9 thoughts on “CNN Should Pull This Ad [VIDEO]”

  1. wooo I wonder what Anderson Cooper will have to say about this..hooo

  2. How could cooper let his salary be paid by an ad campaign that he has spent hours proving to be false

  3. i saw this add on MSNBC during the Olympics. It is as if someone went into an insane asylum and gave money for them to make ads.

  4. This is such total garbage. As someone asked recently, “Who would he pay the money to ‘seal’ the documents”. Really CNN should just reject it out of hand if only to remain credible as a news outlet.

  5. Craig I never doubt your integrity for you have demonstrated beyond reproach thus far.

    It is sad that power houses put the honest ones on a defensive.

    In all candor, I feel cheap journalism is comparable to street walker.

    Whatever happened to JUST PRESENT THE NEWS, don’t dumb down the listener.

    Enough said, Keep up your good work.

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