Sandy Takes the Stage

Like high schoolers whose prom got canceled political junkies are in a tizzy over Sandy stomping on the last week of the presidential campaign:

Howard Kurtz: “Today, every channel is the Weather Channel.”

New York Times: “Hurricane Sandy Likely to Be Biggest of Late October Surprises.”

Dairy Queen, Atlantic City NJ
Bill Clinton: “It’s nothing compared to the storm we’ll face if you don’t make the right decision in this election.”

The Daily Beast: “Romney’s victory may come down to 5 Ws (hint: weather is one).”

Ryan Beckwith: “Undecided voter totally meant to go to the store before Sandy but couldn’t figure out which batteries he needed.”

Erik Erickson: “I’m glad Barack Obama is at home watching the Weather Channel instead of trying to figure out how to redistribute my money.”

ThinkProgress: “As Hurricane Sandy barrels toward East Coast, protesters in Times Square call to ‘END CLIMATE SILENCE’”

Karen Tumulty: “Obama press stuck in Orlando. Not such a bad deal, all in all. Some joking among WH press corps about heading to Disneyworld to interview swing voters.”

Joe Trippi: “Just went over Chesapeake Bay Bridge on way into DC – hope its still open on way home later.”

David Grann: “I hope someone has moved Nate Silver and @fivethirtyeight model to higher ground.”

Craig Crawford: “Waiting for storm, scaring myself w/calculator. Rough estimate: 4,000 vote margin in FL triggers automatic recount.”

Keith Olbermann: “Panic floor lamp buying in NYC..” @craig_crawford “No, pal: that’s your Glenn Beck impression.” @KeithOlbermann “Gather Floor Lamps! Oh, and gold coins would help.”

185 thoughts on “Sandy Takes the Stage”

  1. Speaking of Florida, why do I get the feeling that it is more in play for Obama than we have been led to believe?
    Has something changed?

  2. 44 deg. sunny and icy wind in Knobite Corner–snow has closed roads across the mountains into NC but missed us!

    Craig, for heaven’s sake, put away the calculator! That way lies madness!

    You and David and all others in Frankenstorm’s way be safe– <3

  3. Well, Hurricane Sandy is as relentless as the campaign noise and still no one understands climate change and the impact on our lives. Insurance companies not prepared for the events of the last decade…still plodding along with their ‘spreading risk’ and starting the ‘gambling’ with possessions and life anew each year. We start over every year even though we have paid in for a lifetime. Not one insurance company has come-up with a plan for climate change. They just keep raising deductibles…and flood insurance? Let the government run that one! Yes, the very government the repugs loathe.

    Insurance reform!!! The can’ts will never let that happen and the system is riduculous in real time. Keep paying those premiums.

  4. 11:00 AM advisory –
    90 mph winds gusts to 115 mph , central pressure down to 943 mb.

    A pressure this low is extremely rare; according to wunderground weather historian Christopher C. Burt, the lowest pressure ever measured anywhere in the U.S. north of Cape Hatteras, NC, is 946 mb (27.94″) measured at the Bellport Coast Guard Station on Long Island, NY on September 21, 1938 during the great “Long Island Express” hurricane.

  5. another round of rum, me laddies, and another verse of “blow the man down”

    btw, yo ho

  6. sandy takes the stage. then sandy takes the seats. then sandy takes the whole damn auditorium. then sandy wipes out the south side of town.

    one baaaaad storm…..

  7. Pogo’s CRS lifts for a moment. The ship my friend Vinnie Lazzarro was killed on was the Pride of Baltimore. He was the ship’s engineer and was one of 4 lost when the ship was hit by a squall. Two other friends had captained her before. I’ll have to hoist my rum to Vinnie.

  8. How many of y’all are on Sandy’s path? I would like to put you on my prayer list. Even if you don’t believe, I do. So far I have Craig, RR, Coreen, Jace. Who else is in her path?

  9. Dr. Masters new post on Sandy –

    Figure 2. Observed storm tide (red line) and predicted storm surge for Hurricane Sandy at The Battery on the south shore of Manhattan, New York City, from the experimental Extratropical Storm Surge model, run by NOAA”s Meteorological Development Laboratory (green line) and the NYHOPS model from the Stevens Institute of Technology (pink curve), which uses a highly detailed 3D ocean model and even includes rainfall and tributary inflows. These models have a storm surge of 5 – 6′, which brings the maximum storm tide–the water level reached as a result of the combined action of the tide and the storm surge–to 11′ above MLLW (Mean Lower Low Water.) Irene brought a storm tide of 9.5′ above MLLW to The Battery in 2011. At a storm tide of 10.5′, water will likely pour into the Lower Manhattan subway system, unless efforts to sandbag the entrances are successful. The NWS in NYC is predicting a 10 – 12′ storm tide at The Battery during tonight’s 9 pm high tide cycle.

