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Consider this thread our Trail Mix Debate Prep. I am in tech mode right now, but of course please continue the political dialogue within.

After a few failed efforts to build a live chat room for our event parties, we finally have one that seems promising. Join us Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 8:45pm EST, for the next Presidential Debate.

I found some fantastic folks in India who are helping me build a custom chat room. We worked all weekend on this. Give it a go by clicking “Chat” in the menu bar below logo at the top of this page, or go directly to

About the Popup Box: In the bottom right corner you will find something new, a popup Chat box. Click it and you will see a list of all users, including unregistered guests, currently on the site. Click it again to minimize. If this box bugs you, open it and click the green button next to the mute button (for turning off sound notifications), then click the gray offline button that appears in top right corner to close the popup. You will then see only a green button in the corner that can be clicked anytime to re-open and follow what’s happening in the chat room. But, as always, to see full-screen chat go to the “Chat” button at the top of the main page under the logo.

For those who prefer our traditional comment threads, do not fear. They will always be here for registered users and, unlike chat room messages, part of our permanent archive. Unregistered users can participate in the chat room.

103 thoughts on “Chat Room Beta”

  1. Um…Craig…I can’t believe you took a page out of the Bain Capital playbook and outsourced your technical support needs….I’m vvvveeeerrrryyyy disappointed in you…lol

  2. httpv://

    Sunday Sublime.

    For those who are getting their first taste of cold and the white stuff. Enjoy!

  3. httpv://

    It would seem that William had a few irons in the fire on this day in 1066 😉

  4. Ohio Obama still six points ahead even after Mittens pretended he was an Ohio State Fan..

    and Rob Portman spinning like a top –about their ground game ..since whatever they have this year is better than the nothing of 2008 –sure they have made more phone calls but according to the polls they still have less votes

  5. KGC,

    Republicans are at a loss to explain the Ohio polls.

    All they can do is spin, and suppress. That may be the ground game he was referring to.

    Obama may not have a swing state firewall, but Mitt remains among the ranks of the unemployed if he doesn’t get Ohio.

  6. Buzz Bissenger baby of the year
    He publishes his vote on the presidential campaign including his anguish over voting for Rmoney and saying he was a lifelong dem etc
    well quel surprise he got a lot of mail and some of it not very nice and now he is saying ALL LIBERALS are represented by his letter writersl

    he deserves all the crap and more

  7. Candy Crowley has already decided what happened in Benghazi and she has sided with Rmoney –she needs to take herself out of this debate

    What part of Admiral Mullen is trying to find out what happened don’t you understand

    Candy Crowley -now talking to the Ed Gillespie and enabling him to lie and promote the lies of Rmoney

    Benghazi is only an issue if you let the goopers lie about what happened or is happening

    Why are the goopers calling Admiral Mullen incompetent
    and engaging in a cover-up

  8. Ed Gillespie trying to pretend the first pres debate wasn’t about style

  9. In the last debate – Obama addressed the American public this time he will address Mittens directly and ask him what would America be like today if Mittens had been elected in 2008

    No American car industry
    No Affordable Health care act
    – still insurance caps, no help for people with pre-existing conditions and constantly rising premiums with less to show for it

    No federal money for abortions and in many place no abortions

    Public schools would be the targets and public unions would be villanized even more.

    The Keystone pipeline would be being built

    What would Mittens have done differently
    according to his published plans the same thing Shrub did

  10. Candy Crowley – since you are such a fact checker —
    when Cardenas said the lie about medicare why didn’t you say something

    you are a terrible reporter and for you it is all about style
    The Paul Ryan of Reporters — Wexler offered an chance to talk about the numbers and you said –oh no too complicated –yuck

  11. I don’t expect Mitt to be much more coherent about Benghazi or Afghanistan than was Ryan. There are simply no numbers here to cook, and when they get out of that sphere they struggle mightily.

  12. Normally looks as such don’t matter to me that much but you would think that for a major morning show appearance before moderating a Presidential debate that Candy would have at least combed her hair.

  13. Rmoney is talking about bi-partisanship lol

    Rmoney is saying he worked with the Dem leg of mass

    more like they dragged him along — he HAD NO CHOICE

  14. question about the popup. is it annoying? the little thingie bottom right corner that says Chat. what i like about it is that if you click it you’ll see who is on site at the same time as you are. then just click the bar at the top or bottom to shrink it.

