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  1. LOL Craig. :smile:

    BTW mate, just love those pix from Florida. You must have had a great time. The marvel of nature is awe inspiring.


    New Years Eve Parrrtay! Yeee Hah!

    A happy new year to y’all.

    ‘Speshly frum Jawjah.


  2. Here’s my last Orlando pic before driving to the airport today :sad:

    I actually planted this tree 41 years ago, makes me feel old — but proud .. http://twitpic.com/bqopif

    Anyone here who knows a 15-year-old make him or her plant an Oak like my Dad did. They will thank you for it 41 years later, as I just thanked him today.

  3. surprised this one was left out. judy and barbra
    the fiscally costly cliff, the precarious pricey precipice, the expensive economic escarpment… happy days all


  4. Comden and Green – Their contributions to Broadway and Hollywood are immeasurable. The lyrics and screenplays they wrote have brought such joy through the years. What a wonderful legacy. Entertainers are part of our “Pursuit of Happiness”, and should be respected and lauded as such.

    Judy Garland comes alive through song. These clips have celebrated an amazing talent, who had incredible highs, and the lowest of lows, but never lost the gift to entertain.
    Thanks for posting these clips. Cool, Classy and Classic. What a way to end the year.

  5. Oh, Craig. That Tree!

    I love tree’s so much, and yours has so much character (and strength). Just think, you ‘created’ that. It ‘is’ an oak, isn’t it? If so, it will live for well over a hundred years. I read that the oldest known oak tree is a thousand years old. (I’ve actually been known to mourn the loss of a favorite tree — adds new meaning to tree hugger, huh?)

    OK then, a picture ‘really’ is worth a thousand words.

  6. httpv://youtu.be/nkB1o_iu73A

    Sunday Serendipity.
    For all who cherish Winter. Enjoy!

  7. I am tired of ‘reform’ being synonymous with getting or doing less.

    It’s time to do reform based on getting and doing ‘more’, as in those who can pay ‘more’, do so. As in raising the cap on Social security taxes so ‘more’ money comes into the system. As in leaving medicare as is for those 65 and over, and offering to allow those 55 and over to buy into medi-care at cost, thereby bringing ‘more’ into the system.

    We need to start having the discussion about ‘more based reform’ and stop the discussion about ‘less based reform’.
    If the latter had worked, we would have no need for the discussion at all.

  8. Jace,

    Every time on Sunday morning when I scroll down through the comments I’m rewarded with your carefully, thoughtfully chosen vocal message with its brilliant accompaniment.

    Serendipitous, indeed!

  9. I’m going to start out the New Year right–prepping for a colonoscopy scheduled for 0800 on 2 Jan. 👿

  10. Why President Obama and Democrats Shouldn’t Be Trusted Anymore than Republicans
    by Taylor Marsh

    Everyone is confused about the Fiscal Cliffhanger. Obama is struggling to make a deal to prolong most of the Bush-era tax cuts. The Republicans are holding back. Yet if a deal is reached, the federal government and the long-term purpose of the Democratic Party are both likely to be ruined for years to come. If the deal fails, the Democratic Party can at long last return to what should be its core purpose: using government to promote the public well being. – Jeffrey Sachs

  11. Tony,

    It’s too bad that Ms Marsh, et alia, speak from their positions of respected authority while ignoring the fact that Mr Obama, as any president, must negotiate the best outcome for all the people while not abandoning the least vulnerable amongst us.

    He’s not in a position of declaring martial law, of declaring the Bill of Rights suspended, of declaring the legislators from the Red States personae non gratae no matter how much we might appreciate any of those actions.

  12. Colonoscopy! Not the sort of exploration from which heroes and legends are created. 👿

  13. Jace, I think I will have a very rapid recovery from my anesthesia. My designated accompanying responsible adult will be my youngest grandchild, Adam, who turned 18 on Thursday.

    Part of his responsibility is to safely drive me home. As his car is being repaired, he will be driving mine; that is, until we are safely out of the doc’s parking lot. Then I shall take over.

  14. The two Senate leaders just talked. Sounds as if we are approaching an impasse.

  15. Jace said, “Colonoscopy! Not the sort of exploration from which heroes and legends are created.” No shit.

  16. My fave Rascals tune, and they had a bunch of great songs.

  17. Using the Chained Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, designated the C-CPI-U, for Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is insane. The elderly poor, singles, widows, widowers, and non-whites will be most negatively affected by shifting to a C-CPI-U approach to calculating Social Security COLA. If you count just those retirees whose Social Security benefits represent 90 percent of their total income, that’s over 13 million Americans.