    His threads have lots of great graphics , and pictures. This one is no exception :

  10. pogo… so sorry about the loss of your friend.

    Carol… Jace is in Arizona. Maybe you mean Nash who’s in Maine. So far we’re fine. It’s raining and the wind is blowing a little bit. Thanks for thinking of us.

    Just had about 20 turkeys walk down by driveway and then walk back up it. I didn’t bother to leave any bird food on the ground this morning… it would only get wet.

  11. RR, tell your expected guests to bring generator gas while they can, etc. IMO, that should be the minimum price of admission; add-ons would be non-perishable food and decent vino and board games.

    Best of Good Luck to You and Others in Path!


  12. Prez should delegate responsibility for western area to Biden as communication situation and destruction warrants. Plan for seamless transfer of authority should be published now.

  13. Sorry, it is Nash. Be careful with those generators. Don’t even keep them close to open windows or anywhere close to where the fumes can be sucked in.

  14. c’bob – You nailed the low pressure days ago.

    I’m guessing store shelves are clean. Hope the roads/power will allow re-stocking from warehouses or things could get ugly.

    Bill Clinton fears R/R more than Sandy, more than destruction and loss of life? (That is the most tone-deaf Prez Clinton has been in quite some time.)

    For Hallowe’en –

    “Mitt Romney zombie apocalypse campaign spot…”

    Floor lamps? :)

  15. Crystal’s funeral was on Saturday. It was well attended and quite moving.

    A Korean urn with half her ashes is being protected by a similar urn with half of Kumcho’s ashes. Both urns are being protected on the front side by the Buddha, and I have their back.

    God willing, I’ll have Crystal’s ashes safely placed around Kumcho’s tree at the Sammaksa Temple in Korea next Spring.

  16. They say to only expect a few days or a week without power. Not sure I would bet on that. I went over three weeks without power after Rita. It was a learning experience and I was very happy that I had years of camping experience to fall back on.

  17. ct – They do have crews staged in Delaware to go in and deal with the downed trees. Not sure about the power companies themselves, but it sounds like those Y2K survival kits would come in handy now. Just unbelievable that NYC is already seeing water as high as Irene was at her worst; Sandy is still so far away.

  18. Craig – I thought Obama’s statement was fairly A-political, just info. I shall think of some of those tweets as attempts at comedy, some more effective than others. Hope everyone in Sandy’s path stays safe. Ya know, Vermont just managed to get cleaned up and re-constructed from Irene. Everyone proceed with caution!

  19. As for the gender of Hurricane Sandy…it is a ‘unisex’ name. And the weather certainly has declared war on the east half of the US…could be an excuse to extend voting. An act of war stops the election and it is not necessarily a ‘female’ who is causing the problems.

  20. Barb Bissonnette says: Craig — I thought Obama’s statement was fairly A-political

    Ah, but that’s what makes it political. He can be president above the campaign fray handling the aftermath and overshadow Romney, who can’t do much of anything to get attention for a few days that won’t be deemed political. Obama’s advantage right now is that, as president, he can still play politics while not being political. Notice he only took one question, avoiding any risk of getting drawn into campaign stuff. WH was wise to cancel his Orlando rally appearance this morning and yank him back to DC for this briefing. Puzzling to me, though, why they didn’t see that yesterday before he flew down there. And they spent a fortune on nothing more than having him deliver pizza to campaign workers. Ha, one upside: they ditched the White House press corps plane, which is stranded in Orlando (hence, the empty chairs in the briefing just now).

  21. Even though this disaster may be pretty costly, it may add significantly to Obama’s job numbers. I predict a lot of new job opportunities soon.

  22. For those folks on face book Old Sea Hag is out and about on her island, Martha’s Vineyard taking pictures of the storm from there. She has got some cool pics.


  23. Craig, while I agree that Obama did the “Presidential thing” but it seems to me he’s kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he continues on his merry way he’s in for a whole lot of buckshot, but if he appears Presidential, he’s taking advantage. I’m glad he didn’t take questions, the questions have been inane lately. That video of Romney saying he’d hand emergency services over to charities and private sector is going to hit his campaign hard tho. (Although as the storm is hitting mostly the north-east, I guess that’s his 47% huh?)

