Kerry’s Time

If Massachusetts Democrats can’t win a special election for John Kerry’s seat what good are they? Clearly he is the better choice for Secretary of State over Susan Rice, who has simply failed to extricate herself from the bogus claims she made regarding Benghazi. (But what about Colin Powell’s ridiculous Iraq claims to the United Nations when he was actually Secretary of State?) Of course, the fear is that Scott Brown could get back in the Senate if Kerry’s seat becomes vacant. Still, Kerry has earned the nod. Give it to him, and let the chips fall.

80 thoughts on “Kerry’s Time”

  1. what about the kerry at dod rumors? he can’t do both. unless that’s one of those sequesteration defense cuts come fiscal cliff fall.

  2. A special election to fill Kerry’s seat would be an early Christmas gift to republicans.
    Why give them something in a special election, that they could not earn in the general election?

    If it is to be a special election, then at least appoint Scott Brown as ambassador to something first, then hold the election.

  3. If the relatively small number of comments here on the threads dealing with Susan Rice, are any indication of public interest in this dust up, then I would suggest that this is only an important issue inside the beltway.

    As for the general public, big yawn. πŸ˜‰

  4. Line from new Republican favorite song,

    Benghazi, say it loud and there’s music playing,

    say it soft and it’s almost like praying.

    Benghazi, I’ll never stop sayin’ Benghazi.

    With apologies to Lenny and Patd. πŸ˜‰

  5. On second thought, a special election in Mass. to replace Kerry would not be such a bad idea.

    How long would it take HRC to establish residency?

  6. I’m curious why the thought is Scott Brown might make it back into the Senate if Kerry leaves. Brown lost, even with all the outside $ thrown his way. He was rejected by the electorate.
    Why Kerry for a cabinet post? 250 million+ people in this country and this is the best we can do? Same old same old yields the same old results. Politics as usual:I know the career politician entitlement system is firmly entrenched. But we can do better. We just choose not to.

  7. RR,

    There are several conversations going on around the water coolers across the country. Susan Rice and Benghazi simply is not one of them.

  8. Apparently a winning power-ball ticket was sold in AZ.

    It is equally apparent that it was not mine. :sad:

  9. I’m not sure why anyone thinks Kerry is an acceptable candidate over many people already on the team. When you have a successful team as Obama does in foreign policy then there are many good candidates that can be promoted from within.


  10. Jace, RR –
    Not being informed about our government is why we got in this mess to begin with. We are the stewards of democracy. Boring as it seems, who does what where in this vast labyrinth of bureaucracy effects not only us, but effects people globally.
    We care about government; that’s why we’re part of this blog. Hopefully the activism of 2008 can be rekindled. We need to make sure the embers keep burning.

  11. I am giving multiple thumbs up to
    Jack 8:24 AM and Sjwny 8:33 AM

    Well said both, and right on the money. Nicely done. πŸ˜‰

  12. Jack,

    I have often wondered the same thing. There are hundreds of people who do the grunt work and heavy lifting in order to make cabinet officials and department heads look good. Why are they so often overlooked in favor of people with name recognition who may or may not be able to do the job?

    Simply wanting a job very badly for a long time, is hardly a qualification. Were that the case you can rest assured that I would be running the SEC. πŸ˜‰

  13. I really enjoyed Gourmet Magazine back in the 50s, 60s and part of the 70s–until one publisher or another decided to take the cash out of their brand.

    There were lots of exotic recipes such as those Jack is sharing. They would be put in context through articles by travelers who dined on the dishes in the appropriate settings, amongst the people, in their native lands.

    And the photography was astounding. All large format studio shots of the prepared dishes, and the photos taken ‘on the trail’ easily equaled, and often surpassed, National Geographic work of the same era.

  14. For Toot’s cake, I settled upon a medium sized red velvet with a cream cheese frosting delightfully decorated in Autumn party trimmings. No words, no numbers, just one small, lit, candle in the center.

    It was her first inkling that we had remembered her birthday as we approach the end of this year.

  15. Flatus,

    Cream cheese frosting. Oh sir, you have hit me where I live. Good frosting, good choice, and good on you. πŸ˜‰

  16. Craig, I never understood how Scott Brown won a seat in MA to begin with. I dunno, maybe the Kennedy vote machine is broken.

