Obama, the Why Not Argument

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The best case for President Obama’s re-election is why not keep trying. Things could be worse had he not bailed out big business and shoved millions into the economy when collapse loomed. We still don’t know if Obamacare will work, but it’s here so why not find out.

Reelecting our President is a gamble on what he’ll do next because he hasn’t said what that’ll be. All we know is what he’s done so far, and, who knows, had he not been in office we might be in worse shape.

Mitt Romney has said even less about what he’d do in the White House, other than cut taxes, but he won’t say how he’d pay for that without exploding the deficit.

Either way, after more than a billion dollars spent by the campaigns and their rich friends voters still have reason to wonder what either of these men would do in the next four years. It’s a coin toss.

Romney: the Why Not Argument

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  1. Reelecting our President is a gamble on what he’ll do next because he hasn’t said what that’ll be.

    a tad unfair, poobah, since there are issues which he promoted and continues to promote (such as the dream act and milking the millionaires) still hanging, left to be done by a more compliant congress.
    there are also many many appointments essential for future projects to be completed which were held up by mitch’s critters.

  2. What does a lame duck do?

    Does the leopard change?

    Do not listen to either, look at the records.

    Who will help restore jobs?

    Do you want large government spending?

    Who will manage the debt?

  3. Right wing media currently has two themes
    Benghazi and voter fraud

    You can see the desperation as the election slips away

    Bold predictions by Karl “I’m paid to say this” Rove and the Toe sucker will be dust by the time the polls close in the east

    Rmoney as usual revealed his true self — no amount of media fluffing can make him anything but the immoral asshole that he is

    after all what can you say about a man who cheats to win in a family foot race (and not as a joke.) He tripped his daughter-in-law

  4. Matthew Dowd just blamed the storm and gov christie for Rmoney upcoming defeat

  5. As for Obama I’m going with the “politics is a team sport” theme I’m a Democrat and I want a Democrat in the Whitehouse

    I think Glenn Beck is a dangerous and destructive person. He is a liar and supports people using gun violence as a form of family entertainment (see http://www.dirtcheap.com)

    He is using knowingly false statements to promote violence against the Obama administration.

    I think he should be arrested on terrorism charges for the words he is using about the Obama Administration and the death of Ambassador Stevens. He is promoting violence against the government

  6. Looking at the election half a world away allows some sort of dispassionate reflection. Not sure if it really matters who will win, there are some impermeable aspects to the body politic which can only change at a glacial rate. The nature of the presidential race means that only the most bizarre, saint like, socio-paths can make it to the position. The grueling race would kill the humanity in most ordinary people. Only a truly sociopathic narcissist could ever succeed. So the choice really is between two almost identical sociopaths. The only thing different between them is their hairstyle. Doesn’t matter who wins. The military will still be the military, industry won’t falter for a second and every day folks will turn up to work and expect their pay-cheque at the end of the week. The sun will still shine. Romney can’t get rid of Obamacare. If he wins, he will back down on any commitment to do so because it will now be too difficult to untangle the process. He might be able to modify it but never able to get rid of it. Both will face a hostile Congress. The Republicans will have to either work with the Tea Party (aka Koch Brother flunkies) whose total program involves destroying the functionality of government for no really good reason except they are angry. This effects both sides – indeed the moderate wing of the Republicans have been hijacked by the American version of Al-Qadir no difference between Tea Party philosophy and Al-Qadir except the faces. They both want the same end. Then there are all the obstructive state governors who have given Obama hell and then some. They have a taste of power and beating up on Washington is a national pastime. Blaming Washington by the state governments is the way of taking the focus off their own failed policies. You know, when all else fails, blame the guy above you.

    So after the expense of a billion or so dollars – chump change to me :roll: – nothing will change.

    Meanwhile three things will be vital for any new administration to concentrate upon – 1. Lean on the German Government to pull their finger out and fix the problem with the Euro Zone that the Germans created in the first place. 2. Fix up the fiscal situation in the US so that the tax base is increased to make voters accountable for their overstated expectations of government while contributing peanuts to the process. 3. Abolish slavery by reducing incarceration rates to imprisoning only those who deserve to go to prison, not a whole lot of inoffensive folks who become slaves to capitalism by being paid a pittance for their work (the private prison companies turn this into profits upon which they might pay a few dollars in tax) while the cost of the penal system is socialised with the taxpayer funding this massive cash transfer. The process means that American labour is now on a race to the bottom – and this is part of the wealth imbalance and transfer from the bottom to the top. One day everyone of the readers of this blog might think that working for a dollar a day will be really worth it – after all, that puts value back into the old saying – another day, another dollar.

    Oh and one thing I didn’t mention because it was so obvious – get out of all these useless wars – that was part of putting the fiscal house in order but I thought I should mention it in case some smarty pants starts moaning about this.

    Unless the USA redresses these imbalances, the economy will falter and China will be the beneficiary. You just might see the dollar ceasing to be the currency of choice. For me, I don’t really care because I already pay a subsidy to the Americans every time I undertake an international purchase. Indeed every one does that except the Americans. The rest of the world subsidizes the USD because it is the preferred currency for international deals. My Son in Law, who has a great overseas contract is paid in USD and he is really cranky about it cause he is not getting the value out of his pay anymore. Over the last two years he has taken a 15% pay cut. He is still getting the same USD but it is buying so much less. He is one of many millions of international workers and companies dissatisfied with the USD and searching for a new currency that won’t screw him so badly.

