Obama’s Sandy Dilemma

If the presidential election were more than just a week away I’d resist this, but can’t help it. How does this storm affect the candidates? The President is now stuck with paying attention to politically safe states he would otherwise ignore in the final week, while Mitt Romney could safely resume campaigning in largely unaffected battleground states.

At first the conventional thinking, including mine, was that Obama benefits by dominating the news as First Responder while Romney would have to be shy about seeming inappropriate.

But now that the battleground states in Sandy’s path emerged without hugely tragic consequences, I’m thinking the political fortunes are reversed.

Romney can risk returning to the few states that will decide the election (with copious empathetic references to the storm’s toll) because those voters can more or less go about their normal routines, although concerned about fellow Americans in hard hit places. (Yes, voters in battleground Virginia, particularly those in the liberal leaning northern region, are dealing with power outages. But they face that in most major storms around here.)

Obama might be the one who must tread carefully. Having taken charge of the emergency and declared himself above politics for now, how can he travel to swing states without a backlash?

The worst of Sandy seems to have hit New Jersey and New York City. Voters there will certainly appreciate Obama’s hyper focus on their needs. But he’s already got them in his column.

Should Obama risk criticism and get back on the road? Probably not for a few days, at least. But with just a week to go that is precious time lost.

The President’s best hope is that voters in mostly unharmed key states seeing him ably handle this crisis elsewhere will gain enough credit to offset the tactical disadvantage of having to suspend personal campaigning where he most needs to be.

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  1. I hope you’re right. Time for the surrogates to take center stage. Start every appearance with “President Obama wanted to come talk with you, but he’s a little tied up now. So you’ll have to make do with me.”

  2. The Obamarama super pacs should immediately begin running ads in non affected states of Rmoney saying he would do away with FEMA and pictures of Brownie

    No matter what Obama does goopers will be on some high horse or another and Jack Tapper et al will be holding the reins

  3. I subscribe to Flatus’ remarks of 1:31 and 1:38 pm.

    The Prez should take on the role of Julie Annie after 9/11 put on waders and wade. Play it to the hilt. Show the Prez comnforting victims, and on hand as rescued people emerge from CG vessels and copters. ‘Offhand’ remarks that “this is why we have government”, “some people want to cut FEMA and the Coast Guard – not mentioning names….”, and “this is the result of global warming” that some people have been lying to the country about” will cast the rippers and romney in a bad light. Their angry squeals will make them look even worse.

    The Prez can also compare the dangers of global warming to terrorism, and compare his handling of the Sandy disaster with his elimination of bin ladin.

    He ought to make this the defining moment of his first term (and sotto voce, of the campaign).

  4. You can not win when voting machines are rigged, voter registrations are changed allowing a voter to be unable too vote, voter suppression is in play and Republicans are running State Elections.

    Got to go, kitchen sink in clogged and not sure where the clog is. I hope its not in the outside drain. What a crappy day today turned out to be for a lot of people, including me.

    Have a great day.

  5. xrepub, trouble with your “on the scene” scenario is that with his unavoidable entourage would be accused of hampering operations just for a photo op

  6. Ads in OH, FL, NC should show brave compassionate Obama dealing with victims, then switch to the rippers’ incompetent response to Katrina, willard promising to end FEMA, and back to Obama in waders, putting a blanket around some soaked and shivering victim. Fade to black. Text: Vote compassion, vote Obama.

    Then return to wolf blitzer on Gilligan’s Island.

  7. Craig, gottakeep the entourage to a minimum : a couple people holding battery op camcorders, that 2 gophers then trade for charged and loaded camcorders, & whisk the’footage’ away to the Main Spring Media.

  8. doesn’t work, xrepub, media not the issue (tight coverage pools easy to do) – it’s the secret service protective zones, shutting down transportation and jamming cell phones that makes it impossible for presidents to visit emergency relief sites too soon

  9. Red Cross is a nice start, but the man out in the wet and wind, handing a baby to a Red Cross worker – that picture’s worth the entire election, plus toss AZ and GA into the Blue column.

