NASA’s Curious Discovery?

[Update 1pm] — Mars rover finds complex chemicals but no organic compounds … yet (NBC News) … And, for those Mayan worry worts out there, NASA says world won’t end in 2012 (ABC News)

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has sparked the curiosity of the media and the blogosphere, with widespread speculation as to whether one of its laboratory instruments has made a major discovery in the quest to find out if the red planet ever hosted a habitable environment. NASA officials, however, are downplaying the speculation, saying the results, expected to be presented Monday at the American Geophysical Union’s fall meeting in San Francisco, are scientifically interesting, but not in and of themselves “earthshaking.” But when it comes to speculation about life on Mars, rumors can be hard to avoid, especially when the data are from an instrument designed to look for the carbon compounds essential to life as it is known on Earth.” — CBS News

Curiosity’s view of the lower slopes of Mount Sharp, showing the rugged terrain that represents the rover’s ultimate goal.

12 thoughts on “NASA’s Curious Discovery?”

  1. woo hoo to being curious. here’s an ode to and excerpt from

    Alastair Reid

    Face it. Curiosity
    will not cause us to die–
    only lack of it will.
    Never to want to see
    the other side of the hill
    or that improbable country
    where living is an idyll
    (although a probable hell)
    would kill us all.

    Only the curious have, if they live, a tale
    worth telling at all.

  2. Slainte Lard! Loved the poem. Well done Craig & David.

    Nasa officials response is beyond curious- truely weird. Why then…

  3. flatus, now that you mention it, there looks to be at eight o’clock a couple of shore birds with chick sitting to the left of a horseshoe crab shell at seven o’clock. is one of those seagulls of yours soaring on outstretched wings in the upper right hand sky?

  4. Jamie — I love you, too!

    I’ve always had a tough time in November. I get seasonal depression and no matter how much I prepare and know it’s coming, I always feel a little cloudy in Nov. But the clouds have drifted and it’s December and there are holiday lights everywhere, Christmas trees and menorahs, and I’m feeling a whole lot better. My daughter’s due home from across the country on Dec 23rd for a few Christmas days and I can’t wait! I ordered Christmas presents online this year and the deliveries are like having a bit of Christmas every day!

    I am so thankful for the people here. We are such a weird and wonderful group!

  5. i updated today’s post above with NASA findings. Biggest relief: NASA says quit worrying about the Mayan calendar, world won’t end this month

  6. Wow, December not cruel so far in DC. Global warming again? 71 degrees, actually started sweating walking to grocery and back. Fiscal cliff negotiators could meet outside and watch Boehner get more tan

  7. Jace,
    In re yesterday’s Sunday Serendipity. I urge that you recommend that the choirmaster charge his troops to wear cotton undergarments rather than the spandex ones they were wearing yesterday; Christmas is approaching, not Good Friday. ; )

  8. Those danged Mayans – planning the end of the world two shopping days before Christmas. That will devastate the retail sector of the economy. 😛

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