Turkey Roll

Thanksgiving, Gloucester MA (2012)

Turkey Stroll
Just returned from this walk in the Gloucester woods with a fine Turkey family (Thanksgiving Day, 11/22/2012)

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    I’m thankful for sooooo much… but I want to take a moment to say Thanks to Craig for making this wonderful space where we all can share.

    Craig… love to you and David… have a great Turkey Day… and say Hi to Dale from Rick and I.

  2. Ditto, RR. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    I am so happy to be where I am now and today I am going to get greedy with friends and family…enjoy their company and share good food and drink. We have lost so many good humans these past few years, but I know life is for the living. And living is very good today.

  3. A healthy, peaceful Thanksgiving to all.

    Renee, I agree with your sentiments. Craig, your intelligence and sense of humor is most welcome in this crazy world. And the way you write about David is a joy to behold:we should all be so lucky to have such love and devotion in our lives.

    Trail Mixers are a diverse lot. This is the strength of this meeting place. We can agree to disagree, and do so in a civil manner. Here’s hoping the rest of the world can learn by our example.

  4. A special thank you to Craig for this amazing place. For you all, I am grateful for your companionship, knowledge, and decency. I wish you all a close and loving time with friends and families.

  5. Echoing all the comments above, Thanks Craig and Happy Thanksgiving to all on the Trail.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here…

    To Craig special thanks for keeping TM together…

  7. Thanks to Dan,oldest daughters boy friend,I am able to be here today. got to have me one of these I pad gizmos.

    so if this looks strange I am still learning.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you mixers,enjoy the day.
    wishing you lots of food, fun, and family. 😉

  8. I’m really thankful for being able to participate in Craig’s marvelous group; quite honestly it, with the wonderfully interesting, witty, and diverse family that has come together to support me is special beyond my words to express. Thank you all.


  9. Happy Happy turkey day to everyone ’round here on The Trail!!!

    Y’all are the very best, I pray that the rest of the country could have the brain power found ’round here each day!!!

  10. I must have missed that fork in the trail. I posted this on the last thread :

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone !

    Almost all of us have an abundance for which to be grateful. Those who only have their lives, have that for which to be grateful, for they may still experience the richness of life itself.

    Let us celebrate with what we have, great or small, and live it up !

  11. Mini-Me Turkeys (Cornish Game Hens) in oven. Staving off hunger deviled eggs and olives served. Dressing and other accoutrements to follow. Hope all are having a good time today.

  12. Since we are doing nature places, this fell through once before, but we still need to do a trailmix get together here:


  13. jes….it’s an awfully nice trail to ride.

    Dateline Brooklyn: Traditional oven vulture, known by some as the Freezer Eagle…mac and cheez, mashup tater, conebraid starfing, and various plus sundry other stuff along with the traditional Brooklyn Lager.

    went and saw the Macy T-day parade…floats were all backlit from where we were so no good pitchers, but a good time being and been had by all.

    so, guard blast us everyone.

  14. Just voted you all ‘up’ , I have always hated ‘smiley faces’, but I love this little green thumb. It is a mark of the Alpha, or ‘up’.

    It has always been a safe harbor , for an interesting, and gayly painted fleet of ships.

  15. Nature Week –
    I would remind everyone that he posted that before all these turkeys thought Craig Crawford is a fellow avian.

  16. the Freezer Eagle

    That is slick writing , I plan to steal that . In 3 score and 3, I have never heard that.

  17. So I watched the ‘Dust Bowl” this week. In 1937 FDR went to Amarillo, Texas, and spoke to 200,000 people ……. 4 times the size of the city. At the time the US government was buying back 4 millions acres to replant in grass, and paying framers 20 cents an acre to farm like the government scientists said to farm, and not like the way had always farmed at Dalhart, Texas .

    It worked, when a little rain showed up.

  18. So I watched the ‘Dust Bowl” this week.

    I looked at the webcams on the ‘Steamboat Pilot’ page today. Zero natural snow , the white strips on a brown & grey landscape where man tries to fool nature. I spent a winter at Steamboat Springs, working in a shoe repair shop, making wild ski hats , and cooking pizzas at night.
    The drought we are in, is about to pulse back to drier. But just North of it, ….. in the Idaho pan handle, Coeur d’Alene is just a few inches from their all time rainfall record.
    It’s not snowing at Coeur d’Alene, it’s been raining . 3 weeks into November, and rain is falling in the mountain valleys along our Canadian border.