  24. I’ve decided to put up a Day of the Dead altar this year. I’ve always thought it was a wonderful custom.
    It is a wonderful time of remembrance and mine will focus on my Trailmix friends

    And fair media coverage – feh… When Obama was being ‘presidential” in the first debate –he was declared a loser and a whimp. When Mittens did exactly the same thing in the final debate – the media declared him presidential.

    Regrettably the only ones with focus are the rightwing loons — the lefties are simply contrarians and if the candidate doesn’t give them a cute enough nickname — then they spend the whole campaign playing dumbed down gotcha politics

  25. yeah but Barb i’d rather our presidents be forced to answer dumb questions than none at all. this one has taken questions from WH press corps just five times all year, counting those where he just answered one or two. The View gals have had more access (talking about your dumb questions!). That ‘aint Democracy

  26. I think she said this a while ago but it’s still true

    I haven’t left my house in days.
    I watch the news channels incessantly.
    All the news stories are about the election;
    All the commercials are for Viagra and Cialis.
    Election – erection – election – erection
    – – – either way we’re going to get screwed!’

    Bette Midler

  27. Trying to follow the RCP EC map over the past week is making my head spin. Friday, R was up over O by 5 (on the 20th) and now O is back up by 10 – where it was 12 days ago. (In the no tossup map, O got a boost over the weekend to 291 – 10 more than last week). Looks like RCP put WI back in O’s court.

  28. I agree, Craig. Happens north of the border, too. Elxn of 2011, leader of party that won SAT on and MUZZLED his candidates — many attended NO debates, they were not allowed to talk to press at all without going through leader’s office — NO himbo eruptions until AFTER the election, of course! Buyer’s remorse!

  29. The big question.

    Let’s see, I’m one of the zillions who will be listening to the Prez’s fonecall tomorrow afternoon. Might even get the chance to pose a question.

    I am out of the question designing mood right now.

    So, please, group, design a question for me to type in should the opportunity materialize.

    While said project is in progress, I shall be at the store.

    For CBob, local pressure is 998.6 hPa and falling at -0.3 hPa/hour.

  30. received Saturday anon, and tried to email ya, but bounced back (as did both of yours CBob, so maybe it’s on my end). Thank you very much!

  31. Romney on FEMA Government Spending

  32. Best wishes from the West Coast to everyone in the sights of the storm…

  33. Craig…

    Glad to hear it. I do not understand why your email bounced. It’s the same one I get the New Thread updates on when you post a new thread.

    Have a great day.

  34. The “private sector” has more than recovered from the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush (41), Clinton, and Bush (43) Great Recession of December 2007 through June 2009. They have all contributed, in various degrees, to the Great Recession.

    According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) the 2012 Q1/Q3 average GDP is on track to be a record surpassing the CPI-U adjusted 2007 GDP. CPI-U adjusted corporate profit, with inventory valuation adjustment, is up 4.17% from the previous 2006 record. Since Obama has been in office the corporate profit is up 50.94% with the financial sector up 255% and the nonfinancial sector up 47%. From the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) there has been an 8.8% growth from the record 2006 CPI-U Adjusted Corporate Profits After Tax and a increase of 49.2% during the Obama Administration.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrated that for the 25 months from February 2008 through February 2010 the Great Recession generated job losses of approximately 8.9 million or 7.7%. Starting in March 2010 we have not lost jobs for 31 months, through September 2012. During that period we had about 4.7 million job increase or 4.4%. The 4.4% increase from March 2010 through September 2012 is much greater than the 2.9% increase in the Civilian noninstitutional population. Yes, the private sector job growth is greater than the population growth. The economy has improved but is still fragile enough that it could uses another good shot of well directed stimulus. You know into true infrastructure spending and not into tax cuts/credits, Wall Street or pork. We still need the 4.1 million good jobs that we lost during the Great Recession that we have not recovered.

    The big problem is that Real Wages have been stagnant since the November 1973 to March 1975 recession, but consumer spending keeps climbing. According to the Federal Reserve, financial obligations ratio (FOR) is almost 16 percent of income as Americans are carrying high levels of debt. Personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income has dwindled from 8% to 10% from 1951 to 1985 to a dismal level of under 4% starting in 1999 as Americans have run down assets and taken on debt to keep the spending binge going. Consumers are keeping up the appearance of wealth while their personal financial health decays.

