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  1. “Spent a bit of time with the various tribal peeps (Arrente and Pitjantjatjara) around the Alice, Hermannsberg and Aryonga through to the Tamuni. Extraordinary landscape and beautiful people.”

    Bill, If you knew how much I want to see Alice and the aboriginal art and the outback. …. Gotta get there while I can still walk :)

  2. Aha, Sturgeone said

    “but when the office holders come and go don’t the behind the scenes appointees kind of run things, as in “Yes, Minister”?”

    and I said “We Need To Talk”. It was a funny but had to do with my time in DC and all the staffers who actually run things in the nation. :)

  3. Damn Craig, that looked like fun.

    Is there a realistic possibility that Bachmann might be a casualty?

    Here’s my list of races I’m watching and would love your input on a couple of others;

    1. MI Prop 3 on Renewable Energy Targets.

    2. CA State Rep Fran Pavley (huge money spent by fossil fuel interests against her).

    3. MA Senate Brown v Warren (obviously).

    4. AR’s clean energy future http://grist.org/climate-energy/one-of-the-years-most-important-clean-energy-fights-is-happening-in-arizona/

    5. WA Governorship.

    6. FL Prop 8 (handing taxpayer money to churches).

    (Good work on the site recovery BTW).

  4. Jamie, a moment to make you green with envy. In 1986, when the comet Halley was passing by, I was doing a job at Ayers Rock. That afternoon we saw the sun setting on the rock – an unforgettable and spectacular evening shared by us with a thousand Japanese tourists snapping away with their cameras. Then with clear skies above us, watched the comet Halley zoom by on its journey into space. It was an absolutely magic day and evening.

    Back to the Japanese tourists. Apparently there was a Japanese film crew in town making a show about people undertaking dares in competition. This particular one was for a team of cyclists to jog up to the top of Ayers Rock with their bikes and ride around in a race at the top, then jog down. I don’t know if it was sheer stupidity or courage but that is no mean feat – climbing up the rock is a great difficulty at any time but jogging with a bike??? Insane. But they did it. Three helicopters buzzing around shooting the footage. I wonder if it ever ended up on Takeshi’s Castle.

    Good memories.

  5. Jamie

    Drover’s Boy is a really sad song. You have to be flinty hearted not to shed a tear.

    Here is another great one about the drovers strike against the Vesties in the 60’s. The Vesty family owned most of the cattle properties in the Norther Territory. It’s from this strike that a whole raft of social reforms occurred in Australia. The title of the song reflects the significance of this small event.


  6. Hi Bill,
    Not a problem. Up at the top of the page under help you will find how to do it. Very simple, just include a v after http in the share link(httpv:).

  7. Obama’s Winnings and the Unreasonable Liberal
    by Taylor Marsh

    NOBODY KNOWS who will win tomorrow. That’s a matter of clairvoyance. But what the electoral map has shown is that President Obama is on the cusp of reelection, perhaps in a big way. If he does, he will win because he’s a Democratic president, running on the values of the party. People will vote for him not simply because of who he is, because it’s not 2008 anymore, but because of the party’s values he is supposed to represent.

  8. Good morning…the excitement builds.

    The Jello Corridor

    I gave-up meat in the the late 1970s and now I am eating Jello and more Jello for my bones! I need the bone glue, but I did not realize Mormons love Jello!

  9. Jello is the official snack food of Utah. Reminds me of Hawaii and Spam. Pennsylvania and Scrapple.

    Here’s to renderings this morning!

    And I hope the Rmoney campaign is shaking like Jello today…I do feel they will lose bigger in the electoral vote than in the popular vote.

  10. From Reuters/ipso polling

    Candidate preference on key policy areas:
    Of the four swing states, Obama is ahead on the economy only in Ohio (42%-38%); Romney holds a lead in Colorado (R: 42%, O: 39%) and Florida (R:44%, O: 37%) while they are tied in Virginia (42% each)
    On jobs, there is a similar story with Obama holding a 4 point lead over Romney in Ohio while Romney has a 7 point in Florida
    On social issues such as gay marriage and women’s rights, Obama holds a large lead in all four states
    Obama also leads on healthcare in all four states, but by a smaller margin:
    6 points in Virginia
    8 points in Florida
    4 points in Ohio
    11 points in Colorado

  11. Zvyozdochka says: 11/05/2012 at 1:16 AM

    Yes the Florida Constitution Amendment #8 will take monies from the public and give it to the churches but it takes 60 percent of the votes to pass. All 11 Constitution Amendments on the ballot this year are legislative measures and I am voting NO on all of them.

