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  1. well there you go, bubbaleh, your next best seller. there’s a good book somewhere in that pile of elephant excrement. better hurry tho’ cause hiaasen is no doubt already basing
    his next spoof on it.

  2. did i hear right? were the twinkies, ho hos and hostess carcass already picked clean by a vulture capitalist (think bain rmoney type) prior to the big bad union strike? the fat cats will get fatter after selling the bones and the workers will be the ones to suffer as well as take the blame.

  3. The bad news is that Florida screwed up another big election.

    The good news is that it doesn’t matter this time.

    By now, we Floridians have stoically accepted our laughingstock role in the Electoral College. To comedy writers, we’re the gift that keeps on giving. What would Jon Stewart and David Letterman do without us?

    We are the Joke State.

    And, by a stroke of good fortune, it’s much easier to smile today than it was 12 years ago.

    from hiaasen’s column last week

  4. Craig,

    Perhaps they could come to AZ. and learn how to count votes.
    There is still time. 😉

  5. jace, no matter how hard y’all try, arizona will never be as big a joke as florida.

  6. Hey Patd,

    We’ve got just as much sunshine as Florida, and almost as many knuckleheads. 😉

  7. hey…. the only thing missing in that video was a bowl of bananas on that politician’s desk…

    the hell with twinkies… it means no more sno balls…

  8. jace, i agree with you about the misuse of “evangelical” as it’s derived from the greek (i think) meaning good tidings or good messenger. neither of which describe the gloomy doomy goonybirds calling themselves christians nowadays.

  9. the hell with twinkies… it means no more sno balls…

    renee, not to worry. deals to buy up the names and secret recipes were probably sealed before the bodies warmed the picket lines. ads are being developed right now most likely of keebler elves having pink sno-ball fights.
    and anyway, there are probably tons stored in old underground bomb shelters that are still fresh as they were when bought in the fifties.

  10. Jace, your 10:12 is spot-on.

    Because of it, I went and did a Wiki on Evangelicalism. Not surprisingly, the mean-spirited movement that has emerged since the 1960s is mentioned only as an aside in a downstream link.

    I have a nephew who is a Baptist preacher. His calling is to serve the LGBT community as well as others who thrive in diversity. Years ago he had a well publicized dialog with the bigot, Rev Falwell. Doug, my nephew, holds a PhD from Union Theological in NYC. His pulpit is at University Baptist in a city called home by one of our stalwarts.

  11. Patd and Flatus,

    Thanks for the reply and the clarification.

    If Gospel is the ‘good news’, then it has always seemed to me that evangelism is the method by which the news is spread, in thought, word, and deed.

    Paul described it as, “having the same mind in you that was in Christ Jesus”

    If this is indeed the case, and that is only my take on it, my concept of evangelism is far removed from the ideas espoused by these modern so called evangelists.

    True evangelism is one of the most sublime manifestations of the Christian faith. It has no room for the judgmental arrogance, and exclusionary rhetoric of the contemporary Christian right.It most certainly has no room for any partisan political activities.

  12. Have not read all the threads. Was there any mention as to how the libertarians did?…oh and just for the record…this article proves to me that >>>> Ron Paul probably would have….no make that>>if the R;s had run Ron Paul right at Obama weakness…..(all of his record was weak) R. P. would have been potus

    The “liberty movement” also backed the successful Senate candidacies of Ted Cruz in Texas and Jeff Flake in Arizona. Flake was a rare House Republican who voted against the Medicare prescription drug benefit, No Child Left Behind, and the Wall Street bailout. Cruz’s opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act and calls to eliminate the TSA won him the endorsements of Ron and Rand Paul.

    That’s not even counting the re-election of longtime stalwarts like Reps. Walter Jones of North Carolina and Jimmy Duncan of Tennessee. Overall, Ron Paul Republicans—and other conservative GOP politicos who actively sought libertarian support—did better than the party as a whole.

    Meanwhile, Mitt Romney hemorrhaged libertarian support in his failed presidential campaign. Neither Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap” nor Barack Obama’s record could prevent small-government defections from the Republican ticket.

    Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson received more than 1.1 million votes, a record for the perennially ineffective third party. Not all of them came at Romney’s expense. But an analysis posted at the Daily Paul found that Ron Paul’s 2012 primary vote total was greater than Obama’s margin of victory over Romney in four key battleground states—New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.


    If U click on this link, watch out for the explosion.!!!! we going to be propelled to mars sooner than we wanted…….

    Why would every man women and child want one of these in their pockets???

  13. In other news, fresh off of having his ass handed to him in the most recent election, Rinse Water announces that he will seek a second term as head of the RNC.

    Opposition party breathes sigh of relief.

    Republicans place their heads between their legs, and kiss their sweet ass goodby.

