Who Cares What Romney Says

Even Republicans would rather forget. Just because Mitt Romney wants to whine about losing doesn’t mean we have to listen. Although it is comforting to see him confirm that he is the arrogant one-percenter we always thought him to be.

McCain Welcomes Mitt to Sore Loser Club
New York Times: “If there was still any thought that President Obama and Senator John McCain might eventually move past their once-bitter White House rivalry toward a cooperative governing agenda, it was all but dashed on Wednesday.”

Something to Really Care About
It’s always difficult to tell whether the latest violence between Israel and terrorists will expand into another mini-war, but this one looks scary.

Quote of the Day

I didn’t fire him because he was a dumb son of a bitch, although he was, but that’s not against the law for generals. If it was, half to three-quarters of them would be in jail. — Harry Truman on Gen. Douglas MacArthur

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  1. I continue to experience great joy in defeating the Republicans this year. 2016 will be even better.

  2. Damn coffee-hogs: think the whole world revolves around them, and that the coffee pot magically fills itself. Arrggghh.

    Have a good day. I will (as soon as I get some more coffee)!

  3. Craig… I agree… what’s happening in the ME is indeed scary. Thank god the neo cons are no longer in charge.

    Hope everything is going well in your banana republic… :smile:

  4. Apparently some Democratic Senator asked McCain why if he wanted more information he had a press conference instead of attending a briefing..

    Senator McCain had a melt down

    I think the situation in Israel is very scary
    How long will it take to evacuate 8 million people

  5. old rollcall article on the bill that languishes in the house awaiting for leaders to lead

    July 25, 2012, 5:16 p.m.
    Senators sent the House a bill backed by President Barack Obama to extend tax rates only for families making up to $250,000 a year.

    The Senate passed the Democratic bill, 51-48, after reaching a deal to allow simple majority votes for Republican and Democratic plans to extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush.

  6. Who’s making Sense?

    Craig Crawford.

    It’s over Mitt, you need to move on and so do we.

    I don’t care why you lost. I do however care about another blow up in the ME, and a couple of other things like tax increases, and a lot of people still suffering big time along our East coast.

    Don’t go away mad, please just go away, and take John McCain with you.

  7. I say, ignore McCain; what he says will not change anything in the long run. Refer to the weaselly senior senator from my state as the self-serving instigator that he is who his abusing poor, struggling, Sen McCain for his own nefarious purposes.

  8. can’t they pause a few seconds and take care of the business that effects 98% of this country before entertaining themselves with tantalizing tales of sex and playing war games? how long would it take to vote up or down on that senate bill? probably a lot less time than they’re wasting on hearing preps and stupid interviews.

  9. And now I must rush off to Ft Jackson to pick-up my meds before the wine man from fedex arrives at twoish. Wish it didn’t require an adult signature.

  10. Flatus,

    My dislike of little Lindsey goes back to the days when he was in the house. I thought he was and remains a sneaky sanctimonious son of a bitch. And that is when I am in a generous mood. 😉

  11. Craig what terrorist?

    Watch the definitions. When you control territory and have defacto recognition from other combatants you are not a terrorist. You are a state actor. What we are seeing is an escalation in the ongoing war between Israel and Gaza.
    As to the consequences, look at where we are getting our oil. It is not near the worry that it used to be.
    That basic truth is going to be a major adjustment for everybody.


  12. Even though Shrub was an idiot and a cowboy and not fit to be president, he was politically shrewd. His first run got him elected as a compassionate conservative and because the other side had handicaps. He or his brain knew he could not repeat that coalition and tried to expand his Latino base by working on immigration issues but the party shut him down.

    I think Republicans should be proud of who they are and if people won’t vote for them, they should still be proud they took a principled stand.

  13. Org Dem: Don’t forget about 2014. Take back the House!

    The GOP won’t change until they lose the House AND many of the governorships and state legislatures that they won in 2010.

  14. Let’s see Iran is offering to stop their enrichment of uranium, Syria is in chaos and Hamas is launching rockets at Israel. Now if the militant factions in Iran are stirring the pot the next thing we should see is problems for Israel on their border with Lebanon. Any takers?


  15. Lindsay Graham — how many lies did he tell about Iraq

    I think he is a bitter horrible person — there should be a three strikes law for elected officials on tv

    After they have been wrong three times in public statements in one year — they cannot appear in public until the next year

  16. The BP criminal charges should result in real prison time for the highly paid, arrogant and “entitled” Tony Hayward, BP’s CEO at the time of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. That would send the right message to corporate CEOs. CEOs do prison time for criminal activity of the company!

    Remember Hayward’s comment when he assured us that the oil spill is relatively tiny compared to the very big ocean, and that it will only have a very modest impact on the gulf. Retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen should join him as an accomplice.

    BP to pay record fine for 2010 spill: sources
    By Chris Baltimore and David Ingram, November 15, 2012 8:23 AM EST

    (Reuters) – BP Plc is expected to pay a record U.S. criminal penalty and plead guilty to criminal misconduct in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster through a plea deal reached with the Department of Justice that may be announced as soon as Thursday, according to sources familiar with discussions.

    Three sources, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said BP would plead guilty in exchange for a waiver of future prosecution on the charges.

    BP confirmed it was in “advanced discussions” with the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

    The talks were about “proposed resolutions of all U.S. federal government criminal and SEC claims against BP in connection with the Deepwater Horizon incident,” it said in a statement on Thursday, but added that no final agreements had been reached.

    The discussion do not cover federal civil claims, both BP and the sources said.

  17. KGC
    Not any more, they are the party in control of the government of Gaza. A bit like certain factions of Likud, who many years ago made the transition from terrorist to statesmen.


  18. Oh yes…2014 should be fun…

    When Susan Rice has her confirmation hearings, Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright should be seated behind her to show support…

  19. purple, what about the wrongful deaths on the drilling platforms? any info on civil or criminal actions?

  20. I wonder how all those people who had to apologize for making Petraeus jokes feel now

    How is that goopers are the world’s biggest hypocrites and no one points that out.