    Florida’s constitution of 1968 allows citizens to amend the constitution by initiative which has been done 110 times through 2006. Most amendments have been placed on the ballot by the legislature, 22 were citizens’ initiatives and 88 were legislative measures. The best Florida Constitution Amendment was in 2006 when the legislature, in an effort to curtail citizen lawmaking, placed an amendment on the ballot requiring a 60 percent affirmative vote to approve initiated constitutional amendments. Now it comes back to bite them on their ass! GOOD!

  12. mudcat Sunday, November 4, 2012 – 19:36

    I don’t consider social justice for women + Craig and David a progressive issue. I think it is a conservative issue that has to do with the Constitutional promises of individual liberty. The Ds let the Rs steal the word “liberty”. We need to take it back ’cause it’s ours.

    When our Constitution was written wasn’t “individual” defined as a white male landowner?

  13. I no longer have any respect for Soledad O’Brien she is not a reporter or journalist

    If news is now entertainment — I want better entertainment her interview with Lawrence Summers would be embarrassing on public access television

  14. Can’t we just get this election over with already, so this place can get back to normal?

    Good food, good books, and what everyone is doing for Thanksgiving. 😉

  15. …at least Romney is a self made man…a shit, but at least he did it on his own….

    solar, “he did it on his own” when?
    his dad was an executive when he was born. when rmoney was 7 his dad became the ceo of american motors. he went to exclusive prep school from 8th grade on. his dad became governor when mitt was 15.
    how does this make him more of an up-by-bootstraps man than the biracial kid raised by a single woman and partly raised by his granny?

  16. He was made by his dad, the Mormon church, and Bain.

    He didn’t build it by himself.

  17. Yeah he did it himself who can forget Ann (toinette) Rmoney talking about how poor they were when Mittens was in college — they ALMOST had to dip into their portfolios

    It isn’t that he is rich..it’s that he is a rich entitled asshole

  18. solar, forgive me for misunderstanding if what you really said and meant was that rmoney is a self-made shit.

    otherwise i think you might have had one too many mezcal soaked worms when you wrote that

  19. There is no news..let’s talk about Thanksgiving
    Over the years, we have developed what we think is the perfect day…

    It’s starts with Bloody mary’s and waffles
    Later in the day — after much lounging, parades, football reading of trashy novels — we have the turkey basics turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes – gravy and pumpkin pie —

    The next day is Holy Mole day. Turkey mole is wonderful and is possibly the best use of turkey ever.

  20. Another good book on the subject of what Dems need to learn to court votes in the south is:
    Deer Hunting with Jesus… by Joe Bageant

    Thanksgiving… we go to my in-laws. My MIL isn’t a particularly good cook, but I really can’t complain… at least I don’t have to cook… don’t have the time. I do a craft show the Friday and Saturday afterwards. Rick and I set up for it on Thanksgiving morning.

    My beloved Patriots are playing the Thanksgiving night game vs the Jets. I should go to bed early to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for my show… but you know I won’t… :smile:

  21. At least at Fox they are not looking at the national polls they are pretending the state polls are wrong but at least they are looking in the right place

  22. ABC is reporting on what the campaigns believe as opposed to facts

  23. First they said 40k at the Bucks County rally then Nicole Wallace said 30k..by the end of the day the truth will be out. Let us remember this is the campaign that sent out photo shopped pictures of rallies to make the crowds look bigger
    Update the Phila Inquirer is saying 20-25k and people on the ground said it was just Mitt and his family

    Canned Goods Mitt — he thinks giving expired canned goods to people in need is ok

  24. RR
    Last year the 49’ers were in the Thanksgiving day game and Mr. Cracker was already for the game and just as the game started – a car hit a light pole down the road and knocked out power everywhere –came on with less then 10 minutes to play – It almost made Mr. Cracker get together an emergency preparedness kit. We would be those ladies on Staten Island screaming for help because we are not ready.

