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  1. Wow. Hauntingly beautiful version of this song. “Rainbow’s end…”
    The catch in Judy Garland’s voice just before “…and me” in the last verse says it all.

  2. Great song.

    Lyn and I sing this song together along with Andy Williams while sitting in the car as we are going off on a new adventure, be it shopping, a cup of coffee or a trip to Brisbane and beyond to our romantic tropical islands.

    Two drifters,
    off to see the world
    There’s such a lot of world to see
    We’re after the same rainbow’s end,
    waitin’ ’round the bend
    My huckleberry friend,
    moon river, and me

    These words are us. Always chokes me with the sheer pleasure and joy of life and a life partner to share the joy.

    Thanks for the memory Craig. May this be your journey too.


  3. another johnny mercer lyric worth singing as we cliff dive:

    You’ve got to accentuate the positive
    Eliminate the negative
    And latch on to the affirmative
    Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

    You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum
    Bring gloom down to the minimum
    Have faith or pandemonium’s
    Liable to walk upon the scene

  4. Good morning…how sad after every gun massacre, sales of guns increase. Feeding on fear. And the NRA’s answer? More guns. Why hasn’t anyone addressed the use of guns by minors. As with driving, alcohol, etc., guns should be kept out of the hands of minors. Having all of those guns did not spare the Mother of the shooter. Who needs to train a seven year old how to shoot? Might as well throw the seven year old the keys to your car with a six pack!

    Sane humans keep the guns out of the hands of young people. The gun makers are making a killing, literally!

    Meet you at the shootout!

  5. And hunting with an assault rifle? The supermarkets are overflowing with food…spare me the hunter crap. My cousin Susie is a great hunter…she shoots chipmunks off of her porch when she is bored.

  6. Bill Weorlee,
    RE your 6:07 AM

    Me thinks that you are an unapologetic and hopeless romantic.

    Good on you!! 😉

  7. how sad after every gun massacre, sales of guns increase…. The gun makers are making a killing, literally!

    bw hereby nominated for secretary of state-ments.

    too late for mercer’s lyrics. it looks like pandemonium’s already walked upon the scene. positive accentuating and joy spreading have left the building.

  8. Jace, will the DVD be out before New Year’s? 😀

    Sadly, I fear not.

    How do you say that mom and dad were very proud and pleased for their daughter in less than a thousand words.
    Janna and her students really brought their ‘A’ game. :smile: 😉

    Janna, like Cheryl, was born to teach. They simply can’t help themselves.

    I find myself sort of conflicted. They are where they should be, doing what they should be doing, and it is important work. Therefore I feel just a twinge of shame for wishing that they were both away from public education and schools altogether. Can’t help it, I worry for them.

  9. how does one say “happy new year/millenium” in mayan? roll in the brand new calendar stone and live it up!

  10. Blonde Wino,

    I have been missing you. So glad you are back among us. Hope all is well. 😉

  11. roll in the brand new calendar stone and live it up!


    Perhaps I’ll just roll in the new calendar, and get stoned. 😉

  12. Christmas is a comin’ and I’m getting sentimental.
    For all the sentimental fools out there, it aint a Christmas Carol, but maybe it should be.
    Still smooth as silk after all these years.


  13. A wise person once told me… you get what you concentrate on…

    If you concentrate on the negative… you get negative. If you concentrate on the positive… you get back in kind.

    I know which side of that equation Rick and I are on… it works for us.

    lots of nice music here lately….

  14. Something I’ve been pondering and it’s kinda scary. Maybe seriously scary.
    This was one of the first years, in as many as I can remember, that I was well into my SAD season but still feeling pretty up. It was great. I was sooo close to getting through this year without feeling intense sadness. Then while out shopping for stuff for my camp I got a call from a friend telling me about this horrible shooting of the children in Newtown. Damn.