  10. Craig,

    Does the man give orders to the Secret Service or vice versa?

    In Texas, the demi-president dict cheney used the Service to obstruct a criminal investigation.

  11. well yeah, xrepub, he could always go without protection and risk an incident that really would disrupt relief efforts — still, he might be able to go in a couple days and get what you want, but i’m not sure these are the right circumstances to go for a Bush megaphone moment

  12. If the guydoesn’t really care about getting re-elected, that’s one thing, but if he really wanted that job, he’d pull out all the stops. The Sec Serv as you describe it constitutes a stop.

    TR & LBJ would be out in the storm.

  13. maybe so, xrepub, but just not Obama’s style. think we’re lookin at a Rose Garden strategy for a few days. don’t think he has much choice, not pretty

  14. Craig,

    Right. And, if the unthinkable occurred, he’d be a martyr in the cause of rescue, succor, and mercy, accomplishing more in death than in life. What more could man ask for as a legacy?

    I am not being ironic, let alone sarcastic. I am just writing what this particular sick & pained old man would choose for himself in the circumstances.

  15. he could always meet with local officials and responders at a safe distance, make it substantive. seems like a better play than grandstanding in the water

  16. Christie’s office confirms he will meet with Obama in NJ tomorrow. this could work for POTUS. altho must say would be better if Sandy had ravaged OH instead (sorry Ohioans, just sayin)

  17. Given the Rmoney campaign’s propensity for doctored events…they probably set up a wind tunnel

  18. NYT:

    “President Obama to Tour New Jersey

    On Wednesday, President Obama will join Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey in viewing damage of the storm, the White House announced on Tuesday.

    Mr. Obama’s press secretary said the president would join Mr. Christie — who has been one of his harshest Republican critics — in talking with victims of the storm and thanking first responders.”

    having Christie play host is good optics

  19. I don’t recommend a bush megaphone ‘mission accomplished’ moment. I think the president would do the country and the election a world of good by going out in the weather and experiencing what ordinary, dispossessed, homeless people experience, while a camera or two records.

    Sharing experience with those oppressed by Sandy would be a monumental event for a president.

    And, ya it may be dangerous, but Flatus, Sturgeone, Solar, and I have gone in harm’s way. Ordinary people have to take risks.

    A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. A man ought to act as though things will turnout okay. Like faith that the sun will come up. I have always believed that and lived it. Just because a man’s become president doesn’t mean he’s now a Ming Porcelain to be placed behind bullet proof glass, on padding, in constant temp and humidity. That kind of thing stifles the real man out of people.
    Ya, it may be dangerous, but no one gets out of life alive, and the proposed deed would not be trivial, like jumping 128,000feet from a balloon is trivial.
    Besides, there’s Joe Biden.

    End of rant.

  20. He’s going to be touring NJ with Christie tomorrow so basically, he needs to take a clue from Hollywood:

    “My name is Barack Obama, and I AM THE PRESIDENT”

  21. having Christie play host is good optics

    Obama and Christie walking together can look like the number 10

  22. Once more I’m flabbergasted by the Romney campaign. Maybe holding a relief event wasn’t a bad idea, but bringing canned goods to Ohio to be trucked to New Jersey …. Say What? Then Romney compares FEMA activities to when he picked up a baseball field or something. Then having campaign signs in the food collection area. Talk about tin ear!!!

    How about simple public statements to followers to contribute to assistance groups such as Red Cross or other useful activities.

  23. “the number 10″

    I nominate Ms Cracker for the Pulitzer Prize in Political Cartooning.

  24. Obama could visit Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina.
    Damage in Ohio

    Both Christie and Obama need each other during this election year. Look what the bromance did for Crist.

    I think the Rmoney campaign has suffered because of Sandy. He has been bumped-off of the news for several days. His campaign had been the lead story on most network news and now nothing.