  35. anon paranoid,

    Video from the same article that you linked too. I thought the video was well worth being posted.

  36. The pictures of the crane are pretty funny

    Until it falls 70 stories to West 57th street.

  37. That pizza delivery seems like the perfect target for Republicans to attack. It seems as if Obama was just asking for trouble when he did that.

    “Look at that liberal and his wasting fuel just like he wastes money and makes our deficit even worse. Its not like he wasting his time hobnobbing with billionaires for large checks and promises to destroy the country further.”

  38. I didn’t mean to make light of the dangers posed by the dangling crane — but the picture they keep showing is pretty funny. Well maybe funnier for some people (women)

  39. I guess CNN makes everyone get out in the rain…except Piers Morgan

  40. On NBC news they just talked about the sinking of the tall-ship Bounty in the storm. Too bad. The corporate decision to put her to sea cost a couple of lives from her crew while putting a whole bunch of Coasties at risk of their lives as well. (What do you think about that, your Eminence?)

  41. jaslf says: That pizza delivery seems like the perfect target for Republicans to attack.

    agreed. but i must say, “rightly so” — that fiasco was really dumb

    winds up to 40mph, bit more rain but not a downpour — nothing too scary yet

  42. CT,

    Thank you for your thoughts but I am high and dry in the desert. That said I will join you in wishing those who are not that they remain safe for the duration of this storm. It seems as though Sandy is really starting to bare her teeth.

  43. reminds me of the time we was cruisin’ at so-many feet in a C-130 looking for the barge what was lost from the tug off hatteras with 2 crewmen aboard….the pilot says, ” a case of beer to the first what-not who spies the barge.” I’m trying to look out the windows, but I’m a bit superflous in the cockpit except to radio in positions when required and I was second radiomon to begin with so I went back into the belly and started playing with the “slave scope” like it was a video game and loren behold I fount the barge off in a certain direction and range which I ascertained from the scope and went forthwith to the bridge or the whatever you call it in an airplane and the captain and said, “Veer right just a frog’s hair, and proceed for 30 or 40 clicks and ye’ll see yer barge.”

    Me, the greek, and Jet Johnson had a nice time with that case of beer.

  44. Jace, you might enjoy a little rain where you live.

    Nice to see Craig still has power. No word from RR? Coreen is on generator in CT.

  45. the local legend was the crew on the yearly round-the-world loran tour who got to drink with the Duke and that other guy filming “Finnegan’s Wake” or whatever it was in the South Pacific. I didn’t get one of those.

  46. Flatus,

    I am so glad to see your posts today. It’s good to have you back.

    Placing Crystal’s ashes around Kumcho’s tree seems so appropriate. I hope that there, she might find a world with the peace of mind and spirit that eluded her in this world.


  47. and then there was that time we flew the albatross {Hu-16-echo} down to st. pete and the wheels wouldn’t deploy for landing. manual deployment of the wheels no go. so, it being a sea-plane we landed on the water and got towed to shore. Our pilot, Chief Greathouse, about the only enlisted man pilot in the armed services at that time, was not in good humor.

  48. I’ve seen a number of hurricanes…this, in Brooklyn, is my dottir’s foist.

    Only the strong, and the lucky, survive.

  49. CT,

    Rain in the desert is a funny thing. A rainstorm that might be considered nothing more than a nuisance in many parts of the country causes flash flooding and general chaos. It is the damnedest thing I ever saw.
    An inch and a half of rain and folks start building arks.
    That said when we get enough rain, the desert in bloom is nothing short of breathtaking. About once every ten years. 😉

    Actually I don’t like the description ‘high and dry’,
    sounds for all the world like prohibition.

  50. Well the word from west by god Virginia is rain. Snow in the mountains. Schools closed for anticipated flooding. LP is stoked. I’m just soggy. Glad poor survived. Needs to be a tee shirt. (note to self: checkout hsn for a tee shirt)

  51. Jace, wouldn’t that be wrong? Well the high part is right but prohibition was anything but dry.

  52. So let me get this straight, is the Obama operation trying to muscle in on Herman Cain’s territory?

  53. Pogo,

    Point well taken. I will deal with the dry part right now, hopefully the high part will take care of itself. 😉

  54. Those of us who understand what the hypothesis began predicting 37 years ago , are pretty scared tonight. Just as the Sandy neared the shore, her center of circulation vanished , and a 100 mile wide vortex took over. That is now blowing right into NYC.