    I got home and turned on the news. It was horrible. Over the next few days, I met all of those children. They were so beautiful. The families were so beautiful. I really wanted to look away but I couldn’t. This happened in a community that seemed so removed from the violence and cruelty in the world. Most, if not all of these children, came from middle to upper class families and they appeared to represent a diverse ethnicity. What I found the most unusual is that I saw no anger and hate. There could be NO greater loss that I can conceive of than losing your precious children and these families showed no anger and hatred. Instead they demonstrated love and compassion. Really weird. That was something that they tried to teach me in Sunday school but I never saw it actually demonstrated.

    I see this incident as representing a threat that is as bad, if not worse, than the one represented by Sept 911. I can hear some of your thoughts…hell, this is nothing like 911, where so many were killed. If you think about how many people this kind of tragedy involves, it may actually involve many more people than 911 but just not all at one time. Another difference, that makes it worse, is that this threat comes within our own country/community/homes. It is not a foreign threat, one that is easier to hate.

    After 911, this entire country was irate. We were all moved to action. Two wars, more money than we can even conceive of, and thousands of human lives were invested in fighting that threat. We were all willing to give up many of our conveniences and freedoms as our contribution to fighting that threat.

    After this threat, I get the distinct feeling that some think we should shut up and move on, nothing to see here. And don’t even suggest that we give up any of our senseless hobbies and toys that have no usefulness.

    And what’s even weirder, is that Trailmix is one of the places where I feel there is a platform to talk to the nation about important issues, a place that probably many people around the country, who can make a difference, tune into. It’s a gathering place for people who sincerely care about this country and what’s happening and it has gone somewhat mute on this crisis. What is that telling our politicians who I feel do monitor this place to get the pulse of the people? Does it tell them that we don’t see this as a serious issue? I don’t think they will make the connection that we are just trying to be positive.

    I know that this is the holiday season, a season of peace, love and joy, not a good time to discuss something so disturbing. That’s never stopped anyone here before. If we take a break, when the pain is so fresh, are we going to pick it up later? Maybe. Looking at the history of these kinds of tragedies, I kinda doubt it.

    I’m still pondering what this all means and I apologize for being a Scrooge, a buzz kill. And I’ll have to admit that I do feel guilty for writing and posting this but I’ve learned to live with guilt. And RR, I did try to rid myself of all the negative stressors in my life and it still didn’t work for me.

  15. Greetings from the desert. I wished I had said it: “instead of a cop in every school we should have a teacher in every gun shop!”

  16. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9neBotKtiU

    Ronnie Spector, “It’s Christmas Once Again”

  17. Judy Garland was 41 years old when she did this show. She had six more years to live. The only remote second-hand connection I have to her is that the manager of my baseball team was once a player and his team was staying in a hotel in Seattle, sometime in the 1950s. Judy Garland was booked for a lounge act that night, and my manager found out her room number by tipping a desk clerk. He phoned up to her room , certainly on a lark…to his surprise she answered the phone. He explained he was a ballplayer on a team in the hotel, and he was a big fan, and he invited her down to the hotel bar for a drink. To his astonishment, as he told us, she instead invited him up to her room . In her suite she had a fully stocked bar and poured him a drink and they simply chit-chatted for a short while and then he left.
    No big story to tell, just a little vignette of life, passed down the line.

  18. So Mr. Wayne LaPoopoo of the NRA has suggested perhaps volunteers could work as the armed guards at schools…kind of like George Zimmerman…?

  19. Guns, Risks, and Safety

    from The American Conservative

    But what troubles me most about this suggestion — and the general More Guns approach to social ills — is the absolute abandonment of civil society it represents. It gives up on the rule of law in favor of a Hobbesian “war of every man against every man” in which we no longer have genuine neighbors, only potential enemies. You may trust your neighbor for now — but you have high-powered recourse if he ever acts wrongly.

  20. Carol
    Thanks for your contribution.
    I’ve about said everything I have to say about this subject matter and now it is more a time to think about action.

    Right now it is Christmas and time to tell family I love them and bite my tongue when certain member say things.

    Come January people need to think strategy and as the post above makes plain, conservatives and 2nd amendment absolutist are not the same.
    So there is a chance to put together a coalition of liberals, centrists and conservative that isolates the NRA.


