GOP: The Coffee Ring Effect

Watching this hypnotic video showing particles within a drop of coffee inexorably collecting to form a ring got me thinking about how political partisans do the same. These days we are watching right wing conservatives gather to blame everyone but themselves for losing the country, creating their own stain.

University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Physics and Astronomy shows microscopic particles moving in a drop as it dries. Explained.

188 thoughts on “GOP: The Coffee Ring Effect”

  1. Woo Woo.

    The GOP has to “rebuild,” just like the Dems had to after Reagan won in 1980. It took 12 years.

  2. Presenting, the next Bush administration –

    “…campaign filing in Texas…the report does not specify what office Bush might seek, if any…The 36-year-old said in September his goal was to run for office and acknowledged that he had his eyes on several statewide offices.”

    “He’s also the co-founder of Hispanic Republicans of Texas, a group that seeks to elect Hispanic candidates.”

    And, military service, too. He is well on his way. 8 years or 4? I guess it doesn’t matter; he’s young.

    (Trying to remember if his little hand/feet prints were in the Children’s Garden at the White House. There were lots of baby Bush prints. Craig, do you know?)

  3. it would have taken longer than that had clinton not seen the opportunity of his own running and had perot not pee’d all over Bush 1’s cheerios….

  4. Day two after the election and David Frum has a new book, “Why Romney Lost” which I assume has been in the writing for more than 48 hours. At least he had the good grace to come on Morning Joe to say, “Conservatives have been fleeced and lied to”.

    Anyone who has been anywhere near politics knows that the the base of either side is cozened with pleas about wedge issues, but the conservative base are the most pathetic sheep dragged down the combination road of fear to impending biblical Armageddon while under attack by welfare wastrels and immigrant hoards.

  5. Hispanic Republicans of Texas? they need to change their name since h rot is not too appealing an acronym.

  6. The problem is that they gather with TV cameras and radio mics pointed at them. Here is a stain removal suggestion:

    “Stop letting prominent voices of movement conservatism get away with saying things that are a) actually just racist; b) demagogic race-baiting; or c) so obviously tone-deaf that anyone with common sense can see how terrible it would sound.”

  7. Anagrams for Mitt Romney…

    My, I’m rotten

    Tiny mortem

    My torn item

    Into my term?

  8. Champ, I don’t believe any of those horrible things that you had to read last night. You will always be a ‘Champ’ to me — because you’ve always thought for yourself, and said what you have to say in a very tactful way. As a matter of fact, your unbiased intelligence has always overwhelmed me.

    I am a ‘little’ disappointed you didn’t link what Ron Paul had to say yesterday though: :)

    Ron Paul: Election shows U.S. ‘far gone’
    “People do not want anything cut,” he said. “They want all the bailouts to come. They want the Fed to keep printing the money. And they don’t believe that we’ve gone off the cliff or are close to going off the cliff. They think we can patch it over, that we can somehow come up with some magic solution. But you can’t have a budgetary solution if you don’t change what the role of government should be. As long as you think we have to police the world and run this welfare state, all we are going to argue about is who will get the loot.”

    … sorry to see winning wasn’t enough for so many here. The put down just never stops.

  9. Thanks Poobah. Now I have an excuse other than just my own sloppiness banging my coffee cup down on the table. Hope Mrs. P buys it.

    Well, I see krauthammer has the answer. Win Hispanic vote by offering amnesty. Fat chance. (Can’t figure out how to link on IPad, so go to WaPo if you’re interested)

  10. Anagrams for “Trailmix”

    Trial Mix
    (Craig’s new legal blog)

    Marx Lit I
    (This sounds like an undergraduate comparative literature course at U.C. Berkeley)

    Sorry about all this. I’ve been playing around with a web-based “anagram generator.”

  11. Another headline I’d like to see.

    The Horse Race That Wasn’t

    MSM got it wrong from the start, continued to peddle false narrative to the bitter end.

  12. Nash

    Nash, being the dummy that I am, it sometimes takes me a while to work my way through the meaning of the clever things you say. Am I right to condense it down to this one simple sentence?:

    “The key characteristics of Marxism in philosophy are its materialism and its commitment to political practice as the end goal of all thought.”

    … of course the part of that that scares me is: “commitment to political practice as the end goal of all thought”. Please tell me that will never happen in America.

  13. Hurricane Sandy stopped Mitt’s momentum?

    Let’s see women, Latinos, African Americans, and young voters all got up one morning and switched from Romney to Obama because there was a hurricane on the East coast.

    Is it just me or is that a bit of a stretch? 😉

  14. Thanks, Nemo. I appreciate it. Bullies win when you let them drag you down to their level. My patience has a limit, but out of respect to the host, and the rest of you all, I’m doing my best. Like my old man used to say: “don’t &^%$ where you eat”.

    Regarding coffee, I still can’t walk more than two steps with a fresh cup without spilling some. I think it might be because the pressure of a hot liquid actually helps push it out of the mug, because it doesn’t happen to me with soda or iced tea. I’m told I should just avoid filling it up so much.

  15. Regarding coffee, I still can’t walk more than two steps with a fresh cup without spilling some. I think it might be because the pressure of a hot liquid actually helps push it out of the mug, because it doesn’t happen to me with soda or iced tea. I’m told I should just avoid filling it up so much.

    Damn….that is an accurate description of me and coffee….I am not alone.

  16. I’m having a great time reading the conservative pundits who demanded conservative purity of Rmoney Monday morning quarterbacking the failings of the Rmoney campaign. It had its failings to be sure. My belief is that it was defined by its favoring the rich at the expense of everyone else. There are a number of other issues that defined his campaign that he did not have control over – immigration for one, a dogged tone deaf failure to distinguish pro life from anti abortion and anti contraception. In other words, he ran a campaign for the 70s and 80s in 2012, attendant to the discounting of the rights and concerns of the voters who aren’t the rich or conservative ideologues. I believe that is why he lost.

