Romney, the Why Not Argument

I’ve long thought the best case against Barack Obama is to simply say he’s a good man, an attractive brand, but not so great that we shouldn’t try something else. Like changing brands of coffee.

Mitt Romney hasn’t put it that way, at least not as directly. But that’s the best case for the challenger. He’s probably so close in this race because so many voters are willing to switch from paper to plastic.

In the end, Romney is an acceptable alternative to lots of voters because the Obama camp made too much of the flip-flopping stuff. It made him seem flexible, erasing fears that he might be the right wing ideologue he tried to be in the GOP primaries.

I’ll never understand why President Obama did not run a campaign more focused on a second-term agenda that the public could grasp and appreciate. Instead, his camp spent millions hoping to define Romney as an unacceptable alternative. If that had worked the race wouldn’t be this close.

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  1. Welcome Back! I missed you all.

    If Mitt Romney is elected it looks like we will be a Plutocratic Theocracy ruled by the super rich and the racial religious. What happen to my religious freedom to be a good person but not to be religious?

    Florida is becoming an example of a Theocracy with over 13 consecutive years of Republican administrations and over 17 consecutive years of Republican legislatures. The Republican governors include Jeb Bush from January 5, 1999 to January 2, 2007; Charlie Crist from January 2, 2007 to January 4, 2011; and the Tea Party’s Rick Scott from January 4, 2011 to present.

    In the name of religion, children have been bruised and bloodied and threatened with worse. They’ve been berated for being gay and subjected to racial slurs. They’ve been shackled for days and made to exercise until they got sick. A few barely escaped with their lives. Florida regulators say they are powerless to stop it.

    In God’s name: unlicensed religious children’s homes

    The Tampa Bay Times spent a year gathering thousands of pages of public records and interviewing dozens of young adults who passed through the unlicensed group homes that operate in Florida.

    The newspaper focused its investigation primarily on homes and reform programs for teens that are exempt from state oversight for religious reasons. Under state law, the authority over those facilities is the Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies, a private, nonprofit group.

    During its reporting, the newspaper also uncovered and included in its analysis several reform homes that had no state license or FACCCA accreditation. Some of those homes had previously been accredited by FACCCA. Others never had credentials.

  2. Yay! Glad you’re back! Jamie and I were both saying that we felt lost without you, Craig!

    The kind of money both of these campaigns have spent is sickening. While people are hurting they spend and spend and spend and then have the nerve to lecture people on the national debt and spending cuts!

    Because I base my vote on not just economic issues but also on social issues, I could not, in good faith, vote GOP. They have too many wingnuts willing to investigate my uterus. I feel the same way about Canadian conservatives, the only difference is during OUR election campaign, the Conservative leader managed to sit on and muzzle his idiot ministers. But here’s the rub: Our election campaigns are a month long. You can muzzle people for a month. You can’t if your election starts the day after inauguration. Our candidates stayed the hell away from ALL media, your local men/women running for congress NEED media so there’s a better chance someone will say something utterly stupid. As a social issues voter, unless conservatives give up this knee-jerk need to control private lives, I’ll always vote the other way.

  3. What about his 3rd-term agenda??? :) This is hilarious!

    “To learn how Obama would circumvent the 22nd Amendment, Gingrich subscribers were asked to click on a link to Stanberry’s site and watch a video presentation.”

    “…but Gingrich has a say over which advertisers can have their messages go out to the list.”

    (And, I call fried baloney; this was allowed to go out on purpose.)

  4. “Inviting tens of thousands of people, many from out of town, to run through the streets of New York less than a week after the biggest Atlantic storm in history raked the city and leveled entire neighborhoods means that hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of cops, emergency and hospital personnel, sanitation workers and others who are needed right now to continue the recovery effort — and, in all probability, to save lives that are still in the balance — all of these men and women will have to spend precious hours concentrating on a road race, instead of the critical needs of their fellow citizens.”

    Read more:

    Yea or nay, what say ye?

  5. Bruce Bartlett wrote a column last week that did a good job of addressing Obama’s problems. Bartlett believes that Obama will win but that he could have won big with just a little leadership on his part for the last 4 years. He does a good job of laying his points out.


