7.5 Alaska Quake, Tsunami Warned

UPDATE (6:30 am EST): Tsunami warning for 7.5 earthquake off coast of Alaska has been cancelled. Small tsunami was observed, but no longer poses a threat. — NOAA

JUNEAU, Alaska (Associated Press, 2:40 am EST) โ€”
A tsunami warning is in effect for parts of southern Alaska and coastal Canada after a strong earthquake shook the region at midnight Friday.

The warning area includes coastal areas from about 75 miles southeast of Cordova, Alaska, to the north tip of Vancouver Island, Canada, the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said. The warning area extends for about 475 miles.

The magnitude 7.5 quake struck at midnight Friday (1 a.m. PST Saturday) and was centered about 60 miles west of Craig, Alaska, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

A tsunami with a โ€œsignificant widespread inundation of land is expected,โ€ the center said in a statement. An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 struck British Columbia on October 27. A tsunami warning was issued but no damage ensued.

See Updates: West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

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USGS Tectonic Summary

The January 5, 2013 M 7.5 earthquake off the west coast of southeastern Alaska occurred as a result of shallow strike-slip faulting on or near the plate boundary between the Pacific and North America plates. At the location of this earthquake, the Pacific plate is moving approximately northwestward with respect to the North America plate at a velocity of 51 mm/yr.

This earthquake is likely associated with relative motion across the Queen Charlotte fault system offshore of British Columbia, Canada, which forms the major expression of the Pacific:North America plate boundary in this region. The surrounding area of the plate boundary has hosted 8 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater over the past 40 years; In 1949, a M 8.1 earthquake occurred close to the Pacific:North America plate boundary approximately 230 km to the south east of the January 5th earthquake, as a result of strike-slip faulting. In October of 2012, a M 7.8 earthquake occurred approximately 330 km to the south east of the January 5th event, slightly inboard of the plate boundary, and was associated with oblique-thrust faulting. The latter earthquake was likely an expression of the oblique component of deformation along this plate boundary system. The January 5th, 2013 earthquake is related to that Haida Gwai earthquake three months previously, and is an expression of deformation along the same plate boundary system.

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  1. I have friends on Vancouver Island. Wonder if the earth moved for them last night.

  2. “Philip Diehl, head of the U.S. Mint from 1994-2000, tells Capital New York that the minting of a trillion dollar coin to circumvent a fight over the debt ceiling is perfectly legal.”

    So, will these be available in those nifty collector sets? ๐Ÿ˜•

  3. Clerk- That will be $34.95 sir.

    Jace- No problem,have you got change for a trillion? ๐Ÿ˜•

  4. Earthquakes, volcanos etc. disprove the Creationist theory. Every time the ground shakes or lava flows, this old planet is expanding, building up some real estate. Someone asked Charles Addams if he believed in God. I believe in Mother Nature, he answered.
    Amen to that.

  5. Nothing quite like the combination of earthquakes and damaged oil drilling platforms in the same neck of the woods, to give one a real sense of security.

  6. Possible thread Topic- The Value of Stuff!

    I have been for the past two or three days attempting to make some order out of what I euphemistically refer to as my garage. It really isn’t a garage, it is a ‘stuff all’, which is to say it is the place where we put all our stuff.

    This is in part a reaction, to the onset of my annual post holiday bout of stuff-a-phobia, characterized by the guilt , shame and stupidity of having too much stuff. Too much of which I neither needed or wanted. It is a malady made even worse by the realization, that like a hang over, it is totally self inflicted.

    I really don’t like stuff, but it seems to cling to me like some sort of jilted mistress after the heat and the novelty have long since vanished. Hell, I go out and buy stuff, just to help organize the stuff I already have, somehow believing that if it is all neat and tidy it will have more use and value.

    The problem is that we live in a ‘stuff based economy’ and if we don’t continue to buy and throw away stuff the economy will grind to a halt. I refuse to aid and abet such an outcome.

    It’s time for this country to have a serious conversation about the value of stuff and the role it plays in our lives. I have small hope that such a discussion will take place in my life time, so perhaps we could talk about amongst ourselves, or not.

