18 thoughts on “Remembering our Pals”

  1. I’m sorry for your loss – and sorry I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting them.

    As long as they are in your hearts, they will live on.

    An idea: why not make November a remembrance month? Turn a sad event into a time of good memories, fun times. Who doesn’t want to be remembered with a smile?

    Say hello to Abe and TJ for me. And introduce me to your friend. I send my best.

  2. I miss Pasty a LOT. We gained a lot of respect for each other after the 2008 was over, spending many days in Facebook Messages. Keeping her company like the rest of you and sharing like minded friends the still enrich my life to this day.

    On her death bed, Patsy’s daughter asked her a question to see if she was still there. “Who is the President of the United States?” Patsy, eyes closed and barely breathing piped up and said, “Should have been Hilary”….LOL! Fantastic come backs and dedication to the end. xoxo

  3. Oh how I wish both of them had been here for the run-up to the election! Patsi would have pig-slapped those idiot GOP war on women types, and Sean? What fun Sean would have had watching that GOP clown car pull up every two weeks or so for another rollicking debate! And I keep thinking how much fun Sean would have had with Twitter! He was SO funny and SO quick. But I now remember both with smiles – they improved everyone’s life. Only regret? Not being able to meet them in real, and share a bottle and a few war stories.

    Hugs to Craig and David. It is indeed a tough month.

  4. Agreed…tough month! I have to say that, though I never met either Patsi or Lard (still can’t call him Sean very easily!) in person, I think of them more often than most people I’ve known (in person) for years. There was just something special about each of them. I miss them, too, so I can only imagine how tough this is for you, Craig, and for David. Hugs to both of you!

  5. Had a birthday recently, turned 58. I never thought it would happen that quickly. There have been highs and lows, successes and failures, ifs and what ifs.
    I don’t know why I had to get to the downhill side of the slope before realizing that among Gods greatest gifts are memories.
    My God but they are precious. 😉

  6. November has always been a favorite month because it seemed like a turning point from the past to the future. The idea of an annual remembrance month is wonderful to include everyone whose person may be gone but whose memory lasts forever.

    Truly miss Sean and Patsi –

  7. The amount of death this past year has been staggering.

    Thinking of Lard and his indomitable spirit brings joy; and Patsi, with her singularly focused passion for justice and equity, makes us aspire to her standard.

    Once more, Rest in Peace Dear Friends.

  8. I raise my blue solo cup to their memory… double shot of Tequila, by the way…

  9. Craig, also have thought of Sean and Patsi and missed them. Your place of memorium is wonderful.

    I just got home from our saturday night movie night with our dear friend Louise who is 94. She is definitely elderly but has as sense of humor, but is so un-connected at times. She pays some young women to drop in and get her meals and put her to bed and keep some company. Her beloved son and her daughter
    are both gone and most of her family. She owns her own home ans has income but not enough. My little sister and our friend Cathy have tried talking with her about decisions to make but she gets muddled. Tonight she just started crying because she has no money. She gets paranoid thinking people go behind her back….It is a predictable situation. The three of us have no legal power, or stamina. Her sil does but doesn’t seem to have it either. The squabble seems to be a line of credit or reverse
    mortgage but it doesn’t get done.

    So I like the idea of a memorial month, but I’d like
    I’m already feeling terrible for Louise while she is still alive. If anybody knows about those two choices of hers, or has advice, please please,let me

    Yes, it has been a hard year of death.

  10. Always missing these potential “brushes with greatness”. A few days later and we’d have only been a couple or three blocks away from where Lindsay Lohan was arrested for fighting. Probably could have heard the sirens while out front on the sidewalk with a cigarette. If we’d stayed out till 4 AM, I mean.

  11. Sturg… One hand on the wheel… One hand on the solo cup… I’m responsible… Well… Sorta…

  12. Please add Lee Carmichael to our list of remembered, and perhaps an original, CListers. Thanks.

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