  6. The sad thing is , Obama has still not given the nation a clue as to what he wants to accomplish in the next 4 years. He just took what The Big Dawg laid out and says “yeah, what he said” , there seems to be no real enthusiasm on his part. I’m beginning to believe that he has lost the “fire in the belly” that is so critical to winning and he is running against an opponent that has proven he will do anything to win. Not good if you are an Obama supporter.


  7. Craig,

    Good point. Mitt blew that argument however when he made the Faustian bargain with the radical right of the party.He became a ‘severe’ conservative in order to secure the nomination, what he failed to realize was that the Devil was going to enforce the contract all the way through the general election.

    Had he been able to run as a moderate governor of a blue state, who designed a health care plan that works, and found a way to increase revenues to the state in the process, Obama would have had no choice but to run on his record and his plans for a second term. Team Romney and the Rove type superpacs that back him let Obama off the hook in that regard.

  8. Jack,

    I thought and continue to think that Obama lost the fire in the belly the day he took office.
    Most presidents republican or democrat love the job.

    I have never thought Obama liked the prize nearly as much as he liked the quest.

  9. Looking forward to today jobs report.

    If it is bad news for the President the republicans will latch onto it like the Holy Grail, the same Holy Grail that cooked the books last month.

    Will Jack Welch be available for comment? 😕

  10. Rmoney has told us nothing about what he would do to get things moving other than issue meaningless platitudes that even if there were some implementation plan for them, they sound like the same shit that Reagan spewed, Bush I adopted (you know, voodoo economics) and Bush II rehashed. Those policies didn’t work then and won’t work now.

    Obama has said what he wants to do, and in considerably more detail that Rmoney. It may not be as specific as you or I might like, but it’s a hell of a lot more than the bullpucky we’ve heard from Rmoney. Ryan has been specific, (and Rmoney said he agreed with his budget), and to the extent it was specific about Medicare, screw that. It brings back the donut hole and turns the system into a voucher system. No thanks.

  11. Conservative news group Human Events manages the Gingrich Marketplace emails, but Gingrich has a say over which advertisers can have their messages go out to the list. And according to Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond, Stansberry & Associates should have been on the blacklist.

    “We do not rent to the entity in question,” Hammond said, speaking by phone Thursday. “In fact, we go to lengths to vet where we rent.”

    From the Gingrich story.

    Perhaps that last sentence should read “in fact, we go to lengths to vet where we ‘rant’

    Obama 3rd term? What planet do these folks inhabit?

  12. No one, except his closest advisors, have any idea why Obama, and his campiagn staff, do anything.

    They are the most secretive, isolated bunch since Nixon and his crimnal thugs occupied the White House.

  13. I just watched an Obama ad where he does the rundown on the next four years…just a bit late, but those undecideds claim they are still deciding.

    I also watched Fox and Fiends (purposeful typo on the name) this morning, briefly. Ohio democrat was cut-off and that Steve-guy is so rude. Another Rudepublican.

  14. Anticipated republican talking points on jobs report.

    We don’t need no stinking good news.

    Obama sure hired a lot of campaign staff.

    Just wait till Mitt gets in, he loves firing people.

    See, the government can’t even print an accurate report.

    Obama appoints 171000 new czars. (Faux News)

  15. Jace says ‘Obama 3rd term? What planet do these folks inhabit?’

    Actually, Newtie wants to inhabit the moon and Rmoney is shooting to go back to Planet Kolob.

  16. MSNBC reported this AM that ANOTHER big storn is heading for the east coast within the next 7-10 days.

  17. Bishop Rmoney: Why Not?
    1. The same benign neglect attitude toward regulation as Shrub and the secret plans of Nixon
    2. Women are just collateral damage in Mittens quest to be commander in chief
    3. He is a religious zealot
    4. He is only interested in power for powers sake – there is no core to Mittens his life has been about winning and cheating to win – We do not want a president with no concept of honor — What kind of a person cheats to win in a family foot race? (and not to be funny)

  18. btw, poobah, we’ve been in computer hell this week as well, to the extent I thought I wasn’t able to connect with the site as a result of our problems rather than yours.

