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  1. Cheryl and I are ‘ditching’ the last two days of school. Off to CA to hear youngest daughter’s first Christmas concert as a high school music teacher.
    Fun Stuff!
    Flipped a coin to see who drove and who napped, I lost. 😕

  2. mustang saddy.

    BillW…stayed 4 days with a family in Bendigo who lived that way….was a nice experience. It was while at dinner I first noticed that most in Australia were left handed. And I pet a kangaroo.

  3. One night last week while I was watching TV I heard a gentle tapping on our front door. It was minutes before 10-p.m.. My first thought was that someone on the street needed sanctuary.

    As I carefully opened the door, a UPS truck was, at a whisper, pulling away from our curb.

    At my feet was some nonsense item that I had ordered a few days earlier. I returned to my chair deeply relieved.

  4. It’s looking more and more like the “social security is off the table” was just another centerist ploy to get progressives to vote for Obama and other Democrats now that social security benefits will, indeed, be cut with a thousand slices over time. The rich, now those making more than $400,000, will be the new target until the next round of talks taking it to the Schummer level of $1 million. In the end, the middle class and retirees will get stuck with the bill, as usual. This is NOT what I voted for!!

  5. eprof – I know Festivus isn’t until Sunday, but this is ample reason to let the airing of grievances begin!

  6. eProf is correct. The so-called chained-cpi should go nowhere.

    Basically it forces seniors to go from shoes to slippers to sandals to socks to bare feet as the market basket of items in the cpi is adjusted from year-to-year.


  7. I heard Cantor talking about passing Plan B and if Obama doesn’t agree all this out of control spending would be on his head. Sounded like a speech to AEI. Plan B was attached to a bill that reduced funding for among other things, Meals on Wheels. It would appear that Cantor’s delusions haven’t abated one whit since the election. Never mind that Plan B will never EVEN BE VOTED ON in the Senate.

    Make the forking level $500,000, get rid of chained CPI and be forking done with it. Geez, is it really that hard?

  8. Here’s what happens with the “serious” plan to control spending that Cantor is talking about.

    “Party leaders crafted the legislation so Republicans could, on a technicality, argue that it would not actually raise taxes and instead would represent one of the largest tax cuts ever. That is because the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts are set to expire under current law at the end of the year, increasing to their 1990s levels. Therefore, any extension of the current policy gets officially counted by congressional budget experts as reducing future revenue, or a tax cut. The bipartisan Joint Committee on Taxation calculated that the proposal would increase the national debt by $4.1 trillion over the next decade.”

    Get that? Clever devils.

  9. Ezra Klein for President. The man is simply brilliant and knows where to find all this wonk stuff. Thanks, Pogo.

  10. Bill:
    So in your opinion, people should just shut up and take their medicine, and be well aware of what their station in life is. I hate to break it to you…no, actually I am quite glad to points this out to you. Americans do not live in an Indian caste system. We do not need to live as we are told to live. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live buy other things outside of what is needed. It is these small baubbles which keep us quite sane. It is also what keeps our governments quite alive. Hell, I have said it many times before and I will say it many times, the United States has kept itself away from revolution within the last 100 years because they have had the wisdom of Ancient Rome to lean upon…panem et circensem. Food and entertainment. People would become painfully aware of the horrors that their government has brought about if not for these things to keep them their eyes off what is happening. The game systems, the Apple products help to keep the populace’s eyes shut from the truth. Now with regard to you feeling poor and others, as I implied earlier it is not your place to tell someone how they should feel. Your brain does not work like other brains. Stress seems to fly right off of you, it does not work that way for everyone else.

    It’s time for the Airing of Grievances!
    “The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you’re gonna hear about it. You,” Obama. You are so incompetent… (Okay, I could write for days on his foreign and domestic policies, if given the time but I will not).

    Edited: In the spirit of Festivus, the formula should be said verbatim.

  11. An airing of grievances? Something like the Republicans on c-Span this afternoon?

  12. jaslf 12/20/2012 at 2:26 PM

    Mate, while what you have said is very entertaining, in relation to what I said it is personal conflation moulded into a rhetorical strawman.

