Elvis is Back, and Way Off Teleprompter

From my Bill Clinton speech notebook:

  • Only downside: So many Dems thinkin Why can’t Barack do that?
  • Nobody else can say “Let’s talk about the debt” at 11:14 pm — and people cheer
  • Eastwood must be spinning in his chair
  • For the record, brass line not in text. He is unplugged and headin out where the busses don’t run
  • He must be determined to outlast the NFL game – or maybe the whole season
  • Next time they cheer “4 More Years” it’ll be to repeal the 22nd Amendment
  • Teleprompter operator taking a smoke break
  • He’s riffing so much he’s only halfway thru his text
  • poor fact checkers, now they gotta spend the night studying 52 years of employment data

10 thoughts on “Elvis is Back, and Way Off Teleprompter”

  1. Great speech, but Clinton is laying out his policy desires. I wish Obama had taken on Clinton’s agenda. The fact that it’s basic reality has escaped Obama is one of the major reasons that I believe Obama doesn’t deserve a second term.


  2. Guess we should have elected Hillary in 2008…duh…but today is what it is…Obama 2012…Hillary 2016…

  3. I heard a mention that Biden got bumped for Bill’s speech.
    Biden didn’t look happy…hope it doesn’t creat another rift in the party. All those people who came out and gave short speeches were good ammunition since they kept changing their topics – first women, then jobs, then women, etc.

    Jack, Do you think Mitt deserves a first chance?

    I saw a little bit of Carly Fiorina – what a ghastly woman

    I started laughing after a while cuz you could tell he was enjoying getting all his thoughts out making the repubs eat their dinner. He wasn’t aboout to stop till he had exposed all the things the media and others weren’t interested in paying to. You go, Bill.

  4. Oh yeah. Craig commented on how many dems are wondering why O can’t do what Bill just did. Bill did more than make a speech and get people excited – he put on a performance because he is super energized and his brain works so much faster than others, and he listens and watches and draws conclusions. He knows exactly what he thinks and wants and he concentrates on the harmony of ideas and needs and wants.
    He wants this country to be what it can be if people care about making it work – he is so passionate about that and I agree with him completely. The founding fathers really didn’t know exactly what they were creating, but they had a hunch they might be on to something. They couldn’t have guessed what we would have today, but they thought they had some basics down pat, and went for it.

    If dems are waiting for another Bill Clinton, they are sol.

    Scalia = Lord North maybe?

  5. The fact that it’s basic reality has escaped Obama is one of the major reasons that I believe Obama doesn’t deserve a second term.

    Yep, Jack,
    I have to agree..Don’t know how i will be voting in Nov, well i know i won’t vote for Romney/Ryan, yep, i want my Medicare someday. I’m still leaning on voting Green Party but if its close in Florida i may vote for President Obama but it won’t be because he deserves to be re-elected that’s for sure..Thanks so much for keeping it real as you help me feel sane in a world of partisan rah rah..

  6. From every perspective, this was an epic speech. President Clinton made the case just like a country lawyer in an episode of Matlock which is why he connects with people.

    This is the type of speech Republicans are wishing Chris Christie gave at their convention. But for whatever reason, limitations on his ability to distill issues, too distracted by his ambitions, or maybe he’s just plain overrated, did not give.

    But back to President Clinton. He was able to do 2 things effectively: First, he connected the Romney-Ryan campaign to the Republican policies of the past that created the mess. He did this in a subtle way to prevent the critique that “there you go blaming President George W. Bush again.” The tax cut presentation was incredibly stinging. Cutting taxes 5 trillion dollars? How are you going to pay for that? a. close loopholes? they don’t say; b. cut all domestic programs while giving more money to the pentagon that wasn’t requested? or probably c. cut taxes, no cutting of spending just like they always do and explode the deficit. Here’s the key part and it’s where President Clinton excels, he goes the extra step by saying “so the interest payments take up more and more of YOUR tax dollars so we can’t spend it on science and technology, etc.”

    Second, he made the case for the President Obama’s record. The administration saved the auto industry which the Obama campaign likes to say every chance they get. But the master again goes the extra step. President Clinton says all of the auto parts manufacturers were saved which is why all of the other auto makers were in favor of it saving jobs in FL, OH, and elsewhere. President Clinton gave a great explanation of the ACA tying it to Medicare and while political junkies marvel at his way of crystalizing the issue, most people will remember the line about “brass” which suits the purpose just as well.

    What does this all mean? This is important for Obama Campaign surrogates. Hopefully they were taking copious notes because this is the effective Clinton-Carville-Begala way of the rapid response that cross examines the Romney campaign and presents a case in chief for Obama.

    One final word about the speech: Not one anti-business word in the speech. Brilliant. Which takes me to Elizabeth Warren, someone should have read over her remarks. Not sure if she’s ready for prime time. I do not think she is going to win – just a little too much, she would do well if she listened to President Clinton and adjusted her message accordingly. But, probably not.

    Just dispatch President Clinton to FL and VA every chance he gets. OH I’m not so worried about from a Democrat perspective. Those two places, especially FL. Don’t repeat the Gore campaign’s mistake. Let President Clinton talk to Floridians. It’s virtually impossible for Romney to win without FL.

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