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  1. from wiki

    The Stan Freberg Show was a 1957 replacement for Jack Benny on CBS radio.
    [….] Freberg frequently complained of radio network interference. Another sketch from the CBS show, “Elderly Man River,” anticipated the political correctness movement by decades. Daws Butler plays “Mr. Tweedly,” a representative of a fictional citizens’ radio review board, who constantly interrupts Freberg with a loud buzzer as Freberg attempts to sing “Old Man River.” Tweedly objects first to the word “old,” “which some of our more elderly citizens find distasteful.” As a result, the song’s lyrics are progressively and painfully distorted as Freberg struggles to turn the classic song into a form that Tweedly will find acceptable “to the tiny tots” listening at home: “He don’t, er, doesn’t plant ‘taters, er, potatoes… he doesn’t plant cotton, er, cotting… and them-these-those that plants them are soon forgotting,” a lyric of which Freberg is particularly proud. Even when the censor finds Freberg’s machinations acceptable, the constant interruption ultimately brings the song to a grinding halt (just before Freberg would have had to edit the line “You gets a little drunk and you lands in jail”), saying, “Take your finger off the button, Mr. Tweedly—we know when we’re licked,” furnishing the moral and the punch line of the sketch at once. But all of these factors forced the cancellation of the show after a run of only 15 episodes.

  2. more from above site on why the sf show didn’t last long:

    The show failed to attract a sponsor after Freberg decided he did not want to be associated with the tobacco companies that had sponsored Benny. In lieu of actual commercials, Freberg mocked advertising by touting such products as “Puffed Grass” (“It’s good for Bossie, it’s good for me and you!”), “Food” (“Put some food in your tummy-tum-tum!”), and himself (“Stan Freberg—the foaming comedian! Bobba-bobba-bom-bom-bom”), a parody of the well-known Ajax cleanser commercial.

  3. oh festivus
    oh festivus
    a holiday
    for the rest of us

    all you holidayers now don’t forget
    the tradional tv dinner (spaghetti or meatloaf)
    the unadorned aluminum pole
    the airing of grievances

  4. Romney’s eldest son Tagg: “He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire to run.”

    He added: “If he could have found someone else to take his place… he would have been ecstatic to step aside.”

    It seems Tagg is an even more prodigious liar than his old man. Who does he think the other 8 Nazgul upon the stage through 84 ‘debates’ were ? The sponsors ?

  5. The nude grinch longed for the nomination so much that he was almost ready to tell the truth, if it meant he could get it.

    The Mark of Cain, 666, wanted the nomination so badly that he was almost ready to give up lying about his ass-pinching hobby.

    rich peri wanted the nomination so badly that he was prepared to learn to read.

    The bachmanniac wanted the nomination so much that she was almost willing to admit that she’s a Dominionatrix.

    wrong pol wanted the nomination so badly that he was prepared to admit slavery wasn’t really all that neat.

    sanctums anctorium wanted the nomination so much that he was willing to say, ‘Ya, Teri Schiavo was dead.’

    Jon Huntsman wanted to be nominated so badly that he even confessed to being a republican.

    It’s funny that Tagg didn’t notice these other weirdos – the rest of us did.

  6. Taegan Goddard reporting on the WallStreet Yurinal article: Karl Rove writes in the Wall Street Journal that President Obama is pushing for a “civil war” within the Republican Party by not negotiating fairly to avoid the fiscal cliff.
    Said Rove: “He apparently believes that Republicans, in a weakened state and defending an unpopular position, might buckle on a central GOP tenet, opposition to any increase in marginal rates. That might kick off a Republican civil war, resulting in divisive party primaries in 2014 that leave the president’s opposition even more weakened and produce more subpar candidates like this year’s Republican Senate candidates in Indiana and Missouri.”

    rove’s divisive comments on the IN & MO republican candidates is obviously Obama’s plan.

  7. xrep… Stephen Moore said the same thing as Rove on Hardball last week… he said it was obvious that Obama was trying to destroy the Republican party… it must be the latest and greatest Repub meme.

    And of course… keeping within the clown theme…. Mr. Moore wore a bright turquoise tie while uttering those words… HA!

  8. Freberg went on to write some of the best commercials ever. I can’t see the name “Sunsweet” without thinking, “Today the pits. Tomorrow the wrinkles.” Of course they have gone politically correct themselves and they are no longer “prunes” but rather “dried plums”.

    Stan even got me to buy a Banquet frozen dinner once with his tribute to the horror movies commercial. (Once was enough, there are limits to everything.)


  9. Omnibus Post Folks

    jace 12/22/2012 at 9:06 AM

    Unreconstructed my friend as are we all on this site.

    RebelliousRenee 12/23/2012 at 9:45 AM

    Thanks for that RR. Just remember, “the Koala Tea of Mercy is Seldom Strained.

    RebelliousRenee 12/23/2012 at 10:04 AM

    Way too funny girl. This is not the way I thought I would start my day. I had to change my kanga pants after reading that.

    Quirky. Chloe 12/23/2012 at 10:47 AM

    Smooch. 😉

    And my darling Jamie is out of the clutches of the lurgy and back in the land of the living. Hell I miss you young lady.

  10. Re: Stan Freeberg.

    In Oz, we had our own problems with censorship and the like. One fellow worked out how to be both bawdy and keep inside the law. Roy (Mo) Rene (1891-1954), whose onstage character was Mo McKackie created a skit with his offsider Stiffy (Use your imagination about the male genitalia here) in which Stiffy held up a board with a letter which was clearly “F”. Stiffy asked Mo what the letter was and Mo would answer “K”. Between them was a bit of banter about the letter with Stiffy insisting that the letter was indeed an “F”. At the end, the frustrated Stiffy would say to Mo:

    How come every time I see F you see K?”

    Brought the houses down with the double entendre in the 30’s without ever attracting any penalties, although the God Bothering authorities tried hard to prosecute them. God bless their little hearts.

  11. I think that Rowe is giving Obama way to much credit. The Republicans have done it all to themselves.
    From Adkin’s rape comment to Romney’s various 47% comments to the NRA presser the other day.

    They have retreated into their own echo chamber where they have created their own private reality.


  12. Still hideously diseased and slugging Nyquil like my favorite adult beverage. For those feeling sentimental, I’ve posted TCM’s farewell to those in the entertainment industry who left us in 2012. Blank & White on Film

  13. xrepublican

    What kind of name is Tagg anyway?

    Perhaps the diminutive of what is known in the business as a “Tagline“.

    It is the Utah equivalent of an oxymormon. (See the book of Moron(i) [sic] where the Lamanites are elaminated.) This is God’s PUNishment visited upon the idiot son whom Mitt drags out to take the heat off himself.

  14. Stan Freberg …”today the pits tomorrow the wrinkles.”

    Working at his ad agency was my fantasy job

  15. Re: Tagg’s description of his father has a martyr I didn’t know the Mormons had saints.

  16. I am weary, and sick of trying
    I’m tired of living, but scared of dying…
    But Ol’ Man River, he just keep moving along.

  17. Wonder if we’ll be meeting in St. Louis, Louis soon to celebrate the great Judy Garland Songbook…

  18. Merry Christmas folks from this side of the wonderful world of Oz. The day is better than the Mayans promised. The presents are already opened and the kids and grandkids are all excited. Christmas never gets tired or boring. I hope everyone has as good a day as we are having with family and friends.

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