    All I said was that folks need to follow a simple principle:

    Spend what you can afford to spend and save for the things you can’t immediately afford.

    If you wish to critique this, fine by me.

  13. Mr. Woerlee,

    The big difference between being poor in OZ and being poor in US has been healthcare coverage.

    Oz is the land of health care, US was the land of choices. UZ poor folks had government health, whereas US poor folks had the opportunity to choose between losing our house (if we had one) and dying. Or, the opportunity to choose between losing our apartment (if US had one) or dying. Clearly, US had more choices.

  14. sturgeone 12/20/2012 at 9:52 AM

    Mate, I made this choice after a life changing experience. In a matter of hours, I had to assess what was valuable to me and how I wanted to be remembered. Another day at the office didn’t cut it anymore. After surviving that experience, I worked out what I really needed in life and scaled back from the McMansion with 3 cars and a business right down to the basics. Life is too short to waste my days accumulating the cash to buy stuff which is next year’s junk. I don’t need much to buy everyone’s junk – this includes car, clothes, shoes, computers, phones etc. The only one who knows how I obtained them is me so who cares. I build anything I need around the house. We do our own baking etc.

    As for kangaroos, there is a whole herd of them just about 100m from where I am right now. Sometimes they graze on my front lawn. Nothing like going outside to be confronted by a 6 foot buck staring you in the face. But it’s all good. Canberra itself has the highest kangaroo population per acre in Oz. You can see them in the wild anywhere and since they are protected, they are unmolested.

    So I’ll hop off and give you a farewell from Das Kangaroo Kapital.

  15. Apparently, even with health care Oz has a higher standard of living than US. You say the average income in OZ is $60K OZ !

    $1.00 OZ = $1.05 US.

    $60K OZ = $63K US

    The average per capita income in US was $27K US in ’08.

    Do you suppose this difference is related to Oz politicians failing to grasp the importance of waging perpetual war, and the necessity of experiencing military defeat at frequent intervals ?

  16. It was not meant to be entertaining. It is to remind you that although you do not seem to know what you are saying, I am well aware of what you are saying. People are suffering and making it seem like they can just avoid it by taking your blanketed bad advice is demeaning to them and any sane person, who is aware of the plight of others.

    Flatus – Republicans are idiots. Obama has done a piss poor job and there is much to dislike about his incompetence, just to give a few examples: his refusal to do anything about the environment (in fact making it worse with his plans for drilling in the arctic and his selling off the Gulf Coast after the BP disaster), his murdering of civilians in Yemen, and his helping the banks and corporations rape the country….just to name a few.

  17. xrepublican

    Do you suppose this difference is related to Oz politicians failing to grasp the importance of waging perpetual war, and the necessity of experiencing military defeat at frequent intervals ?

    Absolutely. :smile:

  18. all of a sudden after 30-40 years or so she’s curious about firearms so I showed her how the snub-nose .38 works and explained a bit of amateur “trade-craft” about crisis situations. i.e. say you’re at the mall and the 5-shot .38 is in your purse with 4 shells in and an empty under the hammer….so this guy in body armor starts blazing away with 30 round clips and you’ve been fortunate enough to have taken cover behind something bullet proof but he’s shooting his way towards you…..how will having the pistol save you? You got 4 shots. Standing up and yelling “Freeze!” ain’t going to do it….standing up and bang-bang-bang-bang ain’t going to do it, unless you’re very lucky. What will do it? waiting until you are very close to his head before he shoots again and then you put one there. If the one don’t do it, you’re in trouble again. It’s the getting close to his head before he shoots again what’s the tricky part.

    My friend Johnny M. always had a 9mm on his person while working at his liquor store. He was robbed twice, and during one of them he was shot in the neck. He’s no slouch but he foiled neither robbery. He did wind up selling the store for a nice profit, though.

    having the gun is a very small part of the equation.

    and such as that.