  25. I’d like to point out the country is left of center

    If you add in the green party and other left leaning votes the country leans left –even if you give the goops all of Goode’s votes.

    Other possibilities for drinking game

    “the best ground game”

    “who will be the deciding voters”

    “the impact of Hurricane Sandy”


    “voter fraud”

    “voter suppression”

    “their model for turnout turned out to be completely wrong”

    “Obama under performing”

    “Romney has Republican enthusiasm”

  26. What happened to the separation of church and state? What happened to my religious freedom? Romney/Ryan equals a Plutocratic Theocracy, ruled by the super rich and the racial religious.

    Ryan Says Obama Policies Threaten ‘Judeo-Christian’ Values
    By TRIP GABRIEL, New York Times, November 5, 2012 12:05AM

    CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — Representative Paul D. Ryan accused President Obama on Sunday of taking the country down a path that compromised Judeo-Christian values and the traditions of Western civilization.

    The remarks came in a conference call with evangelical Christians, sandwiched between public rallies in which he often spoke of the Romney-Ryan ticket’s promise to bridge partisan divides if elected.

    Mr. Ryan’s campaign plane touched down in Colorado late on Sunday, his fourth state in a hectic day of rallies meant to maximize turnout on Election Day, and he spoke by phone to the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a group founded by the conservative Christian strategist Ralph Reed.

    “It’s a dangerous path,” Mr. Ryan said, describing Mr. Obama’s policies. “It’s a path that grows government, restricts freedom and liberty and compromises those values, those Judeo-Christian, Western civilization values that made us such a great and exceptional nation in the first place.”

  27. Craig.Crawford says:
    11/05/2012 at 1:02 PM

    Election Night: i’m choosing to play here, chatting and commenting. Hope to see you guys checking in

    Party in the House!

  28. The only thing worse for the U.S. Economy than President Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress is a Republican President and/or a Republican Congress. Congress is just incompetent regardless of party.

    Pete Peterson and the Deficit Hawks Teach Lawmakers Deep Fiscal Irresponsibility
    By Michael Hoexter, Naked Capitalism, November 5, 2012

    The current “Central Committee” of the fiscal austerity drive is the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget that has been cleverly sited at the liberal New America Foundation. The directors of the CRFB include Peterson, Erskine Bowles, Alan Simpson, Alice Rivlin, as well as a number of conservative Democrats and “centrist” Republicans. The composition of the board overall reflects a cross-section of Washington elite opinion that is ignorant of basic macroeconomics but attempts to portray this ignorance, or apparent ignorance, as virtue. The menagerie of political opinion collected there shares a common belief in the private or non-government ownership of the US dollar, which according to them, is either taxed away from private citizens for government use or is borrowed from foreigners.

    The greatest coup of the deficit hawks so far has been fostering an alliance with President Barack Obama, who has turned out to be as committed to fiscal austerity as almost any Democrat and more than many Republicans. Obama appointed two of Washington’s deficit hawks, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, to head his bipartisan “National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform”. Obama’s true belief in the fiscal austerity “meme” may come from a number of sources: a naturally conservative character, a belief in bipartisanship as an end in itself, a long-term political strategy of protecting his right flank, endorsement of neoliberal principles altogether and perhaps, an interest in graduating to a comfortable post-Presidency mingling with the Washington and Wall Street elites. Overall Obama has governed as a moderate conservative rather than the liberal that his right-wing critics portray him as and that progressives wish he had been. Obama seems entirely in his element satirizing the now marginalized “Left” in the US and is hesitant, surprisingly inarticulate, and a little awestruck when he is attacked from the Right. The deficit hawks’ apparent victory consists not only in having an ideological ally in the White House but furthermore having that ally be the leader of the “left-ward” major political party in the US. This has pacified the resistance to austerity in the US so far.

  29. It is disingenuous of Rmoney to talk about bipartisanship when he is a thrall to Grover Nordquist and has given up his right to free will negotiations why would anyone talk to him or believe him

  30. The Dick Morris theory of why Rmoney wins is that the current polls are based on 2008 turn-out and Obamarama will fall far short of that.

    And yet the current turn-out and registration say the toesucker as usual doesn’t know what he is talking about — he got all huffy and said he had run campaigns and he knew stuff other people didn’t so there.