  25. Rmoney remains in the 50’s when relief efforts meant canned goods collections

  26. Thank goodness willard’s not waist deep in the water, passing rescued babies to the other Red Cross workers.

  27. No polling either…I have been trying to reach family in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York and the power is a problem even with phone service. Less than a week and will NY, NJ and PA be ready to vote?

  28. Shouldn’t Bishop Rmoney be calling on his cult to provide help

  29. Wolfe Blitzer helping to make Rmoney look presidential by comparing his event to Obama

  30. having Christie play host is good optics

    depending on who stands in front of whom, kgc.
    a mantis upstaged by an elephant

  31. 10 or 01 – either way.

    O needs an armored Hummer to tour the coast. Or they could just get a pic of him gazing out the window of AF1 (no, wait, we’ve seen that before – didn’t work well). I’d suggest Marine 1 – take Christie on a tour of the hardest hit places, touch down, walk around, talk with the folks, you know the bit. WH could provide pool footage through MSM – take the footage with an I-Phone and distribute it through WH secure line to MSM. Let them give the disclaimer that the footage was provided by the WH. ‘can’ts can whine about it. Tough – pic is worth 1000 words.

  32. my favorite post-hurricane political trip was that Dr. in missippi telling Cheney, “Go F*** yourself, Mr. Cheney”.

    They should replay that over and over along with “Heckofa job, Brownie.”

  33. I think Christie was *great* on Fox & Friends this morning — Just saw a clip. He told those baffoons where to get off. “Couldn’t care less what Romney’s doing.” Was great. And it will be good optics, although I truly don’t think that’s what the motivation is right now. I also think it can be done without all the bells and whistles that usually accompany a prez visit. Helicopter maybe? He and Christie sharing security?

    If Biden & Clinton are out saying, “President Obama is busy being president,” it’ll go a long way. I don’t think there are very many people to be persuaded at this point. And it’s not up to Obama to get out the vote. That’s left to his campaign team and everyone associated with it. Obama can wait a couple of days and then be greeted by huge crowds as president. It’ll work.

  34. The idea of Clinton filling while the president attends to the people’s business is quite brilliant

  35. BW. LOL. That’s from 2008. I wish Rmoney would visit a site like that. Blew over a swing, broke a limb and blew leaves on the road – how untidy!! Here’s the storm effects in OH Rmoney should visit.

  36. Ohio did get damage – all the states from the shore to the Mississippi did – I’m sure it’s a coincidence that Rmoney chose Ohio to show empathy.

    My inlaws are outside of Cleveland – they lost power, phone etc. this morning and the sewers are backing up into basements (a perennial problem there).

  37. sturg, a telecaster is a good choice if you’re gonna choose a guitar as a weapon – Brad Paisley says they are baseball bats on cutting boards with strings. If he was a telepreacher the forerunner – a broadcaster – would be the better bet.

  38. Craig,
    Great question! And why is it a conflict for Barack Obama? Why is the race close?
    Because he has not been a success.
    OK – give him the up on high gas prices to drive to alternative sources despite a weak economy – He was successful there, And Yes Focus on Healthcare – Obama Care and not jobs – Yup got that one done. Did finish what George Bush started, Yup good there…

    Hmm Why is it so close? Partly because Romney has not taken full advantage of this failed Obama Nation.

  39. From poobah’s link to the Rmoney campaign save NJ rally was this nugget.

    ““I thought it was very appropriate,” McGirr said of the event. “I thought it was very presidential — not political. I think it gave people a feeling of helping out.””

    No, acting presidential when you aren’t but want to be is not political. Is it Presidential for Mrs. Smith’s 7th grade class to collect canned goods for the people of NJ? Somehow I doubt this clueless jerk would say so.

  40. pogo says: Ohio did get damage — all the states from the shore to the Mississippi did

    Pogo, is FEMA on the ground those places? If so, great excuse for Obama to parachute into their media markets

  41. Bob Cesca ‏@bobcesca_go

    Mitt Romney is participating in “flood relief” in Ohio because it’s Manhattan’s route to the sea.