    So folks, if you are all serious about your politics, then pay attention to the folks who don’t vote at the ballot boxes. We vote with your dollars. And quite frankly, we are getting sick and tired of all the silly games. Keep the same level of economic cupidity going for the next four years, regardless of administration, and Americans will wonder why no one is buying USD anymore. And that is when you will really understand what everyone else has to deal with on a daily basis – economic discipline and social responsibility.

    Best of luck.


  7. CNN anchors do not listen to their guests. I just heard Randy Kaye ask the same question twice –and the guest gave exactly the same answer — which is that climate change is real and caused by man-made issues

    The standard for hiring at CNN must be dull normal

  8. In response to Bill Woerlee:

    California is trying to amend its three strikes law
    and it would be nice if the drug laws were changed that would do a lot to impact prison overcrowding

    The Koch Brothers are not merely angry – they are protecting their economic interest by using the misguided political passion of others.

    It would be much better if the political parties were adversarial only during the election process unfortunately the Republicans (funded and guided by the likes of Grover Norquist)have made legislating impossible. Republicans have killed governance on the federal level.

    I’m sorry your son-in-law is taking a pay cut but there is a difference between the two candidates for people living in the US and it’s huge. I am concerned about the people who aren’t voting but I am concerned about Americans who think the system is too corrupt to participate — they end up leaving the machinery of government to the right.

  9. hiaasen on west:

    After less than two years in Congress, Rep. Allen West has raised $15 million to get himself re-elected.
    That’s a mountain of money, but you’d need every dime if your job was to make West look like a calm, responsible person.
    His whack-job ranting hasn’t hurt him among the Tea Party faithful, but it threatens the prospects of the 51-year-old Republican since he switched to a new district that includes Martin and St. Lucie counties and part of Palm Beach.
    The task for West’s campaign managers is daunting because he has said so many phenomenally offensive and factually indefensible things.

  10. Chris Christie = working class hero.

    Michael “marathon” Bloomberg = upper class twit.

    Sometimes politics is just as simple as that.

  11. Katerine: You are right about Benghazi. Every time I have gone to Fox news in the past two weeks, that’s all they are talking about.

    It’s not that the story has any traction; they just can’t think of anything else to say.

    These are not good times for the right wing. Romney is leading them to across-the-board lossses, and Hurricane Snady has finally got the rest of the MSM saying that global warming is real.

  12. Hurricane Sandy will be studied for years to come. No storm of its like has been registered in the past 300 years of history in the region (at least since the first Europeans appeared on the shores of New York and New Jersey in the mid 17th century). It is a testament to the accuracy of forecasting techniques since there was no precedent to base forecasts on: the NWS fell back on its models. They were dead on accurate and their forecasts saved hundreds if not thousands of lives.
    This gives us hope for future events of this magnitude. Let’s not forget that the climate models employed to forecast Sandy do not really differ in a significant way from those now used to forecast future climate change. The same science is behind them. It is simply a matter of magnitude vs. short-term versus long-term forecasts.

    Christopher C. Burt
    Weather Historian

  13. “I don’t know what the heck [Obama] was doing in Nevada, when people were still being discovered in New York. If I were the president of the United States, I sure wouldn’t be flitting around the Midwest and the West. My job would be making sure this thing was followed through to the very end. Maybe the first couple of days he was keeping his eye on the ball, but we’ve got gas lines now that are a mile long. We’ve got bodies that are still being discovered. And we’ve got a president who’s playing campaigner in chief.”

    Rudy Giuliani, a noun and a verb and hurricane Sandy. 😉

    Rudy, when Hurricane Sandy hit, I thanked God that Barack Obama was president.

  14. Hi Bill

    Good to see you writing again even with a bit more doom and gloom than I prefer. At the moment, I’m too giddy over the irrational prospect of an Obama landslide to concentrate on the hangover on the morning after. He’s the guy I want to wake up with even if it turns out to be a horrible mistake after the fact. :)

  15. Let’s see, Faux news can’t sell Sandy, can’t sell Benghazi, and can’t sell the jobs report.

    I guess between now and Tuesday it will be back to selling Reverend Wright, ACORN, and Obama’s war On Christmas. 😉

  16. looking forward to the mudchat. I’ve been seeing him on the tv lately a bit….more power to him for cantor’s opponent.

  17. Still waiting for the Mayor of Crazytown (Morning Jerk) to take Nate Silver up on his offer to bet on the outcome of the election

    Even CNN is now saying Obama is ahead in the swing states and Mittens is a loser (ok they didn’t say Mittens is a loser but that’s the truth)

  18. when i was a kid my team was the chicago white sox because I had a Nellie Fox glove. met him oncet when the sox and the yanks did an exhibition game in charleston. he was a rude old bumpkin-looking geek with a mouth full of tobacco; i asked him to sign my glove and he told me to “Fuck off, kid”. lol

    he probably had a hangover.

  19. I still think the Obama poor debate performance is a media construct — if the campaign was over after the first debate — what would they do for the next six weeks

    They saw an opportunity and took it. But it is a media myth and the damage done to mostly Democrats my media myths should not be tolerated

    I’m still mad about the Dean Scream and the fact that Obama/Clinton Democrats have tried to marginalize Dean –Dr. Jill Stein should recruit Dr. Dean and I believe together they could really turn the political system on its ear.

