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  1. Rainbows? Smiles? Not complaining but have you found some good chit to smoke? How about sharing because lately, I’ve been Les Miserables.

  2. favorite charities? what about our very own trail gang who helped house many a haitian in the earthquake aftermath? some of those tents are still the only shelter some will call home this holiday season. thanks sturge & cbob & cc for introducing the rest of us tmrs to our better selves.

  3. pogo, don’t forget sturge the creative in those thanks. his was the idea that sparked cbob and craig to execute and us to act.

  4. Last night, while watching innocuous, family-fare show, “The Voice,” there was an ad for a violent movie, followed by an ad for “Cuties” tangerines (“cuz Cutiers are for kids”). This bothered more than usual.

    Why have disgusting ads during music/dance shows and sitcoms like, “Parks and Rec”?

    There was a Saturday morning cartoon called, “Science Court,” that the local ABC affiliate somehow decided was a good time for a news crawl about the financial resolution of a child molestation case with the Catholic church.

    And MoJo was right when he called Quentin Tarentino a jcka$$ this morning.
    Pitt, Clooney, DiCaprio and the entire lot of them should be ashamed of the violent crap for which they are paid big bucks. If they are not creative enough to come up with something that doesn’t involve murder, maybe they should just go enjoy their money & not contribute any more of their garbage to our culture.

    Entertainment is supposed to make us smile, isn’t it?

  5. How about sharing because lately, I’ve been Les Miserables.

    ct, i’ll gladly share that i’m certainly less miserable than i was a little over a year ago when the docs had me pegged in a 30% survival chance cancer category. ever since the terrific news 12/18/11 that all was benign, it’s been hard not to smile.
    as bad as it’s been lately, it’s still a wonderful world considering the alternative.

  6. Smile ?
    Tomorrow, maybe …… Today , West winds 25 to 35 mph, gusting to 50 mph. Dust storm warning. The second one this week. It looks like Mars when you step outside in one of these. Your nose and lips look like, and feel like, old moccasin leather.

  7. Carol… sorry to read over at the swamp about your back… hope you feel better soon.

    Those kitties are getting kinda big. If you don’t find a solution for what to do with them soon… you’ll have them hanging around with their own kittens next year. If there’s a humane society or some such similar organization near you, you might think of calling them to see if they can help in rounding them up and finding them homes. I wish you much luck with the situation.

  8. Pat, that was wonderful news you received a year ago…that alone would certainly count for reasons to smile & be optimistic about life…happy for you and yours…

  9. thanks, coreen. whatwith our own sadness and sufferings here on the trail this year, i felt guilty about my good fortune but would be an ingrate not to acknowledge it. altho’ a heavenly game of poker or angelic dancing on a pinhead with lard, patsi, stinky and our other lost friends doesn’t sound so bad these days.

  10. Jamie,
    The death of Robert Bork reminds us of when politicians have to make a choice between doing their job and doing the right thing. He will forever have Saturday Night Massacre linked to his legacy. Richardson, Ruckelshaus will too -and with totally different legacies.
    Always hope today’s government officials are more the latter and less the former.

  11. A friend sent me one of “those” year end letters about what he and the wife have been doing. I got his permission to reprint, so if you need a good reason to smile (and in a few places laugh out loud), here’s Travels With Molly

  12. Love the song titles introduced lately. Even though recent events reflect the ugliness in man, mankind rises above it. A new dawn always breaks. It’s what we do with this opportunity that matters. I believe in us.

  13. Pat,
    When I last asked about your illness, I didn’t realize what a scare you must’ve had. Hope you’re feeling great now and all is well. This is the perfect day to have shared your gratitude to be alive.

    The most sincere song I’ve ever heard about life at it’s best is Louis Armstrong’s: What a wonderful world

  14. …. you may have to click on ‘skip ad’.

    Oh, heck with it: I’m going to quote my favorite version of the song Craig posted yesterday too: Harry Nielsson…. Some where over the rainbow.

  15. So we lost one medal of honor winner, and a legal hatchet man this week. If the law of 3’s is working, ……..

  16. Bob, pls fill in the blank so that I won’t think that you believe that Inouye is of the same moral character as Bork.

  17. Pat, never withhold your joy in wonderfully unexpected good news; those of us experiencing grief need to realize that there is still joy in our world.