    In the meantime I will head out to the garage and try to get a handle on that clusterf–k or perhaps I should say clutterf–k. ๐Ÿ˜•

    Wishing you all a good day and good luck with your stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. “Too much of which I neither needed or wanted.”

    I wish I had written that post.

    … and why is it always so hard to throw away? I thought it was just me.

  8. Although I think it’s important to differentiate between ‘need and want’.

    If only I could stick with the ‘need’ I’d probably be OK. It’s the ‘want’ that keeps putting me in a quandary.

    And, like you, I rationalize by saying to myself that I’m helping keep the economy going. I swear that I think some companies would go out of business if I give up their products. :)

  9. Flatus,
    Wow, what i can say, well only I’m sorry!
    Way too many loses for one human being to bare but your amazing and strong. Your someone we all look up to. Thanks for sharing, lov you..

  10. Flatus…

    Just had time to read the posts on this thread and the last, and was so sorry to read that you’ve also endured the deaths of your sister and brother. You really have had an awful lot of loss in the past year. Your strength in the face of it, and your enduring love affair with Kumcho, are an inspiration. My heart is with you.

    I will say goodbye to a friend later today. In truth, I already have, but her memorial is this afternoon. She was one of our Special Olympics athletes, and a sweeter soul never lived on this Earth. She was almost pure love…could flare up wonderfully if she felt too pushed, but I never went into her presence without both getting and giving hugs. I miss her! She died last Sunday…complications from surgery that led to pneumonia. Basketball practice this Monday will be hard….

  11. Quirky. Chloe,
    Well said. Mother Nature always puts us in our place ๐Ÿ˜‰
    A couple years ago I cleaned out my stuff. What didn’t go in the trash got left at the curb – whoever wanted it, be my guest. One of the best things I did for myself. I found out the joy in giving far outweighs the receiving part.

  12. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqCxS3_XqQ8&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    For Craig

  13. Now I know why we have an RV and take our “stuff” on wheels with us, not to mention our very own bed and breakfast, too. Good luck, Jace, down sizing. No, don’t bring any that “stuff” to southern AZ, we have enough swap meets already. :-)

  14. Reports are that Hugo Chavez is gravely ill; State Department officials have already contacted his designated successor.
    Following the geography thread today, curious as to why so little interest is given to South America, except when it involves drugs, murders, natural disasters or the price of oil.

  15. chuck hagel ?

    Where was he in ’04, when the republicans needed a ‘candid’ ‘tough-talking’ man to challenge the bush crime family on Iraq Fiasco II and Viet Nam War heros cheney and w ?

    chuck hagel?


  16. sjwny 01/05/2013 at 4:28 PM

    … curious as to why so little interest is given to South America, except when it involves drugs, murders, natural disasters or the price of oil.

    Apart from natural disasters, the balance of the items are directly linked to US internal demand for drugs and oil. Discussing that in a transparent manner requires dealing with the devastating effect of the US economic footprint upon these small nations. And that leads to some very uncomfortable questions regarding value systems the few people are keen to address. Make no mistake about it, we in Oz face the same problem, just a little smaller in size.

    For instance: We want proudly state that we have no slavery in our economy yet the products in our stores depend upon slavery – we just export that to third world countries. So Bangladesh textile factory workers get USD1 per day for a ten hour day. The wealthy economies absorb the real pay of USD200 and spread the USD199 as an internal profit. So as societies, we are very much promoters of slavery and sweatshop conditions. Indeed our economies depend upon them. Yet, in absolute death defying hypocrisy, we point to our record of anti-slavery. In the US, old Abe is trotted out along with the Civil War to make that point while in Oz we rave on about basic wage equality.

    Similarly, if the advanced economies could invest greatly in renewable energy products and reduce the size and engine capacity of motor vehicles, the oil problem will cease. Gasoline prices will drop. Reliance upon the mid east will fall because the US has the internal capacity to produce all the oil it needs without any further exploration. It just hasn’t learned to consume oil with diligence and economy. So Chavez has an influence upon the US because the US consumer props up his regime through high gasoline prices.

