Four More for Obama

Our President deserves re-election. This is a man who weighs the odds, sifts the data, takes his time and tries to get it right. He’s my kind of president.

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Today’s presidency is basically a zero-sum game. Nudging the equation to a slight net gain is about all that anyone can do. Barack Obama has done that.

I don’t mind a world that makes life difficult for presidents. The office has been empowered far beyond what our founders intended, and the danger that poses is neatly offset by a skeptical populace that hopefully guards against excess.

This is a good man. Of that I am certain. And for that I welcome another term.

We don’t need another president in training. Obama had his learning curve. It’ll be interesting to see him show us what he learned.

As a journalist I prefer a new president every four years. Like a stock broker, I thrive on churning.

But as an American, I’d like to see this president get a couple of years to do the right thing before he becomes a lame duck.

Our President deserves a second chance.
Obama Edge in Closing Polls

Nate Silver: “Among the 21 polls in battleground states on Saturday, 16 had Mr. Obama ahead as compared with just two leads for Mr. Romney; three other battleground state polls had the race tied. … Obama’s state polls continue to show more strength than they did just after the Denver debate. We are at the point where the polls would have to be biased against Mr. Romney (in a statistical sense) in order for him to win the Electoral College.”

136 thoughts on “Four More for Obama”

  1. Woo hoo for Craig! Tis a rare thing for him to expose his personal stand politically. Take note you spineless creepy hackers- this is what gumption and courage looks like. Craig is a good man- you didn’t get him down and you never will.

  2. From the last thread…we have great example of health care system logistics from both Australia and Canada. I had sent my Senator Jeff Bingaman a copy of the Australian health care system in 2009. IMHO, it is one of the best because it addresses both rural and urban medical care. As one who lives in a rural state, access and affordablity are poor.

    Thanks again Bill and Barbie…we can do the same thing here…BUT, we have to get rid of the likes of Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan.

  3. And Bill’s comment deserves reposting…

    “Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members; the last, the least, the littlest.”

    I haven’t heard this on the campaign trail…repugs only want the Great Americans, the worthy, the religious and the wealthy to have health care. The others are just teat suckers on the system.

  4. Obamarama! Woohoo

    Go Richard Carmona

    And for anyone out there in California vote yes on prop 37 and if you are in Richmond California votes yes on the Soda tax yes on prop n

  5. And to the uber wealthy who are so insecure, feckless…the secret is to start giving back. Yep, sitting on your money causes societal hemorrhoids!

  6. Enjoying the jokes at Romney’s expense.

    “Hiring Mitt Romney to fix this economy is like hiring Newt Gingrich as your marriage counselor.”

    “Daylight savings time: Mitt Romney’s favorite time of the year because he gets to turn back the clock.”

  7. Rmoney surrogates –blah blah blah No one likes Obama anymore so we think Rmoney can sneak in.

  8. The Rmoney campaign is playing fantasy politics because the media is allowing it. What a pile of poop.

    The goops have already retained Ted Olsen –they know they are going to lose at the polls they plan on whining, complaining and suing to win.

    Glenn Beck is planning a violent over throw of the government of Rmoney loses…seriously People need to hear what he is saying the man is unbalanced

  9. Poor Ann (toinette) now dressage won’t be replacing childhood obesity as the first lady project

  10. The only thing remotely interesting in the entire Dowd column. God isn’t she retirement age

    And for derailing Jeb’s career and blighting the family name. While Jeb was hawking Romney, W. was giving a speech at a confidential Cayman Islands investment conference. He should go check on Mitt’s cash still sunning itself in the Caribbean.

    Why on earth would anyone at an investment conference want to hear Shrub? What is wrong with them?!!?!?!?!

  11. Morning all! *slurp*

    To Bill: Davinci’s Inquest was indeed a wonderful show. We still see it quite often in rerun on cable networks and I’m always impressed by how it was shot. Felt a lot like a documentary. Scripted, but the actors talked over the others all the time. Love Nick Campbell too! but also Donnelly Rhodes. If you’re looking for another great Canadian show, try to find Republic of Doyle.

    There were some rumors last week that Dubya was going to campaign on Monday?? Are they insane?? They’ve been trying to pin Bush’s record on Obama for 4 years.

  12. Craig,

    Good on you.

    It was a steep learning curve made all the more difficult by republican intransigence from ‘day one’.

