50 thoughts on “Trail Mixer Pub of Fame”

  1. I am the bald guy, lower right corner, sans drink, maybe having taken a handful of peanuts from the bowl the waitress has on that tray. I’m watching The Stephanie Miller Show on Current TV in this scene. Jim Ward just cracked me up again.

  2. I’m the peace sign hand in front, making an appearance but better left unseen.

  3. i’m either the chimp dangling from the rafters in upper right corner or the escaped white lab rat peeking around the bar.

    or both. multi personality complex. nope that’s schizophrenic. have to add the dead dog in front of bar to be multiple.

  4. sturge, i tho’t you were the exasperated guitarist stomping off camera on the tv.

  5. I am the inebriated vocalist, but not off key. Sturg riffs whenever I take a drink. 😉

  6. I’m the little green alien… I’m trying to get the vampire to come over and dance with me. Just gotta dance whenever I hear Mustang Sally…

  7. That’s me in the lower left hand corner –letting the genie out of the bottle This group looks a lot more dissolute then the muppet picture

    I had a dog named Matan…the name is one of the Hebrew words for gift

  8. The little guy under the stool in the striped suit.
    He aint one of us.

    Dead ringer for Dick Cheney though. 😉

  9. Why would anyone want to be the giraffe? Looks like the only sober one in the place. 😉

  10. I am the old bald guy sitting at the bar, except that if I was turning to look at the singer, I would have taken the 270 degree turn to the left, so I could ogle the hottie sitting two stools over. Also, if that’s a newspaper, it wouldn’t be in my hands, it would be on the bar and opened to the crossword puzzle.

  11. In projection mode now.

    I think that is BW sitting at the end of the bar in front of the a fore mentioned passed out Pogo. 😉

  12. Sorry Sturg, I am not singing Mustang Sally.

    It looks like I’m half way through ‘Some Enchanted Evening’. 😉

  13. barb, which hussy is that? i presumed the one with the tatoos might be champ in one of his many clever disguises; however, she just doesn’t project his same sense of joie de vivre.

  14. Craig… I thought about taking the giraffe… than I realized that not even in my wildest dreams could I ever be the tall one…

  15. Jace….ok, maybe you weren’t off key….it may have been that cat trapped inside the keyboard. the hammers striking her were causing her to make quite a row. she seemed to have lost all restraint.

  16. Shit, I thought that you all would have stopped partying/celebrating your big Obama win by now.!

    …..guess that you really did want him to have some time off…the country’s business could wait.

    With the big win for the home team….guess everything will be just fine?

    Me, Im the skeleton on the second shelf, left side.

    Thats me, and a lot of small corps that Obama still has not lifted a finger to help out….banks won’t lend any money to us, was just told yesterday…..that “things are tight.”

    Since I haven’t had a drop to drink….it would be impossible to get into a conversation with the totally inebriated dems…..

    Like i said…im the one that Obama cut off his head…..no make that the head of small corps.

    Dems, progressives, liberals……all just want to be “PRESENT” and have a little fun, until the next big showing of corps owned puppets…….


    I guess that you did really mean it when you said that you all wanted the POTUS to take off a few days…cut him some slack or something like that…..and hold his feet to fire at a later date.

    Not too much that a lame duck president/wall st. Large Banks, corp owned president can do to get banks to lend to small corps and get the country back on the right track.!!!!!! later

  17. Solar,
    I can’t speak for other people who were within range of the fragments from your rucksack full of grenades, but this GI is a friendly who is maintaining the pressure on our intended opponents.

  18. Take that back.!

    Obama has been busy getting Home builders/contractors money for the construction of new homes…..by helping the AIPAC to spend US TAX money, helping Israel steal others lands to expand illegal homes building…

    The project Netanyahoos government began moving forward on Friday would cut the West Bank itself in half, dividing its north from its south while barricading off a bit of Jerusalem in the bargain and with it, in all likelihood the plans to name the Arab sections of the city as Palestine’s capital.

    Is Obama in the One % ters yet….he will be, before his last 4 yrs are over…..

    Lets see…. wall st, big banks, big corps, large defense contractors….Israel, all making it all possible for him….

  19. hey Solarman…
    you betcha I’m still partying…. aye caramba and cha cha cha!

    now get your skinny ass out on the dance floor and do a few turns with me… I can’t get that damn vampire outta his seat no matter how much I shake my bootie at him…

  20. Flatus, I know, but there is no time to waste:

    E1, West Bank (Reuters) – The hillside called E1 is one of the few places around Jerusalem that Jesus Christ might still recognize: a stony, dusty, barren slope on the way down to the desert and the Dead Sea.

    If Israel carries out plans announced this week, it is destined to be the site of another Jewish settlement city, on occupied land that the Palestinians believe must be part of the state for which they have just won de facto U.N. recognition.

