Polls Du Jour

Polls released Tuesday … Trick or Treat?

NATIONAL (ABC/WaPo Tracking):
Romney 49, Obama 48

NATIONAL (CBS/New York Times): Obama 48, Romney 47 (LV):
Obama 48, Romney 43 (RV)

NATIONAL (Ipsos/Reuters Tracking): Obama 47, Romney 46 (LV):
Obama 49, Romney 41 (RV)

Romney 48, Obama 47

NATIONAL (PPP for Daily Kos/SEIU):
Obama 49, Romney 49

NATIONAL (Rasmussen Tracking):
Romney 49, Obama 47

Obama 48, Romney 47


COLORADO (Grove Insight for Project New America/USAction):
Obama 48, Romney 45

Obama 47, Romney 47

NEVADA (Grove Insight for Project New America/USAction):
Obama 49, Romney 43

Romney 50, Obama 45

OHIO (Grove Insight for Project New America and USAction):
Obama 48, Romney 45

OHIO (SurveyUSA):
Obama 48, Romney 45

Polls released Wednesday …

Ohio: Obama 50%, Romney 45% (Quinnipiac)

Florida: Obama 48%, Romney 47% (Quinnipiac)

Michigan: Obama 48%, Romney 45% (Detroit News)

Pennsylvania: Obama 48%, Romney 44% (Franklin and Marshall)

Virginia: Obama 49%, Romney 47% (Quinnipiac)

Poll Averages Have No History of Consistent Partisan Bias


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180 thoughts on “Polls Du Jour”

  1. Things are looking up for President Obama…

    Victory is in the air…

  2. I second that, OD.

    CNN reported last night Lyan Ryan wants to cut FEMA by 35% and with Rmoney not answering any questions about the Killing FEMA speech from the primary debates. I look forward to the dems advertising this fact. Maybe throw in a photo of Christie and Obama…the perfect photo of bipartisianship.

    I hope Christie behaves AND I sure hope he is not a trojan…Obama stay safe in NJ.

    PS AP — The internet tubes have been slow…I blame Sandy.

  3. Happy Halloween…I am sure a lot of the Halloween candy was consumed during the storm…all that sugar and cabin fever. Damn shame to see all the destruction and loss. I spent many summers at the NJ shore as a child. I worked a summer in Ocean City, NJ when in college. My Father used to love Cape May. Just so many memories of the east coast.

    Frankenstorm delivered.

  4. MoJo going on & on about Mayor Bloomburg not wanting Prez Obama to come to NYC. Probably no love lost there, but there is a common sense aspect to it.

    Whenever a prez goes anywhere, it takes a lot of extra effort on the part of all, so it seems like a good idea not to go. All hands need to be on deck to help in the recovery effort, not in escorting the Prez around.

    I’m sure they would appreciate potable water, restored power, etc., to a quick visit from the POTUS.

    Yes, it probably feels reassuring that someone in power is aware/concerned about the situation.

    Yes, visiting is always a no-win to the haters of every prez, as they will call it a photo op. (Note: A photo op is bullying your way into a soup kitchen after all of the patrons have left in order to wash pots & pans whose level of cleanliness are in question.)

    Besides, Mitt & The Twitt are doing themselves enough harm by bad-mouthing FEMA.

    Happy Hallowe’en!

  5. I just heard an owl on my roof…the owls return in the autumn. All the hummingbirds have left…this is the first year I have not had any migrators in October…the bees are at the feeder…no flowers in the drought. My last hummingbird was a Lucifer. Unique little bird as it has a curved beak. It has to work to get nectar from the feeder. It’s beak is curved for insects, rather than nectar.

    Rough years on Planet Earth for many living beings!

  6. Well, I guess that MQ, Solar, and Ignob have just about convinced me that there’s no difference between Romney and Obama, and I might as well vote for romney, cause there’s no real difference between ’em and whatnot.

  7. The most important political event of the last few days…

    The BIG KNIFE Christie stuck in Romney’s back, by excessive praise of Obama.

    I wonder what Romney did to insult Christie? Romney is such an arrogant SOB, that’s probably what caused this.

    Also, Christie figured that Romney is going to lose, and it’s time to start his campaign for 2016.

  8. They’re sending Meat Loaf out to counteract the influence of Bill Clinton. (oh boy)

    But I think I’ll wait for the Mac N. Cheese endorsement to make up my mind.

  9. I was shocked, shocked to hear people in the MSM actually talking about how global climate change is “probably” responsible for this huge hurricane. I heard this on CNN this AM.

    FINALLY, the MSM is losing its pants-wetting fear of the oil, gas, and coal industries and their well-financed campaign of lies that the science is “inconclusive.”

    I am still annoyed at the use of the word “probably.”

    Here some more “probable” causes…

    The Earth is “probably” not flat, but in fact, a sphere.

    The Earth “probably” revolves around the sun.

    Witches were “probably” not responsible for causing plague
    and smallpox.

