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  2. bringing in the sheaves
    bringing in the sheaves
    we shall come rejoicing
    bringing in the sheaves….

  3. I don’t want it to be close at all
    but it would be pretty funny if Obamarama won the electoral college and Mittens was Mr.Popularity

    kinda the ultimate revenge for the Shrubbing in 2000

  4. I think that a split between the popular vote and the electoral vote would be the worst of all worlds.

    Al Gore had the decency to remain out of the public eye after the 2000 fiasco, Romney strikes me as the type who would form a shadow government, and republicans would support him.

    Far too many conservatives feel even today that Obama is not a legitimate president, a split would serve only to give them a talking point, and a rational for their continued obstruction.

    It is a sign, I think, of just how far Obama’s stock has fallen in recent weeks that this discussion has come up.

    At this point my greatest fear is that the numbers in the national polls will start to negatively effect the numbers in the swing state polls and the whole subject will be pointless, Romney will win.

  5. Aaaaaaccccckkkkk!

    bethy, well stated. i agree completely. both in regards to dealing with computers and in the angst generated by the latest political polls.

    jace and kgc, i hope that it is a clear landslide either way. clarity of which path the people want to take.
    and enough time for me to plan a party or pack my bags.

  6. as for the upcoming debate moderator, schieffer should say “gentlemen, i will not tolerate rudeness. you will abide by the agreed upon rules or else” reaching for and brandishing a vuvuzela in one hand and extra creamy coconut pie in the other.

  7. Holy collection plate! I noticed the ‘hand’ is married. I hope this is not some stock photo from a church that supports DOMA.

    I have contacted my pal and my pittance is on its way to Craig. I wish it could be in the thousands that is how much you have done for me.

  8. Jace…I am with you. The closer Rmoney gets to capturing the popular vote, the repug cheaters will try to pull The Floridian and let the fraud begin.

  9. Dancing with your chad hanging????

    You could be arrested for indecent exposure! 😉

  10. Thanks for asking about Bart the Hubby…he won’t get his results until next week, but he made it out of the scan place ‘uscathed.’

  11. patd…I found the story about the dump truck and the accident really odd. I mean, they remember the laughing faces of the truck drivers before they slammed into young Willard…I think they were implying the drivers were smoking marijuana (or most likely hash in France…Eurotom, please fact check me.). It could not be Willards driving, n’est pas?

  12. The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Thursday said that her husband and sons had not joined the U.S. military but had found “different ways of serving”

    Channeling Dick Cheney I guess. They always have ‘other priorities.’ Go figure.

  13. Jace, for the record, Arizona is the worst for indecent exposure…I hate traveling there and seeing civilian legs strapped with guns in public places.

  14. BW,

    We take the right to keep arms very seriously.

    Fortunately we take the right to bare legs very seriously as well.

    Unfortunately There is nothing quite like a 9 mm to detract from what would otherwise be a lovely and shapely pair of legs. 😉

  15. Ah, Jace, the right to bare arms…Michele Obama was toasted for going sleeveless at first~

  16. if you have great arms, bare ‘em.

    I guess that is the idea when the guns are worn as ‘jewelry’ in Arizona. Look at my great arms!

  17. As Lee Fang points out in his detailed analysis of the Romney investments

    “Many of these private equity–owned companies rely on federal and state contracts, from HIG Capital’s Hart Intercivic, a voting machine company, to EnviroFoam Technologies, a biological and chemical decontamination firm that does business with the US military and is owned by Peterson Partners, a private equity firm listed in the Solamere prospectus.”

    From a link in the previous thread. If I’m Obama I stay away from this personally and in the official campaign.

    That said, if a superpac wants to take it and run with it, well that’s what superpacs are for. Right?

    It wouldn’t be any more unfair than the Club for Growth ads that I’m suffering through here in AZ.

  18. I guess that is the idea when the guns are worn as ‘jewelry’ in Arizona. Look at my great arms!

    When in doubt accessorize. 😉

  19. Question.

    Is there still a DNC, and if so what do they do?

    Sorry I guess technically that’s two questions.

  20. “When in doubt accessorize.”

    I like a Street Sweeper in a conservative pin-striped hip caddy with matching clips. When I enter the Board Room this fashion statement says, “You know I mean business”.

  21. is it just my imagination or have the ubiquitous clean cut, upright young men in white shirts and skinny ties gone on hiatus until after the election? perhaps their missionary duty finds them doing the lord’s work more on robo calls, scanning voter lists nowadays and not knocking on doors.
    seriously, haven’t seen any on the streets since before the primaries.