    Ski New Mexico is about to have a fire sale.

  19. It was 80F degrees here today ……. We were 20F degrees above average. And we have been 10 to 15 above average all month. When cold air comes down now , it just takes us to average. Then we pop back to being 10F degrees above average. I am not burning natural gas to stay warm this fall.

  20. Nov 22 1963 –
    Vicki Bowman was planning a giant party , she bumped it to the next night, with a much thinner crowd. I was into the cheer leader that is the 8th grade.

    That’s when I really began to love the wonder that is nature.

  21. I never care to have ‘Parkland Hospital’, and Thanksgiving on the same day .
    It always breaks my heart.

  22. “We might have hoped that some forests would be relatively immune to drought, and that we didn’t have to worry so much about those,” Engelbrecht said. “Now we’re finding that we have to worry about all of them.”

    Drought Puts Trees the World Over ‘At the Edge’

    Something I never heard of before in trees. A thing called, ” hydraulic failure.”

    After looking at 226 tree species at 81 locations around the world, two dozen experts from around the world have determined that fully 70 percent of trees are likely to suffer if conditions get drier — and it doesn’t matter whether those trees live in wet or dry habitats.

  23. After looking at 226 tree species at 81 locations around the world, two dozen experts from around the world have determined that fully 70 percent of trees are likely to suffer if conditions get drier — and it doesn’t matter whether those trees live in wet or dry habitats.

    There have been times like this on Earth , but we didn’t make them. This time we did . And speed we did it in is really remarkable.

  24. Nature Week – 2012

    It’s not the change that is coming at us, it’s the velocity of change coming at us.

  25. I read the bird thread , ……. My vote is the bird where the male holds the future on the top of his feet for 90 days.

    In the dark , at – 70F degrees.

  26. That is a real bird, but so is the ‘Dipper’ . A small bird in the Rockies . They dive into the river, and walk on the bottom.

  27. Nov. 23, 1963 –
    Marilyn Miller and I were trying to remove her cheer leader costume. We were both thrilled by our first discovery.

    Marilyn knew a lot more than me.

  28. Sorry I missed Turkey Day on the Trail, but my entire day was filled with family and friends…which is always a wonderful thing! I hope each and every one of you had a marvelous Thanksgiving…one thoroughly filled with good times shared with those you love most…in your homes, and on this Trail! Love to you all!

  29. Hope everyone had a joyous and filling Thanks Giving, 😛 …Ugh, i spent yesterday from 6 am on cooking and serving, lovely day but fun fun..

  30. Now that the election is over and we now have to deal with the lesser of two evils that was elected. No reason for celebration. Even with Wall Street’s huge support of Romney, no threat of needing funds for an election and the Republican Party in some what of disarray, Obama’s economic policies will still be based on the Wall Street and large corporate influence just like before the election.

    Tuesday evening (Nov. 20) the price for regular gas was $3.19/gal at my local station and $3.21 at a Shell station down the street. On Wednesday (Nov. 21) morning my local station had jumped the price to $3.27 and the Shell station had jumped to $3.35. The excuse was Israel/Palestine conflict, i.e. Wall Street speculation and big Oil Companies’ profits. The big Oil Companies are now back in charge. The election is over I expect the crude oil and gas prices to increase again. I just don’t see Obama getting rid of the big Oil Companies subsidies as a payment for the reduction in gas prices before the election. Gas prices shot up over night. It will take weeks for them to go down, if they do.

    Obama to Deploy Campaign Apparatus to Persuade Americans to Look Forward to More and Better Catfood
    By Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, November 23, 2012

    This story from the Guardian is both sufficiently important and true to Obama’s form as to merit posting. Our Fearless Great Betrayer is about to repurpose his campaign sales machine to persuasion of the American public of the necessity of making do with less to appease the Bond Gods. The bizarre part, as many have noted, is the Bond Gods actually don’t seem to want the human sacrifice involved (old people dying faster) but their Wall Street soothsayers would have you believe otherwise.

    On the one hand, propaganda generally works, so we sadly can expect Obama’s “grassroots” effort to have an impact. But the flip side is that Pete Peterson and the many deficit scaremongering allies he has recruited over the past two decades have failed to make much of a dent in the public’s overwhelming support for Social Security and Medicare, which are prime objects of the budget-cutting exercise. Even though the Team Obama has made much of its microsegmentation and messaging prowess, Romney had so many warts that it wasn’t hard to find something bad about him to play up to particular target audiences. By contrast, most Americans have a simple response to the notion of “reforming” these popular programs: cut military budgets and raise taxes on upper income groups.

