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  1. We go full circle to Somewhere on this last day of 2012. This clip is poignant in its’ backdrop against World War II. It helps put today’s selfmade silliness in perspective. We implode politically, shame on us. We’ll survive. The stakes were real in 1943. If we had lost that battle, we would have lost everything. Optimism was a patriotic duty.
    Somewhere over the Rainbow… dreams come true. Here’s wishing every Trail Mix hand rainbows everyday. If tiny little bluebirds fly, why oh why can’t I?

  2. 2012 “Non Je ne regrette rien” It was one of the best years of my life. Welcome 2013 – What adventures you hold for us only this time next year will tell. I look forward to another wonderful year. I hope everyone else has a great year too and can also sing with conviction – No, I have no regrets.


  3. http://craigcrawford.com/2012/12/30/just-in-time-2/#comment-307395

    Good luck today with your colonoscopy.

    I respectfully disagree with your comment. I don’t think Ms. Marsh is ignoring the fact the President has to negotiate the best outcome for his people. I think she’s simply pointing out what a poor negotiator he is for Democratic principles and policies. Those very Democratic polices and programs that have aided the most vulnerable amongst us. Seems President Obama, Pelosi and many other Dems need a crash course in what cuts to SS will actually mean for the most vulnerable amongst us……

  4. New Year, New Low for Republicans

    The president was right to call the Republicans on taxes. As the New Year wears on, he should do the same on gun control, immigration reform, and gay and lesbian rights.

    Obama wanted to be the president who would change the tone in Washington, meaning a more collaborative relationship with the Republicans. That was not to be. The Republicans would not allow it. Now, history invites Obama to change the tone in Washington by dispatching an extremist Republican Party to the far fringes of public discourse where it belongs.

  5. It’s next year now for you folks still living in the past. 2013 seems to be just about the same as 2012. The air is still the same, Fox News is still crappy and the family is just great.



  6. Welcome to cliff hanger day…perhaps, the milk problem will be addressed today. The can’ts are sore winners, so I was ready for the sore loser stance (and after Larry Craig, we know it is a wide stance)!

    Republican’ts — call-off the ‘voo-doo’ on Hillary and stop your embittered war on humanity. Or go back to your toilet and let us flush.

  7. A happy New Year to all who travel this ‘trail’! :smile:
    The campfire will always be lit and there will always be food (if only food for thought) to share.
    Come rest here awhile.

  8. jace, good rant at the end of the last thread. as willie the shake wrote

    Will you sit down with me? and we two will rail against our mistress the world, and all our misery.

    bill, our man of the future, happy new year!

  9. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions,
    never made one yet that I’ve kept.
    I look to 2013 with some sense of optimism, and will attempt to take glass half full approach to it.
    I know that 2013 will be better than 2012 if for no other reason than it is not an election year!
    Optimism abounds. 😉

  10. Patd,
    Thanks. I was 10 minutes into the conversation with my mom when the call dropped. Couldn’t reconnect for love nor money, to say I was pissed was an understatement.
    I long for those days when the phones really worked.
    Deregulation, my ass, they should simply call it what it really is.
    Government approved clusterf–k.

  11. Chloe,

    thank you for your kind words.
    Please be assured that I am not depressed, just need to vent from time to time. Such was the case last night.
    Sometimes we just need to laugh at or skewer a given situation, lest we give way entirely to cynicism.
    It is not the state of our institutions that is the danger but our cynicism toward those institutions that is the ultimate peril.
    We each need a relief valve of some type, mine worked perfectly last night. 😉

  12. Unfortunately, this beautiful song is not on line anywhere that I can find. It is on her Midnight Matinee & Live From Rainbows & Stars albums. Anyway an excellent reminder to cherish the people we love while they are in our lives:

    Here and Now – Amanda McBroom

    These aren’t the best of times
    But they’re the only times we have
    We worry and we wonder what’s to come.
    But before it all goes by in a flash or a sigh
    There’s something my heart needs to say to you.

    There’s only here there’s only now
    There’s only you and me
    This precious time is all we have for all we know.
    Let’s take a chance Let’s face the dark and whisper every word
    For every feeling left unspoken is a love song left unheard
    The light of day may steal away this moment’s mystery
    But here and now there’s only you and me.

    There’s only you there’s only me
    There’s only here and now
    This falling star will never fall again
    Before the night can fade away before the flame is gone
    Let it turn into an ember that will burn into the dawn
    For in the end, who can depend on what is yet to be
    For here and now there is only you and me.

    We can make tonight a memory
    Not a dream that might have been
    If tomorrow comes between us
    Still for you I’d do it all again.

    And in the end who can depend on what is yet to be
    For here and now, there’s only you and me
    For all my life – There’s only you and me.

