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  1. “Get Happy” blurs the line between Judy, Liza and Bob Fosse. This number could have easily been done in 1970 with no changes other than sub mother with daughter.
    And always good to see Gene Kelly – Yes! More Gene Kelly anytime, anywhere! Sophisticated musicals rule!!!

  2. Oregon Democrat,
    Yes he was… he defined class in a workaday manner. Gene Kelly was cool.

  3. Craig,
    I’ve loved the Judy Garland theme you’ve gone with.

    I looked up when Easter falls in 2013 (we’re almost there) and it’s March 31. Couldn’t help but be reminded that you and David will be married shortly after that.

  4. One year, when the economy was booming, I resolved to work ALL the overtime offered, and I did, and it damn-near killed me, and I discovered money can make you miserable if you don’t even have one day a week to enjoy it. I worked months on end that year, Sundays, holidays…didn’t matter. I was never so unhappy, nor so “rich”.

    dex, one of life’s lessons too often learned too late.

  5. Bill…I watched a few minutes of Fox and Fiends before Christmas to find out the new direction of the republican’t party. The first interview was with Santa Claus (Ruppert was that you???) and he was bemoning the fact that in England, Australia and the US of AA, children cannot sit on Santa’s lap. I believe the network was appealing to the pedophiles at Christmas! And the next guest was that loser, Congressman West from Florida. He was the second highest spender in the last election and LOST. His opinion? Get Hillary…he went on about the Benghazi massacre. So, the can’ts think Hillary will be the dems nominee in 2016.

    And that is the direction of the new republican party…heroes of immigration. Defenders of NRA. I believe the can’ts will be in the toilet for a decade or so!

  6. I don’t think there’s a single movie I ever missed from the 40’s thanks to the reruns on that small tube little TV we had back then. I’d watch them all night (which back then, all night meant until midnight or 2AM, can’t remember which, but the TV just went blank) when everyone else was sleeping (mostly during the summer when school was out, or on other holiday breaks).

    I sure do remember a lot of Earl Scheib commercials. I got so sick of ‘any car, any color’ for only $(think it started at $19.95 and continued to go up over the years).

    I’ve been a movie buff ever since, but now I concentrate mostly on the newer movies.

    We did go back and watch the whole ‘Thin Man’ series of movies back about ten or fifteen years ago: with the late great William Powell and Myrna Loy. They were soooo cool together.

    I think maybe her character in that movie helped women move a step or two up in the world. Just thinkin’.

  7. Blonde — The day after the ‘interview’ with Santa someone found many video clips of the guy being inappropriate with women, interviewers and kids. Fox might want to better ‘vet’ their guests!

    Craig, love all the Judy Garland. What an amazing woman.

  8. And if you go with Get Happy, then there is room for my absolute bravura performance by Garland at her peak: Born In A Trunk


  9. Blonde Wino

    I believe the can’ts will be in the toilet for a decade or so!

    The latest fight over Chuck Hagel exemplifies that completely.

    Trita Parsi, President, National Iranian American Council, has written an excellent op ed for the The Huffington Post called More Than Just About Hagel

    While Hagel’s neoconservative detractors accuse him with being too slow to pull the trigger, America’s problem in the past decade has been with leaders being to quick to pull the trigger. America simply cannot afford another Iraq disaster, and with Hagel as Secretary of Defense, America will be in a better position to avoid both a nuclear Iran and war with Iran. In short, he is the warmongers’ worst nightmare.

    Perhaps then, it isn’t surprising that the neo-conservatives have launched a preemptive character assassination attack against Hagel. But in so doing, they have overreached. The vicious accusation of anti-Semitism is so bizarre it should not be dignified with a response. In regards to Hagel’s record on Israel, pro-Israel defenders of Hagel such as J Street, Americans for Peace Now and Israel Policy Forum can address that more authoritatively.

    Hear! Hear!

  10. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh57sCPjtzw

    Just wanted to post this one more time as I just caught up with the old home-town obituaries and read that six people I knew from my work days have died in the past ten days…a real sad cluster. :( Time for death to take a vacation, and certainly for him to leave George H.W. Bush alone.

  11. Starting to feel as if I’m writing an obituary column: Fontella Bass 78 – Rescue Me


  12. Craig, Thanks for the link to Jamie’s and David’s wonderful review site. I very much enjoyed their latest reviews, but was unable to log in to comment on them. I’ve been using google to log in here, and it wouldn’t work over there. I’ll straighten it out tomorrow… too tired to mess with the login places tonight.

    But Jamie and David. I loved both of your reviews, and will go see both movies next week because of them. Thanks!

