A Nice Day [Video]

Just got back from such a pleasant walk on a beautiful day in my neighborhood, thought I’d share..

Share your neighborhood pics or videos in this thread.
Lee Carmichael (aka Horsedooty)

Also in this thread we remember a feisty and beloved Trail Mixer, Lee Carmichael. He is much missed since he passed in the summer of 2012 (oh how he must have enjoyed Obama’s re-election night). And talk about honoring your neighborhood, we love this report on his Texas church photography project..


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  1. Don’t forget to identify yourself in the pic on our previous thread, which will be permanently available for viewing under Categories in the sidebar — “Trail Mixer Pub of Fame”

  2. Finally, I had trouble logging on using Facebook. But it eventually worked.

    Alright, about my neighborhood…it is boring. lol. It is a suburb. Its downtown area is filled with old refurbished buildings. Pieces of it can be seen in the old tv show Roswell and in the Wayne’s World “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene out of the windows of the car. I’m not very talented at describing such things.

    I do not know who I would be in the picture in the last thread to be honest.

  3. I don’t have very many pictures of the buildings in my neighborhood, for me it is about the people.
    You can find my neighborhood blog here Most of you have seen it.

    My next project on the block may be a community garden.
    Miki, my Samoan neighbor wants to start farming a vacant lot. “we’ll have a lot of fun and pass out vegatables to the neighbors” he tells me. He thinks he can get other folks to help and if we can and get a little funding we can make a go of it.


  4. Jack,

    “I don’t see me in the picture, I must of been taking a leak at the time

    But the more I look at the picture the more certain I am that the floozy at the bar is Solar dressed in drag.

    Grin duck and run”

    Oh yeaaaaaah, oh yeaaaah, well that didn’t stop you from making a move on me.

    Don’t forget to wash your hands after you visit the bathroom……..hate them finger prints on my dress HA.!

  5. Solar,

    Just a quick note, re. the previous thread.

    Recently signed an open letter to President Obama, urging him to end unconditional aid to Israel.

    I rarely if ever do things like that and I am under no illusions that it will do any good what so ever.

    I have always been a supporter of the idea that Israel has a right to exist, but not at any cost.

    Don’t be quite so hard on us. 😉

  6. Eprof,

    Glad to see you back. You have been gone far too long.

    The Arizona contingent is once again complete. :smile:

  7. I think all this conversation about Anna Wintaur is kind of sexist — she is the head of a very profitable enterprise and politically active -if she were a man in the exact same circumstances including head of a fashion magazine no one would be raising their eyebrows

  8. Sherrod Brown, our US Senator, talks about one of our lost native sons.
    The place he’s mentioning is a baseball practice facility , all enclosed with a roof.
    David Betts lost his life in a bus crash in Atlanta while travelling to Florida for spring training with his Bluffton College team. David’s mother and father were relentless in getting this project completed. It’s a beautiful facility.

    The story of David Betts:


  9. KGC – I don’t know what others are saying. But I don’t like that donors are being thanked with an important position as ambassadors. I don’t care what the gender of the person is.

    Whiskyjack – Your street is quite a sight to see. If my street tried that, every person living on it would have tire tracks on them.

  10. Jack,

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I really love your neighborhood. 😉

  11. Dex,

    Great courthouse. Americans did courthouses, red barns and train depots really well. Glad there are still a few of them around.

    Great picture.

  12. I haven’t been too far as I lurk most often to see the neighborhood change and grow. Change is good! Today, with your post, Craig, I miss Lee, who was a fine photographer of church neighborhoods and a consumate contributor to Trail Mix and its predecessors. Now, back to the main program sans advertising.

  13. Bill, Delightful! Thanks so much for introducing your “slice of heaven” to us. Would luv to hang out on your verandah some day and chat with a magpie. They seem quite friendly. And what fun to have someone here who spells it “neighbourhood.” Brilliant!

    Consider this your diplomatic credentials presented and accepted. You are now our first Ambassador from Australia to the Court of Trail Mix (actually our first from anywhere). We look forward to fine relations (although we’d prefer to see your Prime Minister abandon her opposition to same-sex marriage).

