Hillary Targets Soviet Comeback

Financial Times: The US is trying to prevent Russia from recreating a new version of the Soviet Union under the ruse of economic integration, Hillary Clinton warned on Thursday at a news conference in Dublin hours before going into a meeting with her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov.

“There is a move to re-Sovietise the region. It’s not going to be called that. It’s going to be called a customs union, it will be called Eurasian Union and all of that. But let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it. … It’s distressing that 20 years into the post-Soviet era . . . so many of the hoped-for indicators of progress are retreating . . . We are trying to fight that, but it is very difficult.”

40 thoughts on “Hillary Targets Soviet Comeback”

  1. woo hoo! happy day of infamy or the beginning of the end of time
    or both

    so why worry about soviet redux, fiscal cliffs or what to buy for aunt maude for christmas

  2. “In an amazing, 50 second clip released Thursday, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivers a perfectly deadpan doomsday address that is as hair-raising as it is hilarious.

    The clip, which was filmed to promote a tongue-in-cheek local radio station’s breakfast show, Sky News notes, warns that predictions of the end of the world this December are both correct and unavoidable.”


  3. So someone should ask the president of Walmart how they feel about the gooper move to end Obamacare since they announced they plan to stop giving their employees health care and cutting their wages so they qualify for FREE health care

    The Walmarters took Rmoney’s advice to heart they heard him say people would rather be poor so they can get free stuff — so that’s what they are doing to their employees.

    As for Jim DeMint — I would say he is the first rat leaving the sinking Tea Party ship. I guess he didn’t have many friends in the Senate and Rand Paul just wasn’t enough. Now adays when I hear the word Heritage I think Turkey

  4. I hope that Obama chooses the next Secretary of State very wisely…. Hillary’s replacement will have some mighty big shoes to fill.

    I don’t know much about Russia… I do know that since the Soviet break-up, their economy has basically sucked… so this news does not surprise me.

  5. Poobah, my guess is that part of that Hilary metric (the ‘can’t part) is a Br’er Rabbit ruse and that 23% of them don’t believe that America has come far enough to elect a woman, so they’re skewing Hilary polls to get her to run. Of course that assumes a degree of cunning thought and coordination that is probably not there, so never mind.

  6. eProf2 says: Please add Lee Carmichael to our list of remembered, and perhaps an original, CListers. Thanks.

    yes I did add Lee after your post in Trail Mix Neighboords link under Categories in the sidebar:

    Lee is much missed since he passed last summer (oh how he must have enjoyed election night). and talk about honoring your neighborhood, luv this report on his Texas church photography project..


  7. ha pogo, that is quite an assumption. i really can’t see HRC wanting to go thru a campaign. But how cool it would be for the country to follow the first black prez with first woman. talk about a twofer!

  8. I suspect Putin’s iron-glove rule is raising the hackles of many,if not most, of those who ‘enjoyed’ life in Soviet Russia. And, you can just bet that those now-free states in Eastern Europe want to Re-Up with Moscow, to say nothing of the Stans and the free states in the Far East.

    The biggest guarantors against a resurgence of a Soviet-like power is a continuing economically friendly and militarily viable NATO coupled with the United States maintaining strong treaty ties with free states in Pacific Asia, the latter providing a counterbalance to China.

  9. Poobah, you are apparently in the minority re: whether Hilary is going to run in ’16. I don’t know – maybe after a long vacation and copious amounts of her favorite adult beverages she might be up to the task. And I could be wrong, but I don’t think she would face overly strong opposition in the primaries. But then again I thought she was a slam dunk in ’08, so I guess I should stick to lawing and stay away from punditing.

  10. pogo, yeah I know, but as an ole Clinton watcher I think she’s really REALLY tired of the game. Still, like you say, maybe after a big drunk she’ll come to her senses. Convinced she’s the only shot at a woman prez in my lifetime, and i’d surely like to see that.

  11. I read somewhere… and sorry I can’t remember where… that the woman who replaced Hillary in the Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand would also be a good choice for a woman running for president in 2016. The article said she’d only consider it if Hillary did not make a run.

    I’m not advocating her… just reporting what I read.

  12. gov christie has found out “one of those things”.

    Prejudice: It’s easy to disparage and be disgusted by someone or something which exists at some distance from you with which you have had no actual co-operative interaction.

    But then…when you’re on the sand and working with that someone closely, all the labels and ideology disappear and you either like the way the guy works or you don’t. gov christie made a new friend because he liked the way the pres. worked, and liked the way he, christie, worked when he was with him.

    He may go much farther than previously suspected.

    It’s like not liking some musical group or other for this reason or that, Barry Manilow for instance, but then when dragged to their concert and when you meet them straight up you find that you like the way they work and they have new fans.

    when i first went to nashville while listening to radio for songage i kept hearing and passing over this one song which i didn’t think much of, hackneyed, draggy, whatever, just didn’t pay it no nevermind for several hearings. then once while coming out of the kitchen at the end of it I happened to hear the DJ announce the artist who recorded it. from that point, i began to hear it in a new light and from there it wormed its way into being one of the songs i remember all the words to. I had met the artist and liked the way he worked.
    (ha ha, country—some are easier than others.)

    christie found out a valuable thing and was cool enough to laizzez les bon temps roulez.

    I have a feeling Gov. Christie is going to be a lot less prone to stupidity from here on out. At least I hope it sticks to him and I think it will. He seems like a bright lad, all in all. Very quick on those tiny little feet of his.