    Am I better off than I was four years ago? Perhaps,
    but then it is not Obama’s job to make Jace better off, but rather to see to it that the country is better off.

    171000 gained in October, check October of 08.
    New housing starts in October of this year, try new housing starts in 08 and 09.
    My retirement system invests in the stock market so do most others. I think that they are doing better than four years ago. Some of the best cars on the road to day are being built in Detroit, what were the odds of that four years ago.

    I guess I am like most people, I wish gas was cheap and my pay check was big, but when I sit back and think about what it could have been, I think that I’m doing OK and the country is doing better by far than it might have been.
    I have disagreements with Obama, but say what you will he stayed on the horse for the full eight seconds, and will move on to the next round. 😉

  13. Trudy Juliannie is out spreading the fake Benghazi story

    this is the perfect republican tactic — ankle bite while the investigation is going on and present questions as facts, use insane former military to buttress your points pretending they have inside knowledge when they have nothing.

    Trudy is the perfect loser for this job
    So the campaign isn’t touching the issue because they know what they are saying is a fabrication but they let the surrogates do it and fan the crazy people on the right — their kind of talk makes all the people with guns want to shoot elected officials. I think Trudy Juliannie along with Glenn Beck should be arrested for yelling fire in a crowded theater where none exists

  14. Trudy is a partner in an international “security firm” so he would make a lot of $$$ from Rmoney

    but we have to ask Trudy why aren’t you helping out on Staten Island

  15. November 4 of every year is the Blog Blast For Peace with all blogposts labeled Dona Nobis Pacem. Started several years ago by Mimi Lennox, it has now spread to bloggers in more than 50 countries. For Mimi’s column this year and links to all the people signing in Trees In The Courage of Time.

  16. Karl Rove has issued a statement offering his excuse for being WRONG –the hurricane hurt Mittens

  17. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    For all the common men and women who will vote in a free and fair election. One of the privileges of living in a very uncommon country. Enjoy!

  18. Now Haley Barbour (really? he epitomizes yucky goopers)
    is saying its the medias fault because they stopped Rmoney’s mittmentum (aka fake momentum)because they over-covering the hurricane

  19. A new Western New England University poll in Massachusetts finds Elizabeth Warren (D) with a four point lead over Sen. Scott Brown (R) in their race for U.S. Senate, 50% to 46%.

    A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Warren ahead 52% to 46%.

    I could live with this outcome. 😉

  20. Jaime
    I was thinking the same thing only wording it slightly differently as in …
    Hey Karl
    I guess god didn’t want you to win

  21. Craig… maybe you should consider voting this time…
    once you’ve made a choice, may as well go all the way.

    Hell yeah I want 4 more years of Obama…
    but what I really want… is 4 more years of Michelle. The thought of first lady Ann Romney makes me wanna barf.

  22. I guess god didn’t want you to win

    Shh! (whispering) You’re gonna jinx it!

  23. Craig… maybe you should consider voting this time…

    He just said he was considering it, in the chat, RR. All sorts of crazy, fun stuff goin’ on in that chat!

  24. The irony of Mother Nature slamming Rmoney off the lead story just escapes those poor repug slobs.

    Headline: Mother Nature selects the president!

  25. and the quips keep coming:

    “Romney has so many positions he’s about to be offered a job as chief contortionist at Cirque de Soleil”

  26. any estimates on how many of pro-obama voters will be lost due to the storm? even tho’ most (?) polling places will be up and running many many folks won’t be able to get to them. and how will displaced folks get notice for those devastated areas where polling places will be moved?

    won’t this mean a big dent in the prez’s expected solid state numbers? effect on the total population vote?

  27. Yes, we are going to get 4 more obama years as potus, but only b/c as in all of his life, he is a very lucky man.!

    Not b/c he is or has done anything of magnificence, but b/c of the careful grooming of the Democratic party ever since he made his speech at the convention…..a star was MADE.!!

    I hate the Republican party since Nixon..they just did not have anyone that they could MAKE a star out off…so they ran Romney…will have to say that even tho i like Obama better than romney…at least Romney is a self made man…a shit, but at least he did it on his own….for this…i respect him a whole lot more.!

    “Obama will win…and will continue to have the covetous life he was given by those that will continue to pull his strings.!!


    “Our President deserves re-election. This is a man who weighs the odds, sifts the data, takes his time and tries to get it right. He’s my kind of president”.