  42. Why is it so close, indeed? Because most of us are partisan, or lean more strongly in one direction than the other. We do our jobs quite efficiently. As soon as someone from our chosen party becomes the obvious nominee, we find ‘reasons’ to support them. Every Republican I know HATED Rmoney intensely…until it became obvious that he would be the R’s choice this year. Then…every one of them began to come up with turning points (mostly Fox talking points) that led them to conclude that he would be the best president since Lincoln…and so it goes….

  43. xr,
    Your 3:22-p.m. explains the essence of leadership for those who would aspire to manage the affairs of others. That’s what separates real men and women from boys and girls. And Obama from Romney.

  44. Here is what I don’t get about this election, and find disturbing: Each side spends way more time hating the other side’s candidate, but so little is said in defense of the candidate they are voting for. And I do not spare my own self from this charge. Sadly, this mirrors how each campaign has been run. This points to another four years, no matter who wins, of hate-filled polarization. It really is sickening.

  45. The last time a Democrat responded to partisan outreach from goopers — No Child Left Behind – the goopers turned it into the Bill Bennett full employment bill

    This is not an instance when both sides are equal —
    the republicans are far worse at obstructionism, lying and other partisan activities designed not to move their agenda but to thwart the other side

    Mitch McConnell on Obama being a one term president doesn’t set the table for a nice bi-partisan discussion

    Republicans win as long as nothing gets done

  46. Well I got my sink unplugged. Neighbor had wet vac so sucked all the water out, removed trap and sucked out line going outside. Big clump of muddy mess came out as well as a piece of metal.

    Looked like the piece that one see’s in the drain which locks the stopper in the up position to allow water to drain or in the down position which lets water stay in sink.

    Appears that at one time the previous owners when they re piped the plumbing that this piece went down the drain and was left inside it.

    Just finished cleaning up everything and re washing the few dishes that were in the dish drain.

    Dinner almost done so later all and …

    Have a great evening.

  47. I predict coverage of Sandy on Fox will now diminish — if they can’t count on Christie to dump on Obama then they have nothing to say about the race–

    Wolf Blitzer probably was a tattletale in school. He tried to start something between the mayor of atlantic city and gov christie when the mayor called bullsh-t, Blitzer couldn’t run away fast enough and tried to pretend he hadn’t been the one to raise the question. What a little toad

  48. Rmoney said he talked to some of the governor’s in the effected areas and “things are bad.” I want to know who he talked to

  49. Rmoney’s obvious attempts to keep the spotlight on himself will not help him. It once again shows how shallow and clueless Mittens remains

  50. Here is what I don’t get about this election, and find disturbing: Each side spends way more time hating the other side’s candidate,

    negative advertising works

  51. Craig…I agree with your 5:27, so let me tell everyone here why I support Barack Obama for a second term as POTUS…

    Barack Obama appears to me to be a man of honor and integrity. I have watched him approach problems for the past four years by using the best advice he could get, including conflicting opinions, then exercising his own considerable intellect in coming to a decision as to how to proceed. I have watched him try…and try and try…to work across the aisle, to virtually no avail. I admire his desire to work with both parties, even though I recognize that those efforts have sometimes made even his wins feel like losses (example = no public option in health care, let alone any effort toward universal health care). I have watched him work harder than any other recent president, and take less time off than most. I have watched him do his best as POTUS, learn quickly on the job, and do even better as a husband and father. I believe Barack Obama is a good man. And I’ve already proudly cast my vote for him.

    Looking to the future, praying he wins, I hope President Obama will use his second term to appoint excellent Supreme Court Justices, to appoint new agency heads for a number of key agencies that are currently run by business insiders who turn the other way rather than enforce regulations, be more pragmatic about working across the aisle, and finish what he has begun.