  20. The old timey baseball players were not nice people.
    Ty Cobb yikes!

    As a child my favorite baseball player name was Peewee Reese (no favorite player and while I watch more now I am still intrigued by the names)

  21. If I were A Romney supporter, I would avoid ruining my weekend by staying away from Nate Silver’s fivethirtyeight site…

    Everyone vote…no excuses…

    Oregon voters…If you have not mailed in your ballot by now, be sure to hand deliver it…

  22. KGC…When I was a kid I loved watching Peewee Reese and Dizzy Dean broadcast baseball games on CBS on weekends…I loved it when Diz would ask Peewee to talk for a bit so Diz could eat his hotdogs…

  23. sorry to solar, Igno, and mqw for my reductio ad absurdum comment…i was just playing with attitudes. actually there seems to be a lot of sentiment which boils down to seeing the O’s negatives from various and sundry, but being a democrat (since that’s the onliest altoonity to being a republican) I am for whomever comes out to be most democrattiest. which for now is the O-man.

    Were there to be a viable 3rd party I’d certainly check ’em out. Would like to see one. Perot had the strongest one I’ve seen and he was just stone goofy.
    Guys who come up with varying thoughts in the GOP are all marginalized and frozen out as all have seen. Buddy Roemer, Ron Paul, Huntsman, “go wait in the truck”.

  24. the saturday ball game, pepsi’s all around, and grilled harmburgers.
    I’d play “Family Tradition” but I’m a tad disgruntled by Hank Jr. at the moment.

    Yep, “pessi, pessi, No Coke”.

  25. prnewswire story at yahoo about rmoney ethics complaint:

    A coalition of community, labor and good-government organizations is calling on the U.S. Office of Government Ethics to investigate presidential candidate Mitt Romney for noncompliance with the Ethics in Government Act and compel him to either disclose his investments or divest them.
    The groups believe that Romney’s undisclosed stock holdings create serious conflicts of interest. They point to the auto loans as a key example. The Nation recently reported that the Romney family personally profited by at least $15.3 million from the auto loans of 2009. Yet Romney’s June 1, 2012, Public Financial Disclosure Report to the Office of Government Ethics did not reveal this windfall because he did not disclose the underlying holdings of his private equity and limited partnership funds.

    Romney profited from his family’s investment in Delphi Corp. at the expense of the Delphi workers. Other unreported investments that could create conflicts of interest include controversial holdings in Sensata and Global-Tech.

  26. Gov. Christie probably should have left out that part about how ecstatic he was to climb aboard Marine-1. The GOP will nail his hide to the walls over that bit.

  27. Goopers are good team players — they are all willing to lie about what they really think is going to happen on Tuesday

    I just heard some stupid git gooper crow that the ryan budget didn’t turn out to be the weapon Dems had hoped

    maybe because Ryan didn’t turn out to do much for the ticket –can’t even carry his home state

  28. Trudy Juliannie is campaigning for Rmoney in Wisconsin — I think this this is Trudy’s first trip to the Badger state hope he has his cell phone charged

  29. I imagine that Silver and all the polls have it about right. If you are Rmoney you can buck the occasional unfavorable poll, but it is pretty hard to overcome an unfavorable trend line.

    Just the same, polls make me nervous. I hope I don’t wake up Wednesday to find out that “Dewey Wins” 😡

  30. in answer to our good friend mr. ping:

    What does a lame duck do?

    doesn’t waste time or integrity sucking up to the koch brothers for reelection funds

    Does the leopard change?

    only if he’s a shape-shifter vacillating between positions de jour like you-know-who

    Do not listen to either, look at the records.

    why not, both got mandatory healthcare enacted

    Who will help restore jobs?

    sure as hell not the guy who sent jobs overseas when he wasn’t killing them and the company towns depending on them

    Do you want large government spending?

    yep on the people’s safety, education, health, the common interest but not on corporate welfare or unnecessary wars

    Who will manage the debt?

    hope not those who took a surplus and balanced budget and turned it into the present mess we’ve been in.

  31. Sturg,

    No hay perdon, si no hay unas botellas de budwieser, y una caballo sally……

    U a white sox fan?…tell me its not true.

    Guess Ive always been a middle of the road person to see where i could toss my hat where it could be used for the most common good.

    While my friends would argue about the Sox, and the Cubs…i couldn’t care less, cos they was both chicago teams…

    Thats how it should be when we chose a President no?

    We as a country should get the best from the D;s or the R;s…not just raise (taxes ) the price of admission to see some multi-Million dollar player/congressman take the field….while we pay a high price for them to make the 1% richer…..

    Like I said before:

    The only winners in the Colosseum are the lions.!!

    What would happen if we did reject these two clowns…and voted for a third party….lets say R. P.

    We, as a country would do away immediately with the way that we elect our potus, congress, and senators…the big $ would be out= finance reform done all at the same time.!

    He/she could not possibly hurt the country while in office for 4 yrs as much as the past two others have…and just by bringing the troops home, rethinking what country’s to aid, the ones that we don’t (we give china aid as it is right now, Israel for their holy wars, is that not crazy under bush/obama?)closing down any bases around the world….in four yrs we could just vote them out…or keep them in if they adjust to what americans need the most=Leadership that would make both the r’s and the d’s act like grown ups…that look down the road, and out future.