  19. I’ve never met him, but I love love love Mr. Woerlee and if I ever win the lottery I’m moving in next door to him and his mrs because they would just be damn good company!!

  20. If i hear the word “musket” on tv one more time I’m going to drink a whole beer by myself.

    I’m going to anyway, “Tastes good,” ain’t the half of it.

  21. Don’t take your guns to town, son;
    Leave your guns at home, Bill…
    Don’t take your guns to town.

    –mixboss Johnny Cash

  22. Robert:

    Lubbock…..35,000 feet…..That ain’t far enough.


    Somthin’ tells me I’m gettin’ ahead of you fellers…..

  23. I blew a water pump on a ’72 chevy caprice in Lubbock oncet. I was trailin’ an 18′ Prowler and that chevy was set to expire. I found some water and limped into the onliest-game-in-town-garage….These guys hooked me up…something like 38 bucks. I was out of Nashville headed for a situation in Denver and had gone thru Ft. Worth to see a friend and see the place where they filmed that movie with that Michael York kid.
    They liked my dog, Poupon d’Fleur.

  24. Sturg –
    When I was small child , I stood in the yard, and watched one of these roll in , it parted as it hit the city. I was in shock , the whole town was swallowed by the jaws of hell.

    This one was really thick , and it lasted for hours. Millions and millions of tons of Earth on the move.
    Everything here, is covered in a thick layer of dust made from clay. It is very fine , and the dew point is 1F degree, so it all is charged with static electricity.

  25. ColoradoBob – I said before and I’ll say it again. Those dust storms are not something that I miss about Lubbock. I used to stay in my apartment during them, if I could, when I lived there.

  26. Poupon was such a great little human doggie that the staff at the Royal Hotel in Moose Jaw all joined into a willing conspiracy for a month and a half to keep her presence a secret from Al Budetski, the owner and Chief No-Dogs-Allowed-er.

  27. Liberals (who never learn) are optimistic, because Obama seems to be taking a hard line on the fiscal cliff and gun control.

    But Obama (as he always does) will eventually accept watered-down “compromise” legislation, that gives the GOP 95% of what it wants.

    He’s going to accept big cuts to Social Security and Medicare, even though he said he would not.

    His “gun control” legislation will have enough loopholes in it that mass shootings will continue, unabated.

    Face it; Obama’s idea of being President is to just make deals, any deals.

    He reminds me of a guy I know who owns a small airplane. He takes off, flies in circles for an hour or two, then lands at the same airport.

    He doesn’t want to go anywhere, he just likes to fly.

  28. Nash,
    Your comment is amazing and spot on.. Sadly i agree, glad you speak out here as most Dems won’t and they just go with the flow because a Democrat is president..

  29. Nash and Tony – Yes, you are right. But that is precisely why we have Harry Reid in the Senate. Perhaps, he will push back our Republican in Democratic clothing President, and filibuster any and all deals.

  30. Don’t Cut SS Benefits, Benefit SS!
    Raising the total salary on which Rich People pay into SS is WHAT WE NEED.
    If you make Ninety Thousand per year and below you pay SS on ALL your income 100%…
    and ALL the money SOME OF US earn above 90K is SS EXEMPT. That Needs To Be Changed!
    Give a big donut hole from 90K up to a million in income and then require payments on income above that to SOCIAL SECURITY (at a lesser rate). That is a good change in SS for the program and everybody in it!
    Don’t Cut SS Benefits, Benefit SS!

  31. Jamie…I remember watching “The Man That Got Away” that you posted from Judy’s TV series on a small black & white portable…

    I love YouTube because it brings the greats of show business back to us…

    Anyone who has not experienced , “Judy, Live at Carnegie Hall” is missing a musical masterpiece…

  32. sturgeone…Marty Robbins had a great voice and knew what to do with it…

  33. Judy was never my cup of tea as a woman , Alexis Smith in “Dive Bomber”. I’m right there.

  34. Jaslf and Dixie,
    You make so much sense.. Wish are President wasn’t a moderate Republican but hey, i voted for him, so its my fault..