    Expenditure data required for the calculation of the C-CPI-U are available only with a time lag. Thus, the C-CPI-U is being issued first in preliminary form (Initial) using the latest available expenditure data at that time and will be subject to two subsequent revisions Interim and then Final. The last time lag revisions occurred with the CPI release on February 17, 2012 that revised 2010 to ‘Final’ and 2011 to ‘Interim’. Can you wait for almost 2 year time lag to calculate the COLA? I did the compounding calculations starting with a monthly $1,000 in 2000 and using the COLA methods in force today but with the C-CPI-U and compared it to the CPI-W from 2001 through 2012. By 2012 the monthly C-CPI-U reduction is $48.38 or $580.56 annually.

    On July 12, 2011 and December 19, 2012 multimillionaire House minority leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi claimed that a change to the C-CPI-U isn’t a cut. She needs to have her head examined because it is where the sun don’t shine!

    Why not do something for seniors and promote the experimental consumer price index for Americans 62 years of age and older (CPI-E) which rose somewhat faster than the CPI-U and the CPI-W.

  18. On Saturday, our little grandson had his 3rd birthday party. It was 28 and we are dressed accordingly. Our older grandson was very vociferous about the absence of a piñata – something that has been adopted in Oz with a vengeance. Anyway, apart from a piñata discussion, you can enjoy the dulcet tones of Australians singing the traditional birthday song coupled with the blowing out of the candles.

    Enjoy. It’s great to be a kid.


  19. Flatus 12/30/2012 at 3:05 PM

    Jace said, “Colonoscopy! Not the sort of exploration from which heroes and legends are created.” No shit.

    sturgeone 12/30/2012 at 3:13 PM


    Quirky. Chloe 12/30/2012 at 5:02 PM

    Oh, there won’t be or the exploration will come to a quick halt.

    This is really way too hilarious. 😀

    I suppose the end is always a welcome relief.

    Quirky. Chloe 12/30/2012 at 5:04 PM

    And as far as I’m concerned, anesthesiologist are legends, and heroes too!

    Chloe, my brother sends you a great big smooch.

    G.M. Woerlee – Insights from Anesthesiology

  20. well i guess I might have to read this one:

    The Unholy Legacy of Abraham – Why do people believe in the reality of God, the human soul and a life after death? What are the consequences of living according to the holy laws of the Bible, Torah or Koran? The Unholy Legacy of Abraham discusses the basis of belief in the three Abrahamic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, revealing the ways selective observation, combined with the functioning of the human body, and natural laws apparently prove the reality of faith in the immaterial reality of religions. Furthermore, the reader is treated to an analysis of the holy texts of these religions, proving that to live strictly according to the holy laws in these texts would require the deaths of at least 70 per cent of the European population; how the Koran explains the failing Russian and American space effort; why the ministry of Jesus was flawed; how Noah and Moses proved the imperfection of God, and why Joan of Arc was burned alive for wearing trousers.

    from g.m. woerlee’s website.

  21. Hillary in hospital with blood clot and on blood thinners. Stems from fainting/concussion. Hope the rabid right that thought she was faking choke to death on their words.

  22. About the chained CPI that would reduce amount of raise to senior’s social security … This year’s raise was $10. The cost of co-pay on insurance increased $20 and that’s for the lowest income range. Lawmakers really need to do time in the actual world.

  23. “Lawmakers really need to do time in the actual world.”

    Ya’, the actual world of tar and feathers. 👿

  24. http://craigcrawford.com/2012/12/30/just-in-time-2/#comment-307407

    Bill, You made me laugh so hard when you put those comments all together like that.

    I was so ‘happy’ to hear your brother is an anesthesiologist (whom I believe to be the most important people in the hospital).

    Last time one put me out for exactly 45 minutes — how do they do that? Things have come a long way …. no nausea or after effects whatsoever, like there were in the old days.

    The best sleep I had in ages, and no bad dreams…. nothing. When I woke up, I asked the nurse if I could take him home with me.

    Please! Give your brother back a great big smooch from me (and one for you too!) You and your great outlook on life have added so much fun to the holidays.

    Go Australia!!

  25. And Bill,

    That video of your beautiful, happy, fun family: priceless!!

    I have a 3 yr. old grand daughter (soon to be 4) and she is the light of our life. So I know how you and your wife must feel too.