  17. Coffee spillers of the world unite.

    You have nothing to lose but your stains. 😉

  18. I’m the coffee waiter in our house. My wanderings are easily recreated by following the coffee rings on the floor, up the back stairs and down the hall to the bedroom. Funny sturgeon, Mrs. p tells me not to fill the cups so full, too. Might be something to that. May try that some day. Maybe tomorrow .

  19. Cnn remains on a track to the bottom
    Christine Roman — their business reporter is a rightwing idiot and never presents the business segment without a jab or some phony bullsh-t stat designed to promote the nutjobs on the right

    I think she is upset that she never got a chance to sleep with Jack Welsh who looks more like a toad everyday

  20. My wanderings are easily recreated by following the coffee rings on the floor, up the back stairs and down the hall to the bedroom

    Hey, mine, too. Reason enough for me to never knock over a Starbucks. The classy move is a saucer with a napkin under the mug, but I’ll only make that effort in the service of others. Otherwise, the top side of my sock, or the inside of my shirt cuff, will do.

  21. Books I want to read include,

    21st Century Alchemy:
    Turning gold into lead

    By Karl Rove

  22. So is it safe to say, that our cups runneth over?
    Surely goodness and coffee shall follow all of my days.

  23. Yea though I travel through the valley of the evil eye, no harm shall come to me, your stir stick and sipper lid shall protect me.

  24. Champ, like the dark spot that decorated my tan suede slippers the day I got them? And I don’t like to think of myself as a klutz…but the spots and circles beg to differ.

  25. ha wonder if Fox finally getting tired of Rove…Meghan Kelly: “You Keep Saying That, but He Won, Karl, He Won”


  26. jamie put up that website with the noodlebrains who have threatened the prez’s life. Well…this is rich…right here on the little-island-that-could one homebubba got yanked out of his seat by the FBI and hustled into the grim maw of “The System” for that very same (Federal) offense. I don’t know him, but I recognize a familiar last name.

    Yep….how’s that workin’ out for ya, Cowboy?

  27. I love how the right is saying that Obama was a meany and attacked Romney during the campaign. I almost fell off my weaving bench from laughing yesterday while watching Tamron Hall. She played a clip where some Republican adviser was complaining that the Obama campaign actually called Romney a “vulture capitalist”… ahhhh… the truth does hurt so much sometimes… :smile:

  28. Am I the only person That the Liberator Medical commercial for the catheter that lubricates itself in the package makes cringe? And WHAT in the HELL is he laughing about while he’s on the phone?

  29. Yesterday and today the polling place situation in South Carolina’s Richland County, where we live, continues to be the source of widespread outrage.

    The State newspaper on both Thursday and Friday has had banner headlines showing their determination not to let the situation be swept under the rug. Indeed, yesterday afternoon state election officials seized all the county’s election materials from Tuesday and will do a recount under the watchful eyes of state law enforcement officials as well as the press and political parties.

    Clearly, the county election officials are on the way out (they were appointed by the legislative delegation).

  30. Pogo, he is supposedly an unpaid volunteer. The commercial is truly creepy. Maybe the instruction sheet includes erotic pictures to ease the process.

  31. Renee, truth? Gingrich, Santorum and Perry called him that, Perry most pointedly. They were telling the truth. The talking heads are missing the point today IMHO – it ain’t the messaging, and it ain’t the messenger, it’s the policy underlying the message.

  32. “We can all look back and say, ‘we should have done this, we should have done that…'” -Karl Rove, from the clip CC posted above

    I told you to pick a Latino VP months and months ago, Mr. Rove, but noooooo…

    My conservative friends (which are most of them), have been very lugubrious the last few days. I understand their dismay, but I’m sure there will be a market for “don’t blame me” bumper stickers. Hopefully they will be made in America, and available by Christmas!

    Have a good day.

  33. Flatus, glad to see its not just me 😯 and I’m glad to see someone’s looking into voting irregularities somewhere. I think DoJ should establish a task force to investigate and prosecute. Start with that asshole Rick Scott. What a piece of crap he is.

    Chris Van Hollen has established that $250,000 will be the threshold. At least I’m betting he was dispatched to put it out there.

  34. I agree with the article completely and further more I think the faked the results after the first debate to keep it a horserace

    Mittens was not that good. I would like to see the first debate judged by a college or hs debate coach and then we will see who really won and it won’t be mittens

  35. WTF is it with all this talk about putting a repugn in various cabinet positions? Give me a break. Aside from Colin Powell, there is not ONE who should even be considered. Fuhchrissakes, yesterday they were talking abut putting RMONEY IN AS COMMERCE SEC’y. What? How fricking stupid.

  36. And, don’t forget Armistice/Veterans Day is on Sunday, November 11th. I think the character of the holidays is different than Memorial Day which is reserved for remembrance of our war dead.

    Armistice Day, as I remember from elementary school when we used to stand beside our desks for several minutes of reflective silence at 11:00-a.m. each November 11th, was not only to reflect on the loss of our soldiers in the Great War, but to ponder over why it wasn’t our last war.

    Veterans Day, of course, honors all those men and women who accepted the call to service knowing that such service might well place them in harm’s way.

  37. And here’s the smiling pretty Liberty Medical female shilling catheters. No less creepy – just WAY too happy about catheters.

  38. champ, sturge, jace, pogo and all you other coffee sloppers:

    consider the condition you’re probably in at the time. groggy, sleepless, stressed, or just plain hung over.
    hard to even walk and talk much less balance a cuppa.

  39. nemo:

    As an economist, Marx was a brilliant analyst of the flaws of unregulated 19th century capitalism and its inherent instability. His mistake was that he thought it would collapse within his lifetime, in an “inevitable” revolution of the workers.

    As a philosopher, Marx had a rigid “deterministic” view of society, derived from Hegelian philosophy, which denies free will. In Marx’s worldview, thing happen as a result of the interaction if underlying forces in the economy (materialism), and we humans have very little influence over events. We are swept along by forces we can’t even understand, let alone control. Most modern economists reject this philosophy.