    Paradigm shift key.

  13. the nurse in england who took the prank call at kate’s hospital has been found dead, having apparently taken her own life.

    I was lucky enough to have learned about pranks kind of early. We were house band at a beach pavilion, which places it around 67…..so the drummer and I had this thing we thought was cool where he or I would approach the mark and tell him that the other’s little brother is taking dancing lessons and everyone’s been kidding him about it, “so next time you get a chance give him some ribbing about it.” So when the mark approached the drummer while they’re shooting pool, having been set up and prepped by me in this case, and says something about ha ha hear yer little brother’s taking dancing lessons…..so straight-faced Sprite, the drummer, says somberly, “My little brother’s got polio.” Well, this guy smacks his cue stick on the table so hard it cracks in half and he starts heading my way. Very tense, all of a sudden.
    Anyway, Sprite and I both had to do some very fancy footwork over that one and I became much less enamored of pranks. And I always wondered whether Sprite and the mark got together and marked me. lol We told Buddy Richter about the episode and he told us of the time in a high school he was new at he was told he should call this one big guy “Baby Huey”. He did and got beat up by Baby Huey who was not amused by his back-door nickname.

    Also on another level a lesson in Choose Your Marks Carefully.

  14. Yep RR I saw that too but not impressed. Could be wrong but think HRC the only chance in our lifetime who has transcended ”being a woman” to get elected. To my astonishment 2008 taught me that this step is way harder in our politics than race. But silly me, why didn’t I remember it took women another 50 years to get the right to vote? Hillary the only chance for now, I am sure of it.

  15. Craig…
    I respectfully disagree with that sentiment. I find that thought way too small and restrictive to believe there’s only one woman who has a chance to get elected for president in the next 30 years. Hillary didn’t win the nomination, but she came close, and IMO, she has made it possible for Americans to envision a woman in that position.

  16. Well… think about it…

    In 2000 when we were all riveted to find out which white guy the Supreme Court was going to make our next president, who would have envisioned that only 8 yrs away this country would elect it’s first black man for that position… and who could have seen Barack Obama as being that man.

  17. Renee, I believe there are as many if not more women out there fully capable of being and executing the office of POTUS well as there are men, and I’d really like to think that the voting public understands that. But being from a middlish class mostly white mostly Dem area that has exactly NO (of 5)women from our district in our State legislature or Senate, has 3 white male circuit judges (albeit our 2 family court judges are women – no men ran in opposition) three (of 8) women on our city council and no women (of 3) on our County Commission, and 1 woman (of 6)on the School Board, I don’t see that the voters are willing to go there. Now granted, this is a conservative area although it is Democratic by and large (but went 69% for Rmoney and 28% for Obama – and there’s a little more than a little racism here). I just don’t see it for anyone other than a Hilary like figure who is not really discounted because of her gender.

  18. RR, I now see that, considering we gave blacks the right to vote 50 years earlier, women face the toughest barrier of all. And only Hillary has a shot for now. If some other woman can prove me wrong, I’d be thrilled. But my concern is that only a Thatcher-like conservative woman would do it, which would be counter-productive.

  19. RR says: who would have envisioned that only 8 yrs away this country would elect it’s first black man for that position

    emphasis on the word “man” RR. gender bias has turned out to be far more resilient than racial bias in our politics, to my utter amazement. we are not whole as a nation until this is dealt with.

  20. these people always come out of the woodwork. they’re anonymous until they “emerge”. jimmy carter, bill clinton, barack obama, reagan, etc. but I’d bet there are binders of women out there on the edge of the illumination.

    they’re out there now so speculation on whom they might be would only be possible by taking the magnifying glass to more obscure possibles.

  21. mccain wakes up in the wee hours and snaps:
    “Palin!” “A Governor!” “A Woman!”.
    Paces the floor.
    Calls at dawn.

  22. The little county where I was raised whne they would elect a woman to a particular office it was like that office suddenly became a woman’s job and only women would run for the office from then on. Don’t know if it is still that way as I haven’t been back in a while. Have you noticed how they seem to have made the SOS into a womans job?
    So maybe Craig is right.
    I always assumed someone like Kay Bailey Hutchinson would be the first woman president. If she had become governor of Texas she had a good chance.

    One other thing, These days it is not how qualified you are for the job but if you have backers.


  23. Jack,

    Kay Bailey Hutchinson — only got into the senate because Lloyd Bentsen appointed to Clinton’s cabinet — egads! John Kerry to Obama cabinet begets return of Scott Brown, noooooooo

  24. She saw her opportunity. Isn’t that most politics?

    From what I’ve seen she comes across as competent and moderate. everything that will not get you the nomination in the Republican party either in Texas nor nationally.


  25. Clair McCaskill was funny today with her “whiplash” remark as GOP filibustered against their own vote when their bluff was called. I think she could be President, but whether she could get elected is another matter.

  26. Jamie

    She certainly has a critical essential to run for the presidency, Luck.

    She needs better managers. She is certainly tough enough to be. Main problem, she is from the Senate and has to make too many votes. If she could come home and run for governor that might be a better platform for presidential aspirations.


  27. Hillary Clinton has probably the best resume for President of any candidate, male or female. I agree she seems tired. Losing her Party’s primary must have been crushing. Being publically rejected must scorch the soul a bit.
    The best chance for women remains through the backdoor: VP. I don’ t think Sarah Palin poisoned that well for women because she was so personally unqualified that when voters thought about her they thought “Palin”, not “Woman Candidate.”

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