    Ps, not need to ever apologize to me…we compadres….besides, compared to what it was in the last election, these little flare ups are about one tenth of what it was then….full fledged war between some…..

    A lot of indies have left, some don’t post that much, the ones like me that are still here…well i think that we like the challenge so far…..me i love the in-betweens…the history that i learn here is sometimes great…..plus the gals are pretty cute no?

  32. Personally, I won’t vote repug because they have been obstructionists at the American people’s expense. Why reward bad behavior? And another justice on the Supreme Court in the next four years…really has me concerned and we do not need another repug to sit on the bench.

    For all of the ads,polls,etc. it is on the ground where the lower middle class works…the word of the common folk is Rmoney is for corporations and Obama cares more about people. At least this is what the checkout lady at the grocery store told me. I talk to everyone about the election. And the 47% are still voting for Obama. I know the ‘rich and the wannabe rich or the I think I am rich’ crowd will still vote repug.

    I did take a poll today…PPP. In NM, the Senate race is tightening. So, is Obama’s lead, but I believe as a state we will vote for Martin Heinrich (Jeff Bingaman’s retires) and Obama.

  33. I’m going out on a limb — California for Obama 👿

    Gov Rick Scott Obstructionist for Rmoney I thought the goops were in favor of more people voting?? My bad

  34. Solar…Mustang Sally, indeed!

    This independent votes with the burros not the elephants.

  35. Best thing about this campaign so far.

    The complete irrelevance of, of, what’s, her name, oh you know the one, she used to be governor of Alaska or someplace.

  36. Jace

    My brother seems to think the Carmona Flake race is tied
    that would be such a finger in the face of Brewer…
    Visualize a Carmona victory

    My brother in Ohio says things are looking good for Obama

    My predictions for election day (mixed in with my wish list)
    1. Rmoney will lose and the goopers will claim voter fraud

    2. The best surprise victory would be the Carmona Flake Senate race in Az. I’m going on record saying it is going to happen

    3. On Wednesday the Still Republican house will try to arrest Obama over Benghazi and will hound him with it like they did Clinton with the same result but they will use it to drive this country over the cliff. They want that
    it serves their purpose

  37. Put me down for what BlondeW said at 3:21.

    Just had the Democratic candidate for local state rep knock on our door. We put a smile on her face when we said we’d be voting for Democrats from the top of the ballot all the way to the bottom.

    Favorite bb player as a kid… Carl Yastrzemski. Carl was the last ball player to win the triple crown in 1967 before Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers did it this year. Carl congratulated Cabrera…. Yaz… he was always a class act and a gentleman.

  38. “Solar…Mustang Sally, indeed!

    This independent votes with the burros not the elephants.”

    I calls them..Effinlants…cos they make no effin sense when u think about what they are selling…

    Burritos….no not those that you eat…the stubborn democrats that wont’ get off their assssssses……eeeehawww, eeeehawww

    What we need is a Mule….don’t care if we name it Fransico…….

  39. sturge…we enjoyed the show, too. Hubby and I were moved to tears and we are sending a very little, but we would hope other poor Americans would do the same for us. I mean, we formed this collective hive for something other than businessman to succeed.

  40. The other nerdy Nate (Cohn) was just on with MSNBC agreeing with Nate (Silver) the GOP’s current object of disdain saying that while he agreed with the 304 or so college numbers, there was actually a path to over 330 electoral votes. I may have to upgrade my numbers. :)

  41. Fredricka Whitfield asked CNN reporter Poppy Harlow why her selection of people to interview was so different then the current polls in Iowa — based ib Harlow’s iterviews with prolife CAtholics you’d think Rmoney was winning instead of Obama being ahead

    CNN you suck even Fox has gone on to their post election strategy blaming people for the loss

  42. “A donkey-ass mule”, ok U pinned the tale on Obama…

    Blondie Vino…U win a big
    botella of VINO…thanks for participating on our sat show today……

  43. Wow…Ping. Those were some great reasons why not to vote for Romney! Nicely done. I will definitely ponder on those great statements.

  44. In passing let me add that I love Mudcat–I used to watch him make mincemeat of Tucker Carlson back when people were misguided enough to give Tucks sustained airtime–

  45. KGC,

    Every thing I see says this race is really close.
    I love your prediction.

    If you are correct, Nate Silver will have to start looking over his shoulder. 😉

  46. If republicans lose on Tuesday they will blame everyone from the candidate to the media to the hurricane that Obama almost surely ordered.

    They will look every place but in the mirror.

    I guess defeat really is an orphan. 😉

  47. KGC…I just watched her dribble about how Iowans are so concerned about the debt. Conservatives in the state are fanning the flames…actually fanning Willard’s prairefire of debt. I was unable to find any polls regarding the debt and general population of Iowa, but of course republican conservatives who were polled are so agitated about debt.

    Two wars and a tax cut for the wealthy. Everyday Iowans did not make that debt.

  48. “Now is our time to turn this country around.”
    —Ann Romney

    If they try to turn the country around it’s going to be slammed into by the Bush/Cheney White Freightliner.

  49. Hi Katherine (re: Katherine Graham Cracker) – When I was a student anarchist, we had some saying whose truths have not dulled over the years. They were:

    1. A politician always wins any ballot.

    2. The government always wins every election.

    3. The only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes.

    Over the last 50 years, nothing has happened in my experience to change this view. Nothing Obama or Romney can do to alter this and regardless of the outcomes, we will get more of the same. No one person or institution can change the ship of state in any dramatic form unless someone launches a nuke. In the meantime, the only thing anyone can do is tinker with the edges.

