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  1. I’ve only seen whales once in my life, and then it was with the aid of binoculars. Even at a distance they were nothing short of spectacular. πŸ˜‰

  2. Brief political break: Allen West out – Alan Grayson in – We now have another reason for Thanksgiving.

  3. httpv://youtu.be/lf3mgmEdfwg

    As God is my witness……..Still one of the funniest episodes ever. πŸ˜‰

  4. httpv://youtu.be/m4FkKrgxSl4

    Speaking of amazing creatures, here is on of my favorite, and here’s why. πŸ˜‰

  5. Jamie… Whale Rider makes my list of all time favorite top 5 movies.

    I’ve been on many whale watch rides… the best I’ve seen in New England was in Nash’s neck of the woods at Acadia National Park in Maine.

    But for the best whale watching in the USA… you can’t beat Hawaii in winter time. The humpbacks come to breed and calf in the shallow shelves between the islands. We were in Maui in February 2003. You could watch whales breaching right from any beach. The whale watch tour we took was spectacular!

    here’s a short sample of the kind of thing we saw on that tour…


    Here’s a short sample

  6. From previous thread:

    you sure that scream wasn’t a screech owl?

    Country girl that I am, yes, I’m sure. Dad made sure of that. And, in fact, we do still have bobcats roaming around: Paul was taking a back road home after a gig a few months ago when he saw one strolling along like it didn’t have a care in the world, not two miles from where I sit. This was also prime cougar territory, and with reports of small populations further south, it’s not out of the question they could range this far again.

    Pat, that was intriguing about the fisher cat, but their range is waaaaayyyyy far north of Knobite Corner. We had a family of mink down on the creek at one time, but pollution and various attempts to dig the channel deeper (to reduce flooding; the neighbors down the hill nearly wash away on a regular basis) drove them off years ago.

  7. Renee is right about the excellent whale watching at Acadia National Park. Actually the whale watching is not in the park itself but in the adjacent town of Bar Harbor (pronounced “bah hahbah”).

    Acadia is the BEST place to visit if you come to Maine. If you see a picture of the “scenic rocky coast of Maine” it was probably taken at Acadia. In addition to the whales they have eagles which nest in the cliffs above the ocean.

    The top of Cadillac Mountain (named after a French explorer, not the car) in Acadia park is supposed to be the place where the rays of the morning sun first touch the USA every morning, although there are several other spots that claim that distinction, such as Mount Washington in Renee’s New Hampshire. In any case, the park opens before dawn so that people can go to the top of the mountain. There’s usually about 50 people there every morning, except in winter, waiting for the sunrise.

    They are usually silent. They just sit on the rocks, waiting.
    Sometimes, when the sun comes up, they applaud.

  8. We get whales coming and going along the California coast sometimes they are close enough to see from shore and sometimes (not often) they tour the SF Bay

    We are in very rural Northern California and have lots of fauna around of all sizes and scariness.
    Right now public enemy no. one is the gopher — everything has to be in raised beds with hardware cloth underneath or have the roots in cages…
    It’s just like “Caddy Shack”

  9. Flatus

    We’d love to put them on the pill. The Master Gardeners group told us that they are not a herd or pack animal and that all the damage is probably being done by one gopher (he must be huge)

  10. I bet the master gardener is wrong. 😈

    For our moles, we would introduce some super hot ground red pepper, like Thai pepper, into their active tunnels. They would move to an occidental neighbor’s yard without collecting their deposit.

  11. Flatus
    I tried everything –hot pepper (including wasabi powder and some ground up red Korean pepper I got from a vendor at the market) caster oil,and battery operated devices.

    I did not put dry ice or run the exhaust hose down the holes.

    We have detente which is how I know all warring parties can live in peace. They are here but they can’t get anything we grow. I see their tunnels ramming into the side of the beds I rather enjoy it.

  12. Katherine,

    I understand. It’s like earning a tie with the squirrels.

    Looking at the seasonings that you provided them, I think the critters probably thought those were the makings for a salad dressing.

    By an order, or orders, of magnitude, the Thai pepper is more hot than the Korean. My surmise is that its presence in even relatively small quantities shuts down the critters navigation systems. Their quite Spockian response is to leave.

    But, if I were in your position, I would enjoy every minute that your continuing flummoxery provides.

  13. Willie told a joke on the view:

    Drunk falls out of a window and lands splat on the sidewalk. Bystander runs up to him and asks, “What happened??” The drunk says, “I don’t know, man…I just got here.”

  14. My favorite Townes joke: Drunk is dazedly walking down the sidewalk holding a key in his hand, approaches a cop and says, “You gotta help me, someone stole my car.” Cop says, “Well, where was it?” Drunk holds up his hand with the key in it and says, “It was right here on the end of this key.” The cop says, “There’s a police station right down the street here. Just go in there and make out a report. But, ah…you better stuff yourself back into your pants and zip up before you go in.” The drunk looks down at his fly and says, “Oh my god…..They got my girl too!”

  15. Nash… Rick and I watched the sunrise on top of Mt. Cadillac… and yes… like everyone else with us up there, we cheered.

    I just finished packing for my show this Friday and Saturday… now a couple days of relaxation… ahhhhh.

    and speaking about Friday…
    here’s my choice for today’s CSM cartoon

  16. I’ve seen Beluga Whales up close, and some biggies at a distance. A quarter mile is close enough for me. Riding someone who stays under for an hour at a time would be breathtaking. You don’t want to be wearing a seatbelt.

  17. Maybe a neighbor turned up the volume during the Raiders of the Lost Ark snake scene.

  18. WARNING: Stay away from Florida and Colorado WalMart … They’ve been hit with some form of illegal card thefts. My son was in TX and had $700 charged against his card in Colorado. Claim filed and all is well, but in checking into it, the bank found he wasn’t alone and that it had happened in Florida as well as Colorado. Investigation on going.

    Craig – Another reason for a Tobey boycott :)

  19. Renee

    For me it is watching the migration in California and then the one time I went to The Sea of Cortez for something like this:


  20. I give up. No point in trying to convince y’all that I am not a complete idiot.

  21. Faire,

    I’ve heard cougars scream, but it was down in the baja in the coastal hills above Ensenada. We didn’t leave the house after the lights had been shut down for the night. It liked to come down to prowl around the rancho. The “snuffing” sounds are interesting as well.

  22. I’ve heard Barred Owls shriek. When Ilived out in the woods the Barred Owls would let loose about 11pm – midnight, and I’d have to peel guests off the ceiling. Forcing open a cold and rusty car door only makes a fifth of the noise. In fact, a more horrific noise cannot be imagined. I suspect the owl was just shouting to the others, “GOT ONE!”

    No, Faire, I believe you. But, we’ll never know what that critter was now.

  23. Itty bitty Screech Owls just don’t have the volume. Barred Owls can turn it up to 11.

    And, they’re always in bed around midnight or sooner. Barred Owls aren’t nightowls.


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  25. I remember way back must have been early ’72. Had business at the AF Base that used to be in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

    I was determined to have lobster for dinner. Not some NH lobster that would have been divine, but a Maine lobster in all its glory. So I drove to Maine and found a place that had a lobster on life support.

    Prideful me ate the damned Maine lobster then drove back to the NCO club.

  26. Whoever spies me this white whale, that man may claim this gold doubloon or a three day, two night cruise for two to Nassau in the Bahamas!

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