Vote Counting Time

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79 thoughts on “Vote Counting Time”

  1. Wolf Blitzer lead on CNN. Rachel Maddow lead on MSNBC Cenk on Current .. Decisions Decisions … NOT. Hi there Rachel.

  2. I dropped off my ballot today at the courthouse in downtown Salem. I voted for Obama this time…I wrote in Hillary in 2008, but I will do what Bill Clinton suggests…

  3. Woohoo! I got a 43-year-old who has never voted before to cast her vote this year! Felt good! And not that it will particularly matter in Washington state, but she says she voted for Obama…. 😀

  4. Losing Ohio is pretty much losing the race then. That is a major concession.


  5. Well it’s almost time to watch the live stream with Rachael while at the same time watching PBS on Channel 68-1 over the air followed by Arrow on Channel 18 known as the CW18 in my neck of the woods.

    At the same time flipping between here and Rachael.

    Have a great evening.

  6. Watching CNN…Ed Shultz keeps me from watching MSNBC…Will check CSPAN…

  7. Oregon Democrat –
    You’re a good soldier, time to come out of that cave in the South Pacific. It’s 1956.

  8. watching PBS, I paid for it and I’ll watch it.
    If only they would put “Big Bird” on the pundit panel.

  9. Evangelical turnout way down, voting for a Mormon is still a big gulp for these folks.

    They still baptize dead people. That really cuts into that “hell fire damn nation stuff”, if one can sin all his life, and have some Mormon nephew come along, and get you into heaven.

    The ultimate “Get out of jail card free”.

  10. Early exit polling from Virginia is out. The highlights:

    * Party ID is +4 Democrats, was +6 Democrats in 2008. President Obama is losing independents to Mitt Romney; they were split evenly in 2008.

    * The racial makeup almost identical to 2008 – seven in 10 voters are white, 21
    percent are African American and 4 percent are Hispanic.

    * The white evangelical vote is down.

    * Obama is losing men; he won them in 2008.

  11. We’ll we find out if all that fossil fuel money on CNN , gets it’s way .

    Pogo –
    They canned the tall blonde, and put in the “Energy Voters” , young hip kids with back packs. And mothers with children in their arms.
    The same people who were swamped last week.

  12. Hello everyone! That was me, not GuestEric. It will be a late night here in VA. My son just went back up to Prince William county where he was doing GOTV all day — because there are still people waiting in line to vote — so all the Obama workers are heading out to bring goodies (candies, water, folding chairs, etc.)to encourage people to stay in line. The temperature is dropping and people are getting cold.

  13. Watching CBS –
    Obama winning women in Fla. by 7% .
    Obama winning indies by 2% in New Hampshire .

    Angus King (I) replaces Snow in Maine. Everyone thinks he sits with the Democrats.
    That’s a flip.

  14. What’s clear at 7:15 CT , Morning Joe’s last great Reagan theory is sunk like the Battleship Maine.
    CBS –
    The black vote comes in North Carolina. ……

    Bob Shefer is stunned .

    It seems the Right was correct, the polls were flawed . Nobody polled black and brown people.

  15. divalicias –
    Good to see you .
    Tell your son I voted for McGovern in 1972. He’s good soldier as well . I voted in Texas just to keep the popular down for Runmoney.

  16. CBS –
    Conn . Senate Race –
    A Democrat wins in an 8 to 1 spending spree against him.

    This is the “Hurricane Effect “at work in the Northeast. Irene , the Halloween snow storm, Sandy . Like the US Forest Service , there are no more climate deniers left in this part of America.

  17. John King does a very good explaining what is happening in individual states…

  18. Mud Cats Race in Va. ? Thousands of people in line in VA.

    Hate makes people vote, the ‘hidden vote’, Runmoney got people off the couch as well.

  19. CBS –
    Obama leads in Fla. & North Carolina Obama by a hair in each state.

  20. In 2008 I voted early , both times . This year I voted late.

    None of those times did I wait in a line. But Americans standing in lines to vote, may be just what we need .

    I didn’t meet any any other voters.

    I am missing a lot because I can vote , like a burger order.

    CBS –
    Obama wins Penn.

  21. CBS –
    Obama got 61% of the Brown hidden vote in Colorado in 2008. Tonight he’s pulling 75%.

  22. Cb, it was time to go younger. Not sure how old she was, but she looked like she could have a college age kid. Gotta change to the younger generation if you’re gonna continue to shovel crap at the impressionable.

    Msnbc called WI for O. Too bad – Eddie was supposed to put it into play.

  23. Pogo –
    One thing struck me today, 30 year-old black men in lines everywhere. When the question is asked: What is the #1 issue, 30 year-old black men and Ping have the same issue.

    CBS –
    Warren wins in Mass. !!!!!!

  24. The senate tonight ……. 2 seats flipped to the left. And the crazy results yet to come.

  25. Tea party hangover. In the Senate, every time they vote in their people, America say’s no.

    They split tickets in Mo. tonight . Obama lost , and Calire won.

    CBS –
    Iowa leans Obama –
    He wins single women by 71%.

  26. So what have we learned so far ? Brown people, black people, and women don’t really care for the right wing future we were told would save us.

  27. Hi everybody. I worked as Election Officer today/tonight in a 50/50 precinct (#601) in Northern Virginia. Our official results: Obama 768, Romney 648 out of a total of 1430 votes cast. So I hope that means the prez will squeak it out.

  28. Obama –

    Over throws the 20th century, old white men are dropping dead faster than new brown & black voters.

  29. Morning Joe will be eating shit sandwiches tomorrow.

    Send that bastard, a condiment, something that goes with shit sandwiches.

  30. Hi Jozarray!

    Thanks for the news. I think VA stands with Our Nation’s President and Commander in Chief.

    It’s over OH is Blue (263), with OR (270) and CO (279) yet to be called. sick willie will pick up AK (206) and may get FL (235) that’s all there is left. All over but the shoutin’.

    The moron joe like all rip uplicans, fails to understand simple arithmetic.

  31. Ping –
    Shoot yourself in the temple, and join the all the old white men in the elephant grave yard of American thinking.

  32. “Lincoln” begins on the big screen next week .

    His election, and this election are two of the same themes.

    The Booth’s will come out of the wood work.

  33. Runmoney gets his ass made into a hat.
    How Greek is that?

    Fox News –
    Runmoney was too far left.

  34. Funny how my comments, on this thread were nearly all alone. Clearly I can’t keep up.

    If there’s one thing I hate it’s our ways of ‘Chatting” at the speed of light.

  35. Tomorrow’s headline –

    Obama beats Runmoney like a drum. Obama’s coat tails save the upper house.

    Tammy Balwin beat Tommy Thompson , the first gay woman gets to the Senate.

  36. Bishop Romney wants to run again. We have not seen the last of this man or his handmaiden.

    Have a great evening or should I say early morning?

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