  10. Sturge..Bologna the blind dog is going for Obama. I agree with Bologna and endorse her message.

    Rmoney must be ecstatic about the voter suppression in the northeast…Sandy did the job. And where is all of the hired help in these states who handle elections, etc.? It is not the governors nor the President’s responsibility to ensure some sort of voting where humans are displaced, homeless from the storm…get those IDs ready! Really brings home the fact that the repugs have passed some voting laws that should be broken due to the crisis.

  11. Nash…I read in Scientific American (about a year ago) that it is human nature for the deniers to ‘hunker down with the lies’ about climate change as they cannot accept the change. Humans hold on tighter to old beliefs…stubborn brains not geared for acceptance. For those who believe in science, it is natural to go with change, adaptation, evolution, etc.

    You have to believe in evolution in order for science to work over archaic religious beliefs.

    This is an old line, but to the Creationists and intelligent design…why did God put the ‘sewer plant next to the amusement park on humans!??’

  12. Hurricane Sandy reminds people of Katrina, and Bush, and this is NOT good for Romney, who, to the extent that he has any specific political positions, is just a copy of Bush.

    One image from yesterday tells it all.

    Romney in one of his silly, obviously contrived “photo ops” loading “storm relief supplies” onto a truck, while ignoring reporters who keep asking him if he will cut FEMA’s budget.

    All the while he had his standard, manic, insincere grin on his face. His staff should really tell him to lose the grin because it mkaes him look sadistic, like a serial killer in a grade “B” slasher movie.

  13. Craig, I guess when you compare GWB’s response to Katrina vs. Obama’s response to BP, Sandy, Osama…the difference is noticed and Obama should be praised.

    If it were Rmoney…what would he be doing? Hiding the federal money and throwing more debt — from buying his friends tax cuts — at the victims. Then complaining about all of the displaced human suckers on his teats!

  14. Blonde Wino: I Loved your comment this AM about the owls & the hummingbids. We all need to spend time each day observing, and remembering that we are a part of, the natural world.

  15. I’m not suggesting that these polls are correct, and they are subject to change at a moments notice, but for now the MSM has got to get off the toss up narrative.
    The battle ground polls are looking good for the president.

  16. Of course Christi praises Obama. If Mitt wins Christi is out of a job in 2016. 😉

  17. Mostly agree with you Jace, but need to remember most of these battleground polls, while showing Obama “leads” are within the margin of error and assume Dem turnout similar to 2008.

  18. I’d say Christie doing himself some good for a 2016 general election, but if perceived as helping Obama win reelection the GOP primaries will not be pretty for him

  19. Hey, Nash, you should see the Ladderback Woodpecker! I am one rich, lucky human. My quarter acre appears to be larger with living on the big arroyo. Although I have a rockwall separating the wild from the domestic…my backyard is a wonderful membrane for the transition…a socialism experiment where even the squirrels can live, after all, we did evolve from the squirrels. See Purgatorius.

  20. Craig… I missed Monday Night Football this week because of a power outage… to see the show I’d have to miss it 2 weeks in a row…

    hmmmmm…. what to do… what to do…
    Mitt and the Kid or the Eagles vs the Saints…

    gee… I’d pay good money to see Mitt tackled by a 300+ pound linebacker… 😉

  21. Turnout will as always be crucial. I don’t have much faith in models, but early voting in some of these states seems to indicate that there could well be a turnout approaching 08.
    It is possible that there may be more dem. enthusiasm than has been reported. They may not necessarily be enthused about Obama but rather some of the down ballot candidates.

  22. Note to Obama Administration.

    Under no circumstances say ‘heck of a job’ to anybody. 😉

  23. Craig…had Katrina happened before the 2004 election instead of after…Bush might have had a harder time of getting re-elected. The southern US has always been the center of many disasters…this time it is the big Northeast corridor…billions of dollars in destruction. How Obama handles this is important.

  24. jace, you be on fire this morning. LOL, but aren’t you always?

    What is the most stunning thing about all this storm stuff to me – from a political perspective – is not that Obama and Christie are working together well, but that Christie has told the mouthpiece of the right to get out of his face and keep that snivelling Rmoney out of his life – he has a job to do.

    Poobah, wasn’t FEMA Shrub’s job?

  25. Pogo,

    I think that the hard part of this storm for the president is that he has to be perceived as being right every time. 999 out of a thousand isn’t going to cut it.
    Romney on the other hand can go about shooting off his mouth without consequence.He has no ability to impact the situation on the ground, and if he says something wrong or outlandish, what the Hell? People are used to that from him. He pays no price.

  26. Jace…Of interest in the western US, it the revival of the Sagebrush Rebellion in Arizona and Utah. This time the fossil fuel industry is behind the drive to rip federal control from the land.

    The tinkering by the rich and powerful…

  27. BW,

    This is all too reminiscent of the much ballyhooed (by right wingers) War on the West.(I think Fox came up with the name) that war took place in WY during the Clinton years. Sadly some folks are still buying that line.

    Not Mitt however, he’s not even sure what public lands are for. 😉

    Thanks for the link. It is a good read and I recommend it to others.

  28. Mitt always touts his ability to reach across the aisle and work with Dems.

    Obama and Christi are about to reach across the flood waters to work together.