    Blue –
    My predictions of the flooding of the under ground infrastructure are happening now. This is a $60 Billion dollar bill just for this part of the damage.

    Watching CNBC coverage , the people who think all this is a “hoax”.

  55. As for the above ground damage , these power estimates have no idea how many transformers are blowing up as I type .
    It’s a 900 mile wide Joplin tornado. Every road will have blow downs, Obama will not be on the trail again. His fate and Sandy are sealed. The next week is gonna sober up a lot of people.
    Runningmoney mocking sea level rise in his convention address comes to mind.

  56. these power estimates have no idea how many transformers are blowing up as I type .

    Transformers do not grow on trees . This power problem , will take months, and thats if another “Sandy” from Canada, doesn’t come in 10 days.

  57. these power estimates have no idea how many transformers are blowing up as I type

    The good folks at Snow Shoe W.V., were off the grid for 2 weeks last summer, when that funhouse freak show dercho roared over them. Tonight heavy wet snow is falling. And that breaks tree limbs.

    The good folks at Snow Shoe W.V. can’t afford to rebuild their part of the grid every 4 months.

  58. If you have a “Harbor Freight” near you, go buy a their $199.99 Solar kit. Then you need golf cart batteries , and a trip to Auto Zone to get the battery cables.

    Then you have a small business on Haiti, charging poor people’s cell phones.

  59. CNBC was in tears, the stock exchange lit their marble pillars in red white, and blue.

    But then they showed the Hoeboken subway station flooding across the river. Our 20th century infrastructure is not up to our 21st century climate.

  60. By the way , Sandy set 2 new records all ready .
    The lowest pressure ever recorded North of Cape Hat. N.C.
    The highest water level at the southern end of Manhattan.

    Both records were not broken , they were smashed. The later record was set in 1821. The former was set by the “Long Island Express”. In 1938.

  61. Craig –
    I’ve pretty sure we’re not done when these giant freaky storms.
    In fact, in 20 years , Sandy will be considered ‘small’.

    Hell really is comin’ to breakfast.

  62. Talk about job creation! A lot of money will be changing hands over this one.

    American infrastructure is pretty impressive to me, particularly on the east coast. I realize it’s not over yet, but this would be an even bigger calamity just about anywhere else in the world.

  63. The first date I ever had, I took her to see Brando on the ‘Bounty’, to see the news that she and her captain, went in the grave yard of the Atlantic, what bleak , and noble end.

  64. Sturg
    The AF had some enlisted pilots long ago. Commanders didn’t like having a sergeant driving an airplane while his assistant, perhaps a captain, was holding his coffee. So, they decided to make those sergeants who could figure out how to tie a necktie officers, and to put the rest of the enlisted pilots in non-flying jobs.

  65. I would remind every American tonight, Pat Robertson’s Church in Virginia Beach did not save 14 souls this morning from The Grave Yard of the Atlantic, the Federal Government did. In 2 J-Hawk helicopters. One of which was flown by a woman .

    They flew 2 hours out to sea to do it . As American stories go, this one was really heroic.

  66. In 2 J-Hawk helicopters. One of which was flown by a woman .

    If Obama’s people miss giving these people medals, then we are all well and truly lost. Because they saved 14 souls, and recovered the body of the 15th person. The sea took just 1 person .

    That’s the pure power of our government. It’s real book material.

  67. Here at Trail Mix World Headquarters in downtown DC so far Sandy has lightly slapped us around some but certainly no heavy blows. Not even branches or other debris in the street. As for rain, while nonstop for the past 36 hours, never more than a drizzle. No thunder or lightning at all.

    Actually boring here compared to the VA/MD suburbs, and certainly when compared to NYC/NJ.

    Couple more hours left for it to possibly get worse, but for now passing on some of our luck, hopes and prayers to those harder hit.

  68. The 1st sinking of the ‘Bounty’…..

    When they sank the first one , Flecther Christian saw to it the carpenters vice was removed from the ship. It is now at Hampton Roads , Va. In the Maritime Museum. Not far from the “Monitor’s prop’. It’s huge, nearly 5 feet tall.

  69. Dear Ms. Cracker –
    They are selling apartments in the limp derrick building for $50 Million , it’s 90 floors high. As a metaphor, you were spot on.