  13. Like birthdays, years continue to come and go – I like the fact that I still get to notice that. The Mayans got it wrong – so maybe 2013 will prove to be better than 2012 (it most assuredly will be better than what the Mayans predicted), although 2012 had its moments. But really, who can tell? Ask me in 2014.

    Regardless, Happy new year.

  14. I do not know where the Democrats dug up their last three Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama but their economic views are just like the Republicans; trickle-down economics, tax cuts increase government revenue, the use of financial austerity instead of stimulus, free trade, and subscribe to the theory that anything that increases corporate profits is good for the economy and if government quits regulating and stays out of business, business will grow jobs.

    After both Carter and Clinton terms Republican Presidents were elected for 8 year terms. Don’t know what will happen after Obama with the GOP in disarray. But we thought that the GOP was in disarray after the 2008 election and the Democrats managed to screw-up the 2010 election with their apathy and lack of voter turnout to give the Republicans, Tea Party and social conservatives a resounding victory just as redistricting was starting for the decade. Don’t you just love the results of gerrymandering and the new voter suppression laws that keep the Republicans in the House?

    Deprogramming Progressives Indoctrinated into Supporting Austerity
    By William K. Black, December 28, 2012 9:20 AM


    Neoliberal economics has devastated the global economy and produced all of the predictive failures and evil consequences that progressives have long attributed to its micro-economic myths. Far too many progressives, however, continue to believe the similarly mythical and self-destructive macro-economic myths about deficits, debt, and austerity. It is hard enough countering Pete Peterson’s billion dollar campaign to inflict austerity and unravel and privatize the safety net. Peterson funds myriad front groups. We also have to counter the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party, which dominates Treasury, OMB, the Justice Department, and the office of the Chief of Staff and favors austerity and unraveling the safety net. We should not have to deprogram progressives indoctrinated into repeating neoliberal economic dogmas.

    Progressives should be able to observe that the neoliberal macro-economic predictions have been consistently falsified by reality. They should have seen documentaries like Inside Job and Capitalism: A Love Story about the catastrophic failure of neoliberal economics and economists. They should read sites like New Economic Perspectives and Paul Krugman’s columns that explain why austerity is self-destructive and why the safety net need not, and should not, be attacked. Progressives need to say “no” to anyone who wants to “bleed” the economy through austerity or cutting the safety net.

  15. Jace, loved the rant from the prior thread. Yes, phone service is more expensive than in the 80s, and I get calls dropped from time to time – especially in my car. But just checking the weather on my phone I see my kid will enjoy skiing in the mountains tonight. And I just found out – on my phone – that it’s quicker to go there by the southern route than the northern one I used to use. And i just found out from my sister that although she’s in a meeting and can’t answer the phone, my nephew enjoys being back in college, and my calendar tells me that I can go visit at the end of the month – I’ll visit travelocity and buy a ticket and check on the flight delays and get a boarding pass and check in before I get to the airport. And I might download a book to read on the trip. The wheel may not have needed to be reinvented, but it certainly has been improved – at least from my perspective. And that doesn’t come for free.

  16. Pogo,

    In my mind’s eye I had the system on it’s knees and pleading for mercy.
    Then you come along with your usual clarity and good sense, and shatter my beautiful illusion.
    What, oh what is a person to do?!

    Shout, good on you, and wish you a happy New Year! 😉

  17. Tony,

    Thanks for your good wishes up above (my prep is tomorrow and the procedure is Wednesday.)

    The President’s ability to effectively negotiate is gutted by the composition of the House that is the result of districts gerrymandered after the 2000/2010 censuses when the Republicans controlled the Red statehouses.

    I think anyone here would be very hard pressed to show where a Red-State gerrymandered seat is at risk no matter how a critter acts. Take my own state’s, Joe ‘You Lie!’ Wilson who is a retired full colonel drawing retired pay. IMO, he should be in jail. But, that is not the way to build a consensus for Democratic causes in ‘enemy’ territory.

    So, no matter how gifted a president’s negotiating skills, until the opposition senses painful pulling on their short hairs from elements they are beholden to, there is going to be no movement.

  18. ahhhh…. the Patriots earned a bye week, our wine rack is full,we have a foot of beautiful white fluffy snow on the ground, Rick is still retired, my bird feeders are full of little redpolls, and I just took some cardamon bars w/chocolate chips out of the oven…. life is good…. :smile:

    Happy New Year everyone!

  19. Jace, LOL. Clarity and good sense from me? Nah. I just like my toys. I remember when we got our first touch tone phone – it was my sister’s princess phone (pink of course). I also remember standing in the kitchen trying to get enough privacy to call girls for dates or to talk to my girlfriend without getting embarrassed (having been a sensitive child, ya know? Somehow got over that!) I’m stunned by the technology in my hip pocket (if the battery life were only better….)