  14. Oliver Stone has a new series on Showtime, “Untold History of the United States.” Wow, am I getting an education. A lot of information I had just casually read in magazines like “The Progressive” and “The Nation” is much more attention-grabbing when shown on a big screen TV. I admit to not knowing a lot about the dynamics between Harry S Truman, Jimmy Byrnes, and Henry Wallace, but this doc brings it all together. Stone proves that Truman dropped the bomb mostly to prove to the Soviets that the US would and could drop it, because after all the bombing over Japan and the horrible state of the Japanese Navy and all armed forces, they were already beaten, and The Bomb really didn’t speed up the surrender.
    Oliver Stone has haters, we all know some; I know several who consider him a hack, but this series will bring blood to a boil if you are a pacifist and you may need some clearing-up of what really happened during the end of the war and the commencing of the Cold War. I am no scholar who researched these years before, so I am glad to finally be able to put a voice and some film and some idea who Henry Wallace really was. And Truman…I always harbored ideas that we were not being told the whole story about Little Boy and Fat Man, the bombs dropped over Japan.

    I remember back in 1975 when a lot of stuff began surfacing , books and plays, proclaiming Harry S Truman as a true American hero. How he saved all the lives of American troops because Japan would no longer have to be invaded. I guess many folks believe it and always did and always will. Stone cited many examples with statements from the early Cold War days which stated clearly how the worst genocidal actions ever taken against a people were just the blowhard Harry Truman’s ego and stubbornness being showcased towards the Russians. Whether you love or hate Oliver Stone, ya gotsta see this miniseries.

  15. I enjoyed reading about the neighborhoods. I live in an area with a drug culture. I have to be careful when tending to the lawn because of discarded needles. I also come across condoms – used, relieved to say. As gross as that sounds, condoms help stem the spread of HIV.So finding used ones is a good thing.
    My house is next to the Life Memorial Park. It was dedicated a few years ago on World Aids Day. It is tended to by volunteers, gay and straight.Each December a candlelight vigil is held. At the end of the ceremony people place their candles on memorial stones set in the sidewalk. I can look out my window and watch the candles slowly burn down, one by one. As the flames flicker, then dim, I remember my childhood friend/buddy Randy. I remember a larger than life friend, Chris, who loved my homemade banana cake. The little lights burn out, one by one.

  16. Craig, thanks for your kind words and my new appointment. I shall treasure that for ever. And mind, my spelling will be the Queen’s English. One of those things hey.

    As to our PM and Same Gender Marriage, she is out on a limb on that one. About 70% of Australians have no problem with the concept and most cannot understand what the hold up is. Of course, here it is Hillsong and the ability of the Fundamentalist Right (let’s not fool ourselves into saying the word “Christian” for they are just bigots pure and simple) to intimidate the wavering pollies while there are some staunch left footers (our leader of the opposition, the “Mad Monk” or “Moany Tony” or “Dr No” [take your pick] is in the forefront) who believe the sky will cave in and God will vent his wrath upon our fair land. These folk believe in the divine right of white Christian folk to kill and maim millions of non-believers but not in the right of happiness for couples. For them God is only concerned about the happenings between the sheets rather than the happenings between human beings. Pathetic really and thank goodness they are a dying breed.

  17. wow Dex, so happens I am watching that Stone series now. So far, don’t think he’s making it up (gotta be careful with Oliver)

    sjwny, ha, “condoms help stem the spread of HIV. So finding used ones is a good thing” — now that’s looking on the bright side. Luv ya

  18. Your vow is just wonderful, Craig, but you might have trouble getting thru it. It’s very powerful: I
    admit to a few tears myself.

  19. Bill, nice to know other nations have dumb ass politicians worthy of being called “Mad Monk” or “Moany Tony” or “Dr No”

    Bethy, that’s why i’m planning ahead. i will get it said with dignity, promise ya that

  20. Craig…somehow I forgot about the Stone series Monday and was relieved to see Showtime has it OnDemand. I wouldn’t want to miss an episode.
    I hope your mom is OK with the UK basketball program this year, a totally new crop of players as the whole darn starting five went pro last spring. Wildcats lost two games last week.
    I have watched Indiana University’s men’s basketballers play on TV all but two or three of their games so far. They are finally back, ranked #1 in the USA. I used to be a big fan of IU , as I went to school at one of the state branches, Fort Wayne. Nowadays, and since 1977, I have been a fan of the Michigan Wolverines in all sports, and they are also undefeated and ranked #3. Big year for the Big 10, which soon will have 14 schools when Maryland and Rutgers join up.