  19. Why is it that climate change was only a fairy tale, when the storms were hitting third world countries? 😕

  20. Well, I hope we do not make the same mistake as New Zealand and elect a businessman like John Key.

    He ran on tax cuts. He ran on cutting social programs. Earthquakes and recessions scared the poor folks of New Zealand into thinking a businessman rather than a intelligent statesman, diplomat or a competent commander-in-chief should be running the show.

  21. And Key is an agnostic, but regularly attends church…he has all bases covered.

  22. Newtie wants to inhabit the moon and Rmoney is shooting to go back to Planet Kolob

    bw, interesting. kolob spelled backwards is bolok and according to wiki:

    “Bollocks” /ˈbɒləks/ is a word of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning “testicles”. The word is often used figuratively in British English and Hiberno-English, as a noun to mean “nonsense”, an expletive following a minor accident or misfortune, or an adjective to mean “poor quality” or “useless”.

  23. Patd…those bollocks hold the male dna so important to most religions.

    Just between us women, Men are built so cheap!

  24. Those policies didn’t work then and won’t work now.

    Yeah but as Bartlett pointed out , Obama has never made the case for the failures of his predecessors. Clinton did at the convention and Obama has been tepidly try too. But remember how the Republicans under Reagan never gave Carter a break. Team Obama had the Republicans down and they let them get back up to where I am hearing that GWB “wasn’t such a bad president”.


  25. BTW when I see “Rmoney” I see a person desperately worried and without a clue as to how to solve the problem.
    If that is your intent please continue.


  26. Just ran across this quote in the morning read

    “The art of not reading is a very important one. It consists in not taking an interest in whatever may be engaging the attention of the general public at any particular time. When some political or ecclesiastical pamphlet, or novel, or poem is making a great commotion, you should remember that he who writes for fools always finds a large public. A precondition for reading good books is not reading bad ones: for life is short.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

  27. do we know who are the dastardly bad guys who ambushed fearless leader and caused an avalanche on the trail? did they wreak havoc on others or are we the only victims?

  28. patd…I think Craig needs to contact Anonymous (how does one do that??). On Huffpo, Craig mentioned the culprits were untraceable.

  29. Bartlett has said a few things about Rmoney – one is that his tax plan won’t do anything to help:

    “”The idea that tax reform will jump-start an economy suffering from the after-effects of a cyclical downturn is nonsense,” Bruce Bartlett wrote in a New York Times blog post on Tuesday. “There is little reason to think we will see tax reform any time soon, and even if Mr. Romney’s plan is enacted as proposed the growth effect will be small to nonexistent.

    “Barlett noted that the economy continued to grow at roughly the same rate after Reagan’s own tax reform in 1986, adding that economists agree Reagan’s 1986 tax reform had little impact on economic growth. Bartlett also wrote last year that tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations did not help stimulate the economy under President George W. Bush, and that “there is no reason to believe” that the same policies would help stimulate the economy today.”

    He also has no kind words to say about the ‘pugns:

    “Republicans met in early 2009 and agreed to show united and unyielding opposition to the president’s economic policies. They wielded the Senate filibuster in an unprecedented fashion to prevent Obama from having any political victories if possible. While I don’t believe Republicans intentionally sabotaged the economy just for partisan reasons, their actions were identical to what would have been the case had that been their motivation.”

    And this is REAGAN’S economic advisor.

  30. Blue…if we were able to circumvent the 22nd amendment, we could get Bill Clinton, instead of Obama.

  31. Bartlett heaps no praise on Obama, neither does he fail to point out the lunacy of many republicans, especially their funny math, and ridiculous social policy positions

    I guess he is an equal opportunity ass kicker.

  32. the huffpo site never approved my comments. should i take it personally? all i said was that the prez’s heavy use and dependence on social media in his ground game campaign to get out the vote would be a likely target of the hackers that hit the trail.

  33. bw, craig mentioned a “democratliars..” signature. that same tag was also mentioned sometime ago in connection to a goper dirty trick pulled on some voters in florida.

  34. I voted yesterday. The polling site was large and easy to find. They had booths set up for at least 20 people, and there must have been all of seven people there.
    I have no doubt I was the only dem. 😉

    I was in and out in less than ten minutes. The best voting experience I have ever had. Cheryl had the same experience on Tuesday. Not sure why all the fuss about early voting. Seems like a win for the voter and no advantage for either party.