    Can’t wait to hear his excuse for being so wrong
    He tried out this argument in September and it was completely debunked

  31. Now the Rmoney people are pimping the trip to PA on election day — saying the candidate’s presence really means something yeah well McCain and Bush went to PA
    like the Clinton obsession with NC

  32. Democrats need to get a hold of Sunday’s 60 minutes interview with Steve Kroft, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell

    Krpft was saying the American people want their elected leaders to work together and McConnell said the American people in 2010 elected them to obstruct that is what he will continue to do.

  33. Tony, thanks mate.

    This will give you an idea of our irreverent attitude to our very own palace coup on 11 November 1975.


  34. KGC, I agree completely re Soledad O’Brien and I’m sorry to have to say it. She used to do some special
    shows about touchy subjects but she has become a
    silly flighty giggleing girl with a veneer of seriousness.

    Martin Bashir is outraged by the voting suppression
    and seems bewildered by how it is not stopped. David
    Frum apparently is disgusted with the voting system.
    It seems to me we should have federal protection for
    federal elections. How does it happen that Rick Scott
    has more control over voting rights which have been validated by scotus? Wrong wrong wrong.

  35. I also have to comment on the sudden mitty ads out here, at least sudden in Sonoma County. I didn’t see any but in the las five or six days they have been showing their ugly faces. Maybe they have to get rid of all that dirty money. I can’t imagine they have a chance in CA.

  36. I left this on the last thread (I get SO confused) so am posting it here, too. I’m tiredof the repubs having ownership of the south.It’s part of theUSA, too.

    You mean dems are snobs who don’t like “corn pone”?
    That doesn’t sound right — southern music and food
    aren’t liked by dems? What are dems doing to get that point across? There’s some learnin’ needs to be done among dems. I think southern literature is probably the most obviously great regional lit in the country.I know I have a thing re racism and the civil war mantra, but that’s just me.I know the south is also filled with ambience and mood and light and not something to be trifled with.

    Someone needs to tie a know in the tail of the dems -passing up a chance to work with people who could make a difference. Course
    I’m not with the dnc so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. What efforts do southern dems make to help? Is this a recognized problem that dems admit to?

    This is probably a visual mess — I’m still having
    trouble with my curser, but only on this site. Don’t know why.

  37. if the democrats were to attempt to reclaim the south and all that they might want to also consider trying to reclaim the cowboys while they’re at it.

  38. purple, ap, tony and our other florida friends who are on the front lines so to speak. the news reports of voting places being closed down and voters turned away send chills of premonition. it’s not that far an imagined stretch from the nightmares 74 years ago november 9 1938, kristallnacht.

  39. Hi Pat,
    I worry about tomorrow as well as there really is no do over..I vote at a local church and i hope there’s no problem.. I enjoy voting on election day but maybe i should have voted early? I have heard from clients that the lines are long, which that alone discourages voting..Rick Scott is a pig like so many of the GOP officials that try and stop the vote..BW posting of the polls for Florida earlier make me fear Romney might prevail here, hope not..I will be voting Obama/Biden and Dems all the way down as well as no on all the amendments..

  40. As long as democrats anywhere want to tax RC cokecola and moon pies, there is not a chance in hell for the democratic party in the south.


  41. In spite of Nate Silver, voting problems in Florida and Ohio make me nervous. Put those two in Romney’s column and the party’s over.

    I will watch tomorrow night with some trepidation,
    I don’t think that anyone can factor voter suppression into their forecasts.

  42. Surest way to ‘true the vote’, bring a pitch fork to the polls, and don’t be afraid to use it. 😉

  43. Tony, Thanks for your comments mate, makes me feel real at home. If’n your ever this ways again, give a quick call and the Cooks Tour will be arranged.



  44. I think the idea is to make the most outrageous predictions possible and then if it comes true — you are a genius

    I pick Carmona for Senate in Az and Az almost goes for Obama

  45. hris Rock ‘Oz’ ‏@chrisrockozfan

    Not fair to say Mitt Romney has hired ALL of Bush’s advisors– he dumped the two black ones (Condi Rice & Colin Powell). True story #Forward

  46. This is too funny

    Connecticut Republican Senate nominee Linda McMahon has been telling voters lately that it’s okay to vote for President Obama as well as her. Now she’s taking it a step further — and getting about as far away from her own party’s nominee for president as she can — and actually urging voters to cast their ballots for Obama as well as in the final days of the campaign.

