NRA On the Run

NRA Under Twitter, Facebook Attack After Newtown Shootings
After a tragedy such as the shooting deaths of a reported 27 (including the gunman) at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday morning, there’s always a debate: How much time must pass before one can weigh in on the politics on gun control? Of course, some on Facebook and Twitter have chosen not to wait. And they’re directing their anger at the most well-known gun advocacy group in the country: the National Rifle Association. The organization’s official Twitter account, @NRA, has become the target of Twitter’s collective ire on Friday after the Newtown shootings. At the time of writing, the NRA’s Facebook page appears to be down. As for its Twitter account, which usually updates three to four times a day, it’s been silent since 9:39 a.m., about the time the shootings began. — The Huffington Post

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NRA Cancels Country-Music Event
Is a certain pro-gun group, on the receiving end of tremendous backlash after a massacre at a Connecticut elementary school Friday morning, going into hiding? The National Rifle Association canceled a planned “Tweet & Greet” with country musician Colt Ford that was scheduled for this afternoon. “Apologies for the inconvenience, but the @ColtFord Tweet & Greet will be rescheduled. Please check back for more info!” a announcement said. The event is part of a series that features country artists “involved in causes that defend our values,” according to the NRA. The NRA has not yet commented on whether the cancellation came in light of the shooting. — The Daily Beast

Does the NRA Represent Gun Manufacturers or Gun Owners?
Despite the grassroots façade, there is much evidence to suggest that corporations that profit from unregulated gun use are propping up the NRA’s activities, much like how the tobacco lobby secretly funded “Smokers Rights’” fronts and libertarian anti-tax groups, or how polluters currently finance much of the climate change skepticism movement. In a “special thanks” to their donors, the National Rifle Association Foundation lists Bushmaster Firearms Inc., the company that makes the assault rifle allegedly used by the shooter responsible for the mass murder today in Newtown, Connecticut. How much Bushmaster Firearms Inc. contributes is left unsaid. — The Nation

UPDATE: 12 hours after the Connecticut shooting the NRA began tweeting again. No mention of the tragedy. Clearly, as usual they think they can back to business as usual …

NRA twitter feed after CT shooting
NRA twitter feed after CT shooting

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  1. Craig, agree with your 10:33 PM comment.

    We had a similar organisation in Oz.

    Gotta do a little history lesson about Oz to set the context. From about 1890 to 1925, gun culture was actively promoted in Oz by the various governments. The military supplied the rifles, ammunition and rifle ranges throughout this fair land. The idea was to build up a militia that would be a guerrilla force in case of invasion – a fear we have had in Oz since day one. In 1925, the military said rifle clubs were a waste of time and money and so they stopped funding them although sponsored them. Shooters held out until the full decoupling in 1962 when they were on their own. After that rifle clubs fell out of favour – the hippies and anti-Vietnam generation (ie me) came to the fore. Until the Port Arthur Massacre, the gunnuts were still a powerful voice in formulating gun policy in Oz. After that, as a nation, we lost faith in their story. Their policies came straight from the American NRA playbook. The moderates on both sides of politics coalesced on this issue, an action that basically marginalised the gunnuts. They were mad as hell and disassociated themselves from the conservative side (the ironically named “Liberal Party”) and formed their own party (The Shooters Party) to contest the next election. Their posters were just off the planet. One had a pic of the then PM in the cross hairs of a sniper scope. It repelled the good folks of Oz so much that the political aspirations of the gunnuts went down the toilet.

    I might add that this is the quick version.

    Reality moment here. It is too easy to say the Repubs are hostage to the lunatic fringe. The reality for most of the membership of the GOP is that they are decent people looking for answers to difficult questions. So too are the Dems. When these two groups of moderates get together, they can freeze out any lunatic group they wish. But it means not playing politics with the lives of their constituents. It means Obama needs to take the lead. He needs to take the big hit from the NRA by providing leadership. Our PM at the time did. It was an attempted king hit but he dodged it. His secret of success was to trust in the good sense of the people. Obama needs to do the same. In the beltway he will suffer much pain from the NRA and their sycophants and lobbyists. But what the hell, they can’t vote him out. And with the bully-pulpit at his command, he can show exactly what people want from him – genuine leadership.