    The fact is that unless enough Senators decide to oppose Obama, the middle class is going to take a hit out of a budget deal. But it’s now clear that ordinary citizens will also be subjected to a full bore messaging campaign to persuade them that they should regard this counterproductive sacrifice as good for them.

  31. happy belated thanksgiving!
    meant to post this pbs piece on joe hutto’s “my life as a turkey” that i saw night before last. wonderful photography and story of dedication.

    Deep in the wilds of Florida’s Flatlands, Hutto spent each day living as a turkey mother, taking on the full-time job of raising sixteen turkey chicks. Hutto dutifully cared for his family around the clock, roosting with them, taking them foraging, and immersing himself in their world. In the process, they revealed their charming curiosity and surprising intellect.

    There was little he could teach them that they did not already know, but he showed them the lay of the land and protected them from the dangers of the forest as best he could. In return, they taught him how to see the world through their eyes.

    hope you saw or thru reruns get a chance to see the whole program. well worth the hour.

  32. EPA Testing Dangerous Pollutants on Human Beings
    By Jen Alic, Naked Capitalism, November 23, 2012

    Want to know how dangerous pollutants are to your health? For $12 an hour, you can find out directly.

    In the aftermath of US presidential elections and corporate fears of looming environmental regulations that could affect their bottom line, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is under attack for conducting dangerous experiments on human beings.

    Over the past decade, the EPA has apparently been paying hundreds of people $12 an hour for the privilege of exposing them to high levels of air pollutants like diesel exhaust and PM2.5 particulate matter in an operation run at the University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine.

    A lawsuit has been filed in the federal court, charging the EPA with conducting illegal and potentially lethal experiments of hundreds of financially vulnerable people.

  33. Ugh, i spent yesterday from 6 am on cooking and serving, lovely day but fun fun..

    tony, know the feeling. but now the reeeaaal eating commences with wonderful leftovers and no distractions. 1st the requisite revisit to replay and recap the perfect plate for the day after. 2nd day after it’s either turkey divan or turkeyish shepard’s pie. next will come sandwiches and turkey soup. finally the last spoonful of cranberry orange pecan relish is savoured and thanksgiving past is past. onward to christmas goose!

    btw, always put pecans in my stuffing.
    and, dexter, this year i added butter sauted walnut halves to the fresh killed brussel sprouts.

  34. Well, I diligently got the turkey carcass in some boiling water for soup, last night, and then promptly fell asleep, so now I have 4 gallons of “8 hour” turkey stock. Needless to say, it’s turkey pot pie for dinner, every night this week.

  35. Obama to Deploy Campaign Apparatus to Persuade Americans to Look Forward to More and Better Catfood
    By Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, November 23, 2012

    …seems like Yves Smith enjoys making grand leaps of logic, from his deceptive blog post I just had the misfortune to read.

  36. It was nice to read all the kind words over the past couple of days; enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

  37. A lawsuit has been filed in the federal court, charging the EPA with conducting illegal and potentially lethal experiments of hundreds of financially vulnerable people.

    (Alic, Naked Capitalism)

    purple, is this on par with the lethal activities conducted for years by tobacco folk on the non-financially vulnerable?

  38. Obviously yves smith doesn’t know that only well-to-do people can afford to live on cat food.

  39. We had snow on Thanksgiving. It is the first snow of the season that didn’t immediately melt. The jungle in the back yard has turned to brown and white.

    I hate it.

  40. I propose that we all meet at Ignoble exChamp’s tomorrow for lunch, to help him get through his 4 gallons of turkey slush.

  41. Driving home last night the silhouettes of the trees against the darkening sky created a Maxfield Parrish moment.
    I noticed two different autumnal leaf colors this year: a hot pink and a tannish/pink. Wonder if this had anything to do with prolonged drought and unseasonal warmth?