    I am happy to see more pushback when they start to spout absolute crap as though it were thoroughly vetted

    On all the people who were loudly proudly wrong. It’s not like anyone was guessing. All the evidence was there. But it’s like everything the Republicans do when they are wrong. They throw dirt on the evidence and try to muddy things up. I hope people see through this finally and are able to say — there is evidence and you are wrong.

    Sometimes there are NOT two sides to a story — if the media could simply report facts and not the mindless speculation of either side that would be helpful.

    We don’t have journalists — we have speculators

  21. The Canadians call Hamas terrorists
    I’m with them

    It’s not as simple as your statement

  22. od, who says the sos is now a woman only post? am not impressed with ms rice (nor was i with the other ms rice) as the spokesperson of the u.s. to the world. they neither had/have the heft of hillary or madeleine. let’s spread the ladies around to some more cabinet posts historically mens only like cia (maybe jane h) and dos (ret’d lady gen ?). let either jon h or john k take on sos.

  23. KGC

    It is the duck test.
    And Hamas passes with flying colors.

    Is there territory? yes
    Does Hamas control it? Yes
    Do all their neighbors recognize they control it? Yes

    Quack, quack, quack


  24. Jack, think I’ll hold off on Trail Mix diplomatic recognition of Hamas for a while. Although you guys are welcome to self-appoint a Mideast Task Force and consider the question.

  25. The outcomes in the Mid-east should not be influenced by the US policy – we have done enough damage. The US has to be prepared to deal with the outcome of how these countries end-up dealing with each other.

  26. Mittens said the Democrat bought off women with “free birth control”

    It wasn’t FREE you moron – it was to be part of one’s insurance package…which isn’t free
    and by the way
    MEDICARE IS NOT FREE – you pay into it and you pay a premium and in most cases there is still a co-pay or additional payment required.

    If you are qualified for free medical care in the US you have NOTHING

  27. From prior thread:

    KC, the pitch to Hannah Barbera for a new cartoon, “Grampy and the Pipsqueak” never made it past the receptionist’s desk. See, I thought it was brilliant.

    Sorry, Flatus, McCain may have earned his right to say his peace, but he hasn’t earned any right not to be criticized when the peace he says is stupid and/or intentionally false and to any reporter who’ll put it on the news. And he has not earned any right to be dishonest, and I believe that is what he is being.

  28. Pogo

    Maybe you should resubmit Grampy and the pipssqueak to AARP

  29. I hear Hamas, I think terror org. Probably because of its past acts, at least through 2008, and mainly through the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, rocket attacks against civilian targets in Israel, and suicide bombing. The political wing may or may not be a terrorist org, but it is not the Palestinian government – it is a party elected to power over the Gaza Strip. Fatah still governs the West Bank I believe, Hamas reps having been ousted there in 2007, but I could be wrong about that. (Where’s Solar when I need him?)

    Jack, terrorists orgs cease to become terrorist orgs if they control real estate and are recognized as controlling it? Really? Seems like a pretty low threshold for shaking off a terrorist org. designation.

  30. Ooh, AARP – I didn’t think of that. Both characters are eligible to be members,. I like it.

  31. Why Grampy and Pipsqueak want to steal your medical care and give it to the one percent (they don’t need medicare they have govt insurance of another kind no vouchers for them)

    How Grampy went to War and Pipsqueak got a rug

    Why Grampy dumped Pipsqueak and picked the 1/2 gov instead

  32. patd,

    Reported that “two BP employees face manslaughter charges over the death of 11 people.” I am sure that they will be low level employees and not the senior management that created the environment of corner cutting and corruption.

    BP to pay record fine in Gulf oil spill; 2 to face manslaughter charges

    Updated at 11:41 a.m. ET

    NEW ORLEANS Oil giant BP said Thursday it has agreed to pay the largest criminal penalty in U.S. history for the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The company announced that it will pay $4.5 billion to settle with the federal government. The largest previous corporate criminal penalty assessed by the Department of Justice was the $1.2 billion fine imposed on drug maker Pfizer in 2009.

    Meanwhile, a source close to the case confirmed to CBS News Thursday that two BP employees face manslaughter charges over the death of 11 people in the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that triggered the massive spill.

    The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record about the deal, also confirmed that BP will plead guilty to obstruction for lying to Congress for its statements on the size of the leak.

    Attorney General Eric Holder is in New Orleans and is expected to announce the plea agreement at a press conference later Thursday, CBS News reports.

  33. “…not some unvetted crap from Bill Kristol but to hearing all the facts and then making up his mind.”

    muckain is a fighter pilot, and this is the way f.p.s think to survive in supersonic combat : a little bit of evidence (unvetted) and the mind commits, the missle is launched, and the unarmed Korean airliner goes down. They can’t help thinking that way, and you can’t be a fighter pilot without this skill.

    The actual problem with muckain is his error rate in emotionally charged events.

    Btw, none of this admits that muckain was a good fighter pilot. It is obvious from his problems in flight school, the reprimands that dotted his career, and “years of beatings” that he wasn’t educable, and as a result wasn’t a success.

  34. Unfortunately, muckain brings his failed fighter style into politics. He may have been a better pilot than a pol.

  35. Boy oh boy…I never would have thought it

    the biggest winner in the Republican party was Potholesaplenty

  36. I guess pol pot’s Cambodia, taliban’s Afghanstan, northern Sudan, northKorea, and mugabe’s Zimbabwe aren’t terrorists, either.

    Fat chance of that.

  37. btw, I care what Rmoney says – to the extent that it shows how completely clueless he is or was about his opposition and how appropriate the choice to allow him to retire was. I do hate it that the late night comics won’t have him as material, but given the choice between more chuckles late … I’ll take the choice that was made.

  38. Either hamas controls Gaza or it doesn’t.

    If it can’t prevent the launch of thousands of missiles and mortars into Israel, then hamas doesn’t control the land and is a government in conjecture only.