  52. look at what the gop calls democrats when they wish to demean: bleeding hearts, socialists, tree-huggers, food stamp presidents, welfare cadillackers, femi-nazis, etc.

    what democrats call gop: intolerant, liars, religious fanatics, science deniers, ignorant, greedy, union-busters, racists, draft-dodging war-mongers, etc.

    it’s not likely to change because it’s all true to a great degree.

    line up the actual accomplishments of each party and see where it leads. the gop with nominees and presidents like romney, nixon, reagan, and bushes 1 and 2; and democratic presidents like FDR, clinton, obama, and carter.

  53. In Sandy’s Wake, Bill Clinton Calls Out Mitt’s Mockery Of Climate Action
    By Brad Johnson on Oct 30, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    After his adoptive hometown of New York City was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, former president Bill Clinton railed against Mitt Romney for having mocked the idea of climate action. In a campaign stop in Minneapolis, MN, Clinton criticized Romney for having “ridiculed the president for his efforts to fight global warming in economically beneficial ways.” “In the real world,” Clinton concluded, “Barack Obama’s policies work better.”


  54. FEMA shows Ohio as an active disaster area but does not have an Ohio page for applications for relief. I’d say FEMA is too busy in NY & NJ.

  55. Romney’s talking points outline for a “New York Times” Op Ed
    Tentative title: “Let New Jersey Go bankrupt”
    * Placing state in path of storm was “bad management”
    * Federal govt storm relief = “welfare/socialism”
    * Private capital can take over N.J.
    * Purchase by Chinese investors helps with trade deficit
    * Businesses can charge for “evacuee services”
    * Luxury beach houses are irresponsible (Ooops. Cut that)
    * Christie = traitor (put that in somehow)

  56. Craig, I think you are wrong.

    Obama gets to act “presidential,” visiting storm damaged locations. He’ll get a ton of free news coverage acting “presidential.” Romney will be ignored. He’ll be seen as petty and political every time he opens his mouth.

    And this situation reminds people that government is not the enemy, as the GOP wants them to believe. In situations like this, the private sector is as helpless as everyone else.

  57. Just taking a peek. Im glad that everyone in doing fine.

    Coreen, send me a Pizza, but not a wet one….L & L

    “Barack Obama appears to me to be a man of honor and integrity. I have watched him approach problems for the past four years by using the best advice he could get, including conflicting opinions, then exercising his own considerable intellect in coming to a decision as to how to proceed”

    This has to be the biggest example of being blind, def,and………just as bad as when the right defend the other side of all things gone bad….

    I suggest, Contact, hearing aid, and reading comprehension of what mr. Obama had done…start off with the Big banks….work your way to the wars he kept going and started…….so much more if you take a look at the real world as it is……

  58. This is not hard. Let the President wade into the flood waters, let Michelle wade into the crowds in all the battle ground states. 😉

    Eleanor did it for FDR all the time.

  59. httpv://youtu.be/HExe76F5pW4

    I saw an F458 (a $300,000 car) myself the other day, and while excited, somewhat less so than this.

  60. Here is what I don’t get about this election, and find disturbing: Each side spends way more time hating the other side’s candidate, but so little is said in defense of the candidate they are voting for. And I do not spare my own self from this charge. Sadly, this mirrors how each campaign has been run. This points to another four years, no matter who wins, of hate-filled polarization.

    Craig, I think you are absolutely correct! This goes on with the theme that you spoke about on your CNN appearance the other day, that the candidates and their campaigns have much to blame not just the press.
    The unfortunate thing is that the two candidates in reality have the same way forward without any real deviation from the messes that have gotten us in this position in the first place. Something drastically needs to change, if we want to pull ourselves out of this rut. But the stark truth is that neither side is bold enough to move in that direction.

  61. No, champ, not a pejorative. Just the folks who have been screwed by NYC elites in so many ways they have no reason to care if the whole island goes underwater

  62. Aw, shucks, Solar! And here I thought you’d agree with me!

    The fact that I don’t agree with everything President Obama has done, doesn’t mean that I’ll walk away from the hope and possibility for his second term. No matter what he does or doesn’t do in that term, it’ll be miles ahead of what a Rmoney presidency would bring us! And…I’m a Supreme Court voter. Rmoney would foul the court for decades!