    Marx failed to understand that other “liberal” social forces such as the trade union movement, and the reform movement of the 19th century (led primarily by middle and upper class women) would use democratic political processes to expand the power of government to regulate capitalism. Labor unions, the minimum wage, unemployment compensation, and other 19th and 20th century “regulatory” laws stabilized capitalism and allowed it to survive and prosper.

    Most of the problems that we have in our economy today are the result of a misguided attempt by conservatives to weaken essential government regulations on capitalism. The recession of 2007-2009 was caused by the weakening of banking regulations. If the right wing ever succeeds, and removes all regulations on business, our economy could spin out of control, collapse, and there could be a revolution of workers. Just as Marx predicted.

    However, since Obama won, maybe the liberal (regulatory) ideology will prevail, once more.

  40. Aside from Colin Powell, there is not ONE who should even be considered.

    pogo, how ’bout jon huntsman for sos when hillary steps aside?
    am worried about petraeus moving to defense (or even staying at the company for that matter after libya confusion).

  41. faire, just the hint of ashley’s entrance into the race will cause mitch to play nice with the prez.

  42. That sort usually is picked up by county deputies or such, Sturge. You may recall NC’s despicable Eric Rudolph (who incidentally supported abortion for all except white women, on the grounds that there weren’t enough white babies being born) was arrested by a rookie Murphy NC patrolman–which AG John Ashcroft promptly tried to turn into an FBI coup. (Don’t get me started on why the Feds never stood a chance of getting that one–)

  43. speaking of eric rudolf…his brother lived in charleston….one day during eric’s time on the lam the brother made the news….One Sunday while drinking beer in his garage he took a skilsaw and cut off his arm. no shit.

    I forget whether it was a letter or a video but he addressed a rather long screed to the FBI.

    Charleston Babylon, the land between the rivers. Where the Ashley and the Cooper meet to form the Atlantic Ocean, as they are overly fond of saying around here.

  44. The second worst trade of 2012?
    Wall Street’s terrible presidential bet

    Sorry, derivatives traders at JP Morgan Chase. Your bank’s notorious London Whale will likely retain the dubious honor of being Wall Street’s worst trade of 2012. But the financial sector’s collective bet on Mitt Romney is going to be up there on the list too.

    Folks in the financial industry were decisive in placing their chips on the Republican challenger during this year’s presidential race. And, just to be clear, they lost. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign contributions, individuals affiliated with the banking and finance industries overwhelmingly channeled money towards the Romney campaign.

    This at least gives Obama an excuse to crack down
    Click on the link to read the numbers


  45. Faire

    They have both always supported Ashley’s film career with appearances and premiers and such. Can’t imagine they would put politics ahead of family even with all the Southern Baptist leanings, particularly since Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham, unlike his father, have more than one loose screw.

  46. oh, that’s it….he video-taped chopping off his arm while delivering the rant.

    I bet it’s a little chancey holding on to them snakes with one hand.

  47. Pat, Huntsman? No. He left the admin then ran to oppose it. Petraeus hung Rice out to dry – probably torpedoed her path to SoS. He should not be rewarded. If Issa was honest (like that’s a prospect) he’d investigate petraeus instead of rice.

    Just sow Boner’s BS presser. He didn’t get the message. Tone deaf – his idea of reasonable is Obama compromising to his position. And I hope he proves me wrong … But I doubt it.

  48. Boner is not a good messenger for the GOOPS — talk about country club republicans–

    The other things I get from him is a used car vibe as in I would not buy a car from this guy used or otherwise

    I have a cold. What’s a good remedy? So far I have had hot lemonade, nightquil and asprin —

  49. There are a few good talking heads on CNN — Fareed Zakaria is one. Although he struggled with plagerism and divorce this year, he kept his reporting pretty ‘cracker jack.’ About six months ago, he reported that Europe was beginning to move to the left. The austerity blanket was being throw-off. He predicted the same suble change here in the US of AA.

    I believe that is what we saw in the last election. The American people are shifting and it is “why” the republihack message was so loud and obnoxious. Desperate to hold on to the fearful.

    I like the change in direction…more towards Sanity-ville.

  50. The GOP, establishment and TP alike, has suffered a severe shock, and in the first stages of that shock will blame anything and anyone for their defeat at the hands of an American populace that turned out to be less gullible/receptive than they thought to their platform–which was stated by McConnell long ago, for all the frills and furbelows tacked on since; to make Barack Obama a one-term president.

    They miscalculated all down the line. They chose the worst possible candidate because–at least in the beginning–he sounded less crazy than the others. He turned out to be a plutocratic, dishonest panderer whose major talent is talking out both sides of his mouth. He, in turn, chose a VP candidate who stirred up both white men on the far right and women who might not have paid attention otherwise by trying to redefine rape, was marginalized for the rest of the campaign. They angered seniors with their positions that Social Security and Medicare are entitlements, not programs said seniors paid for their whole working lives. At some point, all down the line, they offended minorities, women, seniors–everybody except their own blind base.

    They never foresaw the defeat of every candidate into which Rove’s PACs poured money because they never have figured out that the majority of Americans are sick unto death of Bushies and any money or candidacy associated with those eight years.

    Some of them will eventually figure out that they have no one to blame except themselves: not nasty Obama campaigning, not media (who in any case bent over backward to give their crazier candidates time to speak their disastrous pieces), not Americans who don’t want the handouts to dry up. They made their own messes and now are beginning to realize how those messes stink.

    It may take a while, but eventually some of them will begin to distance themselves from the extremes: from the TP, from the more fanatical evangelicals, from their own candidates like Paul Ryan (surely his district in WI will come to its senses one day).

    They either move back toward a more reasonable middle, or they will prove Rush Limbaugh (one of the ones from whom they should distance themselves) right for the wrong reason: it will be the end of the Republican party.

    I don’t think for a minute they’re too stupid to wake up and smell the metaphorical coffee America poured for them the other night. They overreached, and it has cost them dearly.