    My experience as an elected representative gave me an insight into the process from one end – the apparent command end, while employment as a senior government official gave me experience at the implementation end of the process.

    At the first end, it didn’t matter how much I jumped and shouted, the government officials would come back to me with these arguments: 1. Where is the money coming from? (In other words – be accountable for your programs.) 2. Where are the people who are going to implement it coming from? (Is the program realistic in terms of “on the ground” implementation.) I found that unless I moved in concert with all the interested parties (now called “stake holders” in newspeak) nothing was going to happen. But I also had to learn how to frustrate those whose job was specifically to frustrate anything I did. In the end, we did make a difference and the things I went into representative politics for did happen and some 20 years later are still there as a symbol of solid achievement. The era where I worked is clearly etched in the physical and social landscape.

    When I made those comments, I made them from a position of understanding the government process.

    As a government official, I worked as a revenue investigator – the Australian equivalent of the IRS. This gave me an intimate understanding of the problems regarding the revenue streams of government. These are universal problems with minor national variations.

    In essence, unless either one of the presidential candidates are capable of cobbling together a workable coalition (Obama has materially failed in this objective) then government will remain chaotic. In contrast, and as nasty as he may be, Romney has demonstrated an ability to put together a coalition. The only thing he has not done is demonstrated a delivery with this coalition – and that is the difficult part. After all, he has given different and contradictory messages to each party in the coalition. That comes unstuck very quickly when rubber meets road.

    Finally, my comment on the Tea Party. In Australia, back in the time of 1996-99, we had a similar movement. It was nicely described as Hansonism after the chief protagonist, Pauline Hanson. No doubt about it, the movement threw the national discourse into chaos with demands that almost look prescient for the Tea Party movement. This movement petered out after it was hijacked by the Bikies, Nazies, Lyndon La Rouche and a whole raft of right wing fundamentalists who demonstrated that they could not hold together their coalition once they attained seats in various parliaments. That is when the movement collapsed into incoherent sub groups. Nihilistic tendencies collapse under reality. This is my way of saying that the Tea Party’s high water mark was two years ago. In another two years it will be a blip on the social radar and a footnote in the history books. What the movement will have done is forced ordinary folks to actually define who they are in relation to the society in which they live and so strengthen the governing process. And this will happen as the lunacy of these fringe dwellers makes itself felt in middle America. 300m Americans will reject this view as not being representative of their values. And that is the death knell of the movement.

    The really pressing issue for Americans is to define who they really are: Is America a democracy or is it an Empire. It cannot be both. Truth be known, we all like Americans and their democracy. We folks on the edges like a strong and stable American society and economy. We like the USD as the international trading currency. We like to compare ourselves with America – both in the good and the bad. But America is our benchmark. It causes us a great deal of pain to see this thing that we like and believe in writhing in the pain of uncertainty. That scares the horses.

    I know it feels important to naval gaze over personalities, but the names are just names and photographs on the door. The real thing is what is in the heart of the people. And it is in that heart that makes most Americans a likable bunch of cobbers.

    Hey Jamie, I hope this is some positive stuff for you. 😉



  50. We finally paid-off the Spanish American War of 1898 in the year 2000 through several taxes including a telephone excise tax. Really, did anyone give a rat’s behind about how our generation had to pay for a war that long ago??

    I know getting rid of the tax cuts for the wealthy won’t take care of the debt, but it will sure help to get some of that money back and prevent future bleeding.

  51. Bill Please tell us about health care in Australia, when you have time. We Americans really struggle with health care and it was such a divisive issue with the tea baggers in 2010 congressional elections. A lot of physical fights.

  52. Rmoney’s arguments for the Sunday shows is that Obama isn’t doing as well as he did in swing states in 2008

    still doesn’t mean he is losing or that Rmoney is wining
    Fortunately for the Rmoney campaign the sunday talk show hosts don’t understand the concept of a follow up question

    Ann (toinette) doesn’t look happy. I think she just wants to go home now. You will have him all to yourself now.

  53. Bill at least you are lucky, Rupert Murdoch left the country…we have to put-up with him now!

    Rupie’s tweet to Christie

    “Christie, while thanking O, must re-declare for Romney, or take blame for next four dire years.”

  54. Gloria Borger Rmoney campaigning in Pa is like the campaign buying a lottery ticket they have the money why not?

    I understand the routine when it happens on Fox but when so called news shows on other channels do the same thing — act like Karl Rove has secret information instead of accepting that he is a political mouthpiece who will say and do anything to gain advantage and that includes lying

  55. Rupert Murdoch ‏@rupertmurdoch

    Just look at European welfare state and broken countries. Some want US to follow, others not. Why can’t we debate civilly?

    10m Rich Sturgeone ‏@RichSturgeone

    @rupertmurdoch ha ha ha ………..hey you’re funnier than dennis miller.

  56. Hi Blonde Wino. Glad to oblige.

    First, we need to understand the underlying philosophy of the system. “Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members; the last, the least, the littlest.” If the community believes that the individual is entirely responsible for their lot in life – vide Ayn Rand – then a universal health system will seem incomprehensible. Those who believe that each individual in the community is of value and their value is both individual and communal, then universal healthcare is a natural extension of that idea. America is having that community dialogue right now and it will be resolved in the next few years with the result of a universal health system. I sincerely believe that because deep down, most Americans are decent caring folks.