    My beef with this SoS deal is that Susan Rice, who has done heavy lifting for over a decade at State may well be the best candidate for the job, but she got hung out to dry and the idiocy of the McOld-Pipsqueak (andnow Ayotte & Collins) coalition has probably poisoned the well for her. On one level, reality says, Barry, choose someone else. On another level, given that Boner chose only white males for committee chairs, I love the optics of the ‘can’ts fighting against a black woman who aside from delivering non-classified CIA talking points that were not correct (at least in hindsight if not known at the time) appears imminently qualified to be SoS.

  17. There are several ‘governments’ all operating in parallel.

    You’ve got the formally established government(s) that we studied in civics (what is that) class. Remember how the classes focused on elected officials and the bodies they participated in and checks and balances and all that stuff?

    Then, there are relatively low-level folks who, informally, call their buddies at the next levels to grease the wheels for something coming down the tracks. Works fine.

    Then it goes up a notch and it becomes more formal, ‘direct coordination is authorized and encouraged.’

    Or, it can sneak into the back rooms where ‘the intelligence community’ analysts talk things over within the cone of silence trying to achieve consensus before their bosses take a proprietary position.

    The last two groups, if they trust their bosses, will help them establish responsible positions. That’s what the people in these groups want to do. By-and-large, they don’t want to become the lying SOB at the top.

  18. I love the optics of the β€˜can’ts fighting against a black woman who aside from delivering non-classified CIA talking points that were not correct (at least in hindsight if not known at the time) appears imminently qualified to be SoS.

    So do I, and those optics are much better than the optics of a President caving into pressure and losing the first battle of his second term.

    The public at large will only begin to care about this story, in the event that Obama throws in the towel, or comes away empty in the Senate. With the latter he can at least blame republicans, with the former, he has no one but himself to blame.

  19. Flatus, both of them having delivered “misleading” intelligence that led to the deaths of 4000 American soldiers, not to mention other Americans operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, I can’t imagine why they aren’t stepping up to criticize SRice. Feet of clay perhaps?

  20. Interesting stuff, I went looking for names of up and comers. I found that when HRC’s Deputy SOS moved on last year she appointed a career diplomat to the post rather than a political appointment.
    so go ahead and appoint Kerry. He looks the part and if they keep the competent staff under him then he can’t do too much damage.


    Love the edit, changed “Under Secretary” to Deputy Secretary

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    I would give you the whole thing but it is on the crackerbox so I would have to copy it and I’m lazy.
    But it does look good.


  22. sjwny…
    I agree we need a better informed citizenry… I just don’t think that focusing on the shiny new beltway object ala cable news is the way to do it.

    There’s lots and lots of issues that need addressing…
    too bad that cable news is only interested in giving us a few… particularly if it involves a right/left fight, which, IMO, is getting very tiresome.

  23. I know exactly what happened with Rice. They sent her out on the Sunday morning shows to give her visibility thinking they were doing her a favor, etc., etc..

    Leave tradecraft to the people who are trained in it and do it for a living.

  24. Technocrats want to work/talk/negotiate with technocrats. They don’t especially respect or trust politicians as individuals. Why should they trust their family’s future to one?

  25. Looking out the breakfast room window, there’s a discouraged handful of robins pecking for food where there’s absolutely nothing to be found. They are truly bird-brained. :sad:

  26. Flatus says “There’ve been two voices notably silent–the other Dr Rice and former Scty Powell.”

    I wonder if that is because no one has asked them or on-purpose

  27. Shouldn’t Kerry be insulted that the only reason goopers think he would make a fine secretary of state is because he might give them back a senate seat…..
    all that “one of their own” is just crap

    You know in their hearts the goops think Rmoney is their Kerry

    As for today’s Rmoney-Obamarama lunch all I can say is fast food and awkward

  28. I think both are similar in that they have both proved they were competent at one level but not for the job they wanted.

    Romney should go back to managing a hedge fund and Kerry should stay in the Senate. That is where they both have the best fit.


  29. While Kerry lucked into a condiments fortune, I think that had more to do with his lantern jaw and broad shoulders than his hat size. Between Feb and Labor Day 2004 his stock with me declined by 80%.