    Yes he is very calculating….I keep thinking how he got his home here in Hyde Park Il, and the rest of his ill gotten gains….

    This to me is the indication that he will never do anything for anyone other than his masters, or for his own family…not the American Family.


  28. Thanks for posting those links Tony.
    Monsanto and the no on 37 campaign have been busted repeatedly lying in their ads. If you are so f–king proud of your product why don’t you want to label it

    And as for costing anyone money. America already has trade issues. No American food producers will be able to sell their products to Europe without gmo labeling.
    The alternative is for everyone to buy organic and due to the unfair subsidies organic produce is usually more expensive. We don’t want to create a two tier food system where some people have safer food choices then others.

    People need to wake-up to what Monsanto has already done and what they want to do..patent life where are the evangelicals when you really need them

  29. Bill W….Thanks for this:

    “First, we need to understand the underlying philosophy of the system. “Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members; the last, the least, the littlest.” If the community believes that the individual is entirely responsible for their lot in life — vide Ayn Rand — then a universal health system will seem incomprehensible. Those who believe that each individual in the community is of value and their value is both individual and communal, then universal healthcare is a natural extension of that idea.”

    Sounds like what Sacrates had in mind when he and Glaucon were defining what the ideal city would be like in book “great dialogues of Plato”

    And for this:

    “In essence, unless either one of the presidential candidates are capable of cobbling together a workable coalition (Obama has materially failed in this objective) then government will remain chaotic. In contrast, and as nasty as he may be, Romney has demonstrated an ability to put together a coalition. The only thing he has not done is demonstrated a delivery with this coalition — and that is the difficult part. After all, he has given different and contradictory messages to each party in the coalition. That comes unstuck very quickly when rubber meets road”

  30. Mudcat sent along two of his Powell ads hitting Cantor..

    “Bought and Paid For”

    “Women’s Health”

  31. Craig

    I’ve been predicting over 300 for ages now (even got there before Silver). I may have to jump up to a giddy 315 just for a bet on whether or not to break out the champagne.

  32. Sandy is a better excuse then having to pretend it
    s voter fraud which is their fallback

    John Fund there is something fundamentally dishonest about him

  33. I can’t find any new numbers for the Powell Cantor race. I know it’s an almost impossible uphill battle for Powell, but with the War on Women, the uptick in numbers for Obama, and now the President’s performance during Sandy, has it gotten more hopeful? Getting rid of Cantor would be a blessing for the nation.

  34. “a star was MADE.!!”

    Another thing that is very similar to Bush 45….both Obama and Bush were made stars by their own partys.

    It started in Texas for Bush…what did he ever do to qualify him to be potus? For Obama, what did he do in Chicago, much less in the state of il…to qualify him to be potus?

    They each were given to the Pitching coaches….Carl R. and Axel Grease, became stars for their teams…..

    The team owners are the winners…doesn’t matter when the pendulum swings them a winner…they know that its just a matter of time that they will win the big one, the two teams are the only game in town….

  35. I’m really interested in what people think *is* something someone should have done to prepare him/her to be President. It has been my observation that nothing can do that! Joe Biden was right in 2008. Every president has been challenged by something no one saw coming. What’s the prerequisite course? Civil defense 101? Signing ceremonies with Miss Manners? I do know one thing. The presidency ages people well beyond their years. Hell, Clinton looks better NOW than he did when he was president. Remember how youthful Obama was in 2008? Too many sleepless nights. Too much tossing and turning. I’ll tell ya, I can’t believe anyone WANTS that job let alone covets it. Congress? How many people know the name of his/her representative? I’ll bet it’s a tiny number.

    I think Obama’s done a fine job, but I have no horse in this race. From spitting distance, I’ll say that I prefer the Obama/Clinton approach to foreign policy than I did with Republicans. Republicans tend to think of the world as their playgrounds.

  36. Barb,

    Thought about your post…a good one, but I think that someone like Wesley Clark, and Colin Powel are a cpl of examples of who would be prepared for potus….not a neighbor hood organizer, that showed up once in a while…guess that where he get his “present” attitude.

    Nor from a person like bush that all he ever did was wanting to have fun…he did and I don’t blame him for his youthful mistakes…but when he was in the military service to our country (can we call what he did military service) that should have disqualified him no…but the dumbed down public voted him in office….why?>b/c we were sold on him…..will be my last post for a while…i know it irritates folks around here to no end…and that is not what my intentions are….