  63. “Aw, shucks, Solar! And here I thought you’d agree with me!’

    I can understand the lesser of two evils thing, the spremes thing, a even the rah, rah, thing of the blinded loyal followers…but what U wrote is absurd…..

    Integrity? tell that to the millions that lost their homes…b/c he would not act in time for them to save their homes like he promise…..he did not promise anything to wall st, and the large banks, the large corps, the defense corporations that are making a killing over the dead…..

    Just say that you want him int there b/c he is not an Republican…that is done all the time…but the rest…is just plain…hide head in sand stuff, and not very compelling….

  64. I’m a Supreme Court voter. Rmoney would foul the court for decades!

    A so-called “conservative appointee” upheld, and wrote the majority opinion for, the Affordable Care Act.

  65. A majority Democrat-appointed SCOTUS found in favor of Citizens United.

    EDIT: (OK, I guess it’s a majority GOP-appointed SCOTUS, but Souter and Kennedy tend to take the liberal opinion, which I believe further serves to undermine SCOTUS fear-mongering.)

  66. Champ

    You can declare it fear-mongering, but I won’t trust a man who doesn’t seem to be able to take a firm position about anything to pick new members of the court. On top of that, I like the President more than I like Mitt Romney. Romney seems to think everything is about him and that sense of entitlement makes him dangerous.

  67. Piers Morgan and Wolfe Blitzer are such pathetic bullies and as soon as someone pushes back they retreat and then stab them in back as soon they are off the air.
    What a pair of big L LOSERS

  68. I like the President more than I like Mitt Romney.

    I would have never guessed without you saying so.

  69. Solar and Ignoble…

    And similar votes will happen again on the Supreme Court…where one or more of the Justices surprise us by how they vote.

    I want to believe that Roberts voted as he did on the health care act because he read and understands the Constitution. I suspect that part is true, but I also suspect that the humiliation of having the court that bears his name viewed as totally partisan had more to do with his vote.

    One thing I will say to both of you…you have no idea what my motivations are, so please don’t try to tell me why I view President Obama as a good and honorable man. You’re welcome to view him in any way you choose, and I won’t try to tell you what you believe or why. Please return the favor.

  70. If any of you favor Obama, just keep playing this for your conservative friends:


    EDIT: (auugghh! Embedding disabled! It’s a video of Christie praising Obama for his cooperation in relief efforts in New Jersey)

  71. One thing I will say to both of you…you have no idea what my motivations are, so please don’t try to tell me why I view President Obama as a good and honorable man.

    Well, you comment a lot, so I believe I may have a pretty good idea of what your motivations are, assuming your contributions are genuine, and I don’t believe I ever have, nor would I ever, try to put words in your mouth, so I don’t know why you would direct that sentiment at me, but no big deal.

  72. Actually, Ignoble, I post very little…but I do enjoy reading the many great posts that show up here…including yours.

  73. Oh…I didn’t appreciate being accused of SCOTUS fear-mongering simply because you disagree with my opinion. That’s why you were included in my comment direction….

  74. OH, you know what, HW? I thought that post I quoted was from someone else… you’re right, you don’t comment so much these days. I wasn’t trying to attack you personally or anything, you just provided an opportunity for me to opine on something.

  75. Personally, I think that SCOTUS fear mongering is a damn fine motivation to go out and vote. 😉

  76. Wow. Solar and ex-champ. Harborwoman just gave a reasoned, wellwritten endorsement of Obama and you both attacked her. Congratulations and way to prove Craig’s point!

  77. I didn’t appreciate being accused of SCOTUS fear-mongering simply because you disagree with my opinion.

    Well, a speculative statement asserted as fact such as this,

    Rmoney would foul the court for decades!

    is perceived by me to be “fear-mongering”. You don’t know that Romney would even have an opportunity to appoint a SCOTUS judge, nevermind “foul” it for decades. You’re trying to appeal to people’s fear of an uncertain future with a statement like that.