    If it can prevent the launch of thousands of missiles and mortars into Israel, but doesn’t, it is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    The fact that hamas took over Gaza by murdering 400 prominent Fatah supporters and officials in a single morning ought ought to alert people to the true nature of the organization.

  39. MS Cracker,

    Potholes Aplenty wasn’t running, after the puguglicans of Iowa selfishly voted for the guy who would give them lots of stuff.

    However, if Potholes is the big winner, maybe he’d deign to share some of his good fortune with the families of the 13 people he got killed in the I35W bridge collapse. That killing occurred because Potholes kept the bridge open despite it being unsafe, and yet refused to spend money for the needed replacement. Typical ripper behavior: wait to spend money until someone gets killed, and then try to stiff the victims.

  40. If Potholes were to run for guv of MN again, and charles manson were his opponent, it’d end in draw.

  41. How Potholes got re-elected is one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century. UFOs must have been involved.

  42. Potholes was smart enough to bail

    I wondered if you would share your reasons for not thinking very highly of Ms Hunckala (sps) I liked Jill Stein and voted for her and I know she picked Hunckala so if she’s a bad pick that would reflect on Dr. Stein’s judgement.

  43. I concur with Pat regarding Rice II. However, just because I wouldn’t want her to be SoS doesn’t mean that Rice is the ruin that republicans claim. She isn’t.

    I also don’t want Kerry, Kerrey, or Carey.

    A certain Clinton might be okay. He won the Serbian War. He is popular everywhere except Serbia, north Korea, and Sudan.

  44. who says the sos is now a woman only post? am not impressed with ms rice (nor was i with the other ms rice) as the spokesperson of the u.s. to the world. they neither had/have the heft of hillary or madeleine. let’s spread the ladies around to some more cabinet posts historically mens only like cia (maybe jane h) and dos (ret’d lady gen ?). let either jon h or john k take on sos. patd

    I was thinking the same thing

    Bring back Iron Jane — when she was a possible candidate for gov in cal – had she gone on to be elected California’s gov then she and the two senators would have been a clean sweep for Jewish women and a clear demonstration that it is not an homogenous group

  45. Super Storm Sandy follow-up and if your are to believe Bill Clinton the reason Obama won.
    Obamarama on the ground doing a very good job
    making someone responsible and promising follow-up
    as good as the gabby gifford speech

  46. xrepublican says:
    11/15/2012 at 2:19 PM

    I like Valerie Plame for CIA & Spitzer for DoJ..

    Thumb up +100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

  47. Here’s a couple of “terrorists”…

    George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

    What defines a “terrorist” is not any particular action; it’s just your point of view.

  48. xr, since sos is 4th in the pres. line of succession don’t think bill can do it without some sort of waiver.
    maybe we could save money and have biden do both jobs.

  49. The reason Obama won was everyone can tell willard and his party don’t like Americans.

    race, gender, vote suppression, GOTV, Bill, Sandy, gay marriage, Benghazi, Islamofascism, bin ladin, the price of gas at the pump, the middle class, etc were all contributory. However, most people won’t vote for a guy who finds fault with them or their dog.

    willard and the rippers found fault with America and Americans, and that pissed off 52% of the people.

    willard says 47%, but he gets that number from rasmussen. The number is 52%.

  50. Pat,

    I was thinking of adding Joe to the list. Is there a legal impediment to an individual serving in two Federal offices simultaneously ? It ought to be okay as the Veep seat is a sinecure.

  51. actually we could save a whole bunch of money and let all the leaving secretary/directors’ 2nds in command move up to acting bosses and forego the costs of time and money in fighting over confirmation.

    question: if john k is appointed to head either dos or dod, who will replace him?

  52. People who have suggested sick willard for SoS have to be either joking or insane. willie couldn’t even get those damn British tories to like him. In fact, their words with him were only slightly more friendly than their feelings toward james murdoch.

  53. with all the mayhem, fire and brimstone popping off today in me, we should be hearing from the apocryphalistas any time now. another end of days count down.

  54. If Sen K is appointed, they’d better not raise that blue dog lynch to the Sen, that’s all I can say.

  55. Republicans in the house refused to allocate money for security

    They better be careful what they ask for

    And once again goops — having Dana Rohrbacker represent you at anytime…very bad ack

  56. Hilary could quit and Obama could appoint Rice on an interim appointment for a year. That would piss ole grampy off. Wouldn’t get him stability at State, but would be more fun than a barrel of monkeys, wouldn’t it?

  57. What is the hottest topic among wingnuts today?

    It’s not the “fiscal cliff.”

    It’s not Obama winning by giving “gifts.”

    It’s not even the ever-unfolding “Benghazi/Patreus cover-up/conspiracy.”

    It’s….(I kid you not)…..”secession.”

    Wingnuts in the “red states” want to secede from the USA.

  58. I still cannot believe that such a massive fuss is being brought over Susan Rice’s appointment, yet not over actual issues. Loyalty over what’s best for the country? It’s like the W. years never ended.

    XRepublican – I would love to see Spitzer as head of Department of Justice. However, I do not think the Obama administration is the best place for him. Obama has been political in his Department of Justice. (See last line of previous statement)

  59. had a fun driving trip into “old” florida with parents today, up to Ocala and back, lots of birds and amazing oak hammocks along the way. plus a stop at (no kidding) a very fine winery in Clermont — Lakeridge Vineyards. picture in my twitpic box on the sidebar

  60. Nash, good. Let the rwingnuts talk about ABSOLUTELY meaningless bullshit. I’m glad to see that Grampy was so concerned about finding cameras to criticize rice and Barry to about Benghazi that he missed the classified Benghazi briefing for his committee. Is it just me or is that sublimely delicious irony? Sorry flatus, honorable does not apply at this moment. Worse than scum comes to mind.

  61. Old Florida. Makes me think of Defuniak Springs, WeekiWachi, Daytona when it was quaint, Panama City when it was full of single story mom n’ pop motels and 25 cent watermelons in Florala. Damn I loved old Florida.