    The national health care system is based upon a shared process between the public and private sectors. In Australia, nearly all our health services are delivered by the private sector with the universal health care system acting as the insurer of last resort. If I go to see my doctor, the fee is drawn from the universal insurance through bulk billing so no cash passes hands. But the doctor does not work for the state but as a private practitioner. So we have a huge amount of choice. We are also able to choose to see how much we will pay for our services. Doctors who charge a fee greater than the standard universal fee demand a co-payment which comes either from the individual or their private insurance company. This is a highly efficient way of delivering universal and affordable healthcare.

    At the base of it is a community rate which is paid by all individual according to their capacity to contribute. It is levied along with our income tax. We pay our tax and then on top of that, a levy. Money raised by the levy is applied specifically to the healthcare system. It cannot be diverted to any other government enterprise.

    Coupled with that we have a private system of insurers and hospitals.

    No one is deprived of quality health treatment due to their wealth or status. If we choose to have a greater “quality” we pay for it.

    Similar with our drug regime. The buying body is funded by the taxpayers and so they purchase in bulk, a process which cuts down the front end cost of medications. No one pays more than $32 a script for TGA approved medications which includes just about every drug one can imagine. For the very poor, it is $5.60 for 52 scripts and then the balance for a calendar year is on the house.

    Reflect upon my opening statement regarding a social philosophy and then upon these outcomes.

    A few years ago when we negotiated a free trade agreement with America, the drug companies wanted the TGA to be ditched so they could bilk the poor in Australia for their own greed. No one in Oz was going to cop this at all. For the agreement to go through, it could only happen with the TGA exempted. Not even our Ayn Rand inclined Prime Minister at the time could make this transition happen, vis, bilk the poor.

    And that is the difference – why it works in Oz and why there is so much trouble in America. It is a way of viewing the role of the individual in the society and assessing the value placed upon the individuals participation within that society.

    I hope this helps you here.



  57. “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”
    ― Winston Churchill

    Wow! Churchill knew Mitt Romney.

  58. “The gas situation should be figured out in the next 24 to 48 hours,” he said. “It’s not just a supply issue, it is a power issue and we were not frankly, in the private sector, prepared for this widespread loss of power.” Chris Christie

    Boy, the wingers are really going to be pissed at Christie.

    The private sector not prepared. He could be burned at the stake for having such thoughts.

  59. Jace –
    The re-design of the American gas station is currently under way , this fuel problem when the grid fails could be really mitigated with back-up generators.

    Back-up generators are gonna be the fashion statement for some time to come.

  60. Bill, thank you.

    I really wanted to migrate to Australia, but I got too old and now too poor, but what a wonderful description of a great country.

  61. “Back-up generators are gonna be the fashion statement for some time to come.”

    CBob, Do they come in mauve? 😉

  62. Cbob,

    There used to be those nifty little piston fuel pumps, with the dual power source. Left hand, Right hand…… 😉

  63. Sturg I love your stories. :)

    Jamie, thanks for the Cohen song. Just what I needed.

    I just wanted to explain how the healthcare system works here. It’s universal healthcare, paid for through our taxes. (I think you’d call it single-payer). It’s usually paid through payroll taxes. Everyone is issued a healthcare card at birth, and any medical service (and in some provinces, prescriptions) is covered. Don’t believe all those scary stories about our healthcare system. Like ANYWHERE in the world, if you’re rich you can buy the best care, including at the Mayo Clinic. The only big problem I find is getting doctors to serve people in rural areas, but from what I understand that’s a difficulty no matter which system under which your country operates. I wouldn’t trade our system for any in the world, and believe me, we’ve had to use it A LOT in the past 10 years. My husband had a carotid artery stroke in 2004 and then things just got worse and worse, many surgeries over the years and a leg amputation last year, with almost a year of rehab afterwards. Everything was covered. (except the taxi ride to and from the hospital when he was first at the rehab hospital and coming home in weekends.) All we needed to have was that medical card in our pockets. We pay a lot in taxes up here, but we expect (and generally receive) a great deal of services.

    There is no Utopia, but I’ll take this place. :)

  64. If RMoney actually manages to steal the election, Trailmix now has two alternatives for the fish camp: Australia and Canada. At least we can stay reasonably healthy in our declining years.

  65. Barb Bisonnette,

    Great post.

    Health care in rural areas has been a problem for generations. Not just in this country but in many countries. Not likely to change any time soon.

    If I am a young man leaving medical school owing a ton of money, I am going to practice somewhere where I will be able to repay that money. Simply put I can do it more readily in a large metropolitan area than I can in some rural hamlet. Gone are thee days when the small town doctor used to make house calls, or open up his clinic in the middle of the night.