  22. jace, could be too that market research showed too many negatives attaching to their image. didn’t want the voting public to be reminded of unwanted feet in the door.

  23. Craig: I tried twice to donate electronically but it wouldn’t work.

    Can I send you a check?

    I bought a book from Amazon a couple of weeks ago through the Trailmix link, if that helps. I buy a lot of books from Amazon so I just have to remember to use your link to do it.

  24. Nash…use the ‘donate’ button on the right above the advertising…the one on the main post doesn’t work.

  25. Dems are relaxing a bit as they think Obama is going to win. But I’m not so sure. Polls can be wrong. Voter suppression may be more effective than “experts” are estimating.

    If Romney wins, we all lose, including the rich people that Romney is determined to serve. He will utterly wreck the economy and all boats will sink. Rich people think they are immune; they would be in an ordinary recession but NOT in a depression.

    Most business CEOs don’t understand economics. Running an economy is very different than running a business. It’s like asking a star athlete to take over the job of coach. It’s a different set of skills; some could do it, most cannot.

  26. This time it worked.

    Now I am a PayPal member.

    This will make it easier to send money to all those Nigerian princes who keep sending me e-mails.

  27. Dex, I looked at the Huffpo article by your friend’s friend. My general impression is that he’s whistling in the wind as war affects so few people in our society.

    Now, if we had an _honest_ draft where there are only two ways into service, through the military academies, or a draft with separate enlisted and officer paths, then people will start taking their personal relationships with our military more seriously.

    I’ve said before, Afghanistan was a just war, but it should have been over ten years ago with a stunning victory by the Allies.

    As you can tell, I’ve had trouble getting motivated by the issue. Perhaps after Monday’s debate.

  28. i don’t think it should be a requirement that our leader served in some silly war of ours but there is something unseemly about someone being so hawkish when their daddies got them out of serving.

  29. I refuse to further acknowledge or write about the possibility of Romney winning.

    If too many people do it , then it is likely to become a self fulfilling prophesy.

    Should I begin to backslide, please feel free to remind me. 😉

  30. Thanks so much to all for your tithe.

    As the Old Testament says,

    “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple. If you do, I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in.”

  31. I am off in pursuit of a haircut.
    As of now I look too much like Dr. Zorba. Later

  32. Tithing is so much more civilized than human sacrifice. A great way to calm the gods who now promise you everything. But, as Steven Wright says…You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?

    That’s a lot of barns, Zorba!

  33. Didn’t bill Clinton do pretty much the same thing as Romney to stay out of Vietnam ,
    Joe Biden also took five student deferments

  34. I will open the windows of heaven for you

    quaint journalist’s way of saying “politics and government in the sunshine”

  35. House Republicans cut the administration’s request for embassy security funding by $128 million in fiscal 2011 and $331 million in fiscal 2012….Last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that Republicans’ proposed cuts to her department would be “detrimental to America’s national security” — a charge Republicans rejected.
    Ryan, Issa and other House Republicans voted for an amendment in 2009 to cut $1.2 billion from State operations, including funds for 300 more diplomatic security positions.

    [above from mother jones as quoted in daily kos article excerpted and linked below]

    As Romney and Ryan take turns slamming Obama over 4 Americans killed at our embassy in Libya, Paul Ryan voted to cut over $400 Million from foreign embassy safety funding. You know, funding used to prevent attacks from happening.
    The same goes for Darrell Issa, the GOP’s head witch hunter.

    They have the nerve to bitch that there should have been more protection at the embassy after they cut $400 Million from funding that would have provided more protection


  36. mqw

    But they were opposed to the war. Being a hawk and willing to send others to fight in a war that you won’t fight is just plain nauseating. Ones such Cheney and Romney who are willing for others to be crippled or die in the place while profiting from those deaths and injuries are beneath contempt.

    Then there is dear Anne equating religious mission to patriotic service to you country. You want to be religiously patriotic? Become a chaplain on a battlefield risking your life to comfort the dying.

  37. Can’t remember ever reading about bill or joe being big anti Vietnam war protestors

    Biden and Hillary voted for the Iraq war

  38. MQW, You must not have been listening if you don’t remember Clinton being anti-war. Maybe it was just so long ago. The disgust is that mitty thinks service to his church is the same as service to his country and to his belief tht the war ws a good and just war. This citizen of his country does not accept his service to his church as a service to me or mine or his country. He was helping himself and his church and nobody/nothing else. Biden and Hillary voted for Iraq and I agreed but that was because we believed Powell – and tht was another sin of tht administration!