  62. Spitzer for DoJ?! I thinks his past indiscretions have undermined any prosecutorial credibility he may have had.

  63. Ms Cracker,

    Sorry to be so late replying. This’ll be long. I’ll divide it into irrationally determined segments so as not to violate band width etiquette toooooo badly.

    The St.Paul Coalition for the Homeless (SPACH) began around 1979-80. It was the 1st such coalition in MN, and preceded state coalition. SPACH was concerned with finding permanent shelter and otherwise ameliorating the difficulties destitute people experienced.

    In those days acutely homeless people were a cross section of society, the victims of disasters. These people generally received some assistance. On the other mitt, chronically homeless people were almost always adult males with severe addictions such as alcoholism.

    These people were largely ignored except by the Union Gospel Mission, which in those days administered an ‘ear banging’ before the provision of food, and demanded sobriety before giving shelter. Generally, service providers blamed homeless people for their conditions. SPACH advocated filling the physical needs of the chronically homeless in a way that would be accessible and innofensive. SPACH noted thataddiction is not a moral fault but a physical disease. Becoming homeless was no different for an alcoholic than for someone who was bankrupted by polio. Great changes arose out of this advocacy. The early successes of SPACH caught the attention of people across the river, in a small, mean burg called Minneapolis.

  64. Apologies to all for my bandwidth rudeness.

    Now, a number of concerned, kind-hearted peoplein Mpls founded a Mpls Coalition for the Homeless, and began advocating. Also about this time a rich Catholic woman named Mary Jo Copeland started to serve homeless people in Mpls through her org Caring and Sharing Hands. Ms Copeland was big on washing people’s feet and getting them clean socks. Homeless people stand all day, and getting clean and getting clean socks is problematic for them. We had an epidemic of homeless people having foot problems and needing amputations. Mary Jo stepped in, and she was blatantly Catholic, although she served everyone. To be continued.

  65. Jace… not to worry about the son in Austin… my hubby tells me that Austin has petitioned to secede from Texas.

    I know that to be true, but Governor Good Hair can’t read. 😉

  66. Mitt Runmoney is a rat brained lizard that just happens to have $250 million dollars.

  67. Mitt Runmoney can now collect his footnotes and leave the American stage, unless Fox News wants to fire Sahara Palin.

  68. By the way, I finally received my ‘free gift’ from Obama .

    It was some girl’s birth control pills from San Diego .

  69. I think Spitzer is educable, and no one is beyond redemption.

    I know a fair number of people, prostituted women and girls, a couple of johns, and a three pimps, who are recovering from the prostitution industry. The business is slavery, and the recovery is wretchedly painful.

    Yes, Spitzer knew he was breaing the law, and did it anyway. 1st Degree. Spitzer suffered his punishment like a man, made no excuses (see former pimp [in denial] pat robertson’s recent comments on patraeus). Now I hope that Spitzer is past it and recovered.

    If Bill is qualified to be SoS, I’d say Spitzer is qualified to be AG.

    Besides, Spitzer was a helluva great prosecutor. He was never intimidated by crooked and dangerous Wall Street Big Shots.

  70. Anyway, the Mpls Coalition for the Homeless included Mary Jo Copeland and her 5O1C3.

    Soon, the demographics of homelessness changed. Most Insane Asylums closed and tens of thousands of unsupervised, unmedicated, unwell people showed up in America’s streets and parks. The Mpls Coalition struggled to ramp up service to meet the ballooning challenge.

  71. Paul Raygun needs to post all the things he’s “made” besides his kids . Before we hear about his views on ‘making and taking’.

  72. I have been in something of a news blackout today.

    Have we as yet been able to determine if any classified information was exchanged in the heat of passion?

    Was there a security breach, or was it simply ‘once more into the britches’, or rather I mean breach?
    Oh well, whatever, you know what I mean. 😕

  73. About 1994 a loud and obnoxious group of allegedly homeless people calling themselves Up and Out of Poverty began to attend the Mpls Coalition meetings. I don’t know if they were bolshies, anarchists, larouchians, or what, but the began attacking Mary Jo as condescending and oppressive. They said (with some truth) the real problem was lack of jobs and affordable housing. They demanded that Mary Jo and the Mpls Coalition change their mission and begin to attack the cause of homelessness – actually their idea of the cause – capitalism.

  74. I saw Obama twice in the last 2 days . Once defending Susan Rice, and today giving a shout out to a cop on Long Island.

    Where has this guy been ?

  75. Craig –
    I would ask you read this –
    A Convenient Excuse
    By WEN STEPHENSON | November 5, 2012

    On October 2, I led a climate protest inside the offices of the Boston Globe.
    OK, it was really a meeting in a small conference room with editorial page editor Peter Canellos and members of his staff. But it was, in essence, a protest.

    I used to be a card-carrying member of the mainstream media; just a few years ago, I was the editor of the Globe’s Ideas section. Peter is a former colleague.

    Read more: http://thephoenix.com/boston/news/146647-convenient-excuse/#ixzz2CLlZeL4N

    Wen is correct.
    It is the biggest story of our lifetimes.

  76. Difference of non-profit missions was unacceptable to Up and Out of Poverty. Everyone had to do what they wanted – take over other people’s property and squat. Revolution. Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities, PLP, Simpson, the Bridge for Homeless Youth, and others did heavy lifting at the frontlines, housing, training, guiding, aiding with $$. But their missions weren’t in sync with U&O. U&O loudly found that unacceptable.

    U&O began to disrupt Mpls Coalition meetings, shouting people down,swearing at them, calling Mary Jo names. Then they started to make threats of physical violence against the President Nelda Rhodes Clarke and others. The constituent member organizations of the Coalition all dropped out and progress in advocating for homeless people ceased in Mpls for five or six years.
    cheri hunkala was the ‘vp’ of Up and Out of Poverty, and a more despicable person would be hard to find.

  77. So McCain bitches about lack of information ? And doesn’t show up at the hearing ?

    What a punk. And his toady , what punks. Complete and total herd of punks.

