Cynical Elites on the Run

They’ll be back but this time the one-percenters got a drubbing. Vote suppressors and Super Pacs were the surprise losers on Tuesday night. Just look at the millions of voters who endured long lines produced by sneering manipulations to drive them away. Consider swing state voters whose televisions were taken hostage by right wing billionaires unleashed by their friends on the Supreme Court only to see their man, Mitt Romney, lose all but one battleground state.

This time, the cynical elites just went too far. Americans have a way of getting annoyed when you mess with their right to vote and saturate them with deceitful advertising. There was every chance it might have worked, but Tuesday thankfully proved it was a losing bet.

117 thoughts on “Cynical Elites on the Run”

  1. Yes they will be back, even before we can turn around.

    It was a joy to watch the face of the cynical elites king Karl squirm last night.

    It might even have been funny if it had not been so utterly pathetic.

  2. Questin,

    How long would the Koch brothers stand in line to vote?

    That’s the difference in the election.

  3. The sad thing is that no matter how bad they are pummeled. They just do not have the capacity to learn.

  4. Pogo,

    The point I was trying to make with that Ron Paul post was this:

    If the Republican establishment had cleaned up R. P. some of his positions, changed him around a little…..and then opened up the money faucet like they did with Romny…….we would have R. P. as potus imo…..he has great appeal for the young and the old in this country.

    The thing with Ron Paul, is that he won’t lie about any of his positions…and therfor not worthy of getting elected by the left, nor the right….but he would by the middle….

    The thing about Obama, and Romney….is that they will lie right to your face as you are looking at them….they have done it all along….and will keep on doing it.

    What exactly did the we win? another 4 years of lies to the ones that voted him in.!

    Will he take us to Universal Health?< Will he jail some of the thieves that stole all of our cash? Will he get us a livable immigration reform bill passed that the country could live with…or is he just blown smoke up our butts…….Just what will he do for us….Nada….it is not what he can do for our country….it is what the country can do for him and his family…….this has been his MO until now.

    Oregon Democrat, proves over and over again the team mentality every time that he mentions Hillary for President…..she is a corporate puppet just like the rest…..we need new people in office …..

  5. LANSING — Michigan voters have rejected the state’s toughened emergency manager law, Public Act 4 of 2011.

    With 93% of precincts reporting, 52% of state voters said no to keeping the controversial law, while 48% said yes.

    The outcome is a blow to Gov. Rick Snyder, who was successful in opposing five proposed constitutional amendments Tuesday, including one that would have required a statewide vote on the proposed public bridge to Canada that he champions.

    It also puts in doubt the status of emergency financial managers in Michigan cities and school districts who have been operating under the former law, Public Act 72 of 1990, since Public Act 4 was suspended in August.

    Under reported and under appreciated, but a law that deserved a no vote. Well done Michigan! 😉

  6. Fox News, fair and balanced, as long as the vote is going our way. We have ‘the math’. 😉

  7. Just when I thought I couldn’t be happier with how this election turned out… I discovered I was mistaken.

    In 2010 NH elected a majority of Republicans to our state house… many of them tea partiers. And of course, they immediately started working on important stuff like… voter ID laws… being able to take guns into churches, bars, and the state house, reducing the taxes on cigarettes, etc., etc.

    I just found out that they were largely voted out. The Democrats (mostly moderates around here) have regained the chamber. Thank god we can now return to civility and some common sense.

  8. Spidy gal,

    How do you and Rick, Rick doing with retirement? My biggest thing was that I had to live with my wife full time…was working 12-18 hr days, now all of a sudden….I have a room mate.!

    Love it, but it does take a little getting used to it no?

  9. Mr. Host:

    It cost something like $2 BILLION to run for president, tens of millions of $ for a senate seat, and around $10 million for a congressional representative seat. A third of the electorate wasn’t even motivated enough by all that expenditure to bother voting. I’d say the monied interests are doing just fine.

  10. The Republicans have found them frustrated with Missouri nonpartisan selection and appointment of judges. They attempted a first step toward dismantling it. Over 75% of the voters rejected the amendment. A solid defeat for the Republicans plan to politicize the court. This may put a damper on their threat to call for the direct elections of judges if this didn’t pass.