  78. you both attacked her.

    I didn’t attack anyone. I responded to a political assertion on a public message board in a respectful fashion.

  79. Roberts could afford to piss backwards on healthcare.
    He had already signed off on Citizens United, and knew that it was going to determine the fate of healthcare, not the court.

  80. Rmoney has told us what kind of judges he’d appoint…ones who would overturn Roe vs Wade…and I have NO doubt that he’d also be looking for judges who were pro big business over citizens. If letting it be known that my opinion of that is that it’s not a good idea, then I suppose you can call it fear-mongering…but I don’t believe it is!

    You’re welcome, Craig! Just thought I’d respond with why I support my candidate…didn’t mean to start a firestorm.

    Solar and Ignoble…Please write a statement of why you support your candidate, whomever that might be. Not sure who Solar supports but I think Ignoble likes Ron Paul. Am I remembering that right, Ignoble? Anyway, I promise to read whatever you write with an open mind…or at least try….

  81. I realize there are some personality conflicts on TM, and I do my best to avoid them. I am not a member of any cliques or informal ideological associations. I try to keep my criticisms based on issue and my responses to others respectful, or at least to the degree of respect afforded to me.

    I like Ron Paul because he has an good understanding of economic issues, a sensible foreign policy perspective, is ideologically consistent, is an experienced medical doctor, and makes contributions to the public discourse that would otherwise go unaddressed. I don’t endorse any active POTUS candidate, although MQW summarized my philosophy quite succinctly recently, and I’m paraphrasing slightly: “I’d rather have four more years of Obama than 8 more years of Romney”.

    I hope I didn’t just disappoint any active POTUS candidates that were hoping for my very prestigious endorsement.

  82. Xchamp,

    I know exactly how you feel. I endorsed Hillary. That really worked out well.

    I am at this point not sure that I detest Rmoney or simply the people to whom he has pandered, and pandered he has.
    He may not have charged for his services, but his clients went away satisfied none the less.

  83. HW,

    “so let me tell everyone here why I support Barack Obama for a second term as POTUS…”

    Solar supports anyone that is not in the one party….they both lets this country down….the on party system was enabled by U.!

  84. Hey Solar,

    How you doing? Nice to have you back and firing on all cylinders. Sit down and have a bud, I’m going to. 😉

  85. Thanks, Ignoble! I wasn’t terribly upset, just got my knickers in a bit of a twist for a minute there. I don’t mind disagreement, but I don’t like being told I’m saying something other than what I believe…I try very hard to say what I mean, but I know I don’t always have as deep an understanding of some of the issues as others who post here…which is why I read far more than I post.

    Thanks also for your words about Ron Paul. I have another friend who is still sad that Paul didn’t run any way he could. He caucused for Paul, and tried very hard to become a delegate. They’d have had quite a battle on their hands (they = other R’s) if they thought they’d move him from his support of Ron Paul.

  86. Solar…It may be close to one party, but I think there’s still a sliver of difference. Where the R’s seem 100% owned by big business, the D’s at least still give us a sliver of a chance at something for the rest of us. In the absence of anything better than that with a chance to win, I’ll go with that sliver (enable them, in your words). But I certainly don’t disagree with you or anyone else who wants a third party. I’d like to see public funding for campaigns…think that would go a long way toward helping right this mess. However, I expect a long and bitter/bloody fight to ever see that happen. Entrenched interests with great power and tons of money.

    That said, I DO really like Obama…and I really hope he wins!

  87. B.B,

    “Wow. Solar and ex-champ. Harborwoman just gave a reasoned, wellwritten endorsement of Obama and you both attacked her. Congratulations and way to prove Craig’s point!”

    …..don’t really call that an attack. She wrote something down that is totally not true..and was called on it.!