    Mmmmmm, wonder which is the better optic?

  29. BW: I’ll see your hummingbird, and raise you one moose.

    Moose use the trout stream that runs through my backyard to move from one patch of woods to another. What’s really odd about this is that I don’t live “out in the country.” I live one block from Main street in a town of 10,000 people. The moose use several small streams that run right thorugh the center of our town to move around. They usually do this an hour or two before dawn. The streams are mostly surrounded by thick undergrowth and trees, so the moose are hard to spot. As big as they are, they move fairly fast and don’t make a sound. They are also a dull brown/black color so they are almost impossible to see in the dark.

  30. if perceived as helping Obama win reelection

    poobah, like being a good gov and making sure his state election system is up and running and available to the dispossessed? due to the storm, there will be id problems as well as physical displacements of voters, poll workers and voting machines. some executive creativity will be called for, red tape cut, and gov orders to be had. since nj looked before the storm to be for the prez any help to nj voters now may indeed look as helping the prez.

  31. Rmoney back to campaigning and lying…he looks like the greedy, sneaky bastard of politics…still lying.

    Cnn is running with the FEMA remarks from Rmoney…I hope this shines light on what an absolute disaster Rmoney will be for the US.

  32. Just a quick word about polls. I used to work for a major MR firm, which had numerous contracts for polling across the states. They like using Canadian firms because respondents can’t place the accent. I worked for 2 major MR firms, both of which were hired by parties and sponsored by newspapers/tv.

    The bottom is falling out of MR and polling firms. First, there’s the problem of more and more people moving to only cellphones. Second, even if you have a landline, most people let any 1-800 number go to answering machine these days. Third, we used to get about a 36% response rate. That is, about 36% of all the calls made by random caller were responded to. Now that’s down to about half of that. You can see where a problem might exist. If you’re extrapolating information from only 18% response rate… you’re running the risk of being way off. The last two elections in Canada (which uses the same polling firms) the polls were WAY off. They cannot take into account the majority of voters under 30, or anyone who is reticent to share his/her views with a pollster (many many people just won’t do them).

    I do believe that it is close, but I think (and this is anecdotal) that Obama has the edge, both in swing states and in national opinion.

  33. Bullwinkle is always first in my book, Nash. How awesome to have a moose walk by your window! Too bad the moose are not outfitted with orange vests for their safety.

  34. I’m not sure that Christie has presidential aspirations. He really loves being Jersey governor. And I think he’s smart enough to know that unless the GOP does something about the RWNJ problem, he doesn’t stand a chance of getting through the primary season. Also, as governor, I think he’s expected to, and manages to do a good job of, cooperate with various mayors, thinking of Cory Booker or course, but there are others. If I were Christie, I’d just stay where I was.

  35. From the article I posted above —

    He’s (Rmoney) betting that Ohio voters can be easily fooled, easily frightened and easily manipulated. That says a lot about how little respect he has for the people whom he claims to want to serve.

  36. which leads me to ask if the storm hasn’t taken away a chunk of northeast coast voters expected to vote democratic for both the prez and the down ticket. i don’t think the moneyed (rmoney’s peeps) were those disenfranchized by sandy but are mostly the demographic that would vote for the prez if they can get to the polls (if there are polls to get to).

  37. Jace says

    Obama and Christi are about to reach across the flood waters to work together.

    Should be more biblical…Obama and Christie part the flood waters for calm and sensibility…meanwhile, back at the Temple, greedy Rmoney is trying to count the gold and steal votes.

  38. Gee I’m feeling deprived. Other that various fairly common birds passing through, I only get Raccoons from the nearby evergreen acres. It’s more interesting in the spring when we get babies waddling around.

  39. Polling will always have a place – it has a lot of uses for political campaigns.

    It is useful for tracking purposes and it is also necessary to tell the campaign what to talk about and to see if campaign strategy is working

    It all depends on the sample. At least in California it is pretty easy to get the phone numbers of registered voters …just buy the registration lists.
    And more and more list cell numbers as well

  40. Just wondering…don’t a lot of people live in the subway tunnels or is that urban myth

  41. Jace

    My bros. (admittedly a snow bird)told me the Carmona/Flake race is tied. We saw the crazy lady ad – what a pile of poop that is and whoever is running Carmona’s campaign is good — the Kyle-McCain ad is great and f–k ’em if they can’t take a joke. Goopers think they are the only ones entitled to play dirty they think it is their edge.

    My brother has a place near one of the Museums and we walked over one afternoon and saw two Obama signs

  42. not sure about Dem boasts re: early voting. looked up FL numbers: at this point in 2008, Democrats held a 134,774-vote lead in Florida. As of yesterday. Democrats led by less than 41,000 – a nearly 70 percent drop!

  43. Mittens is in florida and he just called Jeb Bush a hero- I guess that’s for being a Lehman’s Bros super pimp

  44. So alien to Rmoney…many disaster victims need that hot cup of coffee, not canned goods. After the power was restored, so many friends commented about glad to have a hot cup of coffee — fending-off the cold and giving some energy to battered humans. The dems needs to get some hot coffee to the citizens and directions on how they can vote.