    I don’t think the guy has the sense that G!D gave geese. In fact, I see him as another Dem version of slick willard: tone deaf, self-entitled, and bereft of the ability to scheme.

    I’ll take Rice over Kerry for SoS.

    SoD, if you’ll pardon the abbrev, is a different matter.

  30. The fact is, if the Prez wants Rice, and he and Harry (or whoever) make it clear to the Dem Caucus that there will be consequences for failing to approve Rice, it won’t matter whether Senators flakey, grumpy, and tinker bell vote against her. The rippers ought to be just as superfluous to the confirmation process as the Dem votes on ashcroft, gonzales, and rumdumbfeld were.

  31. Vicuna coats : bribery : sherman adams and john sununu.

    kelly ayotte is a leader in the Death Penalty Supporters For Life movement.

  32. Actually, I kinda liked sherman adams. However, as the memory of nixon ripping the Truman Admin about expensive coats was still fresh, shermie had to go down.

    RIP : Retire In Prison

  33. Today, shermie’d get a sweet book deal from the elite rightwing publishers cabal, the way col. ali north did.

  34. Flatus,

    I think that Senators are easily persuadable without having to resort to, “I’ll back your opponent in the next primary,” or “I see your son hopes to succeed over at Commerce.”

    Gentle yet unambiguous phrases ought to do the trick. “I’ll save you all the trouble of having to recommend Federal appointments in your state” might work. Or, “remember that airport upgrade you wanted ?”

  35. a defense of Rice on Jeffery Goldberg’s blog, at the Atlantic

    Why Susan Rice Would be a Plausible Secretary of State

    The third reason is related to the second reason: For people who believe that America has a benevolent and positive role to play in the world, in confronting dictators, stopping genocide and highlighting human rights abuses, Rice should be their candidate. For isolationists, Rice at State would be a real challenge. She is inclined toward humanitarian intervention — I believe she had these inclinations even before she saw the price of timidity and inaction in Rwanda — and her active stance on the Libya intervention (and the obvious tension she feels about the so-far limited role the U.S. has played in Syria), suggests that she won’t be afraid to recommend to President Obama greater involvement in the world’s crisis zones. (One of the reasons John McCain’s operatic opposition to Rice’s potential nomination makes no sense to me is that he shares many of the same activist inclinations as Rice).

    This is not an argument that Rice has the profile or potential of a Hillary Clinton-class secretary of state. But it is to argue that she would bring certain important qualities to the job, and that she is being treated very shabbily at the moment.

  36. I don’t watch cable news. Honest.
    I gave up on that March 30th.
    I watch Chopped on the FoodNetwork. My TV is a dust collector/cat heinie warmer at this point.
    The internet is the here and now. I don’t get why people bash Twitter – it is the fastest news gathering tool possible. And anyone with an account is a potential contributor: Hello Tahrir Square, Damascus, Tehran, Gaza….
    Blogs (such as this) disseminate information and give voice to different viewpoints and interests. YouTube is a force unto itself.
    We can use these tools to stay informed and call out the newspeople, politicians who are playing us for fools. If they create nonsense, let everyone know.
    Once you hit Send, anything is possible.

  37. Did Mrs Chuck float his name to the Main Spring Mouija ?

    Does she want to get him out from underfoot ?

    Enquirin’ Mine Wants To No.

  38. Who becomes SoS is an important issue… but, IMO, it is not a complicated one. Obama just won an election by more than just a slight margin in the electoral college. That means he gets to pick his cabinet whether the GOP agrees with those picks or not.

    The fact that this Rice vs McCain/Graham/Ayotte thing is going on and on in the blog/twittersphere and/or cable news is because, IMO, certain people/organizations benefit by keeping us divided in that left vs right fight.

    Jeez… how I miss the Dylan Ratigan Show. Thank god Diane Rehm is still on NPR.

  39. renee,

    I agree. The shadowy groups who profit from the “Rice v the seven dwarves” controversy are two in number.

    1. They are the mainspring mouija, who don’t have any better stories with which to lure eyeballs to their crappy ads.

    2. They are the rip up fund raisers, particularly for grumpy, dopey, the dragon lady, and the document destroyer.

  40. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Prez declared an emergency and the DoD recalled grumpy and dopey to service ?