  14. flatus, i take it your nephew is american baptist convention of the rhode island roger williams baptists ilk. souls who helped build and buttress that wall between church and state.
    good people.

  15. Jace, Pogo,

    U know….ive been thinking a lot about why the Israeli neocons keep provoking the Palestinians to launch a few missiles at this time, knowing that they will be hit back harder by 1k times:

    At the end of this month…I read somewhere, where they are going to ask the un general assembly for a non_member status……

    I don’t think that Netenhhaooo really want this to happen.!

    This move….would worry Israel’s leaders, because it could eventually allow the Palestinians to file charges against the Israeli neocons before the International Criminal Court. Making the dream of a Greater Israel forces Tel Aviv to find ways to keep the Palestinians at bay no?

    What ever they throw at the Pals…..its not going to work…they have tried all out war, air strikes, etc, etc…..what they want is for them to leave the promised lands……but the Pals won’t do this…they are just as religious….and they won’t just submit….to apartheid….although thats what it is right now…..so if thats what any one supports……say so.!!!…but they won’t stop their struggle for self-determination…….later

  16. My parents retired to a condo in Cocoa Beach, Florida. As they aged, they got a bit “eccentric” and I think I know what caused it: too much sun, too much heat!

    The first time I visited them was in August: daily high temperature was 100 degrees.

    I went to Disney world. But 2PM it looked like a scene from “Lawrence of Arabia.” (Which was on TCM last night, by the way.)

    As Omar Sharif said, “When the camels die, we die.”

  17. Criag: I agree with Patd.

    Write a book about Florida politics. Yes, you live in DC now, but that gives you some distance and objectivity.

    Write about Florida politics from a national perspective.

    I’ve got your title; you can call it…”When the Camels Die.”

  18. Jace,

    Sorry about the late reply.

    In my memory STAR (Strange but True by Army Regulation) began with observing 2d lieutenants who had been freshly extruded from OCS (Officers Candidate School) and put in charge of medical evacuation units peopled by Specialist 3s to Spec 8s. The young Looey might have a degree in English or fine arts, for example, but have zero knowledge of the medical work, how to close a wound, how to procure morphine or Tetracycline, how to fly a ‘copter, or how to lead men. If such a Looey had brains, he’d hang on every word of his senior non-coms, essentially taking orders from an underling. STAR

    However, in the awful event that baby Lieuie was an idiot, and didn’t make use of his non-coms, the soldiers, to the extent possible, would have to set their own standards, provide their own leadership, and manage their own technical problems, without involving the Looey. However, although cut out of the business of saving lives, the dumb Looey was still the boss. STAR

  19. I am sure that such STARS happened on flight lines, communications, JAG, and in other of the more technical fields.

  20. At one point I briefly found myself running things, as our young Looey spent most of his time day-dreaming.

  21. nash, yeah let’s push the book that only fearless leader can write. he knows the state from childhood, from work as a local and state journalist, as a candidate for office, a hill staffer for fl pol, working for both gopers and dembats and now as a probable retiree. you’re right that d.c. gives him a certain air of objectivity and gravitas.
    but as for a title, i think the promotional slogan adopted by the state in 1986 says it better:

    “Florida—The Rules Are Different Here”

  22. i can even picture the cover: a parking lot adorned with a ragged limp charlie brown palm tree and filled with various vehicles (from run down beaters to fancy sportscars including a homeless person’s shopping cart) all with “the rules are different here” bumper stickers.

  23. Solar,

    Weird 1:18pm post. How were those hundreds of hamas missiles ‘provoked’? Looks to me more like hamas trying to get netanyahoo re-elected.

    The Palestinian statehood theory doesn’t work, because it is the PLA, not hamas, that is putting it forward. I mean, the PLA that was literally exterminated in Gaza by hamas when the latter took over, after the Israelis left.

    Don’t you have a source for your accusation that Israel takes water from the Litani River ?

  24. Title: Hiding Out with the Florida Ballots

    Cover Photo: The inside of a broom closet

  25. Rumor : Bimbo Foods of Mexico might buy Hostess.

    I can’t wait for a commieChinese dogfood company to get into this food fight.

  26. Evangelicals is the demographic that has been leaving the rippers. Way down in ’08, and still sinking in ’12.

    Don’t see much evidence that Libertarians are leaving the rip up party. 9-11% of the party. They are still out-numbered 4-1 by the bush crime family’s neoconmunist wing.

  27. Hold the phone!

    I was looking at the wrong line. Libertarians harvested 700,000 more votes in ’12 !

    If he’d gotten them, it still wouldn’t have made slick willie president.

  28. Gary Johnson got almost 3 times as many votes for president as wrong pol had in ’88, and almost double the %age of the vote – Johnson .98%, up from pol’s .50%.