    Frankly, I am coming to the conclusion that I hate
    mitty, and Idon’t know how long it’s been that I felt that way. If I believed in evil, I would state that he is evil. He serves himself and his family and his church only and uses the rest of us as tools
    to do so. A sociopath or psychopath might be described as doing the same, but they are really sick as ib brain-damaged, but mitty is just self-centered, self-serving, self-loving, selfish, and greedy. He’s not sick, just disgusting, a parasite.

    Craig, I tried to donate but both my credit cards
    were rejected. Idon’t have pay pal and really don’t want to. Can I senda check, please?

    I think you’re safe from me for a while cuz I have to get to the library before 4 since sunday and monday they’re closed!!

  39. “I think you’re safe from me for a while cuz I have to get to the library before 4 since sunday and monday they’re closed!!”

    Republican cost cutting measures no doubt. 😉

  40. Clinton ,the collage student was anti war ?
    Clinton the president surely wasn’t

  41. Patd,

    Your 2:50 pm would provide very good material for a debate on foreign policy, maybe we will have one.

    Clinton’s quote is especially damning.

    Ax big bird and embassy security funding, but leave those oil company subsidies alone. Peace through strength, just not at our embassies.

  42. Did you catch that half million dead Iraqi children
    No problem , it was worth it , was it ?

  43. MQW,

    You gotta’ do this chat thing, it would be great when you have the night watch.


  44. That was a damning statement by Hillary ,
    She didn’t have enough money to provide security for the ambassador ,
    But she sent him anyway ?
    Yea that’s pretty damn damning

  45. Obama and Hillary could have saved themselves and others a whole lot of grief by simply staying out Libya in the first place , it was somebody else’s civil war that had nothing to with us or our national security

    Gadaffi was bad , most of those fighting him was just as bad , they were in the process of killing each other off ,
    Looked like win ,win situation

  46. No she said if the funding was cut there could be problems and apparently there were. The ambassadors and others like him were going with or without the funding. They always have and they always will.

  47. How come I have to log in every time I turn my computer on/off?

    MQW, he was anti the Viet Nam war. He never claimed to be a big pacifist.

    Yes, we have a budget shortfall here, too, so I can get used to the library hours. Several years ago it was closed for several weeks at Christmas, which,ade me angry since we have plenty of college students who are still on the semester plan who probably had papers to work on. oh, well, needs must when the devil drives.

  48. Half million dead Iraqi children? And who was responsible for “Shock and Awe”. Bush/Cheney did it. Congress voted for it based on their phony information. We never should have gone in the first place. I said so at the time and I’m saying it a decade later. All involved have that on their conscience, but I blame the war mongering heartless without a transplant Cheney.
    Talk about proof the good die young.

  49. Bethy

    This is one area where we are totally in agreement. I am truly, actively disliking Romney and I know exactly when it happened. During the debate at the point where the President said he had called it a “terrorist act”, Romney turned and said, “Oh really” in a snide voice, smirked, and lifted one eyebrow, before turning to advance on Candy. I’ve seen the film several times, but no still of that expression. It was the look of such total disdain, privilege, and egotism that I wanted to slap him silly. I have reached loathing, and if the people of the US are stupid enough to elect that undeserving twit President, I’ll be writing this site from Canada.


    Bill Clinton opposed the War.
    Bishop Romney supported the War.
    Muhammad Ali opposed the War.

    Clinton dodged the draft and went to Canada.
    Bishop Romney use Religious Exemptions which he said he did not ask for and went to France.
    Muhammad Ali requested a Religious Exemption, was denied one and went to Prison .

    It seems that Ali was more faithful to his Religious Beliefs than Bishop Romney was to his.

    Joe Biden I don’t know about.

  51. Jamie, I think my hatred began even before that but I can’t say when. Maybe it’s because my folks had some rich friends who were dismissive of everything.
    She was also my mom’s boss and we used to work there on breaks. She once scoffed at my sister’s headache, saying kids didn’t have them. She always gave us a twenty dollar bill for birthdaysand Christmas, and of course we loved getting them, but the funny part is that she also gave a twenty dollar bill for a birthday present to the man who owned kmox radio station in St Louis – a very very wealthy man. She and a few other people taught me a lot about people’s behaviour and how it gives away their
    true inner self. He wants what he wants and he wants it now – that’s how the dog got on the roof of the car and the kids got a limited number of bathroom breaks. Enough of his former colleagues have spoken out about his “bossiness.” Come to think of it, I have taught with teachers like him, and waatched them set up kids they didn’t like (aka,
    obvious ‘losers’) to fail. They know what they know and intend to put it in practice. That’s not a mental illness, that’s pure meaness.