  70. Interesting.

    Why does Restore Our Future have to run anti Obama ads. in AZ? Romney will win here by 6 or 8.
    AZ television is not going to turn many heads in Nevada.

    Is Carmona closer than I think?

    Very strange. 😕

  71. Newsflash!

    Creation scientists using the latest, most sensitive, tools to decipher subliminal Biblical messages have now determined that human activity actually does cause monster storms and global warming.

    It’s the homosexuals!

  72. The foremost Creation scientists at Liberty Bell Triniversity meteortheological laboratory explain that the rise in global temperatures correlates exactly with the number of sex acts committed annually that are not sanctified by Jesus and the Reverend Billy Bob Eddie Bue.

    Cataclysmic flooding is the direct result of unrestrained Libbrullesm, just as it was in Noah’s day.

  73. I was gonna write Liberty Bell University, but the ‘uni’ part seems so…uh…Jewish, Moslem, Masonic, Unitarian, Federalist, and other cults of the devil. Therefore, I wrought Triniversity instead. The trini part seems to add more Fundament Christian orthodoxicity.

    Nuf fun. I’m to bed. ‘night.ZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

  74. Hell has arrived and wants its damn breakfast….Adam and Eve on a raft, with hash browns—scattered and boint. And a side of bacon.

  75. Puzzling to me, though, why they didn’t see that yesterday before he flew down there. And they spent a fortune on nothing more than having him deliver pizza to campaign workers. Ha, one upside: they ditched the White House press corps plane, which is stranded in Orlando

    boss, pretty big up side.
    you never know what else tho’ that had to be hand delivered.

  76. when i was attending Aviation Electronics tech school at NATTC, Memphis, a navy school, we had one E-6 CG rep at the facility to serve the coasties on base. He wound up cutting himself orders for a promotion and transfer to somewhere in Alaska. A highly dubious move, since he couldn’t order up a replacement. They caught up with him, of course, but for a couple of months there we had no rep. lol

  77. c’bob – Shelterboxes for the Hamptons — you made me laugh on that one, although there is nothing funny about this situation.

    Glad T’Mix HQ, and everyone in it, are OK.

    Last night, Piers Morgan reported that the floor of the New York Stock Exchange had flooded. Anderson Cooper said that those rumors had turned out not to be true. Another reporter said she had not reported it and, sure enough, the rumor was false; it sounded like she really doesn’t like Piers, at all.

    Piers was also saying how the end of the month is crucial for people managing funds; blathering on about how their personal finances may be hurt. Jeez.

    I’m just thinking about all of the basement space in NYC, like all of the restaurants that load supplies to the spaces underneath.

    I hope people really did lay in a good supply of food and water, because it’s going to take awhile for the supply chain to be fully-operational, I think.

    “Parts of two nuclear power plant were shut down late Monday and early Tuesday, while another plant — the nation’s oldest — was put on alert after waters from Superstorm Sandy rose…”,0,282595.story

  78. “U.S. President Barack Obama has declared a major disaster in New York and Long Island. The declaration makes federal funding available..”

    * Now, let’s just think about a Romney administration and feel ill.

    Read more:


    “In the event that the markets are able to open on Wednesday but the NYSE headquarters and trading floor in Lower Manhattan are unavailable…”

    “Wednesday is a key trading day because it marks the end of the month, when traders price portfolios.”

    Read more:

    If only people cared about other people the way they care about their stock portfolios, well, maybe we would have better plans in place.

  79. sturge – I turned off Mika & MoJo when they quickly left storm patrol to talk about the election.

  80. they are one of the ones i cruise by in the mornings…watching them for any length of time induces ass pains.

    must say that it was a pleasure to see mika do something besides make faces and roll the eyes, while submitting meekly to being told “No-no-no-no-no-no-no,” by Joscar.

  81. Tried to watch Fox and Friends for a few minutes just to get a different perspective … Good God! Those people are idiots. That isn’t Conservative. If they held hands in a circle you would have a wind tunnel.

    Chris Christie is sounding good this morning. An intelligent bully doing his job is probably what New Jersey needs right now and he is saying good things about the President and FEMA.

  82. Sturgeone

    I love Donovan’s Reef right up until the last scene when Wayne turns the “little lady” over his lap and spanks her….

  83. “If they held hands in a circle you would have a wind tunnel.”


    Sorry to be so crude so early in the morning, but when those folks sit in a circle, it is usually not hands they are holding. 😉

  84. Millions of American homes are underwater, have been for several years. I guess it is just now reaching the financial sector.