    Roads that seem to go nowhere run up its rocky slopes and streetlights provide slivers of shade from the often fierce sun. There is an Israeli police station, but no houses or shops.

    Known simply by its administrative name, E1 (East One), this exposed stretch of West Bank land is at the centre of a growing diplomatic dispute pitting Israel against both the Palestinians and also many of its Western allies.

    Stunned by the vote last week in the General Assembly that accorded Palestine the status of a “non-member state” at the United Nations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government resurrected an old plan to build on the empty outcrop.

    Critics immediately warned that populating E1 with Israelis would cut off East Jerusalem and carve up the West Bank, effectively thwarting any chance of viability for a Palestinian state and thereby extinguishing the Middle East peace process.


  21. Renee,

    Ok,…..but afterwards….hook me up with that blond on the left side of the bar……she looks like a Sue….they nothing but troubles….but hey she is the only one that is going to last the rest of the night…..”shaking it off…out? here boss”……

  22. Whoa… nothing.!

    U the only one left sitting straight…your country or mine?

  23. Solar,
    Since before the War the Zionists and then the Israelis have been doing what they believe is in their national interest. That interest being survival in the most hostile of all possible worlds.

    I believe that Obama’s, and past administrations, have been made crazy by the repeated encroachments into Palestinian territory. The Israeli govt, though, says it is the logical result of Palestinian failure to control rocket attacks against Israel’s populated areas.

    I appreciate your anger at their building houses with our money. The other day I did some quick math. The amount of money the Israelis spent in shooting down rockets coming from Palestinian territory dwarfed any monies being spent on houses The house building exercise is more like sending the Palestinians a message not to do it again. Of course the message will enrage the recipients instead.

  24. Flatus,

    I just feel that we as a country has not only given $ for Illegal settlements in Palestinian lands…but….have been complicit in all things that the Israelis want to do in the middle east.!

    Sixty-five years back, on November 29, 1947, the UNGA voted in favor of the division of the British Mandate of Palestine into two states…. one Jewish; one Arab. Jewish leader David Ben-Gurion accepted the Partition Plan which, six months later, led to the birth of Israel…

    He is on record saying that it was only a matter of time before they would wipe out all of Palestine…….the holy land….that is mapped out in the bible would be all there for the taking…”one way or another”……

    I always remember that they refused any part of the earth, that was not Palatine…..imagine, people without a county, no where to live after what Hitler did to them…..that they would refuse to live in a country that the united nations gave them (in Africa was one)….but demanded that they have Palestine..

    You know as well as I do that Netenyahu does not want peace…he has always invited those missiles …. a blessing….whats a few lives….(50 or so, from missles from the past until today)…but the idea has always been…with or without missiles to take over all of Palestine for themselves……later

  25. Last post:

    ……want peace in the middle east…..dry up all of the money….don’t give anyone any money or weapons…and we will have instant peace.!!!

  26. JUST AN EXAMPLE of how our money is spent:

    Unsure how your private security firm makes money as the U.S. war in Afghanistan winds down? One option: Go into the drug trade — more specifically, the lucrative business of fighting narcotics. The State Department needs a business partner to keep its fleet of drug-hunting helicopters and planes flying worldwide. You could make up to $10 billion-with-a-B.

    Starting next month in Melbourne, Florida, the State Department will solicit some defense-industry feedback on a contract to help operate its 412 aircraft, based in at least eight nations, before it reopens the contract for bidding. Among the missions the diplomatic corps needs fulfilled: “Provide pilots and operational support for drug interdiction missions such as crop spraying, and the transport of personnel and cargo,” according to a pre-solicitation the department’s bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs released on Friday.


    the State Department directs 51,000 annual hours worth of air operations. In Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Pakistan, and Guatemala, it mostly performs “counternarcotics and law enforcement activities,” explains State Department spokeswoman Pooja Jhunjhunwala, and in Afghanistan it does transportation support as well. Diplomats at the mega-embassy in Iraq also rely on State’s contractor air fleet to move about the country. And in recent years, that fleet has also needed to perform short-term air missions in Sudan, Honduras, Malta, Libya and Egypt. Private-security giant DynCorp currently holds the contract for supporting the diplomatic fleet.

  27. I don’t see me in the picture, I must of been taking a leak at the time

    But the more I look at the picture the more certain I am that the floozy at the bar is Solar dressed in drag.

    Grin duck and run


  28. Word scramble: I am the vampire, come back to instigate another brawl. I am “NBIYIRNCAN” Who was I on the old TrailMix? You may now unscramble me.

  29. Nice answers folks. Gives me a bit of an idea as to who each person is.

    For me, I’m the hopeless romantic holding his girlfriends hands. Still do that today at the coffee shops we visit.

  30. I’m the gal at the end of the bar…on the phone…not sure if I’m actually talking with anyone or just watching what the rest of you are up to…good one for a frequent lurker….

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