  21. our first Ambassador from Australia to the Court of Trail Mix (actually our first from anywhere)

    craig, so what’s that make our canadian contingent… processed american cheese?

  22. Speaking of good neighbors…

    The Republicans vote against the UN Treaty for Rights of the Disabled.

    *God Bless us, everyone.*

  23. Craig & BillW… thanks for sharing the videos of your neighborhood…

    Many here already know… but for those who don’t… I live in a rural NH town, in the woods… on a dirt road. Trees here… trees over there… trees everywhere. The most prevalent are white birch and maple. I do have neighbors… one house is actually quite close to ours. Lots of critters in my yard which I’ve posted about over the years here.

    sjwny… I googled Life Memorial Park… it looks like you live in Buffalo. I LOVE snow… but damn… not that much… :smile:

  24. Bill Woerlee.

    Great video thanks.

    As for your use of the Kings English. Good on you.

    In the words of one Henry Higgins,”In America they haven’t used it in years.” 😉

  25. The Washington Post notes that in Washington, “debate over the ‘fiscal cliff’ is cloaked in apocalyptic warnings of soaring tax rates and a crashing economy. On Wall Street, the tone is different: All will be fine.”

    Ya’ think? Of course they are not worried. They took down the economy and came out smelling like a rose thanks to the taxpayers.
    We may have to shred the safety net for the elderly and sick, but wall street will have a soft landing, if they or we go off the cliff!

    So here is some Kings English that Wall street will understand.

    Fuck you!

    Sorry, mini rant.

  26. Because it is the season of giving, I’m ordering my ‘stocking stuffers’ early.

    I do hope Mitch McConnell enjoys the lump of coal and the Ashley Judd poster. Merry Christmas Mitch.

  27. Lumps of coal are available now at ridiculously low prices. Volume discounts on the larger lumps.
    Order now while supplies last. Get one for your favorite Congress critter. Neatly wrapped, with your own personalized greeting.

    Some handling charges may apply. All credit cards accepted.

    Why wait order today. 😉

  28. Jace

    The fc doesn’t touch social security, medicare, nor medicaid. If we go over the cliff they are untouched.
    What we will see is incresed taxes for everybody as the rates return to Clinton normal, a reduction of the earned income tax credit. Real reductions in defense spending , not the imaginary ones called for by team Obama. Real reductions in other discretionary spending.
    All in all a very good plan if implemented over the next 5 years. Just not too good if done at the stroke of midnight dec 31st.
    What wall street recognizes is that the fc is not going to be law and they are going to be taken care of.
    The other thing that rational voices on walstreet are pointing out is that they all made good money under Clinton tax rates and that they will if they return.


  29. Remember, wallstreet is like a bookie they don’t care which horse wins as long as you place your bets and they get their cut. It is when investors quit playing the game that they worry about. It plays hell with the bonuses.


  30. btw

    From what I’ve read it has been a rough year for hedge funds and a decent year for buy and hold investors.

    One other thing, a lot of companies are paying out dividends to beat the tax increase at the end of the year. I wonder how much of a stimulus effect we will see from all that moldy money being put back into circulation.


  31. It’s times such as this that I don’t regret not having Showtime—I kind of figure entertainment is fungible no matter what the source.

    I did bing an “how accurate is…” search for articles on the Japan portion of the Oliver Stone production. Found a bunch articles ostensibly from different sources. Problem was, virtually all were generated from the same series of press releases.

    I stopped searching when I came to this NY Times review that seems, IMO, rational: http://tv.nytimes.com/2012/11/12/arts/television/oliver-stones-untold-american-history-on-showtime.html?_r=0

  32. Jack,

    Good points all. I especially like the bookie analogy.

    We find our selves in our current predicament in part because the big wall street banks chose to operate like casinos rather than banks, and the resultant house losses were more than they could cover.
    It is the arrogance of wall street that angers me.
    Of course they will be fine. I just wish the rest of could go about our lives with the same assurance.

    You see, once you have been deemed ‘too big to fail’ your worries are over.

    Nice visit. 😉

    Off to avoid my own fiscal cliff.