  85. Hurricane Sandy did what most dems have wanted for some time — shut-up the Rmoney/Ryan noise. It has been wonderful silence.

    Obama pacs should be putting Rmoney on the air with his ‘Kill FEMA’ speech…run it 24 hours a day while showing rescue by the feds. Expose him for the lazy man he is…pushing rescue of humans to the churches. He doesn’t want to spend money on humans, just corporations.

  86. These would be the same job numbers that were bogus last month?
    I suppose if unemployment goes up they will be the gold standard. Look for lots of Jack Welch interviews.

  87. Tony,

    How about a vote swap? It is close in Florida and your vote counts. In AZ not so much.

    I’ll vote your third party here in AZ, you can vote Obama in Florida. :smile:

  88. Rmoney is not campaigning but his staff is going to work on disaster relief???? WTF

    and I noticed Mittens is carrying is own luggage when he gets off the plane now..unfortunately the media has somehow overlooked his real baggage

    Glad to hear TM hq is not underwater
    sounds like a real mess in some places
    As someone who lives in a flood prone area I hope everyone is ok and gets the help they need
    There is nothing worse then trying to clean up your flooded house

  89. CBob, saw your mention of Snowshoe – Snowshoe is nothing more than a resort at the top of the mountain near Greenbank and Cass – very few actual residents there. Their grid is composed mostly of power lines coming up the mountain through the forest. They rebuild their “grid” more often than you’d think.

    Well, this is the first time I remember us getting snow in October. Mountains and points south got much more than our little bit. Talked with a guy in Buckhannon – little town 30 miles south and not in the mountains – they got 8″. Here’s the latest from WV.

  90. Jace

    While I was watching Fox and Friends, Doocy asked Christie about taking a call from Romney about helping. It was funny how fast Christie shut him down hard with something along the lines of “I don’t have time for politics” then a few sentences later about “talking to the President several times”.

    The GOP will have to have a lot of rigged voting machines to overcome the backlash against the candidate that wants to shut down FEMA

  91. What’s Mittens going to do to help — outsource the clean-up send the flood to China?
    Organize green mail? Bring in the Mormon church?

    I see CNN interviewed James Witt Clinton’s head of FEMA
    where is Brownie…and I hope someone asks Mittens about getting rid of FEMA and talks about it while he is pretending to be helpful

    frankly I don’t want to be rescued by Mormons or saved in sense by the either


    Jace, Ha your too funny!
    I appreciate the offer, really i do..Won’t be necessary as i can’t take a chance on Romney getting Florida under his belt..Sadly, i will have to do the “lesser of two evils” thingy.. I’ve promised myself i would never do that again but i guess i’m just not as Independent as i thought..
    Obama will be getting my vote but not because i believe in him, I DON’T..Obama is going to sell us out on SS and Medicare immediately..Ha, guess he well sell us out a little bit less than Romney but with Obama being Obama, i don’t know that..

  93. Jamie, Christi knows politics, and he knows damn well that his future depends on how well he manages this storm and the aftermath. For that he needs Obama and FEMA, not Romney with cases of water and doughnuts.

  94. Tony,

    If it will help ease the pain, I can still go the third party route here. All the candidates are listed.

    However you should be prepared to take the oath of office in January as I may put your name on the write in line. 😉

  95. Monster hurricanes hitting the Mid-Atlantic States are the result of global climate change, but you won’t hear anyone discussing that on the MSM.

    The oil, gas, and coal industries have effectively suppressed the discussion of the science. Now they’re working on suppressing the science itself, but that takes longer.

    Scientists have more guts than the news media corporations.

  96. Craig,

    You are awfully quiet this morning.

    My we assume that no news is good news?

  97. What Nash said…
    I was just thinking the same thing as I was listening to the reports — not a word about the climate changes and impacts that sane people have been talking about for years. The media is always quick to have the climate change debate as long as they can give flat earth people equal time. And of course THAT would be very inappropriate at this time

  98. Perhaps after Sandy subsides, we can do a little nation building on this side of the Atlantic.

    Dream a little dream…

  99. Good morning! Up north of you we had some pretty gusty winds but very little of the rain (I`m not sure where exactly the rain went). A poor soul in Toronto was killed (I am very very sorry) by a flying Staples sign. Yes, we are searching for a way to tie it to Romney.