  45. Jamie, I have this take on that memo – it was manufactured to freak out the ‘can’t base and get them to vote in larger numbers than they would.

  46. This is bad situation for Rmoney because he is so clueless — he needs to be monitored and given “word” all the time. If he goes with his instincts he will f–k it up…that should give pause to anyone thnking about voting for him

  47. Craig…

    Not sure if its on your end or on mine. I have had problems were my internet connection shows me connected, however I can not load any pages.

    I have not found any issues with malware or viruses so I can only think that it’s something with my internet provider.

    If I re-power my router or shut down and reboot the issue goes away. I did have some issues with Firefox after a new Java update was installed and disabled that version which seemed to have cleared it up.

    The current version I am running is Firefox 16.0.2 and it may be a bug in the newest version.

    It also seems to occur around or close to 11pm to 12pm at night and that is why I am thinking it may be an issue with my provider.

    This has happened to me before and I remember a few others at times stating they had lost comments they were writing so not sure if it is the same or not that I experienced.

    Anyway later Craig, have a great day.

  48. sturgeone says:
    10/31/2012 at 7:51 AM
    Well, I guess that MQ, Solar, and Ignob have just about convinced me that there’s no difference between Romney and Obama, and I might as well vote for romney, cause there’s no real difference between ‘em and whatnot.

    Hey, Sturge from reading their posts…I can tell the difference between sour grapes and a glass of fine whine!

  49. From the young turks…2011.


    Craig, thanks…problem is Google…they secured the YouTube — Microsoft does not. I switched to MSN to post. Google is so slow.

  50. Blue…Colbert had a whole segment on Obama being a gay, Martian. Let me look for a link.

  51. Craig…

    After writing my last comment to you and just now doing a refresh of this page I noticed a long hang both times.

    I think that this comment will hang as well and here is the offending hang.

    It shows as waiting for cache dot blogads dot com and the last refresh took over three minutes before completely loading your site.

    Is anyone else running Firefox seeing this on their screens? Or on any other browser that your running instead of Firefox?

    Have a great day.

  52. Just to make it clear.
    I am not ever trying to convince anyone to vote third party around here.!

    That is a monumental task, and a losing one.! What Ive done is to try to express what imo has gone wrong with our political system.

    I understand all of the given reasons that all here are voting for Obama.

    What I don’t understand is when someone praises him to high heaven, and underlines his integrity, his coming to gether with all of his democratic leaders, taking their advise on all matters. Avoiding to acknowledge his extensions of all wars…including starting a cpl of his own (how many will he start in his second term?)

    It is mind boggling to me for anyone not to have read about his people in high offices that are in charge of the very same financial theft of our country’s coffers.

    Just as you all have expressed on many occasions that it is unimaginable to you how the republicans can not see the truth that is out there before them…and vote just out of blind faith.

    That is how i see it from both partys. How is it possible for anyone not to see that we will never have an honest election in the present system that we have today?

    This will never be changed, unless we change the way that we elect them into office. Without campaign finance reform, we, and all those into the far future are going to be in the same circumstances that we are today.

    King Obama has not told me anything about how he will rule our country.!

    In the next four years, I can not see him doing any good for the country.

    I really do see the dems, and the r’s the same. That sliver of difference between them is not enough to take us down the right road, just to take us down the road of no return.

    The king and his potentates wait for us serfs to pay our taxes so that we may fill the coffers and fill their pockets again.

  53. Craig, yes my edit button works, I was just too lazy to do anything about it. :) If my typo had changed the meaning of what I was trying to say I’d have changed it.

    Something else about cellphones and polls; even those polls that call them have trouble extrapolating info from them. Why? Because many under 30s won’t pay for that kind of cellphone time. A lot of what we’d call younger voters have cellphone plans that don’t include a lot of extra minutes. These polls rarely ONLY ask election questions. They’re usually long polls with a couple of election questions stuck in the middle. Also, and this is just from talking to my kids and their friends, their generation loves to throw a wrench into the works. My kids fill out online surveys and lie their asses off. (Come to think of it, so did *I* when I was in highschool. They used to do surveys with us about teenage drug use, and we’d LIE like a rug!)

  54. BW,

    No im not bitter.! Just extremely pissed, frustrated in that I lost all of what a worked for all of my adult life.

    Once again: I have an extremely energy efficient low income homes that i can build.

    I have 200 lots and people that do have jobs, and can afford to pay 600 to 1,000.00 per month, move them into a home that is 70-80% energy efficient.

    I am extremely pissed off at this president that won’t do what he promised to get the banks to lend to small businesses….he would rather give the large corps more free money for their ceos…

    The only thing that i was bitter about last night..was not bitter, but pissed was listening to Jace…which he is a nice guy, to tell me to shut up, sit down, and have a beer….


  55. Solar…that was my attempt at Wino humor. But, I am bitter about the repugs. They have abused, degraded and ignored a lot of humans like me.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “everyone wants something for nothing” from repugs. It is just not true. I pay, but I had a lot stolen from me during the repug rule.