  18. sorry about the Chaplin typo. interesting btw, he wrote the music in the 30’s but lyrics added by others much later. i always thought he wrote the whole thing

    The game is on. Obama taps Biden to lead gun violence task force, proposals next month — Washington Post: “White House officials say the eventual package will most likely include new restrictions on guns, particularly assault rifles, and high-capacity magazines. But they say it will also probably involve measures that touch on mental health initiatives and, perhaps, a discussion on the depiction of violence in popular culture.”

  19. “The British are not coming!
    The Russians are not coming!
    Get rid of these guns.”

    Rep John L Lewis, 19 Dec 12

  20. Obama: β€œIf we’re going to change things, it’s going to take a wave of Americans β€” mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, pastors, law enforcement, mental health professionals, and yes, gun owners β€” standing up and saying enough on behalf of our kids.” Transcript

  21. Well I do have one fond memory of Bork. Met David at a noisy bar in Philadelphia when I was covering Bork confirmation hearings. Our very first conversation was about him. Nothing like a lengthy discussion about constitutional issues in a crowded bar to start a relationship!

  22. Some of the best relationships I’ve ever been in, Craig, started over political discussions at a bar. And most of them are still very good friends.

    On Twitter, Jake Tapper’s taking a whole pile of sh*t over that question.

    I understand that Charlie Chaplin was inspired by Claudette Colbert as he sat at the piano and thought that up. Love inspires a lot of beauty.

  23. NRA finally says something:

    “The National Rifle Association of America is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters – and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in Newtown.

    Out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting.

    The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.

    The NRA is planning to hold a major news conference in the Washington, DC area on Friday, December 21.

    Details will be released to the media at the appropriate time.”

  24. reference to nra yesterday by rep. yarmouth on dr

    REHM10:21:28So how do you see the NRA influencing your colleagues in Congress? YARMUTH10:21:36Well, clearly there are two ways. One is this — what I call an illusory — their illusory political power. They — I think they’re like “The Wizard of Oz.” They really don’t affect elections very much. But they can get people stirred up occasionally, and it frightens politicians. The other way they affect politicians, of course, is with political donations. And I think the number is something like $9 million that they spent this year trying to defeat President Obama. And, of course, that money was not effective. YARMUTH10:22:07So I think there is a perception in the country that you just can’t take on the NRA when, in fact, they really don’t influence many elections at all. And that’s why I think it’s important that people step up, talk about the fact that they’re not afraid to essentially to take on the NRA and to make the case against the things that they talk about.

  25. Bork was signing books at Haslam’s Bookstore in St Pete when we made eye contact. It was mutual repulsion.

  26. patd…
    I heard that interview yesterday. And speaking of things that make one smile… I smile when I think of Diane Rehm… she’s a national treasure and I’m very glad she’s still on the air.

    I will be charitable enough to say condolences to Bork’s family… but I’m thankful he never made it to be a SC justice.

  27. Of course, Renee. My condolences to the Bork family as well. My disagreements with the Judge were strictly philosophical.

  28. I’m reticent to express it, but what the hell:

    Isn’t it ironic that Inouye is lauded for contributing to the deaths of more than a score of people, while the most recent shooter-guy is vilified for it (justifiably so)?

    I recognize that my ability to express the above sentiment may be partly due to actions of soldiers like Inouye, I just find the moral relativism (not trying to sound like the Pope) of killing difficult to swallow.

  29. I also find it ironic that contemporary American political affiliation has gun-control advocates and and those supporting abortion rights on the same side of the political spectrum.

    …just a couple trivial thoughts. Pardon the imposition.

  30. Well, Champ, many people go through the moral struggle. One of those people was Alvin York.

  31. Flatus,

    To the internet search machine!

    EDIT: (Ah, OK, roger that, just read his letter of appeal)

  32. I bought a few Tintin books to present as holiday gifts to some pre-teens in the family, but now with consideration that Tintin carries a pistol, I’m wondering if that’s not such a great idea.

    I used to think socks were a shitty Christmas present, but now I get it.

  33. I also find it ironic that contemporary American political affiliation has gun-control advocates and and those supporting abortion rights on the same side of the political spectrum.

    Champ… I don’t know about the contemporary stuff… that has been laid at the feet of liberals since before you were born.

    And liberals like to point out how ironic it is that those on the pro-life side and advocates of the death penalty are on the same side of the political spectrum.

    you know… it’s just tit for tat…

  34. I like socks now. However, in the old days when I got socks I thought they were actually presents for my parents.

    Does this change mean I’m all growed up now ?

