Susan Rice Takes More Hits

Now the left is turning on Susan Rice, for coddling dictators. I don’t know what to make of her as a potential Secretary of State, but seems to me the President should do some hard thinking about this choice. Rice brings a lot of baggage to the table. At the very least a stormy Senate confirmation hearing looks likely. Why bother if a qualified and less provocative pick can be had?

Rice appears to have no constituency for winning this job other than Obama himself.

The President is now stuck with only bad choices — fighting for Rice in a bruising battle, or backing down to the Senate so early in his second term. This didn’t have to happen. Rice should have been vetted long before running this risk.

New York Times: “Critics of the Obama administration’s Africa policy have focused on the role of Susan E. Rice … in the administration’s failure to take action against the country they see as a major cause of the Congolese crisis, Rwanda.”

Salem Solomon, NYT op-ed: “During her career, she has shown a surprising and unsettling sympathy for Africa’s despots. This record dates from Ms. Rice’s service as assistant secretary of state for African affairs under President Bill Clinton.”

58 thoughts on “Susan Rice Takes More Hits”

  1. She (Rice) looked quite sparkly at a presser following the Scty Council meeting on N Korea’s orbiting of a large 4-stage missile.

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  7. Arghh. I’ve got to spend the night at one of those sleep clinics. I hope they have a fireplace.

  8. I still support Susan Rice, and unlike the New York Times, I am a real liberal…

  9. Glad everything’s up and running!

    I read Romeo Dallaire’s book about Rwanda. M. Dallaire was the head of the UN force in Rwanda before and during the massacre. This was the world’s perfect storm. All kinds of systems broke down and it’s incredibly unfair to lay this at Ms. Rice’s feet. BTW, M. Dallaire suffers from PTSD to this day. He’s an amazing man.

  10. Flatus

    Are you spending time in the sleep clinic for any special reason. I have terrible insomnia —

    I’m more concerned about Susan Rice’s financial stake in the controversial Keystone Pipeline of which the sec’y of state is part of the approval process..
    Regrettably the president and she are much alike

  11. Rick is a Christmas Eve baby… so he has to reregister his truck every December. We both went to the town office so that could happen this morning. There was this couple who been living together for a long time there. They wanted to finally get married and they wanted to do it on 12/12/12. Because we were there, we were asked to be their witnesses. We accepted the offer…. ahhhh…. what a gift… an early Xmas present.

    IMO, the NYTimes, and the Republicans are nitpicking over Ms. Rice…. guess they have nothing better to do.

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    I was beginning to suffer the symptoms of the dreaded TMWS. Trail Mix Withdrawal syndrome.

    Symptoms rapidly subsiding. 😉

    Thanks Dr. Craig.

  13. I haven’t seen anything that Rice has done wrong on her watch but I have seen plenty good. That’s not her problem. Her problem is Obama who hung her out to dry over Benghazi. Hinting at appointing without the formal nomination meant that she had no support network to deal with the personal attack. She was on her own. Obama did her no favours and reality is, he has shot himself badly in the foot over this one. There is definitely a lack of competence at the White House over this one.

  14. Katherine,
    I have very low blood pressure–it’s typically like 90/55. That coupled with alarms going off while I was in the hospital has made them decide to find the cause of my strange behavior–especially as their is no nurse to enter the room and tell me to take some deep breaths.

    No insomnia. I’m usually asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

  15. jace, you don’t know withdrawal like I do when I can’t fellowship with my trail pals. thanks all for your patience. I’ve never run into a ditch I couldn’t get out of, and we’re rolling again

  16. Bill, as I guess my post above indicates I too am befuddled by the WH handling of this Rice matter. Don’t see why she couldn’t serve but think they’ve made such a mess they ought to back off and pretend it never happened.

    My guess is Obama feels a certain loyalty to her. She was with him from day one. But this just has not played out too well.

  17. Welcome back. Miss your pixels when you aren’t around. Not quite sure what to make of the Rice matter. The President could probably get her through, but there are so many more pressing problems that it seems a shame to waste his Congressional heft. There must be some power position that she could fill without a fight.

  18. For those looking to wrest back the huge funds received by seniors from Social Security, I would like to confess that this year’s 1.7% raise will make me $10 a month wealthier. Which impoverished CEO should I send it to?

  19. Jamie,

    There must be some power position that she could fill without a fight.

    Yeah, one that involves a microphone and the words: “Would you like to upgrade that sir to super fries and large soda?”

  20. Craig, if it is confusing then there is no game plan, just incompetence. I feel sorry for Rice who has been made to carry the can for a failed WH strategy, such that it might be called. With Obama not turning up for the 1st debate in body, that is on him, but to do the same to a possible appointment is outrageous.

  21. Craig,

    I’m certainly prejudiced, but I think it much more prudent (than making Susan Rice SOS) to make Jim Webb king for about three years. In that amount of time, he could kick everybody’s ass who needs kicking, and THEN he can go write best-selling books and screenplays. And…if Jim were King, he would let you and I take all the campaign money and spend it on a big national weekend of partying. The country would not only get fixed, but everybody would have a good time and yell, “USA! USA! USA!”