  56. Solar…

    It’s not the Presidents fault that the banks are not loaning. They are holding the money even too those who have good credit.

    I got my mortgage through my credit union and even they took some time to approve me, even though I had been a member for a long time.

    Too many banks were just making loans for the profits they could make off them by bundling them all up and selling them overseas as AAA Securities.

    Now my credit union is telling me I’m pre approved for auto loans and lines of credit. This is because all my reports are grade A and I have a good credit history.

    Those snail mail letters go right in the trash. If I were to take one of those I would be deeper in debt than I now am and I refuse to take on any more debt.

    God forbid something should happen and I became unable to make my monthly bills I would end up losing my home and end up on the street like so many who were living off credit cards after losing their jobs.

    I do not believe that anyone is telling you how you should vote, but trying to let you know that if Bishop Romney wins we will hit third world status faster than a speeding bullet.

    Our economy is still very fragile and if not for the bailout to the banks that collapsed the economy we would be in a very severe depression. In fact we are teetering right now and there’s not much keeping us on top of the cliff instead of going over it.

    I’m worried that the Republicans will steal this election through their voter suppression, election fraud using corrupt paperless voting machines and voter registration fraud including intimidation tactics at the polls.

    I wish you the best and do understand where your coming from, however this is a very important election which if the President loses so will all Americans except for the one to two percent Plutocrats and Corporations.

    Have a great day.

  57. Solar…it took seventeen years for housing to recover after the Great Depression. Many of us had posted over four years ago about the housing/mortgage crisis and ignorance in DC.

    Small business…the most misunderstood entity in the US. Most builders here are partnering with the big money guys…it really sucks. So much gets lost in these arrangements…like the little guy.

    Never saw so much mention of small business as the basis of growth in the US of AA…and so little help. A political ruse. But, Rmoney is not going to help the little guy except to get lost in the big money men!

  58. Oh Solar,

    I was not telling you to shut up and have a beer, I wouldn’t do that.

    I lost my life’s work and then some about ten years ago.I know where you are coming from.

    If we were closer we would sit down and have a beer and exchange tales of woe. I know the frustration, I am back on my feet so to speak, but retirement will never be an option for me. I lost that too. It sucks.

  59. BW,

    Back at U.! It breaks my heart to have read about what u r going thru.

    I understand your reasons and wish you the best.

    One of the few things that get me thru the day…is my exercise routine. I better get to it….

  60. Anon, you were a huge help mentioning “blogads” — that gave me a clue, that’s one of my ad servers and turns out Sandy shut them down somehow but they didn’t bother telling me. So I’ve fired them for now. Hopefully pages will build quicker. Note to all: I can always find a fix when you let me know what your problem is!

    Anon gets today’s Trail Boss Gold Star.

  61. Jace,

    Sorry about that.! For some reason, U telling me to calm down and have a beer…was at the time…have you ever talked to some customer service rep when all they do is to try to calm you down by being very nice to you? Sorry I misunderstood that…will do an extra 20 push-em-ups, or no, no I have it by holy joe…will do ten hail marias….yeah that gets forgiveness every time no?

  62. Solar,

    No forgiveness necessary. Just keep up the good fight. That is all we can do. 😉

  63. AP,

    We need to go back, back when the president said that he would get help to those that needed help in not losing their homes…help for those small businesses by making banks lend them the $ that his 877 b. was intended for…..come on now….he did not do any of what he said he was going to do…which i believe that hillary would have done in her first week in office….he slept thru our 3 am calls…..

  64. First, Happy Halloween!

    When I clicked for the comments I got:
    “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”


    I am in now?

  65. When I clicked “Post Comment” on my last post, I got:
    “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

    The comment was posted.

  66. “he slept thru our 3 am calls…”


    He was talking to Wall Street. 😉

  67. How are citizens going to vote in the disaster area?

    bw, that’s what i’ve been asking for 2 days and no one seems to have heard whether and how many voting precincts were demolished by the storm. what about backup security on the early voting and what if anything was lost in the outages in those paperless ballot areas? how will people find out about where they can vote if power is still out or if they cannot get back home to get mail or watch news? we are talking about a few million people here folks…. in a tight election.

  68. solar, please forgive us ladies for our passionate pursuit of the lesser of two evils. our very bodies are at stake in this election. you guys have been spared the literal threat of rights rape by republicans.

  69. If you haven’t been to google yet today,do so their front page is lots of fun. there is at least 10 or 12 different things when you click them things will happen.


  70. The Obama problems and why “Wall Street doesn’t give a damn about Main Street”:

    • Failure of Prosecution for the Parties Responsible for the Financial Crisis unlike the Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and the ERON collapse where the government put over 3,500 bankers in jail including 1,000 senior insiders.

    • Ignores the Failed Plans for Reducing Foreclosures and a total lack of direction for Improving the Housing Market. The Obama administration said that its main housing program would help 4 million homeowners. It came nowhere close. The entire premise of the administration’s housing efforts was based on helping the banks, or “foaming the runway”, as Geithner put it, rather than stopping foreclosures.