  37. I think that it is nearly impossible for one man to pull a country out of the doldrums, it just doesn’t work that way.

    That said I think that it is fairly easy for one misguided person to bring a country to it’s knees (see George W. Bush).

    President Obama may not single handedly deliver us back to prosperity, but I think Mitt could easily and willingly deliver us back to deep recession and a couple of more wars. Too many similarities to Bush for my taste.

    Republican/conservatives need to pay the price for their disaster for several more election cycles.

  38. Solar, ok, I get you on Wesley Clark and Colin Powell. Not sure they would have handled anything that Obama’s handled differently, tho. And I’m not sure that Clarke & Powell wouldn’t have also had a learning curve.

    Was that neighbor hood comment something cryptic? Racist? I’m not sure.

  39. Democrats are energized here in Oregon…Tuesday night should be a good one for Oregon Dems….

  40. Wow I really like the Wayne Powell ads.

    That’s the way to treat a jerk like Cantor.

    Well done!

  41. will be my last post for a while…i know it irritates folks around here to no end…and that is not what my intentions are….

    Hi Solar,
    I hope it won’t be your last post for awhile..The election is Tuesday and i hope you give us your thoughts..I enjoy your posts and they don’t irritate me at all. I agree with you on President Obama and this 2 party farce..I also agree, Obama is better than Romney but i hate to think of how President Obama is going to hand over that Grand Bargain to Republican’s..President Obama has not been a good president as he’s not a leader. Not to say he hasn’t done a few good things but mostly its been him trying to please the right wing nuts at the expense of his base, ugh, 4 more years…

  42. .will be my last post for a while…i know it irritates folks around here to no end…and that is not what my intentions are….

    Diabloman… if anyone really is irritated by you… I say… tough shit. You have as much right to post what you think as anyone else around here.

    I don’t disagree much with anything that you post… I’ve just made a different choice than you have… so what. This place would be booooooring without voices like yours.

    ps… if you can scrape up a budlight w/lime… I’ll have a beer with you…

  43. “Was that neighbor hood comment something cryptic? Racist? I’m not sure.”

    There are wonderful Democrats here on the blog….U R a cheap one wherever U are….

    Im a minority, and like I said before…I cried for being proud of a blk man getting elected POTUS despite my misgivings of what he could do…..I was right…he did nothing to help us minorities, or the country…he saved us by giving the too big to fail corps all the money that they wanted……for this he gets credit for us not going into a deeper recession………A freekn fifth grader with all the cash in the world would have done the same….

  44. RR,

    I have to go to Australia for Blondy Vino, for a case of Vino….will make it a party when I get back ok?

    Tony, Call me anytime that U want…or I will call U.!…

  45. Craig,

    Do you think he will get it RIGHT this time? Why?
    How can we afford this spending?
    I refuse to mortgage my children’s future.

    He is a nice guy but to try and give him four more years to get it RIGHT is a failed choice.

    WHY is he now saying what he will do?
    He had total control the FIRST 2 YEARS!

    I cannot afford his energy policy which is killing so many at the gas pump. But now he will get it right? He is saying something different now.

    He is a nice guy, I understand the social policy agenda but my Friend if this continues we are all going to be down in the dumpster.

    Barack Obama had his chance – Hold him at least to ONE THING he promised.
    WE NEED CHANGE and Real Leadership.

    VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY – Barack had his chance and failed.

  46. I’m sorry, Solar. I was asking an honest question about neighbor hood. I had no way of knowing. Please forgive me. I’ll just back out of the room now.

  47. Ping – Why do you want to vote Romney if you are so concerned with spending? Romney’s spending plans would take us further into debt. Also, energy policies do not have any affect on the gas pump. Gas prices have been proven time and again to not be related to energy policies of the government. How can you want real change from either candidate? Neither candidate will give you any real change. Finally, I do not even think real leadership can be obtained by Mitt Romney a man who cannot even stand up to the crazies in his own party.

    On Prop 37 – I was disgusted recently when I received a mailer from the Democratic party saying that they want me to vote no on 37. I have also seen the Republican party’s mailer, which says the same thing.

  48. Now let’s just everybody calm down. Emotions run high this close to a close election. This is a time I always try to remember Ben Franklin’s words for my own self, when the constitutional convention almost fell apart: Let’s each “doubt our own infallibility” and stick together, no matter our differences.