  11. November 07, 2012

    Dick Morris Explains Why He Was Wrong
    Dick Morris predicting a Romney landslide on Fox News is priceless.

    His mea cupla: “I’ve got egg on my face. I predicted a Romney landslide and, instead, we ended up with an Obama squeaker. The key reason for my bum prediction is that I mistakenly believed that the 2008 surge in black, Latino, and young voter turnout would recede in 2012 to “normal” levels. Didn’t happen. These high levels of minority and young voter participation are here to stay. And, with them, a permanent reshaping of our nation’s politics.”

    Personally Dick, I think that it was because Palin didn’t endorse soon enough, or you don’t know shit. I’m good with either explanation. 😉

  12. Iggy,

    Exactly.! What we need around here is “Campaign Finance Reform”.!!! later

  13. Hi Everyone — This is the polling place in Prince William County, VA that my son was at last night, handing out pizza and water to help the people who were in the line waiting to vote. There was a documentary film team there to record what it was like. After you watch you will understand why it took so long for Virginia to post results. This polling place was not the only one with the same conditions.

  14. Watch that 1960 election video I posted in the last thread and you will see how little things have changed in 50 years. The media present 2 candidates, as if those two are the only choices, and the average voter is forced to pick one at the risk of “their vote not mattering”. The race is always presented as if the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, and God forbid if the other side wins, or it’s the end of our great society as we know it, whatever your perspective of what our great society happens to be.

    It’s a sham. A flim-flam. A bamboozle.

  15. Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.

    Katherine Mansfield

  16. So according to Dick if Romney wins with 330 EV plus one or two it is a landslide. If Obama wins as he is going with 332 EV it is a squeaker. LOL
    Give that man some balloon animals and a red nose. He is ready for a job with the circus.


  17. I heard a short bit in passing in analyzing some of the polls that one of the reasons the President picked up the rust belt was that non college educated women shifted from Republican to Democrat joining the college educated women. If this is true it proves out my theory that the GOP went to far with with War on Women and a whole lot of ladies simply lied all the way to the ballot box where they pushed D with their middle fingers.

  18. rasmussen lost huge. I guess the old bustard wanted to retire and sell the wreckage for a song.

    dick morris is a wreck, too.

    newsmax now has negative credibility.

    Every news outlet that had WI, MN, PA, NV, IA, or NH in the toss-up column in the last 2 weeks has tarnished its credibility, and that’s all the broadcast commercial outlets.

    Talking about MN as a possible for sick willard was just plain moronic.

  19. I have to agree with Craig. The voters got angry at the voter suppression and the all the dirty money running false ads.

    This is democracy.

    The great historical experiment still works.

  20. Champ,

    The third parties of whatever guise on the ballots all make the same mistake that is easily demonstrated. You want to have a chance of winning, you start at school board and work for 30 years until you own a party. That is what the far right wing did in places such as California and their takeover of the California Republican Assembly that actually was moderate before 1976, the anti busing and school board campaigns, and Prop 13. Then they took over Central Committees.

    Don’t aim for the top and expect people to think you are worth supporting when they don’t have a clue who you are and exactly what you believe.

    So if you want a third party, find a major party and take it over. Alternate, work nationwide for a parliamentary style system when the EC is distributed in each state based on the popular vote rather than winner take all.

    It doesn

  21. Everyone is blaming Mittens. It’s a good thing he doesn’t give a f–k what anybody thinks.

    The Tea Party held a press conference to say he sucked as a candidate and was never THEIR first choice. Pretty ungrateful all things considered

    And Paul Ryan who turned out to be the biggest non-entity in the campaign sent Mittens a thank you note – modeled after the one you write to thank people for a fruit cake

  22. Good evening all,
    What a day, poor Grace was driving today and no FOX on the radio. Ha we got to the first clients, yep big right wingers and the TV was off..No one wanted to talk politics, umm..The second client told us she just couldn’t talk about the election and Grace agreed, i said, why not, if looks could kill..Wow, the second client even said her gay Republican( yep a hard pill for me) NY stock broker brother pulled all her money out of the market because dire things are coming now that Obama was re-elected..