  47. “I pick Carmona for Senate in Az and Az almost goes for Obama”


    I love the way you think. 😉

  48. http://craigcrawford.com/2012/11/04/mudchat-taking-on-eric-cantor/#comment-303657

    Hey Bill,
    No worries and thanks for the lovely offer. When i get back i will surely meet up with you and i will bring the Bazman along..I’m very over due for a trip to OZ, oh god just to be treated like a star again on Quantas.. I have a business that keeps me way busy..Haha, the first thing i will do upon landing at Tullamarine is to look for the nearest Safeway or Cole’s and get some Smith’s Chicken chips..

  49. Five Thirty Eight now at 314.4. Maybe by 315 wasn’t far enough out on the limb. He’s chasing me out to the tiny branches and leaves swinging in the breeze. Dare I go to 320?

    I want to see the Rockefeller Rink turn blue and camera shots of weeping, wailing, and pulling of remaining hair from balding heads in Republican ballrooms.

  50. Bethy

    We have been getting some of the same ads here in Missouri. Both Dem and Rep groups. I believe it is an effort to increase base turnout for the down ticket races.


  51. I was thinking about having green chili chicken for our
    Obama fest

    I want Obama to win because that is best for me. I also think his values are closest to the ones I want this country to represent.

    The things that have boosted Rmoney into contention are false. He has no ability, interest or desire to work across party lines or he would not have signed the
    cult agreement with Grover Norquist.

    Have noticed Rmoney has no friends. He is a control freak who believes in patrimony and as near as I can tell no close male friends

  52. Interesting article on the relationship between the old John Birch Society and The Tea Party Jaime

    same family

  53. KGC

    I knew the Koch Brothers were, but the article is even more extensive than that with the Coors Family among others.

  54. Glenn Beck is a crazy person who sells guns to people that he is also telling the world is coming to end unless they do something

  55. Yes the sons of the founders and funders of the Birch Society — they realized that brand was history so something new. Until the last few years there used to be a Birch Society Office in Santa Rosa. I was never bored enough and it wasn’t convenient so I never stopped in.

  56. It looks as if they have merged with this insane Dominionist Christian movement. Oh well at the least the majority of the political and religious wackadoodles will be in one place where we can keep an eye on them.

  57. Thanks for your concern, Jace. I like you too.

    Been working on the election and a bathroom remodeling project that Sweetie had to have completed this week. I failed to complete in time, but she still loves me. G!d only knows why.

    Anyway, O 303 – 332, r 206 – 235.

    O’s insufficiency in the 1st debate may have cost him FL’s 29 votes and prevented him from regaining NC’s 15.

    If O had said, “No debates until willard unseals his tax records !” it would be O347 – r191.

    r235 sounds like a dangerous isotope.

  58. PiT at 12:46 PM brought up paul wryan’s chewed, swallowed, and reguritated baloney about the Judeo-Christianity.

    Will someone please explain to me wtf a Judeo-Christian is ???

    Is it kind of like an Shinto-Muslim or a Hindu-Unitarian? Or, is wryan merely ‘Judaizing’, like the guys Paul cursed in the Epistles?

  59. We are getting a free preview of the Glenn Beck channel
    dangerous crazy people. There are two guys Pat and Stu and they are disgusting Imus wannabes — they called Tweety the dumbest guy on the face of earth. Odd since watching their channel maks me think Tweety isn’t the dumbest

    their sponsors — a gun store for the whole family, spray on hair (really) and freeze dried food.

    My favorite religious combo are the Jewish Buddhists known as Jew-Bu’s

  60. Ann Coulter announced the polls are wrong because of the Bradley effect — which supposes that people in the end may say they are voting for a black person but won’t

    How does that square with 2008 Man? She is just promoting her own racist views and pimping her book
    she remains one of the most disgusting people on the planet

    The hair tossing and finger combing is sad and she is
    old now and dresses very inappropriately.

  61. Bethy
    Soledad OBrien thinks she is the smartest person in the room and guess what NOT. Nothing but gotcha nonsense and repeating the cnn craptastic baloney

    Mr. Cracker votes by mail but I like to vote in person!

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