    But I suspect Obama will squib on this like all the other gutless politicians in Congress and whimper like whipped dogs in the face of the NRA onslaught. Until these politicians recognise who their constituency is and trust that constituency, nothing will change.

    Next year we will pontificate over another massacre. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth and then it will pass until the next massacre – loop program here infinitely – because nothing will happen.

    And the broken system just gets more broken.

  2. Just heard on BBC Radio Overnight: a discussion on Newtown. The British contributors mentioned how the United States, in comparison to the rest of the world, has one of the highest gun ownerships per capita and has one of the highest gun death rates. “I defend my liberty to kill” was how one contributor summed up the American view on guns.
    Craig, you know the media better than the rest of us. I’ve read the posts by various outlets. Do you think any of the more Conservative publications would call out the NRA after this tragedy? Their voice would add more weight to the argument. It just takes one to make a difference.
    Speaking of Social Media, how many saw the tweet by Rupert Murdoch?
    “Terrible news today. When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons? As in Oz after similar tragedy.”
    It was RT’d with “Amen” in front of it. By Keith Olbermann.
    Thank you Mr. Murdoch. Thank you Mr. Olbermann.
    May commonsense reign.

  3. sjwny,

    Sounds like old Rupert is on the right side of an issue for a change. That’s progress. And of course you are correct, it will take some strong conservative voices to move the gun-control argument toward a sensible solution.

  4. emphasizing my support for bill’s comment from last thread, here it is again:

    Until there is the national dialogue with bi-partisan support looking for a sane solution, this will be brushed off as yet another massacre and we will await the next one which will come as sure as night follows day.

    Mates, it is up to you folks to re-engage as a nation in a dialogue of matters that affect everyone collectively. Gun control is just one on a long list that needs attention. At the moment we on the outside see the American federation as broken and fragmenting badly. The lack of common approach on key and fundamental policies is the articulation of this broken federation.

    this goes also for getting us back from the fiscal cliff where many more will also die, but from hunger and lack of healthcare.

  5. Our Trail mix embassies in Australia and Canada are manned by very bright, sensible people. 😉

    Their perspectives are of great value.

  6. “It is too easy to say the Repubs are hostage to the lunatic fringe. The reality for most of the membership of the GOP is that they are decent people looking for answers to difficult questions.” Bill Woerlee

    The decent Republicans have left the party or have no power

  7. jack is correct that there is a middle road for legislatively addressing gun control. we can agree to a definition capping and sensibly limiting what “keep and bear arms” means just as we have capped and limited the meanings of other constitutional rights.
    we need to abandon the gutters of purity, leave the road fringes and come to that middle with compromise.

  8. CNN with a straight face said they have reached out to the father of the gunman but so far had no response.

    And last night as I was flipping through the dial there was RitaWrong Cosby or Crosby the well upholstered blonde who is a walking cess pool of gossipy reporting no facts required. They must have been really desperate and she must have been near by and as usual she was speculating on crap — that the gunman was a gaming addict — with absolutely no evidence

    And NBC has hauled out the pathos/bathos queen Ann Curry – it will be a war between ABC and NBC who has greater empathy and can find more interviews where someone cries on air

  9. I saw a headline that evil had hit a small town in Connecticut. I ponder about who are the real evil ones? Might it be those who imagine and create these weapons that can terminate so many lives in such a short period of time without a whole lot of time for thought? Yeah, that would be my suggestion.

    What exactly would be the purpose of owning these high kill rate products? A hobby? A cool toy? I certainly don’t buy that it’s for protection.

    We have created the perfect storm. Many youngsters cut their teeth on violent shoot um up video games. There’s cable news on 24/7 scaring us to death about just about every aspect of life and WMD available just about anywhere and to anyone. Maybe.this young shooter even thought that the world would be ending in a week or so. Oh, and there’s no significant mental health resources available even if you have money. Parents of young adults with mental illnesses have their hands tied since they can’t force the issue unless they call the police and I saw that fairly often at my job in corrections. The mama of the shooter may have even bought those guns for her protection.