    Governor Christie is a very shrewd politician. If indeed he is working up a 2016 run, he`s going to have to limit the far right, and he`s doing a very good job of it right now. It would be a very good idea if the Republican party dumped the idiot right– and became a viable alternative again. It`s the nut jobs that scare the general population. And the state republican legislatures that pass such things as `personhood`amendments. If Republicans just concentrate on ways to make peoples`lives better, then everyone can have a discussion on HOW to go about doing that. But sticking noses into private business isn`t the way to go about it.

  100. That darned Obama, if this storm continues, he’s gonna’ run up the deficit some more.

    That’s what happens when you elect a socialist.

  101. Atlantic City took a big hit
    I hope Fatmouth Trump takes that 5 mil and gives it to the city that saved his fat ass…and if it were true philanthropy he wouldn’t tell anyone

  102. I am hoping the Rmoney can explain how Obama caused Hurricane Sandy

  103. I believe America will not elect an obese president.
    Christie’s problem isn’t the far right — it’s his fork
    Even if he has a sympathetic story and is trying to lose weight

  104. What will the affected areas do about voting? Is lower Manhattan not going to get to vote

    Just as an aside I was born in the Albany area and when I was little I had an imaginary friend named Manhattan.

  105. Bounty spent several years in the late 80s tied-up at the pier in St Pete. She was really an interesting vessel to view close up. She was a real ship, not just some mock-up.

    One more ‘job well done’ to the folks involved in the rescue of her crew, and to our personal Coastie, Rich Sturgeone, who flew on his share of SAR missions doing what our Coast Guard people have been doing since 1790. Semper Paratus

  106. Jace says: … no news is good news?

    yes, things so calm here i just got up. kept a vigil until very late in case things got worse and HQ needed attention. but all is well — here at least.

  107. So how come only Amy Goodman is talking about the status of the nuke plants in NJ

    And she is talking about climate change too

  108. Hey everyone…
    I’m baaaaaaack. We lost power last night around 7:30… just got it back about an hour ago. We have a generator and we were fine. The sun is now peaking out.

    All our relatives in Sandy’s path are fine… my sister in NYC, my brother in Beverly Mass., and Rick’s brother in Maryland.

    With the exception of some scattered power outages… NH escaped this bullet.

  109. Amy Goodman is going to have Bill McKibbon from
    talking about climate change and the current weather events

    It was interesting when she had on someone from Weather underground a cable channel recently purchased by the weather channel. this fellow said no scientist wants to discuss climate change during weather events because the blowback is so bad from the rightwing loon
    horrible comment on our political discourse

  110. Good Tweet: REPUBLICANS:Do not accept any government help today. YOU built that.YOU can clear the roads.YOU can restore power, not FEMA.

  111. Chris Christie is finally evacuated!! I heard the land in northern New Jersey rose a foot after he left!

  112. Storm Damage in Northern Maine?

    Our local “Trash pick-up day” was Monday and my next-door-neighbor forgot to move his trash can back from the curb and put it back in his garage. The wind knocked it over and the cover blew almost 20 feet away onto my lawn.

    Emergency crews were called and the “storm command center” released a statement that they expect everything back to normal within a few hours.

    People in Northern Maine are rugged and self-reliant. They can handle ¼ inch of rain and winds gusting up to 20 mph.

  113. Chris Christie is a “class act” compared to most Republicans. I saw him thank Obama on MSNBC. When was the last time you heard a Republican say ANYTHING nice about Obama?

    My opinion of him went way up, as I’m sure it did for a lot of Democrats and, more importantly, swing voters. If Romney loses, it won’t be Ryan in 2016, it will be Christie.

    Now all he has to do is lose 150 pounds. A black president? OK. A woman president? OK. But a fat president? No way. Some forms of discrimination are STILL socially acceptable.

  114. Re: the HMS Bounty – seen a lot of second guessing the decision to try and outrun Sandy. Can’t say I would have made that decision, but it’s not at all unheard of to put vessels to sea in heavy weather to avoid the damage that being tied to a dock or moored could cause. But the problem is the crew obviously. Wonder how the ships at South Street Seaport did.

  115. Well, Christie has to make nice with Obama for the money, but his mouth is the biggest, fattest thing of all — the way he talked to the mayor of Atlantic City over evacuation and confusion. He had egg on his face (or was that breakfast??).

  116. “If only people cared about other people the way they care about their stock portfolios, well, maybe we would have better plans in place.”
    -BlueInDallas @ 7:55am

    Worth repeating and memorizing.

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