Hillary, Here We Go Again

It’s not that she makes us do it. We just can’t help ourselves. And once again the biggest question in politics: Will Hillary run?

Clinton did little to quiet the buzz when Barbara Walters interviewed her on Wednesday.

“I’ve said I really don’t believe that that’s something I will do again.”

“Right now I have no intention of running.”

Oh what the heck, with this post I begin a new category for the sidebar: WH 2016.

Barbara Walters interviews HRC (12/12)

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  1. Now, consider her laugh in this Walters interview. Remember how she was ridiculed for her “cackle.” She knows that crap all comes back once she’s in and the current glow fades. Why bother?

  2. She’s 65-yo right now. If elected and serves two terms she will be 77-yo when her time is finally up. Both she and her husband will probably go through major health crises, etc.

    I’m sure she’s been getting the best possible health care, but so much is in the cards that she was dealt.

    And then there are family concerns. I see both her and Bill being doting, involved grandparents. In my mind, at their age, if it’s a choice between the White House and one a few miles from the little one(s), it would be a no-brainer.

    So, to say Hillary is going to declare after she gets a couple of months of R&R may simply be inaccurate.

  3. Flatus, she was somewhat defensive about the age question in that interview above. Seemed to me another clue she’s keeping the option open

  4. gives her a prestigious Ben Franklin look


    Now that’s a compliment I could live without

    I think the talk should be about Hillary for the Supreme Court

  5. I LOVE listening to her laugh… her whole face lights up… she’s such a beautiful woman.

    “Right now I have no intention of running.”

    of course the operative words there are “right now”…

  6. that coming from me any comparison to BF is high praise indeed 😉

    I guess beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder

  7. Craig, if you see a person 110-yo walking down the street, the probability of that individual living another day is quite high.

  8. Mudcat

    make Jim Webb king for about three years. In that amount of time, he could kick everybody’s ass

    Mate, I happen to live in a monarchy with Queen Liz at the top. Never heard from her personally once in 60 years, and never seen her kick an arse. In contrast many Americans fawn to kiss her regal derrière, and also those of her offspring and their families. So I suspect “kick” was a typo when you really meant “kiss“.

  9. patd

    (12/13/2012 at 8:54 AM)

    Thanks for your note.

    The Murdochs in Oz have always been a bit of an enigma. Rup’s father, Keith is a legend in all the right ways. Along with Ashmeed Bartlett, Keith Murdoch blew apart the cover up perpetrated by the British and Australian governments upon their populations regarding Gallipoli. So we have a sentimental attachment to Keith.

    Rup was a better businessman than his father, but at the end of the day, he has printers ink under his fingers. Call him the “Dirty Digger” perhaps but his heart is in “dead tree” journalism.

    Elizabeth is an estranged daughter who has wised up in realising that money is only paper. It’s only power is granted by the people surrounding that paper. To paraphrase Hillary Clinton, “It takes a village to raise a millionaire.”

    Gated communities, tax evasion and avoidance, lack of social responsibility, Wall Street, Investment Banks getting TARP money, rewarding economic wreckers and the like are clearly in the cross hairs of Murdoch’s statement for it is this behaviour that is dramatically undermining her personal wealth.

    And let’s face a real truth here – money is only a reflection of the trust people have in their society.

  10. Oh, a small historical note from my previous post which mentioned Gallipoli. George Patton conducted a remarkable study on the Gallipoli landings in 1936 which laid the blueprint to the Allied landings in Sicily in 1943 and then “D” Day in 44. It was Keith Murdoch’s blowing the lid on this story that enabled Patton to make his study. All the information was publicly available (after the war) from the Gallipoli Commission set up in 1917.

    Doesn’t history have a nice way of bumping around with all its threads and ties?

  11. Bill,
    My English ancestors left in the early 1600s. It took the Scotch, Welsh and Irish a while longer. I don’t think any of them left because they had too much to eat.

    When most Americans think of royalty and royal circles, they just think of HM and her immediate family. They don’t figure in all the lords and ladies who screwed over commoners over the centuries, or who transported the hearty settlers who built Australia.

    Much of the respect for HM and her family is because of the families willingness to take the lead whether it be in war or peace.

    Most of her predecessors would be hard pressed to meet her standard.

