Trail Mixers Say: Gunning the Details

Bill Woerlee says:

If you want to derail a debate, start demanding definitions.

Excuse: the devil is in the detail.

Because there is a lack of trust in the spirit of the law, it is not a simple process of defining a class of weapons, now it is necessary to detail the manufacturing process and architecture of the weapons for listing. It is this dickering that frustrates the ordinary citizen.

The best way of dealing with arms control is to create an exhaustive list of weapons that can be legally purchased under particular specified conditions (age, training, security etc). Those weapons not detailed on the list by regulation are by default, illegal. This puts the onus of proof of legality on the individual, the right place where an individual right belongs viz, the responsibility attached to the right.

RebelliousRenee says:

“If you want to derail a debate, start demanding definitions.”

BillW… thanks for that statement. Your post made me realize that because I know very little about types of guns, I’ve abdicated my right to this discussion.

One doesn’t have to know the intricacies of car engines in order to be in favor of traffic lights and speed limits. One doesn’t have to have gone to medical school to want regulations on doctors and hospitals.

I may not know the ins and outs of guns… but I damn well know I want better gun regulations for the safety of everyone. IMO, we need this discussion… and all of us have something of value to add to it.

Let the experts sort out the definitions within the bills and laws.

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  1. I guess that debate that we were going to have about guns, went over the cliff as well. :sad:

    Boo Hoo

  2. I hope you are right. Recent events would suggest that we have a president that fails to recognize the implications and consequences of winning. I suspect that this will apply to guns as well.

  3. That’s interesting about Current. Their programming is so hit and miss. I wonder if any of the personalities will be absorbed elsewhere. Certainly hope Fugelsang gets a slot somewhere.

  4. Bill, I’ve got nothing against Al Jazeera, don’t know much about it really. But I’m guessing a lot of carriers will drop the channel if they can’t get ratings up, and I doubt they can. My theory of the case is that the internet is about to do to cable news what it did to newspapers. So much cheaper and easier to get video and news on the web, especially as it becomes more available on our TV sets. There’s just no market future for commercial news channels. Hurricane Sandy was a turning point, me thinks. Pictures, video and updates on twitter and facebook many hours before any of it on cable TV.

  5. Craig, many of us had hopes for that channel.
    I will refrain from commenting further, except for this: it was a joy to see you when you were on. And we will always share low hanging fruit 😉
    Good luck to Al Jazeera.

  6. Yep sjwny me too, but my experience with Current was not so good, which is why I quit going on months ago. Didn’t think they were going to make it. I’ve pretty much lost faith in managers of TV news in general. A slimy bunch of mendacious nincompoops, I’ve found, and I’ve worked for a bunch of them over the years. Sure would like someone to come along and change my thinking.

  7. Craig, you are already ahead of the game. You have an established, respected website. You built a foundation. People read Trail Mix because it really is unfiltered. No spin goin’ on here.

  8. Thanks sj, exactly what I’m trying to do. I quit newspaper work in 1997 for the internet because I knew the web was the future. It turned out to be way more true than I expected. Only recently realized TV news also getting gobbled up, and not worth the bother. Good riddance.

  9. Unpaid benefit: you are the manager of a whole stable of free opinion givers! Must feel like herding cats at time. But you don’t have to feed us or watch where you step.

  10. Turned down useless CNN hits last 3 days in a row. Have no interest in drooling about the fiscal cliff. Waiting for a TV booking actually worth doing. Won’t mind if never.

  11. Let me know when they have Walter Cronkite on the Internet. In other words, how do you vet the lowest bidder who is copying his ‘breaking news’ from god knows where.

  12. Not privy to your professional world, but I get the feeling you’re not alone with that sentiment. It must be frustrating to be a real journalist, with integrity, and work in today’s cable world. Then again, newspeople have mortgages, bills, and appreciate a meal like the rest of us.

  13. Nothing against Cronkite, Flatus, but, lousy as things are now, I do not pine for the days when half a dozen major newspaper editors and network producers controlled our news coverage.

  14. Craig, someone else commended the in-depth bio of Elisabeth Murdoch in a New Yorker of an issue or two ago. It’s a read that talks about many of the issues you and she are facing so far as buying the right journalistic ticket.

  15. “I believe in psychic income”

    I not only believe in it, I couldn’t live without it.

    Thanks for providing such a nourishing platform, Craig.

  16. Dead tree and one way broadcasting journalism is very much on the decline. Media concentrations in the single hands of a press baron is the way of the past. They were the products of the halcyon days ruled by enforceable copyright and national boundaries defined by language groups. This period lasted about 150 years. Prior to that as is now, it is all up in the air and the person who can turn out the good and reliable product will always win the day. During this period of media mogul domination, news was skewed for national and economic interests rather than reflecting the actual facts. The most cynical response to this control was “1984”. Lack of control over the internet has meant governments have lost control of their people, universities of have lost control of education and media barons have lost control of their erstwhile captive markets. Old ways of thinking and accessing information are rapidly dying. Open slather means greater opportunities for those who are capable of being riding the waves. It also means that people have critical faculties which are able to discern between rubbish and good journalism. I have a daughter who is making an excellent living out of her online information business. There is always a market for good products.

