Our Failing Politics

Dysfunction in Washington has become a national cliche. Not only Americans see it. Globally, our economy still earns respect but the failure of our political system weakens us.

William Dudley, President of the New York Fed, is making sense:

When I meet with economic leaders across the globe they do not doubt the underlying strength and dynamism of the U.S. economy, or the entrepreneurialism and inventiveness of our people. Nor do they doubt that we have the resources and capability to overcome the challenges we face. But they do wonder whether our political system is capable of putting the national interest above partisan interests and making the tough choices needed to address these challenges. If a credible bipartisan agreement is reached, it will strengthen global confidence in the U.S. and underscore to the world that our country remains a great place to do business and invest in. Failure would suggest a degree of political dysfunction that could undermine U.S. economic leadership and could encourage global corporations and investors to invest elsewhere.

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  1. Jamie, we’re just waiting for the Republicans to realize that no matter how hard they beat their drums and blow their horns, the Sun will still rise in the East, and the top two-percent are going to see a rate increase.

  2. Open a beer , pull up a chair and listen to a dying art, story telling.

    This is great story telling done the way it is supposed to be done.


  3. I just spent 36 hours without electricity now I know what it is like to be a Republican and always in the dark

  4. I don’t have much faith that Congress will do anything until next summer. When I state do anything of course they will continue to draw a paycheck from us, but will have little accomplished to show for it.

    I was watching Lloyd Blankfein CEO of Goldman Sachs before the November Election on CNN. Blankfien said, he thought that nothing would get accomplished in the lame duck session.

    Ree, using twitter cause I forgot my password :)

  5. There was a panel of people from the Obama and Romney campaigns doing a post mortem

    Rmoney’s pollster –someone who cares nothing for the truth said he believed they could win on election day.

    Who hires this clown — why would you hire someone to tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear

  6. I agree I do not think anything will get done. To believe that there is a rational brain in a Republican is asking too much. I have a feeling Obama will eventually buckle has he always does. I have to say though I would rather hear Lloyd Blankfein crying that he does not like his prison cell.

  7. KGC – The reason is that people want loyalty over sanity. Unfortunately, it is a trait not only loved by Republicans but Obama and corrupt Democrats. Sometimes you have to be honest with people and tell them that they are completely and utterly full of shit.

  8. I endured an hour of Grover Norquist on the Diane Rehm Show this morning…. what a weasley effing little twerp…

    I managed to get to page 200 in J.K Rowling’s so called “adult” novel, Casual Vacancy… god it sucks…it’s full of selfish, mean, and small minded characters… I can’t read another word and will return the darn thing to the library tomorrow morning. I suggest she stick to writing books for the youngsters.

  9. for those who might be interested Turner Classic Movies is doing Barbara Stanwyck movies this month Wed nights at 8pm. She kills, that woman. Drop dead gorgeous and a brilliant actor. One of my favs. My grandmother turned me on to her. Can’t wait to see Double Indemnity again. They start with “Ladies of Leisure” this Wed, really cutting edge for a 1930 film.

  10. but on much happier note…. my beloved Patriots have once again clinched the AFC East… Go Patriots!

    KGC… so glad you’ve got your power back on… now I will hoist a glass of our fine native NH wine in your honor…

  11. Craig:I love that you are a Barbara Stanwyck fan. Oh goodness. Me too.
    She appeals to both genders. Man, was she smart and sexy. She had IT. In spades. One of the best.

  12. We should Live Chat “Ladies of Leisure” Wed night 8pm on Turner Classic Movies starring Barbara Stanwyck (directed by Frank Capra). That’d be fun. Everyone get that channel? Given the subject matter, it’s very restrained by today’s standards. But it was 1930.

  13. If you believe that single payer is the way to go for health care then medicare cannot become medicaide

  14. Mittens has gone back to the Marriott Board (Mormon enclave) chump change but it will give him something to do I hear the Marriotts have Hot Shoppes in the lobbies now

  15. The proposal was made in a letter sent to the White House and signed by Mr. Boehner and other GOP leaders, notably including House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), who has been an opponent of any tax increase both in Congress and as Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential running mate. His support will be vital to any final deal.

    The offer’s outlines are similar to a budget deal that was emerging in private talks between Mr. Obama and Mr. Boehner in mid-2011, when Mr. Boehner agreed to $800 billion in new revenues but Mr. Obama sought more. Those talks collapsed with each side blaming the other for the breakdown. From the Wall Street Journal.

