Obama Off, then On Record

Pres. Obama tangles with the Des Moines Register, first insists interview off the record but ultimately gives in. And, do newspaper endorsements matter? Chatting with Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz, New York Times’ Michael Shear and Lauren Ashburn (CNN, 10/28):

Covering the Clown Campaign

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  1. With Halloween approaching it may be time to call both campaigns what they really are. ‘Trick-or- treat campaigns.’

    They will disguise their respective candidates and their intentions to the best of their ability in hopes that you drop a vote into their trick-or-treat bags.

    That’s not vapid, that’s ghoulish. 😡

  2. The DMR’s endorsement of Mitt Romney is like what a law professor of mine used to say of dissents, “they’re interesting” but they are not the law. The DMR endorsement of Romney is interesting but for the few remaining people who actually read the paper (and the editorial page) are they persuadable? I do not think so. If you read the paper regularly, you already know who you are probably voting for. Is the media talking about the Toledo paper’s endorsement of POTUS?

    I am surprised that POTUS is ahead in VA, and given his schedule of appearances in FL tell me they still believe they can win there. FL is still in play. Don’t bet against Plouffe and Axelrod, these guys are smart and they would not have the President still going to FL if they thought it was out of reach. The truth is they are about 400,000 newly registered voters (since 08) that are hispanic and african american, I think Plouffe is looking at these numbers and I will assume he knows something the conventional wisdom does not. It is for this reason, I think they are so confident in CO as well.

  3. RR,

    So glad you enjoyed the music. I often need to hear things a time or two before I can begin to really process them. Not this one. It was love at first sound. 😉

  4. Speaking of Florida, russellhuegel, I just did some rough math: <4,000 vote margin there triggers automatic recount. Scarier than Sandy and Halloween combined!

  5. Meanwhile, In other Des Moines news, Martin Bushnell’s cows got loose and wound up milling around in Bertha Brumley’s trailer park.

  6. My experience leads me to conclude that newspaper endorsements don’t mean a hill of beans. They give campaign workers a couple hours of excitement…

  7. Given the past editorial stances of most newspapers I would be more inclined to vote the opposite of their slate. Certainly that was my experience growing up with the Canton Repository

  8. For really smart people, Obamarama has made some silly mistakes — an off the record meeting with an editorial board???

  9. I thought that the Salt Lake Trib. endorsement of Obama was one of the best written critiques of Romney and his campaign that has come out during this cycle.
    It was in short a scathing indictment of Romney.
    It will have negligible effect in Utah where Romney will win going away, and received scant attention elsewhere in the country.

    Not sure that newspaper endorsements are worth the paper they are printed on.

  10. I hope Obamarama learned the lessons of Bush/Gore

    never ever admit defeat and under no circumstances move out of the whitehouse

  11. question: where is command central riding out the storm’s likely power and travel outages? i hope they have the various essential players scattered about the country where communications are up and running.

  12. If Obama could squeak past in Ohio and Wisconsin, they could recount the votes in Florida until the cows came home, it wouldn’t make any difference.

  13. Go SF Giants ..wrap it up!

    Although we always hate to see baseball season end!

  14. Halloween Costumes (political)

    Big Bird
    Woman in a Binder
    Clint Eastwood (“Fist full of Dollars” poncho, hat, gun)
    Horse (with bayonet)
    Bin laden mask + Zombie make-up
    Romney mask + Vampire (capitalist) cape
    “Undocumented” Obama mask + Kenyan tribal garb

  15. October 27, 2012

    Kerrey Within Striking Distance in Nebraska
    A new Omaha World Herald poll in Nebraska finds Deb Fischer (R) with a three-point lead over former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D) in the U.S. Senate race, 48% to 45%.

    The findings confirm a recent Pharos Research Group survey that showed Fischer ahead by about 2.5 points.

    Nebraskans are perplexed, they thought they had a republican in Ben Nelson. I was inclined to agree with them. 😉

  16. low-key weather still here at TM HQ. light wind and rain, ominous clouds all day. like waiting for godot. guess we get the big stuff late tomorrow.

  17. Holy moly this storm looks bad. Eastcoasters, be careful, know when to evacuate, make sure you have water, canned goods, flashlights and batteries, maybe invest in those silly wall lights where you just have to touch them and they light the way, propane for your bbq, and as I said to Craig, for the love of God, don’t forget the vodka/bourbon/wine!