  35. patd…I am glad Craig does not hold our comments like Huffpo. Posting on the site is like a dead dinosaur. But, the internets have been slow everywhere and I blame Sandy.

    It amazes me that the biggest storm ever hits the most densely populated area of the US of AA and humans believe it will be fine in a few days. Sandy is the Katrina for NJ. Rmoney thinks sending a few canned goods will suffice. And on TV, I heard a lot of angry, old white women screaming in New Jersey. Not a pleasant noise.

  36. Pat and others

    the problem is that if the hackers are smart enough to hack a sight they are smart enough to fake someone elses name.
    For all we know this could have been a democratic dirty tricks squad. Hack someone with media access and get them to blame the Republicans.
    Or it could have been a bunch of children looking to cause mischief. Trick or treat.
    So Craig did you pass out cheap candy?

  37. Pretty much everyone knows what the problems are
    no one really needs more finger pointing in that direction

    The major case for electing Bishop Rmoney is that he would get along better with the Republican congress –Fortunately most people think that is a terrible idea.

    I think what propelled Rmoney’s poll numbers was when he talked about his bi-partisan efforts (unfortunately like everything else about him total crap) but it sounded good and regardless of Mitch McConnell –most folks want their elected representative to try to find solutions

    I have a big problem with people who act like they are the only adults in the room – when they are usually people who have read some obscure pundit and it fits with their cynical contrarian and highly impractical view of life — they are always trying to make rules for others to follow

  38. Democrats involved in Hacker-gate?? I don’t know Jack, Craig is a standout…especially because of his impending nuptials.

    Anonymous could find these guys…

  39. Well the Romentum has reversed. His 1 point RCP average lead last week is now a .1 Obama lead.

    And the jobs report won’t help him.

    “Businesses picked up their pace of hiring in October and the unemployment rate rose as more people started looking for work, according to new government data that offer a glimmer of optimism for the long-ailing job market on the eve of the presidential election.”

    What I’m sure Rmoney thought or hoped might be the last nail in Obama’s coffin didn’t come to him in that report.

  40. Re the storm aftermath

    CNN spend the whole week before the storm telling people they needed to be prepared for at least 4 days without services.

    Now they are feeding the frenzy — and Michael Moore gave Pursed Lips Morgan a real whatfor over the CNN coverage of the storm which mostly consisted of their prime time anchors standing in a live shot.

    Piers said it served the purpose of warning people about going out in the storm. Michael Moore just rolled his eyes

    During the 1989 SF earthquake I lived on the western side of Russian Hill and we had no services for a week..even though just blocks away everything was fine.
    It was weird — in hindsight I should driven to Sonoma and stayed up there until everything was turned –

    And my house along the Russian River has flooded a couple of times — once very badly. Cleaning up after a flood is the worst especially when it is cold. One of the big problems with this magnitude of damage is finding qualified workers or even workers at all.

  41. if the hackers are smart enough to hack a sight they are smart enough to fake someone elses name

    jack, true but how do we know you’re really jack and not some bodysnatcher’s cover? is this the trail or am i on planet kolob? am beginning to feel a bit kafkaesque here…

  42. Sure, New York and the rest of the east coast may have been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, but count your blessings, people. You could be living in “post-apocalyptic” swing state hell. You may have no power, food or gas, but an over-abundance of political ads is truly deadly.

    Jon Stewart took some time Thursday night to focus on the under-reported disaster zone that is Ohio… you know, O-H, I-O… Ohio.

  43. I don’t understand why right-wing media keeps hammering away on Benghazi and Mittens or Lyan never mention it all

  44. I really like Bruce Bartlett… IMO, he’s fair in his criticisms.

    But one thing that he and many others who criticize Obama for not being much of a fighter fail to take into account is his Hawaiian roots. When you hear that Hawaiians are laid back… it’s no joke… they are extremely laid back. We are all products of our natural tendencies and our upbringing… and that includes where we were raised.

    If the Democrats had really wanted a fighter in the WH after Bush, they should have thought a little bit more about where Obama is from, IMO.

  45. Jamie

    But Dick Morris disagrees. He is predicting a Republican landslide, Really!