  78. Is it just me, or did a whole host of the right wing crash to Earth ?
    “The get off my lawn vote”, just failed.

    Nixon is rotating in his grave.
    Unless they can clone Bachman’s eggs like lab rats.

  79. The greatest brake on American liberty, and power has been our fucking bone collection, that we call the “Supreme Court”.

  80. And Obama the basketball president, has the pick of who plays on the ‘court’ for over 4 more years.

    Please smear that into your right wing friends wounds.

  81. I sure wouldn’t want Susan Rice working for me because I think she’s a loose cannon who tries to substitute that unfavorable trait for intellectual heft.

  82. Breaking News –
    Senator John McCain was seen yelling at the marble in the Capital tonight.
    Senator Grandham was seen near by, with an adult diaper bag.

    And that is the right wing theory on health care, when you start crappin’ your pants ,you better have a friend there to help you.

  83. Btw, I worked at advocating on the St Paul side of the river, City Hall, County Board, and the Capitol. If hunkala had shown up, we’d have had her arrested. Nelda Rhodes Clarke came across to our side to captain the Emma Norton Residence, a home and life-training facility w/Methodist backing. In the late 90s she became President of SPACH.

  84. Right, Craig.

    Who cares what romney says.

    He’ll just contradict himself tomorrow.

  85. Trader Jax –
    I have a 2 part question , just how high above sea level is your warehouse ? And who is underwriting your insurance ? I ask this because the highest waves in the record were just booked at the mouth of New York harbor. 35 feet .

    It seems the ‘hoax’ keeps dreaming up phony disasters one right after another.

  86. These ever deeper low pressure storms rolling up the coast is becoming a pattern. All the way to Canada. This is the heat moving to the cold on the water cycle. 4ft. of heavy wet snow in WV., with Sandy . Name a hurricane that ever that . At the end of October. It was snowing in WV. and the air temperature was 34F degrees.

  87. As the oceans warm, the phase change that water goes through is the key. When a water molecule is driven by the Sun, off the Gulf of Mexico, it is carrying the heat that was used to do that . And heat seeks cold always.

    Of all the things on Earth, water holds more heat than everything, except certain salts. Water has 3 phases , the salts have just 2.

    It’s a solid, it’s a gas, it’s a liquid. Huge amounts of heat are moving on this cycle. And our new warmer oceans will send ever more of these hot water vapor molecules looking for the coldest thing they can find. Then that heat gets released when the water makes it’s change .
    This makes thunder storms that rise to 60,000 feet. It’s minus 55F, up there. This makes every storm worse.

    And it’s a feedback loop, water vapor is a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2. And for every 1C degrees rise in ocean temps, there is 7% more water vapor in the atmosphere.

    That’s basic physics , and AM talk radio ain’t gonna change that.

  88. Mr.Democrat,

    Like father, like son.


    The road apple doesn’t fall very far from the ass.

  89. One would think that the submergence of FL, Malibu beach, much of Manhattan & Washington, D.C., and several nations would be a big story.

    In a bizarre and morbid way, it is interesting to note that the lindsay lohan, ted nugent, and kardashian family escapades are of more interest to abc, nbc, cnn, and fakes news than the submergence of Biloxi, Mobile, Pensacola, Galveston, Corpus Christi, and Cape Cod.

    Maybe if CBob were to promote the coming catastrophe as the eventual drowning of the charlie sheen, the snooze media would wake up and start reporting.

    Just a thought.

  90. Apparently the gooper blame is to ankle bite Obama through the next four years. It seems they have given up their hope of birther movement getting ride of Obamarama and have now turned to voter fraud.

    Nash, is it true there are no blacks living in Maine?
    According to the GOP party chair in Maine that would be the case.

    And Soledad OBrien’s pet assh-ole Will Cain who she does not identify as being employed by Glenn Beck is one of the people promoting the idea of widespread voter fraud. He’s ass and she’s a jerk for having him on and then being so sad there is no serious political discussion

  91. KC, having lived in Maine, and Nash apparently still snoozing, Maine is very white.

    When I moved to Rockland in 1982 from Tuscaloosa (county is about 30% black) I looked at the demos there, not knowing what to expect and found that there were 13 (if memory serves) blacks in that town of just over 7,000. I can’t recall ever seeing a black person I thought wasn’t a tourist in the 6 years I was there. The town website claims there are 8000 people there now, but I’m skeptical. Now they say 1.3% in Rockland are black, so about 100 blacks? It’s more than none, but even the ‘can’t party chair should be able to notice one or two assuming they vote and he goes to the polling places.

  92. Demographics of Maine (csv)
    By race White Black AIAN* Asian NHPI*
    2000 (total population) 98.08% 0.77% 1.03% 0.93% 0.06%

    2005 (total population) 97.81% 1.02% 1.00% 1.06% 0.06%

    Growth 2000–05 (total population) 3.37% 37.45% 0.77% 17.68% 2.76%

    * AIAN is American Indian or Alaskan Native; NHPI is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

    The above is a little hard to read, but the word that comes to mind in Maine is White. With just over 1% statewide, maybe the old bigot didn’t notice.

    The biggest city, Portland has 7% black population (only a couple hours from Boston) and Augusta, where the GOP party chair probably lives, has only .5%. I bet he doesn’t know any of them.

  93. Is it just me, or could John McCain be the poster child for republican demographic challenges going forward?

    If he is representative of their base, they have got some serious problems.

  94. Looks like things are going from bad to worse in the Israel/Gaza conflict. What does seem apparent is that it is a conflict between the government of the Gaza strip – or at least sanctioned by Hamas – and Israel. “Surprises”? Not sure whether that is a promise or a threat – or whether that makes any difference.

  95. Jace, John McCain is the face of the party at this point it appears, or he is trying to be at least. If white haired conservative curmudgeon is the base of the ‘can’ts, he’d be it. And they die off, so that would be a challenge. The question is what proportion of us boomers ID ourselves as ‘can’ts – we are replacing grampy’s demo.