    *cough* Now back to enjoying my crape myrtles. One of these days I will learn to stay away from here: I get tempted to discuss politics, about which I know very little and which I have learned truly to hate. Have a nice Friday, dears.

  51. All of the news coverage on the very disgusting CNN is slanted towards the Democrats having to give in

    Christine Romans and Ashlee Banfield are either extremely stupid or shilling for the goopers — I think it could be either

    I’m moving to the Robert Reich position – let the Bush tax cuts expire and see what the public does then and blame the Republicans — Democrats need to get out ahead of this issue it will be interesting to hear Obamarama this afternoon Boner was himself and someone needs to wipe the smug smirk off his face. He thinks he can do interviews in his smoking jacket and act all urbane and cool but he is the reason Mittens lost
    Bner’s calling for Obama to lead? Boner is the failed leader he made an agreement and couldn’t get anyone to follow him

    More of the favorite republican response to anything
    “I know I am but so are you”

  52. Kc, add bourbon and sugar to the hot lemonade. Lots of it.

    I like that one for the scratchy sore throat. But in moderation and sip it. Or you end up with a hangover and a cold {:-(


  53. when i was on that boat going across the pacific an old hand waiter named sam bernstein tried to show me how to walk with a cup of coffee so as not to spill it. (on a boat, no less). his secret was: Don’t look at it. If you don’t look at it it won’t spill.

    I’ve tried that specifically now and then from time to time over the years. sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t.

  54. There is no problem with the fiscal cliff changes except they go into effect on one day in January. Spread it out over several years and do a one time revenue neutral fix to obvious problems like the alternative minimum tax and I think it has some great ideas.


  55. my idea as to how to fix the AMT is to just get rid of it. It was a bad idea and a political fob designed to impress the masses.


  56. KGC
    thank Pogo it was his recipe, I just passed on some hard won wisdom as to dosage requirements.
    once I was young and foolish, I’m older now and…….


  57. Chloe,

    Im sure glad that I peeked in just now: I was going to take a little break and catch up in a few days.

    Hope all is well with U, my little niece, and my big hoss, love u all.1

    Oh and don’t be getting any wrong ideas about “free will”.

    What Nash (was great, thanks Nash) explained about Marxism is not the same free will of the mind….the mind controls all of our actions, and thoughts….try, just try to forget about me………no going to happen, so no free will.

    Coreen, (say hello to Carol for me.!) don’t know if Chloe is in a mood for a little grace and allen, i gave her a little nudge…. make that allen and grace side saddle…….


    Oh Coffee going to get some out of the freezer. Will put it in a blender with chips of chocolate, some carnation instant breakfast mix with all the vids….dry cranberries, and nuts….on the side a half frozen banana… not judy, the other banana, an organic raw egg, and im off to do my exercises…..later

  58. Here’s my choice for today’s CSM cartoon

    As for spilling coffee… I use several mugs from the same potter depending on my mood. They are bigger on the bottom and have a narrow neck. I’ve never spilled a drop… maybe the shape has something to do with it.

  59. All you T’Mix artists out there, I’ve got a project for you: “The Adventures of Fiscal Cliff”

    Since it seems we won’t be retiring the term from our vocab anytime soon, at least it/he would make a good cartoon character.

    I’m picturing members of Congress trying to drop anvils on each other a la Wylie Coyote. Hey, one looks like a turtle and one is orange; they already look like ‘toons.

    And if we can’t retire the term “fiscal cliff,” can this be the only year they name winter storms, please? It’s just hype; there aren’t hard measurements like with hurricanes. “Significant” is not a measurement.

  60. Champ,

    I see that U had some high artric winds blowing at u last night.!

    Nice job of not letting them grind you down……

  61. I have been told, when working with management consultants, the first thing you do is find out what the client wants the results to be. You then steer the report to provide those results if possible.

    Tax hike for wealthy won’t kill growth: CBO
    By David Lawder and Kim Dixon, Reuters, November 8, 2012 9:03 PM EST

    Allowing income tax rates to rise for wealthy Americans, and maintaining rates for the less affluent, would not hurt U.S. economic growth much in 2013, the Congressional Budget Office said on Thursday, stepping into a dispute between Republicans and Democrats over how to resolve the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

    The report by the authoritative non-partisan arm of Congress is expected to fuel President Barack Obama’s demand for higher taxes on the rich, part of his proposal to avoid the full impact of the expiring tax cuts and across-the-board spending reductions set to begin in early 2013 unless Congress acts.

    Republicans argue that any tax increases would be devastating to the economy, particularly to small businesses, and to U.S. employment rates.

    They have held firm to their position that none of the cuts, which originated during the administration of President George W. Bush, should be allowed to expire.

    The CBO said the tax hikes for the wealthy would reduce job growth by around 200,000 jobs, much less than the 700,000 in job losses claimed by Republican Speaker of the House John A. Boehner.

    CBO Report
    Economic Effects of Policies Contributing to Fiscal Tightening in 2013
    November 2012

    Long-run macroeconomic impact of increasing tax rates on high-income taxpayers in 2013
    Prepared on behalf of the Independent Community Bankers of America, the National Federation of Independent Business, the S Corporation Association, and the United States Chamber of Commerce
    Drs. Robert Carroll and Gerald Prante
    Ernst & Young LLP
    July 2012

    This report uses the EY General Equilibrium Model of the US Economy to examine the impact of the increase in the top tax rates in the long-run. While a recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report examined the near-term effects of all of the federal government fiscal policies under scrutiny at the end of 2012 and found them to be of sufficient size to push the economy into recession at the beginning of 2013, this report focuses on the long-run effects of the increase in the top tax rates. This report examines four sets of provisions that will increase the top tax rates:
    ■ The increase in the top two tax rates from 33% to 36% and 35% to 39.6%.
    ■ The reinstatement of the limitation on itemized deductions for high-income taxpayers (the “Pease” provision).
    ■ The taxation of dividends as ordinary income and at a top income tax rate of 39.6% and increase in the top tax rate applied to capital gains to 20%.
    ■ The increase in the 2.9% Medicare tax to 3.8% for high-income taxpayers and the application of the new 3.8 percent tax on investment income including flow-through business income, interest, dividends and capital gains.