  52. I’ve read several places that mitty requested deferments several, maybe 4, times. Don’tknow how valid tht is.

  53. “I’ve read several places that mitty requested deferments several, maybe 4, times. Don’tknow how valid tht is.”


    You know those darn Romneys, always trying to keep up with the Cheneys. 😉

  54. Oct. 19: After Romney Gains, Should Obama Concede Florida?

    Still, Florida has been polled so densely that the overall trend has become clear: Mr. Romney has made larger-than-average gains in the state since the Denver debate, and has now become a definitive favorite there.

    According to the FiveThirtyEight “now-cast” on Friday, Mr. Romney would be a 78 percent favorite to win Florida in an election held today. Projecting forward to Nov. 6 introduces a bit more uncertainty, but he’s now a 69 percent favorite to carry the state on Election Day, according to the model.

  55. ALRIGHT –
    A beg-a-thon !

    I got a Hundred Dollars in Tornado Cap money.
    But first you send me your current Fedex location. I have fresh red and black caps . It’ll be a real puppet theater there buddy.

    Note to the reader –
    “I want you to put your billfold on the radio. Because I’m savin’ some souls tonight.”

  56. This is new how?

    True. Ha,it just surprises me that they never seem to get called out and thrown out of power for their crimes. Remember Nancy P taking investigations/impeachment off the table?? ISSA is a partisan hack doing the bidding of his party, nope nothing new.

  57. To the last 7 years , blew my panties up.

    My dead pixel zone is now 5 inches wide , when the Mac is cold, after 5 mins. the screen begins working again.

  58. Bill Clinton went to England,
    a Rhodes scholar ,
    i was just pointing out that going or not going in the military during the Vietnam war era doesn’t qualify or disqualify someone from being president ,

  59. I have been reading PHYSICIST-RETIRED at NewsVine , he really is what his screen name says . The story we are following is much deeper than the fate of the nation. We are both ever more depressed and fearful. Mean while we deal with the ‘Rocket Doctors’ where the 8th grade is considered ‘higher education’.

    Or you’re just old and paranoid , and you have a keyboard.

  60. Shock and awe, was preceded by 8 years of sanctions by Clinton , before that was bush sr’s first gulf war , before that was Reagan playing and assisting both sides of the Iraq / Iran war
    There is no end to this unless we change our disastrous interventionist foriegn policy

  61. MQW,

    Point taken, he was just never as anxious to commit troops to hell and sandstorm as some of his republican counterparts.

    Cheney was extremely brave and bellicose, provided someone else was doing the bleeding.

  62. PHYSICIST-RETIRED at NewsVine –
    Is just like young Crawford, a sense of fair play that opens the rest of us to the same way. Both work like hell to float above the passion.

  63. AP,

    Your points are often so worth while and appropriate, please stop the Nazi references. They serve little purpose other than to call into question the validity of your thesis.

    I don’t think that Romney is a good choice for the country, but we will survive him just as we have survived Nixon and W.

    Extremism in defense of your point of view is no virtue. 😉



  64. We Americans have a very short attention span and memories , thinking that history of the middle east just started yesterday ,
    Take the hostage crisis in Iran , nobody understood at the time that it was blowback from our CIA overthrowing the legitimatly elected government of Iran in 1953 ,
    A CIA operation ran out of guess where ? The american embassy in Teheran ,
    We might have forgotten , but they sure didn’t

  65. I stopped posting the Crash of Nature here. Because it kills the politics of the thread. But here’s the top guy in Australia studying Antarctica and he said, speaking to his government, under oath. –
    Antarctic climate facing ‘rapid’ changes

    Australia’s chief Antarctic scientist says claims by climate experts about environmental changes in the southern continent are not alarmist.

    The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) told a Senate estimates hearing today “rapid changes” taking place across the icy land mass would have significant impact on global climate.

    Changes in ocean flows and shifts in Antarctic ice cap levels were occurring at rates faster than at any other time in history, chief scientist Nick Gales said.

    “That’s the part that is the most dramatic about the information we’re receiving,” he told the hearing.