    It may be a trifle late, but I think we could still make use of their fabulous intelligence and combat expertise in the port of Benghazi and the desert beyond.

  41. “Kerry has earned the nod”

    poobah, collecting on a political i.o.u.? was he not an early endorser?

    hillary indicated she would stay until an appointee is found and confirmed. don’t know about panetta. cabinet vacancies should be held off until after we’ve gone over the cliff (or not) and after new congress critters sworn in… state of union might be nice time to announce them.

    i could see brown turning indie and winning.

  42. Craig – I completely agree that Kerry should get the position. If the Democrats are not capable of holding the seat, they should not have it especially in these times.

    Patd – I say do it now. Make the Republicans look even more unreasonable. If we can get at least some common sense in the DNC, then the democrats will clean House.

  43. for those in the DC area — SpotTheSpaceStation! Time: Fri Nov 30 6:21 AM, Visible: 6 min, Max Height: 41 degrees, Appears: WNW, Disappears: SSE

  44. “It’s time to dig out the Christmas Pudding & Brandy Sauce recipes.”


    I’ll drink to that. πŸ˜‰

  45. When the beltway thinks it’s about Susan Rice, and the public thinks it’s about Donna Rice, there is a serious disconnect. πŸ˜‰

  46. got a chicken cooking in a pot, make a little broth, gonna see if it will fight this cold.



  47. The original Ball and Chain. Forget Janis, listen to Big Mama


  48. How lucky those of you in DC can see the SpaceStation Friday. Skylab was visible in my area back in the ’70s. That was neat.

  49. John Kerry would bring an interesting angle to Defense should he be named Secretary there. I remember when LBJ named Clark Clifford Sec’y of Defense when McNamara left. Clifford pointed the direction of the war into a scaling down, at least he introduced a new talking point: Vietnamization, which was a “hearts and minds” campaign, to try to convince the locals to support the USA’s war efforts. Clifford pushed LBJ hard to scale back and eliminate the bombing of the country and to work hard for a diplomatic end to the war.
    This is why I think John Kerry just might do sort of the same thing with Obama. Clark Clifford incarnate.
    I always respected Clifford; I have always respected Kerry. Whether State or Defense, Kerry belongs in the new Cabinet.
    State is more prestigious, always has been since I have been reading anyway…Dean Rusk, LBJ’s Sec’y of State always got more ink than Clifford ever did, but McNamara surely stirred the pot when he was at Defense. I don’t know who was the most insane hawk, Harry S Truman or Robert McNamara.
    Oliver Stone really painted old Harry S Truman as an evil smartass dangerous person this week in Stone’s new SHO series.
    Stone claims the real reason Truman dropped the bomb was to impress the Soviets and threaten them…oh, Harry Truman HATED the Russians, alright. He didn’t give a damn, really, about saving US lives in the upcoming Japan-invasion. And the racist bastard REALLY didn’t give a damn about Japanese innocent civilian lives. Yeah, Japanese atrocities had the US populace happy at the idea of frying two cities, all be damned…and ecstatic when it happened. I don’t know all about this “greatest generation” bullshit. I mean, before Hiroshima and Nagasaki, weren’t at least SOME Americans sickened when Churchill and the Allies fire-bombed Dresden and scorched thirty THOUSAND German civilians to a fiery death?

  50. We’re getting rained on here in Cal. My deck gauge says oveer 2.5 inches in 36 hours and two or three more days of heavy rain supposed for the thru the weekend. KGC, how are you doing out there? I haven’tseen any info about the Russian River lately, but I expect it will be a show.

    I was never a mccain person, but am stunned by his letting his jealousy hang out for all the world to see. Maybe it’s some long-delayed pts, but it isn’t a healthy sign.

  51. If the Neocons want a Sec’y of State who threw his combat metals over the White House wall, well… LOL, they’re going to get it. Obama must be laughing all the way to State House. What a fuss they’d have given him. Now the Strangeloves will consider Kerry a “victory.” Kerry has a lot of drawbacks — wind-surfing right up there — but he’s a no-nonsense peacenik and his wife is a stunner in the international sphere.

    Deval Patrick and Obama have worked this thing out. Scott is probably going to save his chips to run for Governor here (where he’ll do well)… but the state has just rejected him. He’s not likely to run, or win. Dream on GOP.

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