    Through lower after-tax rewards to work, the higher tax rates on wages reduce work effort and labor force participation. The higher tax rates on capital gains and dividend increase the cost of equity capital, which discourages savings and reduces investment. Capital investment falls, which reduces labor productivity and means lower output and living standards in the long-run.
    ■ Output in the long-run would fall by 1.3%, or $200 billion, in today‟s economy.
    ■ Employment in the long-run would fall by 0.5% or, roughly 710,000 fewer jobs, in today‟s economy.
    ■ Capital stock and investment in the long-run would fall by 1.4% and 2.4%, respectively.
    ■ Real after-tax wages would fall by 1.8%, reflecting a decline in workers‟ living standards relative to what would have occurred otherwise.

    These results suggest real long-run economic consequences for allowing the top two ordinary tax rates and investment tax rates to rise in 2013. This policy path can be expected to reduce long-run output, investment and net worth.

  62. Blue

    The feds will step in a create an exchange for people whose state government is too stupid to do it for them

  63. Obama is leading – goopers should be careful what they ask for — they are getting it and apparently not making them happy

  64. Brian Williams thinks the president should have a press conference. I’m sure he would but who would he invite..there don’t seem to be any journalists left

    All it would do is give over the event to the screamers from the right …

    When journalists (sic) failed to force Rmoney to release his tax returns — they all just became part of the chattering pundit class and not journalists by anyone’s definition.

  65. kgc, for the short term fix of a cold, pogo and jack are right except for the sugar… best use honey… and make it a hot toddy, if you want to unstuff things nasalwise.
    for the long term, nothing beats steaming hot chicken soup made with fresh veggies (onions, carrots, celery, parsley and plenty of garlic… the garlic keeps unwanted guests and vampires away as well as heals) plus the 2 aspirin, 2 hot toddies drunk slowly while lounging in a comfy old robe watching your favorite old movie and plenty of sleep.

  66. Here’s a deduction that could go — vacation home mortgage deduction

  67. We are here once again. It only takes 51 votes at the start of the Senate secession to change the rules. The Constitution in article I, section 5, says that each House shall determine the rules of its proceedings. Now we are at the beginning of the 113 Congress. This Congress is not obliged to be bound by the past.

    I support allowing the 60 vote filibuster but only after a bill or amendment has been debated. Get rid of all of the “secret holds” and the 60 votes to override of an objection to a unanimous consent request. The devil is always in the details.

    Do the Dems have the spine to change the rules or will they turn to jello and just wiggle if someone says boo?

  68. KPOJ, Portland’s so-called Progressive talk station, announced today that it is going all sports…

    When this station launched, I remember being excited. It didn’t take long to figure out that the hosts were a collection of mostly offensive, narrow people who often were as repulsive as right wing radio…Shultz, Rhodes, etc…there have been some good people like Bill Press and Ron Reagan…

  69. Yes, getting rid of the second home mortgage deduction would do something to raise revenue. First stop though should be to get rid of the favorable tax rate for capital gains.

    So Petraeus was diddling. So what? I can think of worse things – things that might actually affect his job.

    Back to taxes. Who will have the spine to tell Grover Norquist to stop meddling in the governmental process. Will the ‘pugns – any of them – have the cojones to do that? My guess is no.

    I like the suggestion about the filibuster only after debate, and get rid of secret holds on everything.

  70. I see now.. we shouldn’t have said Betrayus (for Petraeus) it should have been Betrayher…

    I’m sure the righwing will say it’s all about Benghazi instead of a very sad ending to an otherwise career of service

  71. Pogo
    If we are playing by the Boner rules — you can’t change the rates 0nly close loopholes and change deductions — we are playing republican-tea party semantics.

  72. OD

    I hate it when the left makes the same mistakes as the right. I like Press, Reagan, Miller, and Hartmann. The others just get to insulting and harsh which stops people from listening to the message.

  73. We could also limit the amount of the mortgage deduction on the first home as well. Anything over 1 mil is not deductible

    Here is the cost of Boner not allowing any change in the rates to capital gains

    “Long-term capital gains, which derive from the sale of investments such as stocks and bonds held for more than a year, are taxed at 15 percent. That’s well below the 35 percent maximum tax rate on ordinary income such as wages.

    The preferential tax treatment of capital gains is widely viewed as regressive because the rich, who derive a disproportionate share of their income from capital gains, pay less than half of the tax rate on that income compared to middle-class wage earners.

    “Capital gains are highly concentrated,” says Rebecca Wilkins, senior counsel for Citizens for Tax Justice. “Most of the capital gains are earned by folks in the top 10 percent, and it’s even concentrated more than that. So the capital gains tax break, which is a 20 percentage-point difference in the amount of tax that is paid on those, is going almost all to the top 5 percent.”

    In fact, Americans with an annual income of $1 million or more, or 0.3 percent of all taxpayers, enjoy 70 percent of the capital gains benefit, says Hanlon.

    The favorable capital gains rate is expected to save the wealthy (and cost Uncle Sam) $38.5 billion for fiscal 2012, according to the Office of Management and Budget.”

  74. Since the election I have noticed the talk, from both the Dems and the Rep, has focused on capturing and maintaining the Latino vote, and less attention is being directed towards Blacks. 2010 census has the Hispanic population at 50.5 million and the Black population at 42 million. If I have noticed this slight, certainly those in power in the Black communities have also.

  75. Kc, those are only low hanging fruit. “Revenue enhancements” are taxes. Boner’s trying to use semantics to get to tax increases. IMHO he will have no choice ultimately. I suspect that Noquist will correct that with him. I only hope that Obama will man up and lay down his rules. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Flatus, nice to have your perspective on David.