  13. … oh, and since you’ve posted that pic of the banana tree, it has peeked my interest as to whether we could plant some here. Weather here is probably similar to Florida, but I’m not sure that the critters wouldn’t eat them before they had a chance to mature.

    I’ve read that raccoons love fruit and I’m sure that deer do. Then there’s our horses that occasionally break through their back pasture, and heaven help us if they come upon a banana tree. They’d be in banana heaven. (I always give them our over ripe ones that I buy at the market, and which seem to go bad in about 2 day during our hot, humid summers). Bananas seem to be one of the only fresh fruits left that you can count on to be good any more.

    Grapes, apple and oranges have been a challenge. I think they must be genetically altering them or something. Not to mention the cost they get — especially for berries! $4 a basket, and they often spoil before you can finish them.

    The new world order.

  14. ps Although, $4 for my favorite cherry tomatoes — that I won’t complain about. At least they still taste like tomatoes. All the others are terrible. Why don’t tomatoes taste like tomatoes anymore??

  15. Today is a giant personal milestone that I really never thought I’d achieve, but here I am, twenty years, 7,305 days without an alcoholic beverage. I don’t feel “funny” sharing this status report with you folks, most of you who do take a little nip once in a while, because you folks are smart, and you know there are some people who just shouldn’t drink, and I am one of those. For me, this is a day of great joy and no remorse. If I let this milestone go to my head, all I have to do is think of my AA sponsor, just four years my senior but who has over forty years sober. Hopefully, I have a ways to go, too.

  16. He went from miserable worm living in a travel trailer in a field with no heat or air to guy floating down the blacktops on a motorcycle.

    And playing the bass on Fridays, with a couple of grand in his pocket.

    I kid you not.

  17. his last stop on the downside road was i let him stay in my 31′ trailer in a field with no hook up. no heat, no air. endgate. Later, after the city crap had dried up and they threatened to cuff his ass, after a couple of nights in the downtown homeless guy place he cut the cord. went to the trailer and in a summer and a winter with no heat, no air, went without. was given a motorcycle he was afraid to ride. learned.

    and he would play: “It’s not unusual”, “More today than yesterday” Money can’t buy me love, Lady Madonna, Sunny, Spooky, Isn’t she lovely, Girl Talk,
    Happy Together….you really got me, louie louie,

    I feel fine.

    He supplied Everly harmony to Boudleaux and Felice Bryant’s “Let it be Me”.

    He did Elton’s “It’s a little bit funny……”

    Whadda cadwallader.

  18. congratulations, dex! wishing you 20 more and then some.
    curious about your “money can make you miserable” insight. did that occur about the time you discovered that “there are some people who just shouldn’t drink”? perhaps that’s a lesson that should have been learned by those who’ve taken us to the pricey precipice.

  19. Dex

    Congratulations. It is an achievement. My father had his 10th birthday shortly before his passing, and it was only the gift of those ten years that allowed us to become father and daughter again.

  20. Thank you, Dex, for sharing your good news. May every New Year continue to be a healthy, happy New Year.
    This raises a good point: resolutions and inner strength. Each year we tell ourselves we’ll do something that improves our lives, then usually soon forget. Any stories Trail Mixers want to share?

  21. “Days you didn’t know you needed until you found out they existed: Today is Good Riddance Day”

    Bye Bye Mitt

    Feel free to add anything.

    So sorry to have missed Good riddance day.
    A few additions, if it is not too late.

    Jim DeMint
    Allan West
    Dick Morris
    Karl Rove

    Rove will be back of course, but after his election night melt down he will be relevant only in his own mind.

    “I’m melting!” 😉

  22. that bridge to nowhere photo reminds me of gene kelly and van johnson on the bridge to brigadoon

  23. I almost forgot. One more addition to the good riddance list.

    Joe Lieberman.

    Don’t hang around on our account Joe, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass….. go and go quickly.

  24. jace and jamie, two more hopefully for the good riddance list:

    grover norquist
    ralph reed

  25. Patd,

    Good call.
    In a just world they would be marooned together on a desert island.

  26. Dex… good on you!

    I’d add the ex-governor of my state, John Sunununununununu, to that list…. may his ass find it’s hole and crawl into it… 😈

  27. My nomination for Best new Blog of the Year.

    Drum roll please………….

    Blank and White on Film.

    Well done!

  28. My son spoils me terribly. I am now the proud owner of Bruce Cattons’s Civil War trilogy. All first editions and all in very good condition.

    Reading is fun! 😉

  29. according to this story in the guardian there’s a new hillary tee shirt for sale.
    i like the words on the old one better with her speech quote:

    for everyone who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out
    and for everyone who works hard and never gives up,
    this one [silhouette of hil] is for you!

