish. They key word there is, legally.

  24. We have had many home invasions here in Florida

    In fact FL is the home of the home invasions, thanks to the Cocaine Cowboys of the 80’s and those who wanted the mountain of money stored at their safehouse. Things were so much safer when it was just pot back in the early 70’s. Amazing how a few years will totally change the landscape. But you know what they say: “Never take a knife to a gunfight and never bring money to a drug deal.” Or so I have been told ❓ 😳

  25. Thanks for the greetings.

    One more piece of unsolicited advice to the Romney campaign:

    The reason why the tax return/Bain thing matters:

    Dear Mitt: You are running for president of the USA, and this position is very unique as it is the commander in chief of the most powerful army on Earth. Other elected officials could get away with a return or two, but when running for Prez, it’s different, sorry it just is. And, if you can’t figure this out, how are you going to figure the most complex economic/foreign policy predicaments the world has ever known.

  26. When you have as little to lay claim to as Obama does, you can’t run on your record, you can’t say stay the course when there is no course to stay. So all you can do is tear down the opponent and make the case that he is worse than you are. That is what I’ve been seeing from Obama.
    As I said a long time ago it is gonna get ugly and so far we are right on course.

    The strange thing I’ve also been seeing is Obama doing everything in his power to energize his base and this is a month before the convention(shrug)
    That is not the way Democrats win election, that is the way Republicans win elections.


  27. willard’s chief brag is that he is a successful businessman who created jobs.

    Now, he is forced to claim that he wasn’t involved in that successful business, but was just a parasite. Plus, that successful business only grew jobs for the murderous maoist marxist socialistic commie red state Chinese.

    Slick willard is burnt toast.

  28. Movingon…I said not one word about Romney’s use of tax loopholes. I said I want to see lots of his tax returns. Specifically, I’d like to see what he listed as his occupation in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

  29. Romney’s tax returns, lol. Whatever is on them I will bet my last cent he gives more as a % of his wealth to charity than let’s say Al Gore, Biden, or the President Obama.

    movi, the extent of what he gives to his church (if it’s not the required tithe) may have something to do with his reluctancy to disclose. that and the signature on the sec documents issue.

  30. Good morning — couple of observations.

    We received notice from hubby’s insurance company, that they beleive they are grandfathered from the new Obamacare law with regard to payment of colonoscopy, mammogram, etc. Insurance pigs continue.

    On Bain’s website in addition to outsourcing their prize tool is OFFSHORING! Euphemistic corporate verbs to define the screwing of the middle class.

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