    • Obama Administration sponsored settlements with the major banks that protects the banks from future state and federal enforcement actions and prevent litigation on both the civil and criminal matters relating to the improper bank practices including foreclosure improprieties of robo-signing and submitting fraudulent documents to the courts.

    What me worry?

  71. Well, I doubt if the banking and housing crisis will be resolved by Willard. He wants less regulation. Too big too fail?…make them bigger, says Willard!

    And I agree about prosecuting the guilty parties, Holder, has been chasing the wrong crooks for four years…I blame Obama for selecting him.

  72. Time for my afternoon nap.

    The banks are still playing monopoly with peoples money and there are some who say (now where have I heard that phase before?)that another collapse of the financial markets could occur.

    And yes they should all have been held accountable for their actions. Unless we occupy the whole country change will be hard to achieve to fix this economic mess we are finding ourselves in.

    And Craig thank you for the award though I myself will not vote a plus for it. Much appreciate it though.

    Have a great day to all and later.

  73. Oh, to my not voting myself a plus on your comment giving me a Gold Star you can be 100% sure that if it was Bishop Romney he definitely would have voted for himself.

    Later and have a great day.

  74. One more housekeeping matter: for those who come here often and know how to clear cache in your browsers suggest doing so when you can. Also a good idea to delete temporary files, clean up cookies etc. These are good things to do periodically anyway but with some of the tinkering I’ve done today this should speed up the site for you. These tools are available in Options for major browsers. If you need help let me know at help@craigcrawford.com

  75. Pat,

    Glad that U R here.! I understand that also, and have quite a few female females in my familias.

    I agree with that also…but we have been living with the very same (voting scare) issues for the past 50 yrs…no im not going to make lite of that one, but that danger will never change either for some time to come.

    Taxes, Gays, Abortion, wars,…..will never abate to any degree with the status-quo.

    If it makes any difference at all to anyone….yes I do prefer Obama to Romney.!

    I think that since Nixon, our country has taken a nose dive for the worse when Republicans have been in office.

    I remember the Savings and loan scandal.! At that time it was clear to me…that “:we was robbed” and that we needed to put in place measures for it not to happen again no?

    Now it seems fair for anyone to say that there has been no change in the laws to protect us from then to the point of when Bush 45 took us down the same road of stealing our $.

    But it is also clear to me, that the D;s have not done very much to stop them, nor to change the climate that keep them from doing the same things over and over again..not only did they not put into place any means of stopping them…they started the R;s on tier merry way…

    Carter with his deregulation….Clinton with his letting of businesses to have oversees tax avoiding vehicles that have hurt our country just as much as anything else…..during all of this time…the same issues of women’s needs and rights are still were they were…

    I know, want Obama to have another 4 more…b/c there is no way that I could stay in this country some religious nut-job like Romny….here is the question for U…..

    Will this womens concern be resolved by Obama?

    _written with all the tenderness of what i feel for U…but im willing to bet my soul and go to a seminary if we are talking about anything different in the next main bout betwixt the only two contenders for the crown…

  76. have taken enough of all your time, between last night and today….thanks, and later

  77. Just want to be sure everyone on the Trail is good to go for the final roundup to Election Day! Have a feeling the Internet tubes will be strained to the max for the next week or so. Good time to tidy up your computers, defrag hard drives and such.

  78. Well, I guess that MQ, Solar, and Ignob have just about convinced me that there’s no difference between Romney and Obama

    Et tu, Sturgeone?

    I have nothing good to say about Romney, and a Romney administration scares me, if that’s not clear enough, not that my opinion matters.

    Obama is a pretty good president, if a president is what Harry Truman claimed in that quote Jack posted recently. He isn’t the messiah (nor would I want him to be), and he isn’t the reformer I would like to see, but the devil you know…

  79. Re: lost comments

    People load, and reload this page, and thusly it’s getting a lot of server requests, so if you submit a comment and it lags and it doesn’t seem to be reloading, just leave it alone for a while. That happens to me a lot, especially on the busier days, but I haven’t lost a comment yet because of it. You could just highlight your comment and hold CTRL+C and copy it to the clipboard if you were worried about it, though.

  80. One more housekeeping matter: for those who come here often and know how to clear cache in your browsers suggest doing so when you can.

    That will log you out, fyi.

    EDIT: (or not? will leave tech issues to host, sry)

  81. HACKER ALERT: Our server, Network Solutions, just alerted me they are under attack by hackers, meaning that our site is going to be weird until they get it fixed.

  82. “HACKER ALERT: ”

    I knew that Brian would show up sooner or later.!

    Get thee behind me holy-one.!!


  83. I understand that there is a large amount of error with any polls. But something really has been bugging me this election cycle. There is a greater discussion of what the National polls are telling us. In 2008, I recall the media said to ignore the national polls and the ones to pay attention to are the individual states. Which makes sense whether accurate or not since we vote by the electoral college. So what is the change? Why does it seemas if the national polls are so important this election cycle? More drama for the media to sell that its a bare knuckle fight between the two parties?