    Again with drug cartels. Stupid policies produce stupid results. Banning drug importation and making consumption illegal is the dumbest amongst the most insane of social policies. This is a formula to introduce drug wars in Mexico and all the way down the drug supply line. And worst of all, it creates a class of non taxpayers. The only way to get rid of the drug problem is for items to become lawful and legal and the government to intervene and supply items at a token fee through prescription. Drug cartels collapse over night. But sanity is not in the forefront of the US policy mix (nor the Australian) and so the pursuit of insane and counter productive policies based upon sanctimony persist. Our current policies are based upon the ability to beat our sanctimonious chests and say we are pure, and the problem belongs only to my weak willed neighbour.

    And so the influence of these nations in our nations are as a direct result of our own economic footprint and often insane policies.

    Rant over. It is safe to come out from under the stairs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. “We’ll be right back…..with more….STUFF!”
    –Chuck Barris, as Gene Gene the Dancing Machine dances them into commercial.

  18. Hey xrep , I believe hagel was in the same place as most democrats , right in line behind bush

  19. time for my annual posting of roger miller’s broadway killer-diller clemens river thriller.


  20. Bill,

    Methinks we consume Venezuelan oil because it makes life more difficult for Cuba.

    (Cuba buys oil from Russia. Venezuela fulfills contract for Russia even if they have to get the oil on the open market. Fungibility is a wonderful thing.)

  21. But, it’s good to see you’re still fighting the good fight.

    Always keeping in mind that ‘the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior': Makes it important that some one reminds us of our countries leaders past behaviors occasionally.

  22. Hey Sturge ,
    River is fine Cairo south , plenty of water , Cairo to st Louis could be shut down , but they are still running as of now with smaller ,lighter draft tows

  23. every time i ever crossed the big missus was a grand event, and when i did memphis for nine months this one time i’d go down and look at ’em….

    never got to float on he.

  24. Hey Sturge , where exactly is this infamous crab shack located ? I was in rockingham nc
    Couple weeks ago , was thinking about stopping by on the way back , did a search and found about 11 crab shacks in Charlestown , and I don’t even know if thats the right city

  25. “crab shack” has become a commercial enterprise in old chassun…..look up “Fischer’s” in Bohicket Marina….it’s technically not a crab shack but they do cook crabs….

  26. rockingham, up near South of the Border way…”tell ’em Pedro sent ya”. That guy fought the interstate system to a standstill and made the new highway system conform to his commercial enterprise the way I heard it.

  27. Sturge,
    Ok , I’ll remember that ,next time I’m out that way, make a point to stop by ,

  28. Maccas has launched a very clever advertising campaign to cash in on Australia Day (26 January). Forget the company when watching this but listen to the commentary about the people. See if you can understand the Australian English without screaming for subtitles.


  29. I wonder how many thousands of years some folks or another’ve been hunkered down on this place eating oysters, crabs, clams, and shrimps.

  30. MQW,

    Welcome home.

    I only meant that some folks on hagel’s side of the aisle spouted serious lies in 2004 about Viet Nam and John Kerry’s war record. When asked about it hagel didn’t have it in him to set things straight. He ducked. So, I think his reputation as a straight talker is highly over rated. In my opinion, he’s not a guy who will set things straight unless it’s convenient. Further, the guy has done zilch to merit any nomination to any post in this administration.

    I don’t like him.

  31. Ponder is out of the game tonight. Webb will QB the Purple Horde.

    Go Vikes !

  32. I think the Hagel appointment is similar to the Senator Cohen appointment. Hagel will have credibility as someone who has served with distinction and he is a Republican – however renegade. I think this is a good appointment and I think Hagel will rise to the occasion.

  33. I have what seems to be one of the weirdest theories going today. I think Manson was innocent. I think Tex Watson took it upon himself to lead those folks into the valley on a murderous rampage in a bid to oust Manson as leader of the little sex garden.

    Except Tex was so infernally stupid that he actually did it.

  34. Manson to Tex explaining the technicalities of Cult Leadership: For Christ’s sake, Tex; you don’t ever actually DO anything!.”