  49. Ping,

    Two quick questions, and than you may run out and vote against your interests and those of the country.

    January 21, 2009, what were the options to spending?

    Where would we be now if that money had not been spent, and the government had simply done nothing?

    Curious minds wish to know.

  50. Barb,

    I should not have said that you were cheap, but after explaining things to you…what I should have said was that it wasn’t fair to bring up the race card when the Obama team did it on Hillary, and it is not fair to bring it up when someone questions Obamas early work as a neighborhood organizer….

    I will vote for Obama, if just one person can prove that he actually knocked on someones door as one….bet that there is a check stub that he was paid for the work tho….

    U see, as a home builder…it goes against the grain to pay someone for doing nothing…it is not fair to the other workers….

    We as a country are not getting someone that will work for us…

    Want a glass of wine with us when i get back? from ……damn forgot where i have to go and get the Wino gal her wine…

  51. A unit of energy, whether it is a gallon of gas, a BTU, or a kilowatt, or a ton of coal is going to go up in price. Get used to it.

    We basically have two choices, we can use less of those units, or we can use those units more efficiently.

    Presidents don’t set the price of energy, unless of course you would prefer price controls.

  52. Craig,

    ” This is a time I always try to remember Ben Franklin’s words ”

    Hey.! wasn’t B. Franklin accused of being a serial killer?….

  53. I hope Obama does get elected for he should get the credit for an improving economy…the repugs tried to pin Bush’s recession on him. Although there is much loss,heartache and physical misery in the area hit hard by Sandy, there will be rebuilding. Construction will put a lot of humans back to work and the northeast will see NEW where there was old…more efficient housing. Perhaps, more green businesses. In a year or so, there will be a boom in the Northeast.

    To the stingy repugs, quite crying about money. We need the money to rebuild and if done, will repay us many times back. You have to spend some money to make some money. Living debt free is so stagnant. So, Obama should get this credit, not stinking Rmoney.

  54. Solar, again I apologize. I’m not sure he was hired in the capacity to knock on doors and get people to sign petitions, etc. This is what I found: Two years after graduating, Obama was hired in Chicago as director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Roseland, West Pullman, and Riverdale on Chicago’s South Side. He worked there as a community organizer from June 1985 to May 1988.[32][33] He helped set up a job training program, a college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants’ rights organization in Altgeld Gardens.[34] Obama also worked as a consultant and instructor for the Gamaliel Foundation, a community organizing institute.

    It sounds like he was good with systems, which isn’t a bad thing. Communities need systems.

    I’d be glad to have a glass of wine with you. Again, I’m sorry.

  55. As for spend spend spend, the first money Obama spent was to pay for the wars that George and Dick put on the American Express card.

    They may not have lost the ball game, but they left a lot of runners on base.

  56. Solar you might be referring to when he bought cadavers from shadowy characters, for scientific study, while living in London. He was a weird dude, for sure, but still my fav founder.

  57. Solarman… Barb used to be Tylenol… she’s a Canadian.

    Barb… so glad to see you around again… Solar is of Mexican descent.

    gee… I thought Ben Franklin was someone who ran a yarn shop.

  58. Craig,

    Things are getting ugly in Florida

    Miami-Dade elections department has locked doors & shut down in-person absentee voting. “Let us vote!” people in line chant.

    Miami-Dade elections now says it will re-open for all in-person absentee voters in line by 5 p.m. What a mess.

  59. Craig…Your words are so close to those I posted a few days ago…glad you see our Prez the way you do! I, too, think he’s a good man…a man who got my vote.

    Solar, I’m not sure I can see the world from your point of view. I’ve tried…been thinking hard on it these past few days…and I just can’t see Obama in the light you do. But I can see your plight, and BW’s, and it hurts. I suppose we all see the world through our own filters. My filter is very much colored by fears about my disabled son’s future…especially when I’m no longer able to see that he gets the care he needs and deserves. I absolutely believe he, and others who have such needs, will have a much better chance at an appropriate future under Democratic leadership than under the devastation the Republicans want to wreak on those less fortunate.

  60. “Solar you might be referring to when he bought cadavers from shadowy characters, for scientific study, while living in London. He was a weird dude, for sure, but still my fav founder.”