    Scientists were detecting major changes in the circulation of deep, dense salty water off Antarctica.

    This water, which drives the circulation of the world’s oceans and in turn climate patterns, was reducing, while becoming warmer and less salty.

    Meanwhile, parts of the Antarctic ice caps were melting at unprecedented rates.

    No scientist in the history of the Earth has ever been this blunt.

  66. We Americans have a very short attention span and memories ,

    Expect for me and my friends here, together our memory goes back to singularity.

  67. mqw –
    Here’s what happened this week up stream from your pilothouse.

    Ktt Carson , Colo. set an new monthly heat record for Oct. This is part of the Arkansas River drainage, There is no water entering your system.

  68. Cbob
    At Memphis tonight , waiting for harbor boats to add more barges ,
    We had a little bump up ,in water level , but it’s going back down
    No major problems lately though

  69. Well the Arkansas is just one tributary ,
    Everything from the rockies to the Appalachians eventually goes to new Orleans

  70. Kit Carson , Colo. just set a new monthly heat record, so did Kitt Peak Az. and Corpus Christi , Texas.

    That’s a real spread. From the ocean , to 6800 feet, to the Eastern Plains of Colorado.
    Why would all of them just record the hottest October numbers in each data set?

    What ever you believe, that just happened. In the middle of October when things used to get cooler.

  71. Anon, you really ought to reconsider your last two comments (That’s why we have edit buttons). Praying for the deaths of specific politicians and their families? C’mon, you’re better than that. And besides, thought you were paranoid the NSA is watching :smile:

    Seriously, if you were someone I had never seen here before I’d delete that one myself.

  72. It will be 91F degrees here tomorrow. Between 10 and 20 degrees above the long term average.

    I sit right in the throat of this heat and drought.

  73. Jax and MWQ –
    Question, …….. does any barge pay any fee to transit any US Government lock ?

  74. Jax and MWQ –
    Question, …….. How much private money is keeping shipping open on the Mississippi tonight?

  75. Answer , waterways user fee , a tax on every gallon of fuel , harbor tax on private industry

  76. Corporate tax that every company pays , individual income tax that every employee pays

  77. Jax and MWQ –
    Remember this , if we all vote Republican. Climate Change still runs the Rivers. Remember this , the Colorado River last reached the Sea of Cortez 13 years ago. Man did that, not Nature, if one thinks we are ‘too’ small to do that , you are fool.

  78. I think las Vegas is sucking up all the Colorado river water , there arent any commercial towing vessels on the Colorado , need to tax the casinos for that

  79. Jax and MWQ –

    Please tell us about the fees you pay ever day to pay for every federal project that made your world made possible.

  80. I don’t care if you vote Republican or democrat ,
    Don’t see that much difference between Obama and Romney ,just slightly different rhetoric ,
    i just as soon have four more years of Obama , than eight years of Romney

  81. Jax and MWQ —

    Here’s a tip , without Federal Government , you guys would be on the beach, whippin’ your fish.

  82. Tip , the federal government did not invent the river ,
    I think the end of the last ice age did that when the glaciers melted

  83. Jax and MWQ —

    Want to prove me wrong ? Go to The Corps of Engineers .

    Your cargo never paid the US Government for crossing the locks it built.

    That makes you welfare queens.

  84. Jax and MWQ —

    Let us root out the real welfare queens. And have a look at them.

  85. The farmers pay taxes , the dock workers pay taxes , the truck drivers that deliver the grain to the elevators pay taxes , the grain elevators pay taxes , the towing operators pay taxes , the shipping companies deliver the cargo overseas pay taxes , the coal companies pay taxes , the coal miners pay taxes , the stevedores that work in new Orleans/baton rouge harbor pay taxes , the Towing companies pay a extra waterways user fee tax , the port facilities pay taxes
    The petroleum industry pays taxes ,
    I could keep going

  86. mqw –
    The people of the United States taxed themselves, so you can slip up and down the River, and the people that hire you never pay a nickel.

  87. MQW,

    I guess you are telling us that we shouldn’t have ambassadorial relations with other countries. That’ll will result in very little trade or travel.

    We’ll just shut down our ports like NOLA, and keep peacefully to ourselves.

    The fact is, you aren’t demoralizing any Dems here. All the Dems have heard sick willie say he’s going to war with Iran. We’ve all heard him say that he’s going to escalate the troubles in Yemen and Syria, not to mention Libya. How do we deal with another $8TRILLION mess, Mr Worries-about-the-debt? We’d all love to know how you square that.

