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  1. Good morning all trailmixers!

    The Mayans were incredible, how they were able to predict the fiscal cliff! And I look forward to a Thelma and Louise moment after the holidays.

    I have been enjoying life since Obama’s re-election. Republican’ts are too stressful. Life is too short and getting much shorter for me. Happy holidays to all and to your hearts! Trailmixers have great heart!

  2. WE’RE ALL STILL ALIVE!!! OMG… we’re all still alive!

    but the day ain’t done yet… 😉

  3. BlondeW…
    it’s really great to see you… I’ve been thinking about you and wondering where you’ve been. Please don’t be a stranger… I miss looking at that lovely flower when you’re not around…

  4. A couple of weeks ago while looking for something else my doctor discovered excess water around my left kidney. Turns out I had a stone blocking the tube from the kidney. The doctor can’t believe that I haven’t had any major pain. But I didn’t. Yesterday, they took out the stone. A proceedure that was to last an hour and half ended up closer to 3 hours. Turns out I make tough stones. The doc had to do a little hard rock mining and from the pain I have when I pee I think he brought in the heavy drill and dynamite.
    But everything is out of there and next week I go back in to see how much of my kidney is left.
    Turns out that kidneys don’t like being soaked in piss.


  5. jack, did the doc pulverize it with a laser or use one of those goldmine pickaxes?
    not to have felt pain pre op is incredible. i hear kstones are on the par of giving birth. now you know what an oyster goes thru for those pretty pearl necklaces.

  6. Never mind that Plan B will never EVEN BE VOTED ON in the Senate.

    pogo, as last thread said “every little movement has a meaning of its own” and i tho’t boehner n obama had a clever little movement going by getting a house bill whose subject was inc taxes no matter what the merit over to the senate. the senate then would strike the critters’ lousy language keep the bill number and substitute their already passed tax bill. then it could go to conference thus letting house members obfuscate as to what they really voted for when the conf bill passes. prez signs, everybody’s happy and good is “crowned with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.”

    [note nifty segue from thread to thread]

  7. For all you Pagans out there, A Joyous Solstice and a cool yule


  8. Many may have awakened this morning, 12-21-12, thinking…phew, we missed the bullet.

    No, we didn’t!

  9. Blonde Wino wanders by and tosses in the line of the week:

    The Mayans were incredible, how they were able to predict the fiscal cliff!

    nice to see ya BW

  10. John Kerry picked for SoS.

    The 2004 campaign left me with doubts about Kerry’s ability to plan 2 moves ahead. I fear for my country.

    Maybe the Mayans are right.

  11. Dear Abie,

    I’ve made out my will, unrolled 3 concertina wire fences around my yard, and pounded pungie stakes in between them, laid a quadruple sheath of sandbags around the house, and made a reinforced gunite dome over the roof. I dug and filled a 6,000 cu ft cistern, made a tunnel from my ’50s A-Bomb shelter to a tunnel that leads to the river, stocked away enough canned and freeze-dried food and medical supplies to last three years. I bought several more fully automatic weapons and grenades under the counter, plus 100,000 copper point and armor-piercing bullets, turned what was left of my savings into gold and silver coins.

    The problem is, I still don’t feel safe. What should I do?

    – Rip Uplican

  12. Hey, Wayne LePierre and the NRA just publicly adopted my proposal! I think the GOP reads my comments and then steals my ideas, eventually corrupting and then trivializing them. Damn GOP.

    Happy Holidays.

  13. They won’t adopt that, though. You’ll have to pry the “Merry Christmas” from their cold, dead tongues.

  14. For any member of Congress, the most important pledge is this. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ ”

  15. Wonderful post apocalyptic comments today. Not sure whether the Mayans were predicting the fiscal cliff or the end of the Repugn house. Hmmm. Anyway, I hear that Mayan calendar followers in MX say it’s not the end of the world it’s the dawn of a new era. Wonder if they mean some sanity will return (or show up for once – you make the call) to Congress? Hmmm, time will tel.

  16. Greetings from the desert. With the video, America the Beautiful, I went back and re-read many of the “neighborhood” descriptions of fellow TMixers. Nice contributions to an understanding of who we are and how we live. It just seemed to fit the video!

  17. Hey, look: they’re going to let John Kerry play President, just like he always wanted. That’s nice. Merry Christmas, John.

  18. I missed LaPierre’s statement… but I did see HuffPo’s article…

    He wants an armed guard at every school. Since all school expenditures are local, did he say who was supposed to pay for them? Is he suggesting that the federal government make this mandatory? And if so… the Republicans hate mandated healthcare, but want mandated armed guards at schools… what a fucked up America they believe in.

    Thank you father Christmas that the majority of Americans are no longer listening to this kinda crap. Ho Ho Ho!

  19. Please…Do you know what you do when a calendar is up? YOU GET A NEW ONE.

    California has an armed officer on campuses. It doesn’t really solve anything but they are there…well they are supposed to be there although you only see the officer when he comes around to introduce himself to every class.

  20. Perhaps the NRA deserved a place at the table in the “gun reform” debate, but with today’s statement, I believe they have forfeited it.

    I wish I was a member, just so I could quit.