  18. Go Giants…
    Mr. Cracker is both elated and sad — a great finish to the baseball season…but it is over.

    The only things good about Sandy is that the bobble heads are talking about the impact of the storm instead of making up stuff about the campaigns

  19. My friend’s company has 60 crews staged in Delaware, to remove all of the trees that will surely meet their demise. Sounds like 60 crews will be a drop-in-the-bucket compared to what will be needed.

    All of you on the east coast, please stay safe.

  20. I’d like to address the Iowa newspapers that have endorsed Rmoney

    Iowa is one of the fattest states in the Union and you have just proved ..also fat heads. If any state needs Obama — it’s you. The president’s food policies and energy policies are designed to bring the state’s biggest economies into the future and to give you a future. But you choose the politics of pork and I don’t mean that in a good way (such a green chili pork stew.)

    What’s next a proposal to bring back buggy whips?

  21. The War for Your Vote
    by Taylor Marsh

    When you think about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan winning the November election it is hair-raising on many levels. It also brings the vision of fantasy fairies rising up to fight the right! But it is understandable that partisan Democrats are making the case that if you’re a progressive you owe it to the progress of progressive causes to vote Democratic. Hold your nose if you have to, but just do it.

  22. “Sandbags have been placed outside the entrance of the New York Stock Exchange, a visual reminder of the threat from Hurricane Sandy. For the first time since 1985, a major storm has shut down NYSE and Futures trading in New York.”

    Imagine that; ‘sandbagging’ on the Stock Exchange. Bunch of two-bit hustlers.


    crackers – Iowa is a lovely place, with lovely people (although almost all of my time is spent in the Des Moines area). They’ve managed to attract huge companies like DuPont/Pioneer and John Deere (which doesn’t just sell farm equipment, they are into wind energy, etc., and are global.

    Politically, I usually agree with you, but the assessment of Iowa doesn’t measure up to my experience there, at all.

  23. One thing for sure, this election has increased the suffering of the American people. Although dangerous, Mother Nature has given us break from this idiocy. The outcome of the political contest is a matter of life and death for some of us…just like the Frankenstorm.

    I prefer the jabbering about Sandy over the election.

  24. And on the bright side a whole lot of children will learn that board games and card decks don’t need batteries, plugs, or on line access.

  25. Well, Poobah, there’s a crapload of heavy rain just moments from you – the stuff that shows up as red and yellow on the Doppler Radar. You’ll see the heavy stuff start to roll in soon enough. Hope you have a candle or two (or one of those newfangled LED lanterns and enough batteries to go for a couple of days without power). That said, the predictor looks like DC may be spared for the next few hours, unless you melt if you get rained on. They’re predicting 4″ of rain for us through Wednesday, and we’re an hour west of the mountains – where they are predicting twice that – much of which may be snow. Of course “they” don’t have a great batting average when it comes to predicting what WILL happen – they’re much better at predicting what DID.

    Speaking of batting averages, how ’bout those Giants?

    And lessee, Peyton’s back, Bama’s No. 1. Life is good.

  26. Best advice I have heard…fill ziplock bags with water and stuff them in the corners of the freezer. It helps keep the food colder in case of a power loss…plus, if you need the water to wash later…it will be there!

  27. Yes, the rich republicon Broncos won. Peyton has bought a load of Papa John’s pizza joints in Colorado…Papa John…great republicon. Pizza and republican’ts! First Herman Cain…now the whole damn pizza party!

  28. Two things — east coasters, stay safe! And does anyone with really good research abilities — I’ve tried can’t find anything — know of a link to Mitt Romney’s editorial board interview with DMR?? Really can’t find anything.

  29. How big is this storm? We’re supposed to get two inches of rain in NORTHERN MAINE.

  30. Blue and KGC,

    Iowans don’t like government, unless of course it’s offering a new and improved farm bill.

    A lot of my friends in WY. were the same way. Government couldn’t do anything right, but they never returned one of their farm payments. 😉

  31. NH checking in here. So far… just some light rain. I guess it’s tonight when we’ll see the worst of it…. but not as bad as to the south of here.

    Politics… smolitics… can’t wait until next Tuesday.

    KGC… congrats on your Giants! Poor Detroit… 2 world series appearances in the last 6 yrs and no wins.