  21. Sturg –
    Archaeologists Date World’s Oldest Timber Constructions

    The tests revealed that the wood comes from massive old oak trees felled by early Neolithic farmers with stone adzes between the years of 5206 and 5098 BC. The farmers cleaved the trunks into boards, assembling them to make chest-like well linings with complex corner joints. Using state-of-the-art laser scanning technology, the scientists collected data on the timbers and tool marks and documented the highly developed woodworking skills of the early Neolithic settlers. The very well-preserved tool marks and timber joints testify to unexpectedly sophisticated timber construction techniques.


  22. Law and order is more than a TV show, Maybe we need to revive the concept.


  23. Thanks Jack. I just want anyone dropping in here to know that you guys are concerned, I know it. You are mad and do believe that something must be done. I want the people of Newtown to know we care and we will support them.

  24. Did you read any of the comment at the end of that article. They varied greatly, which is not surprising.

    “Alex says:
    December 19, 2012 at 12:07 am

    “Shootings at schools have been going on since at least the late 1800s.We are supposed to learn from history especially bad things in history we don’t want repeated. In this latest case the shooter started breaking laws when he took the guns and shot his mother dead in bed. He was underage to be in possession of the guns. He violated the “Gun Free zone” of the school. Whatever laws that he violated were not enough of a consequence to stop him. To ignore the fact that laws will be broken and it sometimes takes force to stop evil – is not far from supporting evil. Having the ability to stop an evil person with deadly force as soon as possible is what will stop an evil person. Waiting for first responders can cost lives. It was too many young lives in this case.”

  25. As soon as I saw that 7200 year old cribbing , I thought of the “Square-Set” on the Comstock. They cut every tree they could lay their hands on . And they did it by hand, by mule, and by steam. They stripped the mountains clean to support the silver mines. That Union silver paid for the Civil War.

    If one visits Virginia City today , remember this, in 1850. Pine trees 3 feet at the stump cover the mountains above the town for as far as one can see.
    And there was no town in 1850 .
    We cut down the entire forest, and buried in our mines.
    By hand.

  26. We cut down the entire forest, and buried in our mines.
    By hand.

    Today that wooden cribbing is 150 years old.

    Trust me, the invention of the square set, …. when Lincoln needed it, was a very big deal .
    Money flowed to Nevada. The mines grew bigger.

    And no American can name the inventor of the “Square Set”.

  27. Speaking of trees, and what we owe them , The British Navy had ‘mast ships’ that would back into the coast line of Maine. The back of the ship would open up. And peeled smooth logs 100′ long where loaded .

  28. The antidote for Judy Garland –

    Satisfaction-Rolling Stones

    There is a gold disc on Voyager, it contains the sounds of Earth . Carl Sagan made sure that ‘Satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones was on board.

  29. Moon River and Judy Garland are not about to reach the edge of our Solar system, Satisfaction is about to do that.
    Carl didn’t load Judy or Andy.

  30. There is a gold disc on Voyager, it contains the sounds of Earth .
    And it is moving 17,000 miles an hour away from us.

  31. “The article I read said that Americans also eat a lot more finger foods….”

    Yeah . . . Cheetos.

  32. Sometimes I wonder
    Why I spend
    These lonely hours
    Dreaming up
    New gags. . . .

  33. I would have thought that Government of the USA would have sent Stardust into space instead of the shouted complaints of a spoiled & sophomoric pommie lout.

    I want a refund on my share of that satellite.

  34. “netanyahu lauds Kerry choice”

    Another reason to block Kerry. Someone mentioned Barney Frank for the Senate if Kerry became SoS.

    Personally, I’d rather have Frank run State and keep Kerry in the Senate.

    How about this ? Appoint the dingbat governors of WI and FL to head State and Defense, and as soon as they are confirmed, fire them.

  35. In fact, get rid of the entire cabinet, replace them with rip up lican House members from states with Dem governors, and as soon as they are confirmed, fire them.