    And I guess most people have figured out, if they didn’t already know, that capital punishment isn’t a deterrent. These last shooters took themselves out before anyone could have the pleasure of sentencing them to death.

    All we can hope and pray for is that our loved ones aren’t at the wrong place, at the wrong time and that could be church, the mall, the movie theater or an elementary school.

  10. And I do believe that those violent video games, played by children who’s brains aren’t fully developed, play a significant role. Many kids spend hours closed in their rooms, arming themselves with multiple weapons and blowing people away. Maybe that’s one way they blow off steam when mom, dad or friends piss them off. Most of us, when we were kids, just had the option of going outside and running and playing it off.

    I knew a middle aged ER doctor who was totally obsessed by those games. They caught him out on his breaks from the ER shooting at signs and street lights. His stress level caused a temporary break with reality.

  11. Yes… we do need to have a national discussion on mental illness also. That young man just didn’t snap… it’s been coming on for years… and I’m sure there are people who knew him who weren’t all that surprised.

    I know all the people on tv that say “if you know someone who is mentally ill, you should make sure they get treatment” are trying to be helpful. But come on… may as well say “if you know someone without health insurance and they get cancer, you should make sure they get treatment”.

    Both scenarios cost thousands and thousands of dollars. And at least there’s plenty of decent cancer facilities… not so for mental illness.

    If you’re mentally ill in Iceland, you will get help. But here in the greatest country on earth… you’re on your own. That’s nonsense.

  12. Sure let’s have a national conversation on mental health but let’s not pretend that’s the solution to the gun problem

    Maybe Tipper Gore would still be interested

  13. KGC… on second thought… I agree. Let’s not lose the focus on the need for sensible gun control and the NRA.

    One thing I would advocate is for gun owners who are members of the NRA, and don’t agree with some of their far right stances… they need to speak up to the organization. They need to let the likes of Wayne LaPierre know that he does not speak for all NRA members.

  14. Check out image I posted above of the NRA twitter feed, which returned 12 hours after the shooting. They’re back to business as usual, of course.

  15. Mayor Bloomberg’s statement yesterday:

    “With all the carnage from gun violence in our country, it’s still almost impossible to believe that a mass shooting in a kindergarten class could happen.

    “It has come to that. Not even kindergarteners learning their A,B,Cs are safe.

    “We heard after Columbine that it was too soon to talk about gun laws. We heard it after Virginia Tech. After Tucson and Aurora and Oak Creek.

    “And now we are hearing it again. For every day we wait, 34 more people are murdered with guns. Today, many of them were five-year olds.

    “President Obama rightly sent his heartfelt condolences to the families in Newtown. But the country needs him to send a bill to Congress to fix this problem. Calling for ‘meaningful action’ is not enough. We need immediate action.

    “We have heard all the rhetoric before. What we have not seen is leadership – not from the White House and not from Congress. That must end today. This is a national tragedy and it demands a national response. My deepest sympathies are with the families of all those affected, and my determination to stop this madness is stronger than ever.”

  16. If I were King of the Universe.

    Here is how I would craft regulation in regard to firearms.

    1. All firearms that are manually loaded and have a magazne capacity of fewer than 7 rounds are free from all regulation except for those local laws that regulate time, place and manner of carrying. No restrictions for use in the privacy of the home. No record is kept of purchases of less than 100 rounds of ammunition.

    2 registration of all self loading firearms at point of sale. this is a requirement of all transactions. No firearm may be sold without registration.
    Selling or possesion of a stolen registered firearm is a felony 10 yrs

    3. Those who possess more than 1000 rounds of any type of ammunition are assumed to be a dealer and must have a federal license with complete records of the movement of fire arms and ammunition, including detailed records of use.

    4 all dealers with a federal license must be registered as a local business with a physical address and proof of compliance with all local laws.