  33. My neighborhood is a bunch of older homes that are literally between a river (it does a horse shoe thing and if you go downhill from my house in any of 3 directions, you end up at the river.) We live on the middle of hole 5 of the golf course across the street (this ain’t no Golf Course community). It’s pretty sparsely populated out our way, woods are behind my house there’s a lot of open land etc. Everyone pretty much knows everyone else, most of us have kids between @ 6 and 25, all of whom know each other and hang in the summers. It’s quiet out our way except when the are drilling a new well into the Marcellus shale – which is not too frequent. There’s a road on either side of the river with bridges 1/4 and 3/4 miles from our house, so walks along the river are easy. The golf course is literally on both sides of the river, with scrappy woods between the river and the holes, so it’s kinda like walking in the woods by the river, only on a road. Kinda pleasant living here actually.

  34. Switching to NEW THREAD (warning: my Mars obsession coming back next). But keep telling us about your neighborhoods here, this thread permanently “on display” in Categories on the sidebar: “Trail Mix Neighborhoods”

  35. RR – Hi.
    Most of the snow is in the snowbelt – aka “south of the city” . Basically from Hamburg to Chautauqua County. As they say, it’s all how the wind blows…
    Syracuse actually gets more snow each winter, but after the Blizzard of ’77, Buffalo will forever be linked with the white stuff. That storm was something!
    I was thinking about another fact: my street runs into Porter Avenue, which besides linking us with the Peace Bridge (and Canada), was used as a main invasion route during December 1813. A few hundred feet my home is a marker in honor of Job Hoisington, who was killed on that spot fighting the British invaders. Each day I drive by it, and give a silent thanks to this brave man.
    Craig – the War of 1812 is a link my city shares with yours. The local public radio station is doing a series in commemoration of the “Forgotten War’s” bicentennial.The fighting was savage in these parts. Ugly, brutal. Buffalo was burned (of course this was in retaliation after the Americans burned a settlement in Canada.)
    If you look on a map, the settlers lived close to the Niagara Square area. My block (north of Symphony Circle) was used for cattle, cornfields. How terrifying the invasion must have been for these people.
    Now each July 1st-4th Buffalo and Fort Erie hold a Friendship Festival. We cross the Niagara River via the Peace Bridge. So hard to believe we were once enemies.

  36. Greetings from the desert.

    I live in what was once Spain and then Mexico in Casa Grande, AZ. And, before that, the homelands to several Native American tribes, today known as the Sacaton, Gila River, and Tohono Odham peoples. An unknown and disappeared tribe (200 AD to 1200 AD) built the three story “casa grande” circa 700AD; hence the name of our community. Most of Arizona was ceded to the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. However, my community, Tucson, and a huge swath of the southwest from El Paso to the California border stayed in Mexico until the Gadsden purchase of 1853, signed in the pueblo of Mesilla in New Mexico (one of our favorite places as it’s a minature Santa Fe). Our town is less than three miles from the second US-Mexican border being about three miles north of us. Otherwise, we’d be a part of Mexico. Spanish is used as readily as English by a lot of folks, including my wife. A majority of the youth population is Hispanic. We are located about half way between Phoenix and Tucson on Interstate 10.

    Today, we are a cotton growing and dairy agricultural community of about 50,000 in the fastest growing county in the United States. The second source of economics is with winter visitors from Canada and the northern tier of the United States. RV parks fly the flags of Mexico, Canada, and the United States. I live in the birthplace of my wife when it had a population of less than 3,000 almost seventy years. We are in a typical sub-development on 1/2 acre in the north part of the town surrounded by desert lands still very close by with saguaro and other flora and fauna of desert life. We have roadrunners, coyotes, javalina, and deer close to us. We can see for twenty or more miles on a clear day with magnificent deserts and mountains, some of which rise to 7,000 feet from a distance. Our most notable mountain landmark is Picacho Peak, which from several angles looks like a wolf baying at the sky. It was also the site of the most western civil war skirmish in April 1862.

    Our local culture is dominated by southwest country western and Mexican music, spicy food (except in the national chains), pick-up trucks, golf courses, and RV’s. One local community college but open competition for Arizona State University (Phoenix)and University of Arizona (Tucson)loyalties.

    Probably more than you wanted to know but this is my neighborhood.

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