  15. I’ll let others vote, I can always mute if they like it. Also, it would be nice to have a way to get from the chat page to the main site.

    Not sure if an easy back and forth is possible, but would be nice to have.

  16. Arlen Specter always commanded attention, whether you liked him or not. He surely was a man who knew how Washington worked. I knew he was very sick , but I am sad to see he has passed.

  17. for those with questions or comments about our chat software, the developer, Guest Brandy, is now in the room to help. Click “Chat” at the top of this page under the logo to enter room

  18. Jamie, you can always click the logo at top of any page to get to the main page. But if you want to keep the chat window history best to open main page in a new window

  19. I don’t know how an active chat room (with more than 4 or 5 allowed talkers) could handle more than 60-users. But, then, I’m not a chat aficionado.

  20. Who is this person and where did they put Rupert Murdoch?

    Rupert Murdoch tweet: “Extreme inequality bad, and worse over last 4 years. Close tax rackets ((eg carried interest) and improve opportunity for all with schools.”

  21. Rupert never was a social far right loony; he was just crazy about money. I think you’re hearing the real Rupert.

  22. Flatus says:
    I don’t know how an active chat room (with more than 4 or 5 allowed talkers) could handle more than 60-users. But, then, I’m not a chat aficionado.

    the room will handle up to 60 allowed talkers Flatus. the rest of the site, including comments, will still work for those who can’t get into the chat room when it is full. that’s how it is supposed to work anyway. won’t know for sure until it happens.

  23. Flatus

    I think you are right, but you have to wonder about a man who professes one set of reasonable positions but then hires a slug like Roger Ailes.

  24. Flatus says:
    Craig, you’ve found a winner in tech supporter Brandy!

    yes the tech support with this company is simply awesome, never seen anything like it. and they’ve been doing all this custom code to meet our needs. It really is a few brilliant kids in India who started their own company. Here’s more about them

  25. I subscribe to the print edition of the Journal. Have, off and on, for many years. I have never payed much attention to the editorial page, but recognized that it was the campfire around which well-to-do corporate bosses circled their advertising wagons.

    The real soul of the paper is reflected in the independence awarded their outstanding staff of reporters who have created a marvelous general newspaper with a weighting towards business.

    I have not read the print Sunday Times since they made their pdf edition unaffordable. In any case, given a few more years of maturation and love, the Saturday Journal could be its match as the weekly national newspaper for the entire family.

    Rupert has made the Journal better for all of us.

  26. It’s not giving the option to delete or change avatar. The image that shows up is no longer among my Gravatar images, but I can’t post the one the one I prefer.

  27. Craig, if you’ll go to task manager after exiting everything, check to see if chat is still running. In my case it is. That makes me uncomfortable. Closing it manually works, but I’d like knowing what processes are involved just to make sure they all get closed. I suppose I’m just being a worry wart.

  28. Not to take anything away from that fool/daredevil’s feat, but the speed of sound that everyone is touting is at sea-level. As the atmosphere thins, then the ‘speed-of-sound’ rises dramatically.

  29. Jackpot … That did it. One cow. It doesn’t wag its tail and toss its head as when I use it on Twitter, but I’ll take what I can get.

  30. Flatus, when i close out of the blog, or even switch to another site while in the same brower, i don’t find chat in my task bar. chat is supposed to only run while the blog is open.

  31. and btw Flatus, “Chat Room Beta” is the headline of this post. if that’s what you’re seein in Task Manager that’s just this page, not the chat room itself

  32. Craig…

    I’m with Flatus and would like to have the chat close when I am not on it. It remains running showing the little chat bar and online users even though I am not on the chat page.

    I too would like to have it not running when I’m not on the chat page and there is no close button to completely close it when I prefer to be here and not have it running in the background.

    But since this is a Democracy I’ll let everyone else decide about this.

    Have a great evening.

  33. Anon, see “About the Popup Box” in my main post above. You can go offline from chat and have nothing to worry about.

    If this box bugs you, open it and click the green button next to the mute button (for turning off sound notifications), then click the gray offline button that appears in top right corner to close the popup. You will then see only a green button in the corner that can be clicked anytime to re-open

    Once you’ve chosen to go offline it will stay offline when you return to page using same browser and login.