    It has happened to me when i posted somethings about Ron Paul…I looked it up…they were partially true and false…so I did not take it personally……not only that, if you would have posted something about ron paul a few months ago…it was jumped on immediately as being incredibly unaccepted…..no independent took that personally……

    Ive, posted many post about history, and was corrected, sometimes gently, sometimes not….but either way i never took them to be personal…..just someone getting out the fact…

    “just the facts ma-am”

    Jace, have a beer on me….don’t drink all of the time u know….and i am sitting down.

  88. they have no reason to care if the whole island goes underwater

    Reminds me of how they felt about New Orleans.

  89. Solar darlin’…love that you are still keeping it real…

    and remember, be sure to bring the canolis…miss you too…

  90. I guess that after I lost my construction business, my 401k, my home….i shouldn’t be bitter.!

    U know…I take it as it comes mostly…but the too big to fail banks that the bushobama helped to make millions…the ceo;s…instead gave them jobs in their administrations….the very same ones that came from wall st……well….that gets me more than a little pissed off…….U see…i hate when some one makes me feel like I do…most days now…..useless…..later

    ps….banks are still not lending $….even when I have homes pre sold, to quilifing buyers…..yeah, yeah, it looks like the housing market is coming back a little…but Obama right to my face while he war running for potus…and while he was the first minority potus….when he was elected…this minority cried for sheer happiness….now he makes me cry out that he made a fool of me, b/c of those feelings……later

  91. Looking at the morning after pictures of the Jersey shore, I am struck by just how much sand Sandy deposited on shore.

    This storm is pretty ironic.

  92. Second try. My last comment disappeared and the site froze losing it. I also lost my connection and had to re-power my router. So let me try again.

    The Supreme Court is a very important issue this election.

    Who ever wins this election,whether it is President Obama or God forbid President Bishop Romney, will nominate 2 if not 3 Judges to the Supreme Court. There is no doubt about it. This is a fact.

    If Bishop Romney wins he will elect Judges who will vote to overturn Roe v Wade, he has said so. Not only is Roe v Wade hanging by a very thin thread but the Voting Rights Act of 1964 (I believe that’s the right year) will also be on the chopping block as well as the AHCA and many more Laws put in place to benefit all the American people.

    I will not vote for a Serial Lying Sociopath Mormon Bishop who worships the God of Mammon and will put the Mormon Church before the American people.

    He will put his Mormon Faith and Church first, his self next, his 1 to 2 percent millionaires and billionaires next and his Fascist Corporate buddies after that.

    He will destroy our country in the blink of an eye with no thought or hesitation. And I firmly believe that.

    While there are many things which I’m very disappointed about with the President I am voting for President Barack Hussein Obama. While he may not be perfect at least he’s human and has not only a heart, but a soul as well.

    Have a great evening.

  93. Honestly my comment above is not as good as the one I lost. I’m going to have to write them in Word Pad, save and then copy them in so there not lost.

    This has happened to me several times, as I’m sure it has happened to many others here so I should not have been surprised when it did.

    Usually my best comments have disappeared into the nether by the ghosts of Republicans who can not stand to see the truth in writing.

    Have a great evening all and goodnight.

  94. Well, I can’t sleep, so one comment before going back to toss and turn.

    I think a Rmoney would fugg up the court by shifting the balance by replacing the one reliably liberal Ruth Bader Ginsberg with a youngish socially conservative shithead whose goal in life would be a return to a pre-roe world where all the shit ‘can’ts have tried to implement at the state level would become federalized, like making it hard to vote, get an abortion, become a citizen, ….

    That’s enough for me to vote for an imperfect president who opposes those goals and enough for me not to watch my vote go to a third party candidate who has no chance to do anything other than swing the election to Rmoney, whose values I detest.

    And on that cheery note, good night

  95. well….I guess MQ, Solar, and Ignob have convinced me that I might as well vote for Romney cause there’s no difference between ’em.


  96. “Is there going to be a chat on election night?” Anon

    I’m sure there will be thousands of them–all sharing, to one degree or another, frivolous inanity.

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