  35. Bill, Loved hearing the Aussie McDonald’s Commercial. Think I got most of it. :)

    What keeps me going there are the any size drinks for $1 (of course, everyone always asks for the large).

    Is that just here in Houston, or do they offer that everywhere?

  36. Ha, Sturge.
    Yes, the coffee is good and the price is right.

    There’s a Starbucks in the Target stores here, or else I’d never go to one (anymore). They now have a blond coffee (much milder than their usual stuff), so I tried it. It was actually good (to this non Starbucks fan), and was only a $1.49. Cheap by Starbucks standards, but not much better than McDonalds. And there I can save a dollar.

    McDonald’s cold drinks are really good too, though. Better than the carbonated drinks at many of the other fast foods. Or maybe it’s just the low price that makes it taste so good to me. As long as there’s lots of carbonation, I’m happy.

  37. been watching these “lock-up” shows on msnbc…..Query: do only ugly people go to prison or do people just get ugly if they have to go to prison……

  38. Ms Cracker,

    Yes, hagel is a republican. He therefore belongs in an unemployment line, not in a Pentagon office.

  39. Coffee for 49c – I wish. 4.50 for a medium flat white of mediocre quality. Only when I am travelling do I even touch Maccas coffee because I am too lazy to find a proper coffee shop.

  40. Sturgeone,

    Great question !

    1. There is a clear negative correlation between income and ugliness, explained by the prejudice against enrolling, hiring, or otherwise advancing people who aren’t at least average in their looks.

    2. There is a strong correlation between low income and arrest, inadequate legal representation, and conviction.

    In my decades of labor in the vineyards of criminal law, I saw scores of homely poor people dragged to trial, but probably fewer than a half dozen good-looking people.

    The moral of this tale of injustice is, if you are homely, don’t ever get caught.

  41. There are also strong correlations between being black and not getting breaks at any of the points along the way in criminal procedings. That is, until the end. Sentences for convicted Blacks tend to be shorter than for white convicts. (However this hardly makes up for being roughly 50% more likely to be arrested, and once arrested being 40% more likely to prosecuted, and once prosecuted being 40% more likely to be convicted.)

  42. I like our local McCoffee. I just hate going into a McD shop.

    Good night, World, and sweet dreams to you all.

  43. Xrep
    That’s fine , I don’t like any of them ,
    The majority have voted for the patriot act ,ndaa , and just recently voted to extend FISA, warrant less wiretapping for another five years. With little debate or discussion

  44. And to help out those who struggled with the
    Australian English Maccas ad, here is a translation of the story:

    Here’s Gaza the Ambo whose pulled an all nighter – Here is Gary the Ambulance Paramedic who has just finished his night shift.

    Nan and mum with the ankle biter – Grandmother, mother and child

    Gordo and Sunny working off site – Gordon and Sunil having a working lunch

    Making plans for Saturday night. – Self explanatory.

    Back from the Murray are Hoddy and Vinnie – Back from a holiday on the Murray River (the biggest river in Oz) are Hoddy and Vinnie

    With Pav McFlurries and towing a tinny – with pavlova McFlurries and towing an aluminium dingy behind their SVU.

    Hawko and Simmo with their ute that’s chockers – Hawkins and Simpson with their utility van which is absolutely full of stuff. (For stuff, see the conversation about stuff above, especially the George Carlin clip.)

    Best bahaviour fellers, these two are coppers – Self explanatory. Coppers = police.

    Yep, there’s Jimbos and Benauds – Yes, there’s Jims (dressed up in full test cricket audience outfit) and Richie Benaud (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richie_Benaud) a noted cricket commentator who was a former spin bowler and Australian cricket team captain and possibly one of the most identifiable sports characters in Australia.

    Rachos and Akers – Rachael Sporn (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachael_Sporn) ie, women basketball players and Jason Akermanis (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Akermanis) who represents quirky but superb Australian Rules football players.

    If you got most of this, consider yourself an honorary Australian. Yay. :)

  45. “The moral of this tale of injustice is, if you are homely, donโ€™t ever get caught.”

    Yep, XR. The world really does like pretty people.

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