  35. Ignoble exChamp,
    I hope you never feel reticent. You raise very good points. Presenting a differing opinion is healthy: sometimes you have to open the windows and air out the echo chamber.

  36. Prince Valiant never has guns. Pogo rarely had guns. Same with Bloom County. Calvin and Hobbes sometimes had F-4s piloted by Tyrannosaurs shooting rockets.

    However, these aren’t illustrated novels like Tintin and Asterix.

  37. My Gram gave all her 13 grandkids home knit socks each Christmas. She died in September 1994, a month before her 94th birthday. How I’d love to find homemade socks under the tree.

  38. One thing I have noticed in many political debates is the disconnect between sanctimony and belief with responsibility. Anyone who has worked in the area of policy production and converting this to legislation understands some real fundamental factors. All policy positions have winners and losers. The difference between sanctimony and belief is the compensation package given to the losers.

    For instance, abortion has been raised in the above comments. Those who are anti-abortion do so mainly through sanctimony. To date, I have never seen any of the exponents present a well devised scheme to allow those children born to achieve adult hood at the expense of those making the anti-abortion case. (Try to find the “Care of Children Saved from Abortion” policy of the Catholic Church and other sanctimonious windbags). That is the difference between sanctimonious claptrap and the real consequences of a policy upon the losers without a compensation package.

    Same with gun control. Those who lose the right to carry weapons and so surrender those weapons need to be compensated by the community that makes the demand. To date, the gun control advocates have not detailed a comprehensive compensation package which tends to make me think that there is more sanctimony in the calls for control than an understanding of the issues at the coal face.

    Just the same as we try to teach our children that rights are always accompanied by responsibilities.

    Rights without responsibilities coupled with policies that have no compensation produces a mob rule rather than a democracy. James Winthrop said it nicely: β€œA bill of rights…serves to secure the minority against the usurpation and tyranny of the majority.”

  39. Renee: Duly noted, good point.

    Xrep: …big C&H fan myself, but it’s for adults

    Sjwny: TyTy

    Bill: Fair enough, but I don’t believe that activists on either side of the issues mentioned don’t adhere to their positions for the sake of sanctimony alone. You raise some other good points, but I don’t have the time to articulate responses to them right now.

  40. Can’t let a Judy Garland day go by without hearing her sing my theme song. :-)


  41. httpv://youtu.be/95moNkxIgkU

    Enough! The visuals here are almost as good as the music.These people are having fun. A holiday treat to break through the gloom if even only temporarily. Enjoy, Enjoy! :smile:

  42. Breaker, breaker, is Flatus out there? Have a question. If a person destroys their computer and hard drive, can their Internet history be pulled up on the server they used?

  43. Most likely. It all depends on the individual setup of the server and the clients.

  44. Flatus –
    The irony of those two brother , the irony.
    Champ –
    The senator got the metal charging a German machine gun nest , not a principal in an elementary school

  45. Champ,
    If the senator was in the elementary school, who do you think he would be charging?
    a: the intruder
    b: the intruder
    c: the intruder
    d: the intruder
    e: all of the above

  46. http://craigcrawford.com/2012/12/19/smile/#comment-306815

    Amazing and i’m so happy for you! Glad you shared your good news.. I lost my Mom to cancer and she was 61 so its nice to hear that people dodge the AWFUL cancer news.. Your a treasure, so sorry you had those worries as it can be like a gun to your head! I know as my Mom would wait to her the latest scan report.. Great post from you..

  47. Craig – I nearly missed it myself. It was buried among several videos that I was not interested in watching. I am quite thankful now that I did not try to remove it quickly from the new videos on my subscription page.
    Whskyjack – I was quite happy when it was pointed out how conservative Obama is.
    ColoradoBob – I have to be honest, I do not miss Lubbock’s sandstorms.

    As far as gun control, I have been listening to statements leveled in harsh gun restrictions on The Young Turks. I am not quite sure how I fall. I still remain of the thought that automatic, semi-automatics should not be easily available, mental health checks should be required, and private owners selling guns at shows should be outlawed. But the extreme rhetoric that all guns should be rounded up and destroyed, attacks by Bill Maher against hunters are something that I am completely against.
    I have been against the screaming against violence in films and video games, even before the announcement that the Secret Service’s investigation that these things do not affect people as much as is claimed. The attacks against films and video games is a scapegoat.
    I feel as if the real problem is the pressures that affect people today. The way most of the population is living near or under the poverty line. They are lied to constantly claiming that they are middle class, yet their incomes are not able to push back against their bills. Such pressures affect people negatively, and cause great deals of stress. Such stress can negatively affect themselves or people around them that do not have the proper coping mechanisms to successfully fend off such pressures. It leads to a sicker population. Now, if you take all of that and put a very powerful weapon in the person’s hand, tragic consequences will be felt.