  76. “I have a cold. What’s a good remedy? So far I have had hot lemonade, nightquil and aspirin –”

    Not to disparage Polo and Jack and their tested nostrum, I suggest you keep a bottle of reasonably good brandy in the kitchen cupboard for such emergencies; anything with a recognizable name and the initials VSOP should suffice. Maintain a small brandy snifter next to the bottle of brandy so that it will be available at a moment’s notice for any health emergency including snakebite and colds and husbands fainting during childbirth.

    For colds, I suggest three or four ounces of brandy be poured into the snifter. Make yourself very comfortable and warm. Sip the brandy. Don’t feel compelled to consume it all. Doze off when you become drowsy. Consume food when you are hungry. If you have a fever, take tylenol or aspirin as you prefer. And, sip your brandy as desired.

  77. KGC, too late to help now but years ago a doctor told me to take 2,000 mg of Vitamin C at the first sniffle and I’d never have a serious cold again. He was right. I’ve done that religiously and never had a serious cold since. But does no good once it takes hold. They’ve cured the common cold, if you take that advice. Big business useless cold remedy companies don’t want you to know it.

  78. KGC,
    I think that your capital gains comment is short sighted when you consider what cap gains really are. The money that anyone uses for investment is previous earnings which are already taxed at up to 35%.

    For instance, you’ve earned salary income this year and paid uncle Sam. You now have 3 choices.

    1) You can spend it. No tax penalty
    2) You can store(save) it. No tax penalty
    3) You can risk (invest) it. 15% penalty if successful. Lose it if not.

    Taxes are cap gains are in additon to the 35% you already paid on this money not instead of.

    I’m trying to understand why you think this money should be taxed at the same rate as what you already paid. If you are a middle income individual and pay say 18% income tax you then have to pay 35% on money that you try and invest. I just don’t understand the reasoning.

  79. Housekeeping: Anyone notice or have thoughts about our new black-canvas background? I have been advised that what they call this “fixed-width” page enhances readability on the ever multiplying platforms for devices that people use to read the web. Just want to be sure it’s OK for longtime users. It’s the webmaster’s never-ending chore, trying to keep up with the times without annoying old timers. I have found that we are approaching 20% of our readers now coming to us via mobile devices, which makes these changes advisable.

    Can easily change back if you don’t like it.

  80. Craig… the black background doesn’t add anything to my experience. And I was going to say it’s a bit annoying… but if it means that others can have better access… I’ll learn to live with it.

  81. Petraeus had an affair?
    So what is the big deal. Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Ike, and countless ot her politicians have had affairs. I thought this sort of thing was personal, and provate? It does beg the question: Why now, why not before the election?

  82. Funny thing, I always adjust my monitor with the ctrl + or ctrl- so as to make the text the right size for me to read without using reading glasses. So when I got to your page and read the remark I couldn’t tell what you meant. Having shrunk it down I see what you mean though and it’s ok either way to me…still enlarging ctrl +.

  83. I’ve gotta say…this election wore me down to steel on steel…whew, I finally feel over the hangover…One brag I’d like to make (as is my want) I called the Electoral College EXACTLY on Tuesday at noon! Text and link…love you Mixers…Happy Holidays!
    November 6, 2012
    Obama wins 52% 48% Electoral 332-206
    That’s my prediction….LET’S WIN THIS!!!!!!!
    Posted by The Dixie Dove at 12:31 PM

  84. I’ve been in good mood since the election but today I had a thought, “How are conservatives feeling?” They must be REALLY angry, even paranoid.

    I could turn on Fox News. (I’ll have to punch in the channel by hand as I have my TV programmed to skip over it.)

    Or, I could just call my bother-in-law. He’s down in “Bahstun” (Boston) where he works for one of those “too big to fail” banks that had to be bailed out. Obama saved his job, AND his 401k which was loaded with his employer’s stock (that’s a BAD idea, by the way). Was he grateful? Hell, no!

  85. Senate Filibuster Going to Be Changed:

    I am glad that Harry Reid is taking this on. I do not believe that filibuster should be thrown out. It is a great function of this government. HOWEVER, there is no doubt in any sane person’s mind that the Republicans have abused it.

  86. If you want to filibuster then just threatening to do it, shouldn’t be enough. You have to be on that floor with your compatriots to actually do it. This business of caving because someone says they are going to stage a hissy fit without bothering to start screaming is foolish.

    Then there is the whole business of one Senator being able to hold up a bill that has been approved in committee has to go.

  87. MO

    It is specifically against CIA rules and one of the regular questions involved in regular lie detector sessions. Also, the lady is under investigation by the FBI due to probable access to unauthorized material. Being in an illicit relationship leaves the person open to blackmail and potentially becoming a double agent.

    Once this was know, Petraeus had to go. Honestly you would think he had enough toys with out alpha dog spraying of testosterone

  88. Apparently the illicit affair was with someone who was being investigated by the FBI at issue was a compromise of Betrayher’s computer

  89. Jax

    What you are describing are standard investments which are completely different that the “pass throughs” which have nothing to do with salary but rather corporate profits. The sequestering of profits particularly with S Corps (all those one person “corporations” with one employee) where the money isn’t actually taxed until withdrawn. Once it is in there it can be shuffled around. When it is withdrawn it is taxed as “capital gains” rather than income. Most of the Waltons are S Corps as is Mr. Romney.

  90. I am really stunned by the number of users coming here via mobile devices, a 100 percent increase in the last 6 months, now about one-fifth or more of our traffic and rapidly rising. Personally I don’t get it, but serving a blog exclusively to desktops is a thing of the past.

  91. Jamie,

    You might think being POTUS would also pose the threat of being blackmailed 😯 But power in DC of all stripes brings welcome and unwelcome favors.

