Trail Mixers Say: A Giant Personal Milestone

DexterJohnson says:

Today is a giant personal milestone that I really never thought I’d achieve, but here I am, twenty years, 7,305 days without an alcoholic beverage. I don’t feel “funny” sharing this status report with you folks, most of you who do take a little nip once in a while, because you folks are smart, and you know there are some people who just shouldn’t drink, and I am one of those. For me, this is a day of great joy and no remorse. If I let this milestone go to my head, all I have to do is think of my AA sponsor, just four years my senior but who has over forty years sober. Hopefully, I have a ways to go, too.

My Name is Roger (Ebert) and I am an Alcoholic

— By Dexter Johnson

25 thoughts on “Trail Mixers Say: A Giant Personal Milestone”

  1. I think that personal milestones, a sign of success and perseverance, should be shared, and appreciated.

    This particular one deserves a damn big WOO HOO, and a hearty Good on you! 😉

  2. Congrats to you, Dex. You are in the vast minority of those who shouldn’t drink. The rest do and many if not most eventually regret that they haven’t followed your and your sponsor’s examples.

  3. Dex,
    I was so taken with your post the first time you made it, that I passed it on to a friend. I also very much enjoyed reading the Ebert link that you shared with us.

    As for this “What a way to start a blogging year…just sick as can be, freezing from the chills, can’t eat, barely held down a cuppa joe.”

    …. sorry to hear that you are starting 2013 sick. There’s been more of that in the last few months, than I’ve seen in years.

    Don’t know if it’s the flu, but since the last flu I had over 10 yrs. ago, I haven’t ever missed a flu shot since. That’s how bad it was, and I’ll do my best to never feel that bad again.

  4. As for this, Pogo: “somewhat homogenized and prepackaged, but thoroughly pleasant”

    You always have such a way with words, Pogo. You must be one hell of a good attorney.

    …. btw, homogenized, prepackaged and pleasant. That’s the way I like things. :)

    Now, back out into the cold, cruel world. I bet I won’t find much of the above on this particular journey.

  5. LOL at the report of Boner telling Reid to go f*** himself last Friday after Reid criticized him for not allowing a vote on the Senate fiscal cliff bill passed earlier in December (or was it November?). Like THAT kind of response was going to get Reid to do anything. Guess Boehner learned some of his rules of diplomacy from Cheney.

  6. Congratulations for 20 years of sobriety, Dexter! May you be sober for a century.

    Now, get well soon.

  7. Congrats, Dex! Your self-awareness is just a tiny part of what makes you special. I hope you have many more years, too…of sobriety and LIFE!

  8. Jim Hightower, Op-Ed:
    Let us address the declining fortunes of today’s mainstream mass media. The honchos of America’s newspaper establishment are quick to blame the Internet for their loss of readers, not noticing that their own product has fallen victim to conventional wisdomitis. This affliction leaves them printing little more than the contrived “wisdom” of the corporate powers. It’s not a big selling point with readers. Ironically, this narrow perspective not only saps their sense of what’s “news,” but also their business sense.

  9. Hightower musta been reading Chloe.

    The Texas Perspective

    Mr. Cracker has been a long-time subscriber to Lowdown – Hightower’s newsletter – it’s great.

  10. Cheryl left Monday to visit her Mom, youngest daughter left yesterday, and eldest daughter left this morning.

    I’m torn between the feeling of peace and quiet and an overwhelming sense of letdown.
    I’m not entirely sure of what to do.

    Guess I’ll go shopping. 😉

  11. gop reminds me of the intoxicated gentleman lying across the board sidewalk, reaching out and white-knuckled gripping the edge, saying, “I’ll climb this fence if it takes all night.”

  12. Congratulations Dexter!
    I’m going to associate myself with Jace’s remarks well worth repeating,

    “I think that personal milestones, a sign of success and perseverance, should be shared, and appreciated.

    This particular one deserves a damn big WOO HOO, and a hearty Good on you! 😉

  13. So NJ Governor is now telling it how it is in the GOP. House GOP couldn’t give a toss about repairing the damage from Hurricane Sandy.

    That says it all. Politics before people.

  14. Don’t leave Rep. King out – he was particularly harsh about Boner’s decision to tell the NE to take a leap.

  15. Ignoble exChamp says:
    11/28/2012 at 11:44 PM

    Fine: This Susan Rice stuff is nothing more than political theater, and the Legislature will reach a compromise on the austerity measures, excuse me, “fiscal cliff”, because they have to.

    …still got it! Bam!

  16. Boner and his cabal of economic and community wreckers are a total disgrace to the word “Democracy”. Some things are a bit more important than a cheap political point.

  17. No way am I making the first post with all this notoriety you’re handing out, Mr. C.. Kudos on that effort, though.

  18. Thanks XRepublican and KGC.

    Never heard of Hightower. Went to to site to scan it, and will check it out at length in the future.

    Didn’t take me long to realize how much I enjoy the daily quotes there.

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