    No wonder you’re singing in the car on those trips you take. I forget which song it was, but I remember you were talking about the wonderful life you two have together, and that you were singing something together on a road trip.

    Seeing that video; sharing your family with us. What a gift. Thanks.

    ps love the accents (so Australian :) )

  26. Craig,

    I can’t possibly thank Bill, without also thanking you for adding so much joy to the holidays too, by sharing the pictures and so much of your life with us (as you always have done).

    You’re definitely one of the givers!

  27. I’m also wondering if 4 is too young to have my grand daughter, Emma, plant her first oak tree (with our help, of course). If I wait ’til she’s 15, it might never get done.

    Hubby and I talked about it (after you shared the experience with us up thread) and think we will do it this coming spring, and even have a permanent plaque implanted firmly in front of it with her name and the date that she planted it.

    What great parents you have.

  28. The neurosurgeon who takes care of me at Medical College of Georgia holds professorships in neurosurgery, neurology, and anesthesiology. Obviously, he’s not one to rest on his laurels.

  29. We moved to Columbia 15-years ago and started planting things immediately. Except for a couple of flowering fruit trees that we couldn’t resist, we held-off planting our trees until autumn.

    Our star is a willow oak. In a relatively short period of time, it’s become habitat for mockingbirds, robins and chickadees along with squirrels.

    It is remarkably tall with branches sprouting off the single, stout trunk. It is becoming a fine shade tree.

    Let’s see, Adam was three years old when we planted it. I guess I’ll award him custodianship of the ‘Ohlfahrt Oak’ when he’s over here on New Year’s Day.

  30. Chloe, thanks for your kind comments.

    My brother is an example of a prophet without honour in his own home. When he had his first tome on anesthesiology published in 1988, I was a little bit flippant with him when I quipped: “So your technique is to read this book to the patient for 15 minutes. If that fails to bore them to sleep, then you belt them over the head.” For some reason he was lacking any sort of humour at this comment.

    Reality is he is an excellent professional who along with his obstetrician partner have devised a self medication system for birthing mothers. The essence being that the birthing mother delivers the pain relief where and when required rather than the older technique of guess and hope. He has been taking his roadshow to hospitals around the world with his system.

    The song – Moon River sung by Andy Williams.

    Trees – Craig’s suggestion is a good one. The age is not so important so long as the child can remember the occasion. It is something I have treasured all these years. I have been a bit of a tree planter during my life – I spent nearly every day of a year planting trees in Canberra in 2001 only to see them completely burnt in the bushfire of January 2003 which burnt all our forests and destroyed over 500 houses. The fire stopped about 100m from my house. Looking at the fire wall moving towards us – my neighbours and myself saw this rapid blaze racing across the ground – we all had a liquid shit and thought our days were at an end. But the fire stopped and we survived. The vid that I posted shows everything green. Roll back ten years on those same views and it would have all been black. Well, we replanted those trees and gradually our city is beginning to look like it has a forest surrounding it, albeit a very patchy one. I will never see in my lifetime the city forests that I saw when I first arrived. So we just keep planting trees in the hope of repairing that devastation. Sorry to be a bit grim here.

    Now back to the good stuff. My son is deejay tonight for another grandson’s New Year’s Eve party. Should be a hoot. We are only 8 hours away from the new year. I’ll tell you what 2013 looks like when it arrives.

    Have a good one folks.