    The insinuation that the President and the Secretary are responsible for the events in Benghazi, because Ike overthrew Mossadegh is bizarre. It’s so fantastic that I feel compelled to call dead parrot on your charges.

  88. Tell everyone how your lock fees are paid. Tell everyone how you guys carry the freight .

  89. You bring great questions and share terrific graphs and articles, but we’re never going back to the isolation of the Middle Ages. We shall always send out ambassadors and consuls.

  90. Tell everyone how your lock fees are paid.

    Answer :
    There are no fees that charge any American barge company , to transit any American lock .

    We all built MWQ’s fat happy live.
    But the new new river, will cut our throats.

  91. Our problems in the middle east are a direct result of our interventionist foriegn policy that goes back 60 years , and our unconditional support for Israel

    China does business in the middle east without getting into regime change , politics and religion

    Nobody is attacking them

  92. mqw says:
    10/21/2012 at 3:37 AM
    That’s funny Cbob

    You people aren’t funny at all. I’m funny. you folks are a pathology.

  93. MQW –
    When we cut all the federal money, you have a choice, you can go to Washington with Jamie, or come here with me.

    Either way, your world is over.

  94. You people aren’t funny at all. I’m funny. you folks are a pathology.

  95. You already said that Cbob
    I’m not coming to where to live , you sure don’t have any water there , I have better sense than to live in a desert
    Washington sounds nice though

  96. MQW –
    Please tell us all how you sail the river , where ever and when ever you chose.


  97. MQW –
    Simple fact , if your ass is north bound, and the feds close the river, all your bullshit finds a place to tie up.

  98. Attention folks –
    MQW – Believes the world will return to his childhood. I believe a new world order will impose it’s will.

    Most of us will perish , during this fight.

  99. Xrep
    Hillary and Obama should have known better than to send any American in to Benghazi ,

  100. Note the date on that article ,by someone who actually did a little research , and didn’t get their intelligence reports off of Facebook

  101. Late US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens documented the transformation of Benghazi, Libya into overt base of operations for Al Qaeda.

    “I have met with these brave fighters, and they are not Al-Qaeda. To the contrary: They are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation. We should help them do it.” – Senator John McCain in Benghazi, Libya April 22, 2011.

    The Washington Times, in an article titled, “Ambassador Stevens warned of Islamic extremism before Benghazi attack,” reported:

    Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, in a diplomatic cable from Libya last June, cited the apparent rise of “Islamic extremism” and the spotting of “the Al Qaeda flag” over buildings outside the city of Benghazi, where he and three other Americans were ultimately killed in an attack on Sept. 11.

    The Washington Times would quote Stevens as writing:

    “A number of local contacts agreed, noting that Islamic extremism appears to be on the rise in eastern Libya and that the Al Qaeda flag has been spotted several times flying over government buildings and training facilities” in a small Libyan city about 100 miles east of Benghazi.”

    While all of this is depicted by the Western media as a recent revelation made only after the death of Ambassador Stevens, journalists around the world had documented and warned of the dangers of arming “pro-democracy protesters” who were clearly militant extremists, actively carrying out terrorism for at least three decades in the Cyrenaica (eastern Libya) region. These warning came just as NATO bombs began to fall on Libya in 2011, and were reiterated many times before the bombing concluded.

  102. Mqw –
    “get ready little lady, hell is coming to breakfast.”

    Lone Wati

  103. Geopolitical analyst Dr. Webster Tarpley, in March of 2011, published a report titled, “The CIA’s Libya Rebels: The Same Terrorists who Killed US, NATO Troops in Iraq,” where a 2007 West Point study implicated Libya’s Cyrenaica region as the global epicenter for Al Qaeda recruitment. The most prominent militant group in the region was the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed by the US State Department, United Nations, and the UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf) as an international terrorist organization.

    The United Nations, in addition to labeling LIFG as a terrorist organization, designated it as being in association with Al Qaeda, a designation that was made in 2001, a decade before NATO’s military intervention.

    While the Western press and State Department officials attempt to claim the extremists operating in Benghazi are merely “affiliated” with Al Qaeda, this is an understatement. LIFG is Al Qaeda, and has been officially since 2007. The West Point report titled, “Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq” stated:

  104. Ok Cbob
    I got it , I was about ready to retire to beach and draw my welfare check anyway

  105. I was awakened by a night terror…those three little words made me sit upright — President Paul Ryan.

    At least it got me up to see the meteor shower from Halley’s comet. The meteors were directly overhead in the night sky…I caught the end. I made a wish on those former ‘falling stars’ and Obama should win the WH.