  21. Oh goodie, wayne la pee air will have the nra pay for highly trained, uniformed armed guards at every school in America.


  22. Dec 21 (Reuters) – Four people died on a Pennsylvania highway on Friday when a gunman shot dead three people and later was killed in a shootout with police, authorities said.

    Three state troopers were injured in the incident in Frankstown Township, about 100 miles (160 km) east of Pittsburgh.

    Investigators suspect the shooter might have been driving when he opened fire, shooting people for unknown reasons, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported, citing an official with the Blair County Emergency Management Agency.

  23. So, how about armed guards on the highways ?

    Oh yeah, we’ve got those already.

    Never mind.

  24. Craig,
    You done such a good job keep TM positive for the Holidays. I sure hope Bill doesn’t mean he’s hopped off permanently. He provided a great point of view from another part of the world.

    Bill Woerlee says:

    sturgeone 12/20/2012 at 9:52 AM

    Mate, I made this choice after a life changing experience. In a matter of hours, I had to assess what was valuable to me and how I wanted to be remembered. Another day at the office didn’t cut it anymore. After surviving that experience, I worked out what I really needed in life and scaled back from the McMansion with 3 cars and a business right down to the basics. Life is too short to waste my days accumulating the cash to buy stuff which is next year’s junk. I don’t need much to buy everyone’s junk — this includes car, clothes, shoes, computers, phones etc. The only one who knows how I obtained them is me so who cares. I build anything I need around the house. We do our own baking etc.

    As for kangaroos, there is a whole herd of them just about 100m from where I am right now. Sometimes they graze on my front lawn. Nothing like going outside to be confronted by a 6 foot buck staring you in the face. But it’s all good. Canberra itself has the highest kangaroo population per acre in Oz. You can see them in the wild anywhere and since they are protected, they are unmolested.

    So I’ll hop off and give you a farewell from Das Kangaroo Kapital.

  25. Chloe, thanks for your thoughts. I received a note from Craig iterating your concern.

    My comment was only a little bit of playfulness: originally I was going to write “kangaroo capital” and then the alliteration bug kicked in so the “K” came in on Kapital and then the Marxian allusion just sort of followed on. I had no idea it came across as a farewell.

    My absence was more as a consequence of a whole lot of RL chaos that is filtering through right now.

    Hopefully, everyone will have a Merry Christmas (Feliz Navidad), Happy Hanukkah (חנוכה שמח) or Kwayzee Kwanzaa, depending which tradition you follow.



  26. Bill,

    It so kind of you to reassure us that we’ll still have the opportunity to read your very interesting comments, and continue to enlighten us as to how things here look from a distance. I’ve really enjoyed reading your philosophy on how to enjoy life and make the most of what you’re dealt.

    I love to hear about different cultures and different points of views, and go out of my way to look for them.

    I also appreciate that you followed up on my misconception too, Craig. Thank you.

    When Sturge mentioned that he thought that many Australians are left handed, especially when they eat, it made me wonder if they don’t use the same table manners as England and other parts of Europe where they keep their fork in their left hand and their knife in their right. I’ve seen it mostly on movies, and have often thought it made a lot more sense than the the way we are constantly changing hands between our knife and fork. I think I’m too old to change my ways now, but may give the fork and knife switch a try just to see how it feels.

    Happy Holiday to everyone from down here in Houston also.

    …. and Craig, I’ll be looking forward to hearing how your Wedding plans progress and congratulations again to you and David. Looking forward to April.

  27. Chloe, thanks once again. One of the things I find remarkable on this site are the cultural observations. This knife and fork thing was something I have never given the slightest thought to until raised by you. But you are correct, fork on the left and knife on the right. I thought that’s how all folks ate with eating irons. Now you mention it, perhaps not so at all.

    Craig and David, yeah, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one. I wish both the greatest of happiness which is richly deserved.

  28. Hi all,
    Bill i’m with Chloe, love reading you and i love Australia.. Thanks for all your very good posts..

  29. To keep us a bit grounded, The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale of New York

    Shane MacGowan sings this song from experience. Born on Christmas Day 1957, he has probably spent more time in the drunk tank over a year than most people do in their lifetime. His grill is quite memorable.

    12 years since Kirsty Anna MacColl (10 October 1959 – 18 December 2000) was killed in a controversial boating incident in Mexico…. May she rest in peace!


  30. And the very talented Sandy Denny – a pure voice, so rich and evocative that it takes you to a higher plane, a place of beauty and peace.

    Vaya con Dios.

    Alexandra Elene Maclean “Sandy” Denny (6 January 1947 – 21 April 1978)


  31. nah…when I was a little bratwurst and writing with my left hand there were people, teachers, who felt I should use my other hand. I, of course, paid them no heed and decided that they were of no account as they didn’t seem to understand. So at the age of 15 while sitting at dinner I happened to, as I was quite the observant young lad, notice that everyone at table had the fork in their left hand. I made this observation out loud and it was explained to me the concept of “continental” eat-tech. It was a valuable life lesson.

  32. I credit that observation with saving me from crashing my ’54 oldsmobile into a tree at a random crossroads not far from the house…..like jackson pollock did.

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