    Thank God for the few who still choose to practice in rural areas. :smile:

  66. Hello East Coasters –
    A moderate-strength Nor’easter on Wednesday looking increasingly likely

    Storm-weary U.S. residents pounded by Superstorm Sandy may have a new storm to contend with on Wednesday: an early-season Nor’easter is expected to impact the mid-Atlantic and New England with strong winds and heavy rain. Our two top models, the European (ECMWF) and GFS (run by the U.S. National Weather Service), are now in agreement on both the track and intensity of the storm. The storm will move off the coast of South Carolina/Georgia on Tuesday evening. Once over the warm waters off the coast, the low will intensify, spreading heavy rains of 2 – 3″ over coastal North Carolina on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The storm will accelerate to the north-northeast on Wednesday and pull in cold air from Canada, intensifying into a medium-strength Nor’easter with a central pressure of 984 mb by Wednesday evening. The European model, which did an exemplary job forecasting Hurricane Sandy, is slower, predicting the Nor’easter’s highest winds will begin affecting New Jersey on Wednesday night. The GFS model is about 12 hours faster, predicting the strongest winds will arrive on Wednesday morning. A 12-hour period of strong winds of 40 – 45 mph will likely affect the coast from Maryland to Massachusetts, accompanied by a swath of 2 – 3″ of rain. The heaviest rains will likely fall over Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The storm also has the potential to bring more than a foot of snow to mountain areas of New England. The storm is still four days away, and four-day forecasts of the path and intensity of Nor’easters usually have large errors. Nevertheless, residents and relief workers in the region hit by Sandy should anticipate the possibility of the arrival on Wednesday of a moderate-strength Nor’easter with heavy rain, accompanied by high winds capable of driving a 1 – 2 foot storm surge with battering waves. The surge and waves will potentially cause moderate to severe erosion on New Jersey coast, where Hurricane Sandy pulverized the protective beach dunes.


  67. Jace

    Some rural communities have solved the problem by paying for the education of an MD in exchange for a certain number years of service. Unfortunately, a top notch education is getting horrendously expensive even for those willing to pick up the leftovers after scholarships and grants.

  68. Temperatures over South West Greenland have been in the upper 30’s during daylight for several weeks . As of today, the average high should be 17F. Night time numbers are near zero, 2F degrees. But at night this fall , the temps have been near freezing.

    The Greenland ice sheet is melting in November. And when that Nor’easter hits next week , it will be 82F degrees here.

  69. Jamie,

    I have heard of that, and apparently they get some takers. It is fairly common in WY for communities to go out and recruit doctors. I suppose the same here in AZ as well.
    One of the problems many small communities encounter is that they simply don’t have the hospitals and medical infrastructure available in larger areas.
    Consequently patients get mostly first aid stations, before they are shipped off to big city hospitals.

  70. I wrote the pilot making this landing when I did this post, it’s one of the finest clips U-Tube ever hosted. He was impressed . I was impressed.

  71. Thanks Barb (Barb Bissonnette) for the outline of your health care system. Similar to ours with a few little variations. It won’t surprise readers to realise that we in Oz have quite a bit to do with the Canuks – especially in terms of developing social frameworks and the laws that follow. GST is possibly the big one that comes to mind but also the treatment of indigenous peoples. We have similar population mixes and size, similar economies and a similar source of law and government. Canada is always a fertile place for good ideas.

    BTW – loved Da Vinci’s Inquest. Nick Campbell was excellent.

    Blonde Wino – Oz is ready to take the likes of you. 😀

    Jamie – Thanks for Leonard Cohen. Yeah, another Canuk.

  72. Bill –

    Reading your health care comment , I was god smacked that the son’s and sisters of convicts from the British Empire could tinker together such wonder machine.

    (Insert smily face here)

  73. You guys seem to feel pretty much as I do. I’m so tired of tea party attitudes! Wouldn’t it be nice if Christie’s attitude changes enough to give the old timerepubs some energy to take back their party!

  74. The Republican party is willing to cut every function of government, except 2 things ……… making better bombs , and policing women’s uterus.

  75. policing women’s uterus.

    Why ?
    Because that zygote with 4 cells could own slaves if the South had the 14th Amendment.

    In a Republican world, zygote’s can buy and sell mules.

    Vote absentee in Fla.

    2 reasons to police every uterus in the country , the rights of the all those zygotes with 4 cells .

  76. I figure we’re somewhere like Alice, as she stepped across the ‘looking glass’ . If you look left and right you can see nothing but glass. But the tea party we step into , none of it will make sense.

    That the thing about our tea party , it’s Alice and the White Rabbit , not a bunch of drunks in Boston Harbor.

  77. Ladies and gentlemen, Gracie Slick from 1967 –


  78. When logic and proportion have fallin’ sloppy dead
    And the White Knight is talking backwards
    And the Red Queens off her head
    Remember what the Doore Mouse said, “feed your head, feed your head “.

  79. CBob

    Bill may have gone elsewhere due to time difference. I think he lives in Canberra, Australia or parts nearby.

  80. Hi coloradobob (or is it Jefferson Territory Bob? 😕 ), just to clear it up for you, I live in Canberra, analogous to living in Washington. While everyone has heard of Washington, unless you’re an Australian or a no life newsjunkie, no one has heard of this city which is the capital of Australia. Last decade we had George Dubyah Shrub, Barrack bin Laden and Who Gin Taow visit us, the Chinee President in between the two yankees. So we occasionally get some of these folk here. But let me tell you, it is a nightmare when these guys visit. The city closes down while the motorcades roll through. It was so much easier when the King of Sweden went through. He just had a limo with one outrider. Nothing closed down for him. I live just down the road from Embassy Row. Quite a cosmopolitan area indeed.