  42. I am going downtown to take a long walk to offset some of Thanksgiving dinner…I love Turkey and wonder each year why I do not have it more often…

    I am glad to see workers standing up to Wal-Mart…It must be difficult because so many of them are low income…

  43. The best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers.
    the second best part is spending Black Friday at home! 😉

  44. I think it is very hard to make Thanksgiving dinner for a small group – there is always too much of everything
    yesterday we tried for an all day pacing but by the time dessert rolled around — only one person still game

    We tried buying turkey parts this year because it was a small group. One 1/2 breast and a thigh and we still have leftovers. Next year I am buying everything from a local upscale grocery store — this year I only got gravy

  45. Bread stuffing & gravy. I am thankful for gravy.

    I understand that the rightwingbatshitcrazies are saying that Libbrullz are attacking Thanksgiving. It must be that they are tuning up for the(now annual)rants that Libbrullz want to steal Christmas.

  46. If there is going it be a war on Christmas, we have to warm up with a war on Thanksgiving.

  47. there is always too much of everything

    kgc, not if you make paper plates full of reprise suprises for the freezer. just be sure to store them individually in good freezer bags. nothing like a laborless full blown turkey meal in the middle of winter.

  48. rightwingbatshitcrazies are saying that Libbrullz are attacking Thanksgiving

    xr, more like football admen, greedy capitalists and walmart ilk are already doing that. nothing much left for the libz to ruin other than scraps.

  49. I’m sorry to learn of Larry Hagman’s passing; he wore his character, J.R.

    Stinky didn’t know whether to be offended or flattered when she caught the rascal leering at her at a restaurant in Ft Lauderdale.

    He saved himself a black eye by modifying his behavior.

  50. Pat,
    One of my associates, an avid turkey hunter, at Fort Leavenworth was from North Carolina. He really disliked hunting turkeys from his part of the country; he said that it was not a challenging hunt. But, hunting turkeys in rural Missouri and Kansas was an entirely different story.

    Doing my Wikiwork, turns out that domesticated species, such as the Belstville, did what comes naturally with their wild Eastern cousins resulting in a less ‘wily’ Eastern turkey.

    So, that explains the anecdotes such as Renee’s turkey stories and Craig’s photos and my own sightings at Fort Jackson; events that I never saw in the Heartland.

  51. One of my son’s favorite early Army day’s stories was about the wild turkeys in OK that seemed to know when hunting season began. The day before they would be sitting on a fence almost daring someone to jump the gun and shoot. The day after, you couldn’t find the great mythical creature known as the wild turkey.

  52. Having spent the last five days in CA,I have come to the conclusion that Arizona really needs to get themselves one of those oceans. 😉

  53. “Having spent the last five days in CA,I have come to the conclusion that Arizona really needs to get themselves one of those oceans.” Jace@1055

    You’re next in line after Nevada which, given the current rate of Arctic and Antarctic ice melt, shouldn’t be too long.

  54. Flatus,

    I could not figure out where we were going to put the damn thing, but Nevada will do nicely thank you.
    Puts the beach right close to where I live. 😉

  55. Jace says:
    11/24/2012 at 12:41 AM

    If there is going it be a war on Christmas, we have to warm up with a war on Thanksgiving.

    Since capitalism is the reason that Thanksgiving has become national mall(ed) day — how is that Liberals are to blame. Labor doen’t want to work on Thanksgiving — this is entirely a Republican problem

    Hurry for Senator Saxbee Chambliss for having the guts to be a real Republican instead of an obstructionist ass. It’s impossible to negotiate with people who have signed a pledge not to….and even Grover is trying to dial back his position so he doesn’t look like the gridlock enabler he is

    I also thought he did pretty well on the Benghazi stuff. The whole point of the Republican attack is that Obama lied to win the election. The truth or what we know of is out and was out and Obama still won so stuff it old white men —

    Someone on Fox told Stephen Hays the biggest pusher of this baloney that optics are everything in politics and I thought he would have a stroke right there — he should be made to sit through all of the Fox news coverage of Shrub leading up to and during the Iraq war

    And every segment should be intermingled with the truth

    I think the goopers insane insistence that Rmoney was going to win has cost them in credibility. Dick Morris’s weak defense of why he was wrong makes him look like an even bigger Dick…

    What side of the goopers will leave and who will retain control of the brand….so far it looks like hispanics are moving into power positions and I think they will drive out the tea party and the evangelicals

    I think Marco Rubio could be the one I don’t think Dems can hold the Whitehouse for three terms

  56. flatus, comparatively speaking: western to eastern birds are like wild turkey to old crow.
    however, the gaggle or herd or whatever that joe hutto raised during his “life as a turkey” momma seemed pretty smart even if they were from florida.