    Ryan has just had his ass and his budget handed to him on a silver platter in an election. What part of ‘You lost’ does he not understand?

    Bohener seems to think that he can get the same deal he offered before the election after the election. God would I love to play poker with him. He walked away from the best deal he was ever going to get, and it’s not coming around again.

    Time for the president to let them know that taxes are going up, either through legislation, or expiration. January 1st is going to be a better day for the president than it is going to be for republicans. Obstruction is going out of style.

  16. I always liked Barbara Stanwyck…

    I remember late in life she won an Emmy…in her speech she understood that this was not for the particular nominated performance, but for her career…

    She then, spoke directly to another nominee, Ann Margret, who was in the audience…She made very complimentary comments to Margret…I imagine those words mean more to Ann Margret than any acclaim she has received…

  17. KGC, Glad you have got power. Good to hear from you.

    It never rains in California,
    but girl didn’t they warn ya’
    it pours, man it pours.

  18. I guess we can safely assume that Bob Costas will not be getting any donations from the NRA, should he ever decide to run for office. 😉

  19. Jace – The unfortunate thing is that even the tiny adjustments that anti-gun advocacy groups are asking for will never come. Yet, people who should really not have guns will obtain them, and these kinds of tragedies will continue.

  20. Diane Sawyer does not understand that Rmoney lost the election

  21. This particular debate is filled with a lot of hot air but also some delicious ironies. The hot air is between the two budgetary proposals and the game playing going on with it. It appears that Obama’s proposal is the top end price and Boehner’s is the bottom end. We all know that. We also all know that both sides are going to give something to get a deal. The cliff is something the GOP don’t want to consider because of memories regarding Gingrich which has meant that the Dems have little motivation to move the bottom line, which explains why Obama is going out to the heartland rather than the beltway to explain his offer. This has the effect of removing negotiation space with the GOP as Obama will look weak if have gives away too much. In essence, the politics is to send the US over a cliff and stuff up the economy with each party blaming the other for intransigence. SSDD.

    The irony is that Obama is out there selling GW Bush’s tax cuts as a permanent feature. Not even GW could manage that.

  22. Jaslf,

    That is sad, and very true. These types of tragedies will continue because no type of sensible gun control will ever be enacted in this country.

    Most of this should be laid at the feet of the NRA, and I say that as a gun owner.

  23. KGC,
    Oh i know about not having power..Man, 6 years ago and 3 hurricanes back to back, god, weeks without power.. It was so nice to have all the noisy A/C units start up again… Glad your Electric is back on..

  24. So, I am working on my wedding “vow” but you can’t tell David (I’ve asked him not to read today’s thread). There is some boiler plate stuff we’ll be doing, but here’s what I have so far for my own statement (as much as I feel confident memorizing). What ya think? “You are a very great man, David. Not the way the world means. Just you. Your kindness, your gentleness and your wisdom. I love you David. So deeply. I never dreamed I could be so thankful.”

  25. Sounds good, Craig. But I am a little fuzzy on the context of the statement: Not the way the world means.

  26. Yep jaslf, I thought that line might confuse. Trying to get at the notion that greatness in people is not always as history defines. Some of the greatest are the least known, the quiet folks who touch others in the simplest and yet most profound ways, one at a time. That’s David. Perhaps this: “Not the way the world and history means”

  27. Sounds like a good thought. If David understand what you are referring, that is a great line. An inside joke/experience make vows all the more special.

  28. well don’t want that to be just an inside joke, want to express something those who know him well will recognize. realizing how tough it is to describe someone whose gentle influence on others is so subtle and beyond glib description

  29. I recognize what you are doing now. I thought that the first and second sentences were separate statements.

  30. The vow is beautiful. Inner greatness is hard to express in words – you just know when someone has it. It is who they are. That’s tough to describe. But I think you nailed it. Very loving, genuine. How lucky you are to have this in your life.

  31. I say raise the rates on the biggest earners and close the loop holes on the rich as well.

    Poor Tom Coburn… thought he was going to be interviewed by Erin Burnett and Soledad OBrien showed up instead.

  32. Your vow is just wonderful, Craig, but you might have trouble getting thru it. It’s very powerful: I teared up.

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