  34. Craig…

    That seems to have worked, thanks.

    When I watch the live stream from the link I posted for the last debate the site has a chat box which closes after 25 minutes if there is no activity so its not running while watching the stream.

    Also the other link I have you have to log in to see the chat which of course I do not do since its hard to keep up with and watch the stream.

    I also find its hard to even keep up reading the chat and listening to the stream since it moves so fast.

    I am paranoid that if someone hacks the running chat in the background that they could also compromise my computer though if may not happen, but the possibility will exist.

    It’s nothing on you, just leaves me nervous that’s all.

    Have a great evening Craig.

  35. Trail mix is the first comment forum I liked which was not a chat room. I settled for the commenting format but it doesn’t move as fast as I like….the chat is cool.


  36. Anon, rest assured i pay a lot of attention to security issues when adding features here. These chat software guys were recommended to me by one of the best IT guys I know, from CQ days. He vouched for their legitimacy, said they are absolute geniuses and rising stars in their young world. So far, I agree.

    Sturg, glad you “old timers” are warming to this new thingie. What I like about this chat feature is that lurkers are showing up there. When TM veterans see them pop up and I’m not around please engage and talk them into the fold.

    Also, Flatus and Anon, the neat thing about the chat popup if you keep it open is that you can see who is on the site when you are here, in case you want to address a comment or chat to them. Also you can start a private (never archived) chat with another user by clicking their name from there.

  37. if this were a dance bar i’d say the chat room is the public space, and the comment section the VIP room where george clooney serves the really good champagne

  38. Well, for two weeks in a row at least 2 of the top 5 college teams got knocked off. LP was a little bummed about WVU getting popped, but the announcers had it right (as did the guy who helped me take crap to the dump yesterday) without a defense, they couldn’t expect to keep winning.

  39. Hi Anon,
    I just caught and thanks for the info regarding Volusia county and the absentee ballots. Amazing how fragile are voting system is..

  40. If this were a dance bar located at a fish camp which had long ago outlawed Hazelnut Coffee and which happened to have found itself to be on the banks of one of those lazy-ass inland florida rivers this would then be the place from which the strains of Wilson Pickett impersonators would bleed through to that other place where they played the likes of Miles, Duke, Count, Louis, Ruby, Billie, Besse, Ella, Artie Shaw, Edie Gorme, Mel Torme, Boths of them Dorsey’s, Dinah Washington, Etta James, Mahalia Jackson, Kate Smith, Ethel Merman, Streisand, Diana Ross, Jobim, and Oscar Rodriguez. Or something.

    And Doris Day, Patti Page, Theresa Brewer, Brenda Lee, Jo Stafford, Joni James, Peggy Lee, and lemme see, there was about 8 more….gimme a second…..

  41. And there would be just past the box office a hat-check room. Coats, guns, and stuff like that, knives shorter than the minimum, etc.

  42. Hey Craig,

    I appreciate all you do for all of us and I hope you didn’t take what I said the wrong way.

    I have been having an issue for a while now with people calling me and asking for a woman who I do not know. The problem is when I tell them that no one lives here by the name they give they then ask if the number (my number) they called is correct.

    I tell them yes it is and I have had it for over 15 years but no one by her name lives here and I know no one by that name.

    Also there has been a lot of the (name) or current residence with my address showing up in my mailbox.

    I bought this home last year and the people I bought it from was not the name I am seeing show up and it has me bothered.

    I already ran a credit check and everything looks fine there so it looks like some one is using this persons name with my address and phone number. So I hope you can understand why I’m a little freaked about chat software running in the background.

    I take your word that the sites secure, I’m just being me that’s all.

    Have a great evening.

  43. tony…

    Your welcome.

    They have already set up another voter registration scam in ten more states so I have to guess that almost every county here in Florida has been tainted by fraudulent voter registration forms.

    Looks like the Reich Wing Repugs are working real hard to steal another election.

    Have a great evening.

  44. tony…

    I find that what the Log Cabin Republicans did quite disgusting.

    They are doing more harm to the LGBT community then any Republican can do. They are why people are against equality for LGBT’s and they should be shunned for their actions.

    Have a great evening.

  45. All weekend long, I have heard about a cranky, old vice president…my first thought is “why are they talking about Dick Cheney?”