    Voters have figured out that President Obama has no message, no agenda and not even much of an explanation for what he has done over the past four years. His campaign is based entirely on persuading people that Mitt Romney is a uniquely bad man, entirely dedicated to the rich, ignorant of the problems of the average person. As long as he could run his negative ads, the campaign at least kept voters away from the Romney bandwagon. But once we all met Mitt Romney for three 90-minute debates, we got to know him — and to like him. He was not the monster Obama depicted, but a reasonable person for whom we could vote.

    When was the last time that Morris was close to right?


  46. Pat
    It is easy if I show up writing good grammar in my posts it is a hack.


  47. I feel very badly for all the people in the areas that Sandy ravaged. But when I saw the long lines of cars waiting to buy gas yesterday I was astonished.

    Making sure you have a full tank of gas in your vehicles is high on the list of being prepared for a storm. I think many people didn’t take what the weather people were saying about Sandy seriously. They will now all learn a lesson the hard way. I wish them much luck.

  48. Dick Armey’s army

    And gets boatloads of money from the Koch brothers who literally want to bring back segregation (and probably slavery)

  49. Dick Morris – now there’s an honest broker. Seen any pigs in the landing pattern? Morris hasn’t been close to right since Clinton’s reelection campaign – after which he became the number one Clinton backbiter.

  50. The goopers have an entire brigade of Baghdad Bob’s

    CNN afraid to report the truth.
    Ashleeeee Banfield talking to Don Lemon who is in Columbus her big lead in — “Don you’re there what is going on…do they know they are the center of the universe.”

    His response – to tell us all theother media he has seen and that he is now staying in the hotel room Rmoney just vacated.

    I guess they don’t want to report that Obama is winning in Ohio and there is no horserace

  51. Jamie…plus that brain shrinkage thing…keep hydrating men and not with beer or coffee.

  52. I have been kidding and teasing the males today…just a reminder the war on women by the repugs is very real and continues. Gender warfare should not be tolerated. And if the repugs get the prez prize, I will fear more than rape. Think Supreme Court.

  53. “Good intention, raise some money for victims, but the timing is more than suspect,” guest host Eric Bolling said.”

    as opposed to the fake Rmoney canned goods collection or when the Lyan Ryans’ wwashed fake dishes

    Republicans – we don’t care how we win – winning is the only thing — governance is for suckers

  54. ah best thing about site back up is reading you guys again. what fine threads we have.

    patd, all i know about the “democratliarsett” is that apparently the same source has used a variety of names but all ending in “” they mostly spam cell phones with obama hate messages. a bunch of other blogs hosted by my server company got hit. they’ve plugged the hole but doubt they’ll find the source.

    blonde, yes I did not realize HuffPo was moderating comments when I sent everyone there. Not how it used to be. Before they let the post author approve comments, but now they don’t. I had expected to be able to clear comments quickly myself. Don’t understand why they changed that, made a lot of work for themselves.

  55. Craig…I was glad Huffpo gave you the respite. Last winter Hubby and I used to get drunk and post on Faux News blogs. Poor people’s entertainment. It was the same way and you learn to spell ‘idiot’ in so many ways as to not get flagged. Those blogs move very quickly, however.

  56. Blonde, i’ve been a poster on HuffPo since Arianna invited me when she launched it. Used to enjoy interacting with the commenters. Over the years it got so big and busy I kinda lost interest, just toss something on there now and then. First I knew they’ve quit letting authors moderate comments (of course, as is my way, I let them all in). Takes some of the fun out of playing over there.

  57. I see when Republicans are asked to bet on the election out come.. money talks and bul—it walks
    Joe Scarborough, mayor of crazytown, very silent when challenged to a bet by Nate Silver. After he spent a show trashing him. I certainly am looking forward to post election discussions and finger pointing

    I can hear joe already — “It would be president Rmoney if it weren’t for the super storm”

  58. Craig…on Faux News blog the most putrid and outrageous RW crap is approved…references to killing minorities, etc. But, call a repug an idiot or stupid! Your comment is gone.

    Huffpo held this comment —

    I know they are republicons and republican’ts, but now they are republihacks.

    Another time when I called into c-span on the ‘independent’ line, within ten minutes I received these awful RW robo calls. How do the hackers capture my number? And who says freedom doesn’t come with a price!