  92. Comments re Petraeus are interesting.

    I think the first step in re-electing O was McConnell’s statement that their first order of business was taking O down, and then an avalanch of
    anti-abortion bills. Did they proffer ANY jobs bills?
    Romney andall his Bain Cap history was too public
    to hide or spin. Then the secretaries of state began to try to disenfranchise millions, and that was just another version of out-sourcing and made mitty look even worse. The clincher, I think, was little ricky
    talking re how contraceptives gave people the chance
    to do things sexually weren’t right.

    I agree with Silver – they never gave themselves a

    Craig, the black doesn’t bother me. My pixox my screen seems smaller, but that’s this new computer, I think, and I have to call tech.

  93. Affront Burnout is the worst — she must be looking for a new job with some gooper

    she’s all upset because Rmoney is shellshocked –‘he didn’t see it coming’ What kind of a business person trusts the wrong people for information?

  94. MO

    True but as far as I know there isn’t a specific rule against such things. POTUS can be as big a dog as Big Dog and only get laughed at and then forgiven and scratched behind his lovable ears. With the CIA there is a definite THOU SHALT NOT with immediate repercussions if found out.

  95. 129.5 million voted in 2008.
    But only 119.7 million in 2012.

    9.8 million plus sat it out, the overwhelming number coming from the Dem side. Why was that?

  96. Based on who won and who lost I’d say it’s the goopers who sat it out

  97. Old rule of life, and certainly politics. Don’t allow others define who you are. If you allow that to go unchalenged you can’t fault others for believing it true.

  98. I like the black background…no difficulties with the text…and send thanks to Dixie dove for the control+ tip.

  99. Now between Ashley and Dario we are talking about some real money, but happily earned by both parties…him more than her.

  100. Solar
    Love you too, Solar.
    … I’m not going to argue with you about free choice any more though (I’m already in enough trouble around here).

    I’m just glad we can disagree and still be ok with that. I hope I never have and never will say anything that would change that or hurt you in any way.

    I’ll tell your niece that you said hi…. and I’ll give Cheyenne her apple (but not until Sunday!).
    96, 95, 94

    ps Love reading your posts.
    (and where is Tony?)

  101. Nash
    Nash, Thanks for your thorough explanation of Marxism. I appreciate you taking the time to post it.

    Do you think Obama made an effort in that direction in his first 4 years? I don’t follow politics as closely as you, but you did say his was the most secretive administration since Nixon (if I remember correctly… please correct me if I’m wrong), so maybe I missed the improvements he made.
    (….. ‘please’ don’t use Obamacare as an example … although I know there are many who appreciate it).

    BTW, Every piece of clothing I’ve bought in the last several years for my entire family (including good old American Levi’s) have been made every where except America. I try to buy American, but it’s become almost impossible for me to do so. Is there going to be some government regulation to solve that problem? Or are companies going to continue to move to other countries in order to raise their profit margin and to avoid any regulations that he may have in mind?

    I guess he’ll need to offer incentives to these companies in order for it to work. Obamacare can’t be much of an incentive to businesses though, especially the small businessman trying to make a living in this country. Overhead has risen so quickly in the last several years, and unfortunately those costs have been passed on to the consumer (us). Do you put any blame on the government for this happening? Or do you blame the businesses, small and large?

    I’m sure lack of regulation has added to the problem or caused it, but I’m not sure what’s been done to change that.

  102. Poor Mittens I guess a lot of his people crossed over and voted for Obamarama

  103. Nemo,

    You can still buy clothes made in the old USA, you’ll just have to pay 3 times the amount for that made in the USA label.

  104. Here’s some perspective on how BIG the Obama victory is

    Or as Joe Alioto said “You can’t cash losers tickets at the winners window.”

  105. “… power in DC of all stripes brings welcome and unwelcome favors.”

    Hear, hear!!

  106. Craig

    It just shows up as 2 black strips on each side . too narrow to notice. If you hadn’t said something I wouldn’t have noticed. In fact it took me awhile to figure out what you were talking about.

  107. “You can still buy clothes made in the old USA, you’ll just have to pay 3 times the amount for that made in the USA label.”

    LOL, Movington!
    I can’t afford to shop at the fancy malls anymore. Maybe that’s my problem.

  108. …. still, $40 for a pair for Levi’s made in China seems a bit high.

    I guess I shouldn’t complain if I compared them to the Designer stuff that the rich people wear.

  109. Who is the Mata Hari who spied for the Benghazi terrorists? Where is maxtrue to answer this important Q? maxtrue worshipped Betrayher almost as much as he adored dumold rumdumb.

  110. Mary Matalin was on CNN wearing the weirdest looking cross both in size huge and color turquoise — I guess it’s to keep Democrats away — she and Prick Morris both used the same line “I’ve been doing this for 35 years and I know what I’m talking about …” yeah as nearly I can tell she is batting zero this year and not playing well on the field either.

    I guess in some ways I should be glad the media turns to her — she is enough to make anyone a Democrat

  111. David Callahan, Senior Fellow at Demos, said tonight that raising taxes on the wealthy does not raise enough revenue. The government needs to raise an additional $4 trillion in revenue over the next 10 years, and raising taxes on the wealthy raises less than $1 trillion. Me wonders where will the other $3 trillion come from???

  112. Maybe this is the reason for the purges in Beijing:

    patraeus laptop and codes used to id our moles and sleepers in the PRC.

  113. Has that disgusting worm dumold trump been arrested for advocating the overthrow of the government?

    If not, why the hell not ?

  114. Most clothing merchandise at expensive malls are made outside the US. Haines use to make the body, sleeves, necks here in the US then send them to Jamaica for assembly then shipped back to Haines here in the US, then and shipped to distributors, yet with all that shipping they still made a few pennies per T-shirt

  115. Craig, when you say ‘mobile devices’ does that mean besides cell phone ( the ipads that now can be connected through there own mobile connection…. and the 4g devices (for instance like sprint and other carriers sell that give you wifi wherever you go). They do have their own phone number, so I think they may show up as mobile too (even though youre using an actual laptop when you’re on it). Laptops are all I use now, unless I take along hubby’s ipad (because it’s so light) when I’m on the road. Other times I take my smallest laptop and that 4g device with me, and boy is it fast. Beats the wifi at Denny’s, McDonalds and places like that.