  36. were these still the times of nixon or mccarthy (gawd forbid) there would be liberals referencing the “defense against tyranny” concept, securing of a free state idea in the 2nd amdmt. some of our citizenry feel that’s what the founders meant… to have a populace so armed that no future despot from within would dare try disenfranchizing them.

  37. I don’t see much discussion about the words: “A well-regulated militia being necessary…..”

    Well-regulated. That seems to be a call for Regulation.

    Also doesn’t seem to be much discussion about the fact that the large magazines/clips and the weapons which use them are obviously useless for hunters and are mainly owned to be used against the government.

  38. But I must admit that had I known my teacher to be packin’ heat I might have been somewhat more attentive during Algebra 1.

  39. defense against tyranny theory is sorta the converse of the ancient greek ladies ploy withholding their favors until their warring males came to their senses. their version of arms for arms so to speak.

  40. Geometry was kind of fun but my math teachers in this little military school…2 admirals, a commodore (a really ancient specimen), and a marine corps major…..all hit the brick wall where my interest in math was concerned. I suspect that they would have liked to have had recourse to a more physical means of instruction.

    and i thought, wow…all these very serious old dudes…..all powerless against my willful and stoutly defended ignorance.

  41. I can empathize a bit with the ultra right wing guys…..everyone’s trying to show ’em the math and they choose to remain adamantly ignorant.

  42. The Rolling Stones… unAmerican????

    HEY… they be doing Monday Night Football nowadays… can’t get any more American than that…

    here ya go, CBob…


  43. they foresee a kind of “mad max” situation where the strong central gov’t breaks down and tries to regain power and control and defense is on a neighborhood to neighborhood basis with lawless marauders roaming the land. What the hell, I guess it’s happened before.

    stones? brit band, but american music. good enough. yay sagan.

  44. was sagan suggesting to have an “american” message on board or a “global” one…..

    Not sure that the space guys who finish deciphering our message are going to go unconcerned over this atomically armed planet broadcasting the message: “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

  45. Pat

    When one looks at how much the Greeks fought among themselves One has to draw one of two conclusions. 1. the Greek ladies have no self restraint or 2, Their control theory looked better on paper than it worked in practice,


  46. httpv://youtu.be/JinvlKcF5kA

    Sunday Serendipity.

    Beautiful singing, wonderful rhythms.
    A holiday treat for the soul. Enjoy! 😉

  47. Well-regulated. That seems to be a call for Regulation.

    sturge, or a daily dose of prunes.

  48. OMG patd… your 9:04…
    it’s not nice to make me laugh so hard I almost piss my pants this early in the mornin’…. :smile:

    ps… BillW… LOVE the koala bear avatar…

  49. and speaking of prunes…

    maybe when ol’ Mick sings Satisfaction nowadays…. it ain’t girls he’s talkin’ about…

  50. “But I must admit that had I known my teacher to be packin’ heat I might have been somewhat more attentive during Algebra 1.”

    Sturge, I was able to separate that in my mind, and laugh so hard at what you said. For me it was Geometry that started to tune me out.

    By the way, I don’t for a minute think teachers should be carrying guns, but very much think the armed guard would be a great help for the schools. We have so many police officers in the area where we live, that I always feel so secure.

    The armed forces protect us, and I see no reason that our countries children can’t have some form of protection at the entrance of their school. Someone who doesn’t look threatening to them, but that the bad guys know is there.

    I hear that many schools are a little heavy in the administration part of the set up, so maybe the guard could be hired at the loss of an (possibly) unneeded (lower) part of the administration.

  51. Bill,
    I love that you are Australian.

    You mentioned our interest in other cultures, and I (for one) just want to assure you that my interest is a very positive thing. For one things, I loved hearing about what it must feel like to walk out into your front yard and be face to face with a Kangaroo. (… you should see my excitement, just to see a deer up close and personal — or even a huge flock of birds).

    I feel we can learn so much from different cultures: beliefs, idea’s, experience, in helping us look at things and also ways of solving problems.

    You know, the old expression: ‘…Can’t see the forest for the trees’.

    You have been such a positive addition to TM.

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