  23. Solar we have a 2 party system faiap. You can vote for one, against one, or against both. In the end you wind up with one or the other, but not the third. Once upon a time I was idealistic and thought I could vote for third party to make a difference. I don’t still hold that idealism. I’d like to think we can change the rules of the game, with the money involved in politics it ain’t happening.

  24. Solarman…
    we are doing fine. Rick worked from home for the last 4 yrs… so we are already used to being in the same house all day long.

    And actually… he’s doing so much hiking and trail maintenance work that for now, he’s gone more than when he worked.

    Plus I’ve been up in my studio… so I only see him at breakfast and suppertime.

  25. I love all the disappointed Mitt Romney supporters today who have felt the need to say that they are going to pray for our country. They wouldn’t have prayed or had to pray if Romney had won last night? Also the people who feel the need to worry about the future of their children after last night.

  26. After lunch, Toots went straight to her polling place at the Summit Middle School in Columbia’s Northeast. She stood in line for five hours. She wasn’t alone. There were moms and dads with their babies and toddlers and young children. Ever try standing in line on a cold day with an entire family under such circumstances?

    Obviously, many of the voters had to leave. Not just those with children too young to be on their own, but people who were taking time from their jobs, and people who became ill.

    Toots reports that when she entered the actual room where the votes were to be cast, there were fewer voting machines than usual, and, two of the machines that were there were out of order. No one from the precinct was allowed to attempt even remedial repairs on them.

    In my opinion this was a genuine campaign of voter suppression in a part of our region that is decidedly Democratic in its voting history.

  27. Don’t aim for the top and expect people to think you are worth supporting when they don’t have a clue who you are and exactly what you believe.

    People don’t have a clue about “3rd” parties because they are dismissed by the debate commissions and the mainstream media outlets. I believe the onus is on the voter to educate themselves, but the fact that that laziness is capitalized on by those in the business of politics isn’t indicative of how wonderful our supposed “democracy” is, in my opinion.

    Your “tough titties” argument is a little silly, from my perspective, though. Like the old saying goes, “don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining”.

    It’s all academic, though, just opining here, nothing personal.

  28. TOP STORY – Team Obama Takes Out Right Wing Noise Machine, Rush, Sean, Laura, All Led by Karl Rove [Video]
    by Taylor Marsh

    TODAY AT noon, and then again at 3:00 p.m., after listening to right wing radio for 20 years, I get to tune in to finally hear what I wrote about in my book. The last gasp of a dying influence. It’s over, even if the medium lives on. But finally, at long last, new-media has eclipsed right wing radio as a force.

    The fact free, hate filled, patriarchal hierarchy has been smashed to smithereens, with all that’s left to keeping moving FORWARD.

    I use that word as a tribute to Barack Obama, David Plouffe, David Axelrod, Jim Messina and all of the Obama loyalists, Obamabots, fans, and die hard Obama partisans — not to be confused with progressive Democrats — who planned and executed the greatest political victory in United States history.


  29. Flatus, I am sickened by the proliferation of reports like yours all over the country. Every lawmaker and state/local official everywhere who fostered this should be hunted down like the mangy dogs they are. This ‘aint over.

  30. The real reason Mittens lost is because people looked at him and saw Boner -country club republican – the boss – snide and snotty

  31. I will say this:

    I watched fox all night long from the time that Bill the molester Riley was complaining about how this was not the same country as he knew it…it was all coded language saying that the minorities were going to ruin the country, etc, etc…loved it when Carl rove looked like a blind man in a storm named Sandy…I had so much fun watching those prejudiced fks…that I wanted to see that giant of a man, Pat Buchanan and that cow of his
    Bay…on he screen, oh how id did have fun with them all…..first time Ive turned on fox…for some years….was is me…or did Bob BEckle put on a pound or 50……

  32. divalicias
    I passed that video on, I’ve never seen lines like that. But then we use scanable ballots and they had lots of table space. #2lead pencils and plastic screens are much cheaper than individual machines.