  96. Craig… sounds like a trip made in heaven. Glad you and the parental units had a good day.

    I’m beginning to feel sorry for McCain… he wanted so baaaaadly to be president. And now trying to be the leader of his party, he looks like an old fool. The DC media can be rough on this stuff… think Helen Thomas.

    OD… Luke Russert is the latest poster child for nepotism.

  97. sniffing around in exit polls, it looks like the ‘can’ts have a mountain to climb, age wise, and it looks like grampy is the face of the party. Romney had a 12% advantage over 64, and a 4 % advantage from 45-64. That was 54% of the electorate. Below that, Obama cleaned his clock. 38% of voters were in the 45-64 group, 36% below 45. The 4% “boomer” advantage Rmoney had is dwarfed by the rising 46% of younger voters, (40 and below) where Obama had 7% and 23% advantages in subgroups. Unless some young, fresh faced ‘can’t candidate can pull those younger voters into the nope column, the next few election cycles could bode well for dems.

  98. First things first:

    Chloe, There is nothing that U can do, or say to change our friendship.! But after reading the last few threads…i admit to getting a little irritated with you.

    Stop saying that you are sorry after slamming someone if you think that you are right and go on to say so….or think about it…let it rip, and live with it.

    Glad to hear that all is well with miz Em….


    About Hamas, Israel, the holier, than holier lands of the gods…..they all suck.!

    Nash is right when he says that a terrorist can be seen in the every of the beholder….I see the Israeli Neo-cons as the terrorist right along with Hamas…

    Netenyhaoo has been an frustrated terrorist all of his life.!

    He….in 2010 admitted to lying about the Oslo accords…says that he wanted a Palestinian state in public…but in reality, all he wanted was American money to keep building his illegal homes on other lands….

    Would U call a bulldozer going over some families home, while they are sleeping in it, crushing children’s legs with it….a terrorists action?

    Hamas is no better when they launch some missiles into Israel…..they are both terrorist.!

    But how many Palestinians have been killed?

    Bet U that there has been way less than 75 killed by those missiles…


    He does not care about anyone in the United States, not what they say or do b/c he knows that the AIPAC association has Obama and most of our Politicians in his pocket…

    After the Jewish People were welcomed by the ship loads to Palestine….after what the Germans did to them…they turn the next page of the bible and it says to them….Go West Young Man….God and Destiny is with You…….so in the end Might Is Right…..

    They are the true terrorist….they started a war with Egypt…for the Frensh…..their pay back for that little terrorist job…was its first Big Bomb…now they have around 300…maybe only 225-250..but who is counting huh?

  99. Flatus, either one is the face of the party – by “face” I meant image – mean old white guy – but you are right that McConnell is the voice of the party (even though Boner could also lay claim to that distinction). And lord knows I can’t forget that. I see McCain as a distraction right now – doing his best nasty bastard imitation (which is not actually an imitation, since he is the real deal when it comes to all things Obama).

  100. Sturg,

    Battles of the Bible: Pretty interesting stuff no? I know that U get a kick when I say that Jesus was a war time Messiah….but wasn’t he? He led a band of men called dagger men…..they were later of called the apostles…but even in the bible it says that they had hidden weapons with which they defended Jesus……..

    But lets go way back….back to the first under one god, soldier/general… Yahweh hand picked him….Abraham.

    I don’t know if if have the name right, right now…but he was not a Jewish…no such people at that time, they were called Narues?? or something like that…roaming nomadic band of all types…..they were also hired mercenaries…they fought for whom ever had some money for them….proof that He was a professional soldier is also in the bible…when he led some commandos to rescue his nephew Lock….he had to have had military training to do that no?

    Then came that peace loving dude from the Bible Mosses…

    He was also a Military General….at the time of the Exodus…he commanded about 1K hardened war soldiers….they also were killers for hire…Egypt paid them to guard their boarders…..

    Now being the Jewish People…they were not slaves as were are taught in schools….or church, etc,…but were paid laborers….they had good Military doctors to take care of them….

    Ramsey’s….thought about them a lot…finally decided that they were getting to be a threat to him and Egypt…..they had to go…I don’t know where they get that “let my people go” bullshit…they were kicked out, and they did not go out with just a cpl of thousand workers…they also had the one thousand soldiers to watch their backs….and along the way they stole and thing that they could get their hands on….says so right in the book…

    Now, it also says that Mosses came from the dessert….and like any good general, he knew his territory well….that why he crossed the “Reed Rive”….not the Red Sea, but a river that was mainly marsh….they discovered chariots, and stables a cpl of years ….right where they passed….

    He did not go right to the promised land, he did not go north, he went south to the dessert…first he did not want to go up against all of the armies that were in that path if chose to go north.

    Going south gave him the time that he needed to build an trained army…..so he had himself a draft….he trained children, women for 30-40 yrs….then he headed for the “promised land”

    He took no prisoners…maybe a cple here and there….but mostly it was “kill anything that moves”…..take quiete a diciplened solder/army to follow out those orders…..to kill women and children….just like today in Palestine….the hole wars are still going on……

    The Jewish people were once offered a home, a country right after Hitler……they were offered a piece of Africa, i think…..but they did not want anything but the holy land….and the Britts, the Fresh, the USA gave it to them……

    Now in modern time….not much has changed….they want all of that land as they were promised by Yahweh…..and a lot more. Probable left somethings out…but thems my stories, and im stikin to em……

    PS…..the end of organized religion=the end of most terrorism and wars….

  101. Another ps……and another reason for the Israel neocons to take others land for themselves…..WAter…..they have needed water for the large farms that belong to their Neocons…..huge amounts of water is needed for just one farm…..

    How many places where they have taped into the Latini river and other places illegally??? water wars are not uncommon in that area…..going to be a lot more common going into the future…..and need the expansion of homes to get to that water…..lots of moving parts…

  102. here’s my choice for today’s CSM cartoon

    Solarman… IMO, religion is just used as the excuse for war… no more religion… another excuse will work just as well.