    Yeah, I was kidding U a little.! I don’t think that he would ever slice someone up alive….just to do it again and again when they were half alive……do you?

  61. The Prez doesn’t set gas prices…can’t even really impact them…BUT…gas prices here are down 70 cents a gallon in the past few weeks.

    I think I’ll give Obama credit for that! 😆

  62. Pew Research Center – Women favor Obama by a 13-point margin (53% to 40%), up from six points (50%-44%) a week ago

    Still say there may be a clandestine GOP women’s vote for Obama that will be a shocker on Wednesday.

  63. Okay, guys, this time I’m out for real–till after Tuesday. The answer to all our angst is a mere forty-some hours away–but I’m crawling into a bottle of generic Pepcid (elections make my acid reflux act up) and staying there.

    PS I’ve had a visitor at my blog today from someplace I never expected–Syria. A place where an outbreak of peace is desperately needed–

  64. “Solar, I’m not sure I can see the world from your point of view. I’ve tried…been thinking hard on it these past few days…and I just can’t see Obama in the light you do. But I can see your plight, and BW’s, and it hurts. I suppose we all see the world through our own filters. My filter is very much colored by fears about my disabled son’s future”


    I don’t deal with points of view…i deal in facts. As a builder, i see a potential project that some architect has given me to bid on…

    I reasearh it thourouly and then give his what I think is going to get me this project:

    This will include building something from scratch…now the first step is the hardest….so I just plan it out in my head over and over…and on paper.

    Once we all get there and get the big machinery out…the first step looks like it was well thought out…I am one of those that think that if you start something out right….it will end up right-right?

    Right from the start, we could see that mr Obama did not have a clues as to what he was going to do…so he hired the same wall st people that got us into this mess in the first place…that told me that was controlled by others…the was the first hint that the too big to fail was a scam to me…the other was that there were none, and still none of the things put in place to prevent it all from happening again….and 8, or ten different things I could list..

    There is no filtering going on over here…..but your drain is all clogged up.!!

  65. RR,

    Yes im one third Mexican….but that doesn’t mean that I should not be called racist if I were to say something or do something racist….lots of Mexicans are …

    Just like my Greek side, and my Spaniard side…but my 4th third side of it all….is just about right…

    Tylenol has been around enough to know who is who no? Now that You have explained it to me, that she and B.B. are the same, I have no bad feelings at all.! I think that she is a very nice person….and I would not have held anything against B.B. anyway…

  66. Hi SC (solarcrete)

    I have to go to Australia for Blondy Vino, for a case of Vino….

    Got a case of good ol’ Oz Pinot just for you. Blondy has knocked off a couple but the rest are just smooth as silk.

    Enjoyed your comments me ol’ cobber and I essentially agree with your conclusions re: Obama.

    The contest seems to be more about who is more incompetent and thus more capable of ruining America quicker while transferring more wealth from the 99% to the 1%. Romney has a coalition of crazies who will efficiently eviscerate the any credibility the US has both socially and economically by a quick transfer of wealth. In contrast, Obama has demonstrated an almost pathological contempt for coalitions and so he did one thing (healthcare – but just and only just) in the first two years despite having a coalition of mates at his doorstep and the next two years showed an inability to excite even the slightest bit of interest in his so called “opponents”. So we can expect the same outcome as Romney, viz, the trickle up effect, just a little bit slower. Presidents have been dealing with hostile congresses from day one so a person is right to ask if the candidate is capable of putting together coalitions.

    At the moment, all I can see is a race to strip the poor of their wealth and their rights. Kick the unions, toss out social security, punish the mortgage holders while rewarding the banks who destroyed the wealth, prevent the poor from voting, and so on. I see nothing in the Obama rhetoric that addresses this problem apart from allowing most of the cash to go to the 1%. I see Romney stating very clearly that he will address this problem in favour of the 1%. A race between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

    My own political leaning is that it is far better to be ruled by confused and incompetent government than ruthless kleptocrats. At least the former doesn’t do you personally much harm.

    By default, I would vote for Obama.

  67. Bill W.

    “Enjoyed your comments me ol’ cobber ”

    Hey.! Who U callin an ol cobber?