  12. If Hillary wants the job, I’ll be happy to vote for her again. In the meantime, looking forward to all the usual and unusual suspects.

  13. Just for something interesting, David and I are going to try writing a film blog. It is still very much in rough draft form, but I did put up a first article until he can get me a bio. If anyone wants to take a look: Blank & White On Film

  14. Jamie says: Susan Rice withdraws from possible appointment as SOS

    Yep, saw that one coming. What a freakin fiasco.

    Very excited about your film blog with David. What a perfect match

  15. I think it depends on how bored she gets on her sabbatical. I think it’s hers if she runs. She’ll have Bill AND Barack with her, and it’ll be great.

  16. Ah Tylenol but Dem intra-party politics, as usual, could get very complicated. If Biden is serious (and I think he is) at the very least Obama would have to stay out of it. Yeah yeah I know Joe is getting old. But don’t tell HIM that, he wants it bad.

  17. I’m surprised that Hilary hasn’t become the focus of the Benghazi investigation.

    Someone high up at State decided that a reduced security posture in Libya was required.

    Someone miscalculated and American diplomats died because of that mistake.

    In most cases like this someone in a decision making capacity will have to take responsibility for this.

    It seems like there is a effort to blame some shadowy intel organization but I know that the Dept of State decides internally what security posture to adopt at each of it’s missions.

    Normally the press is very good at ferreting out who decided what. It seems in this case though that they are reluctant to find out the truth.

    My gut tells me that it will point to one place……the top at State.

  18. gee Craig….
    so much subterfuge… someone might get the idea you were talkin’ politics or power grabs or somethin’… 😉

  19. I think Rice will become National Security Adviser. I’m sure SoS is Kerry’s. I don’t think Obama can afford to stay out of it, not after what Bill did to get him re-elected. And I DO think Joe’s too old. Certainly won’t get that sea of younger voters that Obama attracted, and those voters are now really into making history. Electing HRC will be another historic moment!

  20. worth remembering how Rice went out of her way to antagonize Clinton world, where she got her big start in the big leagues..

    Among those she has insulted is the woman she would replace at State. Rice was one of the first former Clinton administration officials to defect to Obama’s primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. Rice condemned Clinton’s Iraq and Iran positions, asking for an “explanation of how and why she got those critical judgments wrong.” — Dana Milbank

    Payback is a bitch

  21. I have a sense that there is blood in the water over Benghazi….

    I keep thinking that some reporter is going to be unable to resist the temptation. Regardless of the consequences.

    We shall see……

    My guess is that some other fall guy will be sacrificed short of the Sec’y…..

  22. Tylenol, but Joe’s Dem convention speech got higher ratings than Bill’s. He will certainly argue he did as much or more to help reelection (and the unions love him way more than they do the Clintons or Obama). This is gonna be one heck of a Kabuki drama if it plays out

  23. What *was* the CIA doing in or near the consulate?? Rendition?? Will be interesting if the hearing uncover something that, in a previous administration, all those tired old male senators would have lined up to support. Hmmm.

  24. Gosh, can’t wait to find out how S. Rice got scammed into lying about Benghazi on Sunday talks shows and ruining her career. Reminds me of how Cheney got Powell to make a fool of himself at UN. This is all starting to finally rev me up again for Machiavellian intrigue in the capital of Earth’s reigning Empire.

  25. Greetings from the desert. The Benghazi “scandal” is page eleven news and was nothing more than a Faux news and Republican diversion from the election. Yes, it was tragic that a US ambassador was killed in service. Where is the outrage for the more than 2,000 military personnel killed in Afghanistan?

    Before committing to a 2016 candidate, I’d like to see some fresh new faces. Check back with me in 2014!

  26. Obama could do that by not appointing anyone Hillary said she would stay until..

  27. Thanks, Craig. Always a pleasure to be here. Six years and counting. Question: What are iterations of TM? I think it started as CList? Then?

  28. Susan Rice Learns What It’s Really Like to Be Hillary
    Garance Franke-Ruta, The Atlantic

    Like Clinton, Rice also has been subjected to a steady stream of rough questioning in the MSM and excoriated on Fox. But unlike Clinton, Rice has experienced all of this only on a small scale and for a only few months.