    And letting it rip is all well and fine… but remember that other’s have just as much right to rip it back.

  103. Chloe,

    I wouldn’t be too impressed by someone having a board? meeting about what is ahead for the country financially….if all the ones attending in that meeting are all the same…..

    “The wealthy 1% won’t let go of any money to help the economy unless they get to deregulate some of the regulations that they want”…..isn’t that what, how we got here in the first place…..

    U know I do think that there are too many regulations…..but not against wall st, Large Banks, Large Pharm, defense corps…etc, etc,….but against the little guy.!!

    I think that if small corps are given the right tools that they need…..we can get out of the financial mess that we are in…..we to get banks to lend us this money to get the country going again…..

    Dismantle the way that we are taxed……in any given colleged campus…there probable is a building that houses nothing but tax books….no teaching goes on…but it has all the books that one need to find for just the right loop hole.

    I told a nephew last tax season that he was on a government program…..just like the people that he hates…he is a cop that gets gov ins, pay etc….but that I would bet him an expensive dinner out….

    Here was the bet…..that he did not pay over 10% of taxes…and that he was on a government program that he and his family took advantage of yearly…just as those on food stamps…….


    Thats why I said think about it…yes we can expect a fierce rebuttal….

    …..and yes religion is sometimes the excuse of those that are presidents, kings, rulers….but for soldiers…it is all about religion…b/c that is how it is sold to them….

    Ok, only 80% of the time religions are the cause of wars…I can live with that…the end of organized religion=80% less wars….

    He knows me…..and did not want to bet…..I told him put up or stfu. then……I guess that this has been bothering him….a year later he asked me….around tax time……what the f…did I mean he took a gov ernment hand out…..

    Told him that every year he filled for something that not every tax-pay person could file for and get…..earned income credit….this is abused imo……he is not mad at me any more…just says its there for me to use…..

    Now, his wife makes around 120K or more…he makes around 75-95k depending over time…(now there is a scam, police over time….they love off duty court days, and more)….any way…I asked him if he files for

  104. Solar, how does he qualify for EIC? Upper limit for income – married with 3 or more kids, is $49,078, less with fewer kids.

  105. “Hostess Brands is cutting more than 18,000 jobs as it closes its doors for good.”

    “…workers will not receive severance pay or pay for unused vacation time…directing employees to COBRA for continuing medical insurance coverage.”

    “Striking workers are not entitled to unemployment benefits in most states…”


    I really want to go to the store to hoard some unhealthy-but-delicious goodies.

  106. Maine is very white, but most of the non-whites are concentrated in the southeastern corner, which is also the most “Democratic” part of the state.

    The rest of the state is so white, you’re more likely to see a moose than a black person, Latino, or Asian.

    I did see a couple of moose voting, but no one had a problem with that. They were “locals” so everyone knew who they were.

  107. Gen Petraeus undoubtedly realizes that he can be recalled to active duty, reduced in rank to major general and then be retired as a major general, all with nothing for him to say except, “But, but, but…”

  108. Alternatively, as a matter of law, all four star generals and chief master sergeants shall be issued bed warmers. Inferior officers and NCOs of lesser rank shall write letters home.

  109. Thank you X-R for explaining about Ms Huckla that’s sounds unfortunate hopefully she won’t be on the ticket next time

    And Pogo and Nash
    thanks for the Maine pop. update
    apparently all the people of color in this one town
    voted together — probably out of fear of the GOP
    the state chair did walk his comments back to the Klan Hq

  110. Blue

    I think they are selling the brand/recipe to another national bakery –although it will probably never be the same

    On the other hand it could turn into a local boom –homegrown hostess ho’ ho’s

  111. Nash, your description of Maine is exactly as I remember it. According to the census data there are something just about 90 black folks in Augusta – figure that about 2/3 are voting age – I can’t imagine that the GOP party head hasn’t seen a few potential black voters… (Stop now, do NOT go there. That’s WAAAAY too snarky).

  112. Wow, 24 hr’s of net depravation. The lap top broke down yesterday sometime after I last posted. I came back to eat lunch and no computer. I told myself, good thing I bought that extended warrenty. But no such luck. LOL It expired last week.
    So I dug out an old computer, had to run to walmart and get a wireless adapter and now

    I”M BACK
    The shakes are starting to go away.
    Addict? who’s an addict.


  113. An explosion on an oil rig owned by Black Elk Energy off the coast of Louisiana has left two people missing and injured four more, officials say.

    msn.com news
    and 2 more killed

  114. “The shakes are starting to go away.
    Addict? who’s an addict.” -Jack

    Get a video-game console: it’s a better buzz.

  115. Whskyjack – There is nothing like having your electronics breakdown just after the warranty expired, huh? That is an experience that I am all too familiar, although I have learned through my experiences that Bose is more forgiving than Dell.

  116. Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, who helped negotiate the release of Gilad Shalit and maintained contacts with Hamas leaders, said the truce agreement included protocols for maintaining a cease-fire in the case of cross-border violence between Israel and Gaza.

    Baskin told Haaretz that senior officials in Israel knew about the pending truce agreement, but nevertheless approved the assassination, presumably knowing it would terminate the truce and escalate the conflict with Gaza.

    “I think that they have made a strategic mistake,” Baskin said, “which will cost the lives of quite a number of innocent people on both sides.” He added that Jabari’s assassination “killed the possibility of achieving a truce.”

    “This blood could have been spared. Those who made the decision must be judged by the voters, but to my regret they will get more votes because of this,” he added.

  117. They say when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But when you are a politician and all you have is a hammer, you must convince voters every problem looks like a nail. This is the only thinking that can explain Israel’s behavior in escalating bombardment of Gaza.

    The Israeli spin machines are out in full force in the hopes of convincing Israelis and the rest of the world that the attacks on Gaza are in self-defense. But anyone following the situation closely and over time will tell you that cannot be the case.

  118. Solar,

    1. You put interesting spin on Bible stories. The Apriru were apparently big over the road haulers across the Fertile Crescent. 2,500 years later Muhammad made a living in the same trade.