  59. must be hard for faux and fiends* to explain and spin why “the economist” and bloomberg are endorsing the prez and not the man with the big business background.

    *kudos to bw for this

  60. RR
    Many in those gas lines might be getting gas for generators. 5 gals only lasted me
    12 hours and I was only allowed 5 gals after waiting hours in line. I’m a Rita survivor.

  61. the best case against Barack Obama is to simply say he’s a good man, an attractive brand, but not so great that we shouldn’t try something else. Like changing brands of coffee.

    craig, but you must admit the darker roast is far more preferable than postum

  62. Political Wire just listed the most recent 16 battleground polls…Obama leads in 14 with 2 ties…

  63. Bethyboo – I have to disagree with you. Romney’s plan of staying away from questions is brilliant for him. He and his staff knows that when the American people see that his only goal is to destroy the country with lunacy they will not want to vote for him. As long as the American people are kept ignorant of his true intentions, he will keep this race close.

    Craig – I thought the article was really interesting. The problem with Obama’s team is the same with what I just told Bethyboo about Romney’s team. They have the same agenda, which has not work for a long time. Neither side seems to understand that the way that this country is run is not working. The idea that the businesses and wall street do no wrong seems to elude these two candidates. Obama’s actions (lack there of) speak louder than his half-ass talk in the debates about getting tough on Wall Street. Conservative thinking has taken over this country for a long time, and no one wants to point out the harsh truth that it has not worked.

  64. Here’s Charlie Cook’s take on the election at this point. It’s not definitive, of course, but looks like if the handwriting isn’t on the wall yet, the pen’s on its way there.

    “craig, but you must admit the darker roast is far more preferable than postum” LOL. Good on ya, pat. Postum – perfect.

  65. Just stumbled into yet another delightful Oscar Wilde quote: ”I love talking about nothing. It’s the only thing I know anything about.”

  66. Craig, Wilde and GB Shaw were at a party where Wilde said that. GB Shaw said, “Wish I’d said that,” to which Oscar replied, “You will, George, you will.”

    Hello fellow Craigsters!! Glad everyone’s back! I’m looking forward to chatting election night. :)

  67. Did.. did Cantor really say that any money to Sandy relief would have to be offset by spending cuts? Is he freaking insane? Doesn’t he know that THAT money will spur a not-so-mini stimulus for tri-state and other areas???

  68. re: Sandy’s damage.

    People who live in them believe cities are secure and safe, especially against the forces of nature, which they think of as primitive (the opposite of civilized.)

    In fact, cities are highly vulnerable due the interconnectedness of their systems. If one system goes out, there are major problems. But if several go out, EVERYTHING breaks down.

    Cut off the electricity and block bridges and tunnels, so that food and heating oil can’t be delivered and within days people in Manhattan are huddled in freezing apartments and eating out of dumpsters.

  69. Talking to our ole pal Mudcat, who is running a ferocious battle to defeat Cantor, about doing a chat room with us Sunday night. Stay tuned!

  70. Carol…
    I’m a survivor of the 2008 ice storm. My one horse town was the epicenter and we had the National
    Guard stationed in our high school. We went 12 days without electricity in December. In the same week, we had back to back snow storms of about a foot and a half each. The problem we had with the ice storm is that the conditions that created it were very tricky and delicate…. there’s no way it could have been predicted… so no one knew it was coming.

    Sandy was a predicted event. All the tv stations were screaming it was HUGE and knew it was going to hit New Jersey and NYC at least 3-4 days in advance. And, IMO, after Katrina… there’s no excuse for those not prepared other than that they were in denial.

    I do feel sorry for them. Like I said… they are now learning a lesson the hard way. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

  71. The guy who has the office across the hall from me got into my stash of surplus Halloween candy (it was a rainy night, not many kids came to my house) and stole all the mini-Snickers Bars. He didn’t touch the Milky Ways.

    Whenever there is a natural disaster, looting breaks out.

  72. November 02, 2012

    Shrum Calls Another Election
    Robert Shrum, who famously called Sen. John Kerry “Mr. President” after seeing the first exit poll results for the 2004 election, writes Mitt Romney’s political obituary four days before Election Day.

    This should be enough to make any Obama supporter nervous. Why doesn’t this guy just go away?