    Hillary Clinton went through 15 years of this stuff before becoming, under Obama, the woman everyone loves, a woman whom Chris Cillizza just dubbed “the new Teflon Clinton.” It was only a few years ago she was “likable enough,” according to Obama — a woman whose “vocal range” revealed her to be “the stereotypical bitch,” as Glenn Beck put it.

  29. eProf2 says: Question: What are iterations of TM? I think it started as CList?

    Too many to count eProf. Think it was June 2005 we officially began, but I lost the first couple years of archives because Google’s blogger.com (the original crawfordlist), our first server, was so awful. Then we were on Typepad for a while, CQ for a few after that, and on Network Solutions last couple years, which has proven to be our best tech home ever. Perhaps others can fill in more details on our content evolution. I tend to focus on our tech history.

  30. Riddle me this –
    What other woman in the western world has this much power?

  31. Oregon Democrat –
    In the history of western civilization , no woman has held more power than Hillary tonight. And when she leaves office , her power will bloom .

    You backed a winner all along.

  32. Please , consider this :

    In the history of western civilization , no woman has held more power than Hillary tonight. And when she leaves office , her power will flower .

  33. Consider this –
    You are in a dark alley , do you want Hillary on your side, or their side ?

  34. I submit Hillary has more power now tonight, than the beltway will see in 2 years.

    If she goes on the stump , she can change the world . She is the most powerful woman we ever met.
    Right here, right now.

  35. You are in a dark alley , do you want Hillary on your side, or their side ?

    That reminds me, I read that HRC is going to testify before congress. It’s been a long time sense any congress critter had the guts to drag Clinton before a committee. As I remember HRC walked out head high and left a few Republican congress critters battered and bruised.
    She is not a woman to be messed with.


  36. So now that Susan Rice has been undermined for the job, I wonder who is HRC’s choice?


  37. I was live and I waited for this , right here right now, watching the world wake-up from history.

  38. 40 years ago I was in a bar in Ft. Collins , and I told a girl, that 150 years before, …… she was worth 4 ponies, and a elk pelt.

    She jumped the words & history, and thought me a beast.
    I was about to make a deep thought on the state of modern womanhood when she left.

  39. Good news kids , …….
    I can still write, when something to say comes up.

    12:31 Is funny fuckin’ shit. One and one half paragraphs. The ideal is to write 2 words to write funny fuckin’ shit.

  40. 190 years ago, a 16 year old woman, with baby at her breast, held the fate of the nation in her hands. She was the only woman ever worth 4 ponies, and an elk pelt.

    We meet her at the ‘Knife River Villages’ . It was 40 below zero at the time. And she was very pregnant with French man’s baby, then she met the ‘Corps of Discovery’.

    That meeting is founding of modern womanhood.

    I drove to the site of her son’s grave at 2 AM once.
    And I said , ” Pompey, why did you die here ? Where were you going ? ”

    Women, ……… you can’t live with them, and you can’t find the Pacific Ocean without them.

  41. I’ll say this: I have always thought HRC would run in 2016. Look how old Indira Ghandi and Margaret Thatcher were when in power. And Craig’s favorite monarch 😈 Queen Elizabeth, is REALLY damn ancient, and she can hold that throne down with the best of ’em! 😆

  42. flatus, re comment on hrc’s age being a problem, if one compares life expectancy 75.6 for men and 80.8 for women, looks like hillary at 65 with joe at 70 has ten years on him.

    btw, ronnie was 69 and eleven months old at inauguration and harrison was 68.

  43. jax, re benghazi and hillary, i think jack hit it when he said

    It’s been a long time sense any congress critter had the guts to drag Clinton before a committee. As I remember HRC walked out head high and left a few Republican congress critters battered and bruised.

    she’ll no doubt remind them and name names of just who in their ranks cut state’s budget for securing embassies (and libya in particular).

  44. I think that Jeb still thinks that his birth right was stolen from him by his brother.

    Guessing that it will be a Clinton /Bush redo in 16. May the best woman win.

    What the Hell, I can speculate with the best of them. 😉

  45. HRC will take a couple of years off to work for the Clinton Foundation, during which time she will travel the US addressing the issue of voter suppression. 😉

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