    Just think it must all come up as mobile on your site.

  116. “Most clothing merchandise at expensive malls are made outside the US.”

    I do buy name brands sometimes Movington, at places like Kohls, etc. And their name brand clothes are tagged with China, Indonesia, etc.

    We live in a hot climate in Houston, and I do love the new mesh type materials they are using for many women’s blouses. I personally believe that’s an influence from the middle east, because I’ve seen many of them wear that material in the past. It breathes, and of course, they’re from a hot climate too.

    I see a lot of mid-east influence here, and have to say I find much of it very attractive.

  117. movingon,

    $1 TR!LL!ON is a nice start. We could cut $3 TR!LL!ON out of subsidies for BIG FAT OIL, including the protection they get from the Pentagon, and double the user fees for timber, grazing, mining, and drilling on Federal land, and we could end all non-Soc Sec and Medicare payments in redstates.

    We could squeeze every last nickel out of the Wall Street crooks who sabotaged the USA during babybush’s wartime. Or we could hang them all with American made rope.

    Finally, we could end republicans’ TR!LL!ON$$$ war on drugs.

  118. We could charge the murddoch family and the bad roger, bad brett, and the army of blonde bimbos, with failing to register as agents of Saudi Arabia, sieze all their assets and auction it all off to real Americans.

    Dammit, there’s a war and they were working for a f*cking foreign power.

  119. So there you are movingon, $3TR!LL!ON raised and $1 TR!LL!ON saved, plus the 5th column destroyed.


  120. I had no idea that there was a black background. It’s not visible on the iPad unless I drag the main bar sideways.

    And the saw about capital gains tax being double taxation is not true. Only the gain on the investment is taxed. Interest is taxed at your marginal rate, so why shouldn’t capital gains, which are not really any different than interest, be taxed the same? The only real difference is that capital gains are taxed at different rates depending on the length of the investment. And depending on how clever you are and how you invest, you can exempt the gains if you roll them into your primary residence. There are technical rules, but it can be done.

  121. Funny, you don’t hear Goopers talking about oil subsidies when they shout Solyndra.

  122. republicans are so good at spending wisely that they pissed away $4+B!LL!ON on an election that they lost BIG.

    Seems like only yesterday morongs like rush, hannity, orally, upchuck toad, and tweety said Obama couldn’t possibly win, and the Senate Dems were powerless to prevent the coming ripper takeover.

    The truth is, like Wall Street Bankers, ripper pols have no more brains regarding money than than they do about war. And they haven’t won a war in 114 years!

  123. Forget about it, movingon. Most people no longer believe that rip uplican bs you parrot. The rich guys are going to have to chip in to pay for the debt they ran up 2001 – 2009

  124. The Capital Gains Tax doesn’t tax the principal, so the double taxation claim is a hoax.

    Why should slick willie pay less tax on his capital gains $ for lounging on his yacht, than a garbage hauler gets working his but off in the stench.

    And don’t tell me about willie’s risk. Tell me about the risk of willie stealing your pension, or stiffing you for your last months pay.

  125. My screen is white with black lettering and every other comment has light gray behind it. It’s fine.

  126. Well,mo, a start would be to do away with the cap gains tax break, oil subsidies… You know, the bullshit the two parties put into the tax code and budget to favor the rich.

  127. I concur with the remark made at 9:55 pm by my distinguished colleague from SC.

  128. Anybody heard from Ted Nugent?

    Remember last year when he promised this:

    If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year,

    So do we all pitch in and send flowers or a snickers bar?
    And do you have a preference.


  129. Maybe she’s over-exposed, and maybe her parents are exploiting her, but this little girl is so adorable:


  130. …. still, $40 for a pair for Levi’s made in China seems a bit high.

    Try to make a pair of jeans, and you won’t think $40 for a pair is a high price.

    (I have, and they didn’t come out very well) : (

  131. “American Apparel” is made in the U.S.A., in downtown Los Angeles.

    Bon soir.

  132. you wanna buy american clothes go to the goodwill. yeah, they’re still made in china, but they’re being sold by americans for next to nothing. levis suck. sometimes you may find a pair (or 4) of actual wranglers….in your very size.

    for 2 bucks a pair.

  133. first winter wearing of the tradional elk’s hide vest modeled on kirk douglas in the war wagon. Handcrafted by Colorado Bob of Lubbock, Tex. a guy who actually ate barbecue with mr. stubblefield.

    It was a good night. a group of hotgirls came in and wanted to hear “mustang sally” right off the bat. 1st song. rare, dude, rare. so then to make me feel better i did “so rare” and made like the dorsey horn was a guitar. one of my favorite songs, “so rare”.

  134. you see someone with that levis patch on the hip…you can figure right off that guy don’t know scheiss from shine-ola.

    don’t get caught unawares. wear wrangler.

  135. I changed my font size and thaat helps – it’s fine.

    We might get a frost here tonight, after 80 degrees
    last weekend. KGC,you will almost certainly get some frost, won’t you? The pilot light on mywall heater
    needs to be lit so it’s kinda chilly in my apartment
    but I’ll survive.

    I’m enjoying all the excuses the repubsare making, and the moans, and threats. Ducey and some other guy who looked like mr milquetoast were wondering if
    maybe the dems had learned their lesson? It was a tape or I would have yelled at them to ask what lesson that would be. Just remarkable.

  136. Hate waking up so early. Flipping through saw Krauthammer sitting in for Hannity. He’s one of them “for someone so smart he’s really kinda dumb” guys, isn’t he? He’s blaming Rmoney for not being a good enough candidate – the best flawed candidate from a weak field – to carry the republican message to a country that by any measure is a center right country. I guess it doesn’t matter to him that Obama won the election with a majority, the demos picked up senate seats and the dems won the popular vote for the house. Just sayin’

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