  20. Well, much as I hate to admit it, I’m working and need to run. Happy New Year to everyone. (Mrs.P & I will be staying home, watching the ball drop at Times Square with Dick Clark – in spirit if not in person – who Dave Barry says will be hosting despite his passing). If you did not read Dave’s WP Magazine article in yesterday’s Post, do so immediately. It will remind you why Dave is one of the premier humorists of our age.

  21. Chloe, we share a love for Leon Russel. This Masquerade has always been one of my all time favorite songs.

  22. ‘Fraid I don’t have the same animus to telephonic change as Jace. In Oz we had a govt monopoly called “Telecom” which to say the least, offered only dreadful to outrageously expensive telephonic “services”. I remember with hackles and anger the time, on a Saturday morning, my business line was cut amid conversation and allocated to another person on the basis that I had 3 lines so one could go to someone else. I disconnected the fax line and used this to ring to complain a couple minutes later and was told the following: “Not our department.” “Put me onto the right department.” Next person “Not our department.” “Put me onto the right department.” etc etc. Finally, to my gall: “It’s Saturday. We can’t get anyone out until Monday.” That day cost me in excess of 2.5k. It took nearly a week to restore the service. Compensation for their mistake? “Ha ha ha. Yeah, we’d like to see that happen. Be thankful you have a line again.”

    Yeah, I remember the “good old days” with nostalgic bliss. They were the golden days of great service.

    After de-regulation, I dropped Telecom on that day. Despite continued sales calls pleading for me to return to experience their renewed fabulous service, I never have and never will. The share prices tell the story. First offering in 1997, AUD40.00 Today, AUD2.00. You can do the maths on that one about the continued success of this “great” company and Australians’ response to their service ethos.

    Today, I get two cell phones, a landline and a tb of bandwidth all for AUD150 a month. This is a flat fee which includes all local and national phone calls to and from any carrier. This is far cheaper and better than I got a decade ago.

    There is nothing wrong with governments initiating corporations or safeguarding them, but granting them monopoly concessions is to invite the worst of the worst. By the same token, a private monopoly is equally ghastly. Rather than being just plain lazy as is a government monopoly, private monopolies tend to be outright predatory and rapacious in their behaviour. Vide Microsoft in the ’80’s and 90’s. Now it’s “Ding Dong, the witch is dead” for them as they face the full force of competition from different operating systems in which they are too sluggish to effectively respond. The Fins also found that out with Nokia. Apple will too, in a couple of years, go the way of the dinosaur.

    While I enjoy government additions to social capital and their regulations of markets to enhance competition, I am a firm believer in competitive capitalism to run a large portion of the supply side within the economy. My experience of our telephone company confirmed my beliefs in sharp relief.

  23. Folks

    The thing I love about the US is the “Only in America” moments that are generated by some “eccentric” folk. I received this letter from the Patriots of US who felt that I needed some further education about Zionist Banker’s Plot to get China to run America via the agency of Feinstein. This piece is filled with citations etc and presented like an academic treatise to give it the appearance of some sort of learned gravitas. The rant is quite entertaining and deserves a quotation just to give you all a giggle.

    Feinstein, 79, called for more gun control measures after the “Fast and Furious” ordeal. While only verbally slapping the hand of the irresponsible government officials by saying mistakes were made, she tried again to infringe on American’s Second Amendment Right. Currently, she has her sights on becoming the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees gun control legislation. In the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, Feinstein will ride the tide to usher in what elitists want, to grab Americans’ guns. These elite can afford high-tech security systems, bullet-proof vehicles and bodyguards, whose guns will not be sought, but they want the common man’s. Why is gun control vitally important to them? It’s a tried and true formula that worked for Stalin, Hitler and Mao to control the masses. Why bring up communists? Communistic-socialist ideas work for rich and powerful Americans, who are mainly counterfeit-Jewish.

    Actually, they are Atheist Marxists but call themselves Jewish. These “fake” Jews originate from Khazaria and went to Russia and its surrounding areas, as did Feinstein’s grandparents, immigrating from Poland and Russia to the U.S. Jews, like them, were told by the Sanhedrin to migrate to the U.S. and make their children doctors, lawyers and politicians to eventually destroy the Christians. Her father, Leon Goldman, became a renowned surgeon. Fake Jews also have instructions through “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” to obtain control through the judiciary, banking, real-estate, media and politics, which most of them own companies in all areas addressed in these protocols. For a detailed account of “fake” Jewish elite, review the free documentary, “The Nazi Banksters’ Crimes Ripple Effect” available online.