    5. Sale of all clips with more than a 10 round capacity are banned. First offense a fine, second 10yr felony

    More later


  17. Jack

    I would add something for the number of guns purchased in a year. Too many people with little income seem able to purchase thousands of dollars in weapons.

  18. What one wise person said on one of the talkies this a.m. is that we need change our message to ‘gun safety’ from ‘gun control’.

    The ‘safety’ message being one that is much more likely to gain support from average gun owners who are supportive of common sense safety measures but eschew the term control.

    In fact, the term ‘gun control’ raises my hackles. Causes visions of squads of self-appointed, armed vigilantes crashing down my front door looking for the (registered) shotgun under my bed.

  19. So far the media has rushed to say the gunman is autistic, anti-social, has problems, addicted to video games, honor student, quiet and we have no idea is anything is true.

    What did the parents do with all those guns

    And there is some attempt to blame the mother saying she was too rigid and that they had been ordered into parenting classes after their divorce

  20. Flatus
    I just heard Senator Blumenthal (D-Conn) say “I worked on gun safety measures….”

  21. So flatus is this the shotgun you hide under your bed?


  22. A well regulated militia would only require black powder muzzle loaders,correct?

  23. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.), leading gun control advocate in Congress said she has warned the White House “the gloves are off” if President Obama fails to act on the issue.

    “I was just giving the White House a heads up that the gloves are off on my side and I was going to do everything I possibly could. … If that meant embarrassing everybody, that’s what I would do.”

  24. Schools and hospitals. This is beginning to take on all the elements of unrestricted warfare. WTF?

  25. No Jack, it’s just a simple Mossberg 500 12-ga pump with a pistol grip, sling, Picatinny ramp with a laser pointer, filled with 00-buck to include one in the chamber. The safety is engaged.

    It is not designed for duck hunting; it is a 2nd Amend weapon.

    The family knows that it is there and that it is in the ‘launch’ position.

  26. While we wait for any response from the NRA, here’s what other genius gun advocates are saying:

    “Gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands. Federal and state laws combined to insure that no teacher, no administrator, no adult had a gun at the Newtown school where the children were murdered.” [Larry Pratt, Gun Owners Of America]

  27. Flatus
    You must live in a rough neighborhood.
    My weapon of defense is a Louisville slugger. It has worked the couple of times I’ve had to use it. Never have hit anybody Just stand there with it in my hands seemed to have changed the folks minds at the time.
    Being a 6’3 construction worker helps and when I start cussing, I kinda look mean.


  28. If the 2nd amendment is the issue then fine one can arm their home militia with as many guns as you want – the guns just can’t be manufactured after 1800.

    Any gun after 1800 lots of regulations including a big tax to fund services for victims of gun violence.

  29. BTW for those of you who don’t know what flatus’s shot gun looks like(without laser sight) Here is a picture.

    As it is a pump shot gun that is tube fed the max shells it can be loaded with is 6. Under my plan would be and unregulated firearm.
    BTW this firearm can still do a lot of damage in the wrong hands.


  30. That wasn’t me in the aa12 demo. That guy had too much hair. Otherwise….

  31. My basic thought about needing the aa12 as a defensive weapon is maybe it is time to move to a better neighborhood. Either that or find a less stressful business to own.

    But it looks like it could be a lot of fun to play with, just burn a bunch of ammo destroying things.


  32. Had the teachers, administrators, and custodians been allowed to carry firearms and shoot gun lobbyists, this tragedy would never have happened.

    Btw, I have a 51 cal. percussion cap pistol circa 1830, and a 90 year old 12 guage Remington Autoloader. The Remington holds 5 shots; only 3 are legal in MN, so law-abiding citizens use plugs.

    For defense, I have 6 swords to choose from. I once used the percussion cap pistol to thwart a burglar. That was almost 50 years ago.

    I just remembered that I thwarted a second burglar around 1986 with my 12 guage Remington. I didn’t have to shoot.