  84. You three guys with the three voices, send, sometimes, shimmering zephers lazily unfurling those iridescent banners of doubt which fly above the ramparts of my repose.

  85. I think I got ’em figured out. Divide and conquer. Here’s my prediction. If the romulus were to be elected there would soon be a war…..between the Italians and the Mormons. It’d be a real throw-down.

  86. I try not to repost items from major portals that news junkies would see any way, but this pretty much says it all:


    Time to go rot some teeth. Boo.

  87. oh good….now they’re doing mustache roulette….jeepers

    Old Joke for which I only remember the punchline:
    They’re both the same except for the mustache.

    Fun Fax: Geoff. Chaucer coined the word: “Twitter”.

  88. Okay, not to make fun of the tragedy in New Jersey from the beating it took from Hurricane Sandy here’s a bad joke.

    Hurricane Sandy gave new meaning to Bank Mortgages that were said to be underwater. In NJ they are truly underwater now if not before.

    Have a great evening.

  89. Now not so funny.

    Question is can the Insurance Company’s survive the payouts they will have to pay to cover the loses to the Banks whom hold the Mortgages with the Mortgage Insurance they required those loans be covered for?

    And if not how will the Banks cover the loses they will hold for the investments they made with those said Mortgages?

    Have a great evening.

  90. Fired Up!
    Even stupid -effing John King and Wolf Blitzner had to give the ‘Sandy’ advantage to Obama…especially after Gloria Borger said “Obama is doing his job — he is president. Mittens has no job (well she didn’t call him mittens.)”

    Rmoney is a clueless nincompoop and I believe he would be a worse president then Shrub

    Also the fire in Breezy Point is terrible but it was a colony of second homes. The Congressman who lives there did not lose his house (CNN the dumbest people on the planet) and even said so –the place in Breezy Point was in his words “a summer shack” The rebuild is going to be a permit and zoning nightmare. Without even seeing it, I am 100% certain it was a web of zoning violation and building without permits and probably the probably the property lines are unclear as well

  91. AP,

    The answer to those questions is to take a look at fat ass Christ-y from N. J….he and obama are now homies….he and everyone in the east are now dems…..government bail out of those ins. corps are on the way…government $ to the rescue…some will even manage to steal some of it.

    I can just hear the defense contractors…damn now its going to be less cash for us.

  92. there are no tricker-treepsters here…..in summer they abound, and at crixmus, and thanks, and Bunny-laying-eggs….otherwise it’s a ghost town….

  93. Solar…

    Yep, your probably right. Who will the next Lehman Brothers be? Who will win the stay alive lottery?

    Look no further than Goldman Sachs the giant vampire squid that sucks the life blood out of anyone involved with it.

    Have a great evening.

  94. Too bad that Sandy did not hit every state in the union….now that would put us all back to work no?

    If I was younger, I would pack-up and start all over again where Sandy did its worst harm…..

    If I was younger, I wouldn’t be older…..

  95. Pat Robertson has told us all the weather is an indicator from god. And clearly it is not about climate change

    Obviously Sandy is god’s way of saying we need to spend public money to get things going. And we better stop messing around before god really gets mad

  96. AP,

    Older and wiser. Thats who we need to advise our potus…people like our friend Jack…like me, and other builders…we are used to solving problems as they come along. We have set goals to finish a project as fast, as economical as possible…by goly, he needs

    Jimmy……no not jimmy the cricket….Jimmy Carter…he is a builder to advise him….and yes he would have a lot of wisdom under his pantaloons now…

    All kidding aside…he needs regular professionals from all professions of life to advise him….not professional rip off artist..

    Nother thin…..we should be voting them out….not in.! Just think about that….we would have genuine people that would want to serve our country…not themselves…..yeah thats the ticket….lets vote them out.!

  97. Begging for fairness will gain you some time during which you will most certainly have lost the high ground.


  98. Pat,

    ….was hoping that u would have come back by now. Sorry if I hurt your feelings in any way…

    Since I don’t have my home any more…what i do for Halloween…is to go out and roam the hood….love to see all the little monsters.

    Not cold at all….later

  99. CNN Affront Burnett has on Bay Buchanan to slam the president — wouldn’t want people to think well of him and the job he is doing wouldja Affront?

    Ugh I think Affront’s in a bad mood because she had to stand in the water for a couple of days but whiny baby Piers got to stay the nice dry studio

  100. Old Joke for which I only remember the punchline:
    They’re both the same except for the mustache

    sturge, another (and kinda timely sandywise) of that ilk:
    airy ain’t it?
    whadja expect, feathers?

  101. I’m thinkin’………Big Band.

    A fanfare for the common mand.

    Woody Herman, and his Thundering Hand.

    Nice, France, 1979


  102. roaming hood solar, no way hurt. just saw it as tough love.

    btw, any tho’ts on or plans for dia de los muertos?

  103. AP,

    Not to worry about those insurance companies and mortgage lenders. They’re too big to fail. 😉

    Come to think of it, so was Sandy.

  104. Solar,

    If I was younger I’d start over too.