    Haven’t U been reading…im sensitive over here…..Ok im old…but whats a cobber mate? HA.! I always wanted to say that to an Australian…..but not Mel G………

    Just the other way around…I enjoy your post immensely, and not so much cos of what they say, well that also…but I sure do think U write great….but twixt you and i…an almost freezing beer is a lot better… thanks

  68. Speaking of things.
    –Poobah is a publisher he can endorse anyone he wants.
    –The Publisher of TM endorsed the correct candidate.
    –The big kicker in the gas prices the past couple of weeks is refinery capacity. During the summer, it was stretched thin. Now it’s not. Summer prices high. Now, prices lower.
    –Why don’t we have more refineries? Investors build refineries. Do they want low prices?
    –Pinot Noir. The Wine.Woot has an excellent Pinot at a very reasonable price today. I bought enough to share at the next gathering.

  69. “I think it’s,uh,New Jersey.” – Willard Mitt Romney

    “We look out for one another and we don’t leave anybody behind.” – Barack Hussein Obama

    Quotes spoken by the 2012 Republican and Democratic Candidates for President of the United States of America, shortly after Hurricane Sandy.

    On what side of history do we want our Leaders to be judged?

    The Republicans publicly stated that their agenda was to limit President Obama to one term. We know the obstructions they placed forth,in ways to gridlock our government. This may not be technically treason, but it is a form of Moral Treason. They are willing to hamstring the government, our government, for political gain. What is telling is that the few Republicans who spoke out against this agenda were chastised and shunned, publicly called out and humiliated.To be in good standing,you do not question authority. This is the moral fiber of today’s GOP.

    Willard Mitt Romney is,in all accounts,a good husband and father. But publicly there is an odd coldness, a sense of no connection with his fellow citizens. His history of flip-flopping on issues is even more compelling:how can we trust this man? Really -in a matter of crisis, is he mentally capable of making a decision that could cost lives? Even considering this question leads to the answer:The risks are too great to entrust him with this office.

    We know President Obama. He can make the tough decision, even when it is politically unpopular within his own Party.I have been disappointed with certain decisions, but I also know that he is a good man with a good heart. Yes, this matters. He has shown good judgment and Leadership. All of this while being deliberately obstructed by the opposition Party.

    America moved forward in 2008. 2012 is in many ways even more important. Do we want to go back to the Republican agenda? Women, Minorities, Gay people: the clock WILL get turned back. Students:Your financial aid WILL get cut back. Our citizens on or near the poverty line:things WILL NOT get better.

    This is the decision we make when we vote. Our vote is our voice. With it, we make our say in what direction our country gets headed.

    On what side of history will you be judged?


  70. So, I suppose the question becomes: Do GOP congressional reps become less obstructionist in the event of a 2nd Obama administration?

  71. sjwny…Amen!

    Champ…I expect the GOP will continue to play obstructionist, but I certainly don’t think their behavior should be rewarded with the presidency!

    And, Craig…I wish, wish, wish that Bachmann and Cantor would lose their races, along with a number of others! Joe Walsh and Allen West come to mind immediately.

  72. Now here’s the deal on Tuesday. What is really the most important thing happening on that day. Melbourne Cup or Presidential Elections. Hmmm. Need to have some real convincing that the elections are worth watching. Melbourne Cup is always a great day. Yee Hah!

  73. Just took a live opinion survey…everything from tea party to same sex marriage.

  74. Flatus
    They give me a headache. It moves to fast to think clearly at least for me. I want to make a comment to someone elses comment but by the time I write it and translate it from hillbilly to english, it is irrelevant they have moved on to something else.

    PS I love the edit button

  75. Jack,

    Easy way out. The other person is reading, so just address your comment to them. What the others participating see isn’t important. Pick and choose from the comments you like enough to respond.

    I’m half and half. I like our little corner of the world where thoughtful conversation goes on over the hours, but a “Chat” adds a bit of frisson to ongoing commentary for special occasions.

  76. Sturgeone

    I think it was a “humorous” in the moment, but let me check the transcript to be sure. I’ll get back to you.

  77. and there’s no either/or here. Comments and Chat can co-exist for those who prefer one over the other, or play on both fields

    also, as I’ve said before, chat room draws in some folks who, for whatever reason, are shy about joining comments.

  78. Craig

    I keep two tabs open. One for chat and one for the regular. If people have that capacity, it makes it easy to “chat” in real time as well as leave a long term message on the blog for others who weren’t part of chat.

  79. It was my first time on the chat and I did enjoy the
    speed of comments, but found myself having to read back what I missed by commenting. I also kept hitting the enter before I was through.