    It is a new information paradigm. Carpe Diem.

  17. “I never anticipate, – carpe diem – the past at least is one’s own, which is one reason for making sure of the present.”

    George Gordon Noel

  18. Craig says..”Nope, jace. This debate NOT going away”

    Thanks Craig, et al. Not as long as we won’t let it. We may have to try to conjure up all the ghosts of the those who passed, those who tried and were successful in leading change to make significant progress toward good in this world. We have not a moment to waste.

    Who all do we need to start calling on and praying to? I need a list. It helps me to have a list. We could then have a séance. Anyone game to have a blog seance? Might be a first.

    Found some instructions:

    Since we can’t all be there to hold hands for this seance we could draw a pic of our hands, send you a printed labeled copy and you would have to conduct the seance holding our representative hands. You could make a Youtube. Might go viral, never know. When something is important, gotta take risks. I certainly want to include God in our group. Hope that doesn’t offend anyone. She can sit at your right hand Craig. I’ve heard that sitting at the left hand of God is a good seat. God can scare away any demons who want to show up and screw up the party.

    If you’re wondering if my switch has finally snapped, you betcha, about two weeks ago.

  19. Maybe Coreen could run over to Long Island and see if the LI medium has some time to spare… for a good cause.

    Extraordinary problems call for using extraordinary measures.

  20. Well, Chris Christie sure knows how to use the media. Publicly shaming Boehner for not taking his calls; scolding his party. 2016, here he comes.

    I see I’m behind the curve on the sale of Current. While Time-Warner Cable has decided to drop Current, they (Al Jazeera) may be the only media outlet hiring instead of firing, these days.

    “…Al Jazeera would open more bureaus and would double its U.S.-based staff to more than 300 employees.”–finance.html

    Faux Noise must love this story; it gives them something to stir up paranoia in their demo, which will keep them glued to their TVs.

  21. Carol,

    I think your switch is doing just fine. It’s always good to hear your point of view.

    It’s the special mixture here that keeps things interesting.

  22. Blue, I actually had a vision about ‘Guv CC’ and 2016. Christie will switch parties next year. The governor who ate NJ, will lose weight as a Dem. And he will be the President Nibbler…nibbling on the US and Republican’ts. Yep, Guv CC’s chances are better as a Dem. And I will ‘lighten-up’ on the guy as the republican’t gas leaves his body.

  23. “Lack of control over the internet has meant governments have lost control of their people, universities of have lost control of education and media barons have lost control of their erstwhile captive markets. Old ways of thinking and accessing information are rapidly dying. Open slather means greater for those who are capable of being riding the waves. It also means that people have critical faculties which are able to discern between rubbish and good journalism.”

    Your grasp of reality (and where it’s taken/taking us) amazes me. Everything seems so ‘matter of fact’ to you.

    Is it an Australian thing? :)

  24. The joy in this is watching the cable news outlets clamor over their ratings.

    They are quibbling over who got the majority of an ever shrinking minority of viewers who actually get their news from television.

    It must be sort of scarey to man the anchor desk, when the big story is your own extinction. 😉

  25. Dex,

    Hope your feeling better today.

    I’m not a big vitamin C guy. Head for the chicken soup. 😉

  26. Filibuster reform in trouble?

    Apparently some Dems. came to the realization that someday they might be in the minority.

    Country first has such a nice ring to it, except when………….

  27. I love the net and truly value Twitter now that I’ve learned to use it creatively by constructing lists of people for various interests. I just wish there were a better way to screen and evaluate other than your individual good judgement. The #FF help but not a sure thing.

  28. another way to derail a debate is to light a cigarette and stick it into your nostril. Also a good way to get fired during a meeting with the boss.

  29. Filibuster reform needs to be done regardless of who is in power in the Senate. Silly me, but no one other than the pissed off minority is served by allowing the threat of a filibuster to substitute for a filibuster. Yes, Dems will one day be in the minority – that is no excuse for allowing rules that serve them only then to be allowed to stop the legislative process now. I can’t see how the last couple of years fails to make that evident even to the thickest.

  30. Jace
    The people who did my procedure are true experts on the ins and outs of colonoscopies. They took the normal biopsies and I shall wait for their return in a week or two. No surprises are anticipated. :)

  31. Pogo,

    So right!
    Sadly as long as the game continues to be about power rather than results, I am apprehensive about any meaningful filibuster reform.

    God I hope I’m wrong.

    51 votes should win the day in the Senate, not the threat of a filibuster from any one member.

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