    It was nice to see that the Barr family had another candidate for president this year. However, Roseanne only got about 1/9 of the vote that bob had only four years earlier. Couldthis be The Twilight of the Barrs ?

  29. The constitution party vote more than doubled in the last 4 years, even without alan keyes.

  30. Nash –

    A BRIEF HISTORY OF FLORIDA POLITICS ….. We put the ‘Daaa’ in politics

  31. My globe trotting nephew has sent pictures to my little sister from the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. He say’s the Opera House is a wifi sweet spot.

  32. “Basically we have a manual and we’re required to follow it,” Farhat said. “And there’s nothing in that manual that talks about providing support to the Mississippi River.”
    Army Corps of Engineers

  33. Wiskey Jack –
    You’ll want to buy a metal detector ……..

    At issue is a plan by the corps to significantly reduce the amount of water released from the Gavins Point Dam near Yankton, S.D., a move to conserve water in the upper Missouri River basin also stung by the drought. The outflow, currently at 36,500 cubic feet per second, is expected to be cut to 12,000 cubic feet per second over several days, starting Friday.

    A lot of ‘beach’ is about to surface at Kansas City.

  34. To Midland , Texas tonight …….
    You guys put a bunch vets & their wives on a 18 wheel tractor/trailer float , and ran a rail road crossing guard ?

    Really ?

    Lance Armstrong
    The BBC
    Gen. Petraus
    Midland, kills vets

    We’re really burning down the house. Except for those 4 teenage girls in Africa charging laptops with urine.

  35. I was glad to see Jim Davis’s name broought into the
    religion talk. He’s been on the Daily Showand makes a
    lot of sense, sees the flaws others see but which the extremists refuse to acknowledge. I hope he gets more attention, but I have to say I can’t imagine living my life talking about the bible and being in a church/religion circle.

  36. 4 teenage girls in Africa charging laptops with urine.

    As soon as I read this story, I thought of ShelterBox. Then I and other people dug up some back ground on just what they did.
    After that, I looked at their picture, that machine will fit in a ‘ShelterBox’.

    It is important because you can haul it to the middle of the desert, pee in it , and charge your laptop , and have LED lights at night.

  37. It is important because you can haul it to the middle of the desert, pee in it , and charge your laptop , and have LED lights at night.

    Or Staten Island, after the worst storm ever seen there.

  38. 4 teenage girls in Africa charging laptops with urine.

    Their machine burns hydrogen in a Honda generator , they didn’t have the money for a fuel cell like NASA has . They did base their work on a 2009 NASA paper , that lays out why making hydrogen from urine works. A fuel cell and a Honda generator require the same things , oxygen and fuel . Both will run on hydrogen. A fuel cell can be made to be a rectangle at the bottom of a ShelterBox. A Honda generator can’t.

    The ShelterBox format is important , that’s 2 men carrying relief for 10 people, into the destruction. If 2 men could carry a power plant that runs on pee. That lets you contact the world, and that means everything.

  39. ha patd et al, don’t be pushing me into another book when i still need to sell the books i’ve already written. haven’t made a profit yet, publishers get ALL the money

  40. still need to sell the books i’ve already written. haven’t made a profit yet, publishers get ALL the money

    And you got 1,200 people out of the elements when their world was ripped away. Never forget that.

  41. Young Crawford –
    Never forget this , your picture is on a wall in Cornwall, Great Britain. Because you are a good and decent man.

  42. Note to the reader –
    Craig Crawford’s smiling face is on a hallway in Cornwall . The Brits wrote us , they were stunned by what we did. Craig was stunned, I was stunned, they were stunned, we were stunned, and the Haitians were certainly stunned. As just a small group , we did pretty good.

  43. A woman on the radio talked about revolution
    When it’s already passed her by
    Bob Dylan didn’t have this to sing about you
    You know it feels good to be alive

    I was alive and I waited, waited
    I was alive and I waited for this
    Right here, right now
    There is no other place I want to be
    Right here, right now
    Watching the world wake up from history

    I saw the decade in, when it seemed
    The world could change at the blink of an eye
    And if anything
    Then there’s your sign… of the times

    I was alive and I waited, waited
    I was alive and I waited for this
    Right here, right now

  44. If your fate is to be a ‘one hit wonder’ , make sure you’re Jesus Jones.

  45. ‘Right here right now , there is no other place I want to be ……… ‘Watching the world wake-up from history.’

  46. If you decide to place the bit in your teeth , you’ll need this song. Otherwise you will fail.

  47. Trust me, you’ll need every scrap of courage, you can find.
    Everyday of your life.
    Like the 4 teenage girls in Africa.
    Courage is all they have.
    No one on the planet would make a urine powered power plant , except for 4 girls from Africa.
    That is courage.

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