  57. remember last week the fun of thinking about ashley judd running against mitch mcconnell? well, what about ky born george clooney? his (acted, produced and directed) recent movie “ides of march” sure seems a rehearsal for a campaign run of some sort. just the tho’t of that challenge should unnerve the old grinch.

  58. How about Phyllis George running for the senate against unspeakable midge mcconnell?

    I’d love to see smart Dem candidates like George run against the ripper old farts, using the tried and true ripper slogans :

    “career politician midge mcconnell, being a big government careerist, never created a single job, and has no idea how business works.”

    “As a successful business woman, I created jobs that supported families, distributed tasty food that made for healthy families, and paid taxes.”

    “But, my opponent was different. He lazed about in one do-nothing congress after another, collecting big Federal paychecks, and waking up just long enough to give the elite ripper media soundbites and to lay people off.”

  59. patd
    Prescott is not as far along as Rubio —
    He doesn’t hold elective office at this time does he didn’t he move to Texas to run?

    I did see Jeb Junior out and about so I suppose the Bush-league is planning something but I don’t think they have quite given up on Bigger than Ever Jeb yet
    –he is starting to get to Ted Kennedy bulk

  60. I think Chris Hayes has it right when he says the “current incarnation of Barack Obama.” You never really know what you will get with Obama.

    Ignoble exChamp,

    …seems like Yves Smith enjoys making grand leaps of logic, from his deceptive blog post I just had the misfortune to read.

    From RR on April 13. No truer words were ever written!

    If we ever find out who “they” were/are, we’ll know where Obama’s true loyalties lie.

    This speech by the late Robert Fitch to the Harlem Tenants Association on November 14, 2008, titled The Change They Believe In goes a very long way in answering the question who “they” are.

    During the 2008 election, Obama promised us recovery and prosperity, hope and change. When Barack Obama was elected with strong majorities in both houses of Congress, he had an unprecedented opportunity to shape American history by bringing the country’s new financial oligarchy under control. Obama could have done great things. Instead, he gave us deterioration, poverty, despair and steadfastness.

    Now who “they” are:

    Obama’s political base comes primarily from Chicago FIRE—the finance, insurance and real estate industry. And the wealthiest families—the Pritzkers, the Crowns and the Levins. But it’s more than just Chicago FIRE. Also within Obama’s inner core of support are allies from the non-profit sector: the liberal foundations, the elite universities, the non-profit community developers and the real estate reverends who produce market rate housing with tax breaks from the city and who have been known to shout from the pulpit “give us this day our Daley, Richard Daley bread.”

    Aggregate them and what emerges is a constellation of interests around Obama that I call “Friendly FIRE.” Fire power disguised by the camouflage of community uplift; augmented by the authority of academia; greased by billions in foundation grants; and wired to conventional FIRE by the terms of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1995.

    Friendly FIRE wants the same kind of education reform as FIRE: the forces that brought about welfare reform have now moved onto education reform and for the same reason: crippling the power of the union will reduce teachers’ salaries, which will cut real estate taxes which will raise land values.

    What we see is that the Chicago core of the Obama coalition is made up of blacks who’ve moved up by moving poor blacks out of the community. And very wealthy whites who’ve advanced their community development agenda by hiring blacks.

    In case you are interested in learning about the late Robert Fitch I would recommend here

    By the way exChamp, Yves Smith is the pen name of Susan Webber, the Principal of Aurora Advisors, Inc., a management consulting firm and a woman.

  61. Things to be thankful for….

    Turkey makes obnoxious relatives sleepy.

    Republicans actually believe their own B.S.

    The Chinese are more interested in making money than in making war.

    America is becoming less “white.”

    Global warming is becoming too obvious to ignore.

    More and more really great computer games are available online, for free.

    Republicans lie, but polls don’t.

  62. patd,

    purple, is this on par with the lethal activities conducted for years by tobacco folk on the non-financially vulnerable?

    What the tobacco companies did was horrific. I was always taught that dead is dead. I do not condone tobacco companies, EPA, or the U.S. Military in radiation testing for the A & H Bombs killing people. In fact I do not condone killing by omission like the FDA and drug companies are doing with the 234 West Nile virus 2012 deaths because it is not profitable to produce the licensed vaccine necessary to save lives.