    2. I still can’t find any info on Israel tapping the Litani. Where do you find that?

  119. I wonder if the jabari assassination has something to do with netanyahoo wanting to get re-elected.

    I have always thought that the secondary reason for the Iraq invasion was to rack up a victory in time for the ’04 election. It wouldn’t surprise me if netanyahu is up to the same thing.

    That said, hamas is still a terrorist gang, and the big Q is, which one broke the truce, Israel or hamas? I heard about rockets fired from Gaza a couple days before I saw that jabari had been offed.

  120. I once saw Maine from the New Brunswick side of the border. It didn’t look white; it looked pretty green.

  121. Solar,

    I’ve never been one to cut Israel a lot of slack when it comes with their dealings with the Palestinians.
    I think that they have often been provocative in their actions toward them as a method to sway world opinion especially in the United States.

    That said, if the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome then certainly Hamas or whom ever, quite accurately meets that definition.

    Dropping bombs or rockets on Israel has never resulted in anything other than Israeli retaliation.
    This most likely will always be the case, be the government conservative or moderate.

  122. Y’all be proud to know that the votes in my part of South Carolina, Richland County, were finally totaled this afternoon.

    Investigations can’t be totaled while they are still in progress.

  123. The wife was raised on Sunshine crackers. They are the only crackers she eats. I get by with any old cheap cracker but she can tell the difference.


  124. Flatus, where would I get that special combination of preservatives that makes them what they are?


  125. I used to buy a small bottle of milk, a fifty cent hot dog and a Hostess fruit pie.

    I called it lunch. 😉

  126. Sometimes there was one of those little cans of Vienna Sausages, or a tin of sardines, but always there was the little apple pie. 😉

  127. Then there is this song in praise of Little Debbie Oatmeal pies.


  128. Flatus

    The Safeway chain carries a very limited selection of organic ice cream. Our tiny little organic grocery store and the liquor store posing as a grocery story both have a better selection of organic ice creams then stupid Safeway.

  129. It’s funny how things have changed. Years ago, the stores out west had all the fancy things. Now the ones where I live are trying to outdo each other in selection and quality and, surprise, at a reasonable price to boot.

  130. Sorry for all of the (more than usual) mistakes in my posts. Was typing while trying to paint a cpl of rooms, and not get caught doing it…..later

  131. Flatus,

    I think that we are still counting votes in AZ.

    You are lucky to live in such a progressive state.

  132. Nationalize the Twinkie industry

    “We the undersigned, hereby request Barack Obama to immediately Nationalize the Twinkie industry and prevent our nation from losing her sweet creamy center”

    You can make a real difference by going to the Whitehouse web site and signing this petition. Unlike all the idiots who want to secceed from the union, this a real national emergency.
    Go here to sign the petition to save America.

  133. As stockpiles of Hostess product disappear, 100,000 dentists will be thrown out of work.
    Denmark will go into a severe depression as Novo Nordisk lays off one quarter of the population.
    The population of Indiana will live an extra decade.

    I ask you, can we allow this to happen ?

  134. When I worked on the job while I was going to school, they had the catering trucks come around to the job sites. Now those trucks had some baked goods. Like fresh pies and cream puffs and all kinds of fresh pastries.

    The twinkies and their ilk were what came after the catering trucks left the scene.

  135. The banks and the Hostess execs allowed the company to go $1 B!LL!ON into debt.

    Smells more fishy than I expect of pastry.

    There are perfectly good, but empty, prison cells in this country, and these crooks could fill them nicely.

  136. It takes a really serious effort to put a bakery into debt to the tune of $1B!LL!ON.

    I’ll bet most of the ingredients were Swiss chocolate, and Cayman Islands sugar.

  137. Flatus @ 1:26 pm, and worth repeating:

    Gen Petraeus undoubtedly realizes that he can be recalled to active duty, reduced in rank to major general and then be retired as a major general, all with nothing for him to say except, “But, but, but…”

  138. The demise of Twinkies.

    And you all thought this election was about higher taxes on the rich. 😉

  139. This simply does not pass the smell test.

    I refuse to eat a Twinkie made in China. 😉

  140. For civilians information, even though majors outrank lieutenants, lieutenant generals outrank major generals. Strange but True by Army Regulation.

    Strange but True by Army Regulation, acronym STAR, as in the emblem that distinguishes brigidiers and higher from the expendables.

    That is all. Dis Mist.

  141. XR,

    I think what he will say will be more along the lines of, butt, butt,butt…….

  142. The highest permanent rank for officers is major general. Officers serving in three and four star positions are serving in temporary grades of lieutenant general and general. They may retire in those grades if the boss says it’s okay. They may also be recalled to active duty and be reduced in grade like in my example. It’s not good for their morale.

    Back in the ’50s, they had one general who really pissed somebody off. He was reduced to an airman first class until he retired as a brigadier general almost a year later.

  143. craig, thassa good question. “Who cares what Romney says?”. I’m, I guess, kind of pondering that there same what-all.

  144. Election Post-Mortem:

    Republicans had the more noisy “enthusiasm.”
    Democrats, in retrospect, had a more quiet intensity.

    The Romney was bluffing and the conservative media did its best to create a false sense of momentum.

    I knew the guys running the Obama campaign were just too smart and were too deep into the numbers on FL and VA.

    This was solely a turnout/base election. Republican “enthusiasm” was overrated too. The enthusiasm was against Obama and not “for” Romney. And because it was a turnout election the Democratic base was never going to abandon its first African American President, it’s just that simple. Take Corzine in NJ for example in 2009, that is a perfect example of a base abandoning one of its own.

    And this business about giving “gifts?” Ok, are we so naive that we don’t know that’s what politics is all about? Does anyone doubt if Romney was elected, he was going to give gifts out to his supporters? Cut the capital gains rate, like he talked about so he (and others) could pay an effective rate of 2% rather than 14%? As they say in the south…. “that dog don’t hunt.”

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