  48. But the extreme rhetoric that all guns should be rounded up and destroyed, attacks by Bill Maher against hunters are something that I am completely against.

    It is idiots like that who cause Americans to reject gun control when they are ask about it, even if they approve the things included in most legislation when ask piece by piece.


  49. If the senator was in the elementary school, who do you think he would be charging?

    I’ve already proposed armed guards in schools on this forum, fully cognizant that such practice implies a greater realization of a police state, if that’s what you mean, but I hope you wouldn’t construe my musing to be a criticism of a combat veteran, as I have nothing but respect for those who on our behalf are placed into difficult situations and asked to meet daunting objectives.

    Considering your mention of Sergeant York, about whom I read after as a result (he was a conscientious objector who used lethal force against slight odds to ensure victory of a battle, for those who didn’t know, like myself), I think you understand where I was going with my argument, as underdeveloped as it might have been. I’m trying not to get too blabby, here; I could go on all day, obviously.

  50. WhskyJack – It also refuels the Republican party when their vehicle should have died several miles back in the middle of the desert.

  51. jaslf 12/19/2012 at 10:43 PM

    I feel as if the real problem is the pressures that affect people today. The way most of the population is living near or under the poverty line. They are lied to constantly claiming that they are middle class, yet their incomes are not able to push back against their bills.

    Mate, poverty is a matter of subjective perception rather than a reality. If you have pretensions which include living a lifestyle which is in excess of your income, then you will feel stress. This result was articulated by Wilkins Micawber:

    “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.”

    Misery is usually a self inflicted wound.

  52. No, Bill. No.
    In the United States, people are paid under what it costs to live in this country. That idea that people are constantly buying beyond there means is an antiquated bullshit notion. It did not work then, and it sure as hell does not work now where American income for the average person has not gone up but the cost of living (housing, food, health care, insurance, transportation, etc.) has significantly so.

  53. jaslf

    Mate, all you say is true. In real terms, American wages have not moved up one iota since 1975 when they flatlined. The additional household income has arrived through two family incomes. When this failed, the credit cards filled the void and then the household equity loans. The reason for the increase in household income was to make up for the deficiency in real income growth which was the expectation in American working life from 1830 till 1975 when each year there was a palpable increase in the take home income. After that date, industry gained a real increase in productivity through the introduction of computers which meant that the traditional nexus between labour and employer was broken. This has led to a phenomenal transfer of wealth from the middle classes and poor to the very rich. So much so that the 6 family members who own Walmart have accumulated together the same amount of wealth as is held by the bottom 40% of Americans. Once the nexus was broken, expectations were not readjusted but instead increased as an aspiration.

    Here is a reality. No one really needs a 6 or 8 cylinder gas guzzling SUV. Those who use clothes dryers rather than a clothes line have pretensions above their consumption ability. Xboxes add little to the household as does a WII. Are Ipods, Ipads and Ifones really necessary to own?

    All of this consumption is pretentious and aimed at looking “middle class”. Mate, I drive a 14 yo 4 cylinder gas miser. Use clothes lines, recycle my grey water, grow my own veges, etc etc. My computer is years old and I upgrade components when they are out of date and so at bargain rates. My notebook is 10 years old and does everything I want it to do. My cell phone is old technology but it works the way I want it to – that is, to make calls. I buy things the old fashioned way – save for it rather than use credit. I live on a pension and live within my means. I don’t want for anything. Average income in Oz is about AUD60k. My pension is AUD15k per annum. So if you look at me in objective terms, I live below the poverty line in Oz. And I do. Do I feel poor? Nah uh. Not on your nelly. I participate quite vigorously within my community and online. I think I have a pretty good handle on what it is like to be poor and how to live within your means. Tonight we are having ham off the bone for dinner with salad comprising 4 different types of lettuce, snow peas, lebanese cucumber, roast mushroom, olives, cheese, mashed potatoes and desert will be mango, cherry, peach and apple washed down with tea and Belgium chockies. We live well. We live in our means.

    Hence my conclusion: Misery is usually a self inflicted wound.

  54. Judy Garland…Live at Carnegie Hall…the greatest live album of all time…

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