    Feinstein is easy to identify as a fake Jew because of her roots. She is even easier to spot as a Marxist, because of her connections with Communist China, along with her fake-Jewish husband, Richard Blum, an investment banker-power elite. Both are intertwined with Communist China through “business” deals, investments, and connections. They say they keep their business-affairs separate, but only a fool would believe their long-standing marriage has such secrets. It is more likely they are partners who help each other. Feinstein’s ethics have already come under fire. She has received criticisms of conflict-of-interest due to her husband’s interest in companies awarded U.S. governmental contracts, such as Perini and EG&G, which was bought from the Carlyle Group. Another unethical example is she introduced legislation to provide $25 billion in taxpayer money to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which is an agency that had awarded Blum’s real-estate company Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis (CBRE) a contract to sell foreclosed properties at rates higher than the norm.

    Feinstein campaigned for trade relations with Communist China, citing that China should be granted “most favored nation” in terms of trade, meaning it would get the best terms and lowest import taxes. Trade with China has destroyed many American companies, American livelihoods, and a big part of the American way of life. Jobs and technologies were outsourced through NATFA, pushed by the Clinton administration. Today, products sold in America are made by oppressed Chinese children and adults whose labor funds their country’s military expansion. Loads of Chinese products are sold at Wal-Mart, another destroyer of American small business. In fact, Wal-Mart is the number one importer of Chinese goods through the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO).

    COSCO, owned by the People’s Republic of China, oversees and controls the Long Beach Naval Base in California, not to mention involvement at other ports. President Clinton awarded this arm of the Chinese military the lease and also loaned it millions of U.S. dollars. He did this even after much debate was given on allowing a Communist country to control a port on U.S. soil. Feinstein is said to have opposed its lease, but it appears she only questioned it.

    China … controls the Long Beach Naval Base in California” LOL.

    No one can take any of this comedy seriously.

    … or do you? ❓

  24. Practice Swan Dive – UPDATE: House will not vote on deficit deal tonight; US will go over ‘fiscal cliff’ at midnight

  25. At this point, it seems better to wait until next week when we have a new Congress organized and sitting before we are coerced into accepting a crap deal that will expire only to be replaced by one even crappier.

  26. Jamie 12/31/2012 at 4:24 PM, on my understanding there isn’t a stretch limousine big enough to hold one of their egos, let alone two. How they ever got both egos into a single recording studio is one of those enduring mysteries to be unraveled by Leonard Nimoy in a Discovery Channel Doco at some later date. 😀

  27. Well, the Tea Party Patriots have hit our fair city – got a bill board and everything. One of their endorsed candidates won. He’s replacing a genial dunce. His influence will not be strong.

    Well, it’s time – avoid the drunks tonight (unless you or yours plan to be one :-) )

  28. The story behind making The Union This actually became the basis for one of the songs on the album: In The Hands of Angels


  29. Bill,

    Be prepared to to defend yourself for scoffing at the Conspiracy of the International Zionist Bankers and Weapons Manufacturers to take the people’s guns away and institute dictatorship by Geriatric “Jewish” California Senators. Solar and MQW will be on your case.

  30. The Red Chinese own Long Beach Naval Base in the same ways that only Southern Baptists can go to heaven, Jews owns all the banks & tv networks, the Queen of England runs the Mexican drug cartels, FDR started WWII, Obama was born in Kenya and Indonesia, homosexuals are destroying the sanctity of Catholic Marriage, Global Warming is a hoax, Mother Theresa is evil incarnate, the Dalai Lama is an agent of the Colonial Powers, and roses aren’t as red as they were when we were children.

    See, it all fits together if you just think about it.

  31. “The thing I love about the US is the “Only in America” moments that are generated by some “eccentric” folk”


    It has become so apparent to me and undoubtedly clear during the last 6-8 years we in the United States have not been kept as informed by those running things here as we thought we were..

    That realization has been a long time coming, and the ‘powers that be’ seem to (as good as) own the same media we count on to keep us aware of what is going on in our own country as well as in the rest of the world.

    Our most treasured right (IMO): ‘Freedom of speech’ is not so free any more. It’s been replaced with being ‘politically correct’. And being ‘politically correct’ of course is subjective, depending on which side you think you’re on.

    Tolerance has often been replaced with hate, because (IMO) we’re being manipulated by the media who is being manipulated (owned) by big money…. and big money owns many of the politicians.

    So here we are, trying to make sense of the combination of truth and lies and secrets.

    I’ve always been careful not to make a final decision about things, until I have all the facts in front of me. Well, I don’t think that’s possible any more (except on a personal/family level). We just have to remember that they keep changing the rules on us, and react accordingly.

    I’m so grateful to have been born here and to have lived my life in this country… I love it here. But I find it absolutely necessary to block out most of the propaganda that is being thrown at us daily by the media under guise of truth.

    I fear that investigative reporting is a lost art which I imagine is because there is no market for it.

    Everyone has an agenda. We just don’t know what it is. Because what I’m seeing sure doesn’t make any sense.

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