  33. Jack,
    Until this year I’ve relied on my fighting knife. Now my agility is diminished to the point where I probably would get my ass whupped.

    My neighborhood is doing okay. But, having the daylight burglary of the house across the street in June was scary.

    Thieves could easily expect me to have more readily disposable assets than most other houses in our neighborhood. Besides, I’m old and an easy target.

    In the small state of SC during 2010 there were over 46,000 burglaries. Because of the way incidents were reported, I can’t tell how many were home invasions. In any case, there were 27,648 violent crimes in this state with less than 5-million people. (The stats are compiled from Fed govt sources.)

    I have no plans for taking my gun outside of the house except to go to the firing range at Fort Jackson.

    And, inside the house, I sure hope any burglar is smart enough to lie down on the floor when he sees that red spot on the center of his chest.

  34. we need change our message to ‘gun safety’ from ‘gun control’.

    hey Flatus…
    you can be the official “Frank Luntz” of TrailMix. But I hear ya… from now on, gun safety it is…

  35. why do I get the feeling that these guys last words will be “Hey, Look at this”


  36. I’m in agreement about the use of “gun control” it is why I tend to use regulation. For one the 2nd amendment calls for regulation and as did the latest supreme court ruling.


  37. Any firearm can do a lot of damage in the wrong hands – and even in the right hands.

  38. My gun collection has dwindled down to the basics. No pistols, I can’t hit the floor with a short gun,

    I still have my first gun I got for Christmas at age 12, a single shot bolt action 22. A perfect fire arm to use to learn the basics and a good small game gun.

    I have the 410 shot gun I inherited from my grandparents.
    I still have my 30-30 lever action marlin with a scope sight for deer hunting,
    I think it has been 8 to 10 years since I fired any of them. If I still lived in the country I would do a little target practice out the back door but around here it just makes people nervous and gets you talked about.


  39. nice diplomatic and gentlemanly quote out of john kerry in that above linked politico piece.

  40. Flatus (12/15/2012 at 12:37 PM)

    … we need change our message to ‘gun safety’ from ‘gun control’.

    This is how the national dialogue begins. A sensible proposition which begins from the point that 99% of people who have guns are responsible gun users. To bring this constituency on board, they need to be rewarded for their compliance with good civic practices while seeking from them solutions to ensure gun safety in the home as well as the carriage and use of guns in legitimate functions that society allows. This involves discussions about gun safes at home, training programs for gun holders, permits, gun carriage training and licencing, and what ever else is required to ensure proper and safe gun ownership within the society by private individuals.

    Get this constituency aboard – and believe me, it is not difficult if handled correctly, honestly and with compassion for these are the people who feel this shooting intensely.

    At the moment, responsible gun owners are on the front line of the debate because the rash of gun holding vilification that will roll through the community. While they are horrified by the events, as a gun owner, they feel they have done the right thing and so should not be tarred with the same brush and yet they are coupled to the infamy. “Not fair!” they rightly bristle as they are punished collectively for an individual’s crime.

    Get these folk on board now and the debate for better laws and compliance will be in a better place than now.

  41. ““Not fair!” they rightly bristle as they are punished collectively for an individual’s crime.” Bill Woerlee @ 2:58 PM

    Exactly, Bill. That’s why I was so stark in my own disclosures.

  42. Flatus, we’re on the same page here mate. Sensible solutions by sensible people working with good will and honest intentions.

  43. From what the medical examiner said about the wounds, it seems as if the shooter was using hollow point rounds in the AR-15 rifle.

    This type of round produces wounds so horrific that their use is prohibited by the Laws of Armed Conflict.

  44. But we are not talking about an individual and his crime. We are talking about a system that enabled an individual to inflict horrible damage on innocent people.

    While I understand and share Flatus’s fears, I believe that there is a point where such fears become irrational. Where is that point?


  45. Jack,
    I think, in this case, home schooling, or the opportunity to instill wildly alternative thought that home schooling could allow, might be something to explore.

  46. There’s nothing wrong with gathering intel on people purchasing large amounts of weapons and ammunition beyond reasonably expected levels.