  30. guess they’re still trying to pay off her campaign debts with these tee and sympathy sales and raffles for dinner with the big dawg.

  31. Continuing the holiday news boycott (for the most part) now watching Perry Mason — the later years not as good as the originals

  32. KGC, Raymond Burr was excellent in a great movie with Barbara Stanwyck, “Crime of Passion” — was on TCM last week as part of their Stanwyck festival. By the time I finish the last wave, probably Monday, I will have seen 55 of her films in a month. Twas fun.

  33. Thank you Jamie for the posting the link on Les Mis. Plan to see it this afternoon.

  34. Hey Craig, wotcha whinen about? Here it’s just dawn breaking, the sun is yet to do its full 34 today and I’m sitting on me ol’ patio drinking a cup of java in shorts and “t” shirt in a very pleasant 25.

    Dex – well done mate. It’s a hard road well travelled.

  35. one of those comedians said the trick of doing an impression of Raymond Burr was a protracted intake of breath before talking.

    Might have been Albert Brooks, Super Dave’s brother.

  36. You Tube has the original Broadway cast recording with many more songs than are in the movie. Starting here


  37. Bill,

    I’m sure Craig is aware that his 35 and your 35 may just be two different scales on the same animal. :)

  38. I said to Hank Williams, “How lonely does it get?”
    Hank Williams hasn’t answered yet
    But I hear him coughing all night long
    Oh, a hundred floors above me in the tower of song

    –leonard cohen

  39. I had the ubiquitous Silvertone in ’56, of course, and then went to a Gretsch Tennessean, and then a Les Paul Jr which got traded for a Gretsch solid body that looked like a black Les Paul and got stolen in Massachusetts outside the motel room. Paid 285 ’72 dollars for that tele and found a home in guitarland.

  40. Well you guys are certainly winning The Wurlitzer Prize tonight


    But the nice Australian lady says Please don’t play B17


  41. CBob, check your email for your new login. Our spam filter zapped you, permanently deleted all your posts today before I could get to it. FYI to all, more than 25 posts in an hour will trigger our spam filter every time. Can’t be helped, or we’d be overrun by Viagra posts and the like. They try to get in here by the hundreds every day. Any regulars who get caught in the spam trap, please, always, let me know asap and I can fix it: help@craigcrawford.com

  42. EPA Head Stepping Down:
    – I had completely forgot we had one of these.
    – The question is will the Republican in the White House replace her with another puppet? Or will he just leave it vacant so as to not waste the valuable time of someone else?

  43. I’ve now changed settings so that I can restore comments deleted by the spam filter (thought it had been set that way but somehow that changed). Note: More than 25 comments per hour by the same user will get held until I can get to it.

  44. sturge: imagine this: Laura Nyro and Townes Van Zant return from the grave and play a show with Tom Waits. All new brainstormed material. I’d pay money to see it.

    Now as 2012 is ending, …

  45. Is David Lindley clairvoyant or what? This song was written THIRTY YEARS AGO! Talk to the lawyer, my people…

  46. No water in the Platte , no water in the Arkansas , no water in the Rio Grande, no water in the Yampa, no water in the Green River. No water in the Coiorado.

  47. The Corps of Engineers will spend 10 million, to lower the river by 10 inches.
    None of our barge boys will pay a dime for this. They don’t even pay a toll to cross our locks.

  48. Glad all is well CBob. Sorry about the screwup. Think I’ve got the contraptions in sync again. Sometimes I feel like Scotty on Star Trek: “I’m givin’ her all she’s got, Captain! If I push it any harder the whole thing will blow!”

  49. None of our barge boys will pay a dime for this. They don’t even pay a toll to cross our locks.

    Our free market barge boys have always floated on a giant pile of federal dollars. When they spoke of their “freedom” . I always wanted to vomit.

    Now the river is drying up. Let the “Free Market” solve the problem.

  50. And that barge boy in Houston , your new ware house is under sea level rise in 50 years.

    Your kids get swat.

  51. And to that barge boy in Houston ,
    The sea level will rise over 3 feet in the next 50 years.

  52. FYI to all, more than 25 posts in an hour will trigger our spam filter every time.

    Has anyone but me, ever committed this sin ?

  53. From now, on let our free market barge boys pay for every gallon they float on.

  54. Craig –
    How many times has your spam filter thrown 25 of my comments off the web ?

  55. Now the river is drying up. Let the “Free Market” solve the problem.

    #1 hard red winter wheat FOB the Gulf of Mexico as of yesterday was $9.01 a bushel.

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