  73. Why not Romney?

    Uh Bush’s 3rd term, Bush’s foreign policy. Romney’s supporters are supporting him because he’s a liar (I really don’t get that) and today we can add Hostage Taking – Vote for me or Congress will destroy the economy for real. Oh and Economic Policy DOES NOT ADD UP.

    Also too, Obama has an agenda. Continue to Implement the ACA, push the American Jobs Act through Congress. Keep adding Clean Energy (climate Change). End the war in Afghanistan, continue to encourage democratic reforms in the ME. Not start a war with Iran. Not start a trade war with China. To name just a few.

  74. Took all the snickers? Man that is tough.
    I dug through all our Halloween candy and only found 3 snickers. Lots of milkyways and those chocolate with rice crispies things, But only 3 snickers. I took all 3 and hid them. Saving them for a special occasion.
    Looters beware

  75. Snickers – two Snickers bars and a coke were the kayaker’s perfect lunch back in the day. And would be still.

  76. two Snickers bars and a coke were the kayaker’s perfect lunch back in the day

    Must… restrain myself… from… making joke.

    Ah, maturity.

  77. Welcome, VoxSingularity. Is that to mean a “unified voice”, or, “in space, no one can hear you scream”? Well, whatever, welcome.

  78. I can’t get to the liberal blog dailykos.

    I wonder if they have been hacked.

  79. Watching the Sandy telethon. Looking at some of the people I think many just didn’t have a place or the funds to leave. I look out in our garage and know we could handle no power, no food supply, no water for a month, but don’t know what we would do if everything around us were destroyed other than head for the Daughter’s place in CA.

  80. I can’t get to the liberal blog dailykos.

    Won’t load for me, either. There is a whole army of conservative internet trolls, disinformation artists, vicious commentators, and hackers, so I’m wouldn’t be surprised by any such nefariousness.

  81. Once upon a time lunch was often a Fast stop hot dog, a snickers bar and mountain dew as I was driving to the next job.
    May be why I’m on diabetic drugs today.


  82. IG

    What can you do with “TWIX”. I have lots of “TWIX” left over. The Hershey’s Bliss squares seem to have disappeared. I know I’ve rooted around at the bottom of the bowl assiduously and there isn’t a single one left.

  83. Craig

    Watching Maddow’s story on the problems of Florida voting – Cut days, long lines, absentee ballots not received etc. Basically Rick Scott trying to stop people who would vote Democratic from voting. It seems to me the Justice Department would have some recourse for Federal offices if not state offices.

  84. “No wonder West Virginians don’t have any teeth”.

    I’m so ashamed.

  85. Reese’s products are the hot commodity around here. As for Twix, they are good with coffee, but what isn’t, really?

  86. Daily Kos last tweet …

    Daily Kos ‏@dailykos
    Still experiencing connectivity issues. We’ll be back up as soon as we can.

    I sent Markos what little we know about my hacker, just in case it helps.

  87. From Daily Kos facebook page

    We’re still experiencing connectivity issues while ConEd restores power. We’ll get back up as soon as we can.

  88. I got so caught up in looking into sidebars, especially after the Nate Silver link, that I wandered around for an hour. I’m in the same boat everyone else here is in, hoping but afraid. KGC, I agree completely about mitty. He loves to give orders and takes acceptance for granted and assumes he will be admired for being correct. In the third debate, I didn’t watch, of course, and checked in once with the mute on. I could tell mitty was in trouble because of his eyes-they were frightened
    because he was lost and he didn’t understand. He’s so one dimensional.

    I have an idea re his inability to be explicit, but it might be offensive to some. The Mormon church has been just peripheral in this campaign and I hesitate to say that it’s politically important. I
    myself see it as aa cult but that’s not necessarily
    excluding for me. I googled the church and was not particularly enlightened. The reason is that it’s all over the place. There seems to be little agreement about the “dogma”, beginning withthe beginning. Some said that at first they equated
    Adam with God, one and the same. From that point little is in harmony. Temple garments are now underwear worn as a sign of honoring god, and arefor sake on their store web site. I find churches which
    change dogma over time to be the norm and very contradictory, but the Mormon church seems to me to be somewhat ephemeral. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone, but it’s not meant to be critical. I jsut think mitty is the same way.

