Trail Mixers Say: Fiscal Cliff Diving

blueINdallas says:

Why are we not cutting defense spending? Why do we need to be in the ME? Do we really need embassies when we have phones/computers/skype? Who paid for the Defense Department’s float in the Rose Parade (donations, I hope) and why do we keep wasting fuel on ceremonial fly-overs at parades and ballgames? Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

sjwny says:

Government exists to help and protect citizens: note the plural. Simple, moral concept.

The people of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut are part of our family. Question to Congress: Do you look at Grandma and see love or a $ sign?

The current crop of Representatives has been down this heartless path before. Ask Eric Cantor about Joplin. Yep, Congressman, that town in Missouri which dared asked for help rebuilding after it was flattened by a tornado. Missouri is part of our family, in case you forgot.

The fiscal cliff nonsense is a wholly manufactured kerfuffle. The wizards behind this mess are happily being exposed. We have a chance in 2014 to form a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

There is no pricetag on decency, and I expect my Representatives to know this. After all, the government works for us. All of Us.

sturgeone says:

GOP reminds me of the intoxicated gentleman lying across the board sidewalk, reaching out and white-knuckled gripping the edge, saying, “I’ll climb this fence if it takes all night.”

54 thoughts on “Trail Mixers Say: Fiscal Cliff Diving”

  1. no one dares to actually cut defense. defense is the elephant in the closet and all concerned wish to be sure the elephant has enough to eat.

    were defense to be cut afterwards would come the outcry from the usual suspect outcriers about defense cutting and the defense-cutting party would lose the next election to the outcriers.

  2. Well, it appears my prediction that Boehner might not be re-elected as Speaker was not to be correct. Oh, well. Like I say, I’m much better predicting events just after they occur than before.

  3. maybe more like a voracious sabre-toothed tiger in the closet.

    or a crazed uncle hiding in the attic with a horde of weaponry.

  4. When spending cuts involve eliminating entirely subsidies for big oil, and when tax reform involves the likes of GE actually paying something into the treasury, give me a call.
    Until then don’t bother me. 😕

  5. Pogo,

    I suffer from 20/20 hindsight as well.
    I have yet to find a cure, but I know that contacts don’t help. 😉

  6. Nothing quite so pleasurable as posting and reading between loads of laundry,and mopping the floors.
    If it works out I will go see ‘Lincoln’ this afternoon, if not tomorrow will do just as well.
    As you can see my schedule is extremely tight. 😉

  7. Yesterday, for my colonoscopy, my grandson Adam was my designated adult attendee. He turned 18 last Thursday. He was so proud he could hardly contain himself!

    The almost biggest part of the program was his signing for me after the procedure. Then the nurses wheeled me out to the special departure point where he had driven up with Rosie, Rosemary’s replacement.

    Adam was so cool! Holding the door for the nurses while they eased me into the car. The highlight of his day was driving me home; he did a fine job of it!

  8. Sadly as long as the game continues to be about power rather than results, I am apprehensive about any meaningful filibuster reform.

    Jace… may I suggest you read (or re-read) Craig’s book “The Politics of Life: 25 Rules for Survival in a Brutal and Manipulative World”.

    Pay attention to Rule #1: Life is a filthy battle for control. And Rule #25: The powerful never give up control, it must be taken away.

    Results are seen in politics when we the voters force them into being… and it takes time. If you want results fast… might I suggest taking a test… :smile:

  9. RR,

    Your analysis is spot on and I would and do agree.

    However power in the Senate lies largely in the rules of the body. We are not in a position to wrench that power away. That must be done by the very people who have a vested interest in maintaining that power in one form or another. There are but a few in the senate who would willingly cede that power, and fewer still with the courage to take it away.
    I think that it is in the nature of the institution that they choose to be ‘powerfully irrelevant’ they prefer it that way. 😉

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  11. I read this today: For the first time, white men will be in the minority for House Democrats.
    I donated to several candidates who best reflected my ideal of our government: Heidi, Mazie, Tammy(x2), Tulsi, Elizabeth, Kyrsten, Kirsten, Louise, among others.
    I made an investment in these women. I’m not stupid or naive. I know some (maybe all) will disappoint me along the way. But I am more than willing to give them a chance to effect change, because white men aren’t the answer anymore, they’re the problem.
    We also have our first Hindu Representative (Tulsi) and Senator Mazie is a Buddhist. Both are from Hawaii – not that it matters, just a fun fact.
    Congratulations to Senator Tammy from Wisconsin (yeah #Wiunion!)and Representative Kyrsten from Arizona. Being LGBT is who you are. It is a fact of life. All Rights Are Human Rights.
    On a state level, Congratulations to State Senator Mark Grisanti. To those who don’t remember, he was one of the Republicans who (courageously) defied Party lines and voted for Marriage Equality in New York State. Anyone see the internet ads against him and the other Republicans who voted Equality For All? Consider yourself lucky if you didn’t. BTW, Democrats overwhelming reelected him, against a Democratic-Machine Candidate. Letting your conscience be your guide should be Rule 1 – Infinity, in all things.
    Dear Louise Slaughter – I love her. This Lady will always be tops with me.
    Optimism doesn’t mean being blind, it means seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and knowing that light isn’t from an oncoming train. I heard this from George Takei on NPR: government is a reflection of the people who make it up. It can be good, it can be fallible.
    I also take from that: government can change.
    Good Luck, Ladies and Gentlemen. The future is ours.