  106. bw, good morning or should i say sounds like a good morning by starting off seeing meteor showers to replace the bad taste of that nightmare you had.

    must have been an evil spirit pass thru the trail earlier on when ap talks death, bethy and jamie feel hate, cbob calls mqw names… hope the meteor scared it away too.

  107. mqw says

    i just as soon have four more years of Obama , than eight years of Romney

    No kidding! As a tax payer, I appreciate that.

  108. patd…during 2008, I had that really crazy dream about Hillary and Bill…where their hair turned ‘shock white’ in front of me.

    Like the fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea, a republican burr in my bed!!

  109. Any Russell Crowe fans?

    Villagers,I don’t endorse politicians.Not my thing.However, Obama is the light & the future.Keep going towards the light. Put America first. Complex time for the world. America needs to continue the Global awareness that Obama has set. A healthy America means a healthy planet.

  110. Paul Ryan bed bugs.

    bw, more like scorpians and brown recluse spiders imo. bed bugs only inflame and leave angry red welts, he and his infect and eat away the flesh.

  111. Still seeing meteors although the sunrise is in less than an hour. Halley’s comet hasn’t been here in some time.

    Mark Twain was born under Halley’s comet and also died under Halley’s comet. Truly a celestial being.

  112. and George McGovern died under Halley’s comet. I always appreciated your anti-war stance, George.

  113. 1972..Bob Novak, Tom Eagleton and George McGovern.

    amnesty, abortion and acid

  114. as the choir sings and the sun rises, sisters bw and jamie and pat will pass the plate as we mosey further along the trail


    the term “sheaves” includes checks, hard cash, paypal credit, depositable whiskey or wine bottles and recyclable beer cans… unopened, half full or empty (but no cigarette butts therein)

  115. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    Thinking that Senator McGovern would appreciate this sentiment. Rest in Peace sir, Job well done.

  116. BW: The USA needs more “class warfare. ” Not the non-existent fantasy that the right wing uses to deride the liberal agenda; we need the real thing, which we haven’t seen in the USA since the 1960s. As your article notes, it’s happening in Britain. It’s also happening in other places in Europe.

    For years I’ve taught economics by contrasting the “conservative” and the “liberal” perspective on every issue, distribution of income, education, crime, taxes, etc. But this year I changed texts. The one I use now adds a third alternative, the “Radical” (Marxist) perspective.

    I don’t tell the students what to think, I just expose them to different ideas and challenge them to articulate their own positions. I always thought Marx was no longer relevant, that we had moved beyond the brutality of 19th Social-Darwinian capitalism, but it is arising again, to threaten us all. Romney and Ryan are advocating the ruthless and ultimately self-destructive unregulated capitalism that Marx observed and analyzed so brilliantly.

    Back in the 70s, after a brief flirtation, I rejected Marx. Recently, I saw a T-shirt for sale on the Web. It had a picture of Marx, and underneath the words, “Told ya so!”

  117. Nash,

    Great post! It is worth remembering that Lenin and company did not overthrow Russia. They over threw the top one percent.

  118. Nash, I have been encouraged by the left turn the Europeans have making this past year. But, the global wealthy are so insecure and they fear their social moats will no longer protect them from the riff-raff.

  119. I am off shortly to due my Christian duty and sing in the choir.

    St. Paul and I have come to an accord, he has promised not to lecture me, and I in turn have promised to make no more rude comments about his writings. Sort of a liturgical win win if you will.

    Have a great Sunday. 😉

  120. Not only do the Dems tell better jokes and have better actors and singers, but our politicians can dance


  121. Jace

    That’s okay. I’ll take up the slack on insulting St. Paul. About the only good thing you can say about him is that he was a good press agent. Unfortunately, he seems to have missed the message.

  122. Patd

    Slight correction, the orionid meteor shower is caused by bits and piece of Halley’s comet but doesn’t include the comet itself. That only comes around about once every 75 years (i.e Mark Twain came in and went out with Halley) The last time through was 1986

    The link has some nice pictures of Halley from that visit and the one in 1910

  123. America’s problems in the Near and Middle East arise from our dependence on oil, and therefore oil tyrants, for energy. Our interventions have been secondary, all in support of the Houston’s oil barons.