  89. Hey guys, if you have any Whoppers left over, I will take them off your hands. 😉


  90. bethyboo – A lot of dogma in Christanity contradicts, as well as other religions. Even before the protestant break, there have been disagreements among the Catholic church. There was the Great Schism which destroyed the Orthodox church and created the Greek Orthodox Church and Catholicism. Before the Great Schism [Catholicism and Greek Orthodox], there were disagreements between Orthodox, Arian, and the Egyptian Coptic. Prior to that, it was a cult that did not agree with others regarding who was the Messiah. Many believed that John the Baptist was the Messiah [these followers actually alluded to in Acts], others believed Barabbas was. The point is that it does not really matter how bat shit crazy someone is about a divinity. It matters how they are going to govern. As soon as we see evidence about his governing, as related to baptizing corpses I would be worried.

  91. Jace…Please check with Rmoney! He seems to have an unlimited supply of whoppers! 😈

  92. jaslf,

    I would think that Wisconsin might one of the battle ground states that is the most doable for Obama.

    He has held a significant statistical lead there for some time. They may not be crazy about Obama in that state but they have seen first hand in the form of Scott Walker what a Romney presidency might look like. Even during the Walker recall Obama’s ratings remained fairly high.

    I am more confident in Wisconsin than I am about Virgina, and if Obama doesn’t win there it is going to be a long nail biting night for Obama supporters.

    I hate the weekends before elections, and I am guessing that team Obama does as well.

  93. Sunday talk shows will be full of Staten Island, and the seemingly slow response there. Not the discussion you want to be having two days prior to an election.

  94. Live Chat. Now. Sturgeone has returned from the battles of the joint. Mustang Sally led by a frog’s hair.

    we only played it once tonight, but it was killer.

    we played it for the folks on the jersey shore.

    Music is soooooo ephemeral.

  95. tawrked to my staten islanders…..they hunkered down on south staten island….tottenville….I think they were protected by sandy hook, but greg says they wasn’t on the water. 3 days no power. cheap.

    I’m thinking there’s suddenly a lot of cabinet work in NYC.

  96. fortuately, me dottir works at forbes and me son-in-lawr is some kind of esoteric archro-text…facades in historic nyc……I’m thiinking I’ll go to the highest bittern.

    so to sprach.

  97. Jace – I have to disagree with you on Wisconsin and Virginia. I would have agreed with you on Wisconsin before the Scott Walker recall failure. Democratic power there is not as strong as we would have thought. Virginia on the other hand looks stronger. There has been a lot of problems there for the Republicans plus there is a bat shit crazy third party candidate there that would be appealing to the far right wing in the state.

  98. Go to the Maddowblog to read some new report out that repubs managed to block.

    Jaslf, I hold with my view that mitty is going to ground. I know what you mean about mitty’s fear of anyone actually listening to him, but he is seen as running away from cameras. He needs to be seen by everyone, and he isn’t. I remember that was when Papa Bush showed me he was gonna lose to Bill. Up till then we had no idea we agreed politically.

    As for churches changing their dogmas and rites etc,
    believe me I know that very well. I actually said it in my post. My point was that for a church which is less than 200 years old, this one church has had very little solidity and consistency, just like mitty. I am not against churches, I just wonder about the validity of insisting people conform to rigid beliefs whch will most likely change to meet changing times and fashions. Is that really what a religion is assumed to be? I wish everyone questioned

  99. jaslf,

    You may well be right.

    I think that Wisconsin is a little hard to peg.
    I have found it interesting however, that while the right has been all a twitter over the Paul Ryan pick,
    Wisconsin voters have been to some extent ambivalent.
    Ryan should have locked up the state by now.

    I don’t put much stock in the outcome of the Walker recall. It was a tall order to begin with and was made all the taller as a result of poor timing and worse execution by Dems. They ran a so so candidate and and a bad campaign. I’m not sure how much weight we can give the results.

    As for Virginia I hope to Hell you are right. If the networks call Virgina for Obama on Tuesday night, I’m going to feel pretty good about Obama’s chances.

  100. 11/03/2012 at 1:35 AM

    Live campaign chat here Sunday night 8-10pm ET. In the chat room.


    1:35 AM? Don’t you ever sleep? 😉

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