  12. I was sickened watching Ed Rendell supporting raising the Medicare age; otherwise Republicans will not negotiate…

    Weak , wealthy Democrats like Rendell nauseate me…

  13. Ed Rendell likes being Ed Rendell and seeing Ed Rendell on TV most of all. That was obvious back when I watched MSNBC. The 2008 election season was ex-cru-ci-a-ting when he made appearances. Put him with the host of Hardball – oh good lord. Almost a parody.

  14. Craig

    Speaking of going independent, where is the link to support the site. I can set up a pay pal monthly thingy as long as I have an email adress of link.

  15. Oh since we will all soon be going to a wedding in April, I need current email addresses for all the trailmix crew (and lurkers please) for announcements and bulletins. Please send to webthings at comcast dot net.

  16. Chloe 01/03/2013 at 8:30 AM

    Is it an Australian thing?

    Not sure about that. Australians are a tad bit strange regarding geography, history and education. Originally I came from Perth in Western Australia which is seen as a peculiarity on both sides of the continent. Our state abbreviation is WA, which I notice, is also the US abbreviation for the state in which another maven of commentary on this site, lives. (Jamie knows who I am referring too here. 😉 ) Folks from WA are generally estranged from the rest of the continent by a thousand kilometres of desert. In WA, it was: “There’s the West and there’s the rest.” The sandy plains around Perth and much of the extensive coastal area gave us the sobrequet: “Sandgropers” or just plain gropers. Say that to anyone from Oz and they will instantly recognise the context. Anyway, our history was defined by Dutch and French exploration. The coastline is littered with their names. Indeed, WA was called “New Holland” for many centuries. In contrast, the east was defined by British activity, especially that of Captain Cook. WA history is relatively unknown in Oz so we become quite parochial in our thoughts. It is also this feeling of being inferior in the Commonwealth that has meant that Sandgropers have played a role in Australian history far beyond their numbers. Prime Ministers and Billionaires, we have them by the shovel full. And because the place is so small, I met them all at school and university. UWA is what we call a “Sandstone University” similar to the US “Ivy League” and so a playground for the rich and powerful. WA was and still is the worst example of oligarchy, oligopoly, monopoly, monopsony and nepotism that anyone without contacts will have a tough time.

    I’m not quite sure where this ramble is heading except to say that sandgroper expats are pretty peculiar people.

    I’ll fill you in on some of the other peculiarities.

    South Australians are known as “Crow Eaters”. Not because there are many crows there but the settlers confused the piping shrike with the common English crow.

    Victorians are universally reviled for being a bit uppity. There is an old saying which goes: “You can tell a Victorian anywhere but you can’t tell a Victorian anything.”

    New South Wales – Cockroaches – believe that they run the country. That is like the crazy uncle in the attic – no one spoils the deluded rambling because he’ll shake his stick and yell at you incoherently.

    There is a deep rivalry between NSW and Queensland – especially during State of Origin matches. Qld is referred to as the “Deep North” (an allusion to the red necks in the Deep South – given because they are red necks) while in exchange, Queenslanders refer to those from NSW as Mexicans – South of the border.

    As for Tasmania – no one cares about them at all.

    I think that just about wraps that one up. Hopefully out of all of that you can get an idea as to where in this social effluvia my thoughts began to waft into some sort of form. 😀

    I’ve been watching: “How The States Got Their Shapes”. It’s comforting to know that crazy is universal when it comes to geography and history. :)

  17. Jack – thanks for that mate. And believe it or not, Ross Gittins is viewed as a right wing economist. In comparison to the US polity, he sounds like a raving socialist, or even worse, a “Librul”. God forbid that this heresy should seep into ‘merica.

  18. Jack, You always come up with the best links. I’m emailing the link to myself to read in the morning.

    Miss not seeing you here much lately. I figure you wife has the holidays off. If so, hope you are both enjoying the beginning of the new year.

  19. “It’s comforting to know that crazy is universal when it comes to geography and history”

    Bill, Crazy… yes
    But things sure sound a whole lot more complicated here.

    The state I live in (Texas) is so huge and could probably be divided up into sections similar to the way you divided Australia. Of course, the facts would be completely different. I know I could never do as good a job as you did explaining it.

  20. It’s always surprising to me to realize that we are such a young country. We’ve come so far (too far ?) in just a matter of several generations.

    The fact that there are so many guns here shouldn’t be surprising, when you think back at how we started.. the wild west.