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  23. ha Anon you nailed it. that’s exactly what happened. not the first time I’ve driven this here contraption into a ditch — but I always dig it out

    Walter Brennan, “Banjo on My Knee”
    (Twentieth Century Fox, 1936)

  24. Here’s a video of my old co-worker Jack Chaffins from Indiana, but Jack is from Kentucky originally. Jack has appeared on many TV shows with his banjo, has been in several groups that released albums, and was awarded the status of Kentucky Colonel abut twenty years ago. Jack worked hard to preserve every bit of his Kentucky accent.

  25. I wish President Obama would back away from Rice. It’s now apparent that Kerry isn’t going to give away his Senate seat to become Sec’y so Obama should move away from Rice and vet another person, and do this quickly. I do not believe Rice would survive any type of hearing (s).

  26. Dex, that’s some fine geetar there, thanks for sharing.

    Now I gotta post another clip from the Barbara Stanwyck movie I’m watching, “Banjo on My Knee” (1936)

    Buddy Ebsen, an Orlando prodigy. In 1920, Ebsen’s parents moved to Orlando, where he and his sisters learned to dance at a studio his father operated.

    This clip showcases his surreal style (@1:47)..


  27. I have very low blood pressure–it’s typically like 90/55

    flatus, not unusual if you are a serious meditator (or practioner of similar decompressing activity).

  28. as forrest might say:
    diplomat is as diplomat does.

    and as i said before, she ain’t much of a diplomat. sometimes beauty is in the eyes of the beholders and she’s no beaut when if comes to possessing that silky smooth talk required of a sos.

  29. httpv://

    Starting the morning with a real 15th century toe tapper. Good to be back.
    Have a great day all! 😉

  30. Buddy occasionally danced on the Beverly Hillbillies – I’m not sure the man has bone within 3 inches of his joints.

  31. bill, the other day you spoke of societal morals and this quote by rupert murdock’s daughter elizabeth (12/10/12 new yorker article) seems to echo your comment:

    It’s us, human beings, we the people, who create the society we want, not profit. It is increasingly apparent that the absence of purpose –or of a moral language — within government, media, or business, could become one of the most dangerous own goals for capitalism and for freedom…. Independence from regulation and the freedom we need to innovate and grow is only democratically viable when we accept that we have a responsibility to each other and not just to our bottom line. Profit must be our servant, not our master.

  32. Craig….
    (arms across chest and tappin’ my foot)

    whaddya mean Jed Clampett is silly….
    why he’s a boomer’s icon… harummmph… 😈

  33. I am operating under a news ban for the holidays. I’ve started watching the Hallmark channel Christmas shows (free preview) — Mr. Cracker calls them soap operas for the 1%..and it does seem everyone is well to do.

  34. There’s nothing wrong with Rupert Murdoch that divesting non-print and non-US assets; and, then restricting the remaining assets to a single publication in every market, wouldn’t cure.

  35. When Obamarama appointed Clinton – there were a number of special envoys to hotspots…and people wondered who was really in charge at the State Dept.

    By the way George Mitchell not so much any more.

  36. Ah, Katherine, that’s where Hillary took charge. Obama assumed Mrs Clinton would challenge the envoys’ authority and presence. Instead, she made them redundant through her obvious competence.

    She used the hidden strength/secret weapon of strong women: Logic instead of testosterone.

  37. This is the perfect visual for “The Moose Jaw Shuffle”, a walk-step brought to perfection by one Dr. Dave (known in some quarters as Blacknutz, Scourge of the 7 Seas) by close observation of a bunch of penguins which he re-called when having to traverse what was essentially a solid sheet of ice while wearing leather-soled high heeled cowboy boots….. ’bout the only way to negotiate his way to the chinese restaurant down on the corner from the Royal Hotel. His walk had much the same outcome as that of the here presented penguin.


    so…..are they saying “yaaaaaaa” or “oooooh”? Based on Dr. Dave’s own experience while working on what came to be known far and wide as The Moose Jaw Shuffle it’s definitely yaaaaaaaaaa. But it sounds more like “ooooooooh” somehow.

    The jury is still out.

  38. But since I personally happen to know that closely following Dr. Dave was one Steinberg, the Irishman from Palestine who was wearing his studded and beaded fur-lined mukluks so recently purchased from the Cree, it is most certainly, “Yaaaaaaa”, albeit a very restrained one…..on the video.

  39. poor old boner….he’s got to sit and think every day which piece of crap he’s going to put out there like it was news.


  40. Sturg,
    When I was a pre-youngster I was read Mr Popper’s Penguins. I don’t recall either of those sounds.

  41. A Jed moment:
    Drysdale is showing them thru the house when the phone rings. Jed says, “What’s that?”
    “That’s a telephone,” says Drysdale, beaming with pride.
    “What’s it do?”
    “You say ‘hello’ to it.”
    Jed leans down a bit and says, “Hello” at the phone and waits for it to do something.

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