  81. Jamie, got it in one. Tis tomorrow land for you guys. Sunday afternoon. So I use the net only occasionally. I have just returned from looking at a dog – we need to get a new one – and a Christmas present for my little grand daughter. In the meantime we had a coffee and a chat down at the mall. Little later on three of our grandchildren are coming for our regular Sunday night dinner. So while this is everyone else’s wind down time, this is when I do the things in day so responding may not be spontaneous or immediate. But eventually I do respond.



  82. Thanks Bill –
    In America, we call that ‘too much information’. We are worrying our heads will explode if we learn too much.

  83. Bill –
    Ask young Crawford if we didn’t know about “Black Saturday” here.

  84. Yeah Bob, that might be so – but I’m pretty garrulous – and an ex government report writer – so why use one word when ten will do, and, never mind the quality, just feel the weight.



  85. If Ann Runmoney has seen the polls , she will wilt like the corn last summer. Her 8 year ordeal is over. Her husband is a Greek tale of woe.

    And Obama is the son of the American Dream . He is the son of a single mother, who dumped him on her parents .

    He should be in jail in the islands. Someone we never heard from .

    But he’s giving Chris Chirsti helicopter rides.

    That’s the American Dream folks.

  86. Bill Woerlee, many thanks for your contributions. Enjoyed reading them. Just got home from a Halloween party and was ready for some meat and taters!

  87. In the early 21st century , Obama and Lincoln , both had a really hard up bringing.

    Tell Obama if he wins, not to go to Ford’s Theater next spring.

    When he won 4 years ago, Texas was sure he would kill the production of bullets in America. They bought them by the case.
    When the price jumped , it was Obama.

    We’ve had our ever rising death toll since Obama was elected , each killer had ever more fire power.

    Hardly a “gun” crack-down.

  88. Hardly a “gun” crack-down.

    The NRA needs to answer this :

    How much fire power can we bring to our theaters ?
    What’s their thinking on RPG’s in the balcony?

  89. Hey Dex –
    My youngest nephew toured the VC tunnels last week.

    What a strange world this is.

    He’s the ship’s librarian. My mother died 10 years ago , she charmed every librarian she ever met.

  90. Hey Dex –
    My nephew does not know this irony I just saw.

    He thinks I’m an old fool.

    And he’s right.

  91. So she could write librarians.
    She had been at it for over 35 years . 50 bucks in stamps was a big deal.

  92. 10 years later, her grandson is a librarian. On a giant world tour. On a ship my mother dreamed of.

    And stamps are worthless.

    The death of the letter , let us plot that point as well.

  93. Hey Craig, thanks for the comments mate. Thanks to Jamie, your wonderful sales rep, I have been introduced to your pages. We enjoy your work over here too. But not as good as Fox News, of course, for they are the beacons of truth and fairness in news reporting. 😉



  94. My wife cleaned out a cupboard last week, C-Bob, and found a partial book of Eisenhower 6 cents stamps; 20 remain. “Mr. Zip” is on the book cover, cajoling us to use the new Zip codes. The stamps need a licking, they are separated inside the book by tissue-like paper. I’ll keep them…I remember when I sent letters for 6 cents…hell, I remember when I was a little kid I sent letters for three cents…it was not until 1958 the rate went to 4 cents.

    My brother toured the Tunnels of Cu Chi in 2004. He was a war resister in the 1960s but he enjoyed post-war Vietnam as a tourist.
    The area of Cu Chi was pure hell at times. One of my friends when I was there was a doctor. He was stationed near Cu Chi and his unit was sent to retrieve American bodies that had been killed in a firefight, but it was days before they could be retrieved. I can’t bring myself to post what he told me the condition of those dead guys was. And oh, yes, many doctors were drafted into the US Army.

  95. All you fuck heads think your are deep thinkers , deep think this :

    “The death of the letter” , let us plot that point as well.

  96. “The death of the letter” ,

    We have letters from Rome nearly 2,000 years ago.

    Letter writing is dead as the dodo.

  97. The Giant Future is not going to take notes , it will dump and lose human experience .

  98. When logic and proportion have fallin’ sloppy dead
    And the White Knight is talking backwards
    And the Red Queens off her head
    Remember what the Doore Mouse said, “feed your head, feed your head “.

  99. And you just had some kind of mushroom , and your mind is bending low.

    Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know.

  100. Remember this folks , your words here last about 3 years. Then they are gone. If you leave your mark on life in paper, we have about 6,000 years.

  101. If one leaves writing , paper with thoughts , when we use reeds in a mud brick.

    The Girls come with me.

    What a pleasant point to be tonight.

  102. I think women, are our future, as they come to power I smile.

    (More women are running for public office tonight, than any time in history of the Republic.)
    Who’s going to fight that ?
    Not me .

  103. Once again I have to admit that Icould be hurtful or insulting, but I’ve grown used to everybody speaking
    his or her mind.

    Dex, I tried to read the Toledo Blade article and
    left it, almost screaming. What a nightmare! It may work fine for somepeople, and for egotists it would work great, but what it shrieks to me is control and
    more control, and all you would have to do is pretend
    because the rules keep believers in line and the rascals won’t rat on the other rascals. To me it’s a perfect environment for interfering with otherpeople’s lives.

    I’ve read that Quakers practice un-invited counseling
    too, but know nothing about that.

    I can now say that I see lds as a cult, something I will always run from. My super liberal niece (the one not in France) once said she didn’tthink she could vote for a mormon. I was alittle surprised at her, but that article makes me wonder. It gave me the creeps.

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