  47. “???????????” Jack

    One of the commentators suggested he was home schooled by a not-quite 100% mom.

    In past episodes of wildly aberrant (group) behavior, education outside of established public and private systems seemed a characteristic of the groups/communities.

  48. so much of the early information has turned out to be not true.

    the fog of bad reporting

  49. RR
    Mr. Cracker is very nervous about the football game tomorrow night. He’s worried about his 49’ers.

    And the families of the dead children have all asked for privacy. I hope the media respects this but it doesn’t appear they will

  50. Is there any evidence that the Sandy Hook, Aurora, or Columbine shooters were members of “a well ordered Militia”?

  51. xr,
    I think the demonstrable common thread will be ineffectively treated mental illness caused by a parsimonious government that, in the Reagan administration, said, “Let them heal themselves.”

    That lack of effective treatment has continued to this day and has cost me two cherished family members. The tragic deaths by gunfire are the tip of the iceberg.

  52. At least she’ll be able to get some rest now that Kerry has surfaced as the candidate.

  53. I understand the instinct to hide behind words, call it gun safety or whatever, but that is the sort of timidity that I’m saying is no longer needed. Most Americans support regulation. Be afraid of the gun lobby no more.

  54. Craig, the problem with these killings isn’t being caused by lack of regulation. These mentally ill people will simply choose another weapon such as a chemical agent or a bomb.

  55. KGC…
    tell Mr. Cracker that I very much respect the 49ers… I am looking forward to a hard fought game by both sides.

  56. Use regulation to stop street crime where weapons are involved.

    Or have Draconian penalties if legal weapons are used for terrible crimes such as car-jackings or home invasions.

  57. Not buying it Flatus. Countries with reasonable gun laws and dramatically lower gun deaths have seen no increase in chemical bombs or the like. That’s just NRA claptrap.

  58. Your Aussie Ambassador has given you a formula that worked in his country under similar circumstances. You cheered at the time, now, seven minutes later, you do a 180.

    Quite simply, how does regulation of weapons cure mental illness?

  59. I did not say chemical bombs, I said chemicals as in chemical agents. Bombs are bombs such as the one used not far from where Jace lives.

  60. Craig, I had this same argument with American friends back in 1996. Heard the NRA effluvia float over this side of the ditch. We rejected every bit of it as a nation. Same with the drug companies – stood up to them. Same with the cigarette companies – all pax of ciggies are plain wrapped with pix of ugly medical fax and dire warnings. The world was going to cave in and the ciggy companies were going to sue … yadah, yadah, yadah. Call the NRA’s bluff and it too will go away like the toothless tiger it really is. This is the time for Obama to stare the tiger in the eye and say enough is enough.

  61. The young men at Columbine built numerous pipe bombs and a propane bomb none of which exploded. They did acquire a tech 9 with several high round clips. Bombs are hard, in this country high capacity firearms are easy. They were both also receiving psychiatric treatment at the time.


  62. The common thread isn’t untreated mental illness. It is easy to obtain high capacity fire arms.


  63. Have it your way. Just let me know what problem you’re trying to solve. Let’s see, stop free shipping, lower sales price $20, charge $20 for shipping.

  64. This Monday past Cheryl went to school, only to learn that a 17 year old boy who was one of her advisees, and his mother had been killed in a murder/suicide by the father.Shot to death in their own home. One of her musical groups provided music for his service yesterday.

    I am sick beyond caring of senseless violence. As a society we can do better,we must do better.

    Call it regulation, control, or ban, I don’t care, if not for God’s sake, then for the sake of the children, do something now!

    I can no longer pray for understanding or wisdom, I pray only for action.

  65. Jace, I hope your wife and the rest of the school staff are ok. Something like this has such an impact of all those close and spreads like a rock in calm water. We didn’t read anything of the incident in the southern part of the state. Lo siento!

  66. Eprof,

    Thank you for your thoughts.
    Our staff is remarkable in so many ways, and when the chips are down, they pull together.
    It was an especially rough week for them, but I can say with certainty that none of them bore it alone, nor I might add did the students.
    Their actions, kind of help restore one’s faith.