    If you want to give Obama a pass to kill so be it, it is your right. The Obama’s EPA is just continuing the Bush administration’s policies like so many other groups have done. The Obama Administration officials have asserted that the President may kill, without due process, an American anywhere and anytime, including in the United States.

  63. My local Safeway just switched to self checkout for four stands. So … more people they won’t hire or keep who then won’t be able to shop at Safeway. The local bank wants to implement a “real person” fee for dealing with tellers who of course then won’t have money to put in the bank.

    So there go the Telephone operators, assembly line workers, bank tellers, supermarket checkers etc. etc. etc. In a world with a global pop of 7 billion at least half of which are now totally unnecessary to do anything that provides service to the other half and use resources that are becoming evermore scarce.

    It’s going to get ugly out there.

  64. I don’t use the self-checkout. I read a story several months ago saying Safeway was phasing them out over time…That is the case here…I am disappointed this is not the case everywhere…

  65. Jamie,

    Re scanners:

    Soon pols won’t have to vote. After the election each Caucus will be credited with the seats won, and whenever a vote comes up, the leader will vote for the caucus. Only one person will have to serve, so the rest can spend 100% of their time campaigning. If only two people are at work we can save 531 big paychecks. The reps and sens will be paid through direct payments from their corporate sponsors. There can be no Q of graft, because the reps and sens won’t actually be voting. Under this system, Dick Bilko, The Tire Plus Senator from Minnesota can never be prosecuted if a vote favors Tires Plus.

    And they lived corporately ever after.

  66. I use the self check-out; that’s the fastest way for an Ohlfahrt to get helpful, personalized service. I just stand there watching while they do the work. Beats standing in the regular line. :)

  67. Safeway cheats people at the checkout stand

    it’s important to check your receipt — they are very accommodating about making the corrections but they still make the mistakes

  68. Florida’s vanishing springs
    By Craig Pittman, Tampa Bay Times, November 23, 2012 06:55 PM EST

    Deep beneath the ground we stand on, below the strip malls and the condos and the lush green of the golf courses, runs a river of water that makes life in Florida possible. The underground aquifer rushes through Swiss cheese caverns, its hidden flow bubbling up to the surface in Florida’s roughly 1,000 springs — the greatest concentration of springs on Earth.

    A century ago Florida’s gin-clear springs drew presidents and millionaires and tourists galore who sought to cure their ailments by bathing in the healing cascades. Now the springs tell the story of a hidden sickness, one that lies deep within the earth:

    • The water in many springs no longer boils up like a fountain, the way they have for centuries. The flow has slowed. In some places it has even stopped or begun flowing backward.

    • The water that does come out is polluted by nitrates.

    • The pollution fuels the growth of toxic algae blooms, which are taking over springs and the rivers they feed and putting human health at risk.

    • Finally, the fresh water coming out of many springs is showing signs of a growing saltiness, according to a study by the Florida Geological Survey.

  69. purple-in-tampa says:
    11/25/2012 at 5:20 –

    But think about that ‘share holder value’ you have.

  70. A film critic, Jeff Wells, is in Hanoi for the Vietnamese film festival and has written an excellent article about his impressions on the event and the 58,000 US soldiers who died to keep it from happening … quite a commentary on the long term futility of most wars: Hollywood Elsewhere

  71. Patd –

    I have seen that “I was a Turkey” film 4 times, last night at 3 AM was the latest viewing. It is a heart melting document .
    What a wonderful man, living with wonderful birds.

  72. Patd –
    Ben was right , the wild turkey should have been our national bird.

  73. Speaking of great national birds –

    Sheryl Crow – Everyday Is A Winding Road

  74. “A film critic, Jeff Wells, is in Hanoi for the Vietnamese film festival and has written an excellent article about his impressions on the event and the 58,000 US soldiers who died to keep it from happening…” Jamie@8:43

    I’m inclined to subscribe to the sentiments of the writer of ‘comment 1′ to Wells’s article, which you have linked up above.

    Interestingly, in studying the photographs included in the article, I can’t see a hint of an expression in any of Vietnamese people hired to keep the show running; hardly the pictures of happiness.

  75. Jamie,

    Nice catch on the Eric Whitacre. His music is some of the finest being written for Choirs.
    The virtual choir was fantastic. 😉

  76. Write something clever here , …..

    It was always my first goal, ……. write the smartest thing I could think of.

  77. My life now is a peanut.
    I write like a peanut, & I cuss like a peanut .

    It’s very very dull.

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