    If the US were to mount drone attacks against the .01% of Houston, within a years there’d no longer be an incentive to intervene in the Near and Middle East.

    However, if we don’t kill off the thugs here, we will be stuck killing the thugs over there.

    Re Israel, things would be no different if there had never been an Israel. We’d be supporting Jordan or Lebanon instead. We (the US, the EU, the UAE, & saudi Arabia) want 2 friendlies on either side of the Suez Canal.

  124. redChina isn’t heavily invested in Near & Mid East oil, true. However it is coming close to war with Viet Nam and the Philippines over So China Sea oil.

    The corruption of commieChina’s government arises from their Manchurian coal lobby; our’s comes from Houston’s board rooms.

  125. R.I.P. George McGovern.

    When McGovern lost to Nixon in 1972, I was an on an aircraft carrier in the Tonkin Gulf. This was FOUR YEARS after Nixon had promised to get us out of Vietnam.

    A couple of years later, after Watergate, I got one of those “Don’t Blame me, I’m from Massachusetts” bumper stickers. I was living in one of the finer slums of Boston, and didn’t own a car, but it looked nice on the door of my refrigerator.

    McGovern was probably one of the most decent and progressive people to ever run for president, a genuine war hero, and ever since he lost, the Democratic party has tried to run away from liberalism, with disastrous results.

  126. Tony b
    Glen greenwald , he is one of the last few real journalist left , writes for ukguardian ,
    Of course you have to go outside of the us to find real news , as our mainstream media have become just political hacks for which ever party , fox or msnbc just flip sides of the same coin

  127. That’s an interesting point though , what if a pres Romney orders the killing of an American citizen in the name the war on terror ?
    What will the democrats say ? Oh well I guess the pres knows best ,ho hum , just another day at the whitehouse ?
    Or will they call for a march on Washington , and impeachment ?

    Well to damn late now , the precedent has already been set ,without even a whimper from the left

  128. McGovern was a fine, decent, gutsy, and brilliant man.

    If only he had been a great campaigner…. Ah, but if he had been a great campaigner the nixon crimefamily would have picked someone else to run against.

    Polling done by Creep in late ’71 indicated that of the Dems who were thinking of running, Nixon could only beat McGovern. nixon’s secret plan involved pitting the toughest Dems against each other. Black op donald segretti got that job done before the Spring of ’72. Next they sabotaged Scoop Jackson. As yet unidentified men in dark suits helped professional dishwasher Arthur Bremer trail candidates around the country, until he arrived at a geo. wallace event in Silver Springs, MD. That left the brilliant, kind, brave, and decent Senator George McGovern.

  129. My grandson, Adam, has one of my great big “Made in the USA” Barack Obama campaign buttons on his school bag. He’s in his last year of HS. It seems everyone wants to wear his button, and this is in SC!

    I asked him what the reaction was to the disrespect being shown to the president during the campaign. Although he hadn’t talked about it with his peers, he did a chronology of the despicable things from “You Lie” Joe Wilson to the present. “I think the Republicans are terrible for being so disrespectful!”

    He misses being able to vote by six weeks this year, but he so much wishes that he could vote for Mr Obama.

  130. Tony b
    Glen greenwald , he is one of the last few real journalist left , writes for ukguardian ,
    Of course you have to go outside of the us to find real news , as our mainstream media have become just political hacks for which ever party , fox or msnbc just flip sides of the same coin

    So true. I used to read him in Salon, ah but he just didn’t fit in with the MSM perfect left right scenario.

    The remarkable, unfathomable ignorance of Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    The Chair of the Democratic National Committee is completely unaware of one of the biggest stories of the Obama years

  131. It seems to that the US (and every other country) has killed enemy combatants, regardless of nationality.

    There was once a law that automatically removed US citizenship from any American who took up arms against us. That law still might be on the books. I think it dated to WWI or possibly the 1920 red scare.

  132. Apropos of my questions yesterday, right on cue here comes DWS.

    So the answers are apparent. Yes there is still a DNC.

    And, they are doing what they have always done best, screwing everything up.

  133. good points are being made about democrats vs. republicans but still there are only 2 choices and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

    democrats may not be all they’re cracked up to be but republicans are definitely all they’re cracked up to be and that, in this country, in this day and age, is simply ugly.

  134. The next Dem. to run for president who ever he or she may be, better have a good plan and a lot of money, relying on the DNC for help will be like relying on an illusion. No wonder the whole damn country is turning red.

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