  31. Once upon a Goddamned time, in a land far fu–ing away was an evil monopoly! It was a corporation made up of evil people. The people worked hard, and loved their jobs and above all provided good service, but the most evil thing the monopoly did was to keep costs low to the consumer. There was a blackness and and a plague across the land and the people knew not which way to turn, because communication worked too well and was too reliable.
    Fortunately for the corporation, it is in the nature of all of us not only to question, but to want more, more, and more still. And so the people, they cried out for more. More things cheap, more things fast, and more ways to communicate. And one desire fed upon another, each to have more, and to have more than his neighbor, and to have the means of showing his neighbor all this material wealth. And here, the corporation saw their chance–and seized it.
    On the morning of the sixth day the people looked to the West, and saw to their dismay and great joy their white knight riding on a free market stallion charging to the rescue. They fell to their knees and thanked providence for their deliverance, from efficiency and competence,knowing now at last they would be free forever from the tyranny of Bell telephone and landlines, and knowing that soon they would dwell in the land of ‘cheapness and choice’ for St. Ronald of Reagan had promised it.
    And at first it was good–cell phones here, and Instagrams there, and never a Facebook free moment. It made for such fun, and such connection, and above all such profit that no one thought to question the creeping costs, the minor exposures of personal information, and the occasional pre-recorded voice assuring them that “Verizon cannot complete your call at this time, all circuits are busy”. For the people trusted in the White Knight, and knew that no harm would come to them, not from cellular radiation, nor overage charges, nor vast repositories of barely secured credit information.
    And then a darkness descended over the earth, THE BILLS CAME DUE! And behold they were not less but rather they were more, a lot more, and the locusts of higher phone bills higher natural gas bills and higher electric bills and higher bills for all essential services, beset the people and they were angry and dismayed, for they had been led to believe that deregulation would would provide more of everything, for everyone and it would not cost the people a dime. Despair and dejection fell over the land. The people waited and wondered where was the Great St. Ronald, who would allay their fears? But alas he had departed, and left in his place disciples of the false prophesy who assured the people that all would be well as long as they believed. And they believed, they believed until it hurt. They believed even after it was apparent that their beliefs were in error. They believed and they voted, knowing that just one more vote would bring them to the promised land of prosperity through unregulated commerce and essential services.
    The people believed in vain!
    Soon they cried in desperation,
    “for too long have we been sold a bill of goods”, and they took it upon themselves to remake that which had been taken from them. The false Prophets of the free market and deregulation were forced to wear the garments of shame and derision in the public square. The people spat upon them and cursed them, but remorse was not within them, nor was contrition.
    They knew only of arrogance and conceit, and they shouted ‘follow me, the cliff of salvation approaches’ but the people turned away, saying, “no more your ways are wicked and untrue” your cliff is the cliff of economic death”.
    Then there was a great pause over all the land and the people waited and watched, and hoped for salvation, as the forces of good and evil met for the final time, not knowing which would prevail. Uncertainty and apprehension reigned over the land. The people waited.

    The moral(s) of this story?
    Wheels need not be reinvented.
    Things unbroken need not be fixed.
    Piss jace off when he is making his weekly phone call to his mother and there will be bandwidth violations!

    Happy ending? When the gods chose to recreate Mt. Rushmore, Ronald Regan’s ass cheeks were shown with a perfectly good rotary phone planted squarely in between. 😉

  32. Jace,

    I am ‘so sorry’ to see you so depressed about what our country has come to. Your post made me so sad, not because of what you said, but because of how betrayed you feel. Because I think you be an idealist, and idealists are sad and empathetic and caring and feel things more than others. It’s a painful way to choose to look at the world, and you are very brave to do it.

    I want to reassure you that the government (IMO) can’t make or break our life. We’re all (most of us) are going to be all right, and I really don’t think that the progression that has taken place is ‘all’ bad.

    It just ‘is’.

    I hope you feel better about 2013. I do and think it will be a good year, regardless of politicians.

    Our economy is set up to hurt some and help others, but we’ve known that since we’ve been old enough to work (or before).

    Regardless of the ‘fixes’ implanted in the system, life is still good… and continue to be so.

    I know that because of you, and how good you are and because you have such a wonderful family that you have created and that you have so much to be proud of.

    I refuse to focus on the politicians. We’ve always had boundaries we’ve had to work within, we still will have opportunities… it’s just the the rules and boundaries have changed.

    Just look at what you have. Just realize that progress has not all been bad. I actually love most of the accomplishes we have made as human beings. Without them I would not be sitting here this morning hearing about the life and thought of all the good people here.

    Bad things happen. We hear about them so much sooner than we used to. The media is obsessed and makes us keep thinking longer about them, and many of us become depressed.

    But it’s still the same world we were born into. We have more ‘good things’ than ever before.

    And the bad things, the evil have always been here. We know that from history.

    I hope you and your loved ones have a very, very happy New Year.

  33. I love coca-cola and have all my life. I am giving it up. Not because it’s bad for me – I manage to keep it to snack levels of the 1970’s but because they are a corrupt and sleazy company.

    The Supreme Court, maybe by mistake, did us all a favor when they declared corporations are people. They certainly are run by people and they should be held accountable for the decisions made by the ‘corporation.’ The good solider argument doesn’t work as a defense against corporate immorality.

    We need to hold everyone who profits from coca-cola (and/or whatever is the sugary beverage of your choice) responsible. The soda industry is among the highest profit and if they don’t want a consumer tax — then tax corporate profits of companies that produce products that have no value and whose business model is to make America fat. Just as there is no use for average Americans to own an assault weapon — there is no need to sell a 32 oz big gulp.

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