  35. Tony…don’t feel badly about voting for Obama…I did too this time…I prefer to think of our votes resulting in Romney NEVER being President and appointing Supreme Court Justices…

    We can have fun voting in 2016…

  36. Flatus,

    I’m sorry that I missed happy hour with you. Life intervened, dammit.

    To make up for our missed rendevous, I’m having a Cruzan Blackstrap Molasses Rum, and sending happy thoughts your way.

  37. Oh my, a fellow could get to like this stuff.

    Warm thoughts for all you Trail Hands, and especially for the Trail Boss and his Dearest.

  38. The Repugs just turned down their own leader’s plan B. Boner says it’s now up to the president and the senate to save the US from going over the cliff. They can’t do it alone, unless the majority doesn’t understand how legislation is passed. So, I’m urging the president to negotiate with Nancy Pelosi, restore the Dem’s position to the very first offer,including keeping social security off the table, and try to get 20-25 “moderate” Repugs to vote to stop the government from going over the so-called cliff. Dems should introduce their own bill and force some Repugs to make an economic decision. Mr. Obama, you can’t negotiate this falling off the cliff with yourself.

  39. Oregon Democrat and Tony – I completely agree that the vote was against Romney. Because Obama was not able to be voted out, we have to wait until 2016. I have already made a vow to look into every nominee closely and push for a Progressive Democrat.

  40. eprof2 – On Moyers, Bruce Barlett made a great case why we should go over the cliff. I agree completely with it.

  41. jaslf. That is my position, too, but so long as the president wants to appear to negotiate a settlement to an impending fiscal crisis this year I say negotiate with Pelosi and Reid if the Repugs don’t want to settle. Moyers’ programs are great.

  42. For thousands of years, in thousands of places human beings have marked this day . Why we knew it was a big deal, was because we had a lot of time on our hands. The longest nights of the year. And when we saw the nights grow shorter, we all were so relieved . The cycle had turned.

  43. Being basically tapped-out from Christmas spending, I noticed I needed an oil change and I had my bonus card all punched out and I was due for my free Lube, Oil, and Filter service.
    I dropped the car off and a little later I get a buzz…it’s Tony the mechanic…”you need a new alternator drive belt and a new serpentine belt, Dexter, and your door handle mechanism is loose and needs and adjustment..you want us to fix all these issues?”
    Yeah, fix them, Tony.
    Some free oil change! The damn door adjustment was $60 and the belts a helluva lot more than that. But I ain’t complaining; it’s winter and I have a long drive on Monday to granddaughter’s house and a few days in the big city for Christmas. And my money cup shall runneth over tomorrow night as the Mega Millions numbers are drawn!

  44. It’s time to conjure-up the late, great, Carl Sagan to set the story straight, re-mix style. 😛

  45. I hate drinking alone. But, I manned up and gotter done.


    G’night World, I hope you feel better in the morning.

  46. Boner fails with Plan ‘B’ ……….

    Now we deal with the true morons.
    If Mitt had won . ………. Moron Mormons

  47. Now we deal with the true morons.

    A monkey wedding in a fun house mirror setting.

  48. A monkey wedding in a fun house mirror setting.

    Down to 9 words, to say 50 words.

    It’s a hobby.

  49. Well, I also voted for O because Iam not capable of voting for validating religion and churches into our government. That’s it.

    On the other hand Rachel last night pointed out that we have been given a view of what aour country would look like had mitty won. She did a retro-
    spective of Robert Bork, with his off-hand comments re marital privacy which might not a true right. Corporations have the right to require female employees to submit to sterilization.
    Insult to injury is delivered in the ugliest face I’ve everseen.

    When you think of it that way, I’m okay with O. We had two choices.

    Our boys are here from France and playing like mad. We’re all looking forward to the big day, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

  50. Bill, I hope to don’t plan on hopping off permanently.

    I’ve just mainly been lurking, on and off, but have found your posts and opinions very refreshing.

    Like someone said earlier, open the windows now and then and let in some fresh air (ideas).

    Would hate to see you disappear.


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