We’re Back!

In our seven years on the “internets” this was one of the worst challenges we’ve ever faced, but we’re back. Hard to tell exactly what happened (our server company, the good folks at Network Solutions, call it a DDOS attack). Whatever you call it, this wasn’t pretty. Thanks for your patience. We were only offline less than 24 hours and, rest assured, no users were at risk.

Carry on, Trail Mixers. This too has passed.

45 thoughts on “We’re Back!”

  1. Absolutely 100% secure way to have passwords that are almost impossible to hack.

    (1) Write all 26 letters (in both upper & lower case), all 10 digits, and extra characters ($,#,&,etc) on slips of paper. Then (literally) “draw them out of a hat,” drawing the maximum number allowed for this particular password. This gives you true randomization with maximum permutations. For passwords of 8 characters or more, you’d need a supercomputer to crack it.

    (2) Never use the same password for different purposes.

    (3) How do you remember all these random passwords? You don’t. Write them down. I KNOW people tell you not to do this but a piece of paper cannot be “accessed from the web.”

    (4) Add an extra layer of security by “encoding” the passwords on the piece of paper. Just add 3 spurious characters at the beginning of each password. Then, when you want to use a password, just remember to ignore the first three characters. You carry the paper in your wallet or even tape it to the wall next to your PC station and no one can use them, even if they wanted to. (Just don’t tell anyone about the three spurious characters!)

    (5) If you’re really paranoid, change all passwords every 3 months.

  2. Craig…
    those bastard hackers… they can’t keep us down.

    but really…. I would have much preferred a snickers bar… 😉

  3. Craig… you’re the best!

    sleep tight… don’t let the bed bugs bite…

  4. That anyone would attempt to suppress political speech, simply because they don’t agree with it, is despicable. I hope Obama wins out of spite, now.

  5. God forbid these conservative Machiavellian slimeballs ever hold power again.


  6. that’s been the extent of my motivation for quite some time now.

    I hate to see them win anything. It just encourages them.

  7. one last thing, for the 15% of you who come to us via mobile devices. that remains a thorny issue, not worrking well. but i might wait until after the election to wrestle with that, don’t want to risk trouble by tinkering any more

  8. I suppose if the choice is between a nanny-state where I can’t smoke or drink soda, and a vicious religio-plutocracy that would shut me up if they didn’t like what I was saying, I have to choose the former, and I like cigarettes and soda, Goddamnit!

  9. Craig,
    No worries on the mobile devices. I use the tablet and phone throughout the day to keep up but the important thing is your online. 😉

  10. The Goopers are all in crazytown
    Scarborough attacking Nate Silver
    All the Fox Anchors saying there is no thing as climate change — as Mayor Bloomberg is endorsing Obama because of it.
    Glenn Beck thinks Rmoney will win and talk about not being able to do the math

    Someone needs to call Morning Joke and Beck and bet them on the race

    Thank you Craig for doing everything to keep the site up. I would miss it so much!

  11. Iggy

    You can smoke and drink soda — you just have be responsible and pay the price. I don’t think anyone has been deprived of the right to smoke tobacco and drink sugar

  12. And tonight Beck is running an hour special on how the Democrats are stealing the election through voter fraud

    He is truly insane He calls his network the Blaze for Blaze of Truth — more like big giant fiery a–hole

  13. The Kill Obama and all Democrats commercials are swift boating across the tv. My blood pressure is up and I am cursing-up a storm —

    (not to be confused with my word press password)

  14. Ok you guys, I need some really optimistic polling data.

    It’s been a really long day.

    What’s the scoop? Please tell me Mitt is floundering. 😉

  15. Just got a robocall/one question opinion poll from Jeff Flake.

    Flake is going to win my county 3 to 1, and should easily win AZ. Apparently the race is too close for comfort, they just can’t put Carmona away.

    They must really be pissed, I voted today, and I voted for Carmona.

    Jeff Flake, not good for Mohave County, not good for Arizona, and not good for The United States of America.

    This message was sponsored by the jacepac and I stand behind every word.

  16. Sorry, Jace. I have not heard any favorable polling data to Obama just to Romney.

  17. Jaslf,

    I knew it was going to be that kind of day. Got up cranky, and then no TM I was pissed to say the least.
    And no good polling news just tops everything. 😕

    Thanks for getting back to me.

  18. Thanks to THE MAN who tipped us off to You Tube and to Facebook, Craig Crawford, for fixing up this blog. :smile:

    Here in NW Ohio I have had issues…my furnace heat exchanger blew a hole and flames shot out , and a new furnace was ordered and it will be installed tomorrow at 7:45. Of course I was floored by sticker shock as to the price, but winter’s a-comin’ on, and my electric space heaters won’t cut it , of course.

    I just shut the radio off when I am confronted by Hannity or Limbaugh or Mark Levin, but today I was caught…I had my headset on and a dog leash in each hand and Hannity came on, and he had Billy Cunningham from Cincinnati WLW-AM and various podcasts and a TV show o sorts on some New York station, and Cunningham was raving on and guaranteeing a Romney win in Ohio, citing the will of small town Romney supporters to turn out in droves and vote Obama out. Of course, in reality, Obama is leading the important polls by about three percentage points. Cunningham also went overboard on his praise for the repuggs for selecting Ryan.
    What sort of American would feel confident with Ryan as President? Romney is no spring chicken, just a few years younger than old man McCain was in 2008.
    Well, we’ll see, even though the horrible conditions in the east may prevent some polls from opening and perhaps a judge may hold up the election for some weeks.
    Are all Trailmixers accounted for after Sandy has left? I have a friend on Staten Island and my heart just goes out to those people.
    Bernard McGuirk, Don Imus’s sidekick, has had his house destroyed, like so many others, but his family got out OK.

  19. Thanks for all that info, Dex! Really sorry to read about Bernard’s house…and to see all the reports of the devastation Sandy left behind.

  20. The “Big Endorsement 2012″ ……. The paper in Iowa, backs Runmoney. The last time these swells did this, they backed Nixon just before he was impeached.

    Tonight, Bloomberg hates Obama , yet he endorsed him. You can only pump so much sea water from the Subway before you become a believer.

    God bless Bloomberg.

  21. God bless Bloomberg. He’ll shoot your ass in the gas line if you freak-out. And he endorsed Obama .

  22. Watch ‘Morning Joe’ hack up this fur ball.

    Fighting for gas at the pump. Let the ‘free market’ solve that.

  23. It’s very late butmy computer is on so I thoughtto stop in and see what’s what. I’m gonna have to stop watching msnbc because it gives me hope. The polls I’ve seen give O the leads basically, but not by much. Mitty hasn’t answered any questions from reporters in more than 3 weeks, and that makes him look bad. The outlandish ads he’s been running are also seemingly desperate. I don’t know. The one thing
    I do believe is that these repubs and their gangs are
    not to be trusted. They have no limits, and I can only hope the dems have a whole bunch of lawyers ready to file some paper when anything starts to look dicey. It seems as if our mixers are all safe, but the enormity of this storm si going to prove tp be immeasureable!

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