  67. Flatus,

    I can see better treatment of illness arising from this latest gun horror. If so, it will be a blessing.

    However, early detection of the illness would be very difficult, and sometimes the 1st sign of mental illness is violent behavior.

    Improving treatment of mental illness might not improve the incidence of firearm massacres.

  68. xr,

    What you just said makes me wonder why we, or is just I, seldom hear about people going postal these days. I mean postal in post offices as opposed to postal in other places.

    If my surmise is correct and the incidence (hopefully) has receded, then why?

  69. If gun crazies want to have high output firearms, make them build those weapons from scratch in their garages and basements.

    Don’t let them buy and sell the dam’ things (or the parts for them) on the open market.

    If necessary, license the guns and owners as we do with tommy guns, BARS, M3s, MPSh-41s, MP-40s, Brens, etc.

  70. Btw, the Heckler & Koch MP7 shoots 950 rounds per minute. The bullets travel at 2000 ft/second. The largest magazines hold 40 rounds. The bullets are tiny, but they are designed to penetrate body armor. They can penetrate 1.6 mm of titanium backed by 20 layers of kevlar. This is a wow.

    So is the FN P90 made by Herstal. It has a slightly higher bullet speed, but larger caliber. 900 rounds per minute supplied by 50 round magazines. NATO uses the Herstal in Afghanistan.

    These weapons don’t go BANG, they go BBBBBBBBBBBBBAANNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!

  71. Flatus,

    Your ‘going postal’ question is a good one. It is worth looking into.

    Also, to my knowledge there has been only one instance of a woman going postal, only one of a black man (the DC sniper was a different sort of mass murderer) and only one committed by a descendant of East Asians. The rest were white males … to my knowledge.


  72. Folks, it is about now we are getting the disingenuous disinformation from the NRA and their sycophants. Stories buzzing in the ether: Adam Lanza was autistic, had mental problems, and home schooled by a mother who had kangaroos in the north paddock. None of this is relevant and indeed most of it is quite insulting to many people.

    My grandson is autistic. This has given me an in to this particular world on a daily basis. I have met many autistic kids. They may not respond in ways that you and I might see as acceptable but none of them has manifested any murderous violence. So if we single out autism as a contributing factor, then some of the most outstanding geniuses who have made our internet connections work well should be locked up as potential murderers by implication. The fellow who devised the code for torrents is autistic. He made our lives easier for file transfers and never killed a soul. Autism indeed.

    Home schooling – another piece of rubbish. I have home schooled my children when we were out in the bush. My sister was a school of the air teacher – one of the biggest networks of home schooling in Australia where kids of the outback go to school via the radio. Many folks do online courses – this is home schooling. Not too many murderers coming out of this lot.

    Same again for mental problems. After the deinstitutionalisation of the mentally ill, governments used this device as a way to close down institutions without corresponding community support. It moved the mentally ill from the asylums to prison, as most of the offenders in prison would have normally been institutionalised in a psychiatric hospital in days of yore. I have no trouble talking about the problems faced by the mentally ill within our societies – no different in terms of behaviour of governments in the US and Oz.

    Finally, not playing with a full deck of cards is not indicative of any criminal intent or malice. As far as I know, the only nation which made this a crime was Germany during the time of Hitler (and yeah, I am acutely aware of Godwin’s law when mentioning this so hold on all those gotcha folks) and they were given Zyklon B as a cure. As far as I can see, harmless people were murdered because they were not quite all there. And is that the cure the NRA is advocating by vilifying these folks?

    The real and only issue is relates to Adam Lanza and his ability to lay his hands upon such lethal weapons. The steps he had available to him need to be forensically evaluated and examined with regulations devised to remove this ability from as many hands as possible. Advocating the spread of arms for safety is counter intuitive. I still remember the old anti-Vietnam adage that went: “Killing for peace is like f**king for virginity.” Just change the first part to “Arming people for safety ….” It still scans.

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