  32. pogo: say there’s a crapload of heavy rain just moments from you

    yep woke up to the pitter patter, wind picking up. have gas heat, stove, and fireplaces, so at least we’ll have plenty of carbon monoxide

  33. I think that we will be able to gauge the severity of this storm, by watching Faux News. It should be only a matter of hours before they start talking about Obama’s slow response to Sandy. Rove and Hannity will start making Katerina comparisons with orgasmic delight.
    Never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to lie about it.

  34. Latest load of MSM political pundit crap is that “The hurricane may slow down Romney’s momemntum.” I heard that one from one of the idiots on “Morning Joe.”

    I’m waiting to hear, “The giant asteroid about to collide with Earth and destroy all life more adavanced than insects, threatens Romney’s momemtum.”

    (But Ryan, being a cockroach, will survive and become the GOP favorite for 2016.)

  35. All kidding aside. All you East coasters strap in and be careful.

    Craig , sounds like you are all set for the long haul. Hope you don’t need that stuff.

  36. If there is a crazy old guy in your neighborhood, with an ark in his front yard, I would suggest that you book passage. 😉

  37. oh Jamie… say it ain’t so…

    The HMS Bounty was docked at Boothbay Harbor in southern Maine for several yrs for repairs. Rick and I used to visit the ship and made several donations for those repairs. Rick has been following the ships whereabouts online and proudly wears his HMS Bounty hat.

    I just showed him your link… he’s very sad. He really loved that ship.

    Hope they find the missing crew members.

  38. BW, LOL. IMHO party politics has no place in sports, and I don’t consider the QBs’ politics – just their stats and performance on the field – Peyton is from TN & MS, (they and AL are all deep red states now – but that doesn’t affect my sports loyalties) most of the NFL owners are prolly ‘can’ts, and the sponsors are most likely ‘can’ts for the most part, too. Doesn’t take one bit from my enjoyment of the game. I rarely do pizza takeout or delivery (PJ’s doesn’t deliver to our neighborhood, so they don’t get our business). But I do likes my football.

    Jace, lol – he shoulda started responding to the damage before Sandy became a storm. Kinda reminds me of the Dylan line – “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” Fox wouldn’t know about that.

  39. I hate to hear of the HMS Bounty’s demise and the possibility that 2 crew members weren’t saved. I have a spot in my heart for those lost at sea. A very close friend of mine was killed when the tall ship he worked on was sunk in the early 90s (trying to dredge up the name of the ship, but having a CRS moment) – the story is that he was diving down to rescue students who were on the ship after it capsized and never came back up. He had been a fisherman on the Georges Bank before he went to work on that ship and had survived 2 prior sinkings.

  40. tony, great avatar for a sunshine state denizen!

    nor’easters, those crank up radios and flashlights are really handy when the lights go out and you’ve run outta batteries. in adddition to bw’s and pogo’s suggestions, fill the bathtubs and all available vessels in case the water and sewer lines malfunction due to flooding and power outages. be sure you have tankful of gas, know where and can easily get to extra cash…gas pumps and credit machines don’t work without in outages… and don’t consume all your liquor and food supplies in those 1st few hours.

  41. The waves on Lake Michigan are 25 feet . 30 foot waves are forecast for Ontario, & Lake Erie.

    Stu Ostro, a senior meteorologist with the Weather Channel, put the storm into context:

    “History is being written as an extreme weather event continues to unfold, one which will occupy a place in the annals of weather history as one of the most extraordinary to have affected the United States.”
    “A meteorologically mind-boggling combination of ingredients is coming together: one of the largest expanses of tropical storm (gale) force winds on record with a tropical or subtropical cyclone in the Atlantic or for that matter anywhere else in the world; a track of the center making a sharp left turn in direction of movement toward New Jersey in a way that is unprecedented in the historical database, as it gets blocked from moving out to sea by a pattern that includes an exceptionally strong ridge of high pressure aloft near Greenland; a “warm-core” tropical cyclone embedded within a larger, nor’easter-like circulation; and moisture from the tropics and cold air from the Arctic combining to produce very heavy snow in interior high elevations. This is an extraordinary situation, and I am not prone to hyperbole.”


  42. 11:00 AM advisory –
    90 mph winds gusts to 115 mph , central pressure down to 943 mb.

    A pressure this low is extremely rare; according to wunderground weather historian Christopher C. Burt, the lowest pressure ever measured anywhere in the U.S. north of Cape Hatteras, NC, is 946 mb (27.94″) measured at the Bellport Coast Guard Station on Long Island, NY on September 21, 1938 during the great “Long Island Express” hurricane.


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