    I remember seeing more western movies than I could ever count when I was a kid. They were all highly inaccurate (but I didn’t know that then, because what they were teaching us at school was also inaccurate), and gave young viewers a false sense of how our beginnings came about, and at whose loss.

    But all those exaggerations and outright lies sure did make us a patriotic country who thought we were always in the right.

    I’m not real sure that’s changed as much as we think it has. I have to admit that I envy those countries that aren’t all about war.

  21. Since my buddy from below the equator has mentioned me above, the least I can do is serenade him since we have a bit of a mutual if unmet admiration society going.


  22. Craig,

    Where do I send the money? From Paypal I can do email. Is that the easiest? A lot of sites have a “support this site” link that takes you to a safe place to send money. Can’t find one here.

  23. Chloe, this is where the internet craps all over copyright laws with torrent. Kind people load all this up on the net in the form of torrents within minutes of them being aired in the US for the first time. So I download all of her indoors favs which is mainly the chick flick eps while I watch the manly things like “How The States Got Their Shapes”. We do watch a lot of stuff together – Trollied, New Tricks, Citizen Khan and the like from the UK; Dexter, Homeland, Boss, Newsroom and a whole bunch of other good TV from the US, some Canadian stuff and lots of locally produced material in Oz. All straight from the net sans ads. The teev stations never make a loss on this because if I didn’t download it, I would never watch it. I mean, I used to watch 60 minutes but it is actually 42 minutes with the rest bulked out by ads. Same with other stuff. I have only about 30 years at max to go with my life and I don’t want it filled up with pointless ads for products I will never buy. I don’t get that part of my life back again.

    I use the Pirate Bay to do most of my search work. Ahhh, those Swedes, they do such good things in the area of press and internet freedom. So strike a blow for freedom, undo the shackles of consumerism and log on:

    The Pirate Bay

    LOL. 😉

  24. Jamie: SMOOCH!

    My first wife was a Port Lincoln girl – we used to sing this song often. Her grandmother owned the Port Lincoln Pub – If yer thinkin’ o’ drinkin’ then head fer the Lincoln.

    Port Lincoln girls ain’t got no combs,
    Heave away, haul away,
    They brush their hair with snapper bones,
    We’re bound for South Australia.

  25. Craig, I was wondering about the same thing. I think you have it set up for Pay Pal too (when I last looked).

    The easier you make it for us to click and send, the more we’ll be likely to remember to do it.

  26. “Ahhh, those Swedes, they do such good things in the area of press and internet freedom.”

    Thanks for the link, Bill.
    I love the Swedes too. I download some of their movies when I can find them, because it seems the easier way to get to know them.

  27. Chloe – download “Forbrydelsen” from Denmark with the BBC subtitles. You will thoroughly enjoy it. The American remake was called “The Killing” which was set in Seattle. It was good but not a patch on the Danish version.


    The key character is Detective Inspector Sarah Lund (played by Sofie Gråbøl) who sacrifices her boyfriend, son and eventually her career in an insane and compulsive desire to solve a murder.

    Gråbøl makes a cameo appearance in the American second series.

  28. You know, Bill…. you’ve done an awfully good job of showing us that there’s a lot more to life than the things many of us have been focusing on.

    Also, wasn’t it you that wrote an in depth post about how much the internet has changed EVERYTHING. (?)

    I know Craig has been way ahead of the rest of us (actually, I can only speak for myself.. sorry) in predicting how this new form of communication would change everything, and of course, he’s already been proven to be right. I think he did mention though, that even he was surprised at the speed at which it happened.

    I don’t know if anyone could have predicted how fast things would change, that almost everyone would have some kind of computer access in such a relatively short amount of time.

    Speaking of having no boundaries!

  29. Jamie, to whom are you trying to send money? i still don’t understand. For here, I have two links to paypal — “Feed Me” in the links above, and “Tip Jar” on the left sidebar

  30. Craig,

    You need to be BLATANT — Give me money!!! So the dense amongst us (namely moi) can find it easily.

  31. Thanks for the link to “Forbrydelsen” and I will download it. I actually have grown to prefer subtitles and foreign movies more than the ones in English (although I still like to hear their voices and intonations, and often turn it up if I can’t hear it… even though I don’t know a word of their language. :)

    It seems to satisfy both my love of movies and combine it with my love of reading. Add to that what I’ve learned about other cultures, and it’s a win win technique.

  32. “You need to be BLATANT — Give me money!!! So the dense amongst us (namely moi) can find it easily.”

    Craig, I completely agree with what Jamie is saying.

  33. Jamie says: Okay found it with directions. Now put it on the right where most of us right handers look for stuff.

    Ok thanks Jamie, added a tip jar on the bottom of the right sidebar

  34. Thanks for your donation, Jamie — and to the many others who have helped, I’ve thanked you directly — Trail Mix goes on thanks to your generosity!

  35. For those who have bought the whole “America is the greatest country on earth deal”, this scene out of Newsroom should be compulsory viewing.


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