  46. Private Chat: We have enabled a feature that might be of use now and then to some. Click open the chat box (right bottom corner) and you can click anyone’s name you’d like to privately chat with (no archive, totally private). Nice way to have a sidebar with someone if you like. Note: Those with green dots are online and available for chat. Also, if you’d like to change your online status to idle, busy or offline, click the green dot top right corner and you’ll get a row of dots for doing that.

  47. Anon — and Flatus, I always welcome your vigilance with online security matters. Much as I do take care about these matters, we are out here on the cyber sea and need lookouts for leaks to keep us afloat!

    FYI: I maintain robust virus and spyware protection (you need both). Suggest everyone do the same. I have used Norton and Malwarebytes for years. They have served me well.

  48. Anon, I too experienced a Trojan slip with Norton few years ago, which is why I added Malwarebytes. For some reason none of the anti-virus protectors get the whole job done (why???) so we need both anti-virus and anti-spyware/trojan products. BTW, I frequently give this site a thorough search for any security issues (especially after installing new stuff like this chat software) and I rarely find anything to be concerned about. Some of the advertisers do plant cookies but they are benign, as I only use reputable ad brokers and amazon, who vet this stuff or they’d be in a heap of trouble.

  49. For future reference I have added instructions about the Popup Box in the pulldown menu with the “Help” button in navigation bar above (just below the logo). Also on that page, info about private chat. And added instructions about the chat room at the top of page at “Chat” in the same navigation bar. Please let me know if any of the instructions are unclear.

    That’s enough geeking for now. Back to my DVR’s of Boardwalk Empire and possibly Treme if I am still awake.

  50. Colorado Bob – Athens actually had a democracy for roughly 30 years. It was called a democracy in the other times but, it was really an aristocracy, oligarchy, or a monarchy.

    KGC – I have a feeling that Obama is going to do just as poorly in the upcoming debate. By the way, the Keystone pipeline is still being created. He is just starting from Texas to Canada rather than Canada to Texas.

  51. Like Mr. Paranoid, I had Norton for years until got a case of Black Screen of Death. That was #&$%@@% &$#*%# %*$%%@& expensive.

    Last winter I stupidly bought Kaspersky. Now I figure everything I do is read in Moscow. (R U reading this, you damnable putinescos ? Mind your own dam’ business !)

    I am also worried that Americans depend on superior Indian technology when building cyber dance bars. What have we come to ?

  52. Xrepub, here’s what we’ve come to. I spent a month experimenting in vain with a dozen or more chat programs, mostly American (I think) and not one ever responded to my tech questions. The India-based company (with a U.S. server) I’m now using for this feature not only was responsive, they INITIATED contact after I installed asking me if I needed help and have gone on to write custom code to fit my specs, and still are working on new ideas. Really awesome.

    Come debate night, when traffic is heavy, this one might not work either. But it won’t be because the developers didn’t give it their all.

  53. Craig,

    It is a sad commentary on the mark-time this nation experienced, and still experiences, since 1980.

  54. Demand side economics brought us technological hegemony.

    Supply side brings us red, white, and blue phones made in China, that communicate through Indian chatroom technology.

  55. Sorry about my urbane sprawl, Craig.

    I should have looked and tinied up after myself.

  56. oh it’s OK xrepub, these ugly urls are just an OCD pet peeve of mine after working so hard to provide a link button

    i dunno, the global economy is a fact of life. i’m not gonna shed tears that in this case after a really long search it took some smart kids in India with a small startup company to build what i was looking for and provide superior customer service

  57. under the pull-down menu at “Help” button above more about using the link button and other goodies at Comment Editing Tools

    Mqw, let me know if that’s not working in iPhone. Will investigate. So many platforms for a weary webmaster to keep up with these days. Ha, I miss the old days when we were all on desktops just using AOL.

  58. Linking instructions under Help button above in Comment Editing Tools pull-down sub menu: (if not clear, somebody help me rewrite, please)

    How to embed a link in your comment:
    1) Copy and paste the headline (or write any text you want to link) into your comment
    2) Copy the URL of the source your linking
    3) Highlight the text your linking in your comment with your cursor using your mouse.
    4) Click the link icon in the tool bar above the comment box.
    5) Paste the URL in the box that pops up (paste over the http:// in the pop-up). Then click OK.

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