    I have the knowledge, and the know how, and the vision all I lack is the money and the energy to put in 18 hr. days. 50 is defiantly not the new 40. 😉

  105. So when i get older and stubborner (that’s possible?) I hope my kid will not listen to me when i say stupid shit. And he does what he knows is right and just tells me to shut up, stop being stupid, where to go and what to do. Like if i didn’t have power at home but insisted on staying there

  106. While you guys played your Webmaster has been deep in the boiler room for hours, but I am fairly sure our server company has successfully defeated the latest hacker attack. Our entire site has been scrubbed, polished, re-installed and fortified. Report any issues to help@craigcrawford.com

  107. President Obama and Governor Christi working together when the chips are down. American exceptionalism on display.

    Romney campaign, not so much. That must really hurt.

  108. almost forgot:

    someone ax above about the underground peoples in nyc:
    Jennifer Toth
    In 1993, she published her study entitled The Mole People: Life In The Tunnels Beneath New York City, featuring interviews with some dwellers of the “Freedom Tunnel.” Her life was threatened by one of the mole people whom she befriended, who thought she witnessed him killing a crack addict. She consequently fled New York City. The book, published by Chicago Review Press,[4] became a world-wide best-seller, translated into Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

  109. Solar,
    I feel for you and all that’s happened..I also agree with you greatly regarding the state of the two party system and President Obama.
    Listen i have talked with you several times, you bitter, no way.. You are a smart guy that’s always looking for solutions and you just haven’t seen any from The President or Dems. Real change is required, it was promised and sadly not delivered..

  110. Lesser Evil Halloween: Grand Bargain, Corporate Suit Costumed Candidates Bringing Reign of Austerity
    by Joyce Arnold

    There’s no sneaking up on us, related to Austerity. It’s a favorite theme of the Two Party Front for the Oligarchy. Costumes come in two general kinds. One candidate proudly wears and flourishes a Grand Bargain outfit. The other puts on a top-of-the-line custom designed and tailored Corporate Suit. The resulting evil in the lives of those wearing what they always do – their 99% attire – won’t be exactly the same, but ultimately, they won’t be all that different, either.

  111. Craig, take it as a sign of success! You’re too famous!

    In market research, Gallup has had a pretty bad rep for the past few years. Their methodology isn’t sound and their math stinks. Rasmussen hasn’t been right for a long time. (or should I say they’ve been “too right” for a long time?) Watch who sponsors the poll too. You can bet that if it’s Wall Street Journal, for instance, that they word their questions in a particular way. For instance, they’ve done a lot of work on the wording of questions. Turns out, the phrase “right track” and “wrong track” are triggers. So if you’re the Wall Street Journal (Murdoch) you word the question like this: “Do you think this country is going in the right direction or on the wrong track?” If you’re the NYTimes, you word this question: “Do you think this country is going in the wrong direction or on the right track?” Also, they’ve come to realize that a ton of people simply repeat back the last thing they heard! Oh, the social science of polls!

  112. some Copland to get the taste of that cheese out of the system


  113. I turned out the light at 8:30 after an adult almost as old as me came to the door in makeup and costume. She was dressed as a clown but was a natural for a witch.

    We only had a dozen kids show up. I think they head out to better neighborhoods for more loot. We just get the little ones being escorted by their big brothers.


  114. Wheeee We’re back. Question for fearless leader: Have you looked at any of the Congressional polls? Is there a possibility that Sandy is broadening Obama’s coattails?

  115. yep Jamie, this wasn’t easy and I am nervously optimistic. Haven’t looked at anything election related for last 24 hours, been geeking the whole time. Looking to you guys to tell me what’s been going on.

  116. What’s been happening?

    Christie & Obama look like leaders, Romney, when he gets any attention at all, looks petty and mean spirited.

    He looks like a guy who refuses to cancel a vacation trip just because a close relative died.

  117. take a whiff… take a BIG whiff….

    can you smell it? ahhhhh…. nothing like the smell of Republican desperation in the air…

  118. Rush Limbo calls Christie a fat fool.

    Accuses Christie of having “Man Love” for Obama.
    must be said with much waving of the fat limbo arms and voice evocative of an ignorant homophobe’s idea of what a gay man must sound like.

  119. Absolutely 100% secure way to have passwords that are almost impossible to hack.

    (1) Write all 26 letters (in both upper & lower case), all 10 digits, and extra characters ($,#,&,etc) on slips of paper. Then (literally) “draw them out of a hat,” drawing the maximum number allowed for this particular password. This gives you true randomization with maximum permutations. You’d need a supercomputer to crack it.

    (2) Never use the same password for different purposes.

    (3) Change all passwords every three months.

    (4) How do you remember all these random passwords? You don’t. Write them down. I KNOW people tell you not to do this but a piece of paper cannot be “accessed from the web.”

    (5) Finally, add an extra layer of security by “encoding” the passwords on the piece of paper. Just add 3 spurious characters at the beginning of each password. Then, when you want to use a password, just remember to ignore the first three characters. You carry the paper in your wallet or even tape it to the wall next to your PC station and no one can use them, even if they wanted to. (Just don’t tell anyone about the three spurious characters!)

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