    Mudcat didn’t answer what it is re the south’s culture that dems ignore. Was it too stupid a question? I have ideas re the culture but I don’t know what it is that dems ignore- which I think is stupid! Why would dems not want to get thru to thesouth? There is much that is evocative about the south, esp its literature, but I can’t imagine ever going there again because I can’t get past the racism.I would like to feel that we are citizens of the same country, though.

  80. I much prefer the chats where we can talk to each other. But it was interesting reading the inside stuff of a campaign. I had to leave about 45 minutes into it because my brother called to have his own chat.

    Bethy… I think Mudcat had a bit of trouble keeping up with some of the questions. It’s harder to type long answers and consequently, 4 to 5 new questions would come in while he was trying to answer someone.
    I think he did a pretty decent job trying to keep up.

  81. Jamie – nice song. True story – John Shumann from Redgum lived up the road from me when I lived in Bridgewater, SA. Nice guy. After the band he did solo gigs at the Bridgie Pub – he was just a suburban boy.

  82. Bill,

    I just love that song. It’s one of those “never been there, but it speaks to me” creations. Of course, I love Banjo and Nevil Shute so I may be over romanticizing things. :)

  83. Bethy, many years ago I learned to say, in responding to racists, “I’m really surprised that a bright person such as you would say something so divisive and hurtful as what you just uttered.” With only one exception, that shut the racists up.

    The exception, I had to be more forceful (not physical) in having him moderate his tone in my presence.

  84. Bethyboo, certainly not a dumb question. In fact, it’s one of Mudcat’s pet peeves, he was just fiedling a lot of questions in the chat. I’ll probably reel him back for a postmortem chat after Tuesday, and we can revisit. But I’ve heard him on this culture topic many times.He believes natl Democrats give white Southerners the impression they look down on the South’s music, food, accents, etc. and think they’re all racists. This prevents middle class southerners from seeing how Dem party economic policies trump Republicans, who spend all their time pandering to the cultural stuff. I’d say that’s the nutshell of Mudcat’s view.

  85. Craig,

    It is the difference between De Jure and De Facto. The South may have been De Jure and is steadily changing. The north is still De facto and doesn’t want to face the problems.

  86. it really isn’t rocket science, and it’s not just about the South. Rural/exurban voters nationwide get cultural disconnect from natl Dem party. Again, Bill Clinton is the template for how to get over it.

  87. You mean dems are snobs who don’t like “corn pone”?
    That doesn’t sound right – southern music and food
    aren’t liked by dems? What are dems doing to get that point across? There’s some learnin’ needs to be done among dems. I think southern literature is probably the most obviously great regional lit in the country.I know I have a thing re racism and the civil war mantra, but that’s just me.I know the south is also filled with ambience and mood and light and not something to be trifled with.

    Someone needs to tie a know in the tail of the dems -passing up a chance to work with people who could make a difference. Course
    I’m not with the dnc so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. What efforts do southern dems make to help? Is this a recognized problem that dems admit to?

    This is probably a visual mess – I’m still having
    trouble with my curser, but only on this site. Don’t know why.

  88. “He believes natl Democrats give white Southerners the impression they look down on the South’s music, food, accents, etc. and think they’re all racists.

    Gee…. I wonder what ever made him think that??

  89. Maybe he thinks that many Democrats are bigoted (against what they ‘perceive’ as a different culture) and that both parties are arrogant, self-aggrandizing phonies too. Not that-that is a bad thing.

    … just sayin’.

  90. It’s funny that those who think they’re so enlightened are often the same ones that are most closed minded and unaware too.

    How can one ‘already’ know everything — and at the same time open their eyes to the changes that have taken place?

    What a smug, comfortable little world that must be to live in. Speaking of fantasy land.

  91. Ping Pong comment: “WHY is he now saying what he will do?
    He had total control the FIRST 2 YEARS!

    NOT true, and you should know it Ping. Yes there were 60 seats that were mostly dems with 2 independents, but as you should know, not all the Democrats held the same position in the political spectrum. For example, Joe Lieberman shanghaied any ability to create a single-payer health care system. As I recall Lieberman did this because most health care insurance companies are located in Connecticut. I was naive enough to think that 60 seats would have been smooth sailing, but each politician had/has their own agendas and let’s face it, politicians are in the industry mainly for their own interests.

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