  33. The long lines have happened regularly in Ohio since 2000 in heavily Democratic precincts including in 2008 when people in Columbus and Cleveland stood in line for 7 hour

  34. Unsure of what to next, Mitt Romney does a little “brainstorming”

    * Vegas Weekend? (need disguise,condoms)

    * Obama – ambassador job (France?)

    * Italian restaurant, Ryan, gun hidden in toilet?

    * Hitchhike USA – self-discovery?

    * Family survivalist compound?

    * Wry political blog (need PC)

    * Takeover Mormon Church – sell Tabernacle?

    * Mercenaries – invade Caymans?

    * Contractor – build “Death Star”?

    * Reality TV show? (Need new “white trash” angle)

  35. Tony,

    Watched a little fox today, just to have a little bit more fun. They are beside themselves about same sex marriage, and about MJ…….between U and I….whats the harm a little joint now and then by a cpl of married dudes huh? later pal

  36. Thoughts…

    Nate Silver sure proved his detractors wrong..

    Polls that are consistently wrong should not be quoted by news organizations…

    The live chat was lots of fun…

    It was nice seeing so many visitors to the chat…

  37. OD too funny

    I think Obama should ask Mittens to head up a business recovery group to get the Jersey Shore ready by summer
    providing that’s ok with Gov Christie

    Mittens likes Snookie

  38. Champ

    Wasn’t giving you a hard time, just telling you what works. Like it or not, the majority of voters support people they know. If you don’t start local, pound on doors, and introduce yourself, then you hand the field to the money and media and they are only interested in paychecks not policy.

  39. Trending:

    Divided America Revealed as Women, Hispanics Back Obama

    November 07, 2012

    A Theory Behind the GOP Losses
    Andrew Cohen: “May I suggest instead a simple, elegant overriding theory on why we won’t have a Romney Administration in 2013? No serious political party in America — no legitimate party in any viable democracy — can win an election by suppressing votes. So long as the Republican Party endorses (and enacts) voting laws designed to make it harder for registered voters to vote, so long as Republican officials like Ohio’s Jon Husted contort themselves to interpret those laws in a restrictive fashion, the Republicans will continue to play a loser’s game.”

    Somebody learned something last night, guessing it was not republicans.

  40. What is there about the phrase ‘you lost’, that Mitch McConnell doesn’t grasp? 😕

  41. Champ,

    cpl of thoughts to go along with yours:

    $2.6 billion of negative ads, misinformation, and undisclosed contributions from billionaires and big moneyed interests on both sides.

    During the campaign, he promised to change our election system. he opposed Citizens United and supported citizen-funded elections….

    Will he commit to fixing our broken democracy by passing comprehensive legislation for citizen-funded elections, and make it the first priority of his second term?

  42. If you don’t start local, pound on doors, and introduce yourself, then you hand the field to the money and media and they are only interested in paychecks not policy.

    I just hope you realize that arguments like this, and the one that Pogo made above in response to Solar, only serve to bolster my argument and contradict Craig’s assertion in today’s original blog post. You’re essentially agreeing with me, whether you realize it or not.

    Ok, Shutting up now, there’s something about which to rejoice. Rejoice!

  43. After Netanyahu dissed Obama big time and tried to promote Romney as the “Jewish” choice, I wonder what will happen during the first phone call this week. Something like this:

    Ring ring.

    “Morning, how are you.”

    “Yo dog, wassup in the hood?’

    “Who is this?

    “Iss yo homey frum tha hood.”


    “My man, iss Badboy Benny frum Kiketown brutha.”


    “Listen Barrack, it’s me, Netanyahu trying to be culturally sensitive. I’m trying to mend fences wishu brutha. So I took a course in ebonics so we could rap wit eachutha. We all good dog?”


  44. Money drives the system. I hate that. The future of third parties probably lies in public funding. I would be inclined to agree with one side of the libertarian party, but I don’t agree with the skinflinty side of that party. I agree with the big gov dems on that

  45. My take:

    No Mandate. There’s no mandate for this. This was about survival. It’s a solid win, but one where the Obama team is saying “whew, we dodged a bullet there.” They focused like a laser on the battleground states. They are sharp, disciplined and the Romney campaign was no match for them. They had the better candidate, who was more nimble. I read the results as twofold: 1) deep down, most normal, reasonable Americans like the President, despite having a nagging sense that things should be further along; and 2) The Obama team ran one great campaign.

    No overreaching. The American people hate overreaching. See 2010 mid-term election. They are generally a conservative bunch who love opportunity and fairness. The Democrats were punished in the 70’s for overreaching on law and order and social issues (relative to that time). They will again punish (or set the dial back).

    Go back and learn math and geography. Gee… math works! Go back to the basics of political methodology. And geography, learn what demographics are in what state and target your message. It’s not difficult. The Romney campaign never seemed to grab hold of this. His campaign might have played better if he was more aggressive after the first debate. Playing prevent defense in the third debate is political malpractice.

    Here’s what the American people have said in a nutshell:
    2006: “Quick, switch trains this one is headed off the track.”
    2008: “Hope and change because we’re sick of partisan politics.”
    2010: “Mr. President, you and your friends overreached and we need to rein you in.”
    2012: I thought we said to get back into that room and work it out!”

  46. Whoa, Bill: racial humo(u)r doesn’t play well this side of the Pacific, no matter how innocent the intent, and never, ever employ that “K” word, even if you have any sort of Jewish ancestry. Just a friendly suggestion. Re-shutting up now (felt compelled to address that, sorry).

  47. The world according to wingnts…

    * When the GOP wins, it has a “mandate.”
    * When the Dems win, they have no “mandate.”
    * The GOP always has the “mandate,” even when it loses.

    BECAUSE (wait for it…) the vast majority of Americam people are actually “conservatives,” even when they don’t seem to think or vote that way.

    Wingnuts don’t understand why you damn liberals just don’t GET this.

  48. And by “The vast majority of the American people” the wingnuts mean white, straight, fundmentalist Christians, who never went to college, and live in small rural towns in the South or West.

    All those “others” should not even be allowed to vote because they are not “real Americans.”

  49. Nash

    Americans are conservative, it is the leadership that isn’t. No conservatives in washington these days. except maybe Obama and that is just his natural inclination. His problem is he wasn’t hired to be conservative.


  50. Nash, bingo. Mandate/no mandate is bullshit. Obama won. Dems took the Senate, pugns took the house. Some stuff will pass. Some won’t. It’s the frickin nature of our government. Who gives a crap whether rwers think there’s a mandate?

  51. Jack:

    A majority of voters, when asked, identify themselves as “conservatives.”

    HOWEVER, when you ask them their positions on a variety of issues it turns out they are actually more liberal than conservative.

    Heck, even liberals prefer to call themselves “progressives” these days.

    Personally, I long for the day when no one wants to be labeled a “conservative” and they have to come up with a new name for it.

    How about “regressives?”

  52. User: The mandate crap is just the Fox News people trying to find something to say.

    They’ve got a lot of airtime to fill.

  53. Nash

    You are describing cafeteria style liberalism or conservatism where each is defined by a bundle of issues. The more of those issues you support the more in the group you are.
    I was using the old school definition

    lib·er·al/ˈlib(ə)rəl/, Adj:
    Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

    con·serv·a·tive/kənˈsərvətiv/, Adj:
    Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation,

    By that definition both you and Ryan are liberals Your disagreement is over where to make change, but there is no disagreement that change needs to happen.

    Awhile back I mentioned that my dog really wasn’t adjusting to something, I said that she was a very conservative dog, she really doesn’t believe in change. An idjit cousin of mine popped off that he knew lots of conservatives that believed in change. I told him he may think those folks are conservative but in reality they are just misguided liberals.
    I think that currently describes the whole Republican party. With Richard Lugar gone from the scene I can’t think of one Conservative.


  54. It makes no difference if Obama has a mandate or not. As he has already proven , he doesn’t know what to do with one anyway.


  55. BTW by the above definitions we just had a conservative election. Those believers in radical change like Todd Akins, Ryan and as Renee pointed out the New Hampshire tea party got the boot by the electorate. The voter don’t seem to approve of those liberals.


  56. Jack — thank you for passing the video on. I live in a strong Obama precinct and it took about 5 minutes for me to get in and out of my polling place. We also use paper ballots with optical scanners and had about 10 stations set up. We also had 2 machines set up for people who could use them if they wanted. Apparently this is for people with disabilities. Everyone at my polling place seemed to be doing the paper ballots when I was there. Much more efficient. The polling place that was in the video only had 6 machines — and only machines. We didn’t have a complicated ballot — only the federal offices and only 2 constitutional questions. The county supervisor from that precinct is in the video talking about how the county staff refused to fund additional machines and didn’t even bring it to the Board of Supervisors. I’m sure he will raise hell about that — be more aware for the next election. He’s a good advocate for his district.

    On the other hand, the chairman of the BOS is a GOP goonie — maybe he was behind the short-supplying of precincts in high minority areas. He is the same guy who created the first anti-immigrant ordinance in the country on which AZ modeled its show-you-papers law. Now he wants to be governor of VA. We shall see.

  57. Jack,

    Big C Conservatives think they are conservative. They support the tradition of entitlement for wealthy whites who don’t offend Christian sensibilities. For Big C Conservatives, this is the only tradition that counts.

    I think the Big C guys are neither liberal (meaning open or generous) nor conservative. They are fascist, like their heroes mao and pinochet, franco and stalin.

    Big L Liberals, on the other mitt, are sometimes generous.

  58. I’m a Big L Leveler: shrink the big shots and keep ’em shrunk. I say to rippers, “If you really want a foghing heirachy, move your lazy ass to Cuba. They understand heirarchy. Cuba and the Vatican are both heirarchical.”

    Good night, and a good tomorrow.

  59. Under the common interests across the divide column.

    Montana voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved an initiative stating “that corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights because they are not human beings.”
    Voters approved Initiative 166 by 75 percent to 25 percent, according to early, unofficial returns reported by the Billings Gazette.
    The initiative also clarified that in Montana, money is not speech; it’s property.
    The initiative was a rebuke to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which unleashed corporate political donations. According to the Gazette’s early returns, 224,679 Montanans voted for the measure, and 74, 361 opposed it.

  60. I hear ya Obama critics on this thread, I’ve been there with you many times. But I think he deserves a chance to show us what he’s learned because I really do sense a change in him, a renewed determination to get it right. I didn’t post the full text of his victory speech in the last thread for the hell of it. I saw something new in it, a declaration of intent, if not independence, that only a re-elected president who no longer has to play politics can feel. He might still disappoint us, again. Just sayin give him some space for a while.

    He’s the only president we’ve got. We’re all better off if he does well.

  61. One more thing: the Republicans didn’t impeach Clinton in his second term because they gave a shit about Monica Lewinsky. They did it to undermine his authority to help the people they really don’t give a shit about. And you can bank on them looking for ways to undermine Obama for the same reasons. Why help them?

  62. You have heard the tolling of 11 strokes.
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  63. the lds probably picked up a lot of information during this feint. the next lds to run for president will probably be less of a slouch.

  64. rom was like an unsophisticated rustic’s cartoonish view of what a great presidential candidate would be. kinda like reagan. the world has moved a bit since 1980, even though gop keeps nominating personas and images. bush the fighter pilot comes to mind. mitt the swell may have been tripped up but what’s he care, he’s still filthy rich.
    he did some road paving.
    might account for why a man wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about whether what he was saying was true or not, or actually made sense to anyone.

  65. Watched the republicans tonight until I couldn’t stand it any more.

    One thing is obvious, they still don’t understand the difference between a lucky punch and a genuine ass kicking. 😡

  66. your post about support for the president and then dooty (yellow dog democrat) crossed my mind and then the thought “to our absent members” arose from the mists of all those music gigs at Elks Clubs where they do this toast at eleven with all the lights out and a gong and whatnot so I read it and the history of it looked interesting.

  67. the original intent was a theatrical oration and embellishment of the toast while holding true to its theme but now-a-days the one’s I’ve heard mostly just read the copy.

  68. don’t know what’s happened to old Mort….hope he’s not talking to empty chairs.

    Mort Sahl ‏@mortsahlsays

    Shouldn’t Obama’s speeches have a choking hazard attached to them?

  69. I also understand the critics of O, but I don’t give a hoot. We dodged a bullet, and I think O might have some more gumption in the fight. Even if he doesn’t, the senate does. I was so terrified at the thought of having mitty as a president and ann having parties in the white house that I have some hope. He did get something done in term 1 at least.

    What I don’t have in my mind a big long list of what other presezhave accomplished in one term. Look at what W got done.

    I want to see tape of rovey-baby having fits on screen. All I’veseen is his wondering if it was possible that Ohio was done.

  70. 59% white voters voted for romney, 39% for obama

    what percentage of that 59% was pure racist?

  71. I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barrack Obama is the President of the United States. Have a great day! I’ve been thinking of Horsedooty, Patsi and Lardass Liberal a lot the past 24 hours. They’d all have loved this. A toast to all three of ’em!

  72. LOL! @ asking Sturge for his point. I Googled the words “Shame” and “Travesty”. It directed me to a picture of Donald Trump.

  73. Love this from Peter Gelzinis of the Boston Herald.

    “The truth, bitter as it may be for the Prince of Bain to swallow, is that for all his furious shape-shifting — from the snows of New Hampshire to the sands of Boca Raton — in the end Mitt Romney was a handsome cipher, a shadow, a nobody.

    “That 47 percent of victims and freeloaders, who could never have afforded to pay $50,000 for a plate of hubris, had the last laugh.”

  74. Upon awakening this morning… I had an epiphany. There are several really good ways to motivate people… you can get them excited… or you can piss them off.

    I thought Romney might have had a chance because it seemed as if people’s enthusiasm over Obama had waned.
    Then the Republicans do the voter suppression thing and it really pissed people off.

    So… in hindsight… those of us who are happy about the outcome of this election owe all those Republican legislatures who attempted to suppress the vote a HUGE thanks. They made the smiles on our faces possible.

  75. I think The left is a natural Charley Brown. Go ahead, you will really kick that football this time.

  76. Republicans just never understood that people take their right to vote seriously. Once they began to suppress the vote people got pissed. So pissed in fact that they would stand in line for 7 or 8 hrs.

    On one hand it was a disgrace, on the other hand it was beautiful to watch all those voters thumb their noses at republicans.

    My thanks to all those who stood in line.

  77. Really, Jack, what left? That’s not who won the election or guided the campaign. And ya think the right will take another run at the “lower taxes to stimulate the economy” football? Seems to me Obama was holding the football this time and Rmoney was doing the Charlie Brown bit.

  78. That 6 richest counties link is interesting. Seems to run counter to conventional wisdom doesn’t it, but not necessarily? But get a little more granular and look at voters by income level and I suspect the picture would be entirely different. No doubt that with the exception of a few ultra rich who live where they damn well please, median incomes for Wall Streeters, Chicago MercEx an Bd of Trade traders, Silicon Valley execs and workers, LA lawyers and businessmen, and you can name dozens of such “rich” or even 1%er pockets that have median incomes well above the states, counties, cities, congressional districts, etc. they live in – that all voted for Obama. That would also seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, but it doesn’t actually do anything other than point out that the rich are an exceedingly small minority in whatever geographical unit you might choose.

  79. Pogo
    Of course Obama is holding the football, lol
    But as Craig said, it’s different this time. Go ahead kick.

  80. More trivia

    Even as the broader markets fell sharply, the re-election of President Barack Obama sparked a rally for shares of two major firearms companies Wednesday.

  81. The ghost of Bowles-Simpson from Bowles. I do not know the details of the Bowles-Simpson outline, but if it involves raising taxes on those who are below (let’s just say) $250,000, I doubt it will pass the Senate, and if it raises taxes on those who are above (let’s just say) $250,000, I doubt it will pass the House. I have no clue what Obama would do if either of the above hit his desk. I suggest he make his intentions known to Boner and Reid.

  82. If you still have faith in the Great American Experiment, or humanity in general, go to Victoria Jackson’s twitter, and check out her links from BEFORE the election. Holy jeepers.

  83. Ig Champ

    Good post on the use of slurs

    Nicole Wallace, the latest ABC “pretend to be fair but I’m really a republican commontater (sic)”
    “Republicans don’t need to change their policies — they need to change their message.”

    Really and you wonder why McCain lost

  84. Craig / Sturgeone

    Loved the Elks post. My dad was an Elk and I heard it often. It is a shame that so many of the Fraternal organizations are going the way of the dinosaurs. It used to be that men and women reserved at least one night a month for the communal action … which now makes me remember a great book about modern life, “Bowling Alone”.

    Speaking of endangered species: Has anyone had a Reince Priebus sighting?

  85. Next time Priebus will be seen will be negotiating his Faux news contributor contract. My guess is he’s already been there.

  86. Rancid ..we hardly knew yee..
    Didn’t Rmoney end up getting less votes then McCain
    and at least Palin carried Alaska

  87. Can Obama handle the House GOP?

    If they cooperate, fine. But if they don’t, is he going to fight them or give away the store, as he did in his first term? Has Obama learned anything, or not?

    We need to watch how he handles the “fiscal cliff” negotiations.

  88. Democrats every where need to start saying the Republicans are refusing to cooperate and if we go off the cliff it’s their fault.

    Who are the biggest losers if we go off the cliff? What is the impact on safety net programs

    And take social security and medicare off the table as entitlements which is a bullsh-t term

  89. Nash

    I think the big question is can the house leadership keep control. If so then some kind of ugly kick the can down the street deal can be cut. Wallstreet is certainly pushing for one


  90. In my view Obama would do less damage than Romney. Less damage still means damage. In the tradition of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and Judy Carne’s “Sock it to me!” Let the damage commence.

    Peter Orszag of Bank Welfare Queen Citigroup is Selling Catfood Futures Hard
    By Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, November 8, 2012 6:50 AM

    The Obama victory was less than 24 hours old when the Rubinite faction of the Democratic party was out full bore selling “reforming” Social Security as the adult solution to the coming budget impasse, giving it higher priority than any other measure on the table while simultaneously admitting that this is not even a pressing (let alone real) problem.

    And the worse is that this snakeoil salesmanship, which comes from former OMB director, now Citigrgoup vice chairman of corporate and investment banking Peter Orszag, is almost certainly an Obama trial balloon. It’s no secret that Obama has long viewed cutting, whoops, “reforming” Social Security and Medicare, as one of his fondest goals. He made that clear shortly before he was inaugurated, in a dinner with conservatives hosted by George Will. He even volunteered in the debates that he and Romney were on the same page as far as these programs were concerned. So it’s reasonable to view Orszag as fronting for the Administration.

    Orszag’s Bloomberg piece is simply putrid. It starts out praising Obama for discipline during his campaign and insisting he need to show discipline on the budget front. But this is already a rhetorical bait and switch.

  91. Even though my state and my district are still stuck with three white male GOoPers (that’ll change when hell freezes), I’m happy that the president won a second term and glad that Miss Febb Burn’s son cast the vote that got women the vote and glad that my mama taught me the value of that vote.

    Now then, I’m gonna quit rambling and go back to speechless contemplation of the beautiful leaf colors on a crape myrtle outside my window. With the sun shining through their orange and red they’re breathtaking.

  92. Didn’t Shrub say after 2004 that he had a mandate and political capital to spend…Obama won bigger then Shrub

  93. kgc…that’s exactly what he said….I’ve got political capital and I’m going to spend it. so he used it to give more money to his cronies.

  94. The Mary Bono Mack and Connie Mack